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Catholic woman vows to vote PAS

Catholic writer May Chee (reproduced below) appears often in the alternative media and most often in The Malaysian Insider. Her views below however are copypasted in full and verbatim this time from Malaysiakini where it was published today as a letter to the editor.

In May Chee’s article headlined ‘MCA in denial, PAS gets my vote‘, she appears to believe that if there was a Jom Ubah in Putrajaya, then

  • the country’s “mounting debts” problem would be alleviated if not altogether resolved by the new Pakatan government
  • crime levels would go down
  • education standards would go up
  • human dignity would be promoted
  • Pakatan’s progressive leaders would champion unity and discard “the stone-aged tactics of divide-and-rule”
  • corruption/cronyism/rent-seeking/leakages would be reduced if not totally eliminated
  • Malaysia would regain “its original identity and mission”
  • Malaysians would no longer lead “alienated lives from one another”
  • and Pakatan supporters will usher in a brave new world where there is no more injustice.

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MCA in denial, PAS gets my vote

By May Chee

I think every kampong or neighbourhood has this one person whom you see at the warung or food-stall during mealtimes. He kind of holds court, speaks rather loud and in a condescending tone.

If you stay long enough, you will also notice that he never pays for his food. It’s as if he needs to speak the way he does to earn his keep. I think you call that “freeloading”?

All these “hate” speeches lately by the MCA against PAS, “hudud”, and about my favourite Mursyidul Am, Nik Aziz instigating rape of non-Muslim women, borders on being just that – “freeloading”.

Rehashing news from 2008 just goes to show how bankrupt MCA has become. To go back in time when you should move forward – to create, innovate, progress, anything but backslide and with such malice, too. It beggars belief!

Instead of suggesting something constructive, the MCA, in election gear, decides to embark on a fear-mongering campaign.

Goodness, a dearth of brains in the MCA-ah? Are the people in MCA even serious about wanting to represent our interests in Parliament? Aiyoh, how-lah?

How can we trust such bird-brains to fight for us? Sure lose, hands-down!

Despite what a fumbling imbecile of a minister may say, Karpal Singh, another towering Malaysian has reminded us not too long ago that in 1988, former lord president of the Federal (later, Supreme) Court of Malaysia ruled that the country was governed by secular law which meant Malaysia was a secular state.

Is that not clear enough?

Come on MCA, we are not morons.

We know you for what you are. Among the featherbrain schemes, initially the 1Care and now, the latest being the AES, you are in cahoots with the plunderers to rob us Malaysians blind!

How lofty can you people in the MCA get? Are you not touching base with the ordinary rakyat? How on earth can we afford to enrich you and your cronies any further? To feed your avaricious appetite for money and power?

Have you not seen how the poor are getting poorer and the ordinary Malaysian is finding it hard to get by? And you people still think that it is only a perception that the crime rate has skyrocketed?

Are you people in the MCA living in denial or what? By the time you wake up, the rest of us Malaysians have crossed over to the other shore while you stay behind, stranded! Worse still, you’ll be drowned!

PAS president, Abdul Hadi Awang, himself had reiterated last year, that the Koran did not provide for an Islamic state but a welfare state.

That’s not a bad thing. Shouldn’t that be every leader’s responsibility, to see to the welfare of the state?

What do we have in the MCA? Now and then, fighting for scraps that fall off the banquet table? Even Lazarus had better! Are you anyone’s equal, MCA? 1Malaysia, what’s that?

A miserable handful of scholarships for some students and that too, debatable about whom they go to. I’ve heard stories about how some people obtained their scholarships. You are a farce, MCA, you really are!

We have real problems here, in Malaysia. For instance, we need to do something real quick about our mounting debts. It’s definitely not a perception that we live in fear.

My daughter was almost “mishandled” by someone in a car-park in one of the shopping centres in KL recently. Thank God she had a friend with her and a gentleman who parked his car on the same level.

I cannot wait to pack her off to where she can be safer. Our education system is in shambles.

My nephew who has been placed first in class since he started Standard 1 told my sister that he needed Physics tuition because his teacher has not taught since the beginning of this year.

All she does is to ask the students to refer to some bright sparks in class.

I don’t want to foam at the mouth, as RPK would say. But honestly, MCA, are you aware of the problems we, the people whom you profess to represent, have?

Doubt fear-mongering, using PAS as your punching bag, is the quick-fix we need. Get real, MCA or ship out!

To me, the MCA has apparently isolated itself from the misfortunes of the ordinary rakyat, and day after day, wastes the opportunity to help them.

Yes, it’s an opportunity to be of service to others, for the last shall be first and the first, last.

I don’t see any effort coming from the people in MCA that promote human dignity nor do I see any of them participating actively in the building of the future of this nation.

