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Bung Mokhtar: Newton’s Third Law of Motion in action

For how long do the Pakatan people think they can keep provoking and provoking and continue to get away with it?

To see how nasty their taunts can be, take a peek at Chua Soi Lek’s Twitter (older) timeline. Over there, some of the Pakatan self-righteous beauties preen at their ‘holiest’ — the chunky stones they’ve cast at Dr Chua are not pretty, as you can well imagine.

It’s been five years since that hotel tape. If the Pakatan followers cannot even move on from that one episode, are you convinced that they and their ilk will be able to walk Malaysia forward into the future?


Good that AirAsia is taking its base away elsewhere.

A twit ‘Geminianeyes’ responded to the Malay Mail story on AirAsia that quoted Bung above.

When I was in Form One, the school senior assistant disciplined my entire class by making us all stand outside in the corridor.

To this day I remember her words: “You step on my toe and I’ll stomp on your foot.”

Bung told The Malaysian Insider: “If they are rude, I will be ruder. I will teach them.”

The Kinabatangan MP was actually no ruder, only just equally rude.

Hantu Bajet Mushgul

He told the news portal, “I must teach them who are disrespectful… I cannot be tolerant with those on Twitter who swear at me.”

The word ‘respectful’ is not in the vocabulary of some opposition supporters who prefer swearing because they do not possess the capacity for rational debate.

These twits have crossed the tolerance line one time too many. And they call other people “cheap thugs” (tweet, screenshot below).

By the way, Hantu Bajet Mushgul (Twitter profile picture with Bersih logo) is a BFF Twitter buddy of Our Lady of Subang Jaya.

Azira (twit below) is a Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. They carry their “dude” attitude with them all over the social media. Some of them even think they have the ‘right’ to tweet simply anything or to say any darn thing they like on Facebook. Tak kenal batasan.

Urm, perhaps if the “dude” had thought that Lady Miss Azira was a lady, he’d have behaved like a gentleman? #just saying …


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

19 thoughts on “Bung Mokhtar: Newton’s Third Law of Motion in action

  1. Bung mokhtar is symptome of DAPSTERISME..he is not the root cause…jusr like PERKASA is reaction and symptom of chinese anglophile chauvinisme.

  2. Nowadays netizen no longer feel awkward using F word. Current generation do not even feel guilty calling names, curse etc. This is the result of ‘asuhan’ lead by example from dear leader, dear 3 Horsepower lady & ngeh pailang bros of DAP and also PR. the malays learnt a lot from ostat and ularmak… Pakatan rakyat, no need to mention lah, they have butt man, ice cream man and go murtad as you wish lady…

    This is an era of F word should be replied F word. jangan bagi muka, nanti naik kepala. Kesopanan & kesusilaan to be used only for those who civilise…

  3. Reproving is good but it is rather too late. Even if a truce is achieved and a new ruling is imposed, still it would end up like what has been achieved so far between Israel and its neighbors – fake and short lasting PEACE.

  4. these Pack A Tonne supporters, they are the Look At Me Generation. they crave attention. why ? because of the lack of proper upbringing.

    the language they use, the words, it merely goes to show that they are incapable of any rational debate. just like their Dear Leader, they are all over the cyber streets looking for fist fights. when they can’t handle the heat, they call in their Calvary from PJ and SJ. typical twerps !

  5. First, Ram Malay Mail should apologise to Bung Mokhtar, ‘Penyangak’ is not a thief – actual meaning is rogue, rascal, etc..So the article is very misleading.

    What do I think of Bung’s tweetback? I seriously think he did the right thing – as a citizen/netizen, just because you you’re hiding behind ‘handler/nick’ doesn’t give you the right to use expletives to make a point. I personally think if the F word was not used, Bung will not reply the way he did.

    Then again, we’re talking about DAPsters, PAStors & PaKeRs (pronounced fakers as in fake (palsu), incase you thought otherwise), they think it’s their God given right to swear at others and when confronted back, they will all run back scared to mommy.

    So, kudos to Bung – for just saying it the way it should be said; right on their face!

    1. I agree Bung. good for you. The only MP who queried why Tamil get all the licenses as they claim to be bumiputeras.

      As we know, bumiputeras are only in Sabah and Sarawak. Now Naza and Syed Mokhtar claim to be bumiputeras from an unknown tribe in Sabah/Sarawak?

