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The Virgin Mother Mary sighting … why now?!

Even though it happened in Subang Jaya, the sighting was front page news for Penang’s hometown newspaper, Kwong Wah Yit Poh (source: uppercaise).

Below is an AFP photo close-up of the ‘miraculous’ window pane.

Crowds gather

Photo of people praying at the site (below) by The Star columnist Philip Golingai. He tweeted just a while ago, “Crowd at #mothermaryimage in Subang Jaya is bigger than yesterday. Standing room”.

He had tweeted on an earlier day, “Huge crowd at SJMC (SMDC) to see the image”.

Other photos of the ‘Mary’ apparition (below) taken from Reuters, The Malaysian Insider and from the USJ bulletin board.

Photo by Philip Golingai
TV Smith’s photo of the Marian devotees added to this page 9.55am, Nov 13
Photo by The Malaysian Insider
Photo by Twitter handle @Saroki19
Image that’s popularly making the rounds in cyberspace
Photo by Reuters

Do you wonder why the image is sighted in Subang Jaya and not somewhere else in Malaysia?

Why not in Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu or Alor Setar? After all, it did not appear in the window of a church. It appeared on the window of Sime Darby Medical Centre.

Other towns have hospitals too.

Before any Sime Mary stories were reported, I’ve already been saying that Subang Jaya is the Malaysian capital of evangelism.

Philip Golingai wrote in his Star column yesterday:

“The atmosphere at the site was surreal. It felt and sounded like I was attending an evening mass. And you knew you were among believers.”

I’ve been blogging about the Christian stirrings.

But anyone daring to mention this matter is accused of raising the Christian bogey, peddling conspiracy theories or stirring religious discord.

Invariably the standard line – “But the (weak and helpless) Christians are only 9.1 percent of the Malaysian population” – is trotted out.

Now quite a few among the community of believers in Subang Jaya see the Virgin Mary Mother of God in a hospital window. What miracle next?

And my point again — Subang Jaya.


Dakwaan bahawa Muslim mudah terkeliru dan begitu rapuh iman

“And a big hullo to all my darling bot-bots too”

Garis panduan Vatican bagi pemeriksaan jelmaan Maryam



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105 thoughts on “The Virgin Mother Mary sighting … why now?!

  1. Good distractions from the paedophile cases in churches and the money grabbing mega churches.

    If australia is beginning to unravel its paedphile cases in its churches, Allah knows what we will uncover in malaysia and its former missionary schools. hence, a stain on the glass is good distraction for the pure catholics.

    1. Helen…Mary mother God…Do Christians prayed to Mary too..How many Gods that Christians believed, Jesus the God, Father the God and Mary mother God and Holy Ghost..Ini macam sudah empat Tuhan yang disembah.. Betulke macam tu.

      1. no… Mother Mary is not a God. She is a Mother of God. We ask her to pray for us. Just like how you ask your own mother to pray for you when you seek help.

          1. anak lembu, emaknya mestilah lembu
            anak harimau emaknya mestilah harimau
            anak manusia emaknya mestilah manusia
            son of god emaknya mestilah god…..tak gitu

          2. anak kambing, emaknya mestilah kambing
            anak kucing, emaknya mestilah kucing
            anak manusia, emaknya juga manusia
            bila manusia mati, rohnya masih wujud di syurga
            sepertimana roh tuhan, wujud di dunia sebagai manusia
            dan kembali ke syurga bila tugasnya selesai

        1. If you have God’s mother, why not a grandmother and a grandfather too. And why not a brother and sister. And why not a mother in law and father in law too? Just like some families in Pakatan Rakyat, the unholy alliance!

    2. I know that you don’t understand the Catholic Church from what you have said. So, maybe my simple explanation will help you.

      Picture the world being one huge pie and the Catholic Church being a piece of that pie. Everyone is invited into the Catholic Church. However, only a percentage of the world’s population chooses to become Catholic. Well, if you invite everyone in, you will get the greatest good in the world and you will get the greatest evil. In between, you will get all varieties of sinners, as we all are.