But I do see how hastily these same people wanted to implement the AES. I see a loathing self-interest to enrich their own coffers and a lack of courage in standing up to their “sleeping partners”.

Or is it a case of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”; acting like opportunists whose deeds do not match the responsibilities that they are entrusted with.

Coming from the Malacca hometown of Tun Tan Siew Sin, I shudder to think that the MCA of today has all but lost its original identity and mission.

I see a leadership whose intuition is bogged down by corruption, cronyism and cowardice. And for that, the MCA is already deemed irrelevant and will have no further impact on our Malaysian history.

I believe many, past and present leaders of the MCA, realise that they are no longer respected by the majority of Malaysians, not even those they “sleep” with.

Yet, MCA, you are not purging yourselves to merit this respect. Sad, no?

Aren’t you made of sterner stuff? Your forefathers crossed oceans, with nothing more than the shirts on their backs, to seek a fortune for themselves. Even the cousins they left behind in Thong San are doing really well.

As national leaders, those of you in the MCA should open your eyes to the evils that afflict the nation. You should know by now that injustices will be paid for dearly or are you still fooling yourselves that you can get away with it?

We need progressive leaders who can champion unity, not those who still engage in the stone-aged tactics of divide-and-rule. That’s not Malaysian. We have to discover a new meaning in the Malaysian way of living.

For that, we have to leave behind an existence where we live alienated lives from one another. That’s no more Malaysian. We need each other to mature as a true, progressive people.

Things will work out better for us if we share our responsibilities. That’s Malaysian. Having a stranglehold on the economy and perhaps, leaving entire classes of people in poverty is no more acceptable. It shall not be Malaysian.

The devil is not out there, MCA. It’s not PAS and it’s not the DAP. It’s within you.

Be afraid, MCA, be very afraid. I’m not alone here when I, a Catholic and a Chinese woman says, “PAS gets my vote, any day!”

God bless, especially Mursyidul Am, Nik Aziz and please forgive MCA’s insolence. Thank you.


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27 thoughts on “Catholic woman vows to vote PAS

  1. haaaa…tu dia. she got it right at some of her opinions but… May Chee mislead by her ‘Jom Ubah’ until she crashed on divider on her way to complete this article.


  2. Dia tak menyesal ke nanti kalau her daughter got raped (god forbid..!!) and nik aziz says “padan muka..!! Tak tutup aurat..!!!”..

    1. tak patut betui TGNA buat statement macam tu. orang tua umur 70 pun kena jugak. apa yang ditonjol dan menonjol kat makcik tu. kalau dah jahat dan gila seks orang bertudung litup pun boleh kena jugak. ustaz pun ada yg gila seks….

      tak patut, tak patut.

  3. That’s her opinion and that’s fine. Everyone has their own opinion of what’s happening in Malaysia nowadays.

  4. Bagus.. Biar UMNO yg memerintah. PAS pun akan join UMNO sama-sama memerintah. Let MCA and DAPster menyalak bukit after that.

  5. since it’s now ok to voice out opinion, let me share with you my opinion on May Chee.

    Dear May Chee (if that’s your real name), i read and comprehend every single opinion of yours. On the basis of agreeing to disagree and to further complement your incessant ramblings, I find your opinions as stupidly naive, stupidly delusional and stupidly contradicting most of the time.

    For heaven’s sake, please do learn how to form a coherent opinion that actually make some sense; or at least try to have 1 simple opinion than elaborate it further so it can make a stronger case.

      1. mohd aziz,

        do u know what anakjamil meant by ‘coherent opinion’? this is how we make our case stronger… in yr case, don’t be lazy to think la. u always jump here and there. what sense? ‘jumping sense’ or 1 sen no use.

      2. Anakjamil has a point here. No solution, no concrete arguments just pure politicking as usual. Ravin!!!!, don’t tell me that you are now May Chee. Eergh!!!!

        How it is not hypocritical when today you have PAS working with PKR & DAP. You remember Barisan Alternatif in 1999 or Semangat 46 in 1988!!!. Did you why it broke down? How would you!!!! when you were still suckling. Don’t get your fingers burn unnecessarily for what is beyond your scope and your wikipedia enhanced knowledge besides the experience. Nothing offensive, just a friendly advice from a fellow Malaysian.

  6. Ramai rupanya manusia yg duduk bawah tempurung, bila duduk bawah tempurung ni kita akan hanya mendengar sahaja tidak dpt melihat sekeliling.

    Masa inilah ramai manusia durjana akan mengambil peluang dengan menyebar fitnah, bukti dan fakta bukan lagi pertimbangan.

    Kenapa ini berlaku? Ia berlaku kerana ramai yg tidak memahami isu, tidak berfikiran terbuka dan malas untuk mengkaji sendiri.. Mungkin ada yg mengkaji tetapi sudut pengkajian tersebut mungkin sempit hanya berpehak sebelah sahaja dan mungkin juga pehak yg tidak berkenaan dengan isu i.e. RPK.

