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“BN is bad and ugly” and “pariah”, say DAPsters (updated)

See footnote for update

Unlike Pakatan who are beautiful, intelligent and courageous warriors for truth and justice.

Wonder what “promotion” up the ladder Hannah Yeoh has in mind coming the way of Nurul Izzah?

The Star renegade Joceline Tan wrote a few days ago:

“But more mind-boggling ambitions lay ahead. She [Nurul] was soon touted as a future prime minister and the next mentri besar of Selangor. Anyone who dared question whether she was being over-rated would be shot down by the Internet bullies and cybertroopers.”

More of interest to me than Nurul’s meteoric political career – which might well be cut short (intelligence has it that she’s lost the poorer Malay areas of Pantai Dalam although predictably she still holds Bangsar) – is Joceline’s observation on Internet bullies and cybertroopers.

Hannah Yeoh has even been dubbed a “DAP SuperCyber Bully” by the MCA Beliawanis treasurer (tweet screenshot below).

Joceline notes that ‘they’ shoot down anyone who dares question, be it Nurul’s hype or other DAP sacred relics.

The Internet bullies remind me of what I’ve read about Mao Zedong’s Red Guards. Like Chairman Mao, the petty despots in DAP promote bullying behaviour too.

For instance, Guan Eng’s remark about Ustaz Nasha “acting like an Umno agent” sparked an avalanche of DAPster hate comments against the former PAS deputy president.

MCA a big, big disappointment

DAPsters bermaharajalela in cyberspace and not only has MCA failed to stem the ‘Red Guards’ rampage, its own newspaper behaved disgracefully in the Taman Kaya bullying saga.


  • The Star preferred quoting DAP man, “he said, he said, he said” instead of victim — read here

I believe I speak for many non-opposition supporters when I say that we’ve had it up to here with the biadab and belligerent behaviour shown.

Following up on the Hee Yit Foong bid for Jelapang, here are a few samples of online comments. Screenshots taken from and

I’ve not bothered with the ones calling her a “bitch”, “prostitute”, mocking her physical disability or saying they’d be happy to spit in her face or pelt her with rotten eggs. We’re already quite familiar with all those.

Below are some that allow us to reflect a little bit more deeply. Not about her but about the real people (they’re not autobots but flesh-and-bone opposition supporters who subscribe to the news portal) making the comments.

Imagine if you had to live in a neighbourhood where DAPsters are just next door (think Taman Kaya).

1. Implying that YB Hee is an animal.

2. Hee is compared with a dog by a fruit (a Malaysiakini reader calling him/herself ‘mangodurian’) who must have borrowed the Haris Ibrahim-invented Integrity Meter.

3. BN candidates are always bad and ugly and the ruling coalition have never had good people.

4. Some FMT readers @ have the same mindset and vocabulary as Malaysiakini subscribers. Their thuggery makes it virtually impossible to air online any contrary-to-DAPster views.

5. Typical DAPster name-calling: “Yang Berhormat or Yang Bangsat?”

6. And someone had to drag in Rosmah’s name.

7. I’d said MCA is a big disappointment because MCA tries to appease and play to the populist gallery. One Malaysiakini reader reckons that Chua Soi Lek thinks Hee is a liability even for his party.

8. Hee is labelled a “pariah with BN kind of mentality”.

9. Below are three more Malaysiakini comments alluding to the payoff that Hee is alleged to have received for her crossover.

It does make you pause and think, doesn’t it? Why is Hee Yit Foong refusing to slip away quietly into the night?

Why, knowing full well how she will be vilified and worse, has she offered to defend her seat? Some quaint sense of honour?

10. The fact that Hee wants to be fielded again in Jelapang implies that she’s not willing to throw in the towel and surrender without a fight to DAP.

Compare her with MCA which have – to all intents and purposes – signalled their archrival, “Just bury us old fossils, please”.

Hee has more balls than MCA

Of course she can’t win. Neither can the MCA. Even if DAP put up a branch or a broomstick, the seat is still theirs.

But better to at least field a candidate prepared to do battle than one simply waiting to roll over and play dead.

It’s high time that someone stands up to the DAP streetfighters. MCA sure as hell ain’t doing the job.

UPDATE (9.36pm):

Two photographs of the Sime Darby Medical Centre Mother Mary image (ref. Comment #5 below).

People see what they want to see — BN as ugly, Pakatan as beautiful (doh)

Apparently, the Mary image is not apparent at night, only a dark blotch is visible.

One explanation for the image looking like it does during daytime is sunlight (i.e. when light strikes glass, the prism effect and whatever material that is making the shape of the image)

Anyone can contribute to discussion?


Can anyone locate online a photo of the second window pane at the same hospital bearing the Jesus image?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

55 thoughts on ““BN is bad and ugly” and “pariah”, say DAPsters (updated)

  1. The english lexicon of insults used by the anglophone in malaysiakini towards poor hee yit foong is appalling.. and you told these are the educated middle aged chinese anglophiles that paid to comment on malaysiakini. god knows what britishy words their offsprings used.

