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Correctly interpreting Dr M’s ‘Islamic country’ declaration of 2001

Hint: There are wheels turning within wheels. Can you see it?

1. On 29 Sept 2001, Dr Mahathir Mohamad famously declared:

“Umno wishes to state loudly that Malaysia is an Islamic country.  This is based on the opinion of ulamaks who had clarified what constituted as Islamic country.  […] If Malaysia is not an Islamic country because it does not implement the hudud, then there are no Islamic countries in the world.”

2. Then on 17 June 2002, the prime minister went one up by stating that Malaysia is an Islamic fundamentalist country.

3. What is the implication of Dr M’s declarations? (You have to pause and THINK! beyond the opposition polemic.)

Cuba teka siapa itu bintang filem wanita yang bergambar dengan Run Run Shaw (Show Brothers).
Saloma with movie mogul Sir Run Run Shaw (Show Brothers)

2001-2002 = Umno-controlled Malaysia.

The PM proclaimed us as having already succeeded in achieving Islamic country status. Dapat cop ‘Sirim’ dah.

Certified “Islamic country” cukup syarat by Dr M and Umno. And what was the feature of Dr M’s Islamic country in 2001? No hudud.

Or to read it another way, there was/is no need for establishing hudud to make Malaysia any more Islamic than we already were.

Walau tanpa hudud pun Malaysia dah cukup Islam. Itu kata Dr M berdasarkan ketetapan para ulama yang berkongsi ilmu mereka dengan (mantan) perdana menteri kita.

4. I would interpret Dr M as preferring civil law. He was at the pinnacle of power for 22 years. And he was a very powerful prime minister. If he had wanted hudud, we would have assuredly gotten hudud.

Ponder on what kind of a man was Mahathir as PM. You can look up his 22 years worth of public speeches in the national archives.

Does he preach like the PAS Tok Gurus or like the DAP Father Josephs love to preach? Maybe that’s why Tun Dol got on Dr M’s nerves. The 5th premier (unlike the 4th) was too fond of preaching and pontificating.

5. As icing on the cake of Dr M’s wry and wicked humour, he even declared in 2002 Malaysia to be a “fundamentalist” Islamic country. A couple of months prior, Jakim had presented a paper titled ‘Malaysia Negara Islam’, on 7 March 2002.

No hudud required. Dah cukup Islam pun. Itu ikut Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia.

In the Dr M-Umno-controlled Malaysia, there was no nationwide or national-level agitation for hudud to be implemented.

6. During the period of 2001- 2002, PAS was ruling Kelantan and Terengganu. In the rest of the country, we did not have issues like cinemas being asked to keep their lights turned on, cinemas imposing gender segregation or cinemas discouraged from operating or blocked from being built.

7. Think of the many years Umno was in power before the infiltration of that Abim spawn, Anwar Ibrahim.

In the pre-Anwar era, we had Saloma. We had the luscious Latifah Omar. Najib Razak’s mom in her younger days was a modern hottie too (photo below).

Can we say that Umno has a track record or history of possessing a Taliban bent?

‘No’, bukan?

8. Why did Dr M make his unilateral proclamations in 2001 and 2002?

This is the tricky bit but we have the benefit of hindsight. Or more likely, we’re only getting it now in retrospect.

The passage below is taken from a 19 June 2002 press statement by Lim Kit Siang.

“(Penang,  Wednesday): The announcement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Parliament on Monday that Malaysia is not an moderate Islamic state but an Islamic fundamentalist state has shocked all Malaysians.

“Before his ‘929 Declaration’ that Malaysia is an Islamic state at the Gerakan national assembly on September 29 last year, MCA and Gerakan leaders had been attacking the DAP for working “hand-in-glove’ with PAS to establish an Islamic State, proclaiming at the top of their voices that Malaysia is a secular and not an Islamic State.

“But immediately after Mahathir’s “929 Declaration” that Malaysia is an Islamic state, the MCA and Gerakan leaders were the first to give their full and unequivocal support that Malaysia had always been an Islamic state from day one of our nationhood 44 years ago …” <UNQUOTE>

Okay. So here’s the deal.

Dr M had declared in Parliament that Malaysia was not an moderate Islamic state but an Islamic fundamentalist state. It leaves you gobsmacked but not in the Kit Siang {{{ Malaysians are “shocked” }}} way.

