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“Terbukti pengundi M’sia dungu,” tulis wartawan pro-pembangkang

Bulan lepas saya ada memblog bahawa bukan perdana menteri yang tidur tak lena memikirkan tarikh PRU tetapi ianya orang Pakatan yang mandi tak basah bermain teka-teki bila pilihanraya akan diadakan.

“So now, when will the 13th general election be held? It is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure: this matter is certainly going to deprive Najib of a great deal of sleep,” pernah Selena Tay luahkan dalam kolum FMTnya.

Membayangkan Nasharudin Mat Isa sebagai Trojan Horse, Selena Tay hari ini menulis lagi:

“Certainly the 13th general election cannot be too far away. Just when there seems to be a lull in the political goings-on besides the usual Talam and the so-called water crisis stuff, PAS has again been rudely jolted with attacks from within its ranks.”

Tambah Selena, Nasharudin sekarang ini mempersoalkan kerjasama DAP dan PAS dengan tujuan merenggangkan hubungan di antara kedua-dua parti tersebut.

Selena yakin Pakatan akan menang dengan mudah sekiranya daftar pemilih mampu dibersihkan.

Yang best-nya ialah perenggan penutup Selena (disalin-tampal, bawah) dalam rencana FMTnya hari ini berjudul ‘Speeding up the game?:

“Thus the situation is in balance now. Therefore in order to be very sure of retaining Putrajaya, BN forces are now trying to create havoc within the Pakatan component parties by pitting PAS against DAP and DAP against PKR and what not.

“It is up to the voters to see through BN’s ploys. Otherwise the saying that Malaysian voters are stupid is proven true beyond reasonable doubt.”

Maka sesiapa yang masih memilih untuk menyokong BN adalah dungu lah pada hematnya. (Nota sampingan: Rencana Selena Tay pada 25 Feb 2012 bertajuk, ‘Wake up, vote Pakatan‘)

Tilikan Selena Tay

Tiga hari awal (10 Okt), Selena mengemukakan sebuah kolum bertajuk ‘Polls after Deepavali?

Tak habis-habis Selena Tay menilik tarikh pilihanraya dalam kolum FMTnya:.