      In the 50’s, the Pope let it be known that homosexuals were not to be allowed to become priests because of their orientation toward other men. Also, some homosexuals seek gratification from young boys. Few of the accused priests were pedophiles. Most of them were homosexuals who prayed on young boys. However, the news, as it often does, twisted the information.

      What you also don’t know is that there has been a massive plan to destroy the Catholic Church. Communists don’t like its constant refusal to cave in to their beliefs, so they want the Church out of the way. There is a book called, “Spies in the Vatican” that is kind of old, but you might still be able to pick up a copy. That’s exactly what happened. Over 200 “priests” and others succeeded in gaining entry into important positions within the Church, expressly to lead Catholics astray and to cause it to be discredited. As a result, much of the mess we have today can be attributed to that problem. It resulted in various people in the Church refusing to follow the Church’s teachings for decidedly evil reasons.

      Now, one more thing. If you are going to concentrate on the opulent churches, then you might just ask Washington to sell the Smithsonian, or even the President’s mansion. Or, come to think of it, why don’t you sell your own home and give the proceeds to the poor? The Vatican isn’t rich. The Pope makes no more per month than any other Bishop, and that is a very small salary. The monies that you hear of are often monies that are promised for Churches to be built, for collections for the poor, for services to people in need of all kind. The Vatican itself seeks to preserve the history of the human race in famous paintings and sculptures and writings. Without it, anyone could say what had happened in the past and have no one to discredit him. Instead, we have copies or originals of major art works. Anyone with purpose can go and do research there. People visit the Vatican all the time to experience an amazing journey of God’s people (all of us) throughout the ages.

      Take classes on the Catholic faith. You don’t ever have to join, but at least you will not be spreading the rumors that others want you to believe.

  2. OMD! since when a graffiti on a glass window became a major scoop that fit for consumption for the world audience???

  3. Siapala yg pergi melukis benda tu kat SDMC. Begitu banyak benda2 yg kita nampak ada kalimah Allah tapi umat Islam tak pulak taksub mcm tu. Sbb tu Islam melarang penggunaan sebarang gambar utk nabi dan rasul.

    1. Antihipokrit, sebenarnya apa yang cuba dinyatakan di sini oleh Helen Ang ialah kebarangkalian Subang Jaya sendiri akan menjadi pusat perkembangan agama Kristian itu semakin menjadi kenyataan..

      1. Gua faham benda tu. sebab tu ketaksuban dlm hal beragama ni kena dibendung. Apa hal setakat gambaran di cermin nak diagung2kan. Petaling Jaya sudah menjadi pusat agama Kristian dan skg Subang Jaya.

        1. Antihipokrit,

          Lain agama, lain pegangan. Kita tak boleh nak ‘perkecil’ atau ‘pertikai’ ketaksuban penganut agama lain terhadap agamanya. Apatah lagi kalau kita bukan penganut agama Kristian. Walau macam mana pun kita rasa imej di cermin itu adalah ‘tidak masuk akal’, kita patut hormat hak penganut Kristian untuk mempercayainya.

  4. hannah yeoh is in subang jaya, so is the den of sinful prostitutes in Puchong, short distance from SJMC.

    Perhaps, MM wants to tell her its time BN will cleanse the constituency if she doesn’t.

  5. Yg aku pelik, dlm gereja lagi banyak patung mary, jesus, angel dan tah apa2 lagi berhala tapi takde pulak diorg heran sampai mcm ni. Ada udang sebalik mee ni.

    1. Is it suspicious? What and how is it suspicious. A heavenly image appear, you do not believe in it is fine. But to accuse and being suspicious? What if your God’s image appear somewhere, how do you feel if other people with different beliefs accuse it to be phony?

  6. Kak Helen,

    Nampaknya, agama yang dijadikan sebagai alat utama penguasaan minda individu/kumpulan, akan berterusan dan akan mengekalkan kedudukan teratas sebagai alat yang paling diselewengkan, yakni selagi agenda penjajahan (fizikal dan minda) oleh Barat belum tercapai.

