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Race matters to Obama, Romney voters

The Republican presidential challenger has zero support among blacks and is greeted with boos and snickering.

Read, ‘Mitt Romney is Capturing Zero Percent of the Black Vote, According to New Poll‘ in The Huffington Post.

The MSNBC poll details here, pdf.

NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray writes:

“Looking inside the numbers, Obama continues to lead Romney among key parts of his political base, including African Americans (94 percent to 0 percent), Latinos (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent).

Romney is ahead with whites (53 percent to 40 percent), rural voters (47 percent to 38 percent) and seniors (49 percent to 41 percent).”

Voters reflect people pattern

There are many polls on how Americans view both men — an aggregate of all the polls can be accessed at RealClearPolitics.

The MSNBC poll findings tally with the rest of the other polls regarding the general trend:

  • Obama is more popular with women, Romney with men
  • Obama is twice as popular with Hispanics
  • Obama is more popular with the young generation, Romney with seniors, mirroring the non-white / white demography in the US, i.e. younger Americans are increasingly non-white whereas the ageing population is white
  • Obama is popular in metropolitan areas (New York, Los Angeles, etc), Romney is popular in rural areas — see electoral map below

Map: Blue states went to the Democrats and red states went to the Republicans in 2008

Traditionally blue are the coasts (west-California, east-New York) while traditionally red are the Bible Belt, the Appalachian region (think John Denver’s Country Roads) and what are generally considered farming/ranching communities, including Texas.

The map shows an Amerika Syarikat split into two — red between blue sandwich. (Off the mainland, Hawaii is blue and Alaska is red.)

Two-party system

Besides Obama and Romney, other candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring are Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party) and Virgil Goode (Constitution Party).

Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists and others are sometimes referred to as the ‘Third Force’. However under the American electoral college system, the third wheel has not been able to get the same grip as they have managed in the UK.

American voters see themselves as:

Independents at 38 percent

Democrats at 32 percent

Republicans at 24 percent

Source: Pew Research Center via The Boston Globe

Blacks solidly for Obama

If you thought that the current 94 percent of black support for Obama is extremely high, it was even higher in 2008 when fully 96 percent of black voters supported Obama.

A regular commenter in this blog has pointed out that black Americans have been strongly supportive of Democrat candidates in recent years.

John Kerry, the Democrat party presidential candidate in 2004, got 88 percent of the black vote — CNN exit poll.

But still, Kerry’s 88 percent is some distance from Obama’s whopping 96 percent.

Furthermore, the blacks recorded a two percentage-point rise in their national turnout in 2008, meaning more blacks took the trouble to go out and register their vote for Obama compared with for Kerry.

Even Colin Powell who was a Republican Secretary of State crossed party lines to endorse Obama.

CNN interview with John Sununu

Adviser to Romney, John Sununu is the former New Hampshire governor and White House Chief of Staff under President Bush Sr. Sununu’s family originated from the Middle East (Beirut).

Piers Morgan (CNN): “Colin Powell has decided to opt for President Obama again, despite apparently still being a Republican. Is it time he left the party?”

Sununu: “I’m not sure how important that is. Frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to wonder if that’s an endorsement based on issues, or whether he’s got a slightly different reason for preferring President Obama?”

Morgan: “What reason would that be?”

Sununu: “Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.” — CNN, Oct 25

For saying the above, Sununu was slammed by a lot of the American liberal media for being “racist”.

Only “idiots” for Romney

When a black actress tweeted her preference for Romney, American Twitterverse reacted exactly like DAPsters, calling her “idiot” and such. One twit even told her “Kill yourself, you old hag”.

Another headline reported the uproar as thus: ”Stacey Dash Tweets Support for Romney, All Hell Breaks Loose‘.

Explaining the backlash, former news anchor Barbara Walters said, “The feeling is black people should not be voting for Romney.”

Whoopi Goldberg opined, “She’s being attacked because she has a different view from other people” — meaning Stacey Dash was attacked because she had a different view from the 96 percent of other blacks.

The Economist has projected that “four out of five non-whites will vote for Mr Obama”.

The New York Times, in its editorial last week said,”we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term”.

Newspapers clearly take sides.

NYT is blue through and through. Since John Kennedy, the New York Timesendorsements have been without fail for the Democrats — Obama (2008), Kerry (2004), Al Gore (2000), Bill Clinton (1996), Clinton (1992), Michael Dukakis (1988), Walter Mondale (1984), Jimmy Carter (1980), Carter (1976), George McGovern (1972), Hubert Humphrey (1968), Lyndon B. Johnson (1964), JFK (1960).

The Firster rhetoric

Obama is a favourite poster boy for the Malaysian Firster press gang.

They point to him as a model for slaying racism.

They say if a black man can become the American president, why can’t a non-Malay become the Malaysian prime minister.

Consider this: Nobody has ever heard Obama speak Swahili (or whatever the Kenyan dialect his father spoke). Lim Guan Eng insisted on Mandarin as the language of his first debate against Chua Soi Lek.


Christianity is the majority religion in the USA. Obama is a Christian.

Lim Guan Eng is similar to Obama in that the American president downplays his middle name ‘Hussein’ while Guan Eng downplays his Christian religion (assumed unless he clarifies to the contrary).

Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal converted to Christianity in high school. His parents emigrated from India and are Hindu. He’s known by his American name ‘Bobby’ and not by his birth name Piyush Jindal.

Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley converted to Christianity a year after she married her husband who is a Methodist. Her parents emigrated from Punjab and are Sikh. She’s known by the American-sounding name ‘Nikki’ and not her birth name Nimrata Randhawa (Haley is her married name).

Nikki Haley has revealed that she does not read Punjabi.

If the Firsters wish to tout the American minority breakthrough in politics, then the model most resembling Barack Obama, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley is Ridhuan Tee.

Rhetorical question: Is it not strange that the Firsters vilify an ideal candidate like Ridhuan Tee so viciously?

A Reader’s Question:

Given that newspapers clearly endorse a candidate — NYT for Obama (example above) and even The Economist plumped for Obama saying “this newspaper would stick with the devil it knows, and re-elect him” – one regular reader of this blog wants The Star to clearly state its political position.

Does The Star endorse Barisan or Pakatan?

Who are the Star people?

The photo below was tweeted by Hannah Yeoh: “At DAP Sgor Convention @cmlimguaneng doing his pc with @tonypua @mpklang . Spot @reginalah”

Hannah Yeoh has asked her jemaah Twitter comprising 52,367 followers (large following achieved through active promotion and lavish publicity given by The Star) to spot her good reporter friend Regina Lee in the photo.

Regina Lee is a Star reporter, formerly a  Malaysiakini staff. Regina’s husband Teh Eng Hock was the Star-National Union of Journalists chairman, who on an assignment to cover a Rosmah Mansor function, had tweeted “Oi Big Mama. U r already 70mins late”.

The Star sent Regina Lee to cover the Lim Guan Eng DAP press conference.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

51 thoughts on “Race matters to Obama, Romney voters

  1. You beat me to this topic. But i want to pull back to the malaysian study first. It showed Malay-dominated employers were biased against Malay applicants.

    It can thus be said, Malays are sometimes their own worst enemies (see UMNO-PAS).
    This reminds me of the stereotype perpetuated by whites in the US of how blacks are their own worst enemies. But look at how united they are in voting!
    Did you know that pundits (CNN’s piers morgan was one) claim that racism in US is WORSE now since Obama took office?
    White people are now voting romney because he is white! So it is not an exclusive black phenomenon.

    It’s called identity politics.

    1. “racism in US is WORSE now since Obama took office” — yup, I’ve read variously.

      “White people are now voting romney because he is white!” — uh-huh. One of the recurring quotations in my blog is Newtons’ Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

      If the whites see that 96 percent voted Obama, that goes beyond the traditional black preference for the Democrats.

      Same thing with Firsters. Like Obama made a breakthrough in 2008, Pakatan made a similar breakthrough in 2008.

      The opposition supporters like to claim that the Bersih rallies broke down racial barriers.

      But the ethnic polarization has become more overt and pronounced since 2008. Online and social media are contributing factors to this development.

  2. Helen,

    There are people who still make political decision based on the last minute information or silly gaffe. It is not accurate and on top of that last minute information will not lead anyone to make a better decision. If voters are able to make an accurate decision, it is more likely that the end result is accurate. To achieve that, voters must be taught to avoid the fallacy of the last minute information or gaffe. If not, voters would only get CAT — cocky, arrogant, tokong.

  3. The Malaysian First crowd are delusional and their liberalism is racism in disguise.

    The racism of the liberal left is different from the racism of the conservative right

    If you are discerning, you will realize that the racism of the liberal left is Your own culture, to speak of preserving your culture, then you are a racist. In other words, the racism of the liberal left is not based on cultural identification, but on ideological and political identification. it’s ideology and politics, stupid.

    You want an example of the racism of the liberal left ? take a good look at the Khmer Rouge. It’s whole premise was/is based on social engineering. Wwhat the Malaysian First crowd is calling for now is this : get rid of, abolish all known cultural heritage in Malaysia. Replace it with “ideology”.

    “Ideology” here refers to – human rights, freedom of expression, beyond race, “equality” etc, these things have no roots of history. If you don’t subscribe to all this, then you are labelled a racist.

    Now have you ever wondered who are the loudest proponents of the One School for All system ? who’s the biggest cheerleaders of the English language for the teachings of science and maths ? Iif you can look past the politics, you’ll see that the racism of the liberal left exist on both sides of the political divide, the difference being that the opposition are much more vocal, much more aggressive.

    And the racism of the liberal left is more dangerous because it calls for the obliteration of all known cultures.

    Now speaking of Obama. Why is it that so many minorities i.e Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, why do so many of them support Obama ? The same reason why so we have so many Malaysian First dupes here in Malaysia. Tthe hope, the desire for “imagined equality”, but they do not know that to achieve this “imagined equality”, it demands that they must first obliterate their own cultural heritage.

    Look at the history of assimilation in the USA. the first generation came with the language and heritage of their ancestral country intact. By the second generation, the linguistic and cultural foundation is weakened. By the time they get to the third generation, the entire corpus of language and culture of the first generation is gone. now they have become “American”, which is a political invention.

