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Sakmongkol: Good chance to “kill off MCA for good”

A present for the Umno delegates — a dead MCA‘, headlined Sakmongkol’s blog yesterday.

Datuk Sak believes that MCA can be “wiped out” if 30 percent of the Malay electorate can be persuaded to vote opposition in those Parliament seats where the party is the incumbent.

“MCA is finished”, declares the ex-Umno former state assemblyman. According to him, only in Air Hitam, Alor Setar and Alor Gajah – all three significantly Malay-majority areas – does MCA stand “a fighting chance”.

Datuk Sak is articulating what has been the DAP clarion call to the Chinese electorate to “kill off MCA for good” (Datuk Sak’s words).

The ongoing drive by DAP among the Chinese community to finish off MCA is very vicious and permeates every level of mass communication.

Now Sakmongkol has added a Malay twist to it and in the most arresting words, “A present for the Umno delegates — a dead MCA” (evocative of throwing a “running dog” carcass at the feet of the Malay “master”, imagery which is a popular DAP depiction of MCA).

Sakmongkol’s 30-percent Malay formula

I’ve reproduced below the table prepared by Datuk Sak premised on the 2008 electoral roll of MCA areas.

For ease of calculation, the former Umno Pekan info chief has hypothesized the electoral turnout in the coming general election to be a uniform 80 percent. In actuality, the percentages have in the past varied from the low to high 70s percentile. In Alor Setar for example, the voter turnout was 72 percent.

In addition to Datuk Sak’s forecast figures, I’ve added another column for comparison’s sake, i.e. the number of votes obtained by MCA in the 2008 general election.

Going by Sakmongkol’s (overly) optimistic projection, MCA might be able to retain 5 of the 15 seats the party is holding presently.

From his analysis of the seat profiles, Datuk Sak is confident that the “prospects of eliminating MCA are good”. He believes that Air Itam and Alor Gajah are the only two safe seats for MCA in the next GE.

Sakmongkol’s cyber campaign aimed at Malays

Datuk Sak tells the Malays, “MCA is your enemy. Its president made fun of Islam.”

Sak is basically rehashing the DAP line that is similarly pushed by other leaders in his party such as Anthony Loke who thundered “Chua Soi Lek orang paling celaka” as well as tweeted that MCA is insulting Islam.

He calls MCA “a racist party consisting of anti-Islam Chinese”.

This charge is aligned to the Malaysian First approach that considers the BN communal formula as ‘racist’ and any Chinese who does not subscribe to their evangelical profession of brotherly and sisterly love as being anti-religion if not wholly godless.

DAP, defender of Islam today

Sak also labels the MCA “confrontational” due to the party leaders voicing their disagreement on the hudud issue unlike the DAP Occupy Masjid activists who have made the mosque and surau their second home.

Singling out the Air Hitam and Alor Setar constituencies, he says it is sinful for the Malays there “to vote for MCA infidels”.

Compare: MCA Chinese are depicted as infidels. On the other hand, DAP evangelists are advertised as a mosque’s best friend.

The Star highlights Hannah Yeoh bringing ‘Ramadan cheer for the needy‘, Hannah ‘Yeoh gives RM5,000 to surauand on another occasion blaring that she forked out RM2,000 each to six mosques and RM1,000 each to 16 surau.

For the payment of RM1,000 per surau, The Star publicizes Hannah Yeoh as the female equivalent of Guan Eng’s Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz in stature. And the opposition dare bash the RM500 BR1M payment per household as a bribe?

Have the MCA representatives never helped Malays at all in these last 60 years? From reading The Star, you might not think much of any MCA’s efforts. As has been pointed out before in these pages, the MCA folks are largely invisible in that paper.

Which is why Sakmongkol can get away with accusing MCA of being enemies of Islam, infidels and anti-Malay in tandem with The Star‘s propaganda-assist in portraying the new 2.0 Chinese opposition as Islam huggers, godly and righteous politicians and a new breed of Malay lovers.

The question is whether the public would be hoodwinked by the “racist” and “anti-Islam” allegations levelled against the MCA. Regular readers of The Star probably might!

Gambar Anthony Loke, Ketua Pemuda DAP

Si Gunting keeps snipping and snipping away

Sakmongkol’s accusations against Chua Soi Lek and MCA follow the standard DAP template.

Datuk Sak also fires a more targetted shot in saying that “Malays in Batu Pahat know the real anti-Malay character of Chua Soi Lek”.

Dr Chua’s former Parliament constituency is Labis.

