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Senior citizen bullied but The Star badmouths victim instead

Continues from ‘Cyber bullies drive 15-year-old girl to suicide‘.

The man with the silver hair (in striped shirt) in the photo below is a 62-year-old retired teacher.

Below is another photo. The senior citizen Simon Thong is in his car in Taman Kaya, Ipoh.

The Star reporter is correct to say it’s “simply ugly on your part if you intimidate your neighbour or neighbours in the open or in cyberspace”.

However her article was given the incongruous headline ‘Verbal clash‘. When an elderly person is manhandled as we can all see from the photos, the episode is certainly more than just a “verbal clash”.

What can be wrong with a newspaper that fails to accurately report something so obvious?

Simon drew the ire of some the hooligans with regard to his neighbourhood gated community project.

The fact of the matter is, Taman Kaya has NOT been designated a gated community according to the Housing and Local Government Ministry’s Gated Community and Guarded Neighbourhood 2010 guidelines.

Therefore it is wrong for the Taman Kaya residents to take it upon themselves to block the public from entering their housing estate because the roads are public property which other drivers are entitled to use.

But guess what? Look at another Star article headline that labelled someone who doesn’t pay a “freeloader“.

Just because the individual refused to contribute to the monthly maintenance fee for the hire of private security guards manning the guardhouse and boom gates — which are illegally erected.

There is truly something wrong with The Star and its cavalier approach that blames the victim instead of the bullies.

Don’t posters like this on public display constitute harassment?

There’s more to the story but you won’t read it in The Star (which is The Rocket in disguise).

You can read it in online portal Media Perak in an article titledSamseng DAP Taman Kaya (1) video’.

The photos below are taken from Media Perak. Look at the man circled who’s reportedly a DAP branch chairman.

And look who the Man in Black is photographed standing beside in the ribbon-cutting ceremony (below). Surprise, surprise …  it’s the DAP Taiping Parliamentarian-cum-Pantai Remis Adun — evangelist David Nga Kor Ming.

The Media Perak editors also say they received a call from Perak DAP chairman James Ngeh Koo Ham (David’s cousin) after they uploaded their video to YouTube.

According to Simon Thong, another conscientious objector Augustine Anthony had already moved to a rented home to avoid being harassed.

Simon also says in his blog posting that his neighbours involved in the fracas are “so-called good Christians” but he won’t be naming their church.

After his harrowing experience, Simon now swears, “‘Anything But DAP! Especially in Perak!”

The Star coverage of the entire affair has many gaping holes and fails to tell you the back story concerning the DAP personalities involved.

It’s as one-sided in its approach as earlier when the paper showed its middle finger to Chua Soi Lek and son.

Going into the general election, BN should be alert to the risk that there is really something wrong with The Star, and to beware.

And it’s not only in The Star‘s almost mandatory sugar-coating of the Subang Jaya Adun every 48 hours in its pages (screenshot above) but also its reporting on happenings elsewhere insofar as DAP evangelists come into the picture.


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70 thoughts on “Senior citizen bullied but The Star badmouths victim instead

  1. Dear Helen,

    Are we breeding Street Fighters. Agreed with Simon….ACTIONS DOES SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. The truth will always prevail….so vote for those who will protect us not HARM US.

  2. pathetic.

    dunia ini bulat. pasti suatu hari nanti semasa dia tua, ada orang muda akan buat begitu kepadanya. buddha dan hindu percaya karma. Islam percaya pembalasan di atas dunia dan di akhirat. entah apa yang pembuli ini percaya. berlindung di sebalik jubah good christian? apa jenis kristian yang membuli orang tua?

    pathetic. full stop.

  3. Hi, I’m Simon Thong. Thanks for your write up of my situation. However, I have to make 2 factual correction.

    1 You mentioned that “Simon drew the ire of some the hooligans after refusing to chip in for his neighbourhood gated community project”.

    That is not true. I paid from the beginning and continue to pay. I believe in the project but disagree with the running of the place, particularly the use of terror tactics and a smear campaign. The “free-loader”, therefore, isn’t me. I was standing up for the free-loader, for his right not to pay. That got me in trouble with the Taman Kaya RA, who tolerates no dissent. I have now discovered that he is paying but only because he doesn’t want to take the abuse any longer. He has my sympathies. I understand because the abuse is worse. Today, I still pay so as not to give them another reason to harass and intimidate me.