    The USA is a state, a political state, a political invention. Even after they have become “American” the racism persists. They are still called names, bandits for Mexicans, Hispanics, Chinks for Chinese, Asians, terrorists for Arabs and Muslims. Look at the price paid. Abandoned your own culture and assimilate and still get discriminated. What a price indeed !

    Lat China, Japan, Korea. these 3 are civilization states. Why is that ? Bthey do not accept immigrants. you don’t hear about them seeking immigrants, and if you do hear about them looking at attracting foreign talent, it is usually for a non permanent basis. They expect you to leave once you have fulfilled your work in those 3 countries. They don’t expect, and they have no intention of naturalizing foreigners, and even when there are foreigners who are naturalized, they are miniscule and the wait takes generations.

    Now tell me, who’s more racist ? One that keeps telling us that we must be beyond race, telling us that we must obliterate our cultural past in order to reach a wonderland of imagined equality, a make believe world, or the other one that says “lets work together. you get your share of the deal, I look after my people, you look after your people, don’t butt on our respective spheres and spaces, when we have issues, we come together to work things out”.

    1. Thank you! Ahmad Ibrahim

      You’ve pulled together so well my own line of thinking.

      The liberal left is indeed more fascistic. The Slate article linked by OB is Firsterish, like a Haris Ibrahim talking, i.e. the middle-aged white man writer is proud that he’s crossing demography lines by voting Obama (similar to Haris’ support for DAP).

      1. Helen how many years have you lived in the US? Ive lived there for nearly a decade. I have family who have lived there all their adult lives. They know the fascist, who talk about pro-militarism, patriotism, jingoism and an american set of beliefs and an american ‘race’ are the Republicans.

        You think the tone of the Slate article supports your narrative. But have you read national review, wall street journal, breitbart, washington times? They have such pro-war, anti govt regulation, pro freemarket views. Dont judge based on tone, judge based on actualy laws passed.

        1. Which American laws passed do you disagree with that you lay at the feet of Republican legislators (and which were objected by Dems)?

          As far as I’m aware, as one example, the Patriot Act received bipartisan support in Congress.

          1. The one republican supported law that democrats have been up in arms against is the Voter ID laws, which are state based. Democrats believe that these voter ID laws would disenfranchise low income minorities by making voting very difficult for them .


            Laws passed is one thing. Laws and policies blocked is another issue.


            Since the democrats are technically in power, they are credited for passing bills (ie Obama doesn’t veto them, but signs them). It’s the republicans who attempt to block them. Here’s a list of bills that were attempted to be passed by democrats, but were fervently objected by republicans.





            Look at some of the names of the bills that republicans attempted to block:

            HR 12 – Paycheck Fairness Act

            H.R. 549 — National Bombing Prevention Act

            H.R. 577 – Vision Care for Kids Act

            H.R. 1262, Water Quality Investment Act

            H.R. 1824 — Best  Buddies Empowerment for People with Intellectual Disabilities Act


            Think about our political process. Who is trying to block AES? Who is not cooperating with government to work on improving our water supplies? Who tries to act as an obstacle against the smooth progress of the MRT project?  Who tries to portray themselves as the best for the economy? Who tries to support policies that benefit the richest in society?


            If DAP were like US democrats, they would have jumped on the UM study about discrimination. They would have asked for more equal opportunity at work. They would fight for the working man. But they don’t, because it won’t benefit their rich Chinese supporters.


            Our opposition is acting just like the republicans in that it tries to block even the most sensible laws and government policies. And usually there is a subtext for blocking the laws — it’s to help the rich elite (who are mostly white in US, and Chinese in Malaysia).


            As for the Patriot Act, it was passed during a time of US national crisis. Imagine if an ethnic chinese individual (foreign or local) were to attack malaysia at a grand scale. Malaysia would probably bring back ISA with full force. If DAP were to block implementation of ISA at that time, do you think Malays would appreciate DAP’s efforts? I am sure not.

    2. I admit if asked which side i support in the US election, i would say it is the liberal democrats. Family i have there all vote democrats.

      The idea of a cultural melting pot is actually attactive to me as i have seen first hand how it can bring people together.

      The melting pot idea cant work in Malaysia. You can ask for a 1 school systrm but in todays internet age ppl can use other modes of communication to maintain their cultural and linguistic heritage.

      It is a discomfiting fact, but Malaysia will always seem like having many nations within one nation.

    3. Just to let you know ahmad. Liberal democrats are the ones who still talk about racism in america. They know it is worse now than ever. The Slate article i sent proved that. Slate is a well known liberal site.

      Republicans in the US want to say it is a post-racial america. They want to erase the concept of racism because they stand to gain the most from zero affirmative action and dissolution of equal opportunity laws. Therefore they can continue to enrich the white elite.

      In Texas, a white girl wants to challenge affirmative action laws. She can probably succeed in getting her case to the supreme court. Texans who are staunchly republican would strongly fight for her case. If that doesnt sound like DAPster or MCA politics, then i think you may want to reconsider.

      There are many parallels between US and Malaysian politics, but there are also a lot of differences.

  4. Stacey Dash supported Romney through twitter which is not the best platform to explain one’s politics. She was an idiot for doing so.

    Have you read republican supporter comments against obama? They are some of the most vile on the internet. So arent afraid to call him nigger muslim ape etc. ..