    RPK ni kalau diikut penulisannya sedari awal dia lah pakar segala2nya ‘Jack of all trade’.

    Be very wary with RPK, sebarang artikel dia hendaklah diteliti bawah mikroskop jangan ditelan bulat2, tetapi kemalasan berfikir dan kebolehan menerima maklumat secara objektif agak terbatas maka kita dapati ramai manusia2 seperti perempuan Cina dan katolik pula berfikiran di atas.

  7. RaRa..

    You’ve been awfully quiet, to be honest I miss you… well, RaRa – did you or did you not read MC’s letter? How can I take her seriously when her ideas are like a train wreck; for example what’s her daughter being manhandled in shopping complexes got to do with failure in the education system, how about when she talks about poverty & inequality followed by she just can’t wait to send her daughter overseas.

    RaRa – Why’s the letter published during MCA convention and the whole article cited MCA as the destroyer of Malaysia’s civilisation – bitch, please… we can see it for what it is!

    If you think I am hypocritical, I accept it wholeheartedly – just another label on the lapel!

  8. Helen,

    It is known to all that Malay/Muslims women have been offering significant political support (votes) to a suitable Chinese/Indian party, not only at reelection but general election as well. We also realized that, they (the Malay/Muslim woman) did that for herself, her family and also for the nation but never for publicity.

    And now the excellent example set by the Malay/Muslim women above is beginning to attract the non-Malay/Muslim community to do the same (vote interracially). So, when a Catholic woman declares in MI that she is going to give her support (vote) for a Malay (Muslim) party, we should be proud. Hopefully she is doing it for righteousness and not as a publicity stunt.

      1. I wonder what the Chinese have to say regarding Anthony Loke’s defense of Nik Aziz. But then again…………what say you sister Helen ?

  9. If you want to know how low Mkini has gotten in the last few years, just read the “Letters” segment.

    Actually I always thought (remember I used to be a passive DAP supporter until 2008), Mkini played an important role in the democratization and in raising the level of political consiciousness in Malaysia.

    One segment I never failed to read was the “Letters” since it contained many intelligent and well informed views. However, since 2008 MKini’s standards has descended to the level of sewers. The letters the days are so full of grammatical errors and show very little wit or intellect. Most writers just rant and rant and let go steam at BN.

    They used to publish my letters of being critical of PR, but lately they ditched all semblence of independence and only allow anti BN letters, immaterial if they are written by raving lunatics with IQ of 20.

    May Chee is one of those DAP die-hards who will vote for /sell soul to the devil himself as long as it leads to DAP winning and taking over the nation.

    She once wrote then, when asked why she took part in Bersih 3.0, she replied “Because I am a Christian” ! She says that the Bible told her to walk. Do we need any further proof that she’s one of the true blue Dapster 2.0 ?

    She gets upset at the Obidient Wife Club (OWC) for being regressive but see no problem in PAS not giving the women no voting rights or treat them as 2nd class citizen. She is blind to Kedah’s ban on non Muslim wearing clothes that exposes skin or all the restrictions placed on non Muslims and Muslims.

    May is a retired teacher in her 50s and surely she would have known the stance of PAS on various issues and the utterances of Nik Aziz over the years. There could be no question on her mind on what kind of mindset that Tok Guru has pertaining to democracy and human rights. I would excuse her ignorance if she’s a 20 something DAPster but as someone in her 50s, her ignorance is inexcusable. This could only due to her blind devotion to DAP.

    1. Antihipokrit,

      sorry to disagree,

      for me, I will consider giving my vote to Dap if they manage to transform the party from the present style of leadership hierarchy, which is based on dynasty, to a truly democratic party.

      1. Pilihan masing2 marhaenman. I respect your view. For me, it’s still ABCD. When do you think DAP will change? Wait till LKS and LGE in the Crematorium?

  10. Kak Helen,

    i have not seen any plans in the alternative budget that is comprehensive enough and when as such is implemented could successfully bring down the existing crime rates. maybe i miss the boat, i don’t now.

    even though their intention is good but i am a bit skeptical if the whole plans about how to achieve the reduction in crime rate is not put forward for discussion in the public forums.

    my worry is that, it would end up just like the debacles involving the 20 cubic meter free water implementation in Selangor.

    worse of, if later on, they got the guts to justify its failure by saying this excuses: “manifesto is not a promise”

    obviously, rakyat nowadays don’t want “pisang berbuah dua kali”

  11. crime levels would go down…
    Nice statement ..
    Dear May Chee..
    Please correct me if Im wrong ..
    Doesnt Gangsterism related to DAP..?

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