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Najib: Malays have had enough of DAP!

The headline above comes from a Bernama story carried in NST, FMT, TMI, Malaysia Today, The Mole, The Sun, The Malay Mail, Yahoo! News and other media.

However it was not picked up by The Star.

Speaking at the launch of the MCA annual general assembly on Sunday, “Najib also agreed with the MCA president that DAP leaders have only been preaching multiracialism but it was never shown in reality”.

The Star reported the PM as asking, “Is DAP multi-racial?”

The Star however omitted the part where he’s supposed to have said Malays have had enough of DAP. The Star‘s coverage of the speech made by Najib was an insipid effort totalling a grand 214 words (screenshot of the paper’s report, here).

In comparison, a recent article in The Star which was all about Hannah Yeoh totalled almost 300 words (screenshot here).

Nice picture. It’s most certainly NOT pinched from The Star

The Star, which is the alter ego of The Rocket, had reported:

“Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said a total of 45 bays had been created under the [MPSJ] project … she said, the council had received … she was happy that the problem had been resolved … [verbatim quote] she said, adding that … Yeoh, who visited the area / said … She stressed that … [another verbatim quote] she said … She said the state had offered … Yeoh said the projects were … She said all the projects had been carried out …”.

As can been observed, even the PM speaking at the MCA’s final do-or-die huddle before the GE rolls around did not get such lavish attention as Hannah Yeoh said-she said-she said-she said as was paid to the DAP Subang Jaya assemblywoman by the supposedly MCA-owned paper.

The Hannah Yeoh article was even accompanied by a photograph. The Najib mini article (online version), despite its importance with regard to the BN chairman addressing the coalition’s second largest party, was not deemed as worthy of a photo by The Star.

Due to the predictable lack of lustre in the paper’s coverage of BN, The Star readers hadn’t bothered to read about Najib’s speech nor any of the other articles related to the MCA assemblies of its Wanita and Youth wings, except when sex is mentioned.

Above are the most viewed stories in Star Online. The top two are about the “sex bloggers”/”sex blog couple”.

The article titled ‘Red-faced? Certainly not‘ is similarly about Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee who have been elevated to Star status by the MCA-owned media including its three radio stations (if they get the green light to broadcast the recorded interviews).

Out of the 10 most viewed stories, only one pertains to the MCA assembly and it’s not a positively titled story (headlined: ‘Chua: The verdict is still open on Chinese support for Barisan’).

The Star might have deliberately played up the sex bloggers as its front page and primary news item to detract attention from the MCA gatherings. If so, BN should consider it an act of sabotage.

Another Bernama story on Sunday is headlined ‘Get Battle-ready, Najib Tells BN Components’. It is also a report on the speech delivered at the MCA gathering.

The national news agency quoted the PM as urging all BN component parties to get battle-ready for GE13 by “activating their election machinery”.

Is it any surprise that The Star failed to report this bit too in its 214-word downplay of Najib’s speech?

For an idea of how short 214 words measure up, well, 214 words is one-third the length of this posting of mine that you’ve almost finished reading.

It’s not far-fetched to say that The Star should be considered a pro-opposition paper. It may reluctantly follow orders when issued particular directives by Wisma MCA but when left to its own discretion, the paper just can’t get enough of its darling DAP evangelists.


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46 thoughts on “Najib: Malays have had enough of DAP!

  1. the Star is so negligent in reporting BN’s nonsense that’s why it’s the top selling newspaper in the country.

    Lidat isn’t BN dead already? You keep trying to spin but your tongue keeps getting caught in the gerigi!

    When the online news portals start their Business and Advertising sections, the Star will kaput and join the rest of the BN-funded rubbish ‘news’ papers.

