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BN must back Hee Yit Foong’s candidacy in Jelapang — here’s why

MCA put up a 62-year-old candidate in Jelapang the last general election.

Should MCA renominate Loo Koi Pin, they would have a representative running for office at the age of 66. In the  event – most unlikely though – that he wins, Mr Loo would be more than 70 years old by the end of the GE13 term, God granting.

Blue and red voters

Dr Chua Soi Lek in his press statement on Thursday said:

“While Hee [Yit Foong] can announce that she is the candidate for Jelapang in the coming general election, without the support from the MCA division and especially the grassroots members, it is unlikely that she will win.”

The Star‘s updated report on Friday is more adamant in tone – ‘No deal on Hee’s candidacy for Jelapang seat, says Chua’

Since Dr Chua brings up the subject of the Chinese grassroots, let’s have a look at the GE12 data.

The table below shows the state seats contested by the MCA. The ones bolded in blue were won by MCA and the ones in red by DAP.

MCA only managed to defend its seats in the rural and semi-rural areas. The urban areas, especially where MCA was up against Chinese candidates, fell all to the DAP except in Johor.

MCA won in the following seats:


(1) in Titi Tinggi beating PKR’s Keria bin Senawi and independent Mohamad Razi Mustaffa, (2) in Indera Kayangan beating PKR’s Doziyah Hamzah


(3) in Gurun beating PKR’s Kalaivanan a/l Balasundram


(4) in Bandar beating PKR’s Manaf Che Mat


(5) in Chenderiang beating PKR’s Arjunan a/l Muthu


(6) in Ceka beating PKR’s Ishak Saad, (7) in Damak beating PKR’s Mohd Nor Jaafar, (8) Semambu, (9) Teruntum, (10) Mentakab, (11) Bilut


(12) in Kuala Kubu Baru beating PKR’s Annamalai Ramu a/l Kandasamy, (13) in Sungai Pelek beating DAP’s Sivananthan a/l Arumugani


(14) Chennah


(15) Machap, (16) Kelebang, (17) Duyong, (18) Bemban


(19) Jementah, (20) Bekok, (21) Tangkak, (22) Yong Peng, (23) in Parit Yaani beating PAS’s Hashim Jusoh, (24) Penggaram, (25) in Johor Jaya beating PRM’s Mohd Nasir Abdul Wahab, (26) Stulang, (27) in Pengkalan Rinting beating PAS’s Rahmatullah Abdul Wahab, (28) in Pulai Sebatang beating PAS’s Shamsudin Jaafar, (29) in Pekan Nanas beating DAP’s Ahmad Ton


(30) Kapayang

From the profile above of the 30 state seats held by MCA, it can be seen that half were won by MCA through its defeat of Malay and Indian candidates.

This pattern is striking along the West Coast where MCA was almost wiped out. The party lost every single seat it contested in Penang, lost 9 out of 10 seats it contested in Negri Sembilan, and lost 15 out of 16 seats it contested in Perak.

MCA contested 14 seats in Selangor, and lost 12. The three state seats remaining in MCA hands – one in Perak and two in Selangor – were all snatched from the jaws of Indians. (Inference: The Chinese voters preferred the MCA Chinese over the PKR/DAP Indian candidate)

The national landscape

The first table below shows the share of state seats held by the various parties —  DAP has 85 and MCA has 30.

The second table shows the number of votes obtained nationwide by the various parties. DAP won 1,118,025 ballots giving the party 28+1 Parliament seats (Sibu was later won in a by-election) while MCA got 840,489 giving it 15 Parliament seats.

Battle royale: DAP vs Umno

The weightage given rural wards coupled with gerrymandering serve to favour Umno disproportionately. With 30.2 percent of the total votes, Umno snagged 79 seats in GE12. Comparatively, with 14.2 percent of the total votes, DAP obtained 28 seats.

DAP’s total votes obtained are roughly half that of Umno’s.

If we hypothetically double DAP’s 28 seats, we only get the figure of 56 seats which falls short of Umno’s 79. Or to work the math the other way around, if we halve the number of Umno seats, the Malay party has 40, which for the same number of votes gave DAP 28 seats.