    1. No matter what big words, small words or vulgar words are used, it still represents the sentiments of the majority of Perakians towards Hee. There is no denying the fact. Hee is not the victim, we Perakians who had to live with the aftermath of her defection is.

      Good day to you.

      1. The Pakatan Perak govt was toppled in Feb 2009.

        Anwar attempted to unseat the BN federal govt in Sept 2008.

        Did you Perakians raise any objection when Anwar tried employing the same means of enticing MP crossovers (and he did it first before BN did) to oust a constitutionally elected govt?

        If you Perakians harbour resentment against Hee for the collapse of Nizar’s govt, wouldn’t a greater number of Malaysians be resentful should AAB’s govt have fallen due to Anwar’s Sept 16 takeover bid?

        It’s the Pakatan double standards, and on top of that, a holier-than-thou forked tongue that most of us cannot abide.

        Good day to you too.

        1. Quote: It’s the Pakatan double standards, and on top of that, a holier-than-thou forked tongue that most of us cannot abide.

          Most of us. Correct me if my assumption the ‘us’ in the above statement applies to you. So what is your stance on money politics? Do you condone? I rather think not in view of your distaste in Anwar’s move to entice BN froggies. (I stand corrected of course)

          So if you are disgusted by the money politics move initiated by Anwar, then you surely find Hee’s froggy leap equally offensive. Afterall 2 wrongs don’t make 1 right. If you deem Anwar’s money politics wrong then let’s acknowledge ALL money politics wrong. Either from Pakatan or BN. Hee is one of the leading character in this money politics fiasco. Let’s not forget this and elevate her to hero status just becos she went up against your object of ire, DAP.

          1. (1) I doubt that the Malay readers of this blog who are pro-establishment support corruption or money politics either

            (a) The difference is that while non-Pakatan supporters can be sceptical of BN – only they have a feeling that Pakatan would jolly well be worse should the strange bedfellows attain federal power

            (b) the Pakatan supporters on the other hand refuse to even entertain the thought that their own side could be just as bad (dua kali lima)

            (2) Pakatan supporters bend themselves into pretzels making all kinds of lame excuses for their political idols, e.g.

            say, the Anwar sex video could be in all probability be 65% genuine but the reflex of Pakatan supporters is knee-jerk — they’re 100% confident Umno faked the video

            (3) Take Zaid Ibrahim: When he left Umno he was hailed as a hero, when he left PKR, immediately his standing plummeted to zero

            (4) When Tunku Aziz left DAP, he was vilified as a villain, when Sakmongkol and Aspan Alias left Umno to join DAP, they were hailed with the highest praises even though today Sak & AA daily write bad things about Umno whereas Tunku Aziz only occasionally writes snides about DAP

            (5) The Perak takeover was not something BN should have done (my opinion)

            I’ll address HYF’s status in Part 2 of this comment

          2. Tao Tze,

            I can only offer my sympathy for the negative sentiment that you harbored with regard to Hee’s action which saw the Chauvinist’s proxy gov collapsed.

            For your information, since this episode got nothing to do with morale and ethics in the first place but totally about the lust after more power, therefore majority Malay Perakians didn’t view it as and individual polie ruining her own race reputation.

            What we saw here was that PR actually lost the fortress because the opponent was simply a better counter-attacker. And as you and me also aware, it did not happen during the proper soccer game time but during a ‘no hold barred’ extra time session.

            Meaning, If I were you, I wouldn’t blame the player (Hee) who got tackled by the opponent, instead I would blame my own team for making the game extended beyond the final whistle.

          3. (6) I’m not elevating HYF to hero status. That is the domain of Pakatan supporters — to idol worship, not mine. However, I concur that my Jelapang postings are b’cos “she went up against [my] object of ire, DAP”. But let’s examine her situation with a clearer eye and a more level head.

            In order to write this posting, I must have read at least 300-plus reader comments wrt her announcement that she wants to contest GE13. The reactions in the pro-opposition websites are so one-track and overwhelmingly abusive. These people are incapable of a wider perspective or looking at the several facets rather than simply swallowing the DAP narrative wholesale.

            (7) Thanks to Lousy.Engineer for the SinChew link. She complained to the Chinese paper that “DAP had plotted to make people hate her”. That’s true. I’ve seen this modus operandi at work. When S.M. Mohd Idris of the Consumer Assoc. of Penang raised a legitimate question about an RM8 billion (!) deal on transport infrastructure with a China company involving land trade-off, LGE went for his throat and the DAP minions carried out a smear campaign against an NGO icon which was totally unwarranted.

            Read also, ‘Zairil defends the Dear Leader ‘selling a 103 acres land to a single private developer

            If the public want to put HYF through the wringer, then the role of the DAP godfathers and warlords should be equally scrutinized too. But the party thuggery is such that all the blame is laid at her door and nobody (among DAP supporters) questions the role played by Ngeh-Nga and LKS.

            (8) Would HYF have left the party anyhow? If the seats balance in Perak wasn’t so precarious (say in Pg where the DAP margin of majority is wide), then her leaving wouldn’t have created such a ruckus. The PKR Adun of Bukit Selambau vacated his seat. No major storm arose.