Batu Pahat is where the illicit sex episode was taped. Screenshot below is the tweeter (solicited by The Star‘s Twitter ‘Live Session’ programme) who condemned Dr Chua’s tryst. The Star invited a tweeter who publicly slagged Dr Chua as an adulterer to host its online programme.

The MCA paper also heavily promoted Hannah Yeoh – the politician foremost in throwing stones at the sexual ‘sins’ of the MCA president – as a Twitter star.

The Star peddling Firster ethos

Chinese voters appear to be a lost cause.

It truly boggles the mind how MCA is not only losing the perception war but that it has allowed its own media machinery to push an entire ethos contrary to the BN spirit which serves only to put MCA on the backfoot.

A popular meme is that Malaysians are ready to embrace multiracial parties and thus MCA, MIC and Umno which are raced-based are resoundingly rejected for being “racist”.

This DAP hot air balloon can be punctured but The Star doesn’t attempt to do that. Not in the slightest bit.

Take the Selangor Wanita DAP line-up headed by Hannah where there is not a single Malay face. What kind of multiracial party is DAP boasting? Even in its national line-up there is no elected DAP Malay. Zilch.

If the blogs can point out that DAP’s much touted multiracialism is a mere facade, how come The Star cannot? I’ve thus far never read any stories critical of the DAP evangelists in the MCA paper, have you?

Ditikam belakang oleh musuh dalam selimut

It’s most ironic that Sakmongkol writes, “Umno wants to save its Islam bashing partner at all costs even if it means speaking like an infidel”.

His article can be read in pdf here — ‘A dead MCA’ (click).

So Umno wants to save MCA but The Star is subtly stabbing MCA time and again.

Undeniably DAP 2.0 is media savvy but when its promotion and publicity campaign is being carried out by none other than sister publication ‘Buy Star, read Rocket‘, then it’s really no wonder that a DAP Malay politician can gleefully crow “A present for the Umno delegates — a dead MCA”.

We all know who’s sticking one of the sharp lethal objects in the back of MCA.


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35 thoughts on “Sakmongkol: Good chance to “kill off MCA for good”

  1. Dear Helen, who are you hitting here? Is it eStar sahaja or Datuk Sak or MCA? Datuk Sak belongs to the other camp, surely he will promote his camp. What are you expecting from him. The DAPs are saying that Datuk CSL is anti Islam. Please rebut-lah their points.

    1. Good suggestion, Mat Bon.

      The Star is the MCA paper. It’s got thousands of editorial staff, hundreds of editors, managing editors, executive editors, deputy editors, assistant editors, associate editors, special writers, bureau chiefs and columnists. All these people are paid, whether a monthly salary or honorarium by The Star, allowances, expenses, fat bonuses and ex-gratia besides enjoying the perks, payola and junkets.

      Let them rebut Sak’s accusation against CSL and MCA.

      Why lah you ask me to do the donkey work? I have got absolutely nothing to do with MCA or no ties whatsover with any entity or anyone in the BN.

      1. well said helen, jangan buat kerja donkey kong.

        ~Short-cut to Disaster~

        Caught in vacuum atmosphere
        when words uttered vaporising
        gone without meaning
        and finally scatter everywhere
        far from understanding

        Barrier of judgment stand tall
        thick as prison wall
        blocking mentality
        of ancient stupidity

        People are strange
        they quick to assume
        short-cut is the best way
        to grasp true meaning

        Jumping into conclusion pit
        full of sharp mistakes
        stabs the credibility
        of fallen donkey


        btw can’t wait d to see 1 mil hit here. :)

  2. Helen, MCA is the real gunting dalam lipatan to BN. MCA say they are BN but actually MCA is encouraging Star to support Dapsters&Firsters.

    MCA memang dah KO pun and the loyal MCA followers yang 0.01% tu semua dah nyawa-nyawa ikan. Post PRU13 nanti, when there is no more MCA and KimGE and Yeopies dah tunjuk belang, the Malays will band together.

    Takpalah Helen, we know you tried your best.


    Thanks. — Helen

  3. Kata orang2 tak mengenang budi, sejarah silam tak perlu untuk kemajuan masa depan. MCA jangan sangka dengan mudah boleh jadi Honda EX5, orang tua, muda semua pakai…

    apapun, MCA patut belajar dari Honda EX5 kenapa model yang berdekad tapi masih top sales di Malaysia. kalau taknak belajar dari kesilapan, jadilah dinasour.