    Since you are touching on US political issues, you must be aware that all repubs think that the mainstream media (except for Fox) is part of a liberal cnspiracy.

    Yet it is still that ‘liberal’ media that discusses the hateful attacks against stacey and the enormous black support for obama. The liberal US media are quite objective.

    Republican supporting media like fox breitbart and drudge spin the news like malaysiakini tmi and other malaysian opposition websites. It led to me spculate that maybe they were provided tips and training from US repub media advisors.

    1. I rarely touch on foreign political issues. Only b’cos of the Firster fetish for Obama.

      Most striking is the Saya Anak Bangsa M’sia chest-thumping that they do not see skin colour and are ‘above’ religion.

      Yet the Chinese vote has shifted to Guan Eng in Obamic proportions. The Chinese electorate furthermore is experiencing the PAS phenomenon of kafir-mengkafir and sembahyang dua imam.

      DAP claims it is beyong race, beyond religion, whacks the other side as “racist!” and (religious) “bigot!” and DAPsters keep whining that they’re sick and tired of BN politics that are played along racial and religious lines.

      But look at the consequences of Pakatan politics in just under 5 years.

      We’ve had PAS’s political Islam with us for some time already, now we have DAP’s evangelical Christian politics

      And Pakatan claims it’s trying to eradicate the Race and Religion factors in M’sian politics?

      This is why I posted on the US election — to draw some parallels as the Americans conduct a lot of polls to survey public attitude while we don’t.

      So at least with the American experience, we have more data to look at.

      1. You hav to also consider the fact Romney is Mormon. His religion believes god comes from a planet called colob. Mormons are forbidden to drink alcohol and even caffeine drinks like coke or coffee!! Male followers were once allowed to have multiple wives. Their ‘prophet’ Joseph Smith was said to have had 27 wives!!!

        Evangelicals in US dont consider Mormons as part of mainstream Christianity. Many consider it a cult.

        In spite of the animus against Romney’s beliefs, white evangelicals still support him. Therefore you can account white racism as a stronger force in determining political orientation than religion.

        That said, black religious beliefs are also strong. By right they should support the conservstive candidate, which is romney. But historically they dont. Previously, they chose Bill Clinton over Bush I and Bob Dole. The black democratic support back then was in high 80s to low 90s. The swing to Obama in 2008 can only account for 6-10 %

        Some White supporters of Obama in ’08 now are swinging to Romney!

        1. Cool! He sounds like a Muslim: “Mormons are forbidden to drink alcohol”, “Male followers were once allowed to have multiple wives”.

          Romney for President! Long live the planet Colob.

  5. jemaah twitter makin bertambah ya… :)

    in malaysia current political scenario; only idiot chinese will vote for malay kan? – according to firsterslah…

    but unlike malay, (sembahyang 2 imam etc etc) the spirit of kecinaan still high. what if….

  6. in order to defend the Obama State, Pakatan Demokrat might need to use the copycat version of ABU… AsalkanBukanRepublikan (ABR).

  7. “Obama is more popular with the young generation, Romney with seniors, mirroring the non-white / white demography in the US, i.e. younger Americans are increasingly non-white whereas the ageing population is white”


    *Dapster is more popular with the evangelist/anglofils, Mca with secularist, mirorring the non-secularist/secularist demography in Msia, i.e. younger Msians are increasingly non-secularist whereas the ageing population is secularist?

  8. just my 2 cent…

    Obama is black, although in fact is he’s only half black (and half white).

    Did you know that Man Utd footballer Ryan Giggs, like Obama is half black? Never heard of Giggs being taunted by monkey chants from the racist spectator, like some black players.

    I wonder if Obama can get more votes from the whites if he look more white? Will the blacks give him their votes if he look more white (not like Michael Jackson-white)?

    1. Thanks for the info. Never knew RG had black ancestry but you’re right. I just Googled. His grandfather was from Sierra Leone, so he’s a quarter black but he looks more white.

      Halle Berry is a half-er too. She chooses to project a black identity. Good on her.

      Might Obama get more white votes if he had a blonde wife? Michelle is very black in her ‘sista’ attitude whereas Obama was raised by his white grandparents and as a teenager was called ‘Barry’ (according to the write-ups).


  9. I have a lebanese american in our dept who lives in texas, he votes obama but he says he is a minority in texas. seems that non white have sense of security with obama despite americans losing as much liberty under obama as bush.

  10. Kak Helen,

    mudahnya nak jadi presiden AS, waima, buat mereka yang datang dari golongan minoriti tidaklah mustahil baginya. apa yang diperlukan ialah selami dan hayati bahasa, budaya dan agama golongan majoriti dan dengan itu otomatik mendapat kelayakan.

    masalah di sini ialah, golongan minoriti ada angan-angan nak jadi “presiden” tetapi tak mahu gunapakai kaedah serupa yang telah digunapakai oleh Pak Hussien AS hingga melayakkannya duduk di kerusi presiden AS.

  11. Wah, no joke.
    Now talking analysing American politics also!
    Must be international now.
    Do you know that many of those in the ruling party are Mamaks or from our neighbours?
    Yet they have been leading Malaysians to destruction?
    Isn’t it about time you jump ship because the end is imminent?
    I also noticed that your website is now like rojak!
    Some are in English like “Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:”
    While others are Malay like wajib, nama, Tapak Web?
    Also hantar commen?
    What’s wrong?
    Been eating too much rojak?