            Even Fong Po Kuan & Kula had problems in Perak. Before March 2008, there was a time when Fong Po Kuan indicated that she did not want to recontest her Batu Gajah seat. She was and is a popular MP. There are really a lot of shenanigans going on in DAP Perak.

            Read this,

            (9) I’m not absolving HYF from blame. She could have resigned her seat and consequently Jelapang would have held a by-election. Whoever the DAP nominated as candidate would have won handily.

            (10) However in the larger scheme of things, I see that if both coalitions are dua kali lima, then Pakatan is more responsible for the politics of hatred and more effective in brainwashing their followers to get blind support. Both these elements make the followers more irrational. Irrationality is more dangerous.

            DAP wants to wipe out MCA. In the 60 years MCA has been a component of the ruling party, it has never been this ruthless to the DAP.

            DAP is steamrolling all opposition. Like I said, there is a need to stand up to them especially as they play rough and dirty.

        2. PR garnered MORE votes that BN in total in 2008. How can a greater number of Malaysians be resentful should AAB’s govt have fallen due to Anwar’s Sept 16 takeover bid?
          I thought 1 person = 1 vote. Correct me if I m wrong.

          1. Spot-on Helen, kill their lie with fact or is it they only listened to their so-called great leader only?

            Jadinya siapa lagi lembu dari siapa ni?

          2. ha..ha… Ravin, you’re sooo wrong and always is. (coming from you, it’s not a big suprise)

            As for the tingkap kotor image below, a friend of mine pointed out that (now degrading) image look like one of the Shia imams. Pulak dah…(not too much different from my Ayatollah observations). He also said that Shia, like Catholics love ‘holy’ images of their saints. FYI, actually they are so much similarity btween Shia & Catholicsm. You can google it.

      2. As much as you hate and despise her existence by praying to whatever vengeful God(s) to smite her, Hee’s defection is a blessing to the other Perakians who know that they are spared from the ineptness of the DAP dictatorships of Ngeh and Nga.

        As an MP, it is Hee’s prerogative to defect in the interest of the people and herself just as much as the frogs that jumped into Pakatan’s sewage in the interest of the people or themselves.

        Speaking like a true DAPster …being a crybaby of being victims but have no balls to stand up to DAP gangsterisme in Taman Kaya which is a sufficient sampling of life under DAP tyranny.

        1. Hi FC,

          I don’t want to open another new post today but I’d like some reader feedback (anyone out there? pls feel free to comment).

          Have a look at this. The image has degraded. Image location: Photo source:


          This photo (below, white stain) is the back of the window pane taken by a Star reporter.


      3. People (or cyberthugs) should stop sullying and putting the blame on the poor woman. Listen to her side of the story. The two favorite cousins of DAP should be the right punching bag of Perakian PR supporters. There seems to be never-ending negative stories about them, go read them. Also, the fact that Po Kuan and Kulasegaran were having difficulties in the past within the Perak DAP leadership under these two godfathers speaks volume to what Hee has endured when she was still in DAP. Secondly the Perak PR coalition wasn’t strong to start with (31 PR vs 28 BN pre-Feb 4 2009). Also remember how long PKR-DAP-PAS took to reach a consensus on who to be MB Perak?

  2. Helen,

    The top of that supposed image looks more like the face of a man with long hair. Mother Mary wears a shawl over hear head, a kind of tudung, which is not surprising,considering that she is a Jew in the Middle East at the time.

    Lets think it through logically. The glass pane is obviously tinted green like darg glasses to block the sun, perhaps with coating or a lamination of some sort. That coating appears to have degraded over time due to exposure to the sun and rain, and is breaking up, exposing the underlying glass.

    The walls around the window have a whitewash or some kind of white wall paint, which appears to have been degrading too and the recent heavy rains seem to have washed some of the degraded paint from above onto the window, giving it a whitish stain. The flow of water on the pane is quite evident from the picture.

    So what has happened is that there is a part of the clear glass where the green coating has deteriorated which is stained whitish by the paint, surrounded by the part of the windows on which the green coating is still intact.

    The result of all this is a human-like figure, especially when seen from a distance.

    Protestant Christians don’t pray or worship images or statues, which is why you do not see a figure of Jesus on the cross in Protestant churches or homes.

    The version of the 10 Commandments in the Roman Catholic Bible does not have the second commandment not to bow down and pray to man-made images. It also breaks the last commandment not to covet thy neighbour’s wife and neighbour’s goods into two – to make up 10, i.e. one not to covet the wife and one not to covet the goods.

    However, like Buddhists, Catholics say they don’t worship images and statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints but worship or honour the person which the statue and image represents.

    Protestants on the other hand only worship God and Jesus but not Mary and the saints.

  3. With regards the cybertroopers and commenators, the fact that they have to resort to personal attacks and name calling shows that they have run out of logical arguments against the BN. It also shows their childishness.

    You are right that it was Anwar who tried to play dirty first.

    I believe there should be an anti-hopping law, where an elected representative who has become disillusioned with the party should resign and a byelection called to re-elect another candidate.

    That will be fair on the voters, some of whom voted for the party and at the same time discourage hopping for whatever reason, including financial inducement.

