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I have a question!

It pertains tangentially to ‘Race Discrimination In Hiring Practices In Malaysia

A study says that private sector employers prefer hiring Chinese. There are a number of reasons for this.

I’m going to put forward an assumption which is related to public perception. For the sake of argument, let’s say that some employers prefer to hire Chinese staff because Chinese workers are perceived as more efficient. (Don’t pick a fight with me on this — the premise is for the sake of argument.)

Now let’s take this premise to the field of politics and relate it the ABU drive to put Pakatan in Putrajaya.

Article today in Malaysiakini

Going by the barometer readings, DAP is in pole position among the Pakatan parties. As we know, none of the current 29 DAP MPs are Malay and neither are the DAP Aduns.

So essentially, the ABU-ers will in effect be installing predominantly DAP Chinese in Putrajaya (the ultimate seat of power) should their plan be successful.

My question is this: If the Chinese are perceived as more efficient, do not voters fear that these same Chinese will be more efficient at looting the government coffers as well? And at the same time, better masters of propaganda in order to hide their misdeeds.

I’ll give one example. The opposition supporters are always screaming that mainstream media are “prostitutes” serving their political parties, i.e. Utusan-Umno and Star-MCA. While both the BN parties may have some say in the two newspapers, nonetheless the dailies are business entities and public-listed companies.

Selangor Times and Buletin Mutiara are 10 times more biased than Utusan and Star. But how come the opposition supporters never say anything about it?

Well okay. To them, ST and BM are pro-Pakatan sakan, so that’s alright. Only if media are pro-BN are they despicable “running dogs” waiting to be fed crumbs from the master’s table.

So fine. ST/BM reporters are superheroes Clark Kent and Brenda Starr.

Now let’s take The Star‘s pro-establishment bias … pure E-V-I-L. (I’ve said the paper is bipolar and covertly supporting the evangelista agenda but not everyone agrees with me and therefore — just to stick to the script – we shall allow the “toilet paper” tag given by DAPsters on the MCA-owned paper).

But at the end of the day, The Star is a company. If it doesn’t manage to sell ads and vendor/subscription copies, it will lose money. In other words, the paper is its own responsibility (meaning of its shareholders, company directors, editorial and other bosses).

Selangor Times and Buletin Mutiara are the responsibility of the state. As some readers have informed this blog, ST copies are carted to mosques and shopping malls to be distributed free. BM copies are circulated direct to mailboxes in Penang.

All this is done at the taxpayers’ expense. Isn’t this situation worse? Don’t the Pakatan folks spare a thought for the alternative half of the population that does not support the Selangor ruling party? Isn’t it unfair that ST is being abused as a Chinatown Express and Subang Jaya Herald proxy?

Obviously Pakatan supporters fail to scream blue murder at the totally!! biased ST-BM the way they carp about the Utusan slant. Hey, you don’t have to buy the pro-BN Utusan if you don’t want to whereas the Pakatan tabloids were set-up and are funded by the state.

The Selangor Menteri Besar’s pol-sec and his press sec are the special ‘advisers’ (at least on paper) to ST. Therefore ST is even more directly political than Utusan.

If the public appears to have no issues at all with the ST situation (as is the case), does it mean that Pakatan has been more efficient at managing public perception?

Let’s take other media. How come I’ve never heard any Pakatan supporter questioning where The Malaysian Insider or The Nut Graph get their funding from?

Doesn’t a similar anti-Utusan accusation apply? If the Pakatan supporters are always linking Utusan‘s editorial bias to Umno, then by the same token, the editorial bias of TMI and TNG must surely be linked to whoever is paying their reporter salaries and for the expensive running of the portals.

Again, no questions ever asked about TMI-TNG.

No queries ever heard uttered about TMI-TNG by the same bunch of people who are always shooting venomous darts at Malaysia Today and slamming Raja Petra.

So how come the funding for TMI-TNG – both notoriously pro-Pakatanis allowed to escape scrutiny? Is it because Pakatan is more efficient at managing public perception? Pakatan is better at propaganda?

Consequently if the ABU-ers send the Pakatan bunch to Putrajaya and the Pakatan politikus proceed to loot the treasury (identical accusation constantly thrown at BN), don’t you think Pakatan could in fact turn out to be better – ‘efficient’ is the keyword – looters than the present BN bunch?

(Again, the above description about BN looters is hypothetical just as presumed Chinese efficiency is hypothetical. Or otherwise I shall be accused of secretly harbouring a race supremacist attitude.)

This better-at-looting assumption is tied with the better efficiency assumption with regard to the study about employer preferences just released (go back to first para, top, for url link).

Bottomline: Pakatan followers claim that their leaders are infinitely more efficient than the BN layabouts. So let’s credit them with the same high level of efficiency in other areas of ‘work’ (like siphoning state resources and cronyism). 

We can already see that Pakatan is much better than BN at propaganda and managing public perception. Just look at how MCA is getting trashed by DAP in the public relations stakes.

Now taking this the next step.

Statement: Pakatan is more efficient than BN. This is something the Pakatan supporters will heartily agree with.

Premise: Pakatan could be more efficient in looting than BN, given the chance. This is something the Pakatan supporters will mightily dispute since they believe that their demi-gods are the most moral, most ethical, most beautiful creatures to descend from heaven — being Anugerah Tuhan, Tokong (deity), Christian Saints and all that.

But for the golongan kurang taksub who reckon that pious Pakatan politicians and BN politicians are dua kali lima, they can see that Pakatan poses a greater danger.

In that the Pakatan politicians (sitting pretty in Putrajaya and having control of all the national propaganda organs) will be more “efficient” (the keyword) in covering their tracks. And Pakatan will also be more efficient in pulling wool over the public’s eyes.

As well as more efficient in massaging public perception into believing that the Pakatan demi gods, despite being politicians – i.e. elsewhere belonging to the most distrusted ‘profession’ – but in Pakatan Lalaland are somehow miraculously unlike other corrupt politicians the world over whom their citizens wholly distrust.

Nooooooo indeed … pristine Pakatan politicians are the most trustworthy beings ever to walk on water.

The question I wanted to ask: Could Pakatan be more efficient all across the board?

