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Pendirian exco Kristian Selangor terhadap fungsi rumah berhala

Tindakan 30 orang pegawai penguatkuasa Majlis Perbandaran Sepang – laporan The Star hari ini.



Exco Selangor Xavier Jeyakumar dipetik sebagai berkata tindakan kerajaan tempatan negeri adalah betul dan mengikut undang-undang.


Kenyataan Dr Xavier yang tak masuk akal

Saya nampak adapun rumah berhala warna merah di banyak tempat kediaman Cina, termasuk rumah mewah orang Cina yang kaya-raya di Selangor.

Adakah kerajaan negeri akan juga mengambil tindakan yang sama ke atas rumah-rumah berhala tersebut? Boleh Pakatan-Jom-Ubah tolong jelaskan.


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17 thoughts on “Pendirian exco Kristian Selangor terhadap fungsi rumah berhala

  1. Frankly, I don’t think the former exco (religious affairs) would want do the same to any altar that is erected in a private property.

  2. bad politicinglah Dr Xavier oii… altar penyembahan tu ada ganggu lalu lintas ka? ada merubah bangunan punya plan ka? kalau macam tu punya strict rumah berhala kaler merah pun kena robohkan jugaklah. biaq sama adil, barulah malaysian first.

    1. Hindraf tak yah lah… gempaq ja lebih. ayoyo sana sini. apa sumbangan sebenar hindraf.

      panggil Ravin The Buttlicker ja suruh komen. (eh dia tu hindu ke kristian?)

      1. I.D.A, it is very easy to sweep everything under the carpet when it fits us well. When it is not so well, we complain. Isn’t that the nature? Sumbangan does not need to be material & $$$ but a realization for consciousness and humanity. Since you like music, how is this [YouTube]

    2. The act and the statement by the Dr Xavier Jeyakumar shows how shallow PR is. Imagine you have a single story house with 1 acre of land and you decide to breed chicken for your own pleasure so naturally you need to have a reban within your compound. What about if you have a kennel for your dog? Do you think the government has a right to infringe or trespass into your land to remove those temporary structures? I am sure the ordinance and the laws of the state are not so impractical. I can understand if there was a structural change in the house like making it a double story house without an approval that changes the facade of the property.

      From the picture, it appears to be an attached house. It appears that the shrine is a tangible unit meaning movable without changing the existing structure of the house, so why such drastic exercise of power by trespassing into private dwelling. If the law or ordinance in Selangor is violated which I think is unlike in this case, wouldn’t it been wise for them to serve notice to the owner to remove the shrine rather send 30 personal to demolish it?

      I wonder who the neighbor is, because I can’t see the logic by the municipality to exercise such an act to trespass into private property and demolish a removable shrine.

      This is not about politics like how MIC has taken a cue on it, but rather a community issue to ensure personal freedom and rights are observed and preserved in a multicultural society such as us.

  3. Mungkin alasan yang patut diberi ialah takde permit buat construction, macam yang diperlukan untuk renovate rumah.

    Adoi, next time kalau construct fountain kecil kat dalam rumah, orang majlis nak pecahkan jugak ke?

    30 orang pegawai datang rumah untuk robohkan fountain kecil, ish. — Helen

  4. Tak ada kojo cari kojo. Kamera AES dan berhala kecil kena roboh kerana tiada lesen kononnya tetapi kerusi dan meja makan yang berselerak atas jalan raya (yang mendapat lesen terbang) depa pandang sebelah mata saja. Apa nak jadi…

    1. kerusi meja atas jalan boleh bagi mampus orang. dah banyak kes accident. ni double standard dan flip flop. cuba kacau geng depa tengok. dan-dan semua ok. “kami tak murtadkan muslim, kami nak belanja bukak posa saja.” heheh…

  5. kesian kan tengok muka thamby dekat gate tu. melampau betul sampai bawak 30 orang macam samseng. kalau dia bangunkan altar kat bawah pokok tepi jalan tu lainlah. ini dalam rumah sendiri. pangkat besar, sekolah tinggi tapi otak serupa anjedi, chaittt. tolenjie pooohhh!

    1. Macam mana status DUMC, apakah masih beroperasi atas “TOL” atau atas apa? Apa yang exco sama dah buat?

  6. Is Xavier Jeyakumar the authority on Hindu worship now?

    #Pakatoons and DAPsters are a form of social cancer. See the actions that come from such an affliction…

  7. Dekat wangsa maju ada satu rumah teres jd tokong siap dgn patung buddha besaq lagi…..ape xavier akan buat kalaumdie jd DBKL?

  8. this has gone way too far. do Indians need any valid reasons why they should vote PR out ? if this does not knock some senses into Indians, what will ? you Indians voted for PR in 2008 and what have you got in return ? more stuff like this. Indians ! wake up !

  9. With this statement, Xavier’s history as far as Indians are concerned. Let me give ya’ll some background.When MIC was wiped out and Uncle Sam was shown the door in the last GE, there were 2 clowns from Pakatan wanted to be the new Boss for Indians.

    One was Ramasamy of Penang and another, Xavier.

    One by one fell from grace and completely lost their credibility with the community. First it was Rama and his inability to prevent KBP demolishment and his act as an apologist for the Kapitan Cina aka Dear Lear aka the Tokong made him a laughing stock among the community. He has no support within the party and in Penang since he’s a parachute candidate from Selangor (just like his boss). But he comitted harakiri when he went against Singh the King Karpal.

    As for Xavier, he couldn’t even speak Tamil well (and can’t read or write). He has no grass root support and antagonised many PKR Indians and pro-Pakatan NGOs with his arrogance. His excessive support for Christian causes also alienated Indians. The final straw was when he lost his post in the party election. The situation is so bad that the Indian Pakatan member actually asked MB not to allow him to handle any funds or matters related to Indians.

    He’s keeping his exco post merely due to Anwar’s and Khalid’s sympathy (since they need to have an Indian in the exco).

    And with this statement, he has made into a traitor to the community. I don’t think he will dare to enter any Indian majority area from now onwards. Heard from my relatives in Selangor that many Indians groups have told Pakatan that if Xavier ever shows up in the area, he will be thrashed. Guess in the next GE Anwar won’t be dressing up as Sivaji the Boss….LOL

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