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Lesson for Christians from the Natrah riot

The Natrah religious riot rocked Singapore for three days beginning 11 Dec 1950, killing 18 people and injuring 173. The 13-year-old Dutch girl whose fate sparked the rioting is known to Christians as Maria Bertha Hertogh and to Muslims as Natrah (also spelled Nadra).

Heightened sentiments stemming from the Natrah court hearing were further aggravated by the newspaper war (English language versus Malay language paper). On Dec 5, the Singapore Standard published on its page 2 the headline ‘Bertha Knelt Before Virgin Mary Statue‘.

Bertha aka Natrah had been put in the Convent of the Good Shepherd pending the appeal by Natrah’s foster mother Aminah Mohamed.

Utusan Melayu responded on Dec 7 with photographs of Natrah weeping. There is also one showing her looking melancholic sitting beside a nun.

The custody battle for Natrah became a proxy fight between the contending spheres of influence of Christianity and Islam.

The English-speaking ruling cliques in Singapore were clueless as to the depth of Muslim sentiments.

They displayed a pronounced lack of understanding with regard to how seriously the Malays in both Singapore and Malaya – the foster mother Aminah lived in Terengganu – viewed the matter of apostasy. In this case, the fact that the apostasy had been forced on the girl who was brought up a Muslim and speaking Malay, only compounded the grievances.

The manner in which the Christian colonialists (European elites and local Eurasians) handled the affair was one of the contributing factors to the outbreak of the riot.

Reflect for a moment that the Malays did not riot over the formation of the Malayan Union although there were widespread protests.

There were no bloody riots by the Malays either when Singapore was severed from peninsular Malaya to become a Crown Colony in 1946. There was nothing in Sarawak that matched the scale of the Natrah quake even though the Muslims there opposed the cession of their state by the third Raja Brooke to the British Crown that same year.

But the Malays rioted four years later over the faith conversion of a young girl.

Natrah riot

Self-proclaimed “high class” evangelistas equally clueless

One of ‘those’ Christians recently whinged in The Malaysian Insider:

“Whatever is next?

No worship services for Christians in Malay in this country?

Or perhaps a government official will make audio, video and photographic recordings of each and every service in Malay in this country? Just to find evidence of conversion, conspiracy and the like?

Or maybe set up an anti-Christian panel comprising people like Ibrahim Ali, Helen Ang, Syed Akbar Ali and the like to put the Christians ‘in their rightful place’?”

When Christian crusaders like Terence Martin (author of passage cited above) issue a defiant dare for his ‘dovish’ flock to be “put in their rightful place”, does he think that the thought has not already crossed anybody’s mind?

If hudud were to be implemented, one should not be surprised that some DAP born-again, Anglophile Christians will be the first to be charged under the same kind of blasphemy law found in Pakistan, Iran and Saharan countries currently controlled by Muslim fundamentalists.

Protest outside the court at the Natrah hearing

How to enable hudud?

The heavy penalties imposed by hudud, such as those enacted by the PAS state governments in Kelantan and Terengganu, are ultra vires the Federal Constitution.

Schedule 9, List II, Item 1 of the the Constitution says that syariah courts “shall not have jurisdiction in respect of offences except in so far as conferred by federal law”.

Legal experts explain that almost the entire field of criminal law come under the authority of the federal government.

“The relevant federal law is the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965. It confines jurisdiction to such offences as are punishable with maximum three years jail, RM5,000 fine and six lashes (source: Malaysian Bar Council website).

The powers of the state assembly to legislate for corporal punishment is limited and does not extend to chopping off one’s hands and feet.

Amending the Constitution requires a vote by two-thirds of the sitting MPs. To realise hudud, 148 votes are required in Parliament.

At present, there are an estimated 130 Muslim MPs.

They are 22 from PAS, 76 from Umno (with the exception of Ronald Kiandee), 16 from PKR, 10 from PBB (including Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah) as well as 5 ‘independents’ (Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Nordin & Co.).

The 130 figure cited also includes Upko’s Siringan bin Gubat who is the MP for Ranau in Sabah (confirmation needed).

This number is 18 MPs short of two-thirds in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat.

Eighteen is really no big hurdle as electoral fortunes are capable of taking wide pendulum swings.

Do big numbers equate great strength?

DAP, a forked tongue chameleon

The photo above shows a sole DAP evangelist amidst many Muslims. But who looks like the alpha female in the group, you think?

In 2004, PKR won only one seat — in Permatang Pauh. On 8 March 2008, candidates on the PKR ticket claimed 31 seats. Going from one to 31 is a quantum leap of 30 seats. Yet in the matter of a mere couple of years, PKR quickly lost 8 of its MPs (easy come, easy go …).

Banking on the safety margin of 18 Muslim MPs is a DAP tricky guarantee that should not be relied on at all.

Come GE13, the dynamics will assuredly change, for example following the maelstrom in Sabah or if Umno took over some of the Malay-majority seats that had been contested previously by its MCA, MIC and Gerakan partners. DAP may also give over a few of its Chinese seats for the token Malay to serve as the party’s multiracial window-dressing.

As for Umno, it can only improve on its low-ebb 2008 performance. This outcome is a surer bet than trusting in DAP to contain PAS’s Islamic state ambition. The influence of ‘pro-unity’ ustaz Nasha and the ulama and radical Youth factions in the Islamist party cannot be dismissed.

The anticipated steep losses by PKR will also add to the BN MP tally and we should not discount the possibility that the coalition’s non-Muslim representatives may be compelled to obey the party whip (read Umno).

For Chua Soi Lek’s jibe that the letters in the word ‘CHANGE’ stand for Choose Hudud At Next General Election, the MCA president has come under vicious attack by Pakatan on his allegedly anti-Islam stance.

Accusing MCA of being anti-Islam is a dangerous ploy by the DAP that will backfire.

Compared to MCA which has been Umno’s ally for 60 years, it is the Chinese-cum-Christian dominated opposition party that is seen as more anti-Malay and against Islam. Utusan‘s series of front pages assigning the “kafir harbi” tag to DAP is testament to this.

Christian MPs sabre rattling

MPs from DAP make up a large portion of the current estimated 38-40 Christian MPs in the House. There will most certainly be even more DAP noisy Christian lawmakers after the next general election.

Is there any reason for the Malays and Muslims to want to band together?

There is, should they feel that the position of their race and of Islam in the country is threatened.

Already the percentage of 18% Christian national legislators is double the ostensible 9 percent of Christians in the total Malaysian population, indicating that the Christians are influential beyond their stated numbers.

Then there was also the nomination of Christian native assemblyman Baru Bian as the chief minister should Pakatan win Sarawak. The Christian majority in Malaysia’s largest state, who additionally possess ‘pribumi’ status, are legitimate contenders for the post of prime minister.

Do not forget that Pakatan’s Kuching Declaration promises to increase the importance of Sabah and Sarawak by conferring each an equal weight to the peninsula, meaning Malaysia becomes a trinity (peninsula + Sabah + Sarawak) and not a 14-constituent federation (12 peninsular states + 2 Bornean states).

Sabah and Sarawak have a lot of Christians. Who pray to Allah.

And DAP has been agitating them. DAP is playing with the Holy Spirit — which is fire.


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123 thoughts on “Lesson for Christians from the Natrah riot

  1. the holy spirit, when mix with fire can turn into holy shit…

    you can play with malay’s head (the barber has special privilage) but when Islam at risk, we will and always unite to fight our common enemy. this is ‘muslim brotherhood’ that supersede political stand or even race/ethnic. “keislaman mengatasi kemelayuan” at any time.

    and muslims not afraid to die in ‘jihad fisabilillah’. we are eveready, mentally and spiritually.

    p.s: ‘pantang’ to touch malay’s head, don’t believe me…try and see. (unless you’re his barberlah)

      1. How many of present’s generation really know’s ‘Natrah’ ,and how many really know’s what was going on ,I presume history had to be repeated to make it into realization for people to belief .

    1. What a sad sick bunch of losers this BN.

      In the age of the internet, limitless information at the click of a mouse, the whole world shrinking at the speed of light, communicate with anybody anywhere at will, 800 planets discovered outside our Solar System and still BN is desperately trying to turn an election into a religious war because it thinks Malay Muslims are so gatal for a good old jihad anytime.

      What an insult to the noble religion of Islam. Wikipedia says: “As in other religions, peace is a basic concept in Islamic thought. The Arabic term “Islam” itself (إسلام) is usually translated as “submission”; submission of desires to the will of God. It comes from the term aslama, which means “to surrender” or “resign oneself”.”

      But BN and Helen thinks Islam breeds violence. The sooner we get rid of BN the better. Obviously it’s got sh** for brains.

      1. Eh, you don’t pretend to respect or even understand Islam lah.

        If you really understood Islam, then you would how this whole universe, with your 800 planets, your speed of light, your Internet, is the gift of Allah. Allah has given us all these things, and enjoined us to do good and worship Him in return, so of course everything we do is connected to Allah and Islam.

        So shut up. We Muslims are sick of pretenders like you misquoting the Qur’an and damned Wikipedia in trying to appear magnanimous and level headed.

        You are neither of that. You pretend to praise Islam but insult the concept of jihad. Do you freaking know what jihad is about? Do you? If you knew, you wouldn’t be throwing it around like some ignorant mat salleh reporter producing a soundbite.

        You are a conniving DAP** out to sow hatred and misinformation.