    2 You wrote that “another conscientious objector Augustine Anthony had already moved to a rented home outside of Ipoh to avoid being harassed”.

    Mr Augustine Anthony is a good friend and a prominent lawyer who has moved temporarily to a house nearby, IN Ipoh. He is still IN Ipoh. He has a practice IN Ipoh. Indeed, you may have read of the acquittal of the 4 orang asli of the charge of killing a tiger by the Tapah court last Thursday. Mr Augustine Anthony defended them with another lawyer. Pro bono.

    Mr Augustine has moved out temporarily so that his children may concentrate on their studies. Every night, for months, the RA and its die-hard supporters sat at the guard house close to his house and had “parties”, basically making too much noise for anyone in his home to study in peace and quiet. He brings his family back to his Taman Kaya house at week-ends even though these people often hold a “welcoming party” for them, namely, creating a din. Anything to bother him.

    By the way, I have my own blog, weehingthong@wordpress. You may find it helpful as far as facts are concerned.

    Once again, thank you. It is encouraging to know that I am not alone. Sometimes it gets depressing but this is my home and I won’t be forced out.

    SimonThong Wee Hing

    1. Hi Mr Thong,

      Sorry about the first error. I’ve just made the necessary amendments in the article above.

      In any case, even if the person was not you, The Star‘s headline and story frame blaming the odd-guy-out was still judgmental (“freeloader”) and it’s not for the paper to play judge and jury deciding who’s good or evil, but to report the facts according to what’s legal and what’s not.

      The second factual mistake was actually The Star‘s (see screenshot below) which I copypasted in toto.

      Thank you for making the clarifications. Please do update us on your situation.

      Have you decided to move? It must be a most discomforting situation to continue living there.

      Your blog is linked above in the article through an embedded url in the words “blog posting” (re: “Simon also says in his blog posting that his neighbours …”)

      Do take care.


      1. Wow, such a quick reply!

        No, I won’t move. It’s my home. I expect to be attacked again, just don’t know when. But no, no way. I won’t be driven out.

        1. The speediness comes from the years (of training) spent in the newsroom rushing to meet print deadlines.

          Please take precautions and perhaps consider having CCTV installed in your home, buying house insurance (if you don’t already have), keeping a fierce Alsatian and walking in company when you step outdoors.

          1. Thanks, and I’m now following your blog.

            Btw, I’m not retired. I teach English part time, Mon-Fri in a Chinese Independent School; and I lecture Sociology part time at a private university.

            Okay thanks. — Helen

    2. Dear Mr. Simon Thong,

      Hopefully it does not end up as morbid as Aravind Adiga’s Last Man in Tower but the ostracism is unmistakable. I hope you have more sane neighbours in Taman Kaya apart from the handful who have apparently gone crazy, and regrettably, dragged young and impressionable minds into thinking that intimidation, harasssment and thuggish behaviour is alright.

      I do hope more learns of your plight and understand the power of mob-think. It has nothing to do with DAP, new villagers, Chinese or Christians, imho. It has everything to do with the stupidity of the masses who lost the plot. Let this incident serve as caution to those who believe in pure reason.

      1. Mr Thong

        Stand for what you believe in without fear or favour! Some years ago, in my neighbourhood, the same thing happened because these people had some political party behind them otherwise they will not be too brazen in their actions.

        The majority of my neighbours chose to remain silent, except me and some, we took them to task and kicked them out! They tried to intimidate us but I told them if you want to fight be a jantan, one to one! After that they left and never came back.

  4. MCA who owns the The Star is actually DAP team in waiting if ABU approached is success in the coming government after 13 GE. Helen, I think the impossible will look possible by judging the current inters regarding The Star.

    “current inters” (??) Did you make a typing mistake? — Helen

  5. Their latest tactic: keep me waiting at the boomgate (10 minutes once); after my police report, they hung 20 posters of me at the boomgate and on the fence in front of my house. The posters have been there 9 days, and counting….

    it’s character defamation, of course.

    No, things are not getting better. Still, this is my home and I won’t be chased out.

    They can beat me physically but they cannot break my spirit.

  6. question is… why are people still buying NST, The star, BH; harian metro… why are these mainstream media still in business?.. because there are idiots STILL buying bullshit! haiyaa.. toilet paper lagi murah la..

