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“It’s gonna be over before you know it’s begun”

You heard it first over here, okay?

The chest-thumping ABUers, DAPsters and evangelista wanna crush BN but the Jesus Army’s gonna be in for a surprise methinks.

Reader’s comment @ ‘Haris Ibrahim on Malaysian dilemmas’,

Haris for President

To the evangelista, Haris Ibrahim is the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia, “a true blue Malaysian patriot”, immensely committed to “the cause of justice, peace, democracy, liberty and a better quality of life for all”, and “the best!… in term of integrity and dignity” (see screenshot here).

Furthermore the ABU followers want this “clear headed”, “fearless”, “uncompromising” leader of their movement – who has been bestowed the”honourable warrior accolade” medal of True Grit and is “a blessing to the rakyat” – to run the country instead of Najib (see screenshot below).

Readers’ comments @ ‘Haris Ibrahim on Malaysian dilemmas’,

Can it happen?

Haris’ motto is that ABU is the only solution to the problem of Malaysia.

My crystal ball says that – mirroring the US presidential election where the white vote moved to Romney – the Malay vote in GE13 is going to swing to Umno.

Like other political fortune tellers, I’m not convinced that BN will regain its two-thirds majority due to the anticipated poor showing of MCA, Gerakan and MIC. However I’m expecting Umno to win emphatically unless a scandal bigger than the Tunguska meteorite hits the party anytime during the next few months.

Star running Hannah fan club

I posted yesterday that Twitter is an essential tool for politicians preaching the message of ‘Change’. Above is Haris’ latest tweet.

By the way, he’s a follower of Hannah Yeoh on Twitter as well as she is a follower of Haris.

Aside from the Haris-Hannah mutual admiration society, The Star is in the loop too.

Below is a screenshot of the tweeters whom the newspaper follows. The Star follows Hannah Yeoh on Twitter between BBC Breaking News, Al Jazeera English and Reuters Kuala Lumpur.

Where does The Star stand?

Most of the major American newspapers had endorsed either Obama or Romney, e.g. ‘All four major Iowa newspapers back Romney‘ (CBS News) whereas the New York Times and Los Angeles Times predictably endorsed Obama with great enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the Star Tribune, The Star-Ledger, Honolulu Star, Kansas City Star and the Arizona Daily Star all endorsed Obama.

Malaysia’s own Star has been coy about which coalition it endorses but we can take an educated guess.

They won’t know what hit ’em

The title of this posting – “It’s gonna be over before you know it’s begun” – referencing the Malay electorate yang dijangka akan tunjuk taring ataupun terus membaham lawan comes from a line in the song below.

Since the evangelista believe they are on the side of angels.


Race matters to Obama, Romney voters


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

5 thoughts on ““It’s gonna be over before you know it’s begun”

  1. Kak Helen,

    It is not a lack of hug or kiss, but a lack of faith that makes Mutaah marriage of convenience a sheer hypocrisy.

    A party might be able to fake the claims that they are true defender of theocracy but the other party (the religious one) can fake whole relationship…tit for tat

    1. Paul Ryan is Roman Catholic Christian. This shows that dongeng and mythology is alive and well in the US.

      Rape is God willed. Women bodies can prevent pregnancy if the women really really really dont like the penetration. Dont really enjoy it. If the women who is raped get pregnant that means she was enjoying it..hehaheha. Sound like Christian Taliban to me.

      The world was created in 7 days..and so forth.

      Sure glad Obama won. The whites hopefully will be a minority in the land of the Red Indians. This is slap to the mat salleh wannabees like Wong and Hannah..wooo hoo..and they are anti China too. So what makes Hannah thinks the whites want them?

  2. “They won’t know what hit ‘em”

    Dan dalam keadaan kecoh-mecoh itu nanti, mereka tentunya nak cari individu bernama “fall guy” untuk dibawa mengadap Tuan Yes Us dan seterusnya dipaksa memikul semua beban-beban kesilapan, kemaluan dan kekecundangan.

    Dan kalau isu semasa — isu Muslim patut diberi hak kebebasan memilih agama — yang membuatkan mereka berdepan penolakan elektorat dan sekali gus membantutkan impian kejinggan, apakah individu yang berpotensi jadi “fall guy” adalah Nurul Bakal PM Izzah?

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