        1. yar man, nobody but Muslims know Islam. But Muslims know all about Christianity and all the 20000 religions on earth. And Helen of course “knows” that Malay Muslims are just for sure going to start killing people if BN is not handed the elections. Amazing how we all know everything we’re not supposed to know anything about.

          How do I misquote the Quran? Don’t be silly. Of course I know jihad is nothing like the kind of rubbish Al Qaeda comes up with. I am using it in the Helen sense. You know, crazy gila kill kill kill for the sake of bangsa negara agama dan wang ringgit etc. etc. etc.

          Thing is, UMNO is deeply corrupt. Every single voter knows that. To continue to vote them is corrupt. And Islam cannot be corrupt. Simple. Did I say anything wrong? Show me the Quranic verse where Islam condones corruption. See I’m not quoting, I’m asking. Go ahead.

          1. and do show us a Bible verse that condones corruption as well: Look, no need to act all innocent behind your hypocritical party – we all know what they did in Selangor, Penang, Kedah, etc..

            Get down from the cross, someone needs the wood!

          2. “Helen sense”?

            First of all, let me tell you that while Helen is not an expert on Islam and Malays, she knows when people are having their patience tested. That is more than what I can say for you.

            Secondly, if Helen did portray Islam the way you said she did, I would be among those who would have shouted her down by now. I wouldn’t even be the loudest here to do so. I know the type of content you’re referring to, and I’m saying you’ve taken them out of context. In other words: you lie.

            Third, you think you’re the first jackass I’ve met online doing what you’re doing? You and your ilk use Wikipedia and other “reputable” sources, not to mention websites offering BAD translations of the Qur’an to “offer a knowledgeable look into Islam.” You people start with Wikipedia, then they slide in the odd ayat in and make their bedamned statements, challenging Muslims to deny. You were just one step away, see your last paragraph. Did really think you’re the first? Slap yourself for thinking that.

            Fourth, you think Christians are the only ones who take Bible Studies?

            Fifth, why the hell are you equating Islam with corruptness? Are you saying that the misdeeds and sins of weak, misguided people are the fault of the religion? Do you think the wrongdoings of every person is the fault of his or her religion?

            Hoi bodoh. If that is truly the case, then what about Christianity? You say UMNO politicians, who are Muslim, are corrupt. But Joseph Lim Guan Eng, who is a Christian, also has so many issues that he has not answered yet. So, according to your logic, Christianity is also a religion of corruption, is it?

            I won’t say to you “Don’t be stupid”, because you’re not stupid. You’re out to create misperception and hatred. You’re a bloodthirsty hatemonger.

          3. This is in reply to SoG.

            You seem to deliberately misconstrue what I say. For example, I did not link Islam to corruption. I linked UMNO to corruption and said Islam could not possibly condone that and asked you to provide scripture for it if Islam did condone corruption so much so that Malay Muslims knowingly vote for UMNO despite its filth.

            You go around splitting hairs at terminology as if no one but Muslims can possibly know that ‘jihad’ connotes a lot more than just a holy war. Such conceit. If you are such a genius why don’t you go and edit Wikipedia entries about Islam instead of letting the non-Muslims (presumably) frame your religion? Or could it possibly be that Muslim of far greater erudition were the ones to provide those entries?

            And your nonsense with regards Lim Guan Eng and corruption. The fact that our fabulously corrupt UMNO and their thoroughly defiled government institutions have not been able to charge, prosecute and convict him of corruption shows there is none.

            On the other hand we have literally terabytes of evidence on UMNO and their ilk. Just Google “Najib” and “You help me, I help you” and you’ll see Pink Lips flapping “RM5 million” if you vote for his poodle. The whole world has seen it. Our PM offering a bribe.

            You seem intelligent but oh so hell bent on muddying the waters to serve UMNO. Why don’t you go get some morals and truly serve God instead? Even Mahathir says UMNO is corrupt to the core, and still here you are making up a religious war to plaster over the real issues. There is a God you know.

          4. anakjamil, I never said Islam condones corruption. I am asking why a proportion of Malays who are 100% Muslim by definition continue to vote for known corrupt criminals. And the reason for the Quran verse is due to somebody here who says it’s Malay culture and beliefs that they need to defend. So 100% Muslim race, why do you keep voting for known corrupt criminals?

            It can’t possibly be the Quran, so I asked just to make sure. I’m sure a major religion like Islam can’t be condoning crime or corruption.

            I want to know where this support for “You help me, I help you” “C4 bodyguards” and “Birkin US$24m diamond ring” comes from. And from a party where their former president and former PM said is deeply corrupt. All these are facts and highly substantiated, and the whole country knows them. So why?

          5. Good jibe there King Kong… “Helen sense”

            After reading her blogpost, which has been full of nonsense/Helen-sense recently, it is blatantly obvious she’s trying too hard to engineer a Muslim vs. Christian conflict here in Malaysia.

            Secret plots by The Star? Come on!

            What is wrong with Jaclyn Victor singing a Christian song in the national language? The majority of Christians are Bumiputra anyway.

            Dikritik kononnya tak utamakan bahasa kebangsaan, tapi bila bahasa kebangsaan digunakan, dihentam pula.

            1. Hullo JM, even if one or two of the Taliban evangelistas do say Helen Ang is the anti-Christ, methinks you’re giving me too much credit to believe that a blog is capable of engineering a Muslim vs Christian conflict.

              Have you forgotten that The Star has a readership of 1.29 million and a single one of its “sex blogger” story received 90k hits (which is what this blog gets in a month and not on a lone story). And The Star is promoting Christian lurrrve (also Alvin-Vivian sex blog) and brotherhood.

              If the evangelistas want to use BK which is BM, they should say Tuhan. Allah is Arabic.

          6. Kangkong November 2, 2012 at 6:08 am,

            “For example, I did not link Islam to corruption.”

            Got tell that to some greenhorn. You were talking about corruption, and you were talking about politicians. Corrupt politicians are found all over the world, with all colours of skin and professing all types of religion.

            Yet you jumped right from talking about race to talking about religion. Of all the choices you could have made, you chose to mention Islam in the next sentence. You used the word yourself somewhere on this page: framing. This concept is central to brand creation. Examples? Set in the wild west, the Marlboro Man is a silent, strong man who sticks to basics. Volvo and crash test dummies are the epitome of vehicular safety. Rolls Royce and opulance? It’s the best luxury car money could buy. It’s all about what concepts you bring together.

            You chose to put Islam and corruption in the same frame. If this were some other discussion, I wouldn’t even bother to make this association. But like I said, you’re not the first a-hole I’ve met to do this, so please don’t insult the intelligence of readers here by saying that you weren’t linking Islam to corruption.

            About there being a lack of investigations into PR, that I must agree with you. There have been many reports, but no follow ups. No, the reports were not frivolous, because the body where the report was made needs to announce what they had done. They haven’t done anything. Especially SPRM. Does this mean that PR is not guilty? Hell no. It just means that (i) some govt agencies need to be investigated, and (ii) PR is really lying when it says that the authorities will take any excuse to act on it, but will dawdle if reports are made against BN and UMNO.

            As for your accusations on Najib and UMNO, all I can say is that PR has, time and again, been caught lying. You people people lied on paper and made it a Statutory Declaration, for God’s sake! You people lied about Rosmah being at the scene of the crime, but she was caught on camera somewhere else that night. And your people was caught fabricating photographic “evidence” showing Najib with Altantuya. And that was for just ONE case!

            Tell me, why the hell should anybody believe you and PR? There’s no investigation in France like PR is leading people to believe, your leader lied about not knowing the man he sodomized, your people were caught lying about a minister raping his maid and one MB said that there was no water problem but then outlines a plan to take water from another lake!

            All that PR has given me and Malaysians are lies. Even you! You said that you haven’t met anyone who’s going to vote BN this next GE. Hah! Have you spoken with people in Balakong? In Ijok? In Banting? How about Penang? Even you, here to tell how nice the alternative to BN is, are lying!

            So how the fuck are we supposed to believe you? Why should we believe you? WHY, DAMNIT?! Just because you’re throwing the word “corruption” around? Go to hell!

            “A manifesto is not a binding promise”- sounds familiar? And whatever happened to 16 September, the big honcho of lies? What about the lame brain accountant who tried to portray his leader as the one who saved Malaysia from IMF? You think by screaming “corruption” we, the people of Malaysia, are going to forget all these bullshit that you’re continuing to pile before us?

            Piss off, kangkong. You and your friends. After all, that seems to be your beverage of choice.

          7. This is a reply to SoG.

            I’m linking Islam to corruption? There you go again endlessly trying to work up some fake religious war to blow smoke over the real issues in Malaysia. It must be part of your brief by your political masters. Tell them the script is stale.

            Islam is Islam and corruption is corruption. There is no link. There are lots of corrupt Christians too. Same thing. Christianity is Christianity. Corruption is corruption.

            It’s a big big world and there are plenty of religions and corrupt people everywhere. But since we are in Malaysia and the party in power is UMNO and UMNO is supposedly made up of Muslims and UMNO is oh so fond of flashing the religious card, I am asking a simple question: Why do 100% supposedly God-fearing behave in such unGodly ways?

            For example. For a supposedly God-fearing person, your use of expletives shows you have no self-control whatsoever. I don’t recall the Prophet using any swear words. Doesn’t the Quran tell you to model your behaviour on people like Muhammad? Perhaps you’d like to re-read the Quran to see if I’m wrong.