    1. I’m only an end user of the software application and the WordPress display functions you mention are beyond my control.

      This blog is registered under Bahasa Melayu.

  12. DAP vs Republicans:

    Let’s compare Republican and DAP…

    Their websites:

    DAP sites: –

    Republican sites:

    Use of ‘racist’ coded language


    Time Mag – How to read Political Racial Code
    The Age Aus- Republicans tune in to code racism


    Mkini- UMNOputra contractor eat humble pie
    All TMI / free malaysia today comments…

    On Affirmative action

    Republican senator, Michael Enzi let employers discriminate

    NEP a historical mistake

    On Economy:

    read the numbers Obama will bankrupt america

    DAP (thru Aliran)
    Towards a bankrupt Malaysia?

    A Typical political rally

    DAP Chinese faces:
    DAP gathering — All Chinese faces

    Republican white faces:
    Mainly White faces at Republican convention floor

  13. Helen, see link–by-Larry-Dorshkind-121104-255.html.

    With our semua boleh BN/PR, it is hard to figure out who actually fits it with the American parties. Both seem to talk the same way. The sad part of the whole affair is politicians will take their natural form but it is individual people like us who can and should stand and take a position to safeguard the interest of the community rather than pandering on party affiance.

    Trust me, the American election has already been decided, we can argue about it, shout about it, but it has been decided which way it is going to be. (It is a land of immigrant even now, only motivation is $$$) Malaysia differs in this aspect. It was a land of immigrant when the British ruled for economical needs, but it has not been since 1957 unless for political need like Project M minus the culture which is a Malaysian culture irrespective of origin.

    Unlike USA which is only $$$ motivated even today, although they are vastly diversified but their cultured is pretty shallow with a $$$ concept as that is the main attraction. Malaysia is nothing like America nor Malaysia needs to be like America like how Singapore thrives to be for $$$.

    Imagine these days the Chinese & Indians Singaporeans despise those financial & engineering expatriates from India and those skill workers from China. Malaysia is unique for its people and any comparison with America is far fetched and totally oblivious of its communities need beyond $$$.

    1. You will have to explain the anomaly in ‘your’ chart to me.

      The article that you yourself linked said: “In 2008, African-American voters turned out in record numbers to vote for President Obama.”

      “White voters have leaned increasingly Republican in recent elections, although still not nearly as overwhelmingly as blacks and Latinos lean Democratic.”

      Below are the State by state results according to Racial voting bloc (CNN).

      In some states (such as Alaska), the black population is negligible and no data is provided. Where there are figures, I’ve included all below.

      Blacks voting for Obama (2008):

      Alabama – 98 percent
      Arkansas – 95%
      California – 94%
      Connecticut – 93%
      Delaware – 99%
      District of Columbia – 97%
      Florida – 96%
      Georgia – 98%
      Illinois – 96%
      Indiana – 90%
      Iowa – 93%
      Kentucky – 90%
      Louisiana – 94%
      Maryland – 94 %
      Michigan – 97%
      Mississippi – 98%
      Missouri – 93%
      Nevada – 94%
      New Jersey – 92%
      New York – 100% (!!)
      North Carolina – 95%
      Ohio – 97%
      Pennsylvania – 95%
      South Carolina – 96%
      Tennessee – 94%
      Texas – 98%
      Virginia – 92%
      Wisconsin – 91%

      1. Postscript:

        In no state does Obama score under 90 percent. Every 9+1/2 blacks out of 10 voted him.

        1. Apparently you don’t know how to parse the numbers.

          You always gloss over the fact that blacks have historically voted democrat even when the candidate was white

          See 2004 and 2008 exit polls

          BUSH– WHITE 58% , Blacks 11%
          Kerry- WHITE-41%, Blacks 88%

          Obama– WHITE 43% , Blacks 95%
          Mccain- WHITE-55%, Blacks 5%

          In 2004 overwhelmingly blacks they voted Kerry. (88% is a fucking big deal.)

          So the best is you can say 7% jumped to Obama because he is black.

          Also, did you know that a democrat named Lyndon B Johnson in 1964 got 94% of the black vote? Last I checked he’s white . LBJ 94% vs Obama 95%, both are same within margin of error.

          If you really want to convince me that blacks vote obama because he is black, get me testimony from a black american person. Beware though, they might get infuriated with you!

          let’s wait till exit polls come out. Let’s see if whites have started to change affiliation. I know a few democrat white guys who suddenly say they are ‘disappointed’ with Obama. Hmmm…

          Blacks should be disappointed with Obama. Their unemployment rates have not improved much under Obama and Obama is for same-sex marriage, a position that religious blacks truly dislike. If black votes for Obama go down, then your theory blacks-vote-black is totally bunk.

          Another thing, according to the site i gave, if romney ” reaches 61 percent among whites”, then it is big percentage swing and the highest historically. Still, you’d think that a white guy, like a chinese person, would admit his/her racism?

          THe fact is minorities don’t support ROMNEY, just like Malays and probably most indians don’t support DAP.