      The Malay Mail should should be closed down, the Tamils in Malay are misrepresenting themselves.

      They cannot be malay mail when almost everyone are tamils.

      It should be licensed as Tamil Mails. or Ta Mails hehe

  6. If it were Pakatan leaders who Tweeted foul language, you can bet your bottom dollar that the PR supporters will defend it to death!

    1. Fitnah is most foul and worse than four-letter words.

      If I bet my bottom dollars that PR supporters will defend to the death their Pakatan leaders under any circumstances, I shall be an instant millionaire through winning all my bets.

      The only problem is finding a bookie willing to take such bets.

      1. We thought that slander is the most destructive approach in the pollie-psywar attacks but actually there is a more destructive approach that when it is used by a faction who has been lusting after its rival’s supremacy the impact is manifold. I’m not going to bet my bottom dollars here because the answer is already known to everyone.

  7. anyone here who wants to know what our country will look like when Dapsterism becomes a part of our culture after Pakatan comes to power ?

    just watch this video. If white Aussies can do that to the French, who themselves are white, think of what those Malaysian First hooligans will do to those that do not subscribe to their Anglo inspired Malaysian First Voodoo.

    1. PPP, aussies like to curse ppl. got one time during my post SPM job in hotel 25 yrs ago (lamanya…adoi), one aussie guest start swearing at me… so sakit hati, but as guest must be treated like a king in 5 stars hotel, I kept quite and ask the bartender to teach him a lesson. he got his apple juice special made extra thick. bartender secret concoction – plus phlegm….

      morale of the story, do not curse yr waiter/waitress. :)

      1. Australia is a white Anglo Saxon country. since the Malaysian First crowd is the embodiment of white Anglo Saxon culture, rest assured that once the Malaysian First crowd is in power in Malaysia, we can expect similar racism to be the norm. then you will start hearing things like “speak English you bloody Malay ! speak English you bloody Chinese ! speak English you bloody Indian ! speak English you bloody foreigner ! and people begin to ask “this is Malaysia, why do we have to speak English ? then the Malaysian First crowd will say “Malaysian First you cunt ! that’s why must speak English ! there you have it people. Malaysian First ha ha ha !

          1. :D

            I tend notice the vocabulary if commenters apply it to a known person, for example on Anwar and using the word ‘anu’, which I usually censor for the sake of keeping the language in this blog overall more civil.

            And I can’t promise that I apply a 100 percent consistency across the board as to when profanities or description of sex organs is allowed to be published or asterisked or the spiked (journalism jargon for the Trash queue).

            Sometimes things may also get overlooked if/when I moderate only cursorily.

            It depends on the context. If two commenters are quarreling, I would censor more strictly so that the exchange doesn’t get more heated than if one were making a general statement and the rudeness not attached to anyone particular, as in the PPP case above.

            However, lately I’m inclining to the Bung Mokhtar dictum “Saya akan ajar mereka yang kurang ajar” as well as realising the amount of Malay and Islam bashing that ‘they’ have been doing all this while.

            I do not agree with the accusation that there is “Christian bashing” going on in this blog. If someone sees the image on the Subang Jaya window as resembling an Ayatollah or former al-Arqam leader Ashaari, that’s just as valid as those who recognise Mother Mary in the smudge. This is not Christian bashing.

            Recalling the bloody and violent history of the Christian conquest of “heathen” lands, and the pedophilia of the Catholic priests is not Christian bashing. That’s what they did! People ought to be made aware.

            Neither should cautioning against hudud punishments presently being carried out in Iran and Afghanistan be accused as Islam-bashing.

            I find their (the Christian commenters) whingeing annoying – merengek betul. I don’t like Muslim commenters’ over-reaction and threatening ‘Jangan menjolok sarang tebuan’ either.

            So I must be doing something right when both sides (Christians and Muslims) each accuse me of favouring or being softer on the other (Christianity, Islam).

  8. Must be more polished. Bung Mokhtar shud have said, ‘Pardon me, but by any chance can your mother identify who your real father was?” Something like that lah. More polished. In Malay, ‘Emak awak kenal ke bapak awak?”

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