            Anyway, I’m not going to descend to your level. You can call yourself Muslim all you want, but your behaviour is something else altogether.

            UMNO is corrupt. Their longest-serving President says, so. To the core, and beyond redemption, actually, were his words. And we have videos, photos, spreadsheets, pdfs, testimonies, and numerous court judgments to support Dr M’s mea culpa.

            Don’t even bother trying to paper over that with your fake religious angst and your funny denials. Everybody knows UMNO is corrupt. Just search for “Sibu” and “You help me, I help” on YouTube and you will see a 20 minute video of Naj1b trying to blackmail, armtwist and outright bribe Sibu residents to vote for his poodle. Sibu was facing floods and Naj1b said he’d only alleviate the floods (using public money) if they they vote for his party. Does he get this kind of behaviour from Islam?

            The only question is why someone like you, supposedly God-fearing and praying in the middle of the night when no one else sees, and the rest of the UMNO-supporting Malays, 100% Muslim by legal definition, support a corrupt-to-the-core party.

            I’d vote for PAS anyday. At least they practise what they preach.

          8. Hi jonnymalaya,

            How nice to meet someone else here who can see right through Helen and her fanbois. These people are desperate, so they want to use emotive things to get Malays to behave irrationally. So they dredge up long-past riots and wave them around like dead chickens to scare the monkeys. It’s the last-ditch attempt by a fabulously and confirmed to be corrupt party. Even their own longest-serving President, Dr Mahathir, says UMNO is corrupt to the core AND BEYOND REDEMPTION.

            There is nothing to fear. Just look at PAS. They are Muslims and behave nothing like UMNO. That God for that. I have no problem voting for PAS. Bring on the PRU13 and let’s save Malaysia.

      2. no wonder you call yourself king kong, you are truly the King of The Kong Conned.

        1. I love my name King Kong!!!! It attracts so many irrelevant posts showing the quality of the posters here!!!!

          1. You say people here make irrelevant posts. Yet you are conveniently forget that people are responding to your comments.

            That really shows you’ve got some great qualities, yes indeed.

          2. This is in reply to “SoG”. Making fun of my pseudonym is very relevant? King Kong is just a random name. If this were a proper democracy with the rule of law, I would not hesitate to use my real name. I was told some people here should be humoured for light-hearted comments, thus my asides, but apparently not you, SoG. You are soooooooo serious in your wilful misconstruing of anything that posts a challenge to UMNO.

            “Servant of God”? Which God is this? Is it the one with the Birkin bag wifey or the RM40 million luggage stash or the Cow Girl or the Hummer Boy?

            I bet you don’t even believe in God, and you’re just Muslim cos it’s the law and you’re just all bitter cos you weren’t given a choice of what to believe and you can’t get out of it and now you’re the dog in the manger yapping about sour grapes (sorry for mixing metaphors) when other people bring facts to the table. Ooooh yeah, I know facts don’t matter. Utusan’s editor said so, so it must be true. Whirr, whirr, whirrr. Terabytes of evidence all spinning, spinning, spinning!!!!!

          3. Kangkong November 2, 2012 at 6:48 am

            “I bet you don’t even believe in God, and you’re just Muslim cos it’s the law”

            Being a Muslim because of the law doesn’t make you pray alone in the middle of the night when there’s no one else to see you, dumbass.

        2. Dear SoG, you pray alone in the night? And does God tell you to vote for corrupt and criminal UMNO? Their longest-serving President (Dr Mahathir) says UMNO is corrupt to the core and beyond redemption and we have terabytes of information in all possible forms attesting to the same. That dentist ex-MB of Selangor has already been sentenced for graft and still smiling. The cows in condos have now been joined by Hummer Boy, and two bodyguards of our current PM have already been sentenced for blowing up Altantuya with C4, a woman there barely know from Eve. What else does anybody need to say? What can possibly be your motivation to keep up this strenuous spinning to keep the dirt from settling on UMNO, since Islam cannot possibly be condoning corruption or the support thereof? Go ahead, tell us, I am all ears.

          1. SoG is right, you’re linking Islam indirectly and too much into this matter and yet you do not want to admit it or maybe you really don’t understand it.

            Okay then, have you ever meet a ‘perfect’ human? If you don’t, how do you choose a best friend or spouse? Isn’t it because they’re better than any other option even with their current faults? And so, isn’t this the same to everyone regardless of their religion?

            Even though BN does have bribery and corruption problems, it still does not mean EVERYONE or most people in BN are corrupted because if the people in BN are really as bad as you say, our country wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

            Besides, only those who are not religious regardless of which religion they choose and what party they are in would do it. That’s why they are so many corruptions in PR too. And like SoG have explained, there are plenty of truth that have been revealed regarding this matter which makes PR is just as bad or more corrupted than BN. So you shouldn’t act as if PR is totally ‘bersih’ and BN is totally dirty.

            Some of BN big achievements are:

            1) Bring developments to Malaysia without sacrificing the religion. That’s why nowadays it’s easy to execute most obligations the Islamic way. For examples, halal food, Islamic banking, Islamic loan, Islamic car insurance, 5 times daily prayers (seriously, you can find mosque almost everywhere you go), separate toilets for male and female (it’s no small issue, how are we female Muslims going to retouch our makeups and cover our aurat while remaking our hijabs easily if we share same toilets with the guys like in western?) and everyone can wear accordingly to their religions. Seriously, even Malays from Singapore comes to Malaysia to learn about Islam (to show you that Singapore is NOT as great as Malaysia in this matter).

            While PAS claims to do the same and more, just look at Kelantan and… well… you can see how bad it is. Do you know that in Islam, we are supposed to be worldly and spiritually rich? But PAS only focus on spirituality (and yet they still bad-mouthing others which is NOT an Islam teaching).

            PKR also claims the same as PAS and yet, look at their stand on some issues like using the word Allah in Bible, supporting the Jews (even though they’re attacking our fellow Muslims in other country) and oath against sodomy charge, have already shown that they are what you call NON-RELIGIOUS.

            Allah means God in Arabic (and is also the name of our God) so what’s the need of using Allah in Malay/English/whatever non-arabic Bible?

            In Islam, if there is no way to prove a case (for example, rape or adultery charge), the victim can cast an oath to ask Allah to curse (we don’t know what kind of curse is it going to be either. It could be bad luck throughout the person’s life, it could be something else.) the accuser (not, a typo) if his/her accusation is false. The accused in return will cast an oath to ask Allah to curse the accused if s/he is really in the wrong. After that, they both go separate ways without any punishment by the authorities.

            So it’s actually a way to clean one’s name while still living and let’s Allah be the judge and punish the guilty in His own way. Non-Muslims might take this lightly, but it’s very serious to us, Muslims. No sane Muslim (religious or not) dare to ask Allah to curse himself/herself if s/he know s/he is in the wrong because we believe in Allah’s punishment. And that’s also why, when the oath has been done, the other Muslims can no longer gossip/accuse/bad-mouthing/discuss/judge either of them regarding on that matter because we have leave it to God’s hand.

            So if DSAI is really innocent regarding the sodomy charge, why is he so afraid to cast this oath in order to clean his name?

            2) Bringing Malays income to almost half the par of Chinese people income without hindering the progress of the other races too much. Before and during the early Merdeka, Malays are the most poor in the country because of British administration policy and if BN is really as racist as you say, a lot of unfair limitation would have been put on other races such as income limit, place to work, place to live and most importantly your beloved SRJK, temples and churches wouldn’t be allowed to be built at all.

            Some Chinese look down on the Malays saying we’re weak as we wouldn’t be able to survive without Government help but they forgot that they became rich in the first place because of the exact same thing. The government before Merdeka follows British policy which puts the Chinese in towns and mines where the opportunities to get good education, jobs and become rich are way higher than the Malays which have been put in places where education stops at being able to count simple mathematics and read and the only available jobs are being farmers and fishermen. Is it a wonder that the Malays need help from the Government to catch up fast with the rest of the nation?

            Without the Government help, the Malay can still survive but considering the Chinese people’ attitudes at that time that has become arrogant and look down on the Malays (don’t forgot the unwritten double standard policy that still continues to these days) do you really think if the Chinese people is in the Malays’ shoes, with same low education, same low skills, prejudiced by the riches, they would achieve anything more than just being able to survive? How do you explain the reason why your ancestor moved from China to come to Tanah Melayu then? If work ethic is all it takes, why were they so poor in China?

            If it’s up to DAP, all Malays should be killed already. Don’t ever forget the 13 Mei 1969.

            3) Save Malaysia from multiple economy crises including the major ones on 1997 and 2008 especially when DSAI chose to follow IFC blindly which almost destroy our country economy.

            The roles of the oppositions are to check and balance the current government so they don’t slack too much. A good opposition will slam any wrong doings but support any good deed of the government. But the way the oppositions are these days… all they do is slam the wrong doings of the Government, and then spin the facts even the good ones so they can slam the Government again and again. SoC have done justice describing the problems with PR.

            Overall, I think PR is being total hypocrites and bring more harm than good to the people and the country well-being compared to BN. So why shouldn’t I vote for corrupted but more or less good a Goverment instead of the corrupted, fanatic, two-face hypocrites oppositions?

            1. re: “Bring developments to Malaysia without sacrificing the religion.”

              Thanks for the perspective and the elaboration you made in (1). I shall try to internalize this in my understanding.