  4. everytime when DAPsters open their mouth, they accused HYF being bought. Allegedly, ranging from 20 – 25 million and up till now it is just an urban legend as there’s no proof. ‘bitches’ – that’s what they are these DAPsters!

    I mean, for heaven’s sake..if it’s true by all means show us but nooooo ..they bark & bark nonstop.

    And the audacity to come in here and moan over the fall of Perak to BN, as if genocide is performed and there’s not a single chinese alive there! WTF? You bitches harassed a man who stands/support the right thing in Taman Kaya and you dare coming in here and whine? Are you even human?

    To me personally, the lowest would be making fun of HYF’s ‘kecacatan’. OMG..what is wrong with these bitches? How low can they go? Last check, LGE, Hannah, Anwar doesn’t look anything like perfection themselves and if, since you bitches so believe in God creating man in his image, if that’s His, the trinity should ask for refund!

  5. ~Tazkirah pagi di blog Helen~

    tak baik kutuk ‘kecatatan fizikal’ dan rupa paras manusia kerana itu adalah kejadian Tuhan. perbuatan itu mengutuk hasil kerja Tuhan. sayangnya para dapsters dan PR ‘taksubians’ dah tak peduli tentang Tuhan kerana agama mereka menghalalkan apa jua cara perlaksanaan demi niat ke putrajaya.

    jika nak mengutuk, kutuklah perangai, sikap, tabiat, tindakan manusia kerana hal-hal tersebut dipilih oleh manusia untuk melakukannya. tapi rupa paras dan keadaan fizikal tubuh-badan telah dijadikan Tuhan. mengutuknya adalah mengutuk Tuhan.

    sekian. wallahua’lam.

    1. mari mengambil iktibar dari kisah ini:

      (Nama dan watak binatang yang dipilih tidak berniat menimbulkan penghinaan kepada sesiapapun.)

      ~Siapa Hebat?~

      Pada petang itu baby pulang dari sekolah tadika sambil menangis lalu ibunya bertanya,

      “Kenapa baby menangis?”

      Anak kecil terus menjawab sambil memandang ke tanah, “Kejam, ishkk…ishkk …ishkk, mereka kata muka baby macam babi, sedih tau, baby tak nak ke sekolah lagi.” Kata anak kecil itu sambil menangis tersedu-sedan.

      “Laa…, memanglah kita ini babi, baby, kenapa nak sedih-sedih pula.” Jawab ibu babi menenangkan anaknya itu. “Mulai saat ini baby jangan peduli apa orang lain nak kata kepada baby.” Ibu babi meyakinkan anaknya.

      “Tapi mak mereka kata macam-macam lagi, mak tau kah?” Anak babi membuat laporan. Ibu babi terdiam menunggu penjelasan dari anak kesayangan.

      “Mereka kata buat apa baby ke sekolah, belajar rajin-rajin pun akhirnya jadi bak kut teh sahaja.” Sambung anak babi.

      “Tak apalah baby, sekurang-kurangnya kita tetap menyumbang kepada masyarakat sebagai makanan mereka.” Ibu babi menjawab dengan penuh yakin. “Jangan jadi babi yang bodoh, jadilah babi yang berpelajaran, pergilah sekolah”. Seru ibu babi lagi.

      “Siapa yang selalu mengata kepada anak mak ni, beritahu mak?” Tanya ibu babi.

      “Harimau dan singalah yang paling suka mengata baby.” Anak babi menjawab pertanyaan ibunya.

      Mak babi terdiam sebentar memikirkan bagaimana cara memotivasikan anaknya.

      “Beginilah sayang, nanti baby beritahu mereka, sekuat manapun harimau dan singa mengaum paling jauh dalam lingkungan limapuluh meter sahaja boleh didengar. Kita lagi dahsyat, tak payah mengaum kuat-kuat macam binatang gila, sekali kita selsema dan bersin, satu dunia jadi kalut. Ada negara istihar darurat lagi, takutkan selsema babi.” Ibu babi terus meyakinkan anaknya. Anak babi ternganga mendengar celoteh ibunya.

      “Nah, sekarang ini siapa lagi hebat, kita atau mereka?” Ibu babi bertanya kepada anaknya lagi.

      Anak babi pun menjawab.”Kitalah lebih hebat dari mereka, ya kan mak?”

      “Ya sayang.” Jawab ibu babi.


  6. I couldn’t help laughing to myself with HY’s twit “May promotion come your way…….” Is this woman sick or what.

    Are the PR politicians running a private corporation or what!!!! Aiyoh!!!! HY you want to lick Nurul’s ….., that is your problem, but as a public elected lawmaker don’t you think you look stupid.

    I tell you, the unexpected windfall of 2008 has shown what kind of monkeys are being bred to represent the public interest within the PR faction. That is what happens when you give monkeys the garland.