The way the system is rigged allows Umno to wield a much stronger political clout than is warranted by the ground support the Malay party actually receives.

Nonetheless, it is possible for the race politics to be subverted as happened in the recent American presidential election.

Prior to 2008, the Chinese would not have voted Umno and the Malays would not have voted DAP. But there has since been a paradigm shift.

For the DAP-led Pakatan coalition to prevail, it needs to split the Malay votes as Obama successfully did the majority white votes. The incumbent got 4 out of 10 white votes while his opponent Mitt Romney got 6 out of 10. Obama however got 9-and-1/2 out of every 10 black votes.

Blacks comprise 13.1 percent of the population in the United States whereas Chinese comprise 24.6 percent of the population in Malaysia. Translating the Obama strategy to the Malaysian scenario, the opposition should split the Malay votes 50-50 between Umno and PAS-PKR while DAP goes for a solid 90 percent of the Chinese votes and a high percentage of the Christian votes.

Thus far, Pakatan has clearly taken a leaf from the Obama campaign of peddling ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ in their almost identical ‘Dream Merchant’ sloganeering and sales pitch.

DAP and MCA comparative standing

In Jelapang, the MCA guy received less than 30 percent of the votes. Of this number, it is safe to assume that Loo Koi Pin got a generous portion of the Malay votes and some of the Indian.

Sentiment-wise in GE13, nothing will move the Jelapang electorate, three quarters of whom are Chinese. Not even if Mr Loo were to go as far as promising to donate his kidney to a needy constituent.

Against this backdrop, let us examine Chua Soi Lek’s “no deal” (according to The Star headline) with regard to the Jelapang seat traditionally allocated to MCA.

Only just recently, guests at the MCA function in Muar displayed an uncharacteristic Chinese rudeness when – after tucking into their free meal provided by the party – they staged a walkout immediately upon Dr Chua commencing his dinner speech.

The Chinese public don’t care to give MCA any face these days albeit when they were caught in the Genneva gold investment of no returns, they nevertheless still turned to the MCA public services department for help.

In contrast to the blatant disrespect shown to Dr Chua at the MCA mega dinner, Lim Guan Eng is welcomed with loud applause and standing ovation when he makes his ‘popstar’ grand entrance at DAP dinners. The hall full of supporters jostle to crowd around him. Their enthusiasm is so great that he needs to be protected by a human chain of bodyguards.

It has reached this level of idolatry because Guan Eng and his evangelical icons have assiduously wrapped a personality cult aura about themselves. Si Gunting dalam Lipatan happily helps to cultivate the adulation too. (Read here, here and here).

BN is so “low class”

Maruah Melayu mesti dijaga

Dr Chua’s clarification on the Jelapang seat has been read by most of the English language media as being dismissive of Hee Yit Foong.

The MCA president risks ditepuk air di dulang, terpercik muka Umno by failing to appreciate that Hee is sheltering under the umbrella of the Malay polity.

Air muka Hee patut dijaga Umno kerana selaku Timbalan Speaker Dewan Perundangan, beliau memegang tauliah yang diberikan sebuah kerajaan majoriti Melayu. She presides over a Dewan that is occupied by 27 Umno Aduns and the two BN-friendly Malay representatives in Changkat Jering and Behrang.

By virtue of the lofty position she holds in the state legislature, her maruah is tied to Umno’s maruah as the ruling party in Perak. Furthermore, Hee today carries a Datuk title bestowed by the Raja Melayu of the state.

Umno cannot be seen to be throwing away Hee like a used tampon after she is perceived to have outlived her utility. It will send the wrong message to the remaining 20 percent of the Chinese who are not pro-DAP or pro-Pakatan.

If Umno were to discard Hee, then the signal is that BN (in essense Umno) is willing to throw to the wolves Chinese still loyal to the dacing brand or those who have shifted allegiances to BN like Hee.

While the MCA is not expected to fare well in the seats where it will stand, Umno nonetheless still needs to salvage whatever Chinese votes it can in the mixed seats — for example, Hishamuddin Hussein’s parliamentary constituency of Sembrong in Johor has 31 percent Chinese voters (down from 36% in 2008).