          Republicans are becoming a ‘one-race party’, just like former lover-party DAP.

          1. Hullo, your previous comment said, “Support for obama — 66.5% WHITE, 12.5% Latino, 21.4% Black”.

            Explain the 21.4 percent black and where you got that from, or am I missing something?

            The CNN numbers state-by-state are self-evident.

            And no, I did not say that the jump from Kerry to Obama was only 7%. In fact, I said 8%.

            But fine if you want to cite 7% as plus/minus-1 is acceptably within the margin of error. I also said that there was (a separate) increase in overall turnout of blacks in 2008 by 2 percentage points in addition to the increase between % black votes for Kerry and votes for Obama.

          2. The obama racial demography is closer to the US demographic than the republican candidate racial makeup.

            The figures i got were from the chart in the link,unless i made a typo. Check the link.

            I could have sworn i bolded the paragraph where i stated LBJ got 94% of the black vote . Are you making selective edits and formatting changes?

            1. Dear OB,

              Do not forget that you were banned by Din Merican, Sakmongkol and a few others. In comparison, I am very tolerant and allow a lot of leeway.

              And please do not test my patience further with your derogatory insinuation of “selective edits”.

              Here’s a copypaste of my earlier response to King Kong where I said:

              “Bugger off from this blog if you cannot accept the moderation mode and prefer to insinuate and to slander me.

              “Don’t come here and tell me how I can or cannot administer my blog or dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.”

              I’m presuming that he’s buggered off. Good riddance. However, he may do a Godfather (thus far the only commenter banned here) and proceed to constantly slander me anonymously in other blogs by twisting the story.

              I will not be as harsh to you as I was to KK and nor will I use the same tone. However pls just bear in mind that I’ve had enough of DAPsterish commenters and their putar-belit and their deceitful insinuations.

              If you think that hyphenating “MCIDLL” to “M-C-I-DLL” is unethical (KK’s complaint) and causing his comment to be “ubahsuai” or represents some kind of insidious editing, or that any typos which I take the trouble to correct represents the same insidious editing with the purpose to distort meaning, then I suggest don’t bother to comment.

              B’cos I too am BLOODY SICK AND TIRED of the *&%#% CRAP that gets thrown my way and I’ve had it up to here with cyber jerks who think they have got the “right” to see every single full-stop, comma and the capital letters and four-letter words they bang out on their keyboard under the cover of anonymity, dutifully and faithfully published.

              The “crap” and “jerk” descriptions do not apply to you only b’cos whatever annoyance you cause me (which is a fair bit as you will yourself admit) is at least offset by the useful content that you provide.

              However, I do have a limit on my patience with online behaviour and I’ve noticed other bloggers reaching their limit too, like BigCat who scolded a DAPster “pig shit” and I don’t blame her one bit.

              Also you should be told and be made aware that your insinuations persistently thrown at me are not being taken too kindly. It would help you understand why you were banned from several other blogs in the past and will assuredly be barred from other blogs in future should you keep this up.

              The great majority of the commenters know how to carry themselves so that they do not cross the line and there is no friction even when views are polar opposites.


              No, you did not make any typo. The 21.4% black votes (see below) for Obama correctly cited. I’ve asked you to explain the anomaly b’cos the figure doesn’t make sense unless there’s a unique context.


  14. This is what happened in 1964 : “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States[1] that outlawed major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and women.”

    The 21.4% is the black % among American that give their vote to Obama.

    It is much easier to pigeonhole Umno to Republican if we solely look at the 2008 election result. But never mind, pigeonhole DAP to Republican is too an interesting read, though might cause a wasted effort by AI and Helen to equal liberal (Democrat) to DAP.

    Helen thesis is that Malay will support UMNO while Chinese will support DAP, her fantastic dichotomy of Malay vs Chinese or UMNO vs DAP assuming the non existence of PKR and PAS. However i believe there is more Malay (% of Msian that vote DAP) who support DAP compare to Chinese (% of Msian that vote UMNO) who give their vote to UMNO in 2008, in a way, Helen is right about UMNO but cant tell much about DAP yet. I think many Chinese will return and support BN only if BN lose the 13th GE. My hope is PR to have a balance support and representative from all (race and region) should they win.

    1. No, blacks formed 12.1% of the American electorate in 2008.

      This pollster (Pew Research) says the surge in black voter turnout for Obama is almost 5%. The different poll I cited previously said 2% (estimates vary, I guess, depending on the source).

      And no, I’m not assuming “the non existence of PKR and PAS”. I’m forecasting that PAS will do badly and that its disgruntled votes (i.e. members like-minded to Ustaz Nasha, Hasan Ali et al) will migrate to Umno the same way MCA 2008 votes will migrate to DAP this time around.

      I’m also forecasting the same for PKR’s Malay candidates. In 2004, PKR won only one seat (Wan Azizah in Permatang Pauh). In 2008, it won 31 seats on March 8 (losing eight MPs later for various reasons). The jump from one to 31 is a freak incident, and PKR’s not a grassroots party like PAS to be able to claim stability.

      I expect the PKR candidates who are Chinese and Indians to do better and the PKR Malay candidates not to do well if they stand against Umno, incl. in Sabah. So it’s not a question of any non-existence of PKR.