    1. The Star is becoming a mouth-piece of the DAP. Maybe their editors thought Pakatan would win Putrajaya but they are dead wrong. The stars already say Anwar Ibrahim is finished and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will still be PM.

  7. My condolences, it’s one thing to be intimidated and harassed by your own neighbors, but also to be misreported in the newspaper (which apparently has a lot of mistakes in their reporting besides their obviousness in picking sides) is just horrible.

    I hope you manage to garner more support for your side.

    Other than that, it’s ironic that Chinese now wants to pay to be in a guarded community. Harold Briggs would love it!

  8. Its hard to believe Malaysians are behaving like this. What got into them? Who do they think they are! Why does Mr. Thong put up with this? I would have whacked the shit out of them. Do you need my help Mr. Thong? I am in Subang Jaya but I can drive up to Ipoh anytime.

    Or why don’t you ask some local taikos to talk to them. That should be enough.

    And I cannot believe Augustine is such a coward.

  9. To: 21. temenggong | Oktober 17, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Thanks so much for your support, but I have to correct your perception about Augustine Anthony. You said,

    “And I cannot believe Augustine is such a coward.”

    That is a misconception and an unfair statement. It is also unkind.

    1 Augustine has moved his family out to KEEP THEM SAFE. His concern is not for his own safety but for the safety of his FAMILY. He cannot protect them as a father when he is away at work.

    In June, when a mob in Taman Kaya attacked two Mediaperak editors who were in his car, the mob threatened them, but he remained in the car with the editors to keep them safe.

    At one point, he got out of his car and walked quickly towards his own home at the other end of the road because THE MOB WAS ABOUT TO ATTACK HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN. He was speaking loudly but calmly, “Leave my family alone!” Several people jostled and pummeled him but he kept walking. Only when he saw that his wife and children had got out of Taman Kaya safely, did he walk back to his car and sit in it, to protect the Mediaperak editors.

    No, he is NOT a coward. He is a loving husband and father who must keep them out of danger.

    There have been two mobs, two riots, in Taman Kaya so far, and who knows when a third will occur?

    Mobs are CRAZY. AMOK is our own special Malaysian term for them, right?

    2 He may have shifted out but everyday, Augustine comes back to his house: in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and often at night. Why? One reason is to make sure that my wife and I are alright. My wife and I are alone, deep inside Taman Kaya. My house is the second last on the road and his is the first in the row. His house is just inside the barrier. Many nights, he sits in his garden, WAITING FOR ME TO GET THROUGH THE BOOMGATE. He sits waiting to ensure my safety. He knows how alone and isolated I am. Without my asking, he himself voluntarily sits and waits. When I pass through safely, I message a relieved, ‘Thanks.’ Only then does he leave and return to his family. He does what a good friend does for another in danger.

    3. Sir, try not to prejudge situations and people that you barely know anything about. It is unjust for you to call Augustine a coward. As a lawyer and a defender of the orang asli in Perak and nationwide, he has faced threats and danger far greater than the ones at Taman Kaya.

    The only difference is that the present threats and danger are to his family as well. A man who knowingly allows his loved ones to remain in circumstances potentially harmful is neither thoughtful nor wise. He IS thoughtful and wise; he has removed them from the tiger’s lair, so to speak.

    Only my wife and I stay here. Neither my children nor my grandchildren are allowed to come within 500 meters of this danger zone. That is our decision: to protect them from danger. Even former students have been urged not to visit as we fear for their safety. This Christmas and then, Chinese New Year, will be quiet festivals: nobody is coming.

    I hope that you, Temenggong, sir, can appreciate the kind of man Augustine is: a man of honour, a good father and husband, and a man of integrity whom I am blessed to have as a friend. Definitely NOT a coward.

    1. Very well written, i am sure temenggong meant no disrespect for mr augustine. We have a saying, a man defending his home is stronger than ten invaders, as you have explained, you are mr augudtine are living proofs of this parable.

      We here make no pretense that we are not supporters of DAP and link your situation to the triad culture DAP Perak substantiated by DAP people present when you were physically abused. no matter how bad the DAP smear the police, it is the PDRM that you will eventually call to protect you, not the DAP. we see this incident as what is to be expected if the DAP is to come to power and by god and Allah we will use our vote so that such injustice that happen to you will not reach our communities.

      from your blog, you may not be politically aligned with us, but regardless of your political views, what happened to you is unacceptable.

