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Hot air baboon

Holier-than-thou politicians who love to preach are like hot air balloons.

Talk is cheap but somehow … sigh … there are always gullible buyers for the sales pitch nonetheless.

The eager buyers fail to register that the new, glorious government they’re promised is after all made up of politicians too. Is the new bunch of politicians really better than the old bunch or just more insufferably self-righteous?

These political climbers will offer you the sun and the moon and take you for a ride in their hot air balloon.

One should remember that hot air balloons are filled with gas.

Gas sounds like this: “For the sake of this nation of ours …”

If you ain’t too impressed by the change they promise 

They will start to call you names.

No differences of opinion are allowed. You must not question or else they will call you a horse even if you clearly belong to another animal species.


And if you asked for more details on their lofty promise of “nation building, upholding justice, incorruptible leadership, blah, blah, blah …, you will be told to just believe and trust in the side of angels.

The promise of going “from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory” is being given by a scary looking bunch though.

Shiver, shiver… Urm, can you give us another minute to consider your offer?


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52 thoughts on “Hot air baboon

  1. Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions. [Jonathan Swift]

    OK lah kali ini kita pilih clique politikus jenis lain pula. Mereka orang baik-baik. Boleh naik mimbar masjid dan pulpit gereja berkhutbah. Mereka orang berkeluarga hingga heret saudara mara (dengan girl-friend sekali) ke kabinet. Mereka pandai buka pintu belakang untuk penyangak matawang dan gagak hitam masuk meratah kekayaan negara.

    Kalau kita tidak pilih mereka, nanti kita dicap racist pula (orang Islam, akan dilarang oleh Nicky dari masuk syorga.)

    Mari beramai-ramai kita pilih hantu-hantu tua. Mari kita pilih kehancuran. Itu satu pengorbanan.

  2. the problem with reborn baboon is not seeing God the way it should be seen; love, compassion, tolerance, etc..but, it’s more of seeking absolutions for all the sins they’ve made. That’s why baboon can be easily manipulated – scare them with roaring fire, endless misery, the baboons will kept controlled.

    The reborn will have a twisted logic but telling them that is futile as they see you as the corrupted neanderthal; bffs to the eternal flame.

    Due to this, Baboons are easily riled up & agitated – though they know there are other similar species, they will fail to acknowledge it as they feel that they’re the enlightened ones; special in the eyes of their gods and temples.

    Baboons specialises in paranoia and whining/complaining. That’s why every reborn baboons felt persecuted, humiliated and easily stoked for no apparent reasons.

    Reborn baboon catapulted their status standing in the pyramid of existence to the top, that is why baboon couldn’t & wouldn’t appreciate a good thing even if it smacks them in the face; that’s their curse.. nonetheless, baboons are still one of the monkey species, when losing they will act like any other monkey however enlightened they are – you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the monkey.

    It takes a baboon to know a baboon and mind you, there’s a baboon born each day!

  3. “The waves of Chinese revolt will shake nearby mixed-seats like Pasir Gudang, Pulai & Johor Bahru. Don’t underestimate the Chinese voters for PAS candidates in Johor nowadays…”:

    Interestingly the Dapster now indentify themselves as “Chinese Revolt”. Got this Quote from the comment section of Big Cat latest posting… how interesting on how they choose to identify themselves as.

    1. since these Dapsters have openly said this is a Chinese Revolt, I sincerely suggest that the ruling coalition, BN apply what a decent government would do to defeat this revolt, that is, kick Chinese representatives out of the cabinet after GE13.

      1. Yakah!!! You ini bukan Melayu, Melayu kenang budi dan sentiasa berbudi. There is Chinese revolt, (they can’t afford it), the revolt must come because and when we transgress beyond religion and race and inhumane law & policies. Don’tlah run a half pass six agenda with your convoluted mind.

        There is no problem between the races, but there is a problem when you and many other fail to recognize what is it to be a Malaysian society when and how it serves your advantage. We have enough batu api in the form of BN or PR. Let’s move ahead when it is fair and just amongst each other. Do you get it, or I-know-it-all concept prevails against the humanity?

