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Christianization and the 9 percent factor (updated)

Media Perak editor says The Star bullshitting (see update below).

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Regular commenter OverseasBumi is wondering whether the content of this blog is merely a case of my deliberately saying the opposite to the DAPster noise in cyberspace. And whether I covertly still support either the DAP or the party’s agenda which some Malays view as furthering Chinese “chauvinist” interests.

A parallel blogosphere comparison would be how some leading Malay lights such as RockyBru, Big Dog, A Voice and others were most critical of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but were never really against Umno. After Pak Lah resigned, some Pakatan supporters accused Rocky of being a turncoat. They felt cheated, perceiving as they did that Rocky had inexplicably eased off on his anti-establishment postings.

It was the Pakatan supporters who were mistaken in their appraisal of Rocky and not that Rocky suddenly made a U-turn.

There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, as the saying goes. Only permanent interests. My blog supports Chinese school and is against the implementation of hudud.

I see that with the direction in which certain elements are taking DAP, vernacular schools will be imperiled.

And a hudud environment (e.g. gender segregation in cinemas) is also more likely to prevail under Pakatan rule than in the old Umno-MCA set-up.

Poster displayed at the recent MCA assembly

Only the evangelists

Below are the DAP primary office holders. From the 58 names, I’ve underlined in bold red those which have figured in negatively in my blog.

Chen Man Hin, Karpal Singh, Tan Seng Giaw, M. Kula Segaran, Chow Kon Yeow, Tan Kok Wai, Chong Chien Jen, LIM GUAN ENG, Chong Eng, JAMES NGEH KOO HAM, P. Ramasamy, Fong Kui Lun, DAVID NGA KOR MING, Teresa Kok, Vincent Wu, Tony Pua, TEO NIE CHING, Anthony Loke, Jeff Ooi, Liew Chin Tong, Lim Kit Siang, Ahmad Ton, Leong Ngah Ngah, Teng Chang Kim, Gobind Singh Deo, P. Gunasekeran, Boo Cheng Hau, Ronnie Liu, Hiew King Cheu, Ong Kwai Leng, Betty Chew, Wong Lin See, Yaw Kuang Mee, Fong Po Kuan, Leong Mee Meng, Chan Su Sann, K. Maragatam, Leong Ooi Kuan, Jenice Lee, Violet Wu, Wong Kah Who, Loh Chee Heng, Tey Kok Kiew, Leong Ooi Yee, Lau Keng Ee, Teo Kok Seong, Leong Ooi Kuan, NG WEI AIK, Ong Boon Piow, Medaline Chang, Ooi Leng Hang, Tang Hong Pin, Chan Su Sann, Cheong Chee Khing, Choong Siew Onn, Khoo Poay Tiong, Tiew Way Keng, Edward Ling, Teoh Boon Kok

Highlighted are 5 names, which make up 8.6 percent of the total. You’re probably unfamiliar with a lot of the rest in the list.

Hannah Yeoh should rightly be included too. However, she does not hold any major position in her party and hence her name is missing from the DAP directory above.

Of the underlined DAP leaders, Guan Eng and Ng Wei Aik – alike to Hannah – posture as ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’. The remaining three, James, David and Nie Ching are evangelizing Christians.

The Perak cousins are influential because they are the warlords controlling DAP in their state. Guan Eng is the party dictator and Ng Wei Aik his strong-arm chief henchman. Nie Ching (assistant to Tony Pua, the DAP publicity bureau chief) and Hannah are the cult personalities bouyed by popular media.

Don’t you agree that the sample 8.6 percent above have gained a disproportionately huge amount of attention compared to most of their colleagues?

Google Hannah or Nie Ching in The Star and compare the search results against any of the other DAP officer bearers belonging to the same cohort (Youth wing).

The Star claims a readership of 1.26 million. Star Online had attracted some 87,000 page views on its story ‘Porn blog couple causes furore’ alone.

Hannah Yeoh’s ability to attract 52,100 Twitter followers surely has to do in part with The Star‘s incessant and constant promotion of her to its million-fold multimedia audience. The paper made a celebrity of her in the same way that it featured more than 20 stories on Alvin and Vivian (the “porn bloggers”) over five days, the difference being that the paper provides only positive coverage of Hannah and supresses the negative stories.

