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Swapping the MCA-Umno Chinese/Malay relationship for DAP/PAS Muslim-Christian leadership

If Singapore had merged with the Federation of Malaya when British colonial rule ended, there would have been more Chinese than Malays in total (see table below).

The Malays really had to be persuaded to accept so many Chinese suddenly becoming citizens and even then, Singapore was excluded as her entry in 1957 would have been too destabilizing.

The next table shows the putative racial composition of Malaya, Singapore and the Borneo Territories if all five entities had successfully come together to create Malaysia, an idea then in the works.

The census of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei was taken in 1960.

The co-operation between Umno and MCA obtained for a great number of Chinese their Malayan citizenship.

In 1958 – the year following Independence – altogether 822,567 persons were granted citizenship. This huge and sudden number (13 percent), considering that the total population in Malaya the year before was only 6,278,758 – drastically altered the ethnic demography.

If there had not been enough inter-racial trust brokered by the Alliance parties and particularly Bapa Kemerdekaan Tunku Abdul Rahman who led the delegation to London, Malaya could not have come into being.

The Chinese and Indians in the Federated Malay States at that time were transient labour, much like the Bangladeshi and Burmese workers in our country today.

In 1960, the population of Brunei was 83,877.

Of this figure, 45,135 were Malay, 21,795 were Chinese, 14,068 were non-Malay indigenous peoples and 2,879 were categorized as ‘others’.

At the time the census was taken, Chinese residents in Brunei were slightly less than half the number of Malays. Brunei in 1960 was still under the British. Malays however were subjects of the Brunei Sultan.

Upon gaining independence, Brunei did not give away citizenship as easily to the Chinese.

It is estimated that the ethnic breakdown in Brunei (2004) is Malay 66.3 percent, Chinese 11.2 percent, indigenous 3.4 percent and others 19.1 percent.

Today the Chinese electorate in Malaysia prefer the DAP-PAS combo.

What do you think this evangelist Christian-political Islam pairing will bring us?

Should they make Kelantan more like Penang or make Penang more like Kelantan?

A few months ago, the Kelantan Buddhist Association was told that the architecture of its building in Kota Bharu should incorporate domes — read ‘Kelantan: Islamic designs a must‘ (The Star, 25 May  2012).

Perhaps under a future Pakatan federal government, any building plan for an Islamic Centre in Penang would stand of a better chance of approval if it was to look like this.

The soon-to-be completed complex in Bukit Jalil (artist’s impression, below) reflects the architectural aesthetics of today’s Malaysian Christian. The Pakatan sehati sejiwa pious leaders would do well to show a pluralistic religious leadership by example.

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22 thoughts on “Swapping the MCA-Umno Chinese/Malay relationship for DAP/PAS Muslim-Christian leadership

    1. That’s an idea. Twin the state capitals Georgetown and Kota Bharu.

      Then have regular swaps of administrators. The MPPP councilmen rotated to KB and the Kota Bharu councilmen posted to Georgetown and they can introduce their respective innovative regulations to each other.

      1. We might then find the mushrooming of massage parlours in Kota Bharu (not that they don’t have it now on the sly) and a dearth of unisex hair saloons in Penang.

        LOL. — Helen

    2. now that the people of Egypt have realized that they have gotten a bad deal from the Muslim Brotherhood and The New Pharaoh they are once again taking to the streets.

      in Malaysia, those that have gotten themselves a bad deal from the Pack A Tonne Shits, they just stay silent and do nothing. no only that, the apologist for Pas from The Pas Supporters” Club Hu Pang Chow when commenting on the hair saloon case in Kelantan, said that the incident was a result of some people out to tarnish the reputation of Pas.

    3. The Muslims and the non-Muslims do not really understand Islam. In Islam, it’s right to kill if your enemies had slandered your Prophet. It’s right to kill if it is to stop your fellow Muslims from being oppressed. Muslims do not fully understand the meaning of jihad. If they did, nobody would want to be enemies of Islam. Because under jihad, if you fight in the name of Allah and for justice for fellow Muslims and if in the process you lost your life, you are guaranteed heaven. But how many Muslims want to believe that promise?

  1. It took USA several hundred years to achieve the current level of multi-ethnicity (60% Whites: 40% Non-Whites) but surprisingly the British Imperial only need an overnight decision to be made so that Malaya could be turned into “Malaya truly Asia” – 51% Malay: 49% Non-Malay.

    1. Marhaen. Sebenarnya British mengambil kesempatan atas kebodohan orang Melayu sendiri yg tidak pandai nego. Sedangkan kenapa perlu ikut British, inikan Tanah Melayu dan mempunyai Sultan. Tunku terlalu terburu2. Kini anak cucu menanggung akibat.

