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Video Nurul: Misteri suntingan Malaysiakini

Sedutan video dimuatnaik ke YouTube oleh (citizen journalist), satu kumpulan di bawah payung Malaysiakini dan yang wartawan-wartawannya dilatih oleh Malaysiakini.

Cuba dengar pada minit 0:40-43.

Imbas kembali: “Umno bajingan”

Ingat lagi tak apabila blogger-blogger pro-Umno dihentam DAP seketika dahulu ketika khabar angin tentang anak Guan Eng tersebar.

Papa DAPster dalam kenyataan akhbarnya berkata:

  • “the pro-Umno ferocious beasts”, “these ferocious pro-Umno beasts”
  • “the pro-Umno beasts”
  • “cruelly dragging in my young 16 year old son”
  • “maligned in such a beastly and cruel fashion publicly”, “with their lies”
  • “I deplore these lies and fabrications against my young son”
  • “these lies … as morally despicable and barbaric”
  • “cruel and barbaric lies”
  • “My son is very shaken up by these lies”
  • “many Umno leaders rehashing the lies”
  • “spreading lies at my young son … trauma of such lies”

Perkataan “lies” digunakan Guan Eng sebanyak 8 kali (sini).

Kali ini, blogger-blogger pro-kerajaan dituduh memfitnah serta membuli Nurul Izzah pula.

Vile. Evil. Hanya blogger-blogger durjana yang mainkan isu Izzah.

So low-class, you all

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20 thoughts on “Video Nurul: Misteri suntingan Malaysiakini

  1. Don’t be politicians if you can’t succumb to both sides of the coin. No matter which side u choose, the other side makes u complete. Even if u kick the other side ( of the coin ), it might be your side ( of the coin ) that got embedded into the mud ( ground ).


  2. Kesilapan Rep ialah menganggap ikatan Yhudi-As adalah faktor penyumbang kemenangan tanpa menyedari telah berlakunya perubahan sentimen rakyat kebanyakan terhadap ikatan berkenaan.

    Hannah Dapster boleh gunakan taktik Rep untuk dapatkan sokongan maksima dari golongan yang masih terpengaruh dengan idea ikatan ala Yhudi-As, untuk seketika, tetapi apabila rakyat kebanyakan mula buka mata, idea sebegitu akan ditolak ke longkang.

  3. hahaha, churches pray for her. Agama apa anak anwar ni? Malassiakini memang penjahat yg sentiasa spin dan edit video.

  4. Kalau anak Anwar tak boleh kena gangguan, kalau pemimpin BN, PR boleh ganggu up to the limit.

  5. When they criticise Umno/BN, it is fair comment. When they are criticised, all kind of animals and filth comes out from their mouth. Dei, ever heard of fair comment?

    I am no fan of either sides but having read and what that Lembah Pantai rep said, my only thoughts were that of shock indignation.

    Does she even understand the surah that she is quoting or is she becoming another instant ustazah like Abby? I doubt so but then again, it is a question of winning the popular votes. I am sad that the despotic family had to resort to this behaviour just for the sake of gaining power. Will they be just ? I doubt so.

    Furthermore, I think it would be intolerable for me to live in a situation where the leadership cannot be criticised at all. For heaven’s sake, these people helming Pakatan Rakyat are no angels. Can they truly proclaim they have done no wrong at all? I doubt so.

    Again, it reminds me of a quote by George Bush Jr at the first gulf war. Either you are with us or you are against us… Is this the message these magnificent leaders are sending to the masses?

  6. Sigh. Your point, if you have one? The connection to the rubbish about his son? I say rubbish because as usual, nothing beyond an allegation. And oh yes, if you did not notice, Obama won.

  7. Sy pnya tempat youtube blocked (biasalah universiti student)..Ada apa Helen, 0:40-0:43? Knyataan yg panas tu ker? Smua brhak untk kbebasan bragama?

      1. Of course la Helen, Malaysiakini kan ‘independent’. Kelakar these Dapsters always using the word “low class”….takda word lain dalam vocabulary ke?

    1. Ha ha Soros dah mula seriau lalu arahkan Mkini agar lebih berhati-hati — edit mana yang perlu?

  8. has the missing part. She was commenting something like “missing from that”. either wrt to Dr Farouq’s earlier session or the introduction session.

    1. Thanks. Would appreciate if you could provide a transcript.

      It looks like one sentence has been suppressed. Then we can cross reference with Dr Farouq’s statement to get the context of what she elaborated on.

  9. Lepas ni Masjid seluruh Malaysia kena buat seminar. Apa beza Kristian Katholik, Protestan, Methodist dan siapa yg benar? Kalau betul ada, yg pertama akan melompat mcm kera kena belacan mestilah Malaysiakini dan DAPster.

  10. makalu dah bang$@t apa nak kisah? [disunting] pembohongan ka, adjust, doctored video ka, apa ka… tak jadi hal. tunggu pembalasan di dunia… (akhirat belum lagi)

  11. The full video can be found here

    I think Anwar, Izzah and co should educate themselves on how the internet and the new media works. Nowadays, whatever that is being said 1000 miles away can be shared, heard, seen and viewed by people all around the world. But the way Anwar and co behaves is as thought they still do not understand nor grasp this concept. They say A to one audience and B to another, and somehow they think that they will not be caught doing so. How stupid can you be? You can lie to some people some of the time, but i guarantee you, with today’s technology, you will definitely be caught.