        1. you have nothing else to say ? who are you to call someone “You ini bukan Melayu” ?

          yang tak kenang budi tu siapa ? yang selalu ke sana ke sini kata Melayu itu Melayu Ini tu siapa ? yang kata Melayu tu malas, tidur, yang selalu menghina orang Melayu behind the scene ? siapa ?
          tak berani nak kata kaum mana yang selalu gossip kat belakang orang Melayu ?

          kalau tak berani nak bagi jawapan kepada soalan saya, tak mengapa. saya beri jawapan tu.
          yang selalu kata, behind the Malays’ backs, yang Melayu ni malas, tidur, hidup bergantung kepada kerajaan, adalah orang Cina.

          orang Melayu kenang budi. orang Melayu sopan, beradab. sebab itulah, waktu PRU, orang-orang Melayu undi calon-calon MCA walaupun calon-calon MCA bertanding di kawasan majoriti orang Melayu. tanpa undi-undi orang Melayu, dah lama MCA dapat telur.

          nak tuduh orang-orang Melayu tidak kenang budi apabila orang-orang Melayu menyeru supaya orang Melayu bersatu, tapi bersorak kuat apabila orang-orang Melayu bergaduh sesama sendiri, siapa yang rasis ?

          1. Friend, you mabuk or what!!!. Go read properly what i wrote, don’t run your agenda.

        2. Malaysian in New York, tak jemu ke ? cara awak berputar belit dah ketinggalan zaman. yang ada agenda yang bukan-bukan tu siapa ? awak tak habis-habis dengan agenda “humanity” awak, awak ingat ini blog apa ? blog milik keluarga awak ke ?

          kalau awak suka sangat dengan “agenda” awak, nasihat saya ialah, buka blog awak sendiri. lepas tu hantar alamat blog awak kepada saya dan para pembaca blog ini. lepas tu, awak boleh buat apa yang awak suka, nak cakap pasal agenda, silakan, sebab awak sudah ada blog awak sendiri. tunggu apa lagi, buka blog sendiri.

          1. Macam mana nak jemu?. Kan kita ini Malaysian. Betul juga saya ini ketinggalan zaman, tapi zaman yang saya hidup sesama Malaysians tak sama macam sekarang yang hanya apa yang kena ada. Okahlah, boleh accept, tapikan kalau u ini dibodohkan, siapa yang salah, you atau you dijadi bodoh.

            The problem is not how stupid you are but how politics make you to be stupid. Faham tak!!! Masalah itu bukan sesama kita, masalah itu how I want you to think. I know this to much trouble for the semua tahu and semua boleh Malaysians.

            Okay Dictator, you know it all for the asshole you can be. Why I say this is because I don’t need to open a blog, nor be prominent but just real when and how we chose it to be. I can’t be stupid like you even if you are Malaysian. Ikutlah ini [YouTube].

        1. yang selalu kata Malaysian tu Malaysian ni, tapi berselindung kat Amerika. awak ingat awak ni layak digelar Malaysian ke ?

          for your information, saya Melayu. asal dari Muar, Johor, mendapat pendidikan awal kat Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Ismail Satu, sambung pelajaran kat Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato Sri Amar Diraja Muar, kemudian menuntut kat Universiti Putra Malaysia.

          1. Thank you for giving your history. Whether saya in layak di gelar Malaysian bukan jadi masalah tapi saya nak rasa macam Malaysian. Salahkah itu kerana saya duduk di New York? What is wrong with Malaysians, you want to exchange because you think it is better here? This is a pity even we want to be Malaysian and feel Malaysian. Tak minum pun mabuk dari segi saya tahu semua.

    2. “Chinese Revolt” … interesting. Yup, the DAP cybers are camping out in BigCat’s blog as Johor is the frontline state for their GE13 assault.

      BC’s posting on Johor you cite is most correct in the part about the party sec-gen trying to cramp the DAP Johor state chairman’s style, and that DAP National (read: Evangelista) is muscling in to run the Johor show.

      1. *** (deleted)

        As our regular readers would know, the notorious DAPster Godfather is the one and only commenter thus far banned in this blog.

        I’ve explained previously the reason he’s been banned. In this regard, again, regular commenters know the backstory.