In 2002. Under Umno, Malaysia was an Islamic fundamentalist state. Yet in Islamic fundamentalist Malaysia under Mahathir, there was no hudud. And Mahathirites wouldn’t have thrown stones at a teenage boy and a teenage girl holding hands in broad daylight strolling in a public park, you’d think. Whereas the PAS moral police are a different kettle of fish.

You begin to see Dr M in a different light.

Tun Rahah Noah wanita moden tahun 1960-an
Najib’s mother, Tun Rahah Noah

9. What you have to do now is this: Assess Dr M and Umno by their actions.

10. DAP and PAS make plenty of (sweet) promises and give a lot of (empty) guarantees. Again, assess these opposition parties BY THEIR ACTIONS. 

And consider the outcome of the DAP-PAS joint action. You have eyes, you have ears. Am not sure where the brain of some Pakatan supporters are located though. Kat kepala lutut, kot.

Consider all that is taking place today, and how ‘Islamic’ – Islam as framed by PAS – rules and regulations are being forced on and affecting all of us.

Consider the present climate in comparison to before PAS and DAP attained power.

11. In my preceding article, I wrote that “DAP is not anti-Islam. DAP is actually pro-Islam”. This observation may have boggled some readers.

Elementary my dear Watson. PAS is DAP is PAS is DAP. Their mullahs and their evangelistas are kissing cousins.

Please read also my companion article ‘Absurd for DAP to claim that it supports secularismto put the jigsaw pieces in place.

DAP is ostensibly pro-Islam – following the vein of our discourse above – in the sense that the party is willing to advance the PAS brand of Islam which is obsessed with punishing and prohibiting.

In my previous article, I’ve shown how the DAP in its pro-Islam posturing has casually abandoned the tenets of secularism. Never mind that secularism is supposedly one of the party’s founding principles and practised by its parent party, PAP in Singapore.

The flip side of the coin to DAP being “pro-Islam” (e.g. by allowing PAS to have its way and this leeway giving rise to such situations as the case of forbidding Chinese female hairdressers to attend to Chinese male customers) is that DAP has become anti-secular.

12. DAP keeps chanting its ‘Jom Ubah’ mantra all the time. Yup, that the party has done — Ubah. DAP has truly changed, making a 180-degree turn.

Would the DAP pre-2008 have kept quiet to all that is currently happening in the PAS-ruled states?

Why is it that Karpal (and Norman) are left the lone voices in DAP keeping to the original script?


Bloghouse Malaysia president Syed Akbar Ali has put up a latest piece of writing titled ‘PAS has become a real danger‘.

We are where we are today not on account of PAS alone. The Islamist party has always been consistently pushing its Islamic state agenda. Nothing new there.

Now think again. What is it that has changed?

The kahwin mutaah of two parties riding on religion is a new development. PAS exploiting Islam, DAP exploiting Christianity.

What else has changed?

DAP did not use to have all these chameleon bible thumpers holding the reins of power in the party.

From 1952 when MCA first began its working relationship with Umno to contest the Selangor municipal election, up till today – we’re talking a span of 60 years here – have you ever seen any Chinese woman politician from any party reprising the equivalent of the Lee Kuan Yew songkok scam?

Today, the Pakatan evangelical politicians think nothing of donning the tudung in order to invade the mosques and surau.

The PAS mullahs are one cause of concern. However we’ve been exposed to them and their methods since the formation of PIS-PUS-and-PMIP.

It is the DAP Talibans whose capacity and duplicity you should be assessing critically. If allowing hudud will allow DAP to reach Putrajaya, then DAP will not go against hudud nor against the PAS willpower on things it deems Islamic.

Remember DAP=PAS=DAP=PAS. Their mullah and evangelistas are one and the same.

What do you make of these photos?


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19 thoughts on “Correctly interpreting Dr M’s ‘Islamic country’ declaration of 2001

  1. Sebagai pembangkang, tugas dap ialah tentang apa yang pemerintah buat biarpun jauh di sudut hati tersimpan keinginan untuk melaksanakan perkara sama apabila ada kuasa. Dan buat para penyokong terimalah hakikat iaitu dap adalah cerminan diri anda jua.