      PKR’s aniticipated diminished performance – i.e. Malay candidates losing, Chinese candidates in Pg, Perak etc scraping through – does not fundamentally change my theory of a Chinese/Christian vs Malay/Muslim (the latter includes the mamak, Bornean pribumi) divide post-GE13.

      The basis of my theory rests on the cohesiveness of the Chinese (after all, Obama could get up to 96% of the black votes nationally and 100% in New York) and on the Malays deciding that religion is thicker than water. This religious sentiment is something that the Pakatan Chinese grossly under-estimate.

      1. “No, blacks formed 12.1% of the American electorate in 2008. ”

        exactly, when we times 2 it will be closed to 21% or more, assume 95% vote Obama, and american vote were divided almost equally btw rep and dem.

        12% when denominator is rep + dem, and 21.4% when denominator is solely democrat.

    2. HY, UMNO is BY DEFINITION a MALAY party. Come on la, don’t simplify things.

      DAP pretends to be a party that is ‘multi racial’ just like the Repubs pretend to be multi-racial.

      Americans — minorities and honest white follk — can see through the facade .

      And HY you’re wrong in your explanation. 21.4% is the proportion of the TOTAL VOTERS WHO POLLED IN SUPPORT OF OBAMA (ie MOST LIKELY TO VOTE OBAMA). So, it’s 21.4% are black, the 66+% are white etc. .

      THe 95% that Helen loves quoting is the proportion of the Black electorate who votes Obama. The remainder 5% may have voted McCain or just didn’t vote.

      I think you and Helen need training in chart reading. I thought chinese good at maths meh…

      Sorry, I had to rub it in. So, ban/sue me.

      1. ob, i think u r one that simplify thing, u compare chinese the minority here versus white the majority there, and if what you claim is true that republican is not a multi-racial party, then there is more similarity between umno and republican, and the facts is both were and are party that control the federal government, who actually drafted and implemented certain policies, unlike dap.

        i could be wrong in my “explanation” but this has nothing to do with mathematics skill, and helen did eventually get my point, you on the other hand talk irrelevant thing as usual when helen seek your explanation, twice, pertaining to the number and %, and only to show off your “talent” finally by insinuating we are poor in maths, not knowing that no one is interested to your explanation anymore.

        on a personal note, i happen to notice your memory really needs some improvement, if possible try to cultivate the habit to reread your own comment and the context of argument before drafting your next one. for instance, when the subject debated is about minority race, I don’t know what is your point to bring out minority in religion perspective (jfk), just to tell me I am wrong and how knowledgeable u r but how is that relevant? and when the discussion is about jobs and racial discrimination in private and public, u leap to political representative in govt by race, is that a fair comparison?

        now back to “sue/ban me” again, if you do read others’ comment slowly and cautiously, u would realize helen merely suggest u not to comment, or to bugger off in related to “selective edit” there is no indication that she want to ban u, don’t be so sensitive, please learn how to stay focus on topic, and to understand what others said and wrote. i have this tendency to insist comparing apples with apples, and try to stick to topic whenever possible, i haven’t the abstract mindset to routinely compare apples and oranges, and keep on diverting the topic into something irrelevant.

        however we both do share something similar, we disagree with helen more than we agree with her, and that is the fun part.

        1. I have no issues with people disagreeing with me.

          DAP has 80% Chinese support which means that 8 out of 10 Chinese agree with LGE & his gang and they disagree with me in views and opinions. This includes my own family and friends, who being Chinese, fall into the 80%. I do not make enemies on account of differences of opinion as it would be silly since my mother (who passed away last year) would have voted DAP too.

          What I dislike are comments that make baseless personal attacks and question my integrity.

          1. Jonathan Mann on CNN said Republicans are becoming more homogeneous, more ‘white’.

            Didn’t I call this out earlier? Basically I made a forecast that is now confirmed by CNN . Career in punditry, here I come!

            Long term, republicans have to attract minorities, maybe attract ‘white-looking’ hispanics. DAP needs malays, hence Hudud

            As for editing comments, Helen comes from the journalism line.

            I am sure she knows how to use square brackets to indicate something changed or use words like (sic) to indicate that something is wrong.

            I even sent a polite personal message to her, where she corrected my typing. She’s right to do so, because I do type faster than I think sometimes. But when I noticed it a second time, I had to point it out.

            Add a disclaimer that the blog writer reserves the right to change anything in the comments.

            1. Hullo!! You expect me to go sic-sic-sic-sic-sic-sic for all your frigging typing errors?

              I corrected a typo on your behalf – from “you” to “your” – which you yourself acknowledge to be necessary and that I’m “right to do so”.

              You should be THANKING ME instead of insinuating that the “change” (or “ubahsuai” in Kong Kong’s words for the hyphenation added in his case) from “you” to “your” is something dishonest or irregular. That’s why I’ve already said, if you cannot accept the moderation, then don’t comment.

              And don’t tell me what disclaimers I’m required to display either.

          2. You have to acknowledge that adding an ‘r’ to ‘you’ is still a change, albeit a minor one.

            Had you put round or square brackets–i.e. [your]–then it would have indicated to the reader that you enhanced the clarity of the sentence, and did not take away from the commenter’s true meaning. Most magazines, newspapers do this when they want to put a quotation into context.