DAP are streetfighters

Recall the Briggs plan to wean Chinese villagers away from communist influence during the Emergency.

The treatment of Hee by DAP and their DAPster followers is like that meted out by Bintang Tiga. Hee Yit Foong has been relentlessly bayoneted, or in today’s DAP 2.0 parlance, nailed to the cross.

Dr Chua in his reaction on this matter ought not succumb to the contemptuous current of Chinese populism that has crucified Hee as BN’s “running dog”.

More than the sum of its parts

Dr Chua’s non-committal response appears to indicate that he’s not grasped the role that Hee Yit Foong is capable of playing in furtherance of the BN cause.

BN will not be putting her up to win the Jelapang seat which already has the opposition’s name on it, in any case.

It is however to BN’s advantage to provide her a platform where she can be seen and heard by a national television audience.

It is necessary to expose Hee Yit Foong via the national broadcast media as well as pro-establishment print media — TV3, Berita Harian, Utusan – because the MCA media machinery is already compromised and cannot be relied upon and the other BN components do not own any Chinese media.

(The Star reported fawningly on Hannah Yeoh’s Chinese New Year angpow packets which had a Bible verse printed on it without questioning its appropriateness. Or see preceding post – ‘Oh yawn, hudud again? So yesterday, lah — The Star)

Evangelists fast-tracked

BN would be wise to trot Hee in front of the TV cameras. Let her cry while telling her story. The target audience is not Chinese. It is the rest of Malaysians who must be made aware of how Guan Eng and his coterie behave.

The Umno Perak state assemblymen can be also roped in to lend her some positive testimonials as Hee enjoys a cordial working relationship with them. You can consider her a potential Lee Lam Thye.

A DAP insider for 20 odd years, Hee is familiar with the inner workings and intrigues within the party. She can tell us all about the Ngeh-Nga overlordship and how the party has ‘Ubah’ – changed – to become evangelical and fascistic.

As one example of the Christian tide, the ongoing Dream Machine ‘Ubah’ Roadshow featured the evangelist Yeo Bee Yin (a Hannah Yeoh clone) as one of its speakers alongside Tony Pua, Karpal’s son Gobind Singh Deo, DAP Kg Tunku Adun Lau Weng San, Kashturi Patto (daughter of a DAP stalwart) and PKR wonderboy Rafizi Ramli.

Yeo Bee Yin only joined the party on 27 Aug 2012 — a mere two and a half months ago. The evangelicals are given a rocket boost in their supersonic rise up DAP 2.0. Apart from her appointment as DAP’s cyber media stretegist, Yeo is also Special Assistant to Tony Pua.

The New DAP is all Guan Eng’s men (and Christian women).

Puak-puak kurang ajar

In the photo below, Guan Eng’s left shoe is stepping on Hee’s head. It is clear who sets the kurang ajar example which Chinese youth then imitate.

The DAP robust streetfighter mode ensures a survival of the fittest.

MCA is not fit enough to take on DAP. (Even Tun Daim once commented that Koh Tsu Koon needed to be less of a gentleman and more of a streetfighter to take on the DAP in Penang.)

In fact, MCA is asking for extinction. Its own newspaper The Star had no qualms in tweeting that the party is populated by “too many old dinosaurs” and “intellectually flabby”. (Dinosaur brain the size of a walnut — read here.)

The BN game plan

When Hee Yit Foong goes on the stump, we cannot rule out that she might be assaulted one way or another by the DAP supporters.

Thus BN should not only endorse Hee’s candidacy in Jelapang but also provide her campaign all the logistical support necessary — bodyguards, driver, convoy, and several aide de camp (ADCs) to polish her Malay and English elocution. In the footsteps of Guan Eng, assign a personal cameraman/videographer as well to accompany her at all times.

If the DAPsters verbally or physically abuse her, then the episode caught on film of a petite woman who walks with a limp being mercilessly harassed should be widely and repeatedly aired on primetime television. These images would invoke sympathy among the fence-sitters.