      1. SOG, aku meluat dah STL tu tak sensitif bab-bab Islam. Itu hari aku sound dia pasai dia copy paste SYA punya content hina Melayu… ingat tak? yang tu OK lagi, hina melayu. Aku bengang sebab hina Islam. pendirian aku – babai STL. (tapi aku sorang ja, takdak efek pun :) )

        1. Aku pun bengang gak ngan STL tuh, memang aku perasan dia punya content bab Islam dua tiga menjak nih semacam jek. Tu pasal aku tak banyak cakap.

          Tapi, bagi aku bro, takde untung kalau aku terus blah je pun. At least kalau dorang buat lagi, boleh gak sound. Yang penting, bila orang kutuk, kita mesti balas.

          Tapi, itu aku je laa. Hang nak buat camna, terpulang laa kan. Cuma aku harap hang masih boleh contribute kat situ. Kang tak best laa pulak hang takdak…

          1. SOG,

            Kalau ‘rindu’ kat aku meh sini blog helen, aku dah jadi serupa hantu penunggu dah kat sini ekekeke….

  4. Helen, MCA mati pon kaum cina tak rugi. Firasat saya jika DAP dan PR menang PRU13, dan dapat Putrajaya mereka akan tawarkan tempat pada MCA dlm pentadbiran. Lantik jadi senator dan pegang jawatan menteri/timbalan. DAP perlukan pengalaman dan insider information dari mereka untuk mentadbir negara dan deal dgn kakitangan kerajaan yg loyal kepada kerajaan BN. Sebab tu MCA biarkan saja agenda the Star tu….

    1. Funny joke man, you’re implying that the DAP would give any posts to old obsolete dinosaurs from their hated enemies rather than give them to their own cronies and families.

      DAP wins the country, all those MCA politicians might as well retire. Them PR have the posts filled out already, 1 person from DAP/PAS/PKR each for every post, if you were to believe their shadow cabinet.

      Not only the MCA, the MIC and all the rest of the parties in BN can go home and retire too. Too bad for you Indian fellas, unless you all want to convert to Christianity.

  5. Helen,

    Any possibility that in 2008 MCA was rejected by the Chinese due to Pak Lah factor ?

    if yes than Datuk Sak assumption is inaccurate and it was wrongly projected .

    As you said MCA is losing preception war but it is better for MCA to be underdog rather than overconfident 2008 UMNO .

    1. Pak,

      I did not appreciate the MCA-Umno relationship before but now looking at the DAP-PAS hook-up I do. Tunku stood by MCA after May 13 despite the party’s losses and Tun Razak brought the Chinese back into govt via Barisan which replaced the Perikatan.

      I think AAB was bad for BN especially if it’s true that his son-in-law was the instigator of the keris wielding during the Umno Youth assembly.

      Prior to AAB, Umno – no denying that Umno is the Big Brother in BN – handled the satellites with greater diplomacy and tact. AAB caused the MCA to lose face, not only with the keris waving but also other episodes like the 10 non-Muslim ministers withdrawing their memo within 24 hours with their tails between their legs.

      This swing to DAP is the Chinese revolt against Umno’s preeminent status as Tai Kor. They see that in Pakatan, DAP is not a rung ‘below’ PAS and PKR like all the satelites are below Umno in BN. The Chinese think that with a new order, we can ubah to equality.

      Of course, Umno in countering Pakatan will play up the Malay fear of losing dominance. This is an understandable tactic. Dr M’s exhortation that Malays will become “beggars” in your own land is the pinnacle of it.

      Also the religion – Christianity – factor is thrown in – this one is another ground up agitation rather than top down, same as how the ouster of AAB was a ground up (bloggers like SAA, Rocky, Big Dog, A Voice etc) with the Tun who was outside Umno (he had quit the party momentarily).

      The DAP cybertroopers and Pakatan supporters really don’t know how Umno works if they believe that the party hatched up this Christianization dissatisfaction as a political ploy. After all, it’s not the Umno pollies who have publically complained. It’s Hasan Ali, Ustaz Nasha, Zul Noordin, the Mufti of Perak — and get this, none of them have ever been in Umno!

      Quite the contrary, Umno tried to cool the temperatures with the Idris Jala compromise. If Umno had wanted to incite conflict, the spate of church arson could have been a worse flare-up.

      MCA may get better urban support if the Chinese can be rational. What do you think? :)

      Are the Chinese being rational by voting against their self-interest (e.g. the Firster ideology is counter to the rationale for the existence of Chinese schools)

      1. The Chinese will do what they see as best option for self-preservation. As will the Malays, Indians, Kadazan, Kelabit, etc.