  2. Helen,

    Kalau penganut Islam itu ada jati diri dan seorang yang patuh pada ajaran agama, statistik ini tidak akan pernah jadi realiti: 18% daripada legislator kebangsaan adalah kristian, walhal selayaknya hanyalah 9 %!


    Kalau mereka ini (sebahagian mukmin) masih berpegang pada ‘fatwa’ yang dibuat oleh parti sendiri, yang mana satu masa dulu telah menetapkan hukum hakam berhubung pemberian undi terhadap golongan kafir…

    dan kalau mereka tidak terbuai dengan lambaian hipokrit anglofil/evangelis; atau tidak mabuk dilambung ombak kuasa, statistik berkenaan sepatutnya tidak akan kekal atau terus meningkat.

    Justeru PRU 13 adalah ujian untuk semua pihak, cumanya paling menarik ialah apa yang akan ditempuhi oleh sebahagian mukmin akan memberikan banyak gambaran tentang diri mereka…

    1. 18% tetapi selayaknya 9%?? Kristian tu agama yang dipeluk secara sukarela oleh penganutnya tau. Kristian tak paksa sesiape pon (dulu ada lah, tapi skang ni kurang). Bukan macam penganut Islam yang dipaksa oleh undang2 dan JAKIM dll.

      Kalau penganut Kristian lebih berjaya, you mesti tanya sendiri kenape lah. Bahkan di dunia ini, takde satupun negara Islam yang boleh dikatakan negara maju dalam apa segi pon. Knape?

      Di negara lain juga orang Kristian yang paling berjaya. Di Singapura orang Kristian adalah kelompok yang paling besar di Universiti jauh lebih drp peratus % Kristian dalam Singapura. Dalam Parlimen Singapura juga sama.

      Nampaknya orang Kristian sedang diberkati Tuhan melimpah limpah bukan? Di Amerika Syarikat, orang Asia yang sekarang lebih berjaya drp omputeh (dalam bidang kerjaya dan akademik) hampir semuanya Kristian. Jeremy Lin dia Kristian.

      Jangan lah kata saya ni nak lawan agama. Saya pamerkan fakta kerana you kata tak layak lebih legislator Kristian drp % peratus rakyat jelata.

      90% kakitangan awam orang Islam takde masalah ke? Hakim persekutuan juga kebanyakan Islam. Sama jugak polis dan askar, Menteri, MB, ketua GLC, etc. Oh, berat sebelah boleh, berat sebelah yang lain tak boleh. Ini hipokrit lah.

      Kalau peratus orang Islam kurang dalam sesuatu bidang, bukankah lebih memadai kalau you selidik sebabnya ke rumpun? Apa gunanya merungut? Segalanya yang berlaku dalam demografi aday sebab2 yang mendalam. Bagi mencapai kejayaan yang nyata bukan setakat lompat keatas dan kebawah saje, atau memaki hamun dan menyekat orang lain.

      Dalam dugaan saya, DEB lah yang telah melemahkan orang Melayu dan Muslim. Di Singapura takde DEB dan budak2 Melayu banyak yang mencapai keputusan baik. Lagipon secara puratanya kanak2 Melayu Singapura telah hampir menyamai pencapaian bukan Melayu kebelakangan ini. Standard pengajian di Singapura jugak jauh lebih tinggi drp Malaysia tetapi budak2 Melayu Singapura boleh. Aneh bukan?

      Takde kaum di dunia ini yang maju sebab dapat subsidi dan diskaun. Hanya kelumpuhan. Kaum yang berjaya sekali semuanya mengalami diskriminasi dan halangan rasis. Pikirlah.

      1. Orang Kristian diberkati?

        Ya amat diberkati. Oleh kerana diberkatilah di USA pengangguran sangat tinggi. Bilangan keluarga yang menganggur kerana dibuang kerja, malah dihalau keluar dari rumah mereka sendiri, sangat tinggi. USA yang majoriti Kristian itu sangat diberkati, sehingga kawasan yang dulunya kosong telah menjadi “pekan khemaskhemah” yang didiami orang2 yang rumah mereka telah dirampas oleh pihak bank.

        Di Europe juga Kristian amat diberkati. Lihat saja di Greece, yang berhutang sebanyak dua puluh sen sahaja. Lihat juga Ireland, Portugal, Spain dan macam2 lagilah. Semua mereka hidup mewah tanpa perlu meminta2 bantuan kewangan daripada sesiapa.

        Eurozone crisis? Apa tu? Tidak mungkin masalah ekonomi akan melanda orang Kristian, bukan?

        1. Tak tahu baca ke? Saya merujuk kepada orang Asia di Amerika Syarikat lah. “Servant of God” lu otak di mana?

          Hahahahahaha. Amerika Syarikat adalah negara yang terkaya dan paling maju di dunia. Masalah mereka adalah masalah atas gunung Everest. Apabila dunia mengalami krisis, wang AS yang menjadi pilihan pelabur. Wang ‘Ringgit’ macam mana? Dah kecut 60% berbanding dollar Singapura dalam masa 40 tahun. UMNO tak tahu malu, lanun pengkhianat negara.

          Cukuplah. Nak banding agama tu bukan suatu yang menguntungkan rohani. Tuhan kita sama, hanya bezanya Isa atau Muhammad. Hakikatnya tertera nyata. Tak payah lah cakap terlalu banyak. “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” (Matthew 7:17)

          1. “Tuhan kita sama, hanya bezanya Isa atau Muhammad.”

            Did you just say that Muslims worship Muhammad?

          2. Only you know the difference between Jesus and Muhammad yeah? Conceited to the core and endlessly trying to provoke some fake religious war so people get distracted from Rosmah’s bling bling US$24m ring and Nazri’s RM40m boy and Naj1b’s flying superhero cartoons in tired, saggy tights.

            Islam can’t be condoning corruption, so why don’t you vote for PAS instead? Most Malaysians I know love PAS. At least they practise Islam, not just yap profanities to drum up ‘religious’ war like you do.

      2. “Takde kaum di dunia ini yang maju sebab dapat subsidi dan diskaun.”

        Ya, petani2 di USA, Perancis dan lain2 negara Kristian semuanya tidak mendapat subsidi. Kenyataan itu benar, seperti benarnya kenyataan “Matahari itu sangatlah nyaman.”

        1. Tak tau baca ke? “Takde KAUM di dunia ini yang maju sebab dapat subsidi dan diskaun. Hanya kelumpuhan.” Mata lu kena lekat $$$$$ UMNO ke? Kaum mana yang meraih kegemilangan akibat subsidi dan diskaun?

      3. Kangkong,

        You are a sower of hate and misinformation. I have said it before, I will continue to say it. Not because it can pierce through your thick hide or skull, but for others to see.

        Now, you if you only knew the value of that… oh well.

        1. It’s the Helens and UMNO and Ibrahim Alis and you who are the ‘sowers of hate’. This Helen is in no uncertain terms hysterically threatening non-Muslims with mass genocide should they not hand the UMNO Malays the election. In so doing, she is showing utter contempt for the Malay Muslim people, deeming them to be complete animals who can’t be controlled by law, morals, police, army or their own religious tenets which do not condone violence.

          Of course we all know what is happening. UMNO is mortified that its support has gone to zero so it is desperate. For 2 years it does not dare to call for elections, and borrowing money from the rakyat (most of government debt comes from within this country, like the EPF) and bribing them with their own money. Poor thing, the rakyat know that too. They just take the money and will still vote UMNO out of office and into the dock to be charged for all their crimes. Don’t worry, they will get a fair trial.

          There will be no mass murder should UMNO lose the election. There will be some UMNOs trying to fake some religious war somewhere but the truth will be posted on the internet faster than you can say UncleSeekers. And that is why UMNO is doomed.

  3. So your whole basis is Muslims have a long history of being crazy violent people? So the whole country must vote for them? What an insult to Islam and Muslims. The Sedition Act is tailor-made for you.

    1. seriously? U for real? U speak the language yet U can’t comprehend what’s written – or are u trying to twist it according to ur twisted comprehension? OMG – I thought DAPsters have some semblance of intellect..but u, dude – u an epic fail la!

      Nah 50sen – go antagonize Rockybru..

      1. ulang tayang ni:

        anjing penakut,
        salaknya guntur.
        D A N G
        lari lintang pukang,
        bising; paling pengecut.
        tong kosong,
        kuat berbunyi.
        D A N G
        berdentum tong,
        mampung; kosong.
        terdengar dahsyat;
        hebat tapi kosong!


        1. saya yang tong kosong kuat berbunyi? ludah ke langit jatuh ke muka sendiri. lihatlah lawak lu sendiri. bogel tak tahu malu

          1. No, he’s obviously making a light-hearted comment.

            You on the other hand, are trying to come across as bona-fide. Perasan pandai, tapi bodoh.

          2. ala-la-la, comelnya beruk besar, makin marah makin comel.

            “Camouflage” Seorang Primat

            setelah tersesat
            di dalam belukar gelap
            jelatang telah menular
            menjalar ke batang tubuh
            dengan akar-akar kukuh

            setelah belukar menjadi belantara
            akan tersisakah lagi gentar?
            dalam kesesatan ini
            akan berbaurkah warna rimba?
            : “camouflage” diri

            rimba pun tertawa
            pada diri yang berevolusi
            menjadi flora dan fauna
            tebal-jauh; meng-gorilla-kan liar
            seorang primat



          1. oh, I’m sorry. I was too preoccupied with national matters. Hahahaaha. Tahnks for the levity.

