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Race politics wins the day for Obama

1. Obama tweeted to his 22 million followers, “This happened because of you. Thank you.”

Twitter, an essential tool for politicians preaching the message of ‘Change’

2. The election outcome “would do little to ease the deep polarization afflicting US politics” (source: AFP via The Star)

3. “Exit polls appeared to vindicate the vision of the race offered by Obama’s campaign, when top aides predicted that Obama’s armies of African American, Latinos and young voters would come out in droves.”

The percentage of blacks voting for Obama in 2008:

Alabama – 98 percent
Arkansas – 95%
California – 94%
Connecticut – 93%
Delaware – 99%
District of Columbia – 97%
Florida – 96%
Georgia – 98%
Illinois – 96%
Indiana – 90%
Iowa – 93%
Kentucky – 90%
Louisiana – 94%
Maryland – 94 %
Michigan – 97%
Mississippi – 98%
Missouri – 93%
Nevada – 94%
New Jersey – 92%
New York – 100% (!!)
North Carolina – 95%
Ohio – 97%
Pennsylvania – 95%
South Carolina – 96%
Tennessee – 94%
Texas – 98%
Virginia – 92%
Wisconsin – 91%

4. The electoral map shows that the red states are white-majority populations while the blue states have sizeable minority populations. For instance, NM (New Mexico) which went to Obama, has 40.6 percent Hispanic voters (year 2008 figures).

Alaska which went to Romney has a mere 3.2 percent black voters while District of Columbia (DC) where 97 percent of black voters gave their support to Obama, and which Obama successfully carried today, is a state where the blacks comprised 56.3 percent of the voters (year 2008 figures).

5. The campaign was characterized by “frequently hot tempered exchanges” between both men and their teams.

6. The key issue deciding the American voters was the economy. Clinton was right on his famous 1992 campaign slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid”. Nothing changed on that score over 20 years.

7. The 538 electoral college votes are awarded state-by-state. The bigger states have more votes. Liberal California has the most votes. Obama got 303, Romney 206 with only the Florida count still pending. Huge margin of difference between 303 and 206 — a ratio of 3:2.

8. But on the popular votes, Obama had 50,237,808 and Romney, 50,113,942. Such a miniscule margin — the difference between their 50.2 million and 50.1 million total votes is only 123,866 (close to the number of voters in Kapar, Selangor).

9. Following the voting pattern in 2008 where 96 percent of blacks voted for Obama and where an additional five percent of blacks turned out to vote compared with in 2004, it is projected that Romney would be unable to get the black votes (more data will emerge over the next few days).

10. The non-whites, i.e. Asians and Hispanics, also voted overwhelmingly for Obama. The Washington Post reported, ‘Poll shows widening racial gap in presidential contest‘:

“The 2012 election is shaping up to be more polarized along racial lines than any presidential contest since 1988, with President Obama experiencing a steep drop in support among white voters from four years ago.”

As many other polls have similarly found, Obama is getting the vote of every four out of five non-white American. For the Firsters who continuously whine that nothing should be “all about Race, Race, Race”, we wonder what kind of spin they will put on the US election results.


Race matters to Obama, Romney voters


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26 thoughts on “Race politics wins the day for Obama

  1. Was laughing to myself when I saw my so-called “liberal” FB pals rejoicing to Obama’s win. Come on, from Ronnie onwards (except Bush Sr), it has always been two-term presidents. I am willing to bet you RM2.50, Helen, that the next term, it’d be Republican (who’s the next villain after Communist and Muslims?, Is Obama very very….close to the banks? They are probably working on that now). Am starting to save up RM2.50 now…

    1. The white votes moved to GOP after 4 years of Obama. Another 4 years, more white votes away from the Dems. A counter strategy is to field for them to field another minority candidate in 2016 by which time the demography would have tilted further to non whites.

  2. Ermmm.. kalau di USA pun undi Presiden ada sentimen kaum. Inikan pulak di Malaysia. Jadi harapan ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA tu memang mengarut. DAPster dan Hannah Yeoh kena kaji balikla doktrin equality tu.

  3. I saw on CNN today that the exit poll showwd black support for Obama drop a few percentage points, as i predicted. CNN indicated 93% of the black electorate voted for obama and 6% for romney. How do you account for that?

  4. this time around except for the extreme left or right (it takes a longer time another 100 yrs for change) most educated voter chose the Dems because there are no moderate GOP. Extreme right GOP are next to a cliff. Race got lot to do, that”s the beauty…. in the end governing is still relevant and intelligent voter tips the scale to their liking (against extreme right and left that identified by race)….. chose Obama and DEMs wins by a slight margin..