If the media exhibit a pronounced pro-Christian bias and pro-Firster slant, why should it be surprising that the 9.2 percent Christians are able to wield a clout far bigger than their numbers?

After all, the DAP evangelist politicians have the media machinery (except those in Malay language) solidly behind them.

The Star is seriously a problem!

Remember what I said about The Star cover up in the Taman Kaya bullying case where the paper quoted the DAP branch chairman extensively?

In the most recent development concerning the resignation of an Orang Asli leader from the party, again – using the same modus operandi – the paper carried the DAP perspective without interviewing the protagonist involved.

Read Media Perak ‘Ngeh Koo Ham: Taiko DAP Perak (2)’

Ketua pengarang Media Perak Mat Saman Kati berkata:

“The Star menulis pada 19 Oktober,

“Ngeh said he had spoken with Bah Tony over the course of two months in relation to his intention to quit, which was due to personal reasons.”

“Bullshit.. Tony tidak pernah berkata bahawa dia mahu keluar DAP kerana sebab-sebab peribadi. Dia keluar DAP kerana sebab prinsip.” — UPDATED 9.12pm

This happens not only in Perak but in the paper’s coverage of the other Pakatan states. MCA, have you done your audit?!

***  ***  ***

My conservative estimate is that there are 38 Christian MPs in our Parliament which comprises 222 members. That’s close to 18 percent, which is double the census figure of Christians in the country.

The 22 Arab countries have a combined population of 372,370,000 who are overwhelmingly Muslim. The population of Jews in Israel is 5,703,700. Israelis Jew are one-and-a-half percent to the total number of Arabs. But who is more powerful?

To spindoctor that Christians cannot be other than a weak minority in Malaysia simply because they’re nine percent is unconvincing.

And it’s catastrophic for the Chinese community as a whole that DAP has allowed the DAPster and evangelist factions to take over the party.


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32 thoughts on “Christianization and the 9 percent factor (updated)

  1. Melayu Islam yg Majoriti hendak laksanakan hudud bermati-matian si MCA dan DAPster membantah. Bila bab SJKC bermatian mereka katakan itu HAK mereka. WTF..

    1. Hudud, pada pokoknya, tidak membabitkan orang bukan Islam. Namun orang bukan Islam boleh meminta mereka dibicarakan di bawah undang-undang syariah. Sudah tentu, kalau mereka faham betaoa adilnya undang-undang syariah, orang bukan Islam pun akan mahu dibicarakan di bawah undang-undang syariah. The alternative is the man-made common law, which is mostly nonsense and unjust.

      Kenapa ramai orang amat meragui kemampuan syariah untuk menegakkan keadilan? Bukankah negeri-negeri di Malaya telah mengamalkan undang-undang syariah sehinggalah kedatangan British ke sini. Jadi mana-mana orang Islam yang menentang hudud, bermakna mereka menentang hukum Allah. Kalau sudah menentang hukum Allah, apa maknanya tu? Masih Islam kah Muslim yang menentang hudud? Masih Islamkah Muslim yang suka memberi pelbagai alasan kenapa ia tidak boleh dilaksanakan?


      Jadi jika DAP menentang hudud maka ia menentang Allah (dan Islam), yakni “anti-Islam”? Baik kita minta DAP jelaskan pendiriannya. — Helen

  2. Helen,

    Who you support politically is nobody’s business; Even if you would be voting for DAP this coming GE13, it should be respected as you’re exercising your rights.

    Being a homosexual, a lot of my friends are suprised that I support BN as they would think otherwise. I never have the priviledges of other fortunate Malays; no MRSM, no UITM, no wang ehsan whatsoever, etc .. even when I bought my house, it’s a 3rd hand purchase.

    My life is a series of falling, dust my self and get up again. I never go to uni nor college – coming from a poor & dysfunctional family, I absorb knowledge and made myself to what I am today – not a success but a happy & grateful person.

    To be honest, I support SJKC or SJKT – language to me is very sacred, so preserving it is good.. Culture & civilisation are based on languages; so I applaud those who able to speak more than just 2 languages.

    Maybe I am not in the majority but Hudud is a no-no to me: too many interpretations until it make Islam sounding vengeful, barbaric and unjust.

    1. I’m open to being corrected if I’m wrong but here’s what I figure.

      Although homosexuality is frowned upon by Islam, traditional Malay society is generally tolerant of it.