          2. No, Kangkong, you are not preoccupied with national matters. You’re too intent on sowing hate and misinformation.

          3. This is in reply to SoG. I am just being factual. You are making an unsubstantiated statement, just like Utusan. Oh wait a minute! You’re from Utusan!!! I thought I recognised the slippery slidey wafting in and out between the paper and the pen. Remember, fish are friends. Not food!!! (Finding Nemo). Just wanted to show you, anybody can talk at cross purposes. But only UMNO carries on and makes it a career for bangsa dan negara. Malu tak berbau.

      2. Helen is trying impose some grand national Christian-Muslim power struggle where there is none, and strenuously insisting that Muslims will definitely go all crazy gila kill peeple violent unless all and sundry submit to their one-sided, non-stop, institutionalised religious, racial and economic encroachment abetted by flagrant trampling of the Constitution.

        Truly, the Sedition Act was written for Helen. She is no different from Ibrahim Ali advising the Chinese to stock up food in case, you know, Malay Muslims go gila as they have always, always, always, …. for hundreds and thousands of years, apparently, gone.

        And of course, only BN can keep Muslims from going gila crazy kill peeple siao lang mad. Only BN can, PAS cannot. And we must pay BN hundreds of billions and zillions of ringgit in corruption money so the Muslims don’t become mad parang chopping beheading zealots.

        Please lah. It’s like they have not evolved and are savages practising a savage religion and cannot be controlled by the law. What an incredible insult to Islam and Malays and Malaysians.

        The real power struggle is not so high up in the Godly spheres. It’s just your garden variety crime – multi-billion-ringgit corruption, murder, theft, forgery, perjury, constitutional violations, etc. by BN over the past 42 years.

        Aren’t Malay Muslims tired of being branded gila violent people by the likes of Helen and BN? Enough already. Vote them out.

        1. King Kong the Great Ape is employing the same kind of dangerous ploy as DAP when it falsely accuses MCA of being anti-Islam.

          It’s the same shouting of “You’re racist!” at their critics to deflect criticism from themselves.

          It’s the same in denial deflection when people try to warn them that May 13 did not erupt from a vacuum or overnight but the opposition supporters’ broom-wielding and taunting created part of the tensions.

          And that the same kind of May 13 taunting, insulting and thuggery is repeating itself since March 8.

          ABU-ers like King Kong will accuse anyone (who tells him that he and his freinds are inviting trouble) by turning it around that the caution given is a form of fear-mongering and that the critics are threatening another May 13 on DAPsters.

          1. You start all the taunting and thuggery and then accuse others of not heeding warnings. What a crock of sh**.

            This election you will see Malaysians giving BN the biggest defeat ever. I have not come across a single non-Malay non-Muslim who is going to vote BN in the last 2 years, and among the Malays all of them who are well read say they have had enough. And that’s more than half.

            Only some cronies still keep quiet when the rest are cursing and ridiculing UMNO. Very few cronies, since the top of the pyramid can’t hold many people. Simple math. It used to be the known and enormous corruption was tolerated but now things have scaled up from millions to billions and there’s murder and blasphemy thrown in. Dirt is going to be washed out of Malaysian soil. Mark my words.

          2. Hahaha..mark my word, my ass. Reminds me of Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘mark my word, saya ada berkotak-kotak bukti/saya akan jadi perdana menteri pada16 sept..’ and Lim Guan Eng’s ‘mark my word, I didn’t mention Johor..’ Words are cheap, even hollow when spoken by someone with delusional of own grandiose..:-)

          3. hot damn!

            To all of you BN/Umno cybertroopers/bloggers/machais, u all can tutup kedai now coz a very very super reliable survey done by brader KingKongKek concluded that BN will lose, big time!

            For 2 years, TWO damn years doing the ‘survey’ he never met a BN-supporting non-malay! Wooo…

            And 60% percent from 16 million Malay he met wouln’t vote for BN b’coz of Rosmah’s Birkin…!

            We believe you Kongkek, we believe you. And how about you publish the result of your survey that 99.5896416% of M’sian Christian believe that Santa will fly down here from the north pole this X’mas, huh?

          4. This is in reply to “HM, syd”. Five states, nine to go. Mark my words.

            Who’s left to vote for BN? Not the Chinese, Indians, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Communists, Jews, lesbians, gays, transexuals, Anglophiles, PAS supporters, PKR Malays, apparently 1 million UMNO members who vote opposition, educated people of all races, non-cronies, Facebook and Tweeter crowds, near-Lynas residents of Pahang, parents fearing for their children’s English, no, Malay, no, English, no, Malay, NO, ENGLISH, NO, MALAY, education, and everybody who watched Chua Soi Lek stick himself into the non-reproductive orifice of a woman not his wife, and, lately, it is rumoured, Ong Tee Keat (sorry for the unfortunate arrangement of clauses!).

            Not many voters left to vote for UMNO, I’m afraid. Just the 3 million Maggi Mee Malaysians who will of course be found out when they present themselves at the polling stations.

            And SoG pls don’t go splitting hairs about states and federal territories. I use shorthand because most people know they are shorthand.

          5. Haha matsentol, you contradicted yourself. You said I said:

            (1) For 2 years, TWO damn years doing the ‘survey’ he never met a BN-supporting non-malay! Wooo…


            (2) And 60% percent from 16 million Malay he met wouln’t vote for BN b’coz of Rosmah’s Birkin…!

            Both of these cannot be true, obviously.

            Please be careful when you want to invent apologetics for your corruption cesspool of a party.

            You must lack brains. Mahathir himself said UMNO has stopped attracting intelligent people for decades. He must be right since he was UMNO president and PM for 20 years+.

          6. hi Mr Kongkek,

            so now from your ‘survey’ NO one will vote BN? (those 3 million maggi mee M’sian want to vote BN, but kantoi at the polling station – so no votes for BN then)

            sure we believe you 100%, Kongkek. Santa is dying to meet you this X’mas. You’ve been a very very good boy.

          7. Haha Matsentol, thanks for confirming to the world the 3m Maggi Mee Malaysians. You are such a joy. Giving out citizenship in return for votes is treason, punishable by death in most countries. Can’t wait for PRU13 to vote for PAS!

        2. King Kong, I usually refrain from commenting on religious aspects as i belief humanity has no relevance to religious factors at least in Malaysia. The humanity is cajoled for 55 years in Malaysia as everything was what was convenient for me. Today it is plausible for DAP and their brotherhood at the courtesy of HINDRAF.

          There is no problem with the Malay communities, it has always been with the kiasu Non Malays.

          I think 1999 election is a good reminder why the Non Malays are kayus. Like you say “The real power struggle is not so high up in the Godly spheres. It’s just your garden variety crime – multi-billion-ringgit corruption, murder, theft, forgery, perjury, constitutional violations, etc. by BN over the past 42 years”. Where were you in 1999? and you kin when they were obsolete when it serves me best as a Non Melayu.

          Sure I am recovering from Hurricane Sandy, but what the hell, can you defeat nature when humanity is in your heart without the religious and maneuvered political scriptures?

          Helen is just the messenger, you are the devil in disguise because you have not conquered humanity. Like what Dickens says “subdue your material appetites, and you have conquered the human nature”.

          I know it is too much for you, but don’t underestimate fellow Malaysians irrespective of their origin and their feelings for fellow Malaysians when truth and reality is portrayed beyond religion and political faction. In Malaysians I trust for humanity to sustain, how is this?

          1. Hullo MalaysianinNewYork, precisely. I believe Malaysians of all races are not going to fall for desperate provocation like Helen’s on BN’s. It’s going to be the last irresponsible stunt pulled by the most useless of all possible governments. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around and let this kind of violence mongering go unchallenged.

            Have a good day recovering from Sandy, and God bless. Yes, it’s the same God of Muslims and Christians, never mind whether our ‘data plan’ is Jesus or Muhammad.

          2. ki hong eh, king kong,

            you said, “I believe Malaysians of all races are not going to fall for desperate provocation like Helen’s on BN’s.”

            based on your beleive only ka?

            assumption is the mother of all screw-up. but it is FOC to dream…

            dream on boy. ginna be sai kong king kong.

          3. This is in reply to I.D.A.

            So you admit it’s desperate provocation? Ho ho ho.

            Shameless too, I might add? That is precisely why nobody is going to fall for it. The whole world knows.

            UMNO is massively corrupt. It’s on the internet so it must be true. Google it. YouTube it. See videos. See peechur. Hear talking. “You help me, I help you”. Pink Lips flapping. Goodbye useless UMNO. We’ll have to build prisons the size of aircraft carriers to house all of you. Don’t worry, you’ll get a fair trial which is more than can be said for the abuses now.

            Confess and help the cause of justice and perhaps the new government will go easy on you!

          4. Haha I.D.A.

            Who needs to assume? If UMNO thought the people were fool enough they’d call elections by now, not keep postponing for 2 years hoping for a miracle and dishing out the people’s own money to them hoping they’ll get a gula2 high and pangkah on the wrong kotak. And ‘repealing’ corruption-aiding legislation to be replaced with even more corrupt legislation. And arresting people carrying yellow plastic bags.

            Scandals are now coming out of the woodwork EVERY WEEK!!!! The latest is Nazri’s boy boy and his RM500m Hummer given to him by that RM40m luggage lugger Michael Chia. Haha it’s even on the PDRM website!!! He even pays boy boy’s fines. Oh me oh my!!!!! Are you actually going to vote for his Daddy’s party??? You want a free Hummer too???