  7. unfinished Van GOUGH must know PRU 13 must be very very near got to REELECT again hannah yes or no?

  8. Wait and see lar, out of the so many high class people among us, who are daring enuf to tweet this: “it is just April Pool!”

  9. Hi Ms Helen,

    Sorry to say that picture of Virgin Mary is very blur. No offense to Christian community but it can depict something else.

    1. Looks like a bloated Osama Laden wearing a white turban to me.

      Don’t ask me about Mary, I don’t know if they had any painted that depicted the supposed Mary back then, all they have now are artist renditions.

      1. for me it look more like one of the Ayatollah (the oversize turban & black jubah). So if the image appear in Kota Bharu or A.Star, it’s definitely Osama/Ayatollah.

        Wonder what those PAStors will do? Maybe they’ll hold a massive gathering, do some ceramah & sembahyang hajat. Mat Sabu then proclaim ” sekarang sudah terbukti prjuangan kita diberkati oleh Osama/Ayatollah! Takebeeeeer…!!! ” and then that Dap dude Anthony ‘el loco’ Loke reply ” Yea…betul tu, we Dap also love Osama& Ayatollah..he..he. Death to MCA!!”

        (their joy are short-lived though, b’coz Dr Maza condemn their action as bida’ah & sesat. Potong stim betul…back to drawing board)


        Hahaha. Enjoyed your comment. — Helen

        1. So I’m not the only guy who sees a guy with a white turban eh?
          It also looks like the guy’s robe is open at the front too.

        2. The big question stirring in my mind now is, why didn’t I ever heard of Gods from other religion appear in any part of the world. Sure mosque, temples, churches are called sacred, but it was named sacred by men. I think it is a miracle enough for the Virgin Mary to appear in a hospital. You can’t even see the image from the other side of the window. So it could not have been drawn.

          As for the turban remarks, that is not fair. To condemn and criticized other religion’s faith and belief and being suspicious is never the teachings of any religion. Couldn’t we just be happy for the Catholics that they are able to witness Mother Mary in Malaysia? If your Gods appear in that glass, would you say it is suspicious?

    2. Aku nampak macam Nik Aziz jer.. kiki

      Habis la, lepas ni penuh tempat tu dgn pemuja Nik Aziz pula..

  10. Bukan ke org Mega Church berangan di twitter yang mereka akan menang di Malaysia umpama Goliath vs David, lpas ni semua org kristian dan katholik dah tak perlu balik batu sorok tangan, terus baling je kat orang melayu, depa dah uji dengan curi nama Allah, Bersih 3.0, Lynas….lepas ni nak baling batu Jangan marah bila Goliath keluarkan keris.

  11. You should watch the November 12 interview of Mike Huckabee, the conservative Republican commentator and former governor of Arkansas, on the Daily Show.

    You can see the deceptiveness of christian republican politicians in the US. They are so conniving that even the jewish interviewer, Jon Stewart, is constantly at odds with them.

    Their tactics are used all over the world through their charities and NGOs.

  12. This looks like a huge plan. Konspirasi yang diaturkan. Bila mana Izzah mengatakan melayu patut boleh tukar agama, itu satu kejayaan bagi gereja subang.

    Bagi memberi kekuatan dan menguatkan perjuangan diperlakukanlah cermin tingkat hospital itu supaya penganut pula boleh menganggap inilah tanah yang di relakan oleh merry. Sesuatu yang boleh dilihat dan nampak plotnya pada drama ini. Sesuatu yang amat jahat dan merbahaya.

    Cuba siasat apa yang berlaku dibelakang cermin. Pasti akan ada komplot disitu.

    1. Orang yahudi di US pun lebih rela sokong Democrats dari sokong ‘right wing’ christians yg membolot Republican. Sebab mereka tahu org right wing mahukan Israel musnah agar Rapture dapat berlaku, sokongan golongan rednecks terhadap Israel adalah sandiwara yg berasakan fahaman ekstrimisme bodoh golongan ‘right wing kristian’.

