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PLS READ: Reason dinosaurs become extinct

The Star claims to have 1,286,000 readers. If the MCA-owned paper is reaching so many million eyeballs, why is the party that it belongs to quite evidently going belly up?

Below is the editorial board of The Star:

(names holding double job portfolios are only mentioned once below)

  1. Wong Chun Wai – Group Chief Editor
  2. David PL Yeoh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (I)
  3. Leanne L Y Goh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (II)
  4. June H L Wong – Managing Editor
  5. Wong Sai Wan – Executive Editor
  6. Errol Oh Boon Peng – Executive Editor
  7. Tommy Lee – Executive Editor
  8. Brian Martin – Executive Editor
  9. Soo Ewe Jin – Deputy Executive Editor
  10. Sharifah Intan Syed Hussein – Deputy Executive Editor
  11. Lourdes Joseph Charles – Deputy Executive Editor
  12. Dorairaj Nadason – Deputy Executive Editor
  13.  T. Selva – Chief News Editor
  14. Devid Rajah – Chief News Editor
  15. Agatha Matayun – Editor Sunday
  16. Lim Cheng Hoe – Senior Editor
  17. Paul Yeo – Senior Editor, Health
  18. Tan Cheng Li – Editor, Environment
  19. Ann Marie Chandy – Editor, Features Central
  20. William K C Kee – Editor, Fashion
  21. Ivy Soon – Editor, Women & Family
  22. Dzireena Mahadzir – Acting Editor, Clove
  23. Melody Louisa Goh – Deputy Editor, Features Central
  24. Chelsea Ng – Editor, Education
  25. Manogaran Rethinam – Editor, Sports
  26. Yap Leng Kuen – Associate Editor, Business
  27. Risen Jaya Seelan Dennis – Business Editor (News)
  28. Frederick Fernandez – Editor, Metro
  29. Joseph Raj – Editor, Star Online

Out of the 29 names above, only two are Malay. Both are women. One is in charge of the paper’s Beauty/Fashion/Food section/pullout.

The rest are – some of their names again – David, Leanne, June, Errol, Tommy, Brian Martin, Lourdes Joseph Charles, Devid, Agatha, Paul, Ann Marie, William, Ivy, Melody Louisa, Chelsea, RJS Dennis, Frederick Fernandez and Joseph.


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17 thoughts on “PLS READ: Reason dinosaurs become extinct

  1. Tawaran istimewa pek Kolorox size besar, berkembar. Boleh di dapati di pasaraya-pasaraya tempatan.

  2. patutlah…, banyaknya orang putih wannabe. dinasours mati takpa, asalkan boleh jual berita (dan iklan)

  3. 3 issues – high eyeballs, only two malay and mca dead. what is the cause and effect? is the high eyeballs due to only two malays? guess so. then the high eyeballs cause mca dead? what talking you??? so more malays will cause mca to revive? then

  4. Terimakasih untuk maklumat mengenai Sidang Injil di TheStar…hehe

    Apa yang anda tidak sebut kan adalah Wong Chun Wai adalah penganut ugama Katolik yang dibawa oleh orang Jerman/itali. Mereka ini percaya Pope adalah pengganti Tuhan di dunia dan adalah maksum kalau ikut kata Nik Aziz tak boleh disanggah!

    Bayangkan dizaman moden ini ada orang yang mengatakan manusia itu Tuhan. Itu sebenarnya adalah intipati Katolik. Kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut pope adalah kata-kata tuhan. Sila google.

    Ini bermakna surat khabar media terbesar di Muslim Malaysia telah dipengaruhi oleh kuasa asing. Bukan Suaram bukan Malaysiakini tapi TheStar sendiri adalah kuasa asing yang menentang YDP.

    Orang Katolik menerima arahan dari pada Vatican sebab itu China tidak membenarkan rakyat mereka menerima arahan dari Vatican dan melantik paderi Kristian mereka sendiri. Jangan pula Hishamuddin tersengih dengan maklumat ini.

    Adakah membaca berita dari theSTAR haram? tidak. tapi membeli dan menderma kepada organisasi Kristian terbesar malaysia tentunya memudaratkan orang Melayu dan Raja-Raja Melayu.

    Oleh itu adalah haram bagi orang Melayu membeli akbar TheStar.

    Sebab itu sekarang kita faham kenapa TheStar memuji-muji musuh orang Melayu dan mengagungkan bisnes orang Katolik.

    WCW evangelis kot, bukan Katolik. — Helen

  5. Judging from the ads I think it will be quite a while before it goes extinct.

    Seriously the ads section are thick, probably the newspaper with with the most pages of ads, I can see why people buy The Star if they want to look for something.

    So one Malay is in charge of the food section?
    That makes the blunder where they promote pork ribs for Ramadhan breaking fast even more hilarious.


    1. (1) The Star editors had retweeted that MCA is a party with “too many old dinosaurs“.

      (2) The paper is making plenty of ad money like you correctly say and its editors still getting fat bonuses. It’s only the MCA that will become obsolete.

      (3) Clove , which the Malay editor is in charge of, is more a Beauty pullout.

      The pork ribs Ramadan Delight had appeared in a paid advertorial supplement. She wasn’t in charge of that. At the material time, the Supplements Desk was headed by Johnni Wong.

  6. Star has been a christian infiltrated paper for a long time since the 80s. They were my professional client since their beginning when they had their office in Brickfields and the printing press in Section 19, PJ. It was not just an MCA mouthpiece but to promote ‘anything chinese’, including China and Singapore.

  7. The reason dinosaurs went kaput was a comet/meteor 65m years ago. This explanation is accepted by most in the scientific community. Amazing that you don’t know nuts.

    1. are u nut? ppl talk abt metaphore lah. why u so bengong one. go spin yr head until pening lah. kacau ja….

  8. if you want to spin a metaphor, get it right. talk dinosaur but dunno how they died. just plain irresponsible that’s what. exactly what MCA is all about. Same thing what baby Chua did with Talam gate, dunno anything open his big dinosaur mouth. laugh until my asteroids open flower

  9. King Kong is an imaginary giant ape created by Hollywood, you never see peecher ah? Get that right. It’s for fun, entertainment. OTOH, MCA talk like for real, but just a comedy. Actually already dead but still twitchin …

      1. Well, King Kong doesn’t deceive. I’m marketed as an imaginary giant ape and people pay money to see me knowing that. MCA is a completely different creature, shouting that it’s real but with results even more katun than King Kong.

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