            KR1M, BR1M, NAJ1B, ETP, GTP, PPSM1, MB1MBM, Flip Flop Flip Flop, Najib cartoons with him dressed in superhero costume!!!! Saggy, tired buns in tights … LMAO!!!!!

            Najib and Muh obviously know they are going to LOSE!

        3. You say the Sedition Act was written for Helen.

          Yet you completely spin Ibrahim Ali’s statement.

          I really wish the whole of Malaysia would read Helen’s blog and see what bloody hypocrites DAP [supporters] really are.

          1. SOG, take it easy fellow Malaysian, what needs to be done and what has to be done is not a parlance when and how it fits us but rather we can find the humanity within us for our fellow Malaysians without fear and favor irrespective of the origin. Once you can comprehend this, then religion and politics becomes a secondary factor when we can fend for each other for humanity to sustain and co-exist. The loyalty is not in the messenger but humanity that continues to be window dressed as and when it fits us individually.

          2. MiNY,

            I’m curious. You always mention about humanity.

            Is there any particular school of humanity that you subscribe to?

            Regardless how you answer that, what is the main or overarching tenet of your philosophy of humanity?

            I would like to know, if you don’t mind sharing.

          3. Dear SoG, how did I spin IA’s statemetn? And I am reading Helen’s blog. All I see is somebody with no values whatsoever. Defends and supports MCA when it is a useless bunch of known parasites.

            The last President is being tried for PKFZ scandal and the currnet one is a porn star. Gosh. Need I say more? Can’t imagine what she sees in them, except $$$$$$ I guess.

            Non-stop this Helen goes on about Christian Islam Christian Islam Christian Islam kill kill kill kill kill. Just step into the real world and nothing of the sort is happening. Our religious and racial problems are entirely BN spawned and fanned. Like Helen.

            There are no spontaneous eruptions of religious strife. It’s a made-up crisis to paper over the real crisis in Malaysia – colossal corruption and the absolute Rule of Crime in all it’s shapes and guises.

            Enough is enough. Tell BN to go fly kite in the PRU13.

          4. Kangkong,

            IA did not tell the Chinese to stock up food as a threat. He was saying that the Chinese should not participate in the July 9, 2011 street demo. They should stay home instead.

            Eh, Lim Kit Siang said he would prove that IA was really threatening the Chinese, and that LKS would prove it. Where is his proof? It’s been more than a year, if IA did threaten, why hasn’t LKS shown the proof yet?

            Lu memang bangsat laa. You know you’re lying, then you say that you’re not.

            By the way, your current leaders claim to be “clean” and “accountable”, but so far are proving to be worse than BN people. You expect me to believe you and them?

            In one of your comments above, you said “what a crock of shit.” Oi beruk, pi tgk dalam cermin dulu laa.

          5. Hoi “SoG” I watched an entire video of I.A.’s threat to the Chinese. It was a long unedited video where he clearly ‘advised’ the Chinese to stock up on food and why would we need to stock up on food if we were to stay home for a 1-day street protest.

            YOu are such a liar and you keep hoping people wont Google it or YouTube it or Facebook their friends and Liked pages.

            Terabytes of evidence everywhere. “You help me, I help you” Those Pink Lips are unmistakable. “Do we have a deal or not? You vote for my XYZ whatever his name was and on Monday I’ll sign the check for RM5 million. So you won’t have flooding in Sibu.”

            Flooding. we need to vote his poodle so he’ll alleviate flooding????? What??? Just imagine Obama telling NYC people suffering from Sandy that those precints who didn’t vote for him will have to die farther away, and you know, drain their own flood water. Are you actually voting for Pink Lips Naj1b satu Melaysia???? Why??? It’s flooding in your town too?

      3. 50 sen ? 1 sen pun jangan bagi kat dia. you bagi 50 sen kat King Kong buat apa ? kan dia tu King Kong.

        1. Dengan 50 sen boleh lah beli sekuntum bunga kat gerai jual bunga di tepi jalan.

          Anak Jamil (bagi 50 sen duit saku itu) memberi bunga kepada kera King Kong.

          1. oh this is the irrelevant entertainment side of Helen’s blog. Yippee saya juga nak sekumtum bunga tapi tak payahlah beli kat gerai. bunga kat semak pon ade yang cantek belaka. King Kong nampak garang tapi hatinya lembut.

          2. This beruk actually walked right into the saying about the primate and the flower?


          3. This is in reply to SoG.

            “Walked into”? Hahahahahah. It’s just for fun. Don’t get all morose just because the game is up, UMNO.

    2. Sebelum Helen dikenakan Sedition Act, baik suruh AG kenakan pada segala mcm Malaysiakini dan lain2 media DAPster yg terlebih sudu daripada kuah.

  4. My simple answer.. They have never learnt from history. Melayu bila sudah hilang sabar, AMOK.!!!

    1. you’re so proud of that? that Malays cannot respect the rule of law and due process? can’t solve problems through the courts or ballot box or the government?

      you should be ashamed. and if you are right, the Malays should be ashamed. whatever lah.

      I am quite certain this is just a made up ‘gila’ to frigthen the non-Malays. But you know what? It’s going to backfire. You keep threatening people and one day they’re going to say, go ahead. I’m going to vote you out anyway.

      And it’s not just the non-Malays, there are huge numbers of Malays who are educated, moral and religiously devout to the true teachings of Islam. NO WAY are they going to reelect corrupt clowns with wives hanging on Birkin bags and US$24 million diamond rings.

      You must really really think Malays are bodoh. No they’re not. Just watch PopTeeVee. Many Malays are brilliant and they are all connected and sharing their tak tahan with BN and they are going to kick BN out in the PRU13.

      1. How do ye say, We [are] wise, and the law of the LORD [is] with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he [it]; the pen of the scribes [is] in vain. – Jeremiah 8:8 (King James Bible)

        1. You are using a quotation from the Bible when you (Muslims) are claiming it is a distorted version of the true holy book? Here’s some verses for you from Matthew 7:

          15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

          So we have UMNO, called a deeply corrupt party by its longest-serving president and past Prime Minister of this country, scandals breaking by the week, Helen says Malay Muslims will definitely start killing people if they are not handed the elections, and so I ask you what kind of fruit are we talking about here?

          Don’t scared, over in PAS we have good fruit. Try as they might, UMNO can’t get them charged for corruption or whatever else invented by body doubles in Thailand. PAS is a viable alternative and even the Christians are helping to campaign for them. How muhibbah is that? Once we throw out UMNO we can finally go back to the good old days when Malaysians of all races, religions, creeds and cowpats call themselves one nation.

          Malaysians are very, very sick and tired of RACE RACE RACE. So tired we just want to vote UMNO down to ZERO. And Naj1b and Muh know that. That’s why they are so TAKUT to call elections, even with 3m Maggi Mee Malaysians supposedly voting for BN. Perhaps, just like the 1million UMNO members who voted against UMNO in the last elections, out of these 3m Maggi Mee Malaysians 3m of them will also vote against UMNO? They are not stupid, I gather, what do they have to lose? No UMNO, no more corruption, crime, incompetence, cronyism, C4, cincin US$24 juta, cows-in-condos and of course no more RACE RACE RACE.

          So tired. So tired. Oh yeah and SEX SEX SEX. That too. Obedient Wives Club. LMAO!!!!!

      2. Why should the Malays be ashamed of upholding their culture and beliefs in their own land?

        1. I didn’t say the Malays are crazy violent people. It is Helen and UMNO who are saying that. I am merely extending their argument to expose the absurdity.

          As the “culture and beliefs” of the Malays, surely you don’t mean crazy violent (Helen and UMNO’s thesis, not mine)? What is Malay culture, BTW? Is the current UMNO representative of Malay culture? No wonder Malays are voting UMNO out of office faster than you can say National Feedlot Corporation. OK, I admit. That was a mouthful. Beefy.

  5. Dari segi politik, saga Natrah telah mempercepatkan sentimen kemerdekaan. Akibat saga Natrah, orang melayu meluat dengan orang British dan Belanda yang melanyakkan hak mereka dan kesucian Islam.

    orang UMNO dan KMM bersatu, orang india Muslim memberi khidmat guaman dan bantuan kewangan, orang islam dan melayu bersatu mempertahankan hak asasi Natrah untuk kekal bersama keluarga melayunya. Dahla Che Aminah dihina, Che Aminah yg cerdik, mampu berbahasa inggeris, jepun dan hokkien dikatakan babu yang menculik dari warga Belanda merempat Adeline yg meninggalkan Natrah yg dikatakan nakal berbanding anak anaknya yang lain, kemudian Natrah dikristiankan, dipaksa kahwin empat kali dengan lelaki-lelaki Belanda yang tak guna dan akhirnya menjadi orang gaji cuci chalet di USA.

    Mana tau orang mubaligh DAP jolok sarang tebuan yg buat orang melayu naik meluat dengan orang cina kristian yang biadab sampai tahap sentimen Natrah bukan dengan rusuhan, dengan undi,

    bukankah org anglofil yg syiok sendiri berkata boleh berhijrah ke australia dan UK jika Barisan Nasional dengan gahnya diundi menjadi kerajaan? kita patut buat kontrak dgn org anglofil nyah dari malaysia jika BN menang, kan mereka riak sangat berkata begitu.