    1. All family business mah.

      The PKR family business: Bapa Ketua Umum aka Anugerah Tuhan, emak presiden, anak naib presiden

      The DAP family business: Bapa Mursyidul Am seumur hidup, anak setiausaha-agung yang bukan dipilih perwakilan, ketua menteri yang melantik dirinya sendiri, menantu F.L.O.P. di negeri utara serentak Adun di negeri selatan, anak perempuan exco parti di P. Pinang // Bapa pengerusi, anak #1 pengerusi biro, anak #2 exco negeri

      The PAS family business: Bapa Mursyidul Am, adik ketua doa, anak timbalan ketua Dewan Pemuda

      Even got cousins family business also in Perak.

      1. but i think this are still much much better than bn that “allocate” business and project to family member who never went through any election and selection process. in fact their family member do not have to take the trouble to assume any political role and risk that that come along but still enjoy the best of life and wealth,

        so the humanity our fren talk about all this while is purely from the prism of absolutism, and close a blind eyes on relativism?

        1. How many from BN got caught? Shahrizat’s hubby and children

          You saying got plenty more BN family nepotism but just that they didn’t get caught? (I agree, it’s true)

          So can I say Pakatan also got, wait lah, see how long they can get away with it until one of them pecah lubang?

          Remember my “efficiency” theory previously? Pakatan, esp. DAP more efficient in propaganda and marketing (‘Ubah’ hornbill soft toy, ‘Ubah’ song recording/music video, now ‘Ubah’ roadshow Dream Machine)

          They’re more efficient in making people taksub — got no photo of Najib with Altantuya, Najib swore in mosque on the Quran that he’s got nothing to do with her, Pakatan followers don’t believe

          — got sex video of Anwar, he’s not willing to swear in mosque on the Quran that he didn’t sodomize Saiful but Pakatan followers refuse to believe that Anugerah Tuhan could be tainted

          So which coalition is more efficient in brainwashing its supporters to be taksub?

          If they’re so efficient in propaganda, what makes you think that they wouldn’t be able to make a better job of corruption and covering their tracks?

          Whatever makes anyone think that Pakatan politicians are malaikat yang sesuci-sucinya? Kan mereka manusia juga?

          1. after Shuzheng mentioned his name and called him jejune and he went on a mad rage, now he has to come here and make all sorts of allegations against BN. pooh pooh ! his initial is also H Y, just like that Subang Jaya twerp. pooh pooh !

          2. Postscript:

            Since they’re so efficient in propaganda, even if they were 2X5 in corruption, would people believe?

            Look at the nepotism issue. Which coalition has more family members holding positions concurrently in the party? Pakatan win hands down.

            Najib is party prez but his father passed away 36 years ago. In no way did Tun Razak put his son in Umno.

            Hisham is party vice prez but Tun Hussein retired as PM in 1981 — 31 years ago. His son only first contested Parliament in 1995. That’s a gap of 14 years between his foray into politics and his father’s retirement from politics, and in fact another 5 years only after Tun Hussein’s death. The father didn’t help the son get elected.

            Mukhriz became Pemuda exco in 2004.

            Even that was after Dr M’s retirement in 2003.

            Dr M was prime minister, the highest office in the land for 22 years. Yet at his pinnacle of power, he did not even make his son at least lah Deputy Youth chief or something anytime during those 22 years.

            Mukhriz only become Umno Youth exco one year after Dr M left office. That’s a lowly post, just a mere exco. He waited another 5 years before challenging KJ for Umno Youth chief.

            Now you tell me from the track record above, which political families are thicker in their nepotism?

            The whole Pakatan family business is staring in our face. Compare Nurul’s rise with the Umno sons.

            The facts (dates, years) of the Umno dynasties tell a different story. But still, the public perception is favourable to Pakatan.

            If the paper trail tells us that Pakatan is corrupt, public perception yang begitu taksub will still adamantly reject facts, preferring to believe in the successfully carried out Pakatan propaganda.

          3. Helen, you really have to hand it to these people. when their people did wrong they said its okay. but when others did wrong, they called them corrupt.

            no wonder the white people working at my bank also called these people dumb. even the white men look down on these people.

            one thing I know from the white people I work with is that, when I ask them who they think is more corrupt, they unanimously point to the PR as more corrupt. why?
            they said ” we gave them Christianity, we gave them the English language, we gave them our culture, we would expect these people to be people of exemplary conduct, they instead abused what we have given them (sarcasm to be sure).

            but one thing we must applaud them is that they also managed to abuse what we have given them to beguile, to intoxicate the duped and the delusional.

            when I ask them what they think of the Chinese in Malaysia, they said “they are not of the same stock as the other Chinese in mainland China and other overseas Chinese. they are easily influenced. they are obsessed with white culture. and defer to white people and other foreigners most of the time. this is what we call having an inferiority complex. they are easily enraged, even the slightest hint of snub.”

            the people supporting the opposition, they have inferiority complex, they need to constantly reassure themselves, the only way to do that is to berate other people. pity these people.

          4. Nak tambah sikit Helen…

            Which coalition yang lebih banyak sex perverts?

            Which coalition yang lebih ada intrgrity bila terkantoi?