      Dan orang DAP kristian berperasan yg kemenangan Obama adalah kemenangan kristian dan katolik, inilah org DAP kristian yg kononnya pandai dan berfikiran terbuka, padahal bodoh mcm tunggul kayu menganalisa politik US pun setakat tahap tadika, dia lupa kekalahan Republican bermaksud puak conservative kristian, yang semulajadinya ptt disokong DAP kalah.

      Saya merasakan org DAP kristian mangalamai ‘delusional, kerana terperak kat kawan cina sepanjang umur sampai perasan David (cina kristian) dapat kalahkan UMNO/Melayu.. orang melayu 17 juta dianggap tidak relevan …saya nak tanya ….’you and what army?’ …Goliath vs David …lupakah kamu David tu penjajah yg menjajah puak Phillistines (kaum Goliath) di Phoenicia apabila puak Israel meninggalkan Mesir dan enggan berkongsi promised land dgn kaum Phillistine.

      Siapa yg jahat sebenarnya?

    1. Orang bodoh sahaja panggil orang lain bodoh, pula dapster mcm kamu tiada substance, cuma pandai panggil org lain rasis, bodoh, evil padahal kamu langsung tiada ilmu dan tidak mampu berhujah tanpa tunjuk rasa samseng.

    1. But you’re the one making primary 1 grammar mistakes. So using your logic, your just as dumb.

    2. Takes one to say another, it’s the people like you who ironically demand the same privileges as the malays, hahahah

  13. Islam does not accept such event as a proof of the authenticity of a religion. Today we may see mother Mary, what if tomorrow a picture of Gautama Buddha appear and the next day Krishna? Does that mean we have to switch religion based on what appear on the window (will get approval from Nurul Izzah off course).

    The validity of a religion is by solid logic and proof of argument. Not based on circumstantial miraculous events.

  14. Is it possible for SDMC to please remove the panel and gift it to the Church? Or better still, get the Church to take it down and spare themselves the controversy? A hospital is a place for treatment, not gawking.

    Hello? Anyone working in SDMC?

      1. Which high class YB would be cutting ribbons and officiating the UBAH ceremony — the transfer of Merrie’s image to a more sacred location? Is it Bukit Lanjan or Seputeh or The Petaling Jaya?

  15. Helen,

    Tak terkejar aku ngan artikel kamu, macam peluru.

    Ini merupakan kelemahan manusia beragama dan amalan ini mencakupi kesemua agama (Buddha aku rasa tak sangat kot?), mereka amat2 mengharap keajaiban sehingga hilang kewarasan.

    Persoalan, apa yg mereka dapat pabila perkara sebegini muncul?

  16. religious freedom for Malays, and now this. this is all part of deliberate and elaborate setup to fish for Christian and liberal votes, not to mention the Chinese votes. I wonder what’s next ?

    1. yang pelik, sehingga kini, masih belum ada lagi orang-orang Pakatan yang tampil ke hadapan mengatakan yang dia dapat ilham dari “Atas” yang Anwar akan jadi PM selepas PRU13.

    2. walaupun Wan Azizah kata Anwar tu Anugerah Tuhan, tetapi Anugerah Tuhan pun perlu dapat kepastian dari Tuhan yang dia (Anwar) ni benar-benar akan jadi PM selepas PRU13.

      mungkin akan ada orang PKR yang akan tampil ke hadapan untuk menyampaikan kepastian kepada rakyat Malaysia.

      Nakal PPP nih, trying to put ideas into their head — Helen

      1. huh ? maybe some people in PKR already have that kind of ideas but they are just waiting for the right time. I wouldn’t be surprised if come GE13 some PKR people come out and say “God told us that Anwar will become PM after GE13”. let’s wait and see. You know, some Tanjung Rambutan politicians could be waiting for that moment, albeit with some “push” and encouragement from Wan Azizah or Anwar himself. he he he !