MCA has been an abject failure the last five years in rehabilitating its own battered standing. Even DAP’s Malay language portal is miles ahead of MCA’s Chinese-English website in terms of Internet traffic, according to the latest Alexa ranking. It’s not easy to treat the MCA claim of having a 1.3 million membership without a pinch of salt.

There’s nothing left to lose

MCA has not been able to put up a fight against the DAP juggernaut. It cannot even compel the media it owns to divert from the pro-Pakatan political direction that the paper has adopted.

Everyone knows the ineffectual MCA has no chance of winning Jelapang. In the 2004 general election, Hee Yit Foong defeated Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, who’s supposedly better qualified on paper with his being a cardiologist.

Given the MCA’s pathetic track record in Jelapang, the least it can do is make itself useful to BN by allowing Hee Yit Foong to ride on their party ticket. If she wants to take on DAP, Umno should let her do so! By all means.

There have been too many bola tanggung which the MCA and their media have ignored. Chua Jr was left to bat on his own in the Talamgate expose with The Star reluctant to contribute any back-up stories.

There has been very little critical coverage of DAP in the paper to date.

In short, MCA has done nothing to dispel Hasan Ali’s conspiracy theory that the party machinery has defected to the DAP. For instance, DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming used to work for the MCA think-tank Insap (Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research).

Hee will assuredly make a better job of countering the DAP propaganda than those MCA “dinosaurs” (Kian Ming’s description) who have permitted their so-called media machinery to heap humiliation after humiliation on Dr Chua. There is no worse indignity than being consigned to irrelevance. The Star didn’t even think Dr Chua’s roadshow was worth covering.

BN need to be proactive and to get their election campaign in gear without waiting for MCA which has not been pulling its weight at all. The Star headline “No Deal” on Hee’s Jelapang bid is yet another example of the MCA inertia and intransigence.

Remember, the battle is no longer between MCA and DAP. It is now between DAP and Umno, manoamano.


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41 thoughts on “BN must back Hee Yit Foong’s candidacy in Jelapang — here’s why

  1. Apasal DAP ni spesis yg sama je ahli2nya. Ayat yg keluar, Low Class, Low Standard, Moron. Sebenarnya mereka yg low class sbb guna ayat2 begitu.

  2. Very much agreed that ADUN Hee be a candidate for BN. As Helen said if MCA / BN supporters (about 5000 votes) remain for BN taake another 30% of others , BN can retain Jelapang. For CSL , you are not the Jelapang voters so hope you can endorse Hee a winanable candidate unless you want DAP win the seat.

  3. I sympathize with Hee. I understand she is disabled and her husband is also sick. She is the simple chinese that have no quarrels with the Malays.

    Her exit from DAP have seen her verbally abused and i read that her house were vandalized routinely.

    I remember a video where DAP MPs heckle her in the DUN and throw a piece of RM50 at her. Her act to raise a maize mace spray to defend herself was twisted to portray her as a gangster.

    1. Hi FC,

      There was some formatting problem with regard to your comment yesterday (my fault).

      So I’m cutting and pasting my (earlier) rejoinder to you in a separate comment box, here as below:

      “I read that the Adun who threw the RM50 later picked up the note (from the floor or wherever that it fell). He didn’t want to waste his 50 bucks, ha-ha-ha… — Helen”

  4. the best part :

    “The Chinese public don’t care to give MCA any face these days albeit when they were caught in the Genneva gold investment of no returns, they nevertheless still turned to the MCA public services department for help.”


    1. we must remind them that without the MCA they would still be without citizenship. ouch !

        1. it depends. for the Chinese, half a century is not a long time, just a drop of water in the ocean.

          the problem is the failure of the government to emphasize the centrality of national education as the foundation of nation building. when I say national education, I m not referring to the BTN which I myself find as truly racist, right to the very core.

          national education should, and must reflect the reality of how our country came about. It amazes me that so little is taught at schools on how and why the Chinese and Indians came to Malaysia in the first place, on how the Malay race is a constitutional creation instead of a cultural and biological construct.

          the Chinese came to Malaysia as coolies and miners, with a minority coming as merchants and as refugees. the Indians came as estate workers, and again some came as merchants and refugees.

          we Malays were sojourners, most of us were just part of a wider community known throughout history as being in the Malay archipelago.

          then there are others such as Eurasians, who are the products of East West mingling.
          these should be emphasized. integration is a continuous progress, it never ends. sadly for our country, some quarters, they failed to realize that in a multicultural society, there must be give and take.