          5. seumur hidup? sampai mati kah? siapa bagi tahu? buddha? ditangguh pilihan parti bolih dianggap bukan pilihan perwakilan jadi pilih oleh wakil di 2004 kira apa? mana bukti ketua menteri melantik diri sendiri, hearsay dari tunku yang senyap macam bisu selama 4 tahun? almost all the hinted people as claim go through a proper party election and people voting process. any prove and evidence that they enrich themselves via their position in the party and as mp? most of them were in their respective party before 2008, at a time when not many interested to join them, let alone bring along family member.

            and since you like to compare so much, let’s compare, shall we?

            the mca face u shown the other day and asked if reader knows them, i know plenty of them, i assume u know them as well so can we make a comparison of their wealth to those in dap as of now/today (save the few like tony, or with profession as lawyer and doctor), r u sure u know all this mca suckers and how wealthy they r?

            i applaud msk effort to expose the perak taiko ngeh n nga, me and msk use to live in tapah n bath in the same river, I dun think he would opine that the cousins are much worst compare to mca, possible but not probable currently.

            if more efficient encompass efficient to steal and rob but exclude the effort to improve judiciary, polis, anti corruption, audit etc etc that act as check under a democracy system then what is ur criteria to compare n vote a party, choose one that is less efficient?

            do u sincerely believe opposition propaganda is efficient or is it because the people dun care anymore, just like how once bn politician dun even care to explain themselves how they rob and steal, this sucker believe they already have the full mandate from the people to continue robbing and stealing, they know the moment they mention religion, race, 513, the top 40 riches then lives go on, no?

            come on la helen, i am okay if u criticize pr and I think that is a wise thing to do, but dun tell us bn is better or less worst, bn is much worst in almost every aspect and from whichever angle, but honestly I think bn have a much inclusive ideology and that is their only plus point i can think of.

            “國陣方面,他們的表現相當統一。在各成員黨,各州,各階層領袖都展現出人民非常熟悉的爛。” A common view shared by most of us, by one commentator in a Chinese blog.

            1. “seumur hidup? sampai mati kah? siapa bagi tahu? buddha?”

              You can make your point without invoking the Buddha disrespectfully.

              Kit Siang has been leading DAP since Oct 1969. That’s 43 years.

              “jadi pilih oleh wakil di 2004 kira apa?”

              Pakatan pollies and hacks like to whinge that Najib is PM without mandate. He assumed office in April 2009, so it’s been 3.5 years post-GE.

              Guan Eng assumed party office in 2004. It’s been 8 years since post-DAP election (postponed twice) and he has not renewed his mandate.

              Compare Najib’s 3.5 years with LGE’s 8 years, which is worse?

              Pakatan supporters like to criticize BN for sins which they themselves are worse offenders.

            2. mana bukti ketua menteri melantik diri sendiri, hearsay dari tunku yang senyap macam bisu selama 4 tahun?

              Tunku Aziz made the allegation that Guan Eng appointed himself CM. Has anyone from DAP Penang come out to deny it?

              And what’s your purpose in saying Tunku kept quiet for 4 years. Did you expect him to reveal this when he was still with the party earlier?

              “almost all the hinted people as claim go through a proper party election and people voting process. any prove and evidence that they enrich themselves via their position in the party and as mp?”

              The Mursyidul Am of PAS is not an elected office, it is appointed.

              Anwar has never stood for election in PKR. His Ketua Umum position in the party dianugerahkan tuhan.

              As for Guan Eng’s elevation, you know as well as I do that the promising talents in DAP were eliminated to pave the way for the smooth rise of the son. It’s still happening even now.

              “Any proof and evidence that they enrich themselves via their position?”

              You got any PROOF that Najib enriched himself via his position? If the Pakatan people are going to tar BN with rumours and allegations of corruption, then it works both ways.

              Bank Negara Malaysia assistant governor Abdul Murad Khalid had once made SD that Anwar controlled some RM3 billion in 20 separate master accounts when he served as Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998.

              Or do you think the assets of AI’s blue-eyed boy AA are within his visible income?

              Let’s continue the comparison. Pakatan is always alleging corruption on BN’s part without providing any proof including Anwar’s promise of boxes and boxes of files which never materialized.

              I’ve copypasted above similar allegations made against the Pakatan people. There are plenty accusations made against LGE too. Both sides are unproven.

              However, here’s the latest expose. It doesn’t involve the dynasties mentioned earlier but read it anyway,


              You prove to me first lah the BN politicos who are corrupt.

            3. “do u sincerely believe opposition propaganda is efficient or is it because the people dun care anymore”

              Both. MCA public communication is hopeless. I think they (the party and what’s left of the MCA people) are better than the bad press they’re stuck with now where nothing they do is seen as right.

              The “don’t care anymore” applies in the sense that the ABU-ers don’t care for any alternatives other than kuburkan Umno.

              Even tho’ Najib is in the process of abolishing ISA and Sedition Act, the DAPsters (and their PKR-PAS counterparts) don’t care that all these are the right steps to take. All they care about is to destroy (MCA) and to Umno (the PAS doa).

              The opposition are a destructive force. Read, ‘The revolution that devoured itself’

              I think their (Pakatan) deceit – e.g. DAP on hudud and how it reflects on the duplicity, expediency they’re capable of – is more dangerous than anything served us by BN thus far.