3 Okt 2012, Polls in December?
“… political analysts are again speculating on the date of the 13th general election … this columnist thinks it can still be held this year, the latest by Dec 15 (after the Umno general assembly which ends on Dec 1)”, tulis Selena.
26 Sept 2012,
Another round of fun and games?
“Do we want another round of fun and games pertaining to the polls date? Certainly not this columnist! Another round of this silly game will truly drive a lot of businessmen and investors up the wall”, tulis Selena.
22 Sept 2012,
Just plain afraid of losing
“… the bullying of the rakyat by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in regard to the date of the 13th general election. Not too long ago he has strongly hinted that the polls will be held in November, but only recently he has said, “Let them speculate. I like them to speculate.” This is a very irresponsible conduct coming from the leader of the nation”, tulis Selena.
19 Sept 2012,
There’s something about Selangor
“Assuming that the polls are planned for November, the latest strategy by the Selangor government [holding separate polls] has put BN in a fix as the prime minister has vowed to regain Selangor in the 13th general election. This means that he will have failed in his mission if he were to hold the polls in November. […] And postponing the polls to March next year is too risky,” tulis Selena.
8 Sept 2012,
Double standard, one-sided, 7.25%
“With regard to the polls, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has strongly hinted that it may be held in November. This is good. He should not later backtrack by saying that the polls will be held in October due to the SPM and STPM examinations in November”, tulis Selena.
29 Ogos 2012, ‘
Weary nation keeps guessing’
“… why is the prime minister still toying with the polls date if he is so popular judging by the large numbers who attend his official functions? Why is he still dragging his feet over the election date?” tulis Selena.
22 Ogos 2012
, ‘Najib and his fake carrot
“This shows that Umno wants to hold the 13th general election in September, but is not prepared to do so unless there is a big rift between PAS and DAP”, tulis Selena.
15 Ogos 2012
, ‘13th GE in September?
“Actually, September is the only avenue opened for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to call for the polls. In the field of detective work, it has been said that when all the possibilities have been eliminated, then that which remains is the one that clinches it”, tulis Selena.
28  Julai 2012
, ‘National Day or BN Day?
“a PAS political observer had just opined that the PM may even dissolve Parliament on the night he delivers the Aidil Fitri message so that the Aidil Fitri Open Houses can also double up for the election campaign”, tulis Selena.
21 Julai 2012
, ‘Is the captain still in charge?’
“And it is all due to Najib’s fickleness in regard to the polls date. Najib’s indecisiveness made him fail to call for the polls fast“, tulis Selena.
18 Julai 2012
, ‘BN will recapture Selangor
(with phantom voters)
Instead of calling for elections in March or June this year, the polls date is still a source of uncertainty and this has angered local businessmen and investors but Najib Tun Razak is only thinking of his own polls strategy”, tulis Selena.
11 Julai 2012
, ‘Stop rambling, bring on the polls!
“It is high time for him to match words with deed by calling for the polls this very instant instead of exhibiting empty bravado”, tulis Selena.
7 Julai 2012
, ‘1Malaysia concept an empty slogan
“A local businessman whom this columnist spoke to, opined that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak cannot afford to delay the polls any longer and perhaps BN’s onslaught on Penang and Selangor is an indication that the polls will be held before the Budget is tabled on Sept 28“, tulis Selena.
30 Jun 2012
, ‘The doctor decides …?
“But the big news is that the doctor [Mahathir] is planning to have the polls held in September. This is because it seems that the doctor has got tired of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s feet-dragging and lack of confidence”, tulis Selena.
27 Jun 2012
, ‘Najib the last BN premier?
“The Najib administration has been riddled with … all-round uncertainty caused by the general election date game. It was Najib who first started the ball rolling with regard to this game by saying that the guessing of the polls date can be a ‘favourite national past-time’,” tulis Selena.
20 Jun 2012
, ‘Lost and going downhill?
“Again there are rumours that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak may dissolve Parliament this month, to be precise on June 22, in order for the 13th general election to be held in July”, tulis Selena.
13 Jun 2012
, ‘Of race politics and the numbers game
“The only thing for him to do now is to call for the election in September. This is after he is sufficiently sure that the majority of the Malays are going to vote for BN”, tulis Selena.
6 Jun 2012
, ‘Are clean elections an impossible reality?
“One DAP MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, thinks that the prime minister is still thinking of calling for the polls in July but is afraid that he will not be able to win big”, tulis Selena.
26 Mei 2012
, ‘The world’s craziest game continues…
“The latest news or rumour going around is that the 13th General Election may very well be held in September. This is the umpteenth time that this annoying game is still continuing. In fact this game was started by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who views the guessing of the polls date as a favourite national past-time”, tulis Selena.
16 Mei 2012
, ‘GE13: Can we make history?
“It looks quite certain that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be calling for the 13th general election (GE13) without the voter rolls being cleaned up“, tulis Selena.
5 Mei 2012
, ‘Selling utopia on shoestring budget
“Still, whether the 13th general election is to be held next month is food for thought. We, the rakyat, are held hostage by the date of the polls and this is certainly a great insult for the rakyat to bear”, tulis Selena.
4 Apr
2012, ‘GE: Najib talking Coke
“Till to-date the date of the 13th general election is still a secret although going by the way Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been going on the ground campaigning and bad-mouthing Pakatan Rakyat, rumours are rife that the polls will be held in early June“, tulis Selena.
28 Mac 2012,
Is Najib a statesman?
“And worst of all is his [Najib’s] stand with regard to the general election date which he has said would only be held if there is a ‘feel good factor’ about it. […] It is very unbecoming and unacceptable for a PM to talk in this manner. Have you ever heard of the American president or the British prime minister talking like this about their nation’s polls?”, tulis Selena.
1 Feb 2012,
Remember Perak
“There has been widespread rumours that Parliament will be dissolved anytime in February with Feb 6 being bandied about as one of the likely dates to pave the way for polling on March 11 (there seems to be a general consensus on this March date for the polls from various sources)”, tulis Selena.
16 Jan 2012,
Polls date: Is Najib dancing in the dark?
“Now the general election date seems to be like the Holy Grail and this is all due to his own doing. There is a Chinese proverb which says “don’t do stupid things to inconvenience oneself” and this applies perfectly to Najib”, tulis Selena.
17 Dec, 2011,
Najib, Father of Spin
“… the 13th general election will be held between two and four weeks after Chinese New Year to lessen the Chinese vote. This is because once the Chinese have taken long leave to go back to their hometown for the Chinese New Year, it will be difficult for them to take leave again to go back to vote. In 2012, Chinese New Year falls on Jan 23 and thus polling will be between Feb 11 and 26,” tulis Selena.
21 Okt, 2011,
Najib keeps ‘em guessing
“But now it is almost coming to year-end and so far Parliament has yet to be dissolved. Be that as it may, it is still possible for the polls to be held this year …”, tulis Selena.
7 Okt, 2011,
Najib, wake up!
“… the 13th general election widely tipped to be held by March next year“, tulis Selena.