        The real challenge will be who will unite everyone under one banner? I do not see #Pakatoons as folks who will meet this challenge.

      2. Same thing applies to Muslim. I just can’t see where the logic is for the Muslim to vote against self-interest (when the mixture of Mullah-Evangelist ideologies are counter to the rationale for the establishment of a full blown theocratic nation), but political expediency probably could make it happens?

        1. Interesting. In the case of the demolishment of the Hindu shrine (see following posting), the PAS mullahs and the PKR-DAP evangelists see eye-to-eye in their mutual dislike for idols (so kira sama geng lah).

          But what happens when the mullahs and the evangelists disagree among themselves, like in the case of the Allah bibles?

  6. A cyber swine ***** (minority Malay elite) in Dap (majority Chinese) predicted Mca (100% Chinese) would end up as rotting carcass and it is a good presentation for Umno (majority Malay).

    One thing that elite swine seemed to have forgotten is that according to Einstein Law, energy cannot be destroyed but it could be transformed from one form to another.

    For Mca carcass to follow Einstein Law, it is Dap who will benefit most by eating that carcass and by doing that the energy inside the carcass would make Dap grow bigger (fatter).

    And when Dap grow bigger and fatter, they will be hungry for more carcass. When there is no more Mca’s one left, don’t you think The Big and Fat Dap will seek every ways to turn PIS into the next carcass?

  7. Rather than speculating MCA being killed off, Sak should be more worried about PAS and PKR being punished by Malay voters for kowtowing their principles to DAP as it is happening in Pakatan states now.

    Even in the unlikely case where Pakatan wins the 13GE, DAP likely will emerge as the strongest party. Even if Anwar becomes the PM and the Talibans of PAS fill the cabinet, it will be DAP which control the govt and call the shots. A Pakatan govt will be an Ali Baba state where DAP will rule by proxy via Anwar.

    “Ali Baba state”, that’s a really good one. ROTFL — Helen

    1. “… where DAP will rule by proxy via Anwar.”

      where they will rule by manipulating a crooked joystick?

  8. Here’s a wild idea. BN to kick MCA out and open direct membership into BN for all races especially ex-MCA members who also lost faith with MCA. BN may still retain Putrajaya with simple majority.

    With no representation in government, it will knock some senses into Chinese voters.

    1. Actually, didn’t Najib announce this a while back? Membership right into BN without going through any of the parties.

  9. talk about tikam belakang, how about the action of Melaka Wanita MCA chief Datuk Kian Sit Har? She openly support Himpunan Lalat Hijau last weekend, and Bershit3.0 while still in the party, earning the wrath of Ali Rustam who appropriately described her as ‘tak guna satu sen’.

    This is not tikam belakang anymore, it’s more like ‘sula’ from the arse.

  10. HELEN,

    what is it about this Keris issue that realy riled the Chinese. I watched Perhimpunan agung UMNO. Hisham did not imply anything threatening against the Chinese.

    Being a Malay myself, I understand why he apologized. But what Hishamudin forgot is that by apologizing, he admitted the mistake that he never did in the first place. He apologized to give it a closure but as usual, DAP portrays anything from UMNO as sign of racism.

    The truth is that DAP played the issue to incite the Chinese. And MCA took the easy way out of not wanting to tell the truth to the chinese. Until MCA faces reality that MCA itself will be the most affected.

    UMNO is not playing the fear factor. The fear among the malays are real. They see before their own eyes how Malay stalls demolished simply because the traders are malays. They see how Malay kampung demolished but chinese areas seemed to be spared.

    They see how TBH case was spinned making the institutions like police (meaning Malays) look very bad. They see how Chinese politicians have no regards to sanctity of mosques. They see how a very big Chinese cemetary literally built on Malay kampung.

    They see how Chinese extremists reject any overtures from UMNO but still keeping “mandarin is preferred” in private sector. They experience massive discrimination in private sector.

    I notice Chinese plays along with DAP as a bargaining chips against UMNO. May i remind Chinese that it takes two to tango. Meaning should you want your voice to be heard, then vote MCA. Rem,ember Chinese vote is crucial. But as goes the saying, nobody is indispensable. The Chinese may end up voting themselves out of Govt.

    Just because Malay votes tilt in favour of UMNO does not mean the Malays will not fire Najib should he loses Chinese votes. They will say “padan muka. Buat apa terhegeh hegeh”.