    My suggestion to Anwar and Izzah is to stick to being honest and speak your truth without pandering to the audience. But then again, if they did that, they will actually be people with integrity, and THAT is one word that neither father nor daughter understands.

    The list of their ‘honesty’:

    1) first claiming to fight nepotism and cronysim but when Mahathir revealed the list of awarded contracts during the UMNO general assembly, it was our dear fellow’s friends and families who benefitted the most

    2) then, claimed in CNBC Asia that those close to Mahathir was behind the allegations of corruption and sodomy in order to stop him from exposing UMNO’s corruption only to then turn 180 degrees and said Mahathir was actually the one behind everything,

    3) claimed at a news conference that he has cooperated with police 100% even to the extent of giving his blood, but when the then IGP said that was a lie, he again turned 180 degrees and claimed that his lawyers advised him not to give his blood

    4) claimed on a daily basis, that he will be put under ISA but when no action was taken, instigated a crowd to burn and destroy the PM’s official residence. police managed to thwart that but some of the hooligans still managed to destroy the UMNO exhibition hall at PWTC. And where was our honest and righteous leader? He cabut lari back home after instigating the crowd, waited in his house with the doors locked and with a load full of foreign journalist awaiting the police to arrest him. And when the police came and broke down the door, he lamented how cruel and barbaric the gov and police were.

    5) once under arrest, claimed to kena arsenic poisoning, injected with AIDS, being at death’s door in a hospital that led to people holding a candle light vigil outside that said hospital (remember the letter that he allegedly wrote to his children that mysteriously was distributed to everyone and anyone to read?)

    6) claimed he had boxes and boxes of evidence on mahathir and gov corruption, but up till today, we have yet to read nor see any of these boxes.

    The list goes on and on, and ini baru cover 1998-2000, belum masuk post-2000.

    If this is the type of leader that the opposition supporters, mainly PAS-muslims and the christians, want…then, it shows what type of people they are, doesn’t it?

    The difference is one party keeps on accusing the other party of corruption WITHOUT having any evidence, whereas there is plentiful of evidence against their own leader that they are conspicuously silent about. Again, what does that say about them?

    And lastly, to those who love to call others low class, well… it takes one to know one..

  12. Melonhead,

    Yes sir. you said it well. that is Anwar. A cunning, manipulative 64 year old man who refuses to accept reality that he is not destined to be the Prime Minister.

    I remembered he toured the nation way back in early 1990s telling audience not to ask him to go for the Deputy President of UMNO’s seat. The truth is that nobody asked him. He said it just to create excitement and to give impression that UMNO wants a new DPM.

    That he said he viewed Tun Ghaffar as a father figure and at the same breath challenged Tun Ghaffar is a manifastation of “munafik’. Cant he wait for his turn to lead the nation. after all, Tun Ghaffar was appointed to the post. Not that he fought tooth and nail for the post. Tun Ghaffar was not a power crazy

    But Anwar cant wait. That is his characteristics. He believes he is the centre of universe. He feels Malaysia will collapse without him. He believed UMNO owes him the coveted post of PM as if UMNO is A Sdn Bhd company.

    I swear Anwar is the worst Malay politician I had ever met the way I view Guan eng as a Chinese politician.

    If I were anwar and I was maliciously slandered by Saiful, and furthermore challenged to swear to emphasize my honesty, I would not waste time to accept the challenge. I will invite foreign press and swear after Friday prayers in full view of the world. I would even repeat the act in front of Seri Perdana. I would fly to Saudi Arabia and swear in front of Kaabah. I would have asked Muslims to pray that Allah SWT punish me should I lie.

    If the truth is in my side. That would create ,momentum that would affect UMNO to its core.

    By anwar did not accept the challenge? Why? As aptly said in a famous Malay saying “Berani kerana benar”.

    The truth is there for all to see. For anyone who claims to be Umat nabi Muhammad SAW, please do not tell that you still cant see the truth. It is so simple. Just open your eyes. And your mind too.

  13. Shamsul Anuar,

    “………….who refuses to accept reality that he is not destined to be the Prime Minister.”

    How do you know destiny? Are you God?

    “…………… The truth is that nobody asked him. He said it just to create excitement and to give impression that UMNO wants a new DPM.”

    How do you know that ‘nobody asked him’. Do you follow Anwar 24/7/12/365 during that time? Or do you have the ability to read into a person’s mind?

    I respect your right to freedom of speech and your right to hate Anwar, but please exercise rationality in your argument.

    By the way, why hate Lim Guan Eng so much?

  14. Asus,

    “…are you God”. You should ask Anwar that very question.

    I exercise rationality. if only Anwar does the same and Malaysia will see fewer problems. Now, his rendezvous’ becomes national problem.

    As for hating Guan Eng, what should I say about politician from Lim dynasty that incites the Chinese to think that they are forever not treated well by the Govt (meaning the malays)..

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