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UPDATED: Open thread: US presidential election (discussion)

This thread will be updated periodically until the final result is announced.

Update #9 (4.06pm) — As of 1 a.m EST, Obama had 50,237,808 popular votes and Romney, 50,113,942 (a small difference of 123,866) but his margin on the electoral college votes is huge 303 to 206 with only Florida pending — see map below.

Put in terms of ratio, the electoral college votes for Obama to Romney is 3:2 whereas their popular votes 50.2 million to 50.1 million is a dead heat. Lesson of the day: It’s the SYSTEM!

Look at the underlying system and don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.

And another thing, Amerika is undeniably a divided country as clearly indicated by the colour blocs. The two blue states breaking the red are Co: Colorado and NM: New Mexico have significant Latino votes at 12.8% and 40.6% respectively.

Update #8 (11.35am) — About the Lim family travelling circus (following up the train of thought in Update #7):

Since LGE thinks that Umno is the evil that is blighting the country, why not DAP directly take on Umno instead of flogging dead horse MCA?

Guan Eng should challenge Umno’s Puad Zarkashi (Perkasa hardliner, also Deputy Education Minister) for the Parliament seat of Batu Pahat.

Leave the Penang CMship to a Penangite and go back to Batu Pahat where he grew up, and confront Umno’s might in the enemy’s fortress state.

Update #7 (11.23am) Intriguing factoid: Romney’s got political pedigree; his father served as governor of Michigan. Romney was former Governor of Massachusetts. See map: Utah (UT) the Mormon heartland – where George Romney (the father) once lived in Salt Lake City – and Michigan (MI) are a distance from one another.

Another famous political family: Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida 1999-2007. His father George Bush senior founded an oil company in Texas. So perhaps LGE’s hop from Johor (home state) to Malacca to Penang and LKS’s hop between Malacca, Penang and Perak is not so unusual after all?

Update #6 (10.22am) — The map as it looks now. Romney leading but California will give a chunk of votes to the Dems. Visually glaring that the middle is solid red and the coast blue. The divide is obvious. I think we similarly have obvious splits in Malaysia. Rather than acknowledge this, the opposition dok berlagak Great Pretender.

Click on map to go to source for live update.

Update #5 (9.14am) — More results in. Click on [interactive] map below to go to the source: Christian Science Monitor.

American election jargon – “called for” – as in ‘Kentucky and Indiana called for Romney, Vermont for Obama’. Internet media jargon — “rolling story” (before the Internet era, once the paper rolls off the press, that was it. Stories couldn’t be updated every half hour).

Update #4 (8.32am) — They each recorded their first wins, Obama in Vermont and Romney in Kentucky (states in the east). Going by time zone, the results last to be in should be ones in the west coast (California, Washington etc).

The media coverage is unanimous that the campaigning has been “aggressive, deeply negative“. Like ours in Malaysia. Hence my interest in the US polls.

Update #3 (2.28am) — Hashtag RomneyRyan2012

Update #2 (1.39am) — ‘US election 2012: the electoral college explained’

Update #1 (12.58am) –Twit

If you’re caught up in the excitement of the intensely close fight and come across interesting links to share, pls leave a comment.

This url (below) provides live updates on an electoral map which allows you to see the unfolding results at a glance.

However, it’s still early and no results have come in as yet.

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Previous one is ‘Untuk perhatian BN S’gor agar kempen PRU tidak disabotaj‘.

Earlier I posted ‘Kesan-kesan Nurul menghalalkan murtad’. (Yup, it was an unusually happenin’ day yesterday.)

Update: Nurul has threatened to sue Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and possibly a few other media including blogs, here.

Song: Old MacDonald had a farm

“With a moo moo here, and a moo moo there
Here moo, there moo, everywhere moo moo”

(replace the word “moo” with “sue” and you get the modus operandi of the Pakatan current crop of leaders)


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19 thoughts on “UPDATED: Open thread: US presidential election (discussion)

  1. i think, when there are moo over here and moo over there, eventually it is the court that would decide the winner.

  2. She didn’t sue Malaysiakini which originally posted it.
    I guess now she really thought that what she said made her look stupid and it took her statements being put on Utusan and the others instead to point that out.

    Maybe Malaysiakini readers and posters were too busy praising her on how she’s willing to let Malays become apostates. Wonder why.

    1. True, I read it first in malaysiakini before it was blown all over the MSM.

      Nurul Izzah is trapped. Probably a sabotage by the Lim dynasty to kill off a rival dynasty.

  3. Sultan of Selangor has made a statement criticizing daughter of the convicted sodomite, will she sue the Sultan?

    1. Yet her good friend is the one who likes to scream that it is the BN politicians who are “low class”.

  4. Anak aku suka lagu gigglebellies tu helen. Bila election US ni, ramai benar nampak keturunan DAPster yg teringin nak jadi warga US.

    Pasal Nurul Izzah tu, memang ikut perangai bapak dia, Takde salah2 tafsir. Memang itulah keterangan dia. Bukan sekali ini, tapi dah kali ke berapa entah.

    Org kalau bijak, dia tidak akan sembarangan berckp terutama perkara yg dia sendiri bukan pakar atau ahli mengenainya. Bila dah kantoi mulalah salahkan org lain kecuali dirinya sendiri. Jadilah insan berjiwa besar, mengaku salah dan teruskan kehidupan.

  5. Helen,

    When they decided to pick on Mr OH 2008, they said it was all about this one: “above race, religion and creed”.

    Now, when they have Mr M in the ring, they decide to leave that “above, race, religion and creed” behind and choose “America must elect Romney” instead.

    No wonder they call certain states as swing states, not because of typhoon but difficulty to predict the ” arah angin politik”

    1. Siapa pun yang akan muncul juara, satu rekod yang tidak mampu di atasi oleh Amerika Syarikat ialah: Amerika bukanlah negara demokrasi pertama yang berjaya memilih pemimpin berdarah kacukan sebagai Presiden. Ada banyak negara lain yang telah lama memilih pemimpin berdarah kacukan sebagai ketua negara mereka. Dalam konteks ini mereka (AS) dianggap corot.

        1. Kalau ikutkan komentar dalam blogs anti-establishment, mantan PM adalah keturunan Kerala. Kalau awak bersetuju dengan pandangan mereka, makanya Msia telah mendahului Amerika.

        2. PM yang pertama berdarah Siam, PM yang kedua berdarah Bugis, PM yang ketiga berdarah Turki, PM keempat berdarah India, PM kelima berdarah Cina Hainan, PM keenam berdarah Bugis..

          Bila pulak nak dapat ‘pure blood’ Melayu?….Anwar pun keturunan Tamil…

          1. Goondoo,

            Kalau individu bukan ‘pure blood’ jadi PM pun Totok Dap dan Pencacai Evangelis kata macam-macam seolah-olah hanya mereka saja ada kelas jadi PM, bayangkan kalau pure blood (macam presiden/mursyid Pas) jadi PM!

            Berkaitan Anwar, sudah tentu mereka kata ada kelas sebab boleh dapat balas. Kelasnya Anwar bukan kerana dia yang menjumpai planet red dwarf tetapi sebagaimana yang anda kata iaitu Anwar ada bau-bau bacang dengan MGR (pelakon ternama dari Selatan India).

  6. Barat tak sama Timur.

    Di Barat ini mungkin petanda berakhirnya Supremasi Putih.

    DiTimur timur adalah berbeza. Supremasi Putih Celop nampaknya sedang bermula!

  7. In year 2000, Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote to bush. So it works both ways.

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