              I do not have the least confidence that Pakatan won’t rob us or steal from us. I’ve far greater confidence that they’ll do the robbing and stealing with greater efficiency and brainwash the masses into overlooking the robbery and the thievery.

              Umno and MCA (sorry for neglecting MIC dll in narrative) never sold the snake oil like how PAS and DAP are exploiting religion.

          6. They are that good at bullshitting their followers, that’s why.
            That’s how somehow PAS and DAP are looking like they’re partners.
            Who knows what the top politicians of those 2 parties really think and are planning about each other.

            Bodek puji terlampau-lampau ada makna tu.

            Ada udang disebalik mee.

          7. i am a buddhist, ur reply pertaining to buddha show that u know islam more than buddhism, but that is fine. and thanks for clarification made that most of your assertion were merely allegation without proof, and telling us how efficient or inefficient (anyway no diff) is our macc. you justify ur allegation with the act of pr politician and their propaganda machine, that is also a position u r welcomed to maintain as far as I am concern, whatever floats your boat.

            1. Like Nik Aziz who proclaimed that Umno (members) are murtad, you’ve pronounced that I know less about the religion stated in my birth certificate than I do about Islam. Well, thank you.

              Unlike HY (after typing I realised that you have the same initials but still you know who I mean), I have no need to publish nuggets of Buddhist wisdom as I’ve no ambition to be a ‘preacher’.

              As for labelling my comment a “clarification made that most of your assertion were merely allegation without proof”, well, congratulations again for another display of the Pakatan style.

              It was in the context of our discussion that I pointed out the alleged matter of Anwar’s 20 master bank accounts, not as an accusation coming from me but to illustrate that both sides are making accusations of corruption which neither side has so far proven.

              MACC is supposed to be a neutral body but you’re implying it’s an Umno agency and hence ‘inefficient’ in bring the big fish to book.

              Don’t forget Pakatan is the state govt in the richest states of Penang and S’gor.

              Why don’t the Khalid and Guan Eng administrations expose the corruption of their predecessors then? After all, as the top state officials, they now have access to all the govt documentation (contracts, tenders etc) which they can scrutinize for CBT and fraud.

              The Pakatan propaganda is so successful in ingraining the idea that Umno is corrupt and rotten to the core. Pakatan throw accusations like confetti without any moral scruples whatsoever. They do not even baulk at accusing others of murder.

              In the same breath, the Pakatan followers imagine that their own politicians are clean as a whistle and pure as driven snow.

              In your earlier comment, you challenged “[got] any prove and evidence that they enrich themselves via their position in the party and as mp”?

              Indeed the BN should take up this challenge. Altho’ it doesn’t answer your challenge directly (since we were discussing the particular political dynasty personalities) but anyway, here’s a start.


  7. Who do you trust, your race, religion or $$$ of course not humanity. This is an interesting development in the recent attack of Gaza [YouTube].

  8. Now you know why Wahabbism is the favorite son of the western and how stupor that can it be just like the Anglophiles. I think in Malaysia, we need to get rid of both so that the rest can live in peace without a division amongst us by being moderate in our approach for one another’s belief without infringing each other as long humanity sustains beyond Wahabbism & Anglophiles.

  9. walaupun puak firsters dan sekutu secara terang-terangan mengipas satu sama lain dengan aicond 3 hp, [meloya aih… to the beautiful, intelligent & courages… (nampak sangat plastik)] segala keburukan mereka dan sekutu telah dibuktikan dengan screenshot yang telah menterbalikkan semua pujian-pujian menjadi hinaan dan cerca-nista mereka kepada pihak lain.

    orang-orang yang bermuka-muka sebegini plastik juga boleh mencaci-maki orang yang sama jika tiba-tiba melompat keluar dari pihak mereka. ini adalah bukti bahawa jika ditakdirkan satu hari nanti Nur Izah berada di pihak lain, pasti ‘mama 3 hp’ akan mencaci-maki beliau like no body business. betullah, kentut walau tak berbunyi, baunya tetap busuk…akhirnya ketahuan juga siapa yang kentut. oopss! nanti ada yang kata, itu bukan bau kentut saya, kentut saya bau petai, itu kentut bau durian. hemmm….

    1. ni ada cerita sikit kawe nak ghoyak:

      ~Dalam Diam~

      Kiah baru seminggu menikah dengan Mamat tapi sudah sering mengumpat mentuanya Tipah dengan tetangga. Almaklum mulut manusia tak boleh simpan rahsia, perbuatan Kiah sampai ke telinga Tipah.

      Pagi itu ketika sarapan, Kiah terkentut tanpa bunyi. Dia buat muka selamba. Mamat dan Tipah menutup hidung. Kiah juga, agar tak disyak kentut.

      “Kau kentut ya Kiah?” Sergah Tipah.

      “Eh taklah, apa ni mak, main tuduh-tuduh.”

      “Kalau Mamat kentutnya kuat, seperti keturunan arwah bapanya. Tak ada kentut senyap-senyap dalam rumah ni.”

      “Termasuk mak?”

      “Ya, akukan sepupu bapanya Mamat, satu keturunan.”

      Kiah merah muka. Rahsianya terbongkar.

