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May 13: Guan Eng’s think-tanks vs Umno groupthink

Police report lodged against Shahrizat‘ — article yesterday in FMT.

‘Shahrizat’s May 13 statement sign of Umno’s fear’ — reported Friday in Malaysia Chronicle.

What does the opposition find offensive, irresponsible and seditious about the Umno Wanita chief’s May 13 comment?

Aliran, a Penang-based NGO which has come to be seen as being very close to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, carried a commentary by its immediate past president P. Ramakrishan rebuking Shahrizat.

The Aliran editorial is titled ‘Shame on you, Shahrizat: You are a fear-monger‘.

Ramakrishan scolding “Shame on you” recalls the identical phrase that Guan Eng repeatedly directed at Chua Soi Lek whilst furiously wagging his finger during their second debate.

Vide clip Debate 2.0 (4:25) "Shame on you, MCA" owner of The Star
Guan Eng repeatedly scolded “Shame on you MCA”

Aliran says Umno members incapable of thinking

The Aliran immediate past president described as “unintelligent gibberish” Shahrizat’s remarks – contained in the text of her speech distributed to reporters – that May 13 might recur.

Ramakrishan accuses her of attempting to “create fear and horror in the minds of unthinking Umno members!”

He also declares:

“What has been established is the fact that change can be peaceful and that the harmony of the country will not necessarily be destroyed [should there be a regime change].”

Rama’s statement above about “the harmony of the country” presumes that Malaysia is a harmonious nation.

While he assumes that Malaysians live in harmony (i.e. there are no racial tensions), he also presumes that Umno members are mass manufacturers of wholesale lies.

Rama wrote in his Aliran article:

“By and large, the majority of Malaysians are peaceful, sensible and responsible. However we must be on the lookout for the few who may try and stir up trouble. We should leave them to the police to take care of.

“Umno must be desperate if such lies have to be manufactured!”

Rama implies that there are only a very few desperate individuals who are out to create disharmony.

His allegation that “Umno must be desperate” also echoes the Malaysia Chronicle article headline cited earlier.

Another view on Shahrizat’s May 13 warning comes from Guan Eng’s think-tank, the Penang Institute.

(There has been police reports lodged against Penang Institute on the allegation that it tried to bribe Tunku Aziz with the offer of a cushy fellowship.)

The next article under discussion appeared in – an online portal in the The Edge‘s stable. Next month, the Edge Media will be headed by Ho Kay Tat as its CEO. Kay Tat was CEO of The Star who last week departed from the MCA-owned media after successfully turning around the paper.

Impossible that Malays and Chinese today will fight on the street

Writing in, Penang Institute fellow Wong Chin Huat opined:

“In 2012 or 2013, May 13 will not replay because the Malaysian society has changed. If Chinese Malaysians are targeted in post-election riot, very likely they will be protected by their Malay friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

“Many Chinese protesters who joined the Bersih 2.0 rally remember how their Malay counterparts asked them to flee the police first because ‘if there must be blood-shed, let it be the Malays’ blood, because we cannot afford another May 13′.
“Last Sunday, when 20,000 Green Walkers marched through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, which was a stone’s throw away from Kampung Baru where May 13 started, there was only a jovial and carnival mood, no fear, no hatred,” wrote Chin Huat.


He assesses the May 13 threat alluded to by Shahrizat to be far-fetched.

“To those who care much about May 13, the poor spectre has been stepped on and it died on July 9 last year. And it was buried deeper by subsequent footsteps of citizens.”

The date July 9 that Chin Huat mentions is a reference to the Bersih 2.0 rally where, according to him, a great sense of solidarity and camaraderie was forged between the Malay and the Chinese and other races.


May 13 ghost has been busted

Chin Huat concludes that it is impossible for race riots to happen again because the fear factor simply doesn’t work anymore.

He reasons that the spectre of May 13 was killed last year during Bersih 2.0 when the different races safely took to the street together on the same side.

He further argues that the Green Walk last weekend took place a mere stone’s throw away from Kampung Baru but still failed to trigger any kind of racial disturbance.

He adds that when the Green Walkers marched through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman – even though they were a huge crowd swelling to 20,000 (Pakatan estimate) people – there was no fear and no hatred in the air.

To Chin Huat, the Himpunan Hijau march through the heart of Kuala Lumpur last Sunday was done in “a jovial and carnival mood”.

The summary above encapsulates the views of the Aliran past president and the Penang Institute fellow, both men belonging to organizations ensconced in Georgetown, the capital city of DAPthink.

Umnothink on the other hand is somewhat different.

‘Anak kecil main api’

‘Delegates shed tears over song decrying fate of Malays‘, reported Malaysiakini.

Tears were free-flowing in the PWTC when the audience heard the Warisan song which goes:

“Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Air mata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya-raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa di antara kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman

Indahnya bumi kita
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Kita kan merintih sendiri”

The tears were proof that the rintihan expressed in the lyrics deeply moved its Malay hearers.

There is a vast difference in mood between the two groups of Malaysians, one jovial and carnival-like, the other sombre like they’ve lost their land and livelihood.