      To be fair, this incident should open the eyes of DAPSTERS of their thuggish style and make them repent and change their ways, their ways and their leaders are not pure as they like to say. If the DAPSTERS continue to think their leaders are god send and infallible, well… god save their silly selves.

  10. its pity , political people behind all this kind of cowards act . Now we can see this kind of people will do anything if you dont support their agenda . Humanity and symphathy no longer exist in the name of politic and its happened in Malaysia , where is the good neighboured there? are all of them just accept this kind of samseng …

    its disgusting me when old man got harrased , and those bastards who called themself as ‘pejuang rakyat’ just looking and laugh

  11. tiba-tiba teringat kat MiNY bila ada yang menulis tentang ‘humanity’. tajuk ni sepatutnya makanan MiNY… :)

  12. I.D.A still counting the number of comments it attracts. Check out the the popular write ups (i.e political in nature – hundreds of comment). Aren’t we are all politicians when it suits us. The good thing is it has attracted a few newcomers amongst the regular ones whom I think are very humane.

    Like Gandhi says ” You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”. Nobody needs to teach humanity to one another but why concern us with this is as it is Cina lawan Cina, biar sahajalah.

    The dictum fits feel for how certain segment of the society is allowed to deteriorate as it is not my problem, then justify it when it becomes political upheaval. Mana ada masa. Kalau politics can talk, talk & talk sampai siang, kalau humanity, don’t knowlah maybe this maybe that even when the reality & truth is staring right at your face. What more can I say if our own action for politics undermine the humanity that needs to be addressed at least in Malaysia.

    1. dia mai dah…

      to me humanity make us different from animal. humanity make us civilized. humanity make us tolerate each other better. humanity make us realize it takes every piece of jigsaw to complete a puzzle. humanity make us complement each other…

      (dah terjangkit dengan MiNY :))

      lets skodeng (sneak preview) of my publication, KSS HKNA:

      Seteko Kopi “Malaysia”

      iklim dan suasana
      menyembuh upaya
      waktu kecil, buta warna.

      kebersamaan diregut
      oleh sistem karut-marut
      puak-puak; suku-suku

      Ahmad, Wong dan Muthu,
      kembalilah duduk semeja
      menyeduh kenikmatan,

      : seteko kopi “Malaysia”


      can we just sit together like good old days? cannot kan? why? because our color blindness already healed… :(

      1. “because our color blindness already healed”

        a most thought-provoking way of putting it …

  13. Using intimidation and violence for whatever reason even in the context of ‘the end justifies the means’, is not a humane approach. Of course loyalty is everything, but when a lackey tried to inflict injury to someone especially a good tax payer just to prove his loyalty to someone (a baby-kisser), obviously, it is a stupid thing to do — baby-kisser got off scot-free, lackey end up behind bars.

  14. damm sh** when i look at the picture of simon being manhandled i think what if that was my father ….this is not right

    Really think they are Ipoh samseng ahhh….think again …i wouldnt mind taking on the guy in black 1on1.

  15. I would advise to sue, but considering lawyers are in PR’s pocket if Ambiga and the bar council is to go by, probably not a good idea.

    Explains DAP’s sue happy attitude towards everything.

    1. Also explains why they (non-Ambiga types) are trying to set up an alternative to the Bar Council.

  16. 52. Liangko is the person hounding my blog with obscenities. Isn’t it stupid of him to come all the way here, on Helen Ang’s blog, and continue to be so foul-mouthed? Walao, so STUPID!!!

  17. Thursday, 25 October 2012

    Teaching teens to be samseng!

    Some Taman Kaya teens and their friends (regular visitors) have been socialized into disrespectful louts.

    As my wife and I were coming home, we got near to the boomgate. We were still outside Taman Kaya. There were 5 teens. We recognised two (one had come to our gate to harass us twice and the other, son of an RA member, was involved in the July incident). They yelled my name in a most respectful way.

    Who is to blame such loutish behaviour?

  18. Note by blog admin:

    Comment held in moderation.

    This commenter using the fake e-mail addresses – AhLiangko at, Ahliankoko at yahoo, Daimacai at yahoo, damacaicai at yahoo – has been spamming my blog with profanities and vulgarities ever since I wrote up on the bullying of Simon Thong by the Taman Kaya residents.