      “Benda busuk, dalam diam tetap berbau.” Tipah menambah.


  10. Atas pagar,

    Quote: “Meaning, If I were you, I wouldn’t blame the player (Hee) who got tackled by the opponent, instead I would blame my own team for making the game extended beyond the final whistle.”

    I would do no such thing. The bigger picture is not abt my team or your team’s victory or loss. The fact is, they are not our team per se.

    First thing first. We rakyat in general want a fair, non corrupted good government that can lead the country against the onslaught of new economic competitors rising from the 3 rd world countries. We hope for prosperity and harmony. Regardless you are a BN or Pakatan supporter, these fundamental element undoubtedly should be on our wishlist.

    Nobody in their right mind wants chaos, corruption and oppression. Being a democratic country, we rakyat get our say through the ballot box. Each rakyat will cast their vote for the party that they perceived the best vessel to achieve these goal for them. Yes, best for us. Pakatan or BN are merely vessels that serve our purpose. Regardless whether we support Pakatan or BN, it was never about them. Not Anwar, not Najib, or whoever. These so called ‘team’ are actually political parties vying for our support through a set of pre-determined rules.

    If you call these political moves as a ‘game’, then we are the prize. The question to us, the covetted prize, is whether the winner is morally, ethically and rightly worthy of us. After all isn’t these attributes our initial hope for the vessel that we want propel us to harmony and prosperity?

  11. “imagine if you had to live in a neighbourhood where DAPsters are just next door (think Taman Kaya).”

    Now I got the answer to this question: why my Chinese neighbor — whose house is just a stone’s throw from a Dapster’s house — keeps an Alsatian dog?

    Thanks you Helen for giving me the clue.

  12. Menjelang Teokrasi Penuh:

    1. Semua aktiviti haram akan dihentikan

    2. Semua lubang menuju kemungkaran akan dikambus

    3. Semua pengambil riba wajib gulung tikar

    4. Semua Gangster dipaksa balik kampung tanam pisang

    5. Semua ‘ayam’ dan ‘ibu ayam’ mesti berhenti kais pagi makan pagi sebaliknya bergantung hidup dari kebajikan.

    6. Semua penjual anggur peram tutup kedai sebaliknya buka gerai ABC

    7. Bla, bla, bla

    Itulah sebaik-baiknya. Kalau sume itu tak nampak bayang, makanya anda/andi kena klentong hidup-hidup!

      1. I.D.A.,

        keikhlasan sesatu pihak untuk melakukan satu perubahan/change boleh dilihat kepada kesunguhannya dalam menyediakan dirinya untuk menuju perubahan. kalau dirinya sendiri tidak berubah, entah macam manalah dia hendak mengubah sebuah negeri dan apatah lagi sebuah negara.

        dan paling antiklimaks adalah apabila diasak oleh Dapster dia buat pusingan U…tak berminat jadi PM, memadai jadi hamba rakyat… walhal sebelum ini dia ada berkata: kuasa adalah matlamat semua parti, tak ada kuasa semua benda tak jadi. Nah, fikir-fikirkanlah apa hukuman buat si dia yang membuat kenyataan flip-flop begini.

  13. Helen, if anything, your “conversation” with H Y reveals the Orwellian doublethink and doublespeak/newspeak inherent in all PR supporters.

      1. as Khoo Kay Kim said, if you’re not satisfied with this country, if you think this country is so bad, then hijrah lah. but these people, they are not going to hijrah lah. they will stay in this country, with their warped Orwellian mentality, and re-make this country in their warped Orwellian image.

  14. HY, you said

    “so the humanity our fren talk about all this while is purely from the prism of absolutism, and closes a blind eyes on relativism?”

    Really!!!. Do you have any answer to this? What is the absolutism and relativism when it is self dictated, don’t you think so? if that was not the case, what are we doing here.

    Then you say in your comment #37

    “i am a buddhist, ur reply pertaining to buddha show that u know islam more than buddhism, but that is fine. and thanks for clarification made that most of your assertion were merely allegation without proof, and telling us how efficient or inefficient (anyway no diff) is our macc. You justify ur allegation with the act of pr politician and their propaganda machine, that is also a position u r welcomed to maintain as far as I am concern, whatever floats your boat”.

    The funny thing is you identify yourself as Buddhist, and then make all the accusation which is customary.

    Let me ask you a simple question, have any of us have the guts to do what Helen Ang has done or we rather sit back and quip endless for own escapism because we have someone else like Helen Ang to do the dirty job to show you the truth and reality besides the superficial and self contained selfish life you live in as oppose to the goodwill of the community. Naturally no right!!!, I am right and always right even when we need hitch hike on someone else.

    1. he said he is a Buddhist and you believe him ? come on, you are much brighter than that.

      1. Malaysian Mah!!!, We tend to believe fellow Malaysians irrespective of our origin. That is the the basis of humanity that Malaysians have taught me. My deduction is of no concern if it is what Malaysian is irrespective of the origin.

  15. For the past three months I have been practising boxing, judo and kick-boxing. These skills should come handy if ever I needed to teach those dumbo Pakatan supporters how to talk or argue with some sense.

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