    Good. — Helen

    1. G’day Helen – I was thinking of replying to your previous response to my comment on Cik Gu Simon but I think this is most appropriate place to demonstrate a typical attitude of a ‘modern’ DAP and their house of cards. Life is a marathon but they treat it like a 100m dash..:-)

      You wrote about the injustice that was (is) imposed on Cik Gu Simon by these DAPsters and not a single one of them has raised a helping hand. Mention a challenge to their idols/tokong and their christian agendas, rows of them came out. Where have all the spirits of Lee Lam Thyes in DAP gone? Sigh..

      The Star is alright for as long as Joceline Tan is there, methinks. For groups of us who live away from home yet still don’t want to let go of home affairs, Joceline is a beacon of sentiments on the home-front.

      1. I’m wondering too. The Star has thousands of editorial staff. Yet only one Joceline.

        Ballpark figure: 30 editors, let’s say 1-2 deputies and assistants to each and then say 20-30 staff under each editor i.e. incl. those in the office who do not go out to the field) & the newsdesk (biggest department) plus all the bureau staff (i.e. reporters in the various state capitals) and then the correspondents and the columnists and the editors at large, i.e. those not listed in the main board of 30 names (Joceline would be an example of one such) …

        and only ONE! Joceline who’s willing to be critical of Pakatan despite the big guns like group editor WCW being bestowed triple datukship (last I heard). Big, big, sigh.

        There is really something wrong with The Star. Check this out — the “sex bloggers” interview required 4 reporters to compile the story.

        There is really something very wrong with The Star.

        1. I wonder how Joceline feels at work. Is she ostracised by other staff at the Star?

          Then again, i think it is an editorial ploy the Star. They use Joceline’s countervailing view to give the false impression that they are fair and balanced. This is just like how theMalaysianInsider allows only a small proportion of countervailing views to be posted on their comment section, usually with the username AhmadSobri.

          Helen, dont you also try to cultivate a proHelen comment section?

          I do see you descending to the comment area whenever you need to mount a vociferous defence of your narrartive.

          1. I “descend to the comment area” b’cos I interact, I ask questions and I make replies.

          2. Have you tried to make contact with joceline? Does she have her own blog?

            You were a professional journalist, dont you think she (joceline) is just the designated “op-ed”? Op ed means opposite-editorial. In other words, she opposes the main theme/view/narrative of the newspaper’s editorial board.

            I think most western newspapers have op-ed pages to give the appearance of fairness. Joceline may be in on it, to give the Star a semblance of balance.

            Helen given your historical support of DAP, are you acting as an “op-ed” like voice in the noisy DAP cyberspace?

            1. Joceline and I know each other. We were colleagues.

              As far as I’m aware she doesn’t blog. Despite that the big boss WCW blogs, I’m not sure if The Star employment contract does not contain fine print which prevents its reporters from publishing their writings elsewhere (and which additionally may be interpreted as coming into a conflict of interest with The Star).

              Are you being facetious again? Op-ed is opinion editorial.

              My hunch is that Jos’ opinion writings are very much her own opinion and secondly, that she is very much alone in The Star even in the top echelons where she resides. The foot soldiers and middle-ranking journos, tak ‘yah cakap lah (anti-establishment).

              As to your question, I shall reply in a posting proper. It’s a nuanced answer and not strictly “if you’re not with us you’re against us”.

          1. maknanya (takyah tulislah) fyi only:

            hoi Liangko,

            beruk, bodoh, pergi mampus….gelandangan. :)

    2. It is more difficult to get copies of NST now. Although there are still many Indians writers there but the Malay writers are of more quality now.

      Sejak orang Melayu sedar, TheStar editorial lebih kepada Sidang Injil, berkoyan akhbar TheStar tak laku.

      NST perlu ambil peluang ini dan tambah berita, kualiti dan copies.

      Pendedahan Helen Ong Ang banyak membantu membetulkan pendapat2 pendapat sinis penulis kristian di TheStar di bantu dengan beberapa talibarut melayu yang sotong..hehe.

      Gunakan bahasa Inggeris untuk put forward kepentingan melayu bukan jadi boneka penjajah sebab orang Eropah dan US amat menyukai a good argument.

