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Pakatan people syok sendiri photo album

Pakatan people looking at things.

This posting is modelled after the website Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things.

Lim Guan Eng looking at pretty woman

Lim Guan Eng not daring to look at his wife

Elizabeth Wong looking at … (err, what?!)

Khalid Ibrahim looking at Elizabeth Wong

Ng Wei Aik looking at Karpal’s nose (happy)

Ng Wei Aik looking at another fella’s nose (not happy)

Zairil Khir Johari looking at something (dunno what) that’s making him happy-happy

Trishaw peddler not looking happy

Teo Nie Ching looking at John Travolta

Tian Chua looking at Nurul / Nurul looking at Tian Chua

Nurul’s “Papa Hebat” looking on closely

Whatever Hannah Yeoh’s looking at, she’s demonstrating the axiom “if looks could kill”

Just in case some of you wanna complain why Pakatan people and no BN people, you are welcome to submit your contribution of Looking At poses by providing photo location url.

If there are enough interesting photos, I’m quite willing to compile a BN set.


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46 thoughts on “Pakatan people syok sendiri photo album

      1. Sorry, dont have anylah. Dulu even in the State, no comedian dare to crack a joke on Ghadafi, because the believe that he will personnally come to knock on your door … its a joke.

  1. Gambar kedua:
    Seperti seorang anak baru lepas buat nakal kat sekolah dan ibu disebelah kena menjawap dengan guru besar..

    1. air muka tergambar takut bini… sayang sekali beribu skuad sukarela takkan dapat menyelamatkan dia dari kegarangan (rupa singa) pasangannya. mungkin boleh kena whack kalau tertangkap basah. cantik gambar kedua ni.

      1. I.D.A., kan sebelum ini sebab tokong gatal asyik lengah2 dgn pelangi dia kena pelangkung dgn bekas abu rokok?

        kalau tertangkap basah kalau, sure kena balun dgn sesuatu yg lebih lethal lagi. mungkin kitchen sink kot. lepas tu rasanya bini tokong akan sumbat dia dlm dryer utk dikeringkan. :D

        1. tu dia… cengeinya (garangnya) Mek Yam, sumbat dalam lubang jamban lagi best kan… ekekeke

    1. Just wondering why you got so obsessed with Hannah Yeoh that you devoted so much of your time to stalking my blog.

    2. En Alias,

      Just wondering why Pakatoon goons so obsessed with Rosmah Mansor that they devoted so much of their life to running her down ?

    1. mangkuk ayun la Sshsn (bunyi macam ular punya sound) ni…apasal pulak nak letak gambar helen. tajuknya adalah ‘pakatan people syok sendiri photo album’. kalau letak gambar Sshsn baru kena gaya. penyokong tegar HY…apara punya ‘anjedi’. suka sangat buat lawak bodo. tajuk pun tak faham, patutlah selalu salah faham. sia-sia saja pi sekolah…

  2. Is that Mr. Ijazah-Am Anwar Ibrahim with his that-is-not-my-big-perut perut sticking out? I thought his tummy is kempis one, and not like the one in the infamous chinadoll video? I think you may have found the bukti here….

    1. And isn’t that the same type of underwear (as in the video clip) he is wearing? Ewww….can’t believe i just scrutinised that ‘part’ until ternotice his underwear!!

    1. Heh-heh. You’re right. She IS curtseying to the Tokong.

      But she’s also reputedly a model and models are tall. In high heels even taller.

      Mebbe she just give face to the chief minister so that she doesn’t tower over him when cameraman snap photo. You know lah, short Chinese men with the Napoleon (small man, big ego) complex how.

  3. “apa ni sentuh-sentuh…eeeiiii”
    “alah sat saja…untuk wartawan, pasni I tak sentuh dah, ok”

  4. “what do you mean, i kena bertaubat?”
    “itu dulu, sekarang, technically you are on my side”
    “bahye ni… nasib baik org tua ni dah uzur…, kalau tidak…

  5. “apa ni, cium pun tak kena tangan, tak ikhlas ka?”
    “eh, mana ada tadi dah kena, sebelum depa snap gambaq”

  6. Zairil Khir Johari looks like a pervert with that small smile, i’ll slap him if he stares like that at my little sister.

    Whatever, I wont vote for them anyway…faces of losers.

  7. Helen,

    Sekeping gambar boleh menaikkan atau menjatuhkan imej individu bergantung pada khalayak yang melihat gambar berkenaan.

    Kalau gambar CM pro anglofil/evangelista yang berjabat tangan dengan seorang wanita yang berkulit kuning langsat lagi seksi, ia berkemungkinan besar membanggakan para anglofil dan evangle.