      Like how drinking is haram but some Muslims still do. Puasa is ibadah but not all Muslims observe the injunction. Failing to adhere to the drinking prohibition or failing to fast does not mean that the Muslim concerned no longer sees himself as a Muslim.

      A Muslim in Malay society is not subjected to flogging or rejam or other corporal and capital punishments carried out in say Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan or Saudi Arabia today.

      The punishment for drinking is 80 lashes.

      Thus far Malay society has been tolerant. In the old P. Ramlee movies, we have the Malay actresses in their mini dresses showing off the 1960s hour glass figure in cabaret scenes.

      This tolerance is being increasingly lost. Kartika sentenced to caning punishment for drinking beer is one example.

      Under the PAS mullah and DAP Christian Taliban combo, you – personally – would have a far more difficult time should Pakatan sit in Putrajaya. Umno at least is not hudud obsessed.

      We know the Pak Lebai image that PAS is saddled with.

      The DAP has brought its sifat teramat licik mereka to skew the debate and tilt the balance. DAP can sell ice-cream to the Eskimos and with the marketing support that media like Si Gunting is carrying out, they are selling the idea of hudud (“Don’t worry, it won’t affect non-Muslims”) which is a bloody lie.

      However, DAP has been so successful in controlling the public debate, aided by their control over the media, that it’s MCA which is vilified even tho’ Nik Aziz did make the “rogol lah” statement.

      We must not lose sight of the long history of Christian atrocities and what the missionaries did under the colonial project to the brown natives whom they considered “heathen” and “low class”. DAP evangelists have inherited that attitude.

      1. I am one of those we have deep (and sincere) admiration of the Malays and their culture, having grown up in a kampung environment.

        One of the greatest damage that PAS has caused to the country is by bringing in the violent and barbaric and intolerant Wahhabi style religion to Malaysia. Not only that they split the Malays and the country, they also have planted the seed for the division among the various races in the country. They have also to a certain extend brought in the negative aspects of Arab culture and suppressed the beautiful and tolerant Malay culture.

        It will be a tragedy for Malaysia as a whole if PAS/Pakatan is able to implement their intepretation of Hudud. You can say what you want about UMNO but it has shown a remarkable ability to change itself while maintaining a balance between religion and culture.

        It is rather puzzling that Haris and Pakatan opposing race based politics while encouraging the even more destructive religion based politics.

        The problem with PAS’ Hudud is not merely the legal aspects but the bigger picture of the nation’s system of governance. What PAS really aims is a rule by Ulama and Hudud is merely a tactic to hoodwink the Muslims to agree to it.

        Modern history has shown that once a country resorts to Wahhabi style legal system, there is no turning back and it is a slipepry slope to a full-scale Ulama-run theocracy.

        DAP is trying its best to make Hudud as a non-issue as they know that what will happen to Malaysia if Pakatan takes over will depend on the balance of power among the PR parties. If PAS has most seat, there is nothing to stop them from implementing Hudud and theocracy.

        DAP hopes it can keep the states like Penang, Selangor and Perak from Hudud since they are strong there. But this is a dangerous game as the population of non Muslims is declining as a percentage every passing year and it is a matter of time they will turn Malaysia into Malaysianistan.

        1. Why wait? Can see outcome already.

          In Perak, DAP had the most seats among the Pakatan parties. Yet the MB was Nizar, a PAS man.

          1. If you consider religious ideology as a ‘meme’ or ‘mind virus’, then you can see that this is problem isn’t going to go away unless there is a form of inoculation .

            The problem is politicians use religion to gain popularity. In doing so, they further legitimise and popularise religion, which in turn attracts more adherents, and which further justifies politicians to incorporate religion in their political platform!

            It’s a vicious cycle…

  3. Good job Helen.

    I know where you coming from… 9% can do big if supported by media….

    HY siang malam pagi petang exclusively covered by The Star.

    MCA, open your eyes, soon you’ll be buried alive by your own child.

  4. my objection towards Hudud is not due to my sexuality..Just like any religion, I think it’s the homosexual act than the person that is unlawful – for being attracted to the same sex, I let God judge me and no one else.

    The leniency you mentioned was in yesteryears when Malaysia is not ultra-Arabised (which for the life of me, I cannot comprehend – to me evolution is progressive but we took a different route and end up backwards).

    I am taking a more relaxed intrepretations of Islam instead.

