17 thoughts on “Ngeh sokong Nurul, tolak ‘religious bigotry’, cabar Umno

  1. Orang Melayu tak suka bercakap pasal ugama orang lain, dan juga hal2 rumah tangga bangsa lain di khalayak ramai. Kalau orang lain bercakap pasal ugama kami, kami simpan dalam hati, dendam kesumat tak terhingga, tapi. Kita tak akan mengata buruk pasal ugama orang lain. Tunggu sahaja Melayu meletup.

  2. lepas ni ngeh kena jual limau bali…sebab semua syarikat yg ada share dia kena boikot dgn melayu. limau bali dia pun melayu tak mau beli…

  3. stupidity is when one politikus denies uttering such statement to the point of wanting to sue some newspaper & bloggers as well as getting it ‘erased’ and another politikus puts it in writing sealing confirmation that she actually said it! Not taken out of context, not addlib-ed, no nothing – just plain loud & clear ‘yes, she did say it’ ..

    Dari isu tak merebak ke spreading like wildfire..

    I know there are some DAPsters reading this comment and Helen’s blog .. a piece of an advise from me ‘confiscate social media equipments that Ngeh has before he do more damages. How can you supply petrol to an arsonists?’

    To PAS members aka PAStors… garisan pemisah antara jahat & baik teramatlah tipis, kadang2 kita sendiri tak tahu dimana kita berada sebenarnya. Kita orang Melayu dari dulu diperingatkan ‘Kalau Tuhan nak terbalikkan hati kita, benda baik pun kita boleh nampak hitam’.

  4. Helen,

    What Nurul said in the church should serve as a reminder of what PR will do should PR take over Putrajaya. A sort of ‘preview’ I would say.

    Nurul, likes her father, loves to be the centre of attraction. Before a Christian audience, Nurul would play to the gallery. What she said is music to their ears(who face difficulty in making Malay/Muslim renounce Islam). The legal aspect of it needs to be removes to give these missionary a free hand to convert Muslims.

    Woe betide Malay/Muslim community should they still want to believe Anwar and his gang.

  5. I don’t know whether to be angry at that malicious statement, or to be happy that yet again a DAP MP shows his true colour for all to see, especially the Malays. One thing dear to the Malay is their religion, calling us as religious bigots are not really something that will endear us to DAP anytime soon. At least not in this lifetime till infinity

  6. That idiot “Peter” Hoi Kong meng actually is wrong.

    Why would Hoi Kong Meng use a name like ‘Peter’, which is a nickname for PENIS? I guess he wants to be a dick.

    Someone should school him. Christian support for OBama actually dropped from ’08 to ’12.


    American Muslim support for obama also dropped by a few percentage points. But 85% still voted for him– so still very high.


    ONly pakistanis were stupid enough to support Romney. Romney would probably bomb and invade Pakistan, if elected.

    1. Please make an effort to get your upper and lower case spelling properly typed out and your punctuation correct.

      1. It’s up to you to edit; it’s your blog. I used a semi-colon!

        Remember, I am the anonymous one. You are known to the readers and authorities.

        If I write something controversial, you might be held responsible.

        Bloggers should be up in arms over this issue.

        1. If I edited your opus, you will start screaming that I “changed” your content.

          Yes, I am known to the authorities – Info Ministry and Bukit Aman (besides being known to the 28th floor, Komtar and Menara Star in Phileo Damansara).

          Correct. If you write something controversial, I would most likely be held responsible because I let it be published. That’s why comments here are required to pass moderation rather than be allowed automatically.

          Under the present circumstances, i.e. our fraught political arena, I think bloggers should be ultimately held accountable for whatever appears in their blog.

          There is some degree of impersonation in cyberspace, e.g. comments in blogs you see attributed to readers calling themselves ‘Najib Razak’, ‘Mahathir Mohamad’ or other VVIPs which are obviously not genuine.

          Even in this blog, one comment by ‘Helen Ang’ and one by ‘Hannah Yeoh’ appeared, to which I added the disclaimer that it did not originate from either of us. But one can’t stop other people from claiming their names are such and such, especially more common names like Liza Wong or Elizabeth Lee, for example.

          Hence the blogger to rightly face the music for the sins of readers (e.g. if an approved/published controversial comment insulting Islam is attributed to a reader ‘Najib Razak’ or ‘Hasan Ali’).

  7. Sebagaimana pernah saya utarakan sebelum ini, melayu suka dilihat cool dan terbuka, menyertai program dalam gereja dengan orang bukan islam salah satu perkara cool.

    Kalau kita fikir secara objektif, apa tujuan sebenarnya forum tersebut di anjurkan? dan kenapa ianya dianjurkan di gereja? tidak lain hanya untuk menyindir agama islam dan melihat perilaku orang islam berbalah sesama sendiri, itu saja tujuannya, tidak ada keperluan mendesak forum tersebut dijalankan, ianya hanya satu lagi iklan oleh PR yang dilakonkan oleh pelakon pelakon yang gilakan cool, percayalah antara mereka ada yang berkata, tengoklah senang je nak perbodohkan orang islam ni, tak perlu susah anjur debat, mereka yang sendiri menunjukkan kelemahan agama mereka, dan ini juga mungkin satu testimoni untuk menunjukkan betapa buruknya agama islam.

    Maka sesiapa jua yang menyertai forum tersebut sedikit sebanyak adalah share mereka nanti. Perkara yang ditakuti oleh umat islam adalah syirik dan syirik datang dlm pelbagai bentuk. Wallahuaklam.

    1. Orang Tamil macam Izzah ni tak faham ugama Islam atau ugama Katolik Kristian itu. Sebab itu dia ingat tak apa buat baik dengan bishop Cina dan India di Malaysia. Barang dimaklumkan, Katolik Kristian itu lah yang merupakan ugama penjajah. Ugama yang mendorong orang2 Eropah keluar membunuh serata tempat di dunia dari kurun14.

      Kita perlu faham, keamanan dunia dan pengurangan penjajahan adalah atas kesedaran masyarakat Eropah sendiri ugama itu adalah mitos yang menyesatkan.

      Mereka hanya menyedari ini apa printing press tercipta dan ilmu merebak dengan luas apa yang di ajarkan oleh priest atau bishop katolik hanyalah dongeng kosong. Sebab itu sekarang mereka mengamalkan pengasing ugama dari kerajaan kerana sedar bahaya golongan menjual dongeng yang mengaku mereka adalah suara tuhan.

      Jadi Nurul Izzah tak boleh baik-baik dngan penjual dongeng penjajah ni. Tujuan mereka tak lain tak bukan adalah untuk menjajah minda manusia di mana saja.

      Pengaruh ugama penjajah dikalangan Cina Tongsan dan India untouchable di Malaysia perlu perhatian kerana mereka adalah di bawah kuasa asing.

  8. Ngeh ini tak reti bahasa… jangan campur hal dalam agama islam…perkara dan hukum dalam islam dia tak tahu dan tidak ada hak untuk menyatakan sesuatu tentang islam…cuba fikir dalam islam kata budak umur 7 tahun kalau tak sembahyang bole dandiharuskan pukul budak itu…tapi yb cina ngeh ini akan kata Islam ini tak peri kemanusian.. dia akan guna hukum human right nak bantai orang islam…rasa nya emak bapak dia tak ajar dia cukup …kenapa takajar dia masa pilihan raya ini…pakat pakat jangan bagi dia undi melayu…dia lupa hidup atas ehsan orang islam…fikir fikir lg

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