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Oh yawn, hudud again? So yesterday, lah — The Star


Updated: 10.55am, 15 Dec 2012

“The issue of implementation of hudud law came up again when PAS Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Dr Harun Taib said after the Dewan Ulama assembly two days ago that the opposition pact had generally agreed to the implementation of hudud if the opposition was able to form the government after the 13th general election.” — source: The Star

As usual, it is only Karpal who demurs.

Yet The Star chose to play down the hudud avowal at PAS muktamar. Today’s headlines in the pro-DAP paper:

Don’t blow things up, says Haron’

“Deputy Mursyidul Am Datuk Dr Haron Din has slammed members who used the media to make a mountain out of a molehill” / “Terengganu delegate Dr Azman Ibrahim said the public were confused over the contradictory statements reported in the media […] ‘I think it is best they just shut up,’ he said.”

‘Supporters club to explain PAS stand’

“[National PAS Supporters Club president] Hu Pang Chaw said the club would play its role in assisting PAS’ bid to win over more non-Muslims … / “I do not know how this [hudud] issue cropped up,” [Dr Tan Seng Giaw] added.

How come The Star doesn’t make any effort to explain MCA’s stand? Instead Chua Soi Lek is now perceived even by some segments of the Chinese public as being anti-Islam for speaking up against hudud.

The Star‘s story and headline below reaffirms the Pakatan narrative of MCA as merely fear-mongering and raking up a “passe” non-issue. The paper quoted two DAP spokesmen but didn’t bother to interview anybody from MCA — see screenshot of article below.

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ — song, YouTube / ‘Don’t worry, be sexy’ — message from MCA


‘MCA should just sell DAP the plagiarizing Star’



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10 thoughts on “Oh yawn, hudud again? So yesterday, lah — The Star

  1. Who is that old man walking slowly. He looks like the Catholic Pope hehe…

    Oh I get it. Both of them claim that you can only go to heaven through them…muahaha..

    These people want to put themselves between God and the rest just like the ulama in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

    1. Kelantan Pope,

      don’t la be so damn sarcastic to Kelantan Tok Guru, but neway I enjoyed it so much pulak dah. ekeke

  2. I think PAS youth already see how Harakah is killing PAS reputation (if got any), MCA youth can at least say something about The Rocket ooppss, The Star. Regretly, no one in PAS youth ‘got balls’ to talk about Nurrul Izzah’s recent controver-sial statement.

    p.s: Harakah banyak iklan ubat kuat untuk lelaki. ubat mengembalikan bola lelaki tak dak ka?

  3. Org tua tu ketua puak Khawarij yg kuat bertaqiyyah semata2 untuk kelabukan mata penyokong.

  4. It’s three months or so to the next GE. Let’s sit back and enjoy the imminent cracks and eventual destruction of a political party that unashamedly claimed to be the defender of the Islamic faith but, in all aspects of its behavior, displayed that it is merely a collective Satan incarnate.

    1. I’d appreciate your Malay perspective on the self-destruction of MCA too.

      My take is that the Chinese votes will move to DAP and the Malay votes will move away from PAS and PKR. Both Umno and DAP will each get stronger.

      I don’t expect BN to lose the GE13 but I expect the BN formula to dissolve given the failure of MCA. Not sure about MIC and Indian votes.

      I anticipate a new bumiputera axis (Malay + Sabah-S’wak natives) to replace the old Malay-Chinese-Indian axis of the Alliance (Perikatan) and its successor BN.

  5. Saya tak pasti sama ada dua perkara ini berlaku secara tak dirancang atau sebaliknya:

    1. Ada pihak secara terbuka mengatakan semua pihak bebas memilih anutan masing-masing

    2. Di satu pihak mengatakan hudud akan dijalankan oleh pakatan tetapi di pihak yang lain menafikannya.

    Soalannya, kalau semua pihak bebas memilih agama, siapa nak pilih agama yang mana para penganutnya buat itu tak kena dan buat ini tak kena?

    Apa komen anda (Kak Nurul Izah)?

  6. Inspired by Humpty Dumpty:

    Bunch of #Pakatoons sat on a wall,
    about to suffer the shame of downfall.
    All the Tokong’s strategists and all the Tokong’s spokespeople;
    could not spin away “Hudud Or All”!

  7. Inspired by Humpty Dumpty:

    Bunch of #Pakatoons sat on a wall,
    about to suffer the shame of downfall.
    All the Tokong’s strategists and all the Tokong’s spokespeople;
    could not spin away “Hudud For All”!

  8. Can PR just shut the hell up. PAS makes lots of noises, but when a big issue that is Nurul crop up, they are as quiet as their ancestors grave with only some dogs and cats coming out to speak “that Nurul is not wrong, the media manipulated her bla bla bla”.

    Same with DAP. Yeah yeah we know you oppose the Hudud, but that is ONLY Karpal’s stance. How about the others silent guys out there? No balls to anger PAS?

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