    I wish Malays would remain Malay. — Helen

  5. “And it’s catastrophic for the Chinese community as a whole that DAP has allowed the DAPster and evangelist factions to take over the party.”

    look Helen, the Dapster and evangelist factions took over the party a long time ago, even before the 2008 GE. only now they are becoming much more visible and vocal.

    1. With the party having tasted the fruits of power, aggressive DAPsters and evangelist opportunists are stepping over each other in their eagerness to clamber on board the bandwagon.

      Their member-get-member recruitment is going full speed ahead. DAP will see a ruling clique of evangelistas lording over the Ah Pek and Ah Soh bean counters.

      1. Helen, the evangalization of DAP is no accident. The Chinese society is Malaysia has become more urban and Christian over the last few years. DAP knows it and that’s why they have this two-tier strategy of using Christianity for urban voters while using language for semi-urban/rural voters. If you notice, their focus on Christians not only restricted to Klang Valley but also in Sarawak.

        Generally, these Christian DAP leaders are better educated, better looking and has better PR/media skills. That’s why they have hijacked the entire Chinese agenda.

        If MCA is smart, they would focus on the abondoned semi urban / rural voters using cultural and language issues while portraying DAP as an elitist, anti-cultural and anti-language party catering only for rich and educated Chinese.

        1. re: “Generally, these Christian DAP leaders are better educated, better looking and has better PR/media skills.”

          Better PR/media skills yes.

          Better looking, debatable although granted, yes better groomed (remember Tokong and his wife’s expensive makeovers)?

          Better ‘educated’? In paper qualification, perhaps.

          But not if education is taken as learning ‘adab’.

          Biadab is Arabic for tiada adab, unschooled, unlearned.

  6. You have been called “anti-DAP” or “supporting BN” See:-

    From your latest blog entry, I still can’t put my finger on your political orientation.

    Doesn’t that vagueness also describe theStar?

    You have been critical of theStar, but aren’t you just as vague as they are?

    At least newspapers in the US would endorse a political candidate to pin down their political beliefs. Would you endorse a political party once GE13 comes around?

    1. But I have. I’ve said before I endorse the candidacy of PSM deputy chairman M. Saraswathy in Jelapang and of P. Uthayakumar of Hindraf in Kota Raja.

      Don’t say lah that you can’t put your finger on my political orientation. Blame the political parties instead. Look at how much PAS has changed, giving up its “Islamic state” raison d’etre for a “Welfare state” sloganeering.

      Look how far PAS has shape-shifted from its PIS-PUS-PMIP days of Malay nationalism and rejecting pendatang to today’s touting “PAS for all”.

      DAP’s Jom Ubah was applied to itself first and foremost. I think even Chen Man Hin can’t recognise what his party has become today.

      As for the DAPster smear campaign carried out @ ktemoc et al, they make the most outrageous and complete fabrications under the cover of anonymity — e.g. this one.

      That’s a total lie. It’s quite amazing the kind of stories that they can cook up. It’s no secret my ex-boyfriend is Malay. To link my personal dating life to any Christianity element is utter rubbish.

      1. Helen, can you stop justifying yourself. Nobody is putting a gun on your head to do what you do without an ulterior motive to show the truth and reality.

        We are here because at least you are doing something about it not just to justify for how it serves us.

        If OB is using Ktemoc as a reference point then you should know it is pointless to argue with someone who have no relevance other than to boast their own alter ego in their new formed and found escapism.

        1. Outright lies have to be rebutted b’cos if they’re repeated a thousand times, people might take them for truth.

          That’s why the DAPster cyber thugs are a menace.

          1. The opinion is formed not because of the lies, but the effort that you have taken to educate the masses.

            The quantity and lies will eventually wither away when one digest the quality and substance to recognize the truth and reality that you try so hard to impart in your blog. That is the natural cause even if takes a thousand years. We don’t live for a thousand year but Malaysian per se do appreciate your contribution.

            Lies only need to be rebutted because we ignore the truth and reality when we can afford to be kiasu as and when it suits our own ambiance. You speak your mind from your heart without any motives, so let us decide including the detractors.

    2. OB, are you serious with what you are saying “At least newspapers in the US would endorse a political candidate to pin down their political beliefs”. No wonder the media is such a playground to dictate one’s mode. I for once thought we have some who think beyond the box, but I guess the box it is for the media political belief that assuages you. Good luck in your voting in the US constituency in November.