      Jikalau paling teruk pun nak bagi sangat ikut Jus Soli, sepatutnya setiap Bumiputra mempunyai 2 undi bagi setiap seorang. Barulah Melayu kekal dominan di dalam politik. Tgk Brunei, akhirnya merdeka juga dan tidak mempunyai masalah dgn golongan imigran. Dan sifat kebodohan pemimpin Melayu tersebut berterusan hingga kini dgn kemasukan berjuta imigran drpd seluruh dunia ke Malaysia. Dan kita tidak mampu mengawal mereka.

      1. Brunei is truly an Islamic country. No Chinese or foreigner can own shops there and the street names are written in Jawi. No foreigners can act kiasu or show off because if they did, their rented shops would be taken back and they would quietly be told to **** off.

        1. But they trust the ‘kaffir’ Singaporeans more than us ‘Islamic’ Malaysians when it comes to defense and economy.

          And their ringgit is pegged to the Sing $.

      2. ah….well said. wish the clock can be turn back…so that tungku can be advised foe a better malaya aka tanah melayu…sigh….apa mau buat nasi sudah jadi bubur lambok

    2. That is precisely the Chinese and other immigrants should forever be grateful to the accommodating leaders in Umno and should repay the debt by not be so greedy and kiasu. Imagine if there were no immigrants at all in Malaya, the country today will still be so rich in tin, gold, timber, fisheries, oil and whatnot.

      There will be no pollution by the pig farms, no polluted rivers, no gangsters and no kongsi gelap, no human trafficking, no prostitution rackets, no abuse of Indonesian maids, no gambling dens, no cold-blooded killers, No communists and racists. There would have been only peace and laughter. In fact not much crime at all. And the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia would have lived in heaven. They would have lived happily ever after.

      1. >>

        “There will be no pollution by the pig farms, no polluted rivers, no gangsters and no kongsi gelap, no human trafficking, no prostitution rackets, no abuse of Indonesian maids, no gambling dens, no cold-blooded killers, No communists and racists. There would have been only peace and laughter. In fact not much crime at all. And the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia would have lived in heaven. They would have lived happily ever after”

        Yep. True. We’ll have states, princes, and warlords fighting each other, burning each other’s villages, towns, and istanas. Pirates ruling seaways, riverways & preying on kampung nelayan, penyamuns running around at will in the jungle. Slavery will still be practiced. Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan will be part of Thailand. Foreign nations and corporations will back one sultan against another to start a war, and exploit the resources; 75% for me, 25% for the Sultan.

        1. We have no Mahatail and people from india coming over and the true rulers will be like those Sultans, People will be happy to have strong sultans like those in Selangor, Johor and Pahang. Penang and Melaka will also have sultans.

  2. Blog helen ini sgt tidak disukai oleh DAPster kerana data2 yg helen beri itu mengingatkan kembali di mana asal usul tok nenek mereka yg cuba dinafikan oleh Ultra Kiasu.

  3. The effect of swapping the A-B Chinese/Malay relationship for C-D Muslim-Christian leadership is the same as swopping AS-semitic inter racial relationship for inter religious “judisheo-christineo” zealousness. If that become reality, are we going to see a LOCAL version of INTIFADA very soon?

    What does ‘AS’ stand for? — Helen

    1. American’s pro semitic position started as an interracial relationship (which is based on humanity) and the common enemy was none other than the Aryan (Nazi ) but when that relationship was shifted to Judeo-Christian version, the common enemy is no longer the Nazi but other religion/s…

      Oh. And what will be the nature of our homegrown intifada? — Helen

  4. Probably the kind of demonstrations that were held at Tahrir Square in the past 3 days would be making its way into MerdekaSquare if the slogan of “CHANGE” that belongs to the Christian-Muslim leadership happened to be another political rhetoric.

  5. Helen I think you under-estimate big picture here and the moral dimension of the voting choice of the Malaysian Chinese. The Chinese today have transcended the narrow racial lines of yesterday and whole-heartedly embraced the concept of Bangsa Malaysia. The new Bangsa Malaysia child hates corruption and thinks hudud is cool!

    The overarching goal of the Chinese for the GE13 is to send a message to the world that Taliban/Wahhabi Style Islam (of PAS) and Evangelist Christianity (of DAP) can live in harmony and peace by voting for Pakatan’s rojak combo.

    Look at Our Lady of Subang’s selendang clad forays into masjids and suraus. Look at DAP’s AGM that starts with doas and recitals of Al Quran.

    And when you include PKR which advocates LGBT rights, we might just have the world’s first Islamo-Christian LGBT nation!

    Pakatan might even have a new tri-color flag symbolizing the three main faiths of Pakatan’s Bangsa Malaysia – White for Christianity, Green for Islam and Pink for LGBT. Wouldn’t that look cool?

    1. They might as well incorporate the rainbow for their amblem. The Great Leader would surely appreciate it..

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