Look at how quickly they created the ‘investment’ agency Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI) in Penang.


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  1. If Pakatan could be more efficient in looting the nation coffers than BN… then there is something wrong with secularism or non Islamic civilization. It has lost all sense of distiction between the sacred and the profane. It is time to bring in the Islamic State and Hudud Law and all the God’s Law then. Call it primitive, call it barbaric, call it what you like. Let us see the totality of Islam in operation.

    1. According to the Transparency International Corruption Index 2011 (not sure if 2012’s is released as yet), out of a total of 182 countries, the ones at the 10 bottom most are:

      No. 172: Venezuela
      175 (tied) Haiti
      175 Iraq
      177 (tied) Sudan
      177 Turkmenistan
      177 Uzbekistan
      180 Afghanistan
      180 Myanmar
      182 North Korea
      182 Somalia

      Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia have hudud

      Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are Islamic states/countries

      The Muslim countries are occupying 6 out of 10 tangga tercorot

      1. Fuyoh Helen… no need to go too far la. Look at Nik Aziz sudah cukup untuk to give you an idea.

        1. I wouldn’t imply particular pollies as being corrupt. Nanti I get sued for libel.

          Only cases safe to mention are Khir Toyo’s which went to court, PKFZ, Shahrizat’s hubby (not inferring guilt but can safely say he’s been charged) and Muhammad x2 Taib’s undeclared money in suitcase at the Oz airport. And crony Eric Chia Perwaja court case.

          Very hard anywhere to prosecute corruption. Whatever came out of the Marcos, Suharto and Estrada cases?

          The ABU-ers solution is like offering ‘opium’.

          1. Saya bagi contoh NA kerana I see his way of life is a divergence from the ideal world. My thinking is, if his way of life is the ideal of Islam, can Islam produce corrupt-free politicians and administrators?

            1. I’ve written before that I was impressed the PAS Kelantan state govt – meaning their Aduns – did not succumb the way PBS did in Sabah and more recently DAP-PKR in Perak.

              I don’t think NA is personally corrupt in any material sense (tho’ there was some fuss about his sponsored haj) but while there’s not much I’d care to about his way of life (spiritually), I think his standards have dropped after being in office too long. There was that business over his SiL.

              Again I don’t have much to say about PAS reps. They rarely feature in this blog.

              Nonetheless, I do have plenty to say about the drastic drop in DAP standards compared to LKS and Karpal’s day. Now the party is attracting carpetbaggers.

              See how many of their reps joined just months prior to March 2008 compared to those who had dedicated their service to DAP through the hard times:

              hanya sejurus sebelum pilihanraya diadakan pada 8 Mac 2008:

              Charles Santiago – Ahli Parlimen Klang: Februari 2008
              Teo Nie Ching – Ahli Parlimen Serdang: Januari 2008
              Jeff Ooi – Ahli Parlimen Jelutong: Julai 2007
              Tony Pua – Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara: Februari 2007
              Hannah Yeoh – Adun Subang Jaya: Januari 2007

        2. zul what is wrong with nik aziz?

          helen, to clarify, “more efficient” include looting the nation coffer? then can we use the same term “more efficient” to describe the top 10 country in TIC list. sorry rush, just briftly read thru.

          1. HY, as Helen had mentioned it is spiritual. It is about our inner self, our spiritual and the extra physical world. NA way of live is simple and frugal, which is a divergence from this materialistc world. If this is the Islamic way of life, shouldn’t we make the ideal central in order to produce a corrupt-free politicians and administrators. Anyway we have to teruskan perjuangan hidup kita yang kadang kala memerlukan banyak pengorbanan.

          2. sorry zul i misunderstood, and helen reply with bottom 10 doesn’t help my understanding. i reread, though helen put it clearly the assumption is for debate/argument sake, however i still find the whole piece flaw. “more efficient” shall meant looting the coffer less, corruption less n etc. i rarely read secular versus theocracy except in msia politics, the comparison shall be democratic versus authoritarian.

            pr “more efficient” is likely a relativism but simple view for argument sake as well, many people support pr because they believe in democracy, two or more parties system, check n balance, some sort of freedom, people power n etc, not more/less efficient, more/less theocratic, more/less islamic.

            even if there is change of govt, perjuangan akan diteruskan. period.

            1. What’s so difficult?

              Efficiency: Since it is an article of faith that DAP is more efficient, why not that they can prove to be more efficient in corruption too?

              You want a two-party system, you will get a two-party system — DAP vs Umno.

              More or less ‘Islamic’? It’s not a Yes or No dichotomy. We’re already resting at a point but not a fixed mark. It’s a matter of where on the Islamic scale.

              With BN, Umno slided the ruler slowly, slowly. MCA has said it will leave BN if Umno implements hudud.

              With Pakatan, PAS smacks the ruler hard and quickly. Review the last four years in Kedah (abattoir shutdown) and Selangor (beer ban, cinema segregation, concert ban). Now Halloween cannot. Next Chinese Ghost Festival.

              So the question is what will their unholy trinity do in the situation? DAP has gone all out to convince Chinese: “Don’t worry, PAS alone does not have enough MPs”, “Don’t worry, hudud won’t affect non-Muslims”, “Don’t worry that Nik Aziz said ‘Rogol lah’,” “It is MCA that is anti-Islam for bringing up all these issues”.

              For power, DAP is determined to even out-Islam Umno.

              You don’t see Rosmah Mansor wearing a tudung when she’s seated eating. Hasnah Yeop insists on wearing the tudung when she’s seated eating. Now please don’t anyone say Hasnah has to keep the tudung on her head because she was in the prayer hall of the mosque at the time.

              If you want to give the excuse that has the tudung was on Hasnah’s head when she was seated on a chair at a table eating in middle of the prayer hall of the mosque, I will turn around and accuse you of insensitivity about mosque etiquette and claim that you’re anti-Islam.

          3. We don’t say more efficient in corruption, similarly we don’t say more effective, more productive, more hardworking, more accountable and more flexible in corruption, we just say more corrupted.

            No many believe the 2 party system is between DAP and UMNO, save you and some of your fans here. in fact i wrote 2 or more.