      1. MiNY i can’t understand you. And i think it would be a waste of time for me to try. Based on your comments that i have had the misfortune to read, i think your ‘philosophy’ based on ‘humanity’ is nebulous and doesn’t help uncover any truth or help progress the discourse toward a resolution or consensus.

        I think Helen has been gradually building up a case against the Star. However i pointed out nearly a year ago that theStar has always had an anti-establishment subtext. This was extremely evident when they published pork images.

        Helen should demand that theStar publish a clear endorsement of the party they support. This should minimize or put to rest theStar’s implicit or subtextual support of DAP.

        1. OB, thanks for the compliment. As you say,

          “i think your ‘philosophy’ based on ‘humanity’ is nebulous and doesn’t help uncover any truth or help progres s the discourse toward a resolution or consensus.”

          Really!!! is humanity so hazy that truth has not been uncovered till now in a blog like this when it fits us? Sure i am a waste of time for you and do apologize to you the intellectual one. Sure I am a waste of time in your light, then again, you are the intellectual one, what more can I say if you know it all and surely this what makes Malaysians as there are today.

    1. PPP, this is what happens because we are more interested on what others’ think besides having our own thoughts to safeguard humanity as it has to be cajoled. It is okay we need to evolve. Better late than never. Don’t you think so?

  7. what do you folks think of this ?

    need more proof to show that DAP has already agreed to PAS’ agenda of setting up an Islamic state ? this question is open to Muslim and non Muslim, let’s see if DAP hacks like Ravin show up and defend their capitulation to PAS he he he !

  8. Helen, if you’d let me explain what is hudud, according to a book written by an ex-mufti of Sabah, you’d gladly support the law. The divine law is so rational and just. One example is that if a Muslim (and this does not affect any non-Muslim) were to consume liquor or beer, the judge can sentence him to 40 lashes.

    Mind you, a lash under the Islamic punishment is not like the rotan during the Pudu Jail days. It’s much softer and meant to educate. But if the guilty Muslim is sick, the punishment must be deferred. Which sane Muslim man would not fall sick if he knew that he is going to get 40 lashes? The sentence would likely be postponed indefinitely and hopefully, the man would learn his lessons and repent, in the meantime.

    Under Islam beer is haram and under the hudud, stealing beer is not an offence since the product is already haram. But drinking beer is another matter and the hudud says a man who steals beer is not guilty of an offence but he is guilty of an offence he drinks it. See the beauty of hudud?

    Another is when it concerns murder. Under hudud, the victim’s family members can, for whatever good or sane reasons or on compassionate grounds, forgive the murderer. Isn’t this beautiful, especially when it comes to crimes of passion?

    1. “Bashing”?

      Just because you all (presuming you’re one) see the Mother of God in the smudge on a window, you’re holding a gun to other people’s head demanding that everyone else must either acknowledge that the Mother of God has indeed manifested herself in a hospital window in Subang Jaya or risk being labelled as disrespectful to Christianity.

      I don’t call this Christian bashing. I call it resisting an act of fascism.

      1. whos holding a gun to the head of malaysians n demanding they accept its a miracle?

        as far as i know, catholics x care if you want to accept it or not. up to you. even the vatican is undecided.

        the protestant n a.o.g. churches do not acknowledge it, as they view it more as catholic related issue.

        i myself see it as a window stain due to lazy building mgmt, than a miracle.

        fascism is calling for the window to be ‘lastik’, destroyed, or the state authorities to seize it

        fascism is persecuting n demonising minority race n religious groups, which is what you are doing in your blog

        1. “fascism is persecuting n demonising minority race n religious groups”

          Delusional Dave, as usual – “demonising” – Hullo, which side is always using religion-flavoured vocabulary? Certainly not MCA. To know which side is constantly employing religion as a tool, buka lah mata engko sikit. It’s so obvious.

          Which side preaching in the churches? Who’s tramping into mosques even tho’ not Muslim? Not MCA. Which side invoke the Doa Kehancuran? Suka mengkafir? Not Umno.

          On the contrary, if you suggest it’s not a miraculous sighting, you’re called “THE ANTI-CHRIST”.

          Which side has the serbaned mullahs and the preachers?