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17 thoughts on ““Terbukti pengundi M’sia dungu,” tulis wartawan pro-pembangkang

  1. apa kene mengene dengan pembersihan daftar pengundi dengan kemenangan PR? maksudnya BN menipu? apa kata pulak kemenangan di lima negeri adalah kerana PR menipu?

    dari sini telah nampak blogger cuba mendungukan pengundi, atau mungkin ayat ayat awal untuk mengalas kalau kalau nanti kalah PRU. BN menang kerana menipu, PR menang kerana mereka bersih, padahal yang bermukim dalam BN dan PR adalah rakyat malaysia yang sama feel nya, ada yang kaki tipu, rasuah, arak, alim dan sebagainya….

    Selena Tay setahu saya bukan blogger. Dia kolumnis FMT. Sebelum itu wartawan Malaysia Chronicle. — Helen

    1. jadi maksudnya apa dia buat betul walaupun salah?

      meliwat betul?
      cari pelacur betul?
      ada affair dengan perempuan lain betul?
      bagi kontrak tanpa tender betul?
      jadi pemimpin tanpa bertanding betul?
      pinggirkan kebanyakan rakyat local untuk satu lapisan yang tertentu itu betul?
      Batu api untuk mempecahbelah rakyat dan kaum itu betul?

      1. Bagi mereka UMNO melalui Utusan sahaja yg menjadi batu api, sedangkan mereka hanya baling batu kemudian sembunyi tangan.

        Licik sungguh.

  2. hanya selena seorang saja pengundi di Malaysia yang tidak ‘dungu’ tetapi pandangan dia tersangatlah dunggu dan bebal!!!

  3. I dun mind being stupid as long i dont vote incompetent DAP and PKR leaders….stupid is the new mature

      1. we do not need to stoop low as these the anglophile saying goes…it takes a stupid person to say another..that applies to selena tan and her ilk.

  4. ish-ish-ish… bila kata depa bengong, depa marah, tapi tengoklah tulisan si tukang tilik tarikh PRU ni. kesian sangat. situation is in balance now kepala lutut dia. dia ni katak bawah tempurung, buat research malas, semua based on ass-u-mption saja. atau mungkin based on pembacaan media baru pro PR sahaja. so shallow and hollow. buatlah research yang meyakinkan sikit… zaman ni orang kampung macam saya dan pak ard pun nakkan kredibiliti tulisan. kalau setakat ass-u-mption baik takyah tulis.

  5. Hi Selena , Wake up and Vote Pakatan…..Only Dungus like you will vote for Pakatan. Dont underestimate the silent majority, we are not stupid …its your perception. Come GE13 will see who are the DUNGUS.So Miss Fortune Teller plse read your own NASIB lah!

  6. … Setuju!. Agreed.

    Pengundi pengundi di Malaysia dungu yakni bodoh.

    Dungu dan bodoh kerana memilih pembangkang dibeberapa negeri di Malaysia.

    Sepatutnya mereka lebih bijak dan pandai dengan menolak pembangkang 100% supaya seluruh negara akan sama sama maju seiringan tanpa ada negeri yang ketinggalan.

    Barulah ada keadilan.

    Jadi di PRU13 nanti semua pengundi pastikan menjadi pengundi yang tidak dungu dengan menolak pembangkang.

    Dan menyokong BN 100%. Setuju? …

  7. Aku ingat kalau Bang Jib masih tak buat pengumuman tarikh pilihanraya selewat-lewatnya pada akhir November ini, institusi di Tanjung Rambutan itu kenalah buat persiapan untuk menerima se orang tetamu wanita ketagih pilihanraya.

  8. Insulting people who don’t vote them, alleging there are electoral fraud even when they won states, some people just never stop blaming others and never look at themselves.

  9. Helen,

    The beauty of being the prime Minister is that he (Najib) can anytime calls for election. Hence, the agitation among PR.

    Selena is simply being paranoid. Why so “susah hati” about election date? Just wait for the announcement. Meanwhile carry on with your life, if you have one. Judging from her writing, I believe she leads a lonely life. I mean I understand the feeling of making predictions after predictions and proven wrong again and again.

    My advice to her is “bersihkan hati”. Let Najib worries about election date. Selena should stop making fool of herself.

  10. yang pasti memang piliharaya pasti akan diadakan dan pengalaman berpilihanraya dan berbelas kali so sepatutnya kita dah faham dah.dalam hal ini takpayahlah nak rujuk ahli nujum.

  11. anyone noticed that ALL MissyFortuneTeller’s predictiions are wrong?


    she predicted PR is going to win the 13th GE…

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