            Hannah is not DAP, she is a rare breed, i honestly don’t know why a non-Muslim have to wear a Tudung, even in a mosque, ergo i can almost totally agree with you when the topic is on her.

      2. How is DAP in pole position? How will there be more non Muslim mps ? How hell how? Do you have a factual answer? You have accused me of being a Christian and a political party member. Once again, do you have an iota of proof? Please for once, focus on facts, and not your deep insecurity.

        1. Firstly, I said pole position among the Pakatan parties. Well, do you think it is PKR, PAS or DAP that will have the most MPs after GE13?

          Secondly, I had asked you if you were a Christian. Since you did not reply, I took the liberty of assigning you to the City Harvest parish.

          You’re right. I have no proof that you’re a CH parishioner. You have no proof that I’m in “Dumbo’s” employ. Therefore, if you’ll stop saying that Dumno is my paymaster, I’ll stop saying that you’re a CH churchgoer.

          Thirdly, I can’t recall offhand if I ever called you a DAPster. Too lazy to check. Assuming that I did, the explanation is this.

          Below is a screenshot of a few paras of an article titled ‘Allah issue: Who started it?‘ by The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline Ann Surin.

          Note that she says “Nazi state” and “BN-sponsored fascism”. If Malaysia is akin to a Nazi state, then Umno must be the Nazi party and the Umno party constitution spelling out a fascist ideology.

          You often hear a bad guy being called a Nazi but that doesn’t imply he’s a card-carrying member of the Nazi party. The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – note that the acronym for Deutsche(German) Arbeiter (Worker’s) partei (party) is DAP – only existed from 1920-1945.

          Some people today are still called Nazi (if they behave like a Nazi). But it doesn’t mean they’re a party member since the party has been defunct for 67 years.

          I may call you a DAPster but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re necessarily a card-carrying party member.


      3. Personally, I don’t take TI indices too seriously – it’s in the jargons. From own experiences, I draw-up a few examples.

        In M’sia, to assist with tenders submission I go to people with strong political connections to place good words. It’s called ‘tarik kabel’ and I pay them success fees. That’s corruption according to TI. In UK and Oz, I also go to people with strong political connections to place good words on submissions. They are called lobbyists and I pay them monies for services rendered even if I didn’t win. That’s not corruption according to TI.

        In M’sia, to assist with physical works impacting community (e.g. road widening etc), I go to the police to help monitor public safety. For their efforts, I give them duit kopi and contribute to their social clubs. That’s corruption according to TI. In UK and Oz, I have to do the same thing as it’s impacting community safety. The polices and sometimes local council will inform number of personnel required and I have to pay them costs. According to TI, that’s not corruption.

        Moral of these examples is that, as long as you have a receipt it’s not a corrupt practice, TI-style. Perhaps the 6 hudud/islamic countries don’t practice receipt because they practice akad jual beli..:-)

    2. Postscript:

      The DAP bunch are not secularists. They are evangelistas. Can be classified in the same category as Christian Talibans (i.e. religious).

  2. Developer Action Party kan… what else to expect.

    what was the question…helen? (the title says so) :)

    1. The Prophet of Anak Bangsa Malaysia Haris Ibrahim says “ABU is the only answer”.

      Since he give answer, we ask question lah.

      1. Jawapan Haris Ibrahim tu memang tepat se tepat-tepatnya. ABU akan menghancurkan Malaysia. Jadi, bila Malaysia dah hancur lebur maka tak ada lagi masalahlah! Macam orang bermasalahlah. Minum racun. Mati. Period.

  3. Helen & all,

    I have question also… pls enlighten me why we keep the distance? are there other factors involved, or just our own doing…

    ~Terjarak Di Hati~

    di tengah pasar Seberang Jaya
    sempit berhimpit. antara
    buruh-buruh migran Indochina
    dan penduduk setempat
    terlihat lelaki Tionghua buta
    melipat tongkat
    lengannya dipegang erat
    oleh lelaki Melayu itu
    dibawa ke motosikal
    dan dihantar pergi…

    terkenang pula ketika dulu
    di sekolah menengah
    kuteguk sirap dari gelas Ah Hock
    baru kutanya, “semalam ada makan kerbau pendek?”
    katanya,”awak ingat saya orang kayakah?”
    “nanti tahun baru, baru dapat makan”
    aku minum lagi, lega rasa hati
    tahun baru cina, lambat lagi

    saat itu,
    kami buta warna
    seperti lelaki tadi
    dan sahabat butanya

    saat ini,
    kami terjarak di hati
    bila kedewasaan diwarnai
    tona-tona polarisasi


    this sajak inspired by true story.

  4. I had a feeling you would cover today’s TMI article in your blog.

    It’s quite refreshing to read that a chinese academic has co-published a paper that indicates strong evidence of chinese bias in hiring practices.

    Had the paper been solely published by MALAYS, I am sure that many (maybe even including you and some pakatan malays) would dismiss it as being totally fabricated, biased or lacking intellectual or academic rigor.

    I highlighted to you back in February that Lee Hwok Aun, the same academic who co-authored paper of today’s TMI article, is a supporter of racial affirmative action over needs based affirmative action. Have you changed your mind yet on this issue? Or are you going to say it’s not your forte, just like the Lynas issue?

    Today’s TMI article really laid bare some hard truths. Having worked in the engineering sector in Malaysia, I know all too well the racial discrimination that exists there. I have tried a few times to return to Malaysia and get a job commensurate of my years of overseas experience, but I still get rejected for interviews. A few colleagues of mine, of the indian or chinese extraction, get many more offers that they sometimes had to reject calls from the head-hunters and potential employers!

    As to your question about the perceived ‘efficiency’ of the chinese, I can’t deny it. They have cultivated that image of efficiency very well, in Malaysia and overseas. I know a Pakistani who denounced the chinese because they have used their ‘efficiency’ to infiltrate major commercial centers with massage parlors! Yes, it’s true. Apparently, the country that had once hosted Osama needs chinese women to efficiently massage their men to happy endings!

    Chinese ‘soft power’ has steadily increased. It is the chinese global cultural influence and burgeoning economic strength that has emboldened the Malaysian Chinese in the political arena.

    The Malaysian Chinese know how democracy works. They need to split the malays. What more efficient way to do it that than to split them according to the one they thing they hold most dear– their religion.