    1. kita patut buat kontrak dgn org anglofil nyah dari malaysia jika BN menang, kan mereka riak sangat berkata begitu. – adakah negara luar nak terima kalau setakat skil salesman…

      tapi kalau semua nak melingkup, silakan. seperti kata prof kkk, silakan berhijrah. aku kata, tolenjie poh!

      1. tak jadi nak berhijrah, tak de negara yang nak terima dia orang, tak layak, sebab tak fasih bahasa inggeris,

        yang saya hairan, dia orang kata tak perlu menguasai bahasa inggeris, tapi dia orang lah yang buat bising lintang pukang nak hijrah ke negara mat salleh. pelik sekali.

      2. 1125 dong zong nak buat protes, kata dasar pendidikan negara 2013-2025 tak baik untuk pendidikan vernacular.

        yang bantah BM sekolah kebangsaan dilaksanakan kat sjkc, yang bantah bahasa inggeris, mereka inilah yang paling beriya-riya nak hijrah tapi alahai, negara mat salleh tak terima dia orang.
        yang lagi pelik, yang kuat berjuang untuk sjkc, yang lantang menentang, tapi bila dah hijrah ke negara mat salleh, tak ada bantah pendidikan kat sana yang menggunakan bahasa inggeris.

    2. Anglofil? Bukankah hampir semua anak Menteri UMNO mendapat ijazah dari negara anglofil? Siapa yang anglofil? Knape mereka tak ambik STPM dan baca buku kat UPM? Orang UMNO lah yang Anglofil. Kalau tidak knape pergi sekolah omputeh?

      Naj1b tue bukan kah belajar kat Universiti Nottingham? Nottingham tue kat England… England tue Anglo .. so… so… sesiape yang pergi sana baca buku lah yang Anglofil!!! Knape dia tak pergi Universiti Tehran?

      Menantu Kazakhstan Naj1b tu belajar kat maktab militari Sandhurst, di Britain jugak. Knape tak pergi maktab militari kat Iraq atau Syria atau Royal Military College kita ni, kat tanah air??? Knape pergi ke negara Anglo???

      Tu lah. Nak cipta nama2 tapi fakta tak tau. Hakikatnya UMNOputra yang sebenarnya Anglofil.

  6. Kak Helen,

    Tragedi berdarah Natrah tidak berlaku kalau pihak yang terlibat (secara langsung/tidak) mendapat keadilan, namun apakan daya pihak yang lemah di kala itu melainkan terpaksa menerima ketidakadilan seadanya.

    Apa yang dapat difahami dari kes ini adalah sepenuhnya peristiwa melankolia tetapi pengajaran dari kes Natrah adalah lebih penting untuk dijadikan panduan dan pedoman berbanding perasan kemelankolian itu.

    Untuk generasi sekarang dan yang akan datang, sedarlah bahawa kes tuntutan hak penjagaan yang membabitkan dua pihak yang berlainan agama akan menjadi haru-biru kalau penyelesaiannya di buat menerusi satu sistem yang tidak cekap, berat sebelah.

    Selain itu, kehadiran pihak media yang bersikap prejudis dan bias; cuba jadi pihak pendakwa, juri, hakim dan pelaga dalam satu masa, adalah tidak membantu sebaliknya mengusutkan lagi keadaan pada ketika itu.

  7. The primal revelation of Islam was first given to Adam. Islam was and still, as I see it, a simple faith. This we can see when the Muslims perform their umrah and haj. The men must mandatory clad themselves with only two pieces of cloth when they circumbulate the Ka’aba or doing the Sha’ie between Safa and Marwa and when they congregate at Arafah (the pinnacle for haj). As illustrated here, we can see that Muslims have strong spiritual and emotive bond.

    There is a world of meaning that resonates behind emotion and simple faith. Sadly, most of the time the emotion or semangat prevails. Because, as I see it, the speculative thinking and views about Islam are shaped not by the world of Muslim ideas but significantly by those ideas imposed by the people, Muslims and non Muslims alike, who do not give a damn to the nuances of Muslim sensitivities. Some even write in the most denigrading undertones for reason(s) best known to them.

    So, in the end simple faith totally escapes the Muslims and most emotive violence erupted. End of story.

    1. nice one zul.
      innadeenaindallahilislam. then, now & forever.

      the ‘bin’ and ‘bomb’ are highly connected :(

      1. saya pernah ditahan selama 4 jam di O’hare Airport pada 1993 kerana disangka teroris hanya kerana nama ada ‘bin’. disangka saya pengebom berani mati. saya terpaksa memanggil wakil syarikat di sana datang ke airport menjamin saya masuk ke US. sebenarnya uncle sam takut pada bayang2 sendiri. mereka ‘takluk’ teluk demi minyak…lepas tu ketar kepala takut kena bom…

        barat dan musuh-musuh Islam yang memulakan sengketa…alasan demi alasan di cari untuk menutup kesalahan sendiri. :(

      2. The ‘bin’ and ‘bomb’ are not necessarily Muslims. Here at home, in Malaysia, there are many ‘bin’ who are not Muslim.

        Islam does not sanction laissez-faire killings. We have to and must ascertain the true religion of the bombers/killers and particularly those who have incited and sponsored them to kill or to blow their own brains off.

        By the way, my stand is, it is a confirmed irrevocable welcome to hell for those Muslims who take their own lives or to take any innocent lives. It is likewise for the provocaters too.

        1. Yes, I’m aware that Sabah and Sarawak people with ‘bin’ in their name need not necessarily be Muslim.

          Jill Ireland binti Lawrence of the Sidang Injil Borneo brought a case in the court over the Allah CDs which the customs dept. confiscated from her.

          1. There are many Malay apostates in the Peninsular. But what the heck, countless apostates have existed in Islam even at the time of Prophet Muhammad.

            The Qur’an has provided guidance that there is no compulsion in religion and no punishment for apostasy is prescribed in the Qur’an either. Thus, there is no necessity to punish a peaceful defection from one religion to another. It is the jurists of yore using the logic of Islamic imperium to make a controversy in regard to capital punishment for apostasy for Muslims who left their religion.

            Abu Talib i.e. the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle who took care of Muhammad after his father passed away, died as a non Muslim and yet Muhammad didn’t kill him but adored him very very very much.

            Muslims and non Muslims have to understand ALLAH/GOD on their own terms, by their own inner dynamic, by what they think their own sacred scriptures are saying at the level of genuine authenticity, for the sake/future of everyone in our multi-ethnic/multiracial/multicultural societies.

          2. This is a response to zul.

            Thanks for shedding much needed light on the subject of apostasy. So forcing people into Islam and forcibly making them stay (nominal) Muslims is not Islamic? Does that make our laws un-Islamic? How about legislating to define a race (Malay) on the prerequisite of being Muslim? Isn’t that coercion? So UMNO is being heretical? No wonder Malays are flocking to PAS.

        2. Thanks zul. Your deep reverence for the uncontaminated word of God and your humanity give some much-needed balance to the hysterical and violent version of Islam that is mostly presented here. If only we had more of you in this country, we’d have gone past ‘M-C-I-DLL’ and gone on to nation building long ago. Sigh. Never mind, just 6 months more to a New Malaysia.

          1. Helen, are you editing our posts? I am sure I did not hypen MCIDLL. What kind of blog is this???? King Kong is very Kangkong!!!!! Eat your vegetables!!!!

            1. Yes, I do sometimes correct spelling typos and errors, capitalization, spacing as well as break up chunky paragraphing as some of the regular commenters will have realised. So far none have complained.

              You’re the first.

              Are you suggesting that my hyphenating your “MCIDLL” to become M-C-I-DLL has in any way altered its meaning or context?

              You, on the other hand, are the worst liar that I’ve ever moderated.

              You wrote: “Helen says Malay Muslims will definitely start killing people if they are not handed the elections” — here.

              That is a blatant and dangerous lie.

              And that’s why you evangelistas are the most dangerous menace today — because of your slippery deceit.

          2. When did I say your editing of MCIDLL altered its meaning or context? You are imagining things. I said eat your vegetables. Can’t you read?? King Kong has King Kong sized fingers and this keyboard is too small!!!!

            On a side note. It’s the principle. If you are editing posts, you should tell people so they know you have the power to do an Utusan on them. So they can be sure to take screen caps so they can protect themselves against you and your Akta Hasutan-worthy thinly veiled threats of Malay Muslims going crazy violent like the Nantrah and May13.

            Nothing of that sort is going to happen. When UMNO loses the election, the whole country will breathe a sigh of relief. The stock market will boom and UMNO politicians will be flying off to unknown destinations from private airports in private jets.

            1. Puh-leez lah. As a Great Ape who can outright spin seditiously that “Helen says Malay Muslims will definitely start killing people if they are not handed the elections”, you are in no position to lecture me about any fine print Terms of Use vis-a-vis hyphenation, comma or spacing.

          3. to be fair to helen, she did sometimes edit my comment to make it easier to read, i thank her for that. no worry i think.