      Helen Ong (a different person) writes about food. People sometimes mix us up. — Helen

      1. When I was new to this blog, the URL always made me think your name was actually Helena Ng.

          1. bro, hujan bagus, pandu perlahan dan selamat, aes banyak di merata rata, kalu tak hujan badan panas, saman lagi hati pun panas, dah sampai macam doors light my fire.

  2. if the Star keep on spinning – the Malays and Indians will have enough of the paper- soon the Chinese will throw out The Star- after election- the Star has reduce the capability of the paper to be worthless for another Rocket for DAP

  3. The STAR lost its shine, to me, some long time ago. It should have picked up our national agenda when the NST was in the doldrums during the previous PM’s sleepy days. Too bad it turn into PR’s machine… :(

    1. I stopped reading The Star many years ago..and couldn’t be bothered to even read it online anymore… for me it was MCA’s fault that the Star is what it is nowadays..after the 12th GE..MCA seemed to abandon the newspaper and people who had been ardent readers of the it.

      1. The only decent read in the Star is the business and sports pages. But the Star can do better if the sports pages do away with the silly predictions on the outcomes of the English Premier League matches. It was laughable to read how some so called experts or knowalls had predicted that Spurs would beat Chelsea last weekend. Didn’t they know that Chelsea are European champions and have noticeably strengthened their side for this season?

  4. The Star marketing strategies, all free:
    1. Free sex
    2. Free pre-marital sex
    3. Free real-time sex blogging reporting
    4. Free out of wedlock sexual intercouse
    5. Free buttering for DAP
    6. Free from evangelist butt licking
    7. Free from morale value
    8. Free from ethical reporting
    9. Free from main stream media
    10. Free from MCA control

    one day it will become Buletin Mutiara, Free of charge….

  5. The Star is not even a decent newspaper. It is a tabloid and its staff, with the exception of Joceline Tan, are the purveyors of tabloid journalism.

  6. couldn’t disagree with the title of this entry…

    (lenguh aku tulis panjang tadi tapi hilang kerana ada net glitches)

  7. Kwong Mut Lun….Li Lau YAn Chow Tak.. Yan Lau Li Chow Ng Tak…. Sa Kai….. Fei Kai.. Chow Kai…

    1. pepatah penang ada mengatakan (dengan izin tuanpunya blog):

      lu boh cho kang be hiau kin,
      lu ban-ban ki kang-kang
      lu ki-ong-kan, annekuan!


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    To date, this person has left at least a hundred comments here in transliterated Cantonese and English – all cursing, swearing and slandering me and Cikgu Simon as well as directing slurs at a few other commenters. (Search under keyword ‘Liangko’ in this blog to see dozens of samples of his nasty handiwork.)

    Such verbal harassment is reflective of DAPster cyber thuggery.

    If they (the DApsters) are not averse to behaving like samseng online, imagine what Cikgu Simon is having to go through offline in their midst.

    Cikgu Simon has apologized to me for this bully now coming to my blog, explaining that Liangko is “chasing [him Simon Thong] all over the place” and because he [Simon] won’t let his [the bully’s] vulgarities appear on his [Simon’s] blog.


    Ref. Senior citizen bullied but The Star badmouths victim instead


  9. Here’s another obligatory chip-on-the-shouder comment from me. Get ready…

    Helen. Werent you and arent you still a DAP supporter?

  10. The Star akhbar PORNO. What else do you expect from a bunch of DAPsters sitting in the editorial line up. Promoting Sex out of wedlock is common for them. Maybe that’s the way of life for Evengelis.

  11. MediaPerak has been down since last week. Did anyone notice that? I was waiting to read their part 2 article on NKH. I wondered if it has to do with some of their articles recently that were focused on a certain political party in Perak…

    Here’s what MediaPerak said in their Facebook page:
    Bertarikh 20 oktober 2012 telah mengalami masalah suapan tapak.Pembaca akan mengalami kesukaran untuk memasuki atau melayari web kami.Buat seketik Web master media erka bertukus lumus cuba menyelamatkan media perak. Berkemungkinan besar mediaperak di serang berdasarkan apa yang kami….