    The alliance with PAS is actually the most efficiently devious thing that DAP has ever done. And, they will grow from strength to strength as other anti-establishment Malay organisations (like ABU) jump on this bandwagon.

    There are 3 types of racism that exists , in my mind. 1) Racism in the form of advocating or supporting racial segregation 2) Racism against one’s own race 3) Racism that advocates superiority of one race above another (ie race supremacists).

    I think ABU is actually racist against its own race. Think about it. UMNO is an organisation whose objective is to HELP the malay people. But ABU are against that! Hence, ipso facto ABU are against helping Malays. ABU is racist against Malays.

    Once the Malays are split , the chinese malaysian would put their efficient political and economic machines to work. THey would further suppress the Malays. That’s why Malays like me have to get a foot overseas, just in case of such an eventuality.

    Just look at Thailand and Philippines. The chinese have conquered the economic and political arenas. The indigenous (read brown skinned people) are insignificant politically and economically.

    In indonesia, despite the racial riots, the chinese are also rising again. They have ethnic chinese ministers.


    She’s chinese AND catholic AND had an entirely Anglo tertiary education! Beware Indonesia, there are DAPsters amongst you!

    Look her Hannah Yeoh-esque image–

    I think our Indonesian brothers are on to her:

    Look at her eyes. Totally chinese. I am sure she would want to continue that racial purity for generations to come.

    At least our intrepid blogger has had the audacity to date a Malay man. (i’m being sarcastic here)

    Unfortunately, she advocates Chinese schools, which in practice is no different than the segregated schools of the US pre-1954. . But hey, nobody’s perfect.

    1. Dear OB,

      I think it is important that study be understood in full in terms of its results and interpretations. If Chinese-owned SMEs demonstrated a tendency for racial bias in hiring, it is even more important to imagine the kind of workplace barriers for advancement once any staff member of the less dominant ethnicity is actually hired. Same thing for the MNCs or GLCs.

      I can totally sympathize with your past experience in the industry, and that’s why when people say discrimination does not exist in the private or public sector, it’s all just for laughs. It does mean, however, we need to work on a strong performance-based decision making process to minimize any possible ethnic bias or prejudicial tendencies.

      Does this lend credence to a Sino-conspiracy? I can’t be too sure because some plots don’t require the participants to be aware of the scheme itself. Ada yang senang dipengaruhi macam lembu dicucuk hidung.

      While it is easy to see Zionism with just a few conspiring Jews, I think it is just a convenient accusation to distract ourselves from the truth – people will find commonalities with one another and form factions to perpetuate some form of a protective sub-group. I mean, even among the Chinese, dialect differences still surface from time to time, just like how for the Malays, state differences will persist. The real problem here is that unless the active subscribers to such sub-groups realize the cost of their insularity, different factions can only move in diametrically opposing directions, thus tearing asunder any form of meaningful collaboration because the group could not come together as a whole.

      Senang contohnya, kita semua sokong atlet yang berjaya, tapi nak nurture seorang ahli sukan bertaraf antarabangsa, masing-masing ada niat dan kecenderungan untuk menjulang hero berasaskan warna kulit. Hampeh terus….

      1. Let’s not cast doubt on the study, after all it was co-authored by a chinese. That must lend it some credence.

        Modern discrimination is usually a sub-conscious phenomenon. So, it doesn’t take a “Sino-conspiracy” or a zionist one. It is about ‘like-minded’ people who just have strong affinity for one another, which one commenter termed as ‘homophily’.

        If we want performance based judgments in hiring practices, we need to re-tool how individual companies conduct interviews and make their final decisions. However, is that feasible? I doubt it.

        The study said that Malays didn’t even get callbacks. They can’t even get the chance to attend interviews. How could that be ‘performance based decision making’?

        I have a female cousin who graduated with a engineering undergrad and post grad degree from Japan. She speaks and writes proficiently in 3 languages. Her academic scores were excellent and she even got a commendation from her japanese engineering prof. Unfortunately, she has it doubly hard– she’s malay and a woman. It took her months to get a job. Chinese dominated companies didn’t even give her an interview. Malay companies thought she wouldn’t contribute much because she’s a woman.

        When she finally landed a job with a Malay dominated private company, she was asked to do more translation work.

        I give you the above anecdote just because it supports the study done by the UM researchers.

        Bias exists. It requires affirmative action to adjust this bias that exists in all of us, in order to achieve equal opportunity, not necessarily equal results. In the cases where interviews are not even given to Malay candidates, there wasn’t any equal opportunity, let alone equal results.

        As for sports, this is a totally different issue. Asians in general aren’t very good when compared to the african and caucasian races. Let’s talk in terms of the medal winner count based on their proportion to the general population. See

        If you click “population rank”, the first top asian country is Mongolia, at no. 14. Chalk it up to Genghis Khan genes. Next oriental country is South Korea, at 31.

        Malaysia is tied with China at 73 in terms of no of medals to population! Remember, China has a much larger pool of people to pick athletes from!

        I think malaysia supported its participants well, regardless of race. LCW has certainly been treated very well.

        Unfortunately, the malaysian paralympic medal winners weren’t treated equally. There is a bias against people with disabilities. I support some form of affirmative action to help disabled people. I can’t expect them to perform at the same level as able bodied people. But they should be given more recognition, but may be not as much as the able-bodied athletes. Maybe that’s my bias speaking.

        Oscar pistorious, with his prosthetics can’t win against able bodied competitors in the same competition. But despite that, the olympics still gave him equal opportunity to participate. Can you say the same for malay candidates who don’t even get interviews?

        Mind you, there are still sports that are not based on physical strengths, but are still segregated by sex. Women pool/billiards and dart players don’t compete with men. But, oddly top women players don’t want to compete with men in those arenas! About time Helen and Dina Zaman demanded fairness in those games!

        1. Dear OB,

          I think the disparity in treatment against women and the disabled is exactly like the problem with ethnic or age bias, it is just a matter of which sub-group identification kicks in.

          It is not so much that the study / paper is in doubt. I actually think the research is innovative, and despite its limitations, revealed in empirical terms the ethnic bias in hiring processes. Like you, I believe in equality laws.