    Tetapi kalau politikus yang berjabat tangan dengan wanita yang sama tadi adalah golongan pertengahan dan biasa, kemungkinan besar para anglofil/evangel akan jadikan gambar berkenaan sebagai senjata ‘pembunuhan karekter’.

  8. Helen, recently I like to visit your blog because I felt there is some substance to what you report. But this posting of people’s photo and making fun of them is just not on. Sorry, this is the type of politicking that sicken our country of both sides of the camp. All mature and those who want the country to move forward should not accept this.

  9. 1st photo so motivated
    2nd photo so depress
    3rd photo I also can pose like you do, but im awake
    4th photo kautim
    5th over my body not my face
    6th so what
    7th Hello Mr permatang….
    8th doploh mana cukup boss

  10. Helen,

    Bila gambar pornografi selebriti Barat (seperti Hulk Mania Hogan) disebarkan, reaksi segera HMH ialah memberitahu perkara sebenar, tidak berdolak-dalik, dan mengakui keterlibatan.

    Dalam masa sama laporan kepada pihak berwajib dibuat bukan untuk menafikan keterlibatan sebaliknya hendak mengesahkan kebenaran dan dapatkan keadilan.

    HMH sebenarnya boleh saja mengatakan semua itu adalah rekayasa pihak tertentu yang mahu menjatuhkannya. HMH boleh kata gambar berkenaan adalah palsu dan bla, bla.


    Biarlah pembaca sendiri yang menyimpulkannya…

  11. 9th ewah ewah…
    10th like this….
    11th – hapuskan krrronisma, kita perlu perrrrubahan, malayasia terrrrancam, we will have a big errrrection next month (oopsss corrrrrection…election)

  12. urrgghh…the last photo.

    Kak Helen, here’s my humble suggestion. When you write somethng about Hannah Yeoh, instead of putting those vomit-inducing pics of her, why don’t you replace it with pictures of Hannah Tan. I’m sure the male reader of this blog will appreciate it… ;)

    btw, why is that Eli Wong ALWAYS looking at that area between man’s leg? …ehem…’Bestari Jaya’.

    1. actually MatSentol [and Helen], the guy in the picture is my friend, blogger Ahmad Daniel Sharani of “Let’s Go Land” []. He lost the use of his legs after an almost fatal accident and is wheelchair-bound. He is also an active proponent of the plight of OKUs.

      i dare say this time Eli Wong was probably bending down to listen to a legitimate concern from a constituent and not “looking at that area between man’s leg”.

        1. helen, actually i didn’t mean the comment as a censure. was just providing background data that i happen to possess.

          also, knowing my friend, i think Dan would not miss the joke. the man has a keen sense of humour and is probably as familiar as any malaysian [who hasn’t been living under a rock in the last several years] about Eli Wong’s unfortunate foibles. :)

          1. It’s alright. I wasn’t implying that you censured.

            Some of my satirical postings do take a deliberate crack at the DAP-PKR pollies and I think they jolly well deserve what’s coming at them. The photo line-up up is – wink – revealing of the 99.99% of Malaysian politicians whom I do not usik.

            However as to Kerp’s pix, if I had been more alert to the background circumstances, I wouldn’t have uploaded it. It’s a good reminder to me, actually, to be more mindful so as to minimize ‘collateral damage’ to bystanders.

  13. Helen,

    If you are sincere about about wrongly putting up a picture like this, ie of Ahmad, whom you now know is an OKU and Elizabeth actually just giving a listening ear, just apologize and move on. Also remove this pictures from your blog. Don’t be so sickening.

    1. While I may concede on Kerp’s pix, the rest of the photos are fair game.

      These people are publicity crazy. Hannah Yeoh most certainly is and the Pakatan media (incl. The Star in the count) pander to her “Look at me” x2 press invites, while there were 51 pix of LGE and his family in a 28-page issue of Buletin Mutiara.

      Anwar as PM aspirant, like other politicians at that level, must expect his photos splashed every day he makes public appearances.

      I do not see how I’m sickening. If it sickens you, then you don’t have to look. None of photos are obscene nor are they stolen shots taken by paparazzi.

      1. Helen,

        No wonder the word “gentle” was not coined to accompany the word “lady/ladies” like the words “gentleman/gentlemen” when the words were accepted as part of the vocabularies at inception. The linguist concerned must have been pre-warned of the anticipated birth of insolent Helen Ang this century that “gentlelady” would one day become an insult to all the human females, if coined..


        Is this the best you can do?


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