    1. Yes, I’ve had difficulty accessing Media Perak.

      For your info, Shen Yee Aun’s e-mail was hacked. — here

      I personally know a few people (won’t say who as to protect their identity) whose e-mail were hacked shortly after they had skirmishes with Tokong. Read here.

      1. Helen, MediaPerak is up again. According to their Facebook page, their original domain was blocked by PDRM and SKMM.

  12. Saya dah lama sangat tak baca The Star, apalagi ‘online version’..

    Walau bagaimanapun, saya harap The Star tidak akan mengikut langkah Harakah dengan iklan berunsur ‘sex’ yg melampaui batas pula..

  13. Najib, I had enuf of you. How’s that sound? Dia ni sepatut bertanding lawan LKS atau LGE di tempat majoriti Cina sebab dia sgt popular di kalangan Hua Zhong. Leave pekan and give to someone else to test your popularity.

  14. Dear Helen, Nazri Aziz has made a statement that our Federal Constitution does not say Malaysia is secular. I think his statement is open to debate and thus I would humbly request if you may dedicate a posting on this issue so that readers can comment. I believe readers will be interested in this issue and comment constructively. Many thanks.

    1. Confused,

      Yes. Constitution does not say that Malaysia is a secular country. And it does not also say that Malaysia is a Islamic country.

      It does however clarify that Islam is the official religion of the land.
      Hence, the confusion.

      From the world view point, Malaysia is an Islamic country due to obvious reasons. Its leaders are Muslims and majority of its people is Muslim.

      Many non Muslim fails to appreciate that there is no such thing as separation of state and church in Islamic world. The separation itself is not acceptable to Islamic viewpoint.

      It is a matter of paramount importance for Muslim leaders here to understand that Islamic law cant be implemented here the way it was done in Saudi Arabia or Iran as an example. These 2 countries have Muslim population more than 95% while in Malaysia the population of Muslim is approximately 55% only.


      It would be better if you ask LGE to fight Najib in Pekan. after all it is DAP that goes all out portraying that it is multi racial party while in reality its focus is the “longevity” of Lim Dynasty only.

  15. Shamshul Anuar,

    1. The word ‘official’ was no where to be found in Art. 3(1) of the Constitution. If the Constitution intended Islam to be the ‘official religion’, I believe that the word should have been incorporated in the said article. If Malaysia is an Islamic state, at least Islam should be elevated as the ‘official’ religion?

    2. What are the criteria of an Islamic state/country? Malaysia legalize activities like interest based banking, consumption of alcohol and pork, betting/gambling industries etc. As of to-date, Hudud is yet to be implemented. If under such circumstances, Malaysia can qualify to be an Islamic state then what we call the ‘true’ Islamic states like Pakistan, Iran etc?

    3. We understand that Islam is a way of life encompassing politics, economics, social and hence, there is no separation between Islam and state. A true Muslim leader has a duty to enforce Hudud and other Islamic based principles in the administration of the country. But I don’t see such extensive implementation and I assume that over leaders are not ‘true muslims’ and Malaysia is not an Islamic state.

  16. Confused,

    Constitution only says that Islam as the state religion. There is no word “official” here. That is semantics only. Islam in Malaysia is accorded the official status.

    As i said earlier, the crucial part is the implementation, not the objective of making Malaysia as an Islamic nation.

    THe first thing that any Muslim especially the leaders (be it from PAS or UMNO) needs to do is stop being hypocrite. For PAS, no needs to cry out loud on Hudud when you ally with the very party that rejects Islamic law: DAP.

    For UMNO, power is in the hand. A simple example why on earth you allow 4-digit shops to be operated every time a new township is open.

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