          What I am trying to caution those who have actually read (or even those who merely heard about) the paper is this – the existence of ethnic bias is a social reality in our society. The real question is what are we going to do about it. This is the confirmation of a need to challenge our presumptions and biasness, not retaliate racism with more racist behaviour. Corporations and companies and organizations talk a lot of crap about efficiency, talent and performance. The truth is far closer to superficial impressions, playacting and cable connections. People can only recognize what they know, and hence any hiring entity will perpetuate some form of incestous values in group-think and outlook.

          I am going through Tim Harford’s Adapt, and I think everyone should just read the damn book. It says little about prejudices and stereotypes, but it speaks volumes about us humans as a creature of habit, and how we are routinely fooled by our own desires to conform to some nonsensical societal norm.

          Your anecdote is very similar to other anecdotes of how qualified candidates were never called in for interviews. Shit happens during the shortlisting process, I think. I personally went through a situation where a few of us were disqualified from being interviewed for a research position on the basis of disciplinary/field differences. In my case it was a mix of a bit of good luck and stubborness as I pursued the matter all the way up. They did include us in the interview eventually and all of us got through the process – race and gender got little to do with this though. Then again, I had to marshall a few top brass and alert them of the problem.

          I believe people would want to do the right thing when confronted with evidence of foul play. However, by experience, I found that people are the least likely to accept their own errors and learn from their mistakes when the admission would essentially strip away their core principles and foundations of being.

          In the case of the Chinese, getting them to admit that they are a bunch of racists with serious superiority complex issues will be difficult. That the Han has got thousands of years to breed it into their genes and hardwire it into their culture, writing and customs are all immaterial – you take away the ethnocentric Chinese, you take away their communal identity and they will start to realize that they are clinging precariously on their wealth and bamboo network. Ironically, we have taught the Melayu barus to value the same worship of money and power of connections.

          We admire the Brits for their sense of fairplay and gentlemanly conduct (at least to the same members of their class), but we also realize the problem of snobbery and clannish tendencies of those from old money.

          I think we all need to be consistent, that’s all.

          1. “… In my case it was a mix of a bit of good luck and stubbornness as I pursued the matter all the way up.”

            It’s the doggedness, unwillingness to quit or admit defeat or even apologize that is characteristic of the malaysian chinese ethos.

            This contrasts with Malay youths . I am sure a typical Malay would have quit. Most malays are caught in a vicious cycle, which starts when they first learn of the negative stereotypes associated with their race. This reduces their confidence level, which discourages them from getting work and, in turn, further reinforces the negative stereotype.

            The chinese, and nowadays the indians, are caught in what economists call the ‘virtuous cycle’, the polar opposite of the ‘vicious cycle’.

            The chinese are known for positive stereotypes. They are known for being industrious and persevering. Recruiters/employers apply these positive stereotypes when making hiring decisions. This allows the chinese to enter quickly into the workforce.

            With boosted confidence, a chinese or “dll” worker would perform his work with more enthusiasm, which earns him praise from his boss and co-workers. This in turn leads to getting more work and more rewards and faster promotion.

            I know of many malay families who bring their children, who performed well overseas, back home to Malaysia only to see their children struggle. Why?

            The parents assume it’s culture shock. That’s the polite term. When I dig deeper, I find out that the Malay children are suddenly introduced to negative stereotypes of their race. Previously, they had no knowledge of the ‘lazy Malay’ stereotype.

            As I wrote before, the cycle starts very, very young age. The vicious cycle continues and is hard to break.

            Francois hollande even suggested to ‘supprimer les devoirs à la maison’. Would we go so far?

            We had a Malay girl who scored a ton of ‘A’s in her SPM. Look at the media attack her or cast doubt on her while she tried to continue her studies in the UK. It seems some people (Malays included) just don’t want the Malay to enter a ‘virtuous cycle’.

          2. I think each race will have their fair share of stereotypes, positive or negative. I work in the civil service and the episode I share involves my Malay colleagues. I did not think they were any less determined.

            I think if we stop ascribing or blaming or linking certain outcomes by the colour of our skin, I think that would be a start. I do concur that stereotypical images can be more persistent and influential than we think, and it is important the media and intelligensia play their part in addressing skewed perspectives. What you view as a plus could easily be a minus in another context. The Chinese doggedness and aggressive demeanor earn them few admirers, as opposed to the tactful and polite Malay. These are all generalisations of course, as traits cannot be monopolized by race, gender or age.

    2. ob, most top student in local u n sekolah menengah kebangsan is non malay, is this a discrimination? maybe. but where is all the top malay, they attend a diff school. so where is all the best malay in the working field, they r in govt or glc or own biz, they dont have to compete with non malay.

      only the second best that couldn’t join govt, glc n start own biz have to go private, if u r a profit oriented biz owner, who u would hire, and this perception is strongly rooted in most mnc, thus discrimination has everything to do with govt policies, i dun deny human biasness play a part though.

      1. Discrimination starts at a very early age. Chinese and other scholastically dominant ethnic groups emphasise much on rote learning from when the child is barely a toddler.

        The Chinese segregate their children from other races very early on and create the sense of superiority in the child. Some even hire nannies– no, servants– of a different race, whom they openly mistreat in front of their child. This helps the child learn how to lord it over a person with a different skin color.

        I have a cousin who married a foreign chinese lady. They have a child together. The child interacts badly with people of different skin colors. We’re talking about a toddler here.

        When I inquired my cousin about why his toddler behaves in such a bad manner, he said he’s worried. But, he doesn’t get to interact much with the child, and it is his wife who brings up the child. She doesn’t even try to speak english with the child. She speaks chinese.

        The above are just anecdotal. But it helps drive a point that negative behaviors like discrimination and bullying starts early, just like how positive behaviors such as learning to be good at multiple languages and maths usually start early.

        This phenomenon of early learning is common among economically dominant groups. In France, Francois Hollande suggested to get rid of homework!! He thinks that homework helps certain groups/races because they have time and resources to improve their children’s learning outside the classroom.

        The alternative is to have a teacher 24/7 on call. But French leadership considers that option too expensive.