    Najib may end to “listen” to Malay folks that votes him in.

    1. (1) Hisham apologized. So what did he apologize for? And why did he do it when it had never been done before in all the Umno assemblies? The Agong and the Sultans also wear the keris in their ceremonial gear. Do the monarchs menghunus keris like Hisham?

      Remember that one delegate told him, Datuk now that you’ve unsheathed the keris, when are you going to use it?

      (2) “What is it about this Keris issue that realy riled the Chinese?” If I were to reply you, it would only be one individual POV. So many people (and not only Chinese) complained about what Hisham did. Don’t tell me you missed the point? It was all over the media.

      (3) Chinese need cemeteries like any other people. So where did you read that “a very big Chinese cemetary literally built on Malay kampung”? Pls provide the article link if you wish for further discussion on this.

      (4) I’m open to the idea that Mandarin preferred could be a covert filtering mechanism but let’s take things at face value. Malays and Indians can speak Mandarin too. Or on the flip side, to apply for a job vacancy in the govt dept, one needs BM. It doesn’t automatically exclude Chinese applicants. I’d like to think that my competency in BM qualifies me at least for the preliminary interview if I were to apply just as any Malay competent in Mandarin can fulfil the language criteria of the job ads that you mention. If a Japanese or German factory operating here were to say an ability to speak their languages is a bonus, will you fault them?

      (5) “They see how Chinese politicians have no regards to sanctity of mosques.” No lah. The DAP evangelists politicians lebih berkenan mosques compared to many Umno pollies :) Now they have learned to respect the sanctity of mosques by wearing tudung inside the mosque, wearing tudung in canteens, wearing tudung at functions held in the dewan.

      (6) “The Chinese may end up voting themselves out of Govt.” This threat of exclusion no longer cuts any ice. The sentiment is whether in govt or outside govt makes no difference as the MCA-Gerakan Ministers have been useless (not I say, am merely reporting the general Chinese sentiment).

  11. Helen,

    “The chinese may end up voting…”. It is not a threat. Rather, a reminder on an unvieable predicament if a community continues to reject any overtures by any govt in this planet. Meaning there is a limit to humility and goodwill. Lamenting that Chinese are “second class” citizens while insisting that they are separated from other races through separate school systems shows hypocrisy.

    I am not so sure whether MCA and Gerakan are totally useless. Yes. they receive the bashing for simply having an alliance with UMNO. A good chinese political party , like what Chinese perceives,must have Malay party “kowtows” to it, like PAS.

    As for Chinese cenetary, ever heard place like Karangan, Kedah. But i do not blame Chinese on this matter. rather, I blame PAS for selling the Malays outright there. Only PAS is lucky as some Malays are willing to tolerate this nonsense if it is done by a party that equates itself with Islam.

    As for hisham with Keris, which part of it that riled the chinese. did he imply the chinese? I always follow the last day of UMNO general assembly. Which part of his act insults the Chinese? If you perceive the question “…what you are going to do about it…” as an inference as threat to chinese, then obviously you are quite ignorant about Malays depite you may think otherwise. Sorry for being crude, but if UMNO wants to play with raciaL card, then it would have done that 50 years ago.

    Or is it that people spin here to make UMNO looks racist?

    But you are right. It is time for Malay community to stop baby sit MCA and Gerakan. Meaning no point voting for them in Malay majority areas . UMNO’s generosity is not appreciated. In fact, it is accused of treating MCA and Gerakan with disdain.

    Maybe it is time to let the Chinese think hard on what they really want. By all mean, vote DAP . But do accept reality that there will be no Chinese Minister. Just as Malays may lose out if they vote wrongly, the same apllies for other races.

    As for competency in Mandarin, perhaps you should ask any Malay and you maybe surprise that they say it as a tactic to bar non Chinese. Only in Malaysia there is a requirement for non national language. In USA or England or australia, countries that PR loves to quotes, in no time you will be charged on discrimination.

    1. (1) Okay, I’ll look up Karangan, Kedah later.

      (2) “…what you are going to do about it…” No, I do not take it as “an inference as threat to chinese”. I am well aware of the background that the delegate sindir Hisham and I’m also aware of WHY the delegate sindir Hisham, i.e. the question is to perli Hisham personally rather than a reference to Chinese.

      I know. But how many members of the public would know? As another example, let’s take Najib’s PAU2011 speech where he said: “Walau berkecai tulang dan juga badan, walau bercerai jasad dari nyawa. Saudara dan saudari, walau apa pun yang terjadi, Putrajaya mesti kita pertahankan!”