        As far as I’m concerned, Godfather has forfeited his privilege to comment in my blog despite this particular comment of his here not containing any profanities or objectionable seditious content besides the usual insults at “Dumno” (ref. the second deleted Godfather comment at 11:47am below).

        He has been slandering me in Big Cat’s blog. You can read Godfather’s comment in BC here, and possibly this comment at BC’s too although he did not sign off.

        Please read his two comments at Big Cat’s so that you can understand why my earlier decision to ban him is correct and why DAPsters of his ilk are a menace.


  4. Dear Helen, Hot air Baboon…..indeed awe-inspiring. Looking at the pictures of the baboon reminds me of the character of the YBs of the opposition at Parliament sitting. for the year 2013 hope politicians stop MONKEYING around in parliament …you are wasting the tax payers money.

  5. Pandai baboon panggil orang Racist ye… Baboon ni banyak di sebuah taman popular di P. Pinang.

    Saudari lupa akan Siamang. Siamang lebih besar dan kasar dari beruk dan baboon. Siamang ni selalu berdua-dua mencari makan. Siamang cuma berada di hutan negeri Perak. Yang paling bising suara adalah monyet. Siapa yang suka monyet akan berkata, monyet amat comel. Monyet ini pula ada di Bandar Barat Selangor.

    Semua primates ini bila marah atau teruja akan pekik benda yang sama…. RACIST..


    1. Baboon ni yang bontot merah, ikut kata orang cina orang ,orang cina Teochew berbontot merah!.

      Helen is the chief Dapster a Teochew? ………. :) just curious….

        1. “Did they tell you why and how they made the journey to Malaya?

          No, they never told us why they came here.”

          He seemed to have something to hide there. I wonder…….something is fishy here, although I don’t quite know how to go about explaining it.

          1. Now I remember” teochew ka cheng ang-ang” that what they say about teo chews in my school days.

  6. the people from the opposition, they love to talk about “we are all Malaysians”, yet when we talk about having policies that will help bring us closer to one another, like inter ethnic political cooperation, learn the national language etc, they shout “racist”.

    for instance, the teaching of the national language at vernacular schools. when the government says that the standard should be raised, certain quarters come out and say “this will affect the characteristics of Chinese schools”.

    hello ! what has the teaching of the national language, raising the standard of the teaching of the national language, has anything to do with “this will affect the characteristics of Chinese schools” ?

      1. The fella went from Godfather to this Goodfather. Now this is something. By the way Helen, did he/she write some nasty things with regards to my comments ?

        1. He asked why aren’t you being “paid” to comment on pro-Opposition blogs and added:

          “We are sure your masters have much more money through the Kr1M and BR1M or SourKr1M schemes,,,,if you don’t ask to get paid, then you must be as dumb as they come.”

          1. pathetic really. the fella is running out of platforms to express himself/herself, has nothing left to say, so he/she has to resort to the tried and tested method of calling people this and that.

            after the GE the fella will milked all he/she can from the “impending” marginalization of people of his ilk and will cry conspiracy, plot etc to justify why his/her party lost the GE.

          2. and judging from the English he/she used, I can say with absolute certainty that this fella is Anglo educated. He/she is also most certainly an urban dweller, probably living in a posh neighborhood, surrounded by like minded people, speaks with a fake accent when talking in the Malay language and likes to say that he/she has friends from various races, paints himself/herself a liberal and when in the company of white men and women, says how much he/she admires the finer points of the white man’s culture.

  7. Helen, Let you ask you a simple question, how many of these semua tahu people have made an attempt to meet you for what you stand for. Is this just an charade to portray what they have to be or do they really believe that you can make a change for Malaysians can be with the obtuse to be Malaysian.

    My guess is as good as your guess.

      1. Really Ronald is your anwer? PPP okay you know better, since you have have made it better for the rest of us in Malaysia without any effort. Will you learn or do i need to direct you.

  8. I don’t need to be baboon to be racist. I just need to be a Malaysian to be a racist. Now what is it to be Malaysian, you tell me?

    1. A baboon is a primate belonging to the animal kingdom. The idea that they might scream “racist” is as incongruous as a giraffe screaming to a zebra that that the latter is racist. It’s this incongruity that’s the basis of my satire … even tho’ DAPsters reading it will throw more accusations.