        I keep on hearing about how chinese say it is unfair that chinese don’t get to participate more in the public sector. But ask yourself honestly, how many chinese want to join government? I have heard of my non-malay friends instantly reject offers from companies like Petronas and other GLC like Sime. I know they reject because of their negative perception of Malays. It’s a vicious cycle.

        As for the ‘top malays’, you don’t hear much about them because papers like the Star rarely cover them. I was the top in my class, above the chinese and I went on to graduate uni as a teenager. I wasnt approached by any newspaper. My story is not known.

        WHen i showed my results to prospective chinese employers, they changed their tune. They said academics was not important for them, it was experience and soft skills. Meritocracy in malaysia is bullshit.

        You have to confess that some humans (especially of the chinese extraction) are more prone to bias than others.

        1. OB,

          You wrote “The above are just anecdotal” no, I call it absurd, for instance, the child interacts badly with people of different skin colors, and hence the problem is with the Chinese toddler and not others?

          In the 60’ and 70’, there is 40% non Malay in the government, I honestly believe there is many non Malay that wish to join the government, at least much more than the current percentage, unless the SMI offer a much better package, which I doubt, in fact I think there is less Malay that want to get a job in SMI.

          And I disagree when you claim that Chinese are prone to bias than others, I don’t know which “others” are you referring to, however historically Chinese are relatively less racism and bias compare to many others, even the infamous barbarian concept is a ignorant self declare of civilise and cultural superiority, nothing much to do with race and ethnic, the notion of race, ethnic and nation state is believed to be a western creation.

          However i believe most of us Malaysian are equally racist, especially toward our indian bro, both public and private seem to place them as last choice.

          1. If you consider my anecdotes, which have been confirmed by others who have interacted with the child in question, as ‘absurd’, then I can equally assert that your anecdotes are ‘absurd.’

            I can also dismiss your observation about chinese being less prone to bias. It is your observation, which is not substantiated by fact.

            The FACT is that two academic professor, one malay and another chinese, teamed up and wrote a paper that exposed bias in the private sector.

            You should read the write up by the edge


            NO WHERE in my write up to you did I mention RACISM. Don’t be sensitive to bias. We are biased and discriminatory in everything we do. It’s bigotry, hatred and racism that we abhor. Though racial bias that it causes financial, emotional and physical distress should be classified as racism.

            I think since you jumped to using the word ‘racism’ , you know how being denied a job opportunity through ‘preferential bias’ is akin to racism.

            Apparently not all share your view. See this blogger


            She has accused the author of the article of being a ‘christian bigot’! What has christianity got do with it?

            Helen, is the new buddhist chinese thing to knock other chinese because they are christian??

          2. OB,

            You have very less chance to assert my anecdotes as absurd because I rarely base my view on anecdotes, and I did seek clarification what you meant by “others”, historically and even today, the whites are well known of their racism, discrimination and bias, in short, this is not my observation. If you are really interest how I observe thing, here is one I believe is sort of bias when you respond to N’sync “Let’s not cast doubt on the study, after all it was co-authored by a chinese. That must lend it some credence.”

            I could be wrong but I think your last few para were for the attention of Helen, I don’t knock other chinese because they are christian.

            PS/ I never claim the study is right or wrong, yet.

      2. HY, 20 yrs ago i was top in my school in primary and lower secondary. both principal and assist. principal were chinese and indian. something that very thorny issue to them.

        You want to know what they did to me? they put me in a dysfunctional class form 4 with group of malay majority, teachers purposely skip classes, or if not will always come late for their classes, like to skip labs too.

        most teachers were chinese teaching maths, physics and bio. for chinese and indians they put in class no 1, and teachers never failed to turn up, very clean tactics. So what you expect me to do? 6 months long staying there like staying in a zoo!

        See, i have to make a move to other school, otherwise i will face doom, thats why you wont find top malay students in mce/spm or stpm ! you will see names of malay students at lce or srp level at school’s wall of fame but not for mce/spm, and we know who monopolise that, something to ponder ok. Your take.

        1. my take is that we must scrutinise any anecdote and personal experience with cautions. for example, would a malay principal do thing differently in your case? because i went thru the same “segregation” during my school life, not because of thorny issue but rather to facilitate the teaching of certain subjects, mainly those not “mainstream” subject like vernacular and religioun class. one of my school even segregate the class basing on sk and srjk background until the parents protest. did you talk to the principal or complain to education ministry the problem you faced?

          i am also curious why the move to other school become a solution and could lead to less malay in the wall of fame, i thought that is the solution of the “we know who monopolise”? or the other school take a different exam? just asking.

          1. PT’s experience is similar to mine. I had many chinese teachers discount my achievements. And, helen theorizes that is the cause of the ‘chip on my shoulder’. How deluded she is…

            HY, I’ve noticed how you always turn the table and pose counter-hypothetical situations. In this case, you want to know if the principal were Malay, what would have been outcome?

            Actually, we can easily answer HY’s hypothetical situation. We have seen it when a malay teacher at school called a non-malay student a ‘pendatang’. There was an ear-deafening uproar from the Chinese, and the indians chimed in too!

            The big problem in Malaysia is the minority chinese are the noisiest of all sub-groups. We can see such behavior in mainland china.

            Allow me to be racist here. The chinese are not a people who do well in democratic situations. Sooner or later, they’ll be throwing chairs and punches at each other.

            Let me pose a hypothetical situation to HY. If the UM study had proven that Malays were anti-chinese in their hiring practices, what would happen?? DAP would shouting at the top of their lungs! Helen’s blog entry would mimic that whole KFC incident all over again!

            So far, do I hear any malay noise on this study? I know of none, but tell me if yes…

          2. gosh, if people like u could only debate what I said, rather than what u hoped I said, that would be grand i guess.

            i wrote “for example, would a malay principal do thing differently in your case?”, which part of my question u dont understand?

            “The chinese are not a people who do well in democratic situations. Sooner or later, they’ll be throwing chairs and punches at each other.”
            i dont know, let see what happen when there is a change of federal government here.

            “So far, do I hear any malay noise on this study?”
            I thought u r a malay?

    3. OverseasBumi,

      “I have tried a few times to return to Malaysia and get a job commensurate of my years of overseas experience, but I still get rejected for interviews.”