Rama’s views published in the Aliran website implies that our harmony in this country is not easily dented despite Umno’s best efforts at fear-mongering while Chin Huat’s views published in the news portal assert that the Malays and the Chinese are comrades with arms linked in solidarity.

Together in perfect harmony in Ramaland

A dictionary definition of the word ‘harmony’ reads: “in agreement”, “in accord”, “consistent”, “congruity”.

Yet incongruous better describes the disjoint in mood — the jovial, carnival atmosphere at the Green Walk where the DAP Members of Parliament and state assemblymen turned out in full force, and the dirge-like atmosphere in the PWTC where the Umno MPs and Aduns marked attendance.

It’s not easy to reconcile the claim of national ‘harmony’ when we juxtapose side by side the two gatherings where the participants were predominantly Chinese in one and all Malay in the other.

Malaysiakini 2012-12-01 11-26-06

Emotional outpouring in PWTC

There appears to be a perception gap where Umno warns of ‘chaos’ whereas the opposition diehards confidently dismiss the possibility.

This perception gap is compounded when some imply that the Umno delegates were shedding “crocodile tears” (see screenshot of Malaysiakini main story yesterday morning).

Conventional wisdom tells us that harmony is built on mutual understanding.

So who is misunderstanding whom actually, and misreading the real situation?


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26 thoughts on “May 13: Guan Eng’s think-tanks vs Umno groupthink

  1. Well, back then in 1969 it was PAS who accused UMNO of selling out to the chinese but they are the ones doing it now, so that’s one thing different from then, right?

    It’s not Malay vs Chinese anymore, it’s Malay vs Chinese with Malays under them as well. More reason for the DAP to get more cocky now. They also have all these NGOs and media with them as well. It’s only appropriate for them to allay all those fears that their current partners might get.

    Are their words to be trusted? Can you trust these people who gives tazkirah at the malay’s mosque while at the same time persuading christian churches to tell their parish to vote in a new government for jesus?

    1. About your observation that DAP today has some of the media behind them.

      The Star did not report on Shahrizat’s ‘May 13’ flap. Hmm …

      1. It should be pointed out that Syed Mokhtar Bukhari and Nazamudin of Tamil descent has admitted in his biography and NST that they benefited to the billions due to the NEP that was formed as the results of the Malay riot on May 13 1969.

        Maybe it should be ascertained to the parts played by then Tamil like Syed Moktar and Nazamuddin in the May 13 riots that qualify them licenses after licenses or thousands of free APs.

        Now Sharizat herself a Tamil descent has stoke the fire of the Malays. Does Sharizat look Malay to you? As Malay as Azeez Rahim or Nor Mohamed hehehe..

        1. Hello Brader,

          Only in the apartheid system of employment that the indigenous been discriminated in favor of the minority Whites. Now, it is proven that the indigenous is as skillful as the minority Whites.

          With regard to individuals that you mentioned above, do you think both of them are only employing the Evangelist speaking employees and because of that the business is performing well?

        2. It should be pointed out that PR cybertroopers despite their party blaming the other side for race politics have no qualms inciting race hate against UMNO mixed blood members.

          Must be taking a leaf out of Harry Potter Slytherin who are always against mudbloods or something.

    2. Anonymous. Now in 2013, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has legitimacy issues based on their heavy foreign baggage made in Singapore and their immorality of doing what is legal but immoral based on their fervent opposition to the everything for over 48 years with members of a single community. Their slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ was made in Singapore. Ironically, Singaporeans are shouting, ‘Singapore for Singaporeans’ as their Government brought in hundreds of thousands of foreigners. Let us not forget that the spiritual leader of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore which is the spiritual homeland of the DAP. It is the legitimacy issues which the DAP has to answer for. Have they any right ot represent anybody in our beloved Malaysia ?

  2. Helen,

    The advice is very sound, I believe. It is not meant to create fear among Malaysians. Shahrizat just reminded all of us the danger of another May 13.

    Meaning there is a dire need to stop provocation or senseless statements from politicians. Let us not stop pretending that everything is OK now.

    Some of our elected politicians have no qualm to play racial, religious factors. They are rude, barging into others formal functions uninvited. They talk about transparency but have no qualm in barring any newspapers deemed critical on them.

      1. We already have seen their politicians blatantly portraying themselves as pro islamic towards malays when they speak to them, wouldn’t be far fetched to say they have cyber troopers pretending to be malays posting on internet as well.

        Karpal can afford to be honest. They keep him around to keep those PAS people in order every time PAS bungle up like wanting to become PM or having laws against unisex salons.

        Just Karpal is enough to shut PAS up, everyone else can play khalifahs and speak arabic words and keep PAS supporters happy.

        But they mangle the Arabic, like David Nga Kor Ming who created a new book in the Quran, surah ‘Aura’ and they way the wear the selendang half covering might as well not bother :) — Helen

  3. #pakatoons (ikut WM) cannot differ between advice and provocation. they purposely play dumb to get political mileage. sharizat sincere, #pakatoons licik, jahat, provocative. #pakatoons simply tak sedar diri. banyak di antara #pakatoons bangsat tak mengenang budi. seperti melepaskan anjing tersepit. akhirnya yang tolong kena gigit.