  5. Romney should never mention Big Bird….you how difficult to explain this to your 7-9 yrs old.?I don’t have to be bugged again now BB is saved…..back to sleep….work 3rd shift.

  6. I do not believe the US elections is about race but rather class war and it is just coincident that the white are the elitist while the non whites are at the receiving end of the under class.

    As much as I despise its foreign policies, I find the USA a more egalitarian country compared to hypocrite countries like Canada, Australia and Great Britain which has clear white supremacist ideology entrenched in its institutions. I just watched a study on Sky where non whites of Black skin people are almost non existent in TV shows in Australia and UK but in the US, blacks have more opportunity to cast in major shows and movies compared to their ‘white dominion’ counterparts.

    1. Race overlaps. Our Indians are underclass as well as dark-skinned. For anyone interested in a talk on the plight of displaced estate Indians, there’s a talk by Dr Chris Smith organized by Hindraf on Friday (Nov 9) at 7.15pm, Nagas Restaurant in Brickfields, KL. Details, 010-366 1400.

      1. Helen, you are threading uncharted territory for your followers.

        Plight of the displaced estate Indians and their predicament are non existence for the Malays & Chinese of today. All that is seen is it is racist to talk anything about Indians in Malaysia. Then you tell them HINDRAF organised it, lagi racist!!!.

        Can we just stick to Malay & Chinese issues as Indian problems or concerns are irrelevant to the majority.

        1. MalaysianinNewYork,

          “Can we just stick to Malay & Chinese issues as Indian problems or concerns are irrelevant to the majority.”

          There is this political joke:-

          If the Malays have a problem, it is a national problem. If the Chinese have a problem, it is a racial problem. If the Indians have a problem, then it is a no problem.

          Among the 3 major races in Malaysia, I think the Indians are the most underprivileged and lagging in many aspects. The government ought to assist the downtrodden and poor Indians. The Malays are holding ‘Ketuanan Politik Melayu’ and the Chinese have ‘Ketuanan Ekonomi Cina’. What ‘ketuanan’ the Indians have in Malaysia?

          1. The indian plight you write about– are you referring to the stateless indians? In one website i find they number around 200k. In another it is 300k. Hindraf states the number to be most likely higher than 450k.

            Why the disparity?

            If there no accurate numbers then how can the government act? With such disparity in numbers it is no surprise that other communities don’t take the indian issue seriously. Let us face the fact there is a stereotypically serious deficit of credibility in the indian community, and pakatan are reinforcing that stereotype.

            State your case clearly. What is wrong with malaysian indian citizens? Are they denied job opportunities by the chinese dominated private sector or malay dominated public sector? Are they denied education?

          2. OverseasBumi,

            You may refer here,

            The authority to issue birth certificates and NRIC lies with the government. Hence, the government bears the burden to trace the actual number of stateless Indians and act accordingly. Not MIC, Hindraf or whoever. At most, these parties can only assist but the primary responsibility should be on the government. We can hardly hear about stateless Malay or Chinese in Malaysia. The Indian population in Malaysia is about 2 million and having a few hundred thousands of them as stateless is substantial in terms of percentage.

            Imagine what are the consequences of being stateless. Unable to register the birth of their children, unable to secure a proper employment, unable to apply for government assistance etc. To make things worse, the government gives citizenship to Indonesians instead.

            The government should assist the ‘downtrodden and poor’ Indians. Don’t assist people like Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandes and Gnalingam. Imagine the licenses of Maxis, Air Asia and Westport are not given to these individuals but granted to community based Indian trust fund, the wealth will be shared by common Indians. Just like Skim ASB, ASW, ASM etc.

          3. I opened your link.

            I read the first sentence of the executive summary. This is it:

            “Overseas Indians worldwide have been granted equal opportunities and leading prosperous life except in Malaysia.”

            Based on that sentence alone, I realized the write up is utter bullshit. Forgiving the obvious grammatical mistakes, I read a few more sentences. The author placed blame squarely on UMNO.

            Then I realized the write-up isn’t just bullshit, it’s political bullshit dressed up as unbiased facts.

            I am in the middle east. There are many indian labourers who who came here to work in the construction industry. THey are discriminated against and are treated poorly .

            These indian labourers are given a choice to come to work here, knowing how hellish the environmental conditions can be. THey know they would generally be shunned by the rest of society, who live in first world comfort or opulent luxury.

            Despite the obvious discrimination, these Indian labourers come and remain in this part of this world to earn better wages and live in better conditions than the shithole they came from, which is India.

