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Cyber bullies drive 15-year-old girl to suicide

Before I comment, please read about the tragic death of a teenager driven to suicide by remorseless and malicious cyber bullies – ‘Amanda Todd suicide: The Web has a lot to answer for‘.

There is an international outcry; Google her name for the many news reports.

A self-video made shortly before she killed herself is also on YouTube.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Cyber bullies drive 15-year-old girl to suicide

  1. helen,

    the story, so sad.

    DAPster cyber bully, is nothing compare to that story. their’s often hollow, shallow & narrow type. barking endlesly, name calling, diversion, cursing etc…

    hope you can cope with it. we are behind you, always…


  2. Dear Helen,

    i find that DAPster cyber bully are very aggressive, my fellow friend has been called Bitch, and publicity seeker, just because she posted picture of Liow Tiong Lai supporting for organ donation.

  3. We must all learn to accept that words on the internet can hurt emotions. As a net surfer and active forum member in various forums, it took me years to build a wall to prevent one’s self-esteem from crumbling from the voracious name-calling and cyber bullying.

    My first forum was forum Negaraku on Yahoo board and it was there I embarked on a journey through the intricacy of the socio-politics of Malaysia. The encounters with the anonymous forum members were nasty — I was called a stupid Melayu, a brown idiot.

    I was also guilty of retaliating which I sorely regret, I was in Form 2 and I was confused why these people hate Malaysia and us so much and to the extent attack me personally despite not knowing me besides only my ethnicity.

    The rest is history. I grew up suspicious of other Malaysians but slowly, I try to fight that insular attitude with logic, maturity and a sense of optimism.

    In Malaysia, the immature netizens of either divide use scathing words that not only hurt the feelings of individuals but whole communities. It will not pinnacle into a suicide but through repercussions in years to come and our children will face the s**t if we do not control ourselves.

  4. to those in the know and due to my lifestyle, i have been harassed, bullied – verbally and physically throughout my entire life but i never let it bother me. I don’t exactly have a definite answer how i tackle it but to me personally and living by the tagline of GossipGirl -‘You’re nothing unless you being talked about’ made me turn lemon to lemonade. all of the time… very ADD if you ask me but you know yourself better than anyone else.

    There’s an old Arab proverb that kinda worthy enough to be daily affirmation – biar beribu anjing menyalak, kabilah tetap berlepas lalu.

    To all who are experiencing bullies, harassment, etc – things will get better!

    I hadn’t realised the ‘caravan passing’ saying was Arabic in origin (we learn new things every day). Stay cool. — Helen

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