          4. Helen is the one who came up with Natrah and the great Malay Muslim bloody riot of 1950 plus many reminders of that other riot (nothing to do with Islam, just Polly Ticks) of 1969. You, you (finger trembling …) you are the one who is trying to rile up the Malays and frighten the non-Malays. You are reminding the Malays of their lawless violent streak and suggesting they should and will just go bananas again if we don’t allow hand UMNO the election to rob us blind another 5 years. Pordah lah Helen. Go frighten the Lembus down in the Singapore condos. Malays, even UMNO Malays are matured people nowadays. Nowadays the UMNO Malays just do the Backside Nasional dance outside Hindu homes and drag cowheads and do the keris waving at their national convention. What what they really want is just a billion-dollar negotiated contract, not bloodshed, please. The only exception is Mongolians. When Mongolians get involved, it’s KABOOOOOM. So as long as no Mongolians, we are safe.

            1. Apa salahnya? Kalau tak ingat/kaji sejarah, sejarah akan berulang lagi.

              ‘lawless violent streak’? Hello, peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 tu siapa yang serang siapa? Siapa yang berlagak macam orang Melayu ni bukan pemilik asal Tanah Melayu? Siapa yang berangan nak sangat rampas Malaysia? Siapa yang dah berjanji lepas tu nak mungkir janji (Kontrak Sosial)? Siapa yang SERANG & BUNUH orang Melayu sesuka hati?!

              Sekurang-kurangnya orang Melayu dalam kes Natrah ni serang kerana agama mereka diserang. Yang orang Cina 13 Mei 1969 tu serang kerana memang nak menyerang, cemburu dengan orang Melayu dan kerana tamak, nak rampas Malaysia jadikan hak mutlak orang Cina!

              Itulah sebabnya kena belajar sejarah. Kalau tak beginilah jadinya, perasan diri sendiri lebih baik daripada orang lain.

    2. Benar, orang Cina Anglofil ni mendakap dada bahawa orang Islam harus terima mereka rasis dan salah… walaupun hal hal kecil… tetapi bila Amy Cheong, seorang yang lahir di Malaysia, dibesarkan di Australia, bekerja di Singapura terang-terang menghina orang Melayu di Facebook dengan mengeji majlis perkahwinan seorang pasangan mMelayu di void deck rumah flat, orang Cina Malaysia – tidak kisahlah Cina tokong ke, kristian ke diam seribu bahasa, siap puji lagi Amy Cheong kerana menghina Melayu yang telah oppress orang Cina.

      Wah wah..semua salah Melayu…orang Melayu ni setan la.. evil.. nak bunuh Cina.. sorile.. kan Melayu ni tak boleh atasi Cina.. setakat nak bunuh tak mampu nak atasi Mao Zedong yang bunuh 20 juta orang cina pada zaman Revolusi Kebudayaan, 5-7 juta yang dibunuh parti Kuomintang atau orang Jepun yang bunuh sampai 10-30 juta orang Cina..

      memang melayu bodoh dalam bab bunuh bunuh ini, baru 200 masa 12 Mei, dah jerit satu dunia lepas tu ungkit, buat cerita pembersihan etnik. Kalau kami nak buat, dah lama dah buat dari zaman protes Malayan Union!!

      1. lu cakap ape? Amy Cheong telah dikondem oleh sebahagian besar rakyat Singapura dan dipecat drp kerjanya sbg pengarah dalam NTUC Singapura. U ni anggap org Melayu malas sampai tak upaya Google Amy Cheong ke? Hina orang sendiri? APA LU???

          1. jeng-jeng-jeng, tu baru SoG… belum lagi mai PPP, Trooper, ray, Me, A Reader, Mangkuk, Ex MIC, TRR, Equalizer lagi… hahaha, kalau depa mai, sure kangkong jadi kangkong belacan. kalau abba mai lagi sempoi, dia siap ulas sekali dengan sejarah dinasti China… btw dia tak suka comment moderator, pasai tu dia tak masuk sini.

          2. I read that post. Nothing in it refers to any other Singaporean other than the protagonist herself being racist. And she was fired from her job at the NTUC. So?

            And as for the supposed ‘silence’ by Malaysians over the Amy Cheong affair? Why should we go flapping our lips about another country’s racists, especially when she has already been fittingly dealt with, apparently by the PM of Singapore himself.

            It is institutionalised racism in Malaysia and its fully worked out offshoots by helpful despots, Little Temenggongs and wannabe rentseekers that we should concern ourselves. No punishment whatsoever, even a racist story book (Interlok) was made a compulsory text.

            The non-Malays have been unfairly discriminated against for 42 years through LAWS and POLICIES and the ABUSE OF THE SAME which have resulted not in the advancement of the Malay race, but instead its regression. That is why UMNO is going to lose in the PRU13. Even the Malays have had enough.

            1. Cuma orang yang lupa diri/sejarah cakap macam tu.

              Sebelum dan semasa awal merdeka, orang Melayu adalah yang paling miskin manakala orang Cina kaya-raya.

              Sekarang? Dalam masa 55 tahun, tahap ekonomi orang Melayu dah jauh beza dengan dulu. Malah ada yang dah tersenarai antara 10 yang terkaya di Malaysia.

              Orang Melayu di Singapura mungkin betul lebih maju dari segi ekonomi, tapi dari segi agama? Kenapa ramai orang Melayu di SIngapura perlu hantar anak ke Malaysia semata-mata untuk belajar agama Islam?

              Kemajuan yang Kerajaan bawa di Malaysia ternyata bergerak seiring dalam hal keduniaan dan hal agama!

              Dan kalau orang bukan Melayu diperlakukan secara tak adil di Malaysia, kenapa dalam senarai terkaya masih ada orang Melayu, orang India, malah majoriti orang Cina? Singapura tak rasis ke? Tengok dalam senarai 10 terkaya dia, ada orang Melayu? Ada orang India? Semuanya orang Cina atau orang putih!

              Lagipun yang nak dengki Kerajaan buat dasar DEB tu kenapa? Kalau bukan orang Cina ‘kiasu’ lupa daratan nak halau orang Melayu dari Malaysia sebab dia dah kaya sehingga tercetusnya 13 Mei 1969 tu, mungkin Kerajaan dan orang Melayu pun tak nampak kepentingan untuk dasar tu.

              Sebab itu, belajarlah dulu sejarah sebelum nak ‘kiasu’ membuta-tuli dan menuduh Kerajaan yang bukan-bukan.

  8. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone bother use the word circumnambulate.

    Circunambulate. Circumnavigate. Perambulate.

    Memang sah not in my list of daily words. Oh well. Enjoy.

    1. Oh well… cyber conflict/debate is like soccer/sex. It should be enjoyed. But one cannot enjoy it if one is to be too intoxicated by one’s self-righteousness and one’s own political wishes. After all the ‘Arab Spring’ is not a decree from God. Is it? And I would say that an MSc course in Panic Politics is not an Islamic degree.

      1. zul,

        Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t judging your vocabulary. I was just saying that long words are not for me. I’m too lazy.

        1. No problem bro… As I have indicated to HuaYong, it will be only rain and ripples. No tidal waves and tsunami. Yet I have to beware of the contentious AES. :)

          1. i enjoy this thread thoroughly, the “humanity” shown by one intelligent but humble islamist, and the interesting debunking of myth by a hmmm kangkung?

  9. SOG, my humanity is one self derived not what other dictates. The humanity is something universal if we can proscribe to it rather than pandering how it fits our own agenda. As Malaysians, I think we are mature enough to gauge what is real and artificial based on the fabric of the society portray it to be.

    You don’t need political parochial education like these hapless UMNO & DAP but what is real for Malaysian per se. Is this Greek for you for what Greek needs to be for you. Fortunately I don’t have this problem when a Malaysian issue is concerned when humanity is at stake irrespective of the origin.

    1. I see. In your opinion, what is the biggest transgression of humanity do you see in Malaysia today?

  10. I was going to reply a lot more to Kangkong, but then I realized that he said “Tuhan kita sama, hanya bezanya Isa atau Muhammad.”

    Kangkong, let’s clear this straight. Did you just insult my prophet by saying that he is to be worshipped?

    1. I said our God is the same, the difference is Jesus and Muhammad. Did I say worship Muhammad? Can’t read? Trying to start another religious war to paper over UMNO’s crimes? You have the conceit to think I don’t know the difference between Jesus and Muhammad? Clown. And your insistence on mangling my moniker is childish. Kindergarten kids do that. You really should grow up and get some proper values from the Quran so you’d stop voting for corrupt leaders. Islam can’t be condoning that, right?

      1. Hey kangkong,

        If you stop intentionally portraying Islam as a questionable faith, then I’ll stop reading between your lines. You know damn well what you meant to say, but it is most unfortunate that you’re being a backstabber. What can I say? No leopard will change its spots, and you, a snake, will remain a snake.

        In the mean time, all I can see is that you want us to support conmen and liars. You want us to support people who break promises, who do not do any good for the rakyat, who fabricate evidence as and when they like it.

        A backstabbing kangkong asking people to vote for snakes. How fitting.

        1. Endlessly trying to work religion into everything arent you? Nothing left to paper over UMNO’s fabulously well-known corruption?

          Islam and Christianity pray to the same Almighty God. And in the Quran it is said that Muslims and Christians are closer to one another than to any other people. That is all I want to say, that needs to be said. Blessings.

          1. Pardon my late reply.

            Islam and Christianity pray to the same Almighty God?


            God in Islam is one. There is no Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

            Also, get it through your head that for a Muslim, everything he or she does will be judged by Allah SWT in the day of Judgement. Be it the size of an atom, it will be judged. So naturally we seek Allah’s blessings in everything we do.

            Paper over corruption? Far from it. Right now I am trying to help prevent the bigger thieves, those PR bastards, from taking over power.

            So get that through your head.

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