          I often hear that the civil service is Malay dominated, that Government linked companies serve the interests of the Malay elite yet so little is mentioned of how ethnic minorities dominate the private sector. there is a historical perspective to this.

          the Chinese, Indians and minorities, when they came to Malaya, they never intended to remain permanently in the first place. it was about making loads of money, then plan a spectacular return to their native lands. the Malay dominance of the civil service is the result of the arrangement between the colonial rulers and the Malay elite. it was the need for expertise by the Malay elite that the civil service in its current form came about.

          Government linked companies exist as a response to the minorities’ dominance of the private sector. one must be objective when making judgement. Government linked companies have never sidelined Chinese or Indian companies. if you are discerning, and you are honest about it, big Chinese and Indian companies such as YTL, Genting, Berjaya, Astro, Maxis etc, they exist as the result of collaboration between the Malay dominated state and minority dominated private sector.

          so many Chinese, and a minority of Indians, when they boast about their community’s achievements in business, they never took into account the considerable help provided by the Malay state in these businesses’ inception. this is something we must correct.

          it is time for us to acknowledge that this country, what we have today, is the result of collaborations between the various races of this country.

          if the Malays are so intolerant, if the Malays are so racists, why is it that we continue to allow vernacular schools to exists, why are there Malays studying at Chinese schools ? you know who is Baki Zainal, a host from 8tv? he’s Chinese educated. likewise, the Malay sisters Surianiza and Suzana Adiha Jamaludin from Muar both educated at SRJK (C) Chi Sin and later, Sekolah Tinggi Chung Hwa and who both now chose to serve their former secondary school by becoming Bahasa Malaysia teachers.

          we Malays are open to other cultures. but Helen, can you say the same about the Chinese, or the Indians?

          :) — Helen

          1. well said En Ahmad.

            we Malays are open to other cultures. but not vice-versa. yes indeed, not just melayu mudah lupa, non malay also lupa… like you said, “half a century is not a long time, just a drop of water in the ocean.”

  5. Yes. GEt the toilet papers to feature this OKU with datukship. That’s where she belongs and I also support her to contest in jelapang seat under the BN. I have as much confidence as her that she will win the seat.

    Wake up CSL! She is the undisputed ” winnable ” candidate. Grab her before it is too late. Don’t lose her to PPP.


    1. Her principle and refusal to cohort with the corrupt DAP has prevent Perak to become a large Taman Kaya ruled by Ngeh Nga dictatorsnip.

      Id nominate Hee to get the Nobel Peace award anytime.

  6. To digress, a video of a PAS prayer session where they chanted “KO BN” was recorded by Minaq Jinggo (a neutral photographer that attend events at both camps) has been received with hostility by many Malays that not PAS member dare condone the prayer.

    The reaction was very interesting and reflects the sentiments in the Malay ground. Plus with Israel pounding Gaza, solidarity among Muslims will be highly desired.

    1. its FOC to say a do’a but God never answer PAS ularmak’s prayers to destroy UMNO/BN so far… why ya?

  7. If UNMO/BN is looking for a way, a response to counter The DAP’s Malaysian First fraud, look no further than Baki Zainal and the Malay sisters Surianiza and Suzana Adiha Jamaludin from Muar. Those 3 are truly 1Malaysia.

    1. Just to share with you, all of my ex-boyfriend’s kids are in Chinese school.

      The Firsters like to hold up the mixed marriage of Hannah Yeoh and her husband as the epitome of Malaysian Malaysia.

      She doesn’t speak Mandarin. He doesn’t speak Tamil. Neither of them tweet in BM either.

      What cultural exchanges do HY & hubby bring to each other and to the country that they are touted by DAPsters as the perfect role models for Bangsa Anak Malaysia? Their mutual Christianity and lay preaching?