            I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you are not functionally literate enough to read between the lines and identify biased text when you see it. However, I hope you can educate yourself and learn how to think critically by going to this link:


          4. M.I, I think you are new here so occasionally you will get artificial supernova know it, been there, done it all commentor like OB. Can’t do much, freedom of speech. Comparing Indian workers who solely go to Middle East to work and Malaysian Indians who are recognized as a citizen in Malaysia based on historical evolvement and the fabric of the nation is like comparing apples to oranges. Don’t waste your time and effort to argue on proven facts based on the current state of the Malaysian Indians. I hope you enjoy this quote ” A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool”.

          5. ob, i think “Overseas Indians” here mean indian citizen in foreign countries and not india, i dont think they talk about expatriate or labourer that work in overseas. thus the choice is very limited especially those that born here, particularly if they are poor and uneducated.

          6. HY/MiNY You guys are just intellectually dishonest.

            You try to interpret things to fit your narrow world view. This is similar to how DAP views the world. That is why I don’t have hope for people like you. You have been poorly indoctrinated.

            Overseas indians does not mean indians of foreign citizenship. I am overseas and I don’t hold foreign citizenship (yet).

            If you don’t think there exists indian discrimination worldwide, then either you are a fool, a liar or a derivation thereof.

            Just do a quick google:


            Of course, I know you and your DAP brethren, of which you are closely related, want to depict Indians in the worst possible light so that you can cast UMNO, your eternal enemy, in the worst possible light.

          7. OB “State your case clearly. What is wrong with malaysian indian citizens?”

            MI “You may refer here….www….title “MALAYSIAN Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008”

            OB “There are many indian labourers who who came here to work in the construction industry. THey are discriminated against and are treated poorly…..these Indian labourers come and remain in this part of this world to earn better wages and live in better conditions than the shithole they came from, which is India”

            HY/MINY “shd compare MALAYSIAN Indian with Spore/US/Europe Indian, or compare indian labourers with Indo/Bangla/Nepal labourer (imply)”

            OB “intellectual dishonesty, poorly indoctrinated”

            Hmmm….i see bad analogy, argument by dimissal and lastly ad hominem.

          8. OverseasBumi, MalaysianinNewYork and HuaYong,

            I must apologise if I did not make myself clear previously. I am referring to the ‘stateless Malaysian Indians’ that do not possess valid citizenship documents and what are the problems faced by them.

            I am not talking about the problems faced by the Malaysian Indian citizens that possess valid MyKad/birth cert.

            There is a huge difference in terms of enjoyment of rights and benefits between a person that possesses a valid Mykad and another person that is stateless, i.e. not having a valid citizenship document.

            I concede the fact that there is no official figure on the actual number of stateless Indians in our country. The latest figure which I know of is 450,000 cited by Dr. Paraman Subramaniam. You may refer here

            Try Google this term ‘stateless indian in malaysia’ and Google will auto-complete it together with the search results. Now, try to type ‘stateless malay in malaysia’ or ‘stateless chinese in malaysia’. There is no auto-complete by Google at all.

            All communities in Malaysia whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sabah/Sarawak Bumis have their problems respectively. But the problems faced by Indians are two-fold. The 1st issue is whatever problems faced by ‘Indians with Malaysian citizenship’ just like any other communities. The 2nd is problems faced by stateless Indians in Malaysia. This stateless issue is only peculiar to the Indians in Malaysia. Have you heard of ‘stateless Malays’ or ‘stateless Chinese’ in our country?

            I hope I have made my case clear and I welcome comments from readers.

      2. Thank god India and China are now world economies. The governemt should introduce incentives for these coolies migrant to go back to their motherland.

        The constant whining by the Chinese greedy race and the indian untouchables are no longer welcome. The British brought them here to work in tin mines and plantation.

        Now that they are no longer poor they should seriously go back. Reverse migration for Indians and Chinese is not difficult because they frequently balek kampung.

        Together with vernacular schools, love of India and china can be inculcated and hopefully self deportation can be increased.

        Talent Corp should be shut down. What is the point of bringing back Chinese with higher pay and lower tax? Gila kah or gila CEO post kah. UMNO President stupidity knows no bound. (cannot blame UMNO because the members really dont know whats going on)

    2. forrestcat, there is a law that ever tv show movie kena ada minority dalam cast of the show la di US.

      pasal tu ada non white face dalam tv show dari USA.

      tak caya check it up.

  7. Helen what about the fable Jewish voting block, that decides the presidential vote winner any angle from you.

      1. yes indeed, you already control the world, why vote ? you already own something, so why must you buy something you already own ? ha ha ha ! the Jews, you just have to hand it to them ha ha ha !

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