  9. Salam semua,

    Politus datang dikalangan rakyat, cuma bezanya ada sedikit bakat dan keberanian untuk bercakap dan mengorganize fakta, selebihnya hanyalah manusia biasa, yang mungkin bangun tidur lewat, malas kerja, rajin sembahyang, rakan masjid, pembersih, pengotor dan sebagainya.

    Dicelah celah tu lahirnya born leader yang boleh menggerakkan massa ke arah sesuatu matlamat, dan sebagai perisa, dimasukkan unsur unsur keagamaan, bangsa, iluminati, ramalan, hanya untuk mengekalkan populariti, dan populariti penting dan jalan singkat untuk kekal berkuasa dan kekal dalam jawatan, jawatan yang tak perlu kerja keras, hanya perlu mencatur strategi.

    jadi pendapat saya, kemajuan negara dalam apa cabang sekalipun, adalah dipacu rakyat jelata, bukan politikus. jadi sebagai unit terkecil dalam masyarakat, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita memiliki set pemikiran yang positif dan disebarkan positif ini supaya dapat melahirkan polikus yang positif jua akhirnya.

    Sebagai rakyat yang merdeka, gunakanlah kemerdekaan ini untuk memerdekakan minda dari ditakluk oleh politikus yang hanya menggunakan kita sebagai sokongan keujudan mereka pada sesuatu tahap, dan berharap satu hari nanti malaysia terus maju tak kira sapa yang berada ditampuk pemerintahan, kerana rakyatnya mampu maju sendiri…..pada waktu itu, politik bukan lagi topik menarik untuk dibincang saban waktu,…….

  10. Let me be crude. you want take me on, feel free, I have no need, I am kosher to the bones. Malaysia means and important to me beyond how we screwed our own community. i don’t care what the race and religion factor are equated but as a Malaysian I will stake my gambling cards for how or what is to be a Malaysian irrespective of the origin or how it is is manipulated. The best of the best and that is what Malaysians are.

    1. MiNY,

      u really have to go straight to the point man, and stick to the topic. You’re always going round and round with your comments but God knows where you’re going.

      Sorry, my 2 cents

      1. Sorrylah malaysian. Look at this Look at the comments, it is very difficult when we are fixated without understanding the root cause. My way or the highway.

        Have you ever heard of a consequential thinker? Just like our fellow Malaysian Khairul, let’s sweep it under the carpet. No time need the paper chase siapa is right or what is right as long it serves us individually well. Do apologize to a fellow Malaysian if I am long and winding.

  11. You can add the bunch of “Chinese” education movement supporters to the mix. I mean, one glance at the Sin Chew on the MCA hosted symposium, you hear opposition to the new education blueprint, specifically plans to abolish the kelas peralihan and bringing up SRJK(C) and SRJK(T)’s BM and English up to par.

    For the uninitiated and stupid, it means that the ICHS wants the advantage of access to the SRJK(C) pool (no remove classes there, hey!) and keep the pupils in the vernacular primary schools mastery of BM & English back (limited mastery) so that they can continue to do business.

    How many dumb Chinese Malaysians can DJZ continue to con?

    Finally, an acknowledgement that after 6 years of primary vernacular education, NONE of the pupils from these schools are capable of joining national secondary schools (SMKs) because of sub-par mastery of the national language.

  12. :-D Helen u teruk la, kalau yer pun buat la lawak yg ringan2 sikit, I tak henti2 tergelak tiap kali I kunjung yr blog and practically speechless..

    Anyway, good analysis on the opposition behaviour, serve them right.. huhu

  13. laaaa… lambat baca. so lambat gelak. bestnya lawak ni.
    Paling best Baboon panggil Monyet, “You stupid monkey”

    Crazy Monkey

    better still
    a faithful dog
    then a crazy monkey.
    only human
    who know the capabilities
    of temporal power
    can be a tyranny
    unjust or cruelty
    certainly to be justified
    now or later
    nobody escape
    from His judgment
    no matter how high
    : your climb,
    O crazy monkey.


    “You stupid monkey, I am monkier than you”

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