    1. Most of the ‘kontraktor kecewa’ and ‘demoted napoleons’ end up with #Pakatoons. The rest seem to come to their senses after a period of self-reflection.

  4. helen,

    kadang-kadang sejarah boleh/akan berulang. sesungguhnya apabila sentimen menjadi keterlaluan apa juga boleh berlaku. jangan bohong pada diri sendiri atau orang lain. baik melayu, cina atau india masing-masing masih ada sedikit kalau tidak banyak “perkauman”. sebab itu kita masih dikenali sebagai melayu, cina dan india.

    di afrika kita sangka mereka sebangsa tetapi sebenarnya mereka berbeza etnik. cuba lihat betapa mereka saling berbunuhan sejak sekian lama. begitu juga dengan arab. jadi melayu, cina dan india di malaysia apa pun boleh berlaku. kalau kita tak beringat maknanya kita tunggu dan lihat.
    mereka yang tidak melaluinya atau tidak kehilangan seseorang semasa trajedi 13 mei mungkin menganggap ianya satu momokan.


    saya pasti saudari kenal sangat dengan orang melayu secara umumnya. mereka sangat bertolak ansur dan sabar. kerana tolak ansur orang melayulah 55 tahun dulu kerakyatan diberikan kepada bukan melayu tanpa sebarang soalan. tetapi semua itu ada hadnya. jangan sesekali menuduh orang melayu rasis. kalau orang melayu rasis dah lama dah …………..

    mungkin orang melayu bukan peniaga tetapi siapa yang pergi ke kedai orang cina. kedai cina mana yang tak maju di shah alam?


  5. “Last Sunday, when 20,000 Green Walkers marched through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, which was a stone’s throw away from Kampung Baru where May 13 started, there was only a jovial and carnival mood, no fear, no hatred,” wrote Chin Huat

    I have 2 questions here.

    1. Sure keh, Kg Baru is just a stone’s throw away? If I am not mistaken the distance is around 2 to 3 km. Perhaps Wong has a very strong arm.

    2. Why marching at Kg Baru should create a riot? Is this Wong fellow implying the Malays are blood-thirsty and violent people who run riot and kill if someone have a march passing their area? Is this guy trying to re-write history ? In fact even Hindraf’s 2511 march which is more racial in nature, did not provoke any reaction. What this Bersih and Wong is trying to imply is that March 13 was due to te Malays and nothing to do with the extreme provocation by Opposition DAP members.

    1. this Wong Fella knows that it is very easy to provoke the Malays, therefore it was no surprise that he and his gang marched through Kg B. he was being sly. if you want to provoke the Malays, easy. as you march through Kg B, make sure you should loudly some obscenities, the Malays hear them, then boom, you have mayhem.

    2. Comparing Himpunan Hijau and Mei 13 gathering is like comparing apples and oranges.

      U got it right about the Malay…they are peace loving people. And your observation on the NGO and Think-Thank who commented about the Mei 13 was also right..

      that they are comparing 2 non similar situations…the latest just ordinary walkabout but the previous one was sort of uncivilized gathering.

  6. BTW Penang Institute is not LGE’s think-tank, but a noble-minded charity and public service organization whose main objective is to ensure the job-less leaders of Pakatan are employed. Of course the fact that they are extremely well paid and get to travel overseas in First and Business Class shows the kindness of the Dear Leader in treating the less fortunate members of the Pakatan community.

  7. It is interesting on how the ABUers and DAPsters view May 13. Every Malaysian think May 13 is the darkest day in our history and UMNO/BN leaders always invoke May 13 theme to warn them the dangers of inter-ethnic disunity and conflicts. No UMNO leaders ever used May 13 to threaten the non Malays and in fact this is the reason why public street rallies were banned in Malaysia for a long time.

    From the angle of ABUers and DAPers, they tend to think that Malaysians as matured democratically and non racial in the outlook, ie, Bangsa Malaysians. Yet the mere mention of the word send them into a severe attack of melatah (couldn’t think of a better word in English or any other language I know).

    Haris & Aliran are quick to latch upon UMNO for engaging in “racial politics” and “jingoism” but they were strangely silent when PAS passed a resolution to implement Hudud. Does this mean ABU supports Hudud and Aliran endorses religious politics while opposed to racial politics? Why there is a complete silent on PAS’ gender segregation or other ultra conservative moves?

    What kind of credibility we can assign to Aliran, Haris , BERSIH and the rest of Civil Society NGOs when they apply their principles selectively based on their political affiliations rather? ABU talks about UMNO’s 5 decades of failure. What about PAS’ reign of Kelantan? The state is hardly a Dubai but a backward and hollow state where most capable people have abandoned it for better prospects elsewhere.

  8. For may 13th not to happen, DAP must stop their harsh statement against malays (UMNO), this is the cause of it. The current statement in pro opposition media is just an api kecil yang membakar dan sedang membesar

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