    To date, this person has left at least a hundred comments here in transliterated Cantonese and English – all cursing, swearing and slandering me and Cikgu Simon as well as directing slurs at a few other commenters. (Search under keyword ‘Liangko’ in this blog to see dozens of samples of his nasty handiwork.)

    Such verbal harassment is reflective of DAPster cyber thuggery.

    If they (the DApsters) are not averse to behaving like samseng online, imagine what Cikgu Simon is having to go through offline in their midst.

    Cikgu Simon has apologized to me for this bully now coming to my blog, explaining that Liangko is “chasing [him Simon Thong] all over the place” and because he [Simon] won’t let his [the bully’s] vulgarities appear on his [Simon’s] blog.


    Ref. Senior citizen bullied but The Star badmouths victim instead


  19. Note by blog admin:

    Comment held in moderation.

    This commenter using the fake e-mail addresses – AhLiangko at, Ahliankoko at yahoo, Daimacai at yahoo, damacaicai at yahoo – has been spamming my blog with profanities and vulgarities ever since I wrote up on the bullying of Simon Thong by the Taman Kaya residents.

    To date, this person has left at least a hundred comments here in transliterated Cantonese and English – all cursing, swearing and slandering me and Cikgu Simon as well as directing slurs at a few other commenters. (Search under keyword ‘Liangko’ in this blog to see dozens of samples of his nasty handiwork.)

    Such verbal harassment is reflective of DAPster cyber thuggery.

    If they (the DApsters) are not averse to behaving like samseng online, imagine what Cikgu Simon is having to go through offline in their midst.

    Cikgu Simon has apologized to me for this bully now coming to my blog, explaining that Liangko is “chasing [him Simon Thong] all over the place” and because he [Simon] won’t let his [the bully’s] vulgarities appear on his [Simon’s] blog.


    Ref. Senior citizen bullied but The Star badmouths victim instead


  20. Latest Star report on Taman Kaya still sucks (to put it mildly)
    Posted on September 15, 2012


    The latest Star report on Taman Kaya may be read at
    Posters of former RA secretary on barrier gate

    In its report, the Star stated that:

    Thong and former RA chairman Augustine Anthony have been involved in a long dispute with some residents of the community, after both resigned from their posts in March over disagreements on plans to install CCTVs around the neighbourhood.


    The main contention is not the CCTV installation but the abuse, harrassment and victimisation of those who do not want to be part of the project, that is, forcing them to pay when they do not wish to.

    Read the rest:

  21. This is interesting but I didn’t know about this until I read it:

    In a post on ‘Yes, We CAN’ on Facebook, a woman claimed that 7 of them were charged by the police under Section 506 for criminal intimidation.

    Out on police bail.

    My sons are right, and so is my wife. They told me that God is raising up OTHER people to get justice for me. I have no power of my own, and no influence. All you bloggers out there, thanks for the pressure you are putting on the authorities.

    Maybe I will get justice.

  22. When Ambiga was hounded by BN thugs at her home, all these so-called DAP people were screaming injustice. And now, they are acting exactly like those thugs from BN.

    I am a voter in Perak, and come GE13 my vote will not go to PR.

  23. On 1 Nov, my wife and rented a house outsideTaman Kaya to avoid more of the harassment which had begun to increase and turn violent. The last straw was when my wife was in the car with me and they kicked my car door and whacked the windscreen. It was too much for her. We are renting outside TEMPORARILY. Once the matter is resolved, we will return to out home.

    First casualty of Lee Chee Seng/Irene Yow’s fiasco. Wong Kar Woh lost to Teo Kok Seong for DAPSY’s Chairmanship.

  24. According to Irene Yow’s warped rationale Lee Chee Seng is not a bully because he is only 3 years younger than Simon, thus its ok to assault Simon with a bunch of goons.

    These people have money, yes but unfortunately you still cant buy class with money.

  25. As a observer, its purely boil down to ego and pride. It should always be on consences . If the majority dont agreed with your view, no matter how right or sane you are, you are obligated to follow. If not you go against the interest of the community.

    1. fletcher, might is not right.

      majority is not always right. look what happened to the nazi mvoement in germany and the ensued suffering and disaster.

      u must be on of the lees, not an observer. more like the one who took btec and became a cook in the uk.

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