      I don’t mean to insult. Apart from your allegation of racial discrimination and put the blame on employers, perhaps you should look in the mirror and figure out your own weaknesses? It is always easy to blame other people as opposed to blaming yourself.

      “UMNO is an organisation whose objective is to HELP the malay people.”

      UMNO is more on helping Malay UMNOputras and cronies such as Syed Mokhtar, Halim Saad, Daim Zainnuddin, Tajuddin Ramli, Mokhzani Mahathir etc. Also non-Malay cronies such as Ananda Krishnan, Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong etc. Ordinary Malaysians are still struggling to make ends meet. NEP and its succession policies have already been implemented for 40 years but until to-date, the 30% target is still not achieved. The ordinary Malays are still lagging behind the ordinary Chinese in almost every economic aspects.

      “Once the Malays are split, the chinese malaysian would put their efficient political and economic machines to work.”

      What you mean by split? Split between UMNO, PAS and PKR? Bear in mind that Malaysians including Malays have the rights to support and vote for their preferred political parties. ‘Split’ is a must in democracy. If all the Malays must be united under the same political party, what is the point of casting votes in election?

      “THey would further suppress the Malays. That’s why Malays like me have to get a foot overseas, just in case of such an eventuality.”

      What is the ratio of Malays and non-Malays that are living/studying/working in overseas? What about Malaysians that are living in Johor but attending schools and employment in Singapore? I believe the number of non-Malays in overseas is substantially higher than the Malays.

  5. Muka Haris Ibrahim sudah serupa Yahudi Mabuk. BTW, kenapa DAP sibuk dgn Sekular? Bukankah mereka pendokong Evengelis. Wait a minute. What is the meaning of secularism? I guess DAPster were atheist.?

    1. Yang dok sibuk dengan sekular itu DAPster geriatric umpama Karpal dan Kit Siang.

      DAPsters mostly evangelistas, from my observation. Like the Bible-quoting King Kong.

  6. Basically the hatred for BN/ UMNO/ MCA has probably gone way overboard, that most pro-opposition supporters have already lost their plot long long time ago.

    Most ABU folks I have talked to, feel that, by booting out the current government, this country will be able to reset, or maybe re-boot or reincarnate into something better. Maybe. I don’t know what to make of the political eventuality of this country in the future. Are most Malaysians’ life going to improve and be better in the next decade? At this rate, I guess most people will just muddle through economically, neither here nor there, regardless of BN or PR took over.

    People who earn RM1000/month today will still going to earn RM1000/month 5 years later. The bright side is that most us here still have jobs. Spaniards are having tough time now, with 25% unemployment and most of them have to leave their country to search for job in third world countries like Uruguay!

    A traditional Chinese BN supporter (who’s also a former civil servant) told me few weeks ago he’ll continue to vote for BN because he feels that PR only know how to bark and fight among themselves (Cantonese/ Chinese saying 狗咬狗骨- dog bite dog’s bone). And I can’t disagree with him. After all, most if not all politicians are not to be trusted from either sides. Come to think of it, I always wonder why people would want to go into politics if not for big money. Good politicians in the mold like Fan Yew Teng and Lee Lam Thye have long been extinct already!

    PS: Regarding race discrimination in hiring practices in Malaysia‘, this piece from Dina Zaman is probably relevant but nevertheless disturbing, at least for me.

    1. Absolutely.

      Will the price of things go down tomorrow if it is Pakatan sitting in Putrajaya? I don’t think so.

      1. If the oil price goes down to RM1.00 then I will vote for Anwar 16th Sept. Lol… LGE lupa siapakah bapa lompat melompat 16 sept. Lidah bercabang .. Kenapa dia gubal undang2 anti lompat? Mau playsafe ka? Dan kalau baca kata2 LGE memang jelas penipuan mengenai lompat melompat. Dulu dia bukan main sokong Anwar.

          1. Skg semua sudah lupa yg mereka pernah pasang angan-angan duduk kerusi empuk putrajaya 16th sept 2008. Aku tak pernah lupa penipuan hidup2 Anwar. We have the numbers.!!! hahaha

    2. Dina Zaman is another example of a person who is racist against her own race.

      So what if she sees or knows of a lazy ‘boy’ at work? Why can’t she just define that boy as a ‘lazy person’ rather than a ‘lazy malay’ boy? Why even mention gender?

      The ‘lazy malay’ stereotype is not gender specific, but her article had to attach a gender to this problem. She is not only showing herself to be racist, she’s sexist too.

      There are lazy complacent and irresponsible men all over the world now. The problem with men now is actually quite complex, but she managed to reduce it to a simple yet specific narrative.

      She is helping to perpetuate of the lazy, complacent malay male stereotype. Yet, her whole article is only based on anecdotes! Where’s the research!? How fucking lazy is that?

      Dina Zaman should just deny her race. She has racial self-hatred and MISANDRY to boot . Look up that word if you don’t know it.

      Judging by her articles and pictures on the internet, I can also perpetuate several stereotypes about her. However, I won’t stoop as low as her.

      Helen, if you are taken by Dina’s article, then that’s another reason for you to ‘reboot’. How many times must I school you?

      1. OB,

        I don’t figure that you can buy your shirts off the rack. For sure you need to have them specially tailored to accommodate the chip on your shoulder.

  7. With PKR under Anwar and his foreign puppet masters and PAS acting like minions for DAP all I have to say for ABU Malay supporters is, have fun selling out your rights for mere pittance.

    Or as the Malays say, marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar.

    And if someone among them says DAP will protect Malay rights, I would ask for some of whatever that fella’s smoking and ask the government to ban it totally.

    1. Ask the gomen to ban lollipops. Those guys don’t smoke but they can’t go without the ketua umum’s handouts.

  8. From my own experiences in the construction and heavy engineering industry, racial discrimination in applying for a work position occurs everywhere. The main difference is whether the racial card is played openly (as in M’sia, S’pore or HK) or held closer to the chest (as in US, UK or Oz). A colleague called it homophily, and was found legally compliant when a suit was brought by a rejected applicant.