      I’m aware that it’s bahasa berbunga-bunga. I’m aware that at the PAUs, they berpantun and berseloka and the language is exaggerated but again how many non-Umno people know? Esp. since you Satu Sekolah people are convinced that most Chinese cannot understand BM.

      You can’t argue that the opposition have been spreading the propaganda that Najib is willing to spill blood to keep Umno in Putrajaya based on how they interpret his “walau bercerai jasad dari nyawa” phrase.

      If this is so, then obviously the majority of the people (with the exception of those who are familiar with the PAU) would read Hisham’s action like how they read Najib’s words.

      So please lah, don’t call me “ignorant” about the keris episode. Only 2,000+ delegates attend PAU. The whole lot of non-Malay voters who caused the 2008 tsunami – unlike you who see the keris waving as something negative positive – (my typo) saw it as a belligerent gesture.

      Empirical evidence: MCA’s Parliament seats were halved from 31 in 2004 to 15 in 2008 and Gerakan was wiped out from Penang. So you can take that [outcome] as how the Chinese saw Hisham’s keris, coupled with other incidents.

      “As for competency in Mandarin, perhaps you should ask any Malay and you maybe surprise that they say it as a tactic to bar non Chinese.”

      Aiyah, I’ve had this same disagreement with my ex-boyfriend before so I needn’t go out and ask some other Malay to be surprised.

      He feels that it is “a tactic to bar non Chinese”. You should have read my previous response more carefully. I replied to you just now:

      I’m open to the idea that Mandarin preferred could be a covert filtering mechanism but let’s take things at face value. Malays and Indians can speak Mandarin too.”

      See, I’d earlier already acknowledged that it could be “a covert filtering mechanism” but since the intention of the job advertiser cannot be proved (we can’t claim that we can baca niat), we have no choice but to take the criterion at face value depending on whether the advertiser can justify if the job really requires knowledge of Mandarin.

      e.g. say it’s a clerical position and the accounts clerk has to keep a ledger on bills of supply that are written in Chinese b’cos it’s a business with Chinese customers and Chinese suppliers, so how?

  12. Helen,

    Separate school system separate us literally speaking. Let us not pretending on this matter.

    By all mean. learn one’s mother tounges. But under one roof. You mentioned on chinese perception that Najib’s speech , “‘bercerai jasad dari nyawa…” And it is a manifastation of ignorance? Why the ignorance? Because of separation from tender age.

    “…Bercerai jasad dari nyawa…” simply means ( in his speech) as trying your best to defend the seat of power. It has no negative conotation. It is actually seen positively as a symbol of courage and one’s statement to give utmost importance to what he believe as of paramount importance.

    But because Chinese “do not know” the Malays but expect the Malays ” to appreciate and understand them”, they are taken the speech as a veiled threat. And they refuse to listen to any explanation/ Yet they are upset when they are referred as “pendatang”. ”

    The crux of the matter is that DAP uses the Chinese education or whatever rights as weapon to perpetuate the Lim Dynasty. DAP’s style is of hostility especially against the Malays.

    I am not saying that some Chinese do not have legitimate doubt. Just like the Malays., they have valid concerns.

    But insistence on only those proficient on Mandarin to teach in Chinese schools( meaning non Chinese teachers are out) is a smack of racism.

    Silent means consent. Chinese do not protest. It is taken as they generally agree to it. No offense, no wonder many of my friend equates Chinese politician with “yahudi’.

    As for ‘mandarin is preffered’, I can understand if the writing in Mandarin. But it happens everywhere even in organisations that have almost entirely with staff having names like “jennifer, Aaron, Stephen wong ” speaking broken english and all means of communication in English.

    They say it takes two to tango. Just as you insist other races to understand you and understand between red and white angpows, you also must expect same understanding and subtle nuance of Malay language or act of gallantry when one holding keris.

    As one Malay elder told me “kalau nak buat zalim pada orang Cina, dah lama kami dah buat. Bukan susah pun. Tetapi kita tak buat sebab Islam sendiri melarang kezaliman walau pun pada bukan Islam”.

  13. The idea of allowing only the “vernacular” speaking teachers to teach in vernacular schools will alter current curriculum. What would take place is that some of the religious teachers would be transferred and that subject will no longer be thought.

    The reaction would be that students (who came from different religious back ground) who used to have the notion that religious subjects are necessary for them would be impressed by the way missionary schools maintain its pro theologians approach!

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