      1. helen,

        I know, lu tua taloh lai… where got persamaan & kebersamaan… only mutual Christianity and lay preaching & of coz same bed lah. lu ann chua kong?

        1. The sheer stupidity of The Star. Pemuda PAS has called out Harakah. When is Pemuda MCA going to do the same on their backstabbers?

  8. if the husband is Indian, the wife is Chinese, the kids are taught Tamil and Mandarin, and they are also exposed to the national language and English, then the kids are what I call a native son, daughter.

    or another way, the husband is Chinese, the wife is white, their kids are taught Mandarin and English, and also exposed to the national language and other languages of their choosing, then the kids are also native sons, daughters.

    it can be in any combination, using the analogy I’ve just mentioned

    religion is not in the picture, unless the parents insist on it. I find that those that are most against the teaching of other languages, even against the teaching of their own language, are those most fixated with religion.

    the Malaysian First crowd is very deceitful. they are pushing for a form of assimilation that is truly anti Malaysia. they want all of us to assimilate and become phony whites.

    we already have many examples of 1Malaysia. those 3 Malays I mentioned, they just exposed the deceit of the Malaysian First fraud.

    let me ask you this Helen, well not just you but to every reader of this blog: which one(s) of them are truly Malaysian and which one(s) are truly anti Malaysian, the 3 Malays I mentioned or the daughter of H Y and her so called Indian husband?

    1. I don’t buy political firsters ‘ada udang sebalik batu’ acts are truly sincere. the 3 malays looked more convincingly ikhlas.

  9. Helen,

    When an Arab city was bombarded by a proxy of Judeo-Christian pack, the Western civilization was so quick to claim that the proxy has got the right to defend itself or more extremes than that, the proxy has the right to retaliate even to a slightest provocation.

    On the contrary, when some of the Arabs pack conducted a tit for tat retaliatory mission against what was seen as a Judeo-Christian pack aggressiveness, the same civilization refused to except the fact that the Arab also has every right to defend its territory or to retaliate when its justified. The West unfairly and unjustifiably called it an act of war!

    Same thing happened to Yit Foong. The Mullah-Chauvinist pack refused to accept that she had every right to move to a new pasture which is more greener. But when come to partisan issue, Mullah-Chauvinist pack was never consistent. In the case of “temporary migration” of the YB Bota to PKR, the media could see with their very own eye, that the Mullah-Chauvinist pack reaction at the YB Bota movement was totally different and hypocritical!

    Yes, YB Bota was given a welcoming slogan by the poacher:”Selamat datang to the real teokratic pack!” but the YB Jelapang was given the opposite: ” Go to yell U the most hated women on eerth”! This is double standard but the question is who cares? And most importantly which pack suppose to stand up for her? Fence sitter?

    1. Oh dear me. Baru saya tahu rupanya Israel yang mula menembak roket-roket ke Gaza, bukan puak warga aman Hamas dan suku-sakat mereka yang memulakan.

      1. oh dear me. Baru saya tahu rupa-rupanya bedilan roket ‘cap ayam’ Hamas telah membunuh ramai kanak2 dan wanita Israel. Hamas ni sengaja membedil ke kaw. ramai penduduk. Patutlah si Anwar Ibrahim kata keselamatan Zionist ni wajar dipertahankn.

  10. Yit Foong episode will definitely be engraved in gold in the annals of Malaysian political development i.e. putting the spanner in the works of a DAP-PAS-PKR axis-of-evil marauding political beast. If the MCA can’t recognize this fact and seize the singular opportunity to cash in on her persona, then they deserve to be condemned to the waste-bins of history sooner than anyone can imagine.

  11. Dear Helen,

    Kindly remove your statement that Lim Guan Eng stepped on Hee Yit Foong’s face in the poster. Lim Guan Eng did no such thing. He was trying to do precisely the opposite, i.e. avoid stepping on the poster. Please google to refresh memory since it was some time ago. Thank you.