  17. Kalau aku jadi bos SDMC panggil Janitor dan cuci je tingkap tu. Kalau dah cuci masih ada imej tu, baru bagi katg church. BOS SDMC pun takut dgn evengelis padahal GLC tu.

    1. Bos SDMC being careful and diplomatic. Don’t want to touch on religious sensitivities.

      It’s a good solution to give the window panes to the Marian church.

      1. The window pane by right should be handed over to the state government and not to any religious institution. The state government would then decide the authenticity of the stain and the fate of the window pane just in case multiple claims are made .

  18. Helen, kalau satu hari nanti tiba2 ada imej mcm tu kat panel tingkap rumah aku, takkan aku nak bagi sbb nak jaga sensitiviti. BTW, it’s a private property dan bos SDMC boleh hentikan aja.. Skg ni SENSITIVITI dah mcm-mcm dah.. sikit2 sensitiviti. Kalau bab sensitiviti umat Islam semua buat tak tau je.

  19. When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me,
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
    And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me,
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

    Let it be, let it be. Let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree,
    There will be an answer, let it be.
    For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see
    There will be an answer, let it be.

    Let it be, let it be. Let it be, let it be. There will be an answer, let it be.
    Let it be, let it be. Let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me,
    Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.
    I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me,

    Let it be, let it be. Let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

  20. forrrestcat, excuse me. Judas betray Jesus yet Jesus chose Judas as disciple. As we can see, not all the priest are holy. If you really don’t know anything, just shut up. If you not happy, take you blade and loop off our head. What mega church? I know Catholic Church. Please don’t write bullshit here….

    1. Lol.. vatican is a megachurch that hordes the riches of the poor catholics around the world and at the same time colonizing South America… Pope Benedict was member of Hitler Youth and you guys cry when this [edited] give a sermon..

      these time we already have the biggest mega church scam for centuries ..the fuck with Judas.. the end that Jesus was crucified as a criminal.. the mega church has been trying all these centuries to pass the most heinous form of torture under the Roman empire as a form of ultimate sacrifice that even the thieves were idolized besides the crucifix..

      not to mention the Catholics made the Roman Pilates free from the sin of executing jesus and blame it on the Jews as not to offend the Romans who were then the biggest target for conversion… I dun need to understand.. it’s common sense and don historical accounts.. or just watch History Channel..pray, I am not looking at this from a Muslim perspective.

      even I have doubts about historical accounts in the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions… we know the US are making the Pinoys the cannon fodders in the war against China by making Italy give the Catholic Pinoys some old warships…. all under planned by the mega church at the vatican.

      To me Catholics worship the vatican which is a sovereign entity, they will put the interest this foreign sovereign over Malaysia’s.

    1. Halen,

      Dikatakan ini adalah apparition pertama Mother Mary di Malaysia. Bagaimanapun, sebelum ini, terlalu banyak bentuk, image menyerupai sama batu, kayu pohon, awan, air dan macam macam lagi. Ia boleh terdapat dalam semua keadaan. Akidah tulen bukanlah pada gambar, lukisan, bayang-bayang atau perkataan.

      1. Semua pengikut ugama dan kepercayaan tak kira Kristian,Islam ,Hindu ataupun Buddha mempercayai miracle atau keajaiban jika sesuatu yang pelik berlaku …..Orang Islam pun akan menganggap keaajaiban jika kalimah Allah terbentuk pada awan ,,pokok atau apa-apa pun..Orang Kristian dengan stigmata atau penjelmaan (apparation) ,Orang Hindu pula satu ketika dahulu dengan kisah patung dewa yang menyedut susu.. Mungkinkah. ini satu kesan psychology atau sifat kemanusiaan sejagat. atau kebetulan semulajadi ….sama -sama kita fikirakan

  21. Not only they are allowed to use different god names and now they can lay claim to almost everything that they see rightfully theirs. What next?

