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Coming to your neighbourhood: ‘Ubah Dream Machine’ or nightmare?

On the heels of Anwar’s luxury tour bus are rolling the ‘Ubah Dream Machines’, as these DAP evangelical campaign vehicles have been dubbed.

The Guan Eng travelling circus was recently launched to take their portable stage (see photo No.4 below) and Tokong paraphernalia (photo No.5 — the altar) cross country.

And The Deity speaks in tongues

We must grant that the evangelical politicians are beating their rivals hands down in the ability to peddle sweet dreams.

Having The Star assist in spreading the gospel helps of course.

In the paper today …

Reporters based in DAP capital city

Too many of the paper’s reporters are being stationed in Subang Jaya.

Eh, doesn’t MCA wonder about  the concentration of Star manpower in DAP Cloud Cuckoo Central ?

Wouldn’t it make more sense if they were reassigned to Johor?

Meanwhile, the Twit Meter continues its uptick. Thank you, Star!


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33 thoughts on “Coming to your neighbourhood: ‘Ubah Dream Machine’ or nightmare?

  1. How apt they chose the word ‘dream’ as everything that comes out, promised, planned, conveyed would be surreal.

    At the bright side, if they won Putrajaya – no need to fulfill any promise as it’s just part of the dream..

    To PR politicos – keep calm & dream on..

  2. Bersihkan Malaysia? How noble of PR Politicos moonlighting as MBPj streetsweepers and garbage collectors tonight. Finally.. their promise fullfilled..

    1. Depa semua nih ckp kosong ja, auta lebih. Kebolehan takdak tapi nak ke putrajaya. Nak jadi apa? Jadi janitor di putrajaya boleh la, terutama si pas tu & dap jadi taukeh

  3. Why is guan engs book in chinese? I thought DAP were “multiracial” and malaysian malaysia. So why sell to hain votes that more than 75% of malaysians cant read?

  4. Eh, i thought Madam Yeoh said the opposition have no money as they are not sponsored by any rich businessman, thus the need for charity dinners? Now, TWO big campaign trucks??? Yes, i can see how poor the oppositions are…kata no money, but travel guna private jet, berkempen guna truck besar…yes, they are really poor and in need of money!

  5. Kita lihat saat saat akhir pada monyet monyet yang dapat bunga ni!!

    Mereka masih sangka ini tahun 2008!!

  6. traveling circus…, yea yea… I remember STL once wrote DAP is a traveling circus. like father like son. after he got kick out from penang he is going to contest in kelantan pulak.

      1. Tunku Aziz actually used the phrase “chink in his armour”. How ‘classy’. Next we would find politicians refer to other communities as suffering from economic malaise and of having social pariahs. These are obvious racial code words.

  7. That one poster so ciplak Obama’s, well they already ciplak the slogan so why not go all the way eh? I like how the DAP symbol is center placed too, DAP not hiding they are the ones calling the shots in PR now eh?

    Now I really like to see the PR candidate placement next election.

    I can see it now, PAS in Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, DAP every place with chinese majority, PKR the scraps.

    BTW, miss Helen, since you like to bring every one’s attention to Christian evangelists so much, this news item might be of interest to you, eh you probably already know about it anyway.

    Crowds flock before image of Virgin Mary on hospital window

      1. Postscript:

        Are the Yeopies gonna say that the Mother of God has blessed Mama DAPster’s constituency (?)

        No wonder the Subang Rally declared, “Rise up it’s time to take Subang for Jesus”.

        If more Christians elsewhere desire to be showered with the same heavenly blessing, vote the DAP evangelist candidates!

      2. I’ve seen a photo of Hindu God outside plane’s window… so what. every I’ve seen gigantic Kuan Yin outside my flat window in ayer itam, so what. come la the star…, cover my story… hahaha…what a news. oledy stone ka?

        1. Your
          story? Oh boy, not even toilet paper utusan want to cover yours. What’s more with the star. Shame on you. Learn how to be newsworthy. Not difficult to get toilet paper to feature your story.

          1. thank you fr yr response. I miss u to Ravin. pathetically do. so what, u think I read utusan and the star? only shit-minded people will put judgment before actually understand. I shame on myself to know how pathetic a commenter could be. that is pathetically you, ravin aka aziz aka dapsters buttlicker. thank you for reading this. :)

            p.s, are you not hindu? converted to mazhab subang jaya d? I know u r jemaah twitter HY apart fr buttlicker full time job.

      3. I wonder what they, these evangelists, will say if Jesus shows up and say “you are all heathens ! I preached love and peace, yet you twisted my teachings to fish for vote.”

      4. Haiya, they use shampoo. Painted on the window before the window condense due to temperature difference between the inside and outside.

        A trick I use to do, wipe the inside of the car wind screen with shampoo. So on cold rainee day with my air cond kaput I will not get the window misting up too much, can still drive short distance with out having to wipe the misting like crazy.

        My little girl draw on the side one day and the picture appeared one raining day la… Pakiam need cancel that trick off his vatican list of tricks……

          1. Why use shampoo for this purpose? Use your saliva la. Works better and economical. So simple pun tak tau. Setupit betul.

          2. Only people with so much spit to do whole windscreen [edited] So you must talking from experience on having so much spit as lubrication.

            Oh I forgot. You and M. Aziz are one and the same so you can understand what I am suggesting, eh ravinbeng.

  8. UBAH Malaysia jadi mcm Tanah Besar China atau Taiwan atau HK. Sekarang buku sejarah China boleh di dapati di The Mines.

  9. Tunku aziz? Oh… That old opportunist and parachuter who is supposed to have ” high integrity ” who bite back the hands of the people who gave him political shortcut to fame. Nearly forgotten. Thought he is no longer around!

    Karma has no deadline, old opportunist Tunku. It might not happen to you now but it can happen to your great great grand children. Watchout for the sins you created.

  10. hmmm………after the failed BERSIH concert and Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, now this.

    what’s next ? go to pasar malam to stage their ceramah ? oh wait, outsyed did mention that the Pakatan loons did stage a ceramah at Taman Shahbandar in Terengganu.

    this is getting more and more interesting. these Pakatan loons are getting desperate.

  11. Helen, please correct me if I am wrong.. Tokong was againts Gerakan Truth Bus in Penang right calling this people law breaker for using loudspeaker.. wow the double standard

  12. You really have to be careful with your continuous insinuation of religion and politics within a certain party. You have no basis and have not provide a shred of evidence. Poor, grade school type sniping.

  13. Aku dok bayar cukai tiap tiap tahun, ini hasilnya? cuma tertanya tanya, bila masa diaorang ni buat kerja kalau asyik tour ajer, siapa sebenarnya the unsung heroes yang keep the country going?

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