    1. Dear Anon,

      I’d made a one-line reference to the photo. The text of my article read: “In the photo below, Guan Eng’s left shoe is stepping on Hee’s head.”

      If you will look at the photo, what my sentence describes is fact.

  12. Dear Helen,

    Leaving aside what the newspapers reported, I’ve looked at the photo. The left shoe is no where near the Hee’s face.

    I respect your right to criticise the DAP even though I support the DAP. I respect your right to criticise Christians even though your comments are inflammatory or seditious most of the time. And even though they outdo other conspiratorial theorists. But please do not accuse someone of doing something he did not do,

    1. Dear Anon,

      I said “Hee’s head” and you’re spinning the words into “no where near Hee’s face”.

      His left shoe is stepping on her head — a simple statement of fact.

      Is or is not his left shoe located on her head (in the poster)? I’m sure readers can see for themselves. They’ve got eyes.

      And puhleez lah, you’re not at all sitting steadily in the saddle on your moral high horse by preaching “please do not accuse someone of doing something he did not do”.

      What to make of your own claims that my “comments are inflammatory or seditious most of the time. And even though they outdo other conspiratorial theorists”.

      1. Lim Guan Eng was just dancing and then suddenly the banner apparated on the floor. Hidup LGE!

  13. OK, his head. Lim Guan Eng’s shoe is nowhere near Hee’s head. If you look at the picture, neither of Lim’s shoes are near Hee’s head. This is why the news report it as such.

      1. “OK, his head. Lim Guan Eng’s shoe is nowhere near Hee’s head”

        Sure, sure, sure…..and in case you Anon are still not satisfied with Helen, methinks Tokong Lim did’nt even wear any shoe in the photo.

        Anyone notice any shoe? Not Anon Me and Mouse certainly!

  14. Hi Helen

    I am waiting eagerly for your analysis on the resignation of the Ho fellow as the CEO of the Star.

    I Hope this signals that the MCA had realized the mischiefs and decided to take action. Better late than never.


    1. I don’t read it as MCA taking any action. On the contrary, I see MCA as a sitting duck and not even capable of reacting to circumstances.

      The timing of his departure is at Ho Kay Tat’s convenience, not MCA’s.

      The Edge’s news portal debuted on Oct 18 and had experienced some teething problems when its editor Yeap Boo Yeam (an Edge guy) reportedly quit.

      Now it’s learnt, according to news reports, that The Edge has been granted a permit to publish a daily paper.

      Remember that The Nut Graph came out on the eve of the 2008 election. Many in the industry then suspect that it was The Edge’s boss Tong Kooi Ong who funded the portal despite TNG refusing to be transparent about the identity of their financial backers even when asked point blank. So much for the opposition’s claims that they adopt better practices.

      There’s an osmosis in the journalism industry where the staff float from one media outlet to another. In an earlier posting, I pointed out that The Star had sent an ex-Malaysiakini reporter who politician inclinations are well-known (and it’s not pro-MCA) to cover a DAP-Guan Eng press conference.

      There are not that many months left until the GE needs to be held latest, so it’s only reasonable to assume that if the rumours are true, HKT has his work cut out for him to get the new paper fighting fit before the GE takes place.

      The BN must hold MCA accountable for the continued fiasco that is purportedly its media machinery. I’d brought this same matter up in my Oct 10 posting ‘Bilik Perang BN‘.

      Its so-called machinery SNEAKY SCISSORS is stealthily hammering BN blows in the back and as we’ve been monitoring, no sign – zilch – that the MCA is able to exercise some form of control over the pro-opposition bias.

  15. Lim Guan Eng did not step on their faces. It is obvious to anyone with the remotest intelligence that he was trying NOT to step on their faces, judging from his body language. Just because you BN kataks defame Pakatan people, you expect Pakatan to stoop to your level. Anyway EVERYONE knows that Helen Ang is a racist pig who is MCA’s bitch. She is being paid by BN to run an Anti-1Malaysia blog. We are all Malaysians, not Malay, Chinese or Indian. If you don’t like being Malaysian, Helen Ang, I suggest you defect to Bangladesh where all the BN bribees are. Then everyone will know you for the true toad you are.

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