  22. Now Malaysia already has its own Virgin Mary apparition, there’s still room for improvement.
    We still don’t have stigmata cases, weeping statues, saints and saint relics, faith healers. No wonder the Christians want the Malays to convert to Christianity so much, they have plenty of chinese and indians already.

    Even when the Malays are muslim I heard the Malays have some sort of Jawa or Kraton mystic psychic surgeon aka martial arts master, that guy even cheat the minister of defense, what happened to him now? There was also that malay prophet, that teapot cult leader, I hear Arqam could be making a comeback too.

    Looking at the pictures, I see there’s a lucrative market here in the form of the gullible and faithful.

    1. speaking of Arqam, may i share this ridiculous thing on youtube that a friend shared on fb:

      i laughed myself sewel.. almost busted my gut. :D

  23. Bukan ke Katolik menyembah Trinity? Jesus, Father, Holy Ghost.. Skg sudah ada tambahan Mak Jesus pulak. [edited]

  24. Suatu kejadian ajaib berlaku di kilang dimana saya bekerja,,Satu imej terbentuk menyerupai muka taukeh kami dibadan lori kepunyaan syarikat….Semua pekerja terpegun dan menganggap taukeh kami adalah taukeh yang hebat dan suci……ha…ha…ha

  25. nak gelak… tapi takyah lah, lupakan saja. memerhati imej ini seperti memerhati lukisan abstrak. interpretasi tergantung persepsi. ada yg nampak virgin mary, nik aziz, ayathollah khomeini, cermin kotor tak cuci etc. etc. bagi aku ia nampak macam mantan ketua pergerakan al arqam. aduhai….

  26. Apa yang dikatakan oleh Atas Pagar memang benar “Nampaknya, agama yang dijadikan sebagai alat utama penguasaan minda individu/kumpulan, akan berterusan dan akan mengekalkan kedudukan teratas sebagai alat yang paling diselewengkan, yakni selagi agenda penjajahan (fizikal dan minda) oleh Barat belum tercapai” tetapi ini bukanlah hanya di kalangan agama Kristian sahaja malah berbagai organisasi beasaskan agama dan politik. Kepercayaan, tradisi dan cara bersembahyang yang dicipta oleh manusia amat kerap terpesong demi kepentingan diri sendiri. Tuhan yang berkuasa tidak ada kena mengena dengan perkara remeh temeh di minda dan perangai manusia.

  27. To all who commented, it depends on your TRUST. BEAR IN MIND!! Nobody FORCE you to believe.. if your not christian, you dont have the right to comment.. OF COUSE, BECAUSE YOU DONT BELIEVE IN IT… so go home and pray your own god…!!..

    1. @me – Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it ain’t so fun swallowing yeah? Where were you when the likes of Steven Oh, Malaysiakini, DAPsters crossed this line by belittling or allowing to belittle Muslims, vis a vis Melayus, in the name of so-called absolute freedom? A friend likes to say, sometimes Allah pays in cash..:-)

  28. A lot of comments here are very rude lah. Apa korang rasa siok kah kalau your belief being belittled? I feel both sad and disgusted. Dissapointed wit comments that seems to be fr mkini readers. Btw im a proud muslim.

  29. tak payah nak sibuk2 kutuk agama org la wahai manusia… kang korang tengok tulisan kalimah korang kat badan binatang ke buah ke batu ke …ttp gak korang sembah ka? tak perlu nak buruk2 kan agama lain menyembah virgin mary tue. dah tu kepercayaan dia org. so tak payah nak ckp die org taksub! respect jer kepercayaan org lain!

    1. Ustaz mana yang ajar orang Islam sembah binatang / buah / batu kalau tengok ada tulisan kalimah?

  30. kami tidak menyembah Mother Mary. kami cuma menghormati :) satu hari nanti pasti kamu tahu segala’galanya. why not kamu hormat sja agama kami, and kami pun akan hormat agama kamu, right ? apapun, I’m so proud to be Christian Catholic <3 God Bless you .

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