          As for who is “demonising” whom, let’s take your word literally. Which side is calling which “parti syaitan” or with the English speakers, declaring that the opponent is siding with the “devil”, “evil”, gone over to the “dark side”. MCA ke?


          1. quote: “Delusional Dave, as usual – “demonising” – Hullo, which side is always using religion-flavoured vocabulary?”

            lets see, perkasa warns of jihad on xtians, threatens another race riot, sharizat warns of another race riot, umno n its media tells rubbish stories about xtian becoming pm, chinese taking over, indians becoming danger, etc.

            some frequent readers here even rant about ‘chinese this’, ‘may13 that’, n even talk about taking part in genocide. what is helens response? nothing, or just a terhengeh-hengeh…

            hey, even your website is 24/7 talking about hannah or xtian agenda. look at the topic we are discussing now… “Christianization and the 9 percent factor (updated)”… yet another post to scare people how xtians are a politically threatening minority

            quote: “On the contrary, if you suggest it’s not a miraculous sighting, you’re called “THE ANTI-CHRIST”.”

            i know many staunch xtians who dont believe its a miracle, especially those from non catholic mazhab. the catholics dont get uptight n call you antichrist if you don’t believe, and even those xtian commenters who chip in to your post on sjmc window… majority says its your choice to accept or not.

            meanwhile, you get uptight n call people names when they refuse to swallow your b.s.

            whos being delusional now?

            1. You’re right the Catholics have not thrown the label “anti-Christ”. It’s your DAP evangelical church friends who do this.

  9. Helen,

    Religion is a powerful tool. Inner circle of Caliphate were known to use Islam to dismiss opposition. So did many Popes during Middle ages. Woe betide Christian Kings or scientists who challenged their perceived authority.

    As such, PAS has no qualm in using Islam. It is an effective tool. Bearing in mind that many have thew habit of “privatising thinking” (meaning hate to think), PAS uses it to the maximum. For decades, every election time Malays would have heard PAS saying “haram ” to “pangkah bukan Islam”. Meaning sinful to vote for MCA DAN GERAKAN due to their ties with UMNO.

    BUt in the olden days, nobody carried cameras to snap at what these useless peachers said.

    Like PAS, DAP finds religion or rather race as a powerful tool to control the Chinese. DAP drums into Chinese mind that MCA is betraying the Chinese for not standing up to UMNO.

    The truth is that UMNO is much more powerful than MCA is due to a simple logic: It has the lion shate of the biggest racial group: Malays.

    DAP found a weapon within religion to “kenakan UMNO”. It is the word “allah”. Not even mentioned even once in BIble (old or new King James version), DAP supports Christians using the word, therefore bringing collision with Muslims to the forefront.

    Any attempt by Malays or UMNO to explain were brushed aside as tactics to incite the Malays. What Christians are not aware is that the name affects the very foundation of Islam.

    The concept of “Alllah” from Islamic viewpoint is total contrast to christian teaching o “trinity”. Sharing the same name would inevitable leads to sharing the belief, NATURALLY..

    But DAP got what it wants. Christian votes.

    To lure young Chinese into its “lock”, DAP embraces new waves. Attending Church service can be as entertaining as attending Justin Bieber concert.


    1) Too “dynastic”. By the way, what is it with PR that all of them have “advisory” roles. DAP with its “advisor post”. Who elected Kit Siang into that post? And why Guan Eng becomes CM? Should not the honor go to Penang DAP Chairman?

    Anwar is “Ketua Umum”. Should not the President of PKR hold the most senior post? And why “murshidul” ranks more in seniority as compared to Yang diPertua PAS.

    2) Too “jurassic’. “atas kerusi roda pun nak bertanding lagi…”. And Kit Siang has been there from pre 1969. Wow. Prime Ministers come and go, he is still there. Still preparing for the Crown Prince, Guan Eng.

    3) Too anti Malay. Yup. Many of my relatives in Penang said so. No more surprise if Malay stalls demolished or Muslim graveyards trampled with impunity.

    AND “too involved in May 13″. Who among Malays who witnessed the carnage would want to forget they saw Kit Siang on a lorry” denouncing Malays with 4 letter words. Many “pakciks, mLebai dan Haji” told me they saw Kit Siang in Kg Baru that bore the brunt of the carnage.

    But of course, there were no handphones back then to “immortalised” him. And camera was then a luxury item.

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