    The homophilic trio of PAS-DAP-PKR so-called efficiency, methinks, derive from their common belief that the evil lies in those other than them. Unlike them, BN have had experiences in fighting their own internal evils (e.g. Anwar Ibrahim, Pak Lah of recent years) whilst PR are in denial of theirs.

    As such, hypothetically speaking (and god-forbid), if PR in its current form were to assume the head of government role in Putrajaya, the penny will drop on the trio with realisation that denial is not a policy that can bring them far. In-fighting occurs, government stalls and the economy crumbles. I’ve experienced it and it’s called new south wales pre-2011..:-)

  9. Helen, The DAP dupes will believe what they want to believe. The virus, The DAP Holier Than Thou Virus has infected the majority of the Chinese, even those Chinese educated Chinese have succumbed to it.

    They want a 2 party system, they will have it, like you said. When they realized that the 2 party system of DAP vs UMNO is detrimental to their interest, you can expect these DAP dupes to pin all the blame on UMNO.

    UMNO is not perfect, in fact UMNO has never said it is perfect. the deal between UMNO and the Malays all along is this : vote us, you help us, we help you, granted there will be those that benefit more than others, but nonetheless everyone gets his share of the deal. the DAP on the other hand is another kind of animal. it calls itself multiracial, but ask yourself honestly, how multiracial are they ?

    the chairman is just there to “decorate” the top leadership. when he said that the DAP should implement the 1 candidate 1 seat system, what happened ? the top Chinese leaders jumped in and said the proposal should not be discussed, its a party issue, don’t go public. so far only the Indian DAP leaders support Karpal’s proposal. you call the party multiracial ? its all baloney.

    you have a 2 party system within the party, the Chinese hold the rein, the Indians provide some token resistance, the Malays practically non nowhere to be seen in the corridors of the party’s leadership.

    now even Bah Tony has quit the party, despite what they said.

    1. Pakatan Puak Pembohong,

      Yes. sir. You said it all. Whatever said about UMNO, I believe it is more tolerant than PR.

      We can say many nasty things about UMNO. Newspapers can tilt in favour of PR but they still can attend the PM press conference. The same of course cant be said about PR.

      We cry out loud about cronism and nepotism but Dr Mahathir specifically prohibited his son to have any post even at branch level in UMNO during his tenure. Compare to Guan Eng who “bypassed” every possible leaders in DAP to sit on the throne in DAP.

      We accuse UMNO of not being democratic but at least Najib won the post. So does Muhyiddin. Anwar self appoints himself to be “Ketua Umum” PKR.. And Nik Aziz with self styled “murshidul am” is deemed more senior in hierarchy in PAS. And forever DAP is “immortalised” by Kit siang Dynasty as if DAP will collapse without him.

      Many accuse UMNO as racist. But we never see UMNO as long as anyone can remember using its might to play racial card. At height of its power, it controlled almost 70% of parliamentary seats. It simply can bulldoze on other party. But it did not do that.

      But with just 4 years in power, suddenly so many Malay stalls demolished in Penang for reason we all know as “racism”.

      Many Chinese feel that they can get anything from UMNO by supporting DAP. As goes the saying, be careful with what we wish. Meaning instead of earning the benefit, the Chinese may eventually vote themselves out of Govt.

  10. Well, since it’s on a topic of discrimination in job places. Let me honestly say that I practice discrimination personally (not that I am proud of it but I have to). As a Head of Department, whenever I have to pick a candidate I make sure that they’re single (READ: Not Married) and with no children. Age, race or sex doesn’t matter to me, as long as they fulfilled both the specs I mentioned above.

    Suprisingly, though at first my bosses and other HODs (all chinese mind you) rejected my idea (as I made it known verbally to the HR and the rest) but after few fiasco and circumstances, they’d beginning to see some sense and a valid reason why.

    1. I don’t see why employers in malaysia want to judge candidates based on marital status. It should not matter if one is married or single. Western countries have classified this as discrimination:

      If a job entails a lot of traveling and long hours, a married person may naturally eschew such a job.

      Malaysian employers are poor at communicating what they need in a candidate. But, somehow employers, whom I can bet are chinese, think that ‘fluency in Mandarin’ is an important criteria!

      Never do these employers explain in their ads why fluency in Mandarin is required.

      I have seen a department store sales position specifically advertise for mandarin speakers. The shop was selling clothing. Did the shop expect to sell exclusively to mandarin speakers? Why not cantonese or hokkien speakers? Any person of any racial background could enter the shop.

      I doubt candidates need straight A results in the PMR/SPM to qualify for dept sales positions. So where is the meritocracy in these hiring practices?

      Usually the most vulnerable are the most affected by discrimination, but they don’t have a voice.

      You may think that in engineering there would be objectivity in the hiring process, but there isn’t in most cases. I have had dozens of interviews where the interviewers asked whatever came to their mind. There was no structure in their questions, and their technical questions were random.

      In western companies I worked with, they have a standard question sets. They try to follow non-discriminatory practices they brought from their home countries, but it doesn’t always translate well. Some hidden bias emerge. See the bias committed by a western manager against Malay retail operators in KLCC:

      Helen just points out Selangor times, then she started to the Star’s bias, which I pointed out to her nearly a year ago.

      Helen and others should realize bias is pervasive in malaysian society. She is right in exposing the DAP hypocrisy in their pretense of being ‘race blind’.

    2. Anakjamil, I wish more people like you are around without an agenda. You are real in your approach in your responsibility in your profession for your company, not something personal here.

      We don’t need hocus pocus characters who only have to think what fits as and when it fits with their artificial agenda without acknowledging the reality. Your decision has nothing to do on your personal affair but ensuring that you are able to fulfill your responsibility for what the company hires you for.

    3. You know, they will get married eventually, unless you kill off their social life.

      I think it is a common problem for Malaysia for people who are in hiring and promotion positions to think that their biasness is good for the company.

      Of course, some biasness are temporal and job specific. For politicians, being single is considered a handicap. For some reason, voters prefer married candidates. Can’t say the same for popstars and filmstars though.

  11. Yg kata Malaysia ni negara Fasis dan Nazi, boleh pergi mampus ke negara lain. Kalau betul Fasis dan Nazi, Dah lama pemimpin Melayu dulu bunuh Cina beramai2 mcm Hitler buat pada Yahudi.

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