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“And a big hullo to all my darling bot-bots too”

I thought I was the only one who noticed but here’s blogger otai Nobisha and prominent writer Akbar Ali talking about it as well.

Di Subang Jaya pun ada

Bintang Walk

jeng, jeng, jeng

Si bintang deejay mengucapkan ‘Selamat Pagi Malaysia!’

Kenapa boleh sampai jadi begitu

‘Perasan tahap gaban’ (?)

Tu lah, jentera media MCA terlalu manjakan

Fan Club pun beralamat di Phileo Damansara

“And Good Morning! especially to all my wonderful fans at The Star”

“I lurrv y’all … muaah, muaaah”

“Now remember, we be brothers and sisters and we’re one big Firster family, yer hear”

On a religious high

Methinks the spirited Subang Jaya chirpy chirp-chirp could have gotten a lift from the Virgin Mary sighting.

Hence the residents singing like intoxicated birds on a happy morning — tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet

After all Subang Jaya is indeed blessed by God.

Mother Mary has visited.

Oh, what is it about the bot-bots, you ask? Here (hat-tip to mekyam)


Garis panduan Vatican bagi pemeriksaan jelmaan Maryam

The Virgin Mother Mary sighting … why now?!


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

29 thoughts on ““And a big hullo to all my darling bot-bots too”

  1. Sebenarnya, tiada apa-apa yang menghairankan tentang apparition Mother Mary di Subang Jaya itu. Sudah terbukti dari semasa ke semasa, kes-kes sebegini banyak melibatkan penipuan agama. Apatah lagi dari lepas PRU12 sehinggalah sekarang, kaum Evangelist berusaha keras agar Melayu dibenarkan murtad, dan kemudian disuarakan pula oleh Nurul Izzah, diperkukuhkan dengan kewujudan kelibat ini!

    Tiada apa-apa yang menghairankan sebenarnya. Segala-galanya sangat jelas menurut skrip apatah lagi ianya berlaku di Subang Jaya!

  2. Is that photo for real? That woman (in red) looks like a whale out of water. She is so huge, she could sink QEII – the ship. And what is she doing? Dispensing pieties or orders? One look at her demeanor, you can tell working for her is suicidal.

        1. This time I’m guessing the parents won’t repeat the public relations misstep of the last time.

          1. Indians that I know can Hindu one moment, Catholic one moment or Muslim another moment.

            But look at it from the Indian point of view. Catholic Christianity is Europe send. It allows the untouchables to be respectable just like Islam can.

            Most amoy wont give a second look to Indians but put on an english name Tony, Fernandes and hey its masuk Cina time hehehe.

            Paternity is on the mans side. So obviously the child going to be India man… how could be chinese baby?

        2. Ooo not again, few weeks from now the last year drama will continue. My child is not chinese, not indian. Malaysian! Malaysia! (shout). Do you hear me…….. drama continue…next.

          1. Actually dia malu dgn keturunan India sbb dia dah kata siap2 tak mau anak dia diejek bila sekolah nanti. What a bloody nonsense

          2. Mahathir and Farish Noor or KJ seems to have got through schools allright.

            Despite the occasional “hoi keling balik India la..muahahah..”

            Though of course they still hold a grudge against the Malays hehehe..

  3. Helen,

    I have downloaded the image and enlarged it for a close look and it looks more like a water stain which has taken a human-like form.

    I would expect an apparition of Mother Mary to be more well defined to avoid any ambiguity.

    1. I don’t have Twitter a/c either and not Facebook savvy.

      Other readers are encouraged to take up OB’s invite and fill us in.

    2. thanks OB!

      helen, my faker score:

      fake: 2%
      inactive: 5%
      good: 83%

      but then i only have 54 followers on twitter and hardly ever “dally” there. the place bore me shitless. ;)

    1. Woit, apa lu orang bikin jem dkt hospital, nanti ada org sakit on d way mati PR akan buat press conference salahkan hospital.

  4. helen,

    they say “faith can move mountain”. So, it is not surprising the excitement the Christians feel upon the so called “apparition”.

    With due respect to Christians, I feel it is just water stain. people naturally would like to believe what they want to believe.

  5. Aku nampak bahagian equator apparition Mary serupa bentuknya dengan bentuk bahagian equator ADUN Subang Jaya. Mungkin selepas ini ada penafsiran baru puak Evangalis DAP bahawa ADUN berkenaan merupakan penjelmaan Mary pulak.

    Maka proses penaklukan Subang Jaya oleh pihak evangelis akan sampai ke tahap total!

  6. Hey yea la Salhas…the apparition of a pregnant lady occurs at times when some lady evangelist is heavily pregnant….at Subang Jaya Hospital windo pane somemore…where I gather the lady in red above will deliver..Wowwww..Its A Miracle!!!! hahaha

    1. And if the baby comes in your color – silver snow – 90% of Malaysia may turn Christian. What with PAS’ Nicky and Hardy and the Rear Admiral’s daughter being in cahoots permitting Muslims total freedom in choosing any religion they wish, in contravention of the Holy Quran’s surah al-kahfi verses 29, 30, and 31 which refers to Muslims vis-a-vis surah Albaqarah verse 246 referring to non-Muslims.

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    1. The above is an example of spam that lands daily by the dozens.

      Normally comments by spammers are caught by the blog filter and thrown in the trash.

      I retrieved the Christian Online Dating site advert however for its delicious irony in that it seems to think my cool, rocking website “reveals how nicely you understand this subject” and that is the perfect venue to help Christian singles find their ideal mate (ha-ha-ha-ha).

      Funny but there could be something in it. The seething good Christian boys and girls who drop in here might find something in common with each other, like “Oh, you live in Subang Jaya too?” or “We both attend the City Harvest Church!! How wonderful, see you at the Sunday service”.


      1. owh, how nice of u helen…,

        yr blog can help ‘membina gereja’ (for malay membina masjid). kih-kih-kih!

        joke of the day!

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