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Star silence on cyber bullying sign it’s pro-DAP

The most aggressive and vicious cyber bullying is carried out by DAPsters against MCA people, against anyone that poses a threat to the Pakatan march to Putrajaya and against critics of Lim Guan Eng and his coterie.

DAPster cyber thuggery is a reflection of the way they behave in the ‘real’ world.

The sheer nastiness and contempt for others that they exhibit in cyberspace is a true reflection of their ‘real’ thoughts and attitude offline. Continue reading “Star silence on cyber bullying sign it’s pro-DAP”

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Cyber bullies tweeted: “Kill yourself, you old hag”

Barack Obama won the American presidency in 2008 by securing fully 96 percent of the black votes.

In terms of sales pitch, he was selling “Jom Ubah” as his country had never had a non-white sitting in the White House before.

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