            I am not a journalist nor do I want to be. I know there is some ‘interpretation’ that is involved in your profession. I give you lots of leeway. But I wasn’t aware of your active amendments until I saw that minor typo.

            I thought you follow the standard of allowing totally unadulterated comments, unless you indicate otherwise. I have seen your tiffs with other commenters, You would replace curses with $##%#$.

            In fact, I sorta let that typo go, thinking that someone would just know that it was supposed to be ‘your’ instead of ‘you’. I guess my ploy uncovered something else.

            This brings us to an interesting subject.

            I recall that Rocky raised this issue about the govt proposal to have bloggers held accountable for the comments people leave.

            Yes, if you have full ability to delete, omit, edit, clarify, redact comments, then effectively you are responsible for the comments that appear on your blog.

            How are the authorities supposed to know it was from the commenter or you? Is there a track change log in wordpress? Could the authorities subpoena that change log?

            Again, i inspire another topic you can post.

            I think the whole internet is moderated in some way, even 4chan (don’t look that up by the way).

            1. Let me tell you why I think you’re sick and why I’m suggesting you refrain from commenting here any further if you cannot abide by blog moderation and if you’re going to keep up this aggravation of making damaging insinuations.

              First, you’ve insinuated that I make “changes” which “take away from the commenter’s true meaning”.

              Second, you accuse the typo correction I made as being “active amendments” to your comment.

              Third, you’re claiming that you used a “ploy” of deliberating letting go a typo (which you later saw that I corrected) as a device for “uncover[ing] something else”.

              Uncovering what?! Proof of the accusation you’re alleging that I “make changes” and “active amendments” to readers’ comments?

              Do you realise what a serious slur your allegation is? Do you realise that it’s the same reason I blew my top at King Kong for going along the same lines because I hyphenated his word?

              Below is a screenshot of your comment as you sent it which was a reply to Hua Yong.

              The contentious and corrected word is boxed in red. The second screenshot is how your comment appeared published in this blog.

              I leave it to readers to judge for themselves whether your insinuations have any merit.



        2. HY, i don’t think i can get through to you. Logic or reason can’t work with people who have fixed ideas. One needs an open mind.

          I compare apple to apple; “Party open to all races”-to-“Party open to all races”,

          i.e. DAP Party demographic vs republican party demographics.

          Republican racial makeup


          DAP racial makeup (no reference, just ask helen)

          UMNO is a mono-racial party. Can’t fairly compare racial demographics .

          You compare, Mono-racial Party(UMNO) vs Population vs “Open Race” Republican Party. See the difference? You add another variable. It’s like you compare apples with coconuts and how it relates to bananas.

          AND just to let you know, the white births in the US are NO LONGER THE MAJORITY in the US! They are outnumbered by the ‘minority’ non-whites!

  15. Blehhh, all this American stuff is confusing.

    I don’t think their style can apply here. 2 party, liberals vs conservatives, president by popular vote, anyone from any race can become the president if they become American enough, maybe more stuff.

    Race applies everywhere though.

    What I like from there are comedians or political cartoonists using elections as fodder.
    Everyone could need more jokes.

    I find the dead heat polls figures fascinating. It’s that close. — Helen

    1. DOn’t take the definition of ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’ too literally. I think many believe that Republican conservatism in US is akin to what BN/UMNO practices. It’s not as simple as that.

      As I have shown, DAP has a lot more similarities with US Republicans.

  16. Mana ada hak samarata. Setiap kaum akan cenderung dgn kaumnya. So go to hell dgn equality DAPster. Hiraki dlm parti DAP tu sendiri tidak mencerminkan 1Malaysia, Malaysian Malaysia, Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

    1. So umno preach and practice “hak sama rata ” ke?

      Who can be worse than umNO?

      Who can be more hypocrite than umNO? RM40 million political fund but in Musa’s acc?

      Ask you beloved cowgate wanita umNO leader, bila mau bayar hutang rm250juta?

      Real bunch of thieves and robbers.

    2. Also, remind your beloved cowgate wanita umNO leader to shut up and refrain from making any statement. The more statement she makes, the more she will be making a fool of herself. Same goes to Nazri and Musa.
      Morally, these people are unfit to be leaders. No wonder these people reject Hudud. They Will a pair of hand if implemented.

  17. First time i sat foot in USA 30 yrs ago I jumped to the occasion of campaigning …. i joined folks canvassing in the 3rd ward neighborhood of Houston that night…. Reagan – Mondale ’85.

    Race is alive in USA. Class is alive in USA. McNeil Lehrer news Hour(then) try to pull faced and denied it… it is still alive and well. That never change.

    Since this discussion is in latent about “Malaysia Firster” let me suggest that Obama is not the role model firster… simply because his supporter are not.

    It is always about race and class….one’s just package it differently.

    The question is which Race and Class reflect you?

  18. My husband is a middle aged white American living in Malaysia who couldnt vote this time as voting procedure di state dia register leceh skit. However, he would have voted for Obama simply because he does not want Romney as president, Hopefully, this time round Obama is lebih berani to carry out what he promised, tak payah nak please group Yahudi pasal tak ada third term.

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