    1. Helen, ugama Kristian telah dikecam hebat oleh rakyat eropah kerana ugama seperti Katolik telah mengjambkan rakyat miskan dan jelata untuk keuntungan golongan priests ataa paderi. Seperti Thomas Jeferson kata,, Tiada negeir jika ada paderi yang paderi itu akan menyelitkan dirii mereka dengan pemerintah untuk keuntungan mereka.

      Sebab itu pegerakan sekular terjadi dan mereka mengangap Kristian adalah dongeng zaman dulu. Orang Roman juga menggunakan Katolik Kristian untuk memerintah dan menghalalkan kuasa meraeka kononnya di beri oleh Tuhan.

      Begitu juga Mahathir. Kini undang-undang India Muslim di Pakistan dikenakan kepada perempuan Melayu tanpa di sedari.. Perempuan Melayu yang melapur di rogol akan dikenakan tuduhan pula kerana tidak membawa empat lelaki yang melihat dia dirogol. Dibuat bersama dnegan India muslim AI kini digunakan terhadap pengadu sodomi pula.

      Begitulah ugama jika dibiarkan untuk tujuan mencuri kekayaan negara seperti yang dibuat oleh Raja-Raja eropah dahulu kini berulang di Malaysia di zaman pemerintahan Mahathir.

  2. 10. DAP and PAS make plenty of (sweet) promises and give a lot of (empty) guarantees. Again, assess these opposition parties BY THEIR ACTIONS.

    #JanjiDitaburi adalah resam #Pakatoons

  3. Youre right. The funny thing is that DAP’s conception of secular state is in pith and substance similar to Mahathirs Islamic state. Both want our constitution. Yet DAP object to this.

    What DAP opposed are those not in agreement with our constitution which is actually the PAS model of Islamic State. But they Sleep together. As a result we get a more confusing state of compromised principles. That’s why we now have DAP pushing some ridiculous proposition to divide us further by religion beyond the constitutional arrangement. They’re pushing the idea it’s ok for Muslims to have different laws as long as non Muslims are not affected.

    Now what happens to their fight for equality and Malaysians first? We have different penal laws for the same offence ke? We have Muslims shopping counters and non Muslims counters ke? We have Muslims hair shop and non Muslim hair shops ke?

    How can we have local by laws having similar different treatment for Muslims and non Muslims. Then what, separate entrance and exit? How can this be acceptable under our constitution. It’s against equality of law and beyond the permitted Islamic jurisdiction under our constitution. How could they have so many gullible fools.

    1. “They are pushing the idea it’s ok for Muslims to have different laws as long as non Muslims are not affected”

      If they have the right to push the IDEA and to be fair, in return, the Muslims also should be seen to have the same right i.e. to push them to accept the IDEA, or else throw that IDEA back in their face and let them have this one: “it’s none of your business!”

  4. PAS paint a very Islamic extreme but in retrospective accept no hudud DAP!
    DAP register Malay/Islamic members!
    ITS all POLITICAL reality!

  5. up until now, i cannot grasp this obsession over the Hudud law preached by PAS. I wish they can be more precise & specific in types of punishments instead of hiding behind this so called Hudud label.

    If Hudud is anything like the islamic banking, i rather have the civil & conventional law/banking. Please don’t put arabic word just to legalise daylight robbery (in the context of islamic banking). Like me, being a victim of islamic banking, how islamic can it be when the repayment price is 150% more than the purchase price of a low cost flat?

    I know I am rambling as it deviates from the topic posted but from the way I see it, if PAS’ Hudud is similar, Malaysians no matter what race/religion are totally screwed.

  6. As a theocratic reformist and seemingly excellent in rendering advice on religious matter. One pertinent question here is that, based on the concept that an Islamist party must open its door to all and sundry, will Dapster then be allocated seats in the the Majlis Syura?

  7. Helen,

    Your photos. Reflect the potential situation. Dap is ok with Pas Islamic Model because the two (DAPs) will show Nizar (PAS) what to do and please obey%$@.

    Next- Ronnie will take the lead, he will of cause do the talking and the other two jokers set aside, listen and shut up!

    The third photo kind of nice also, Hannah and the other guy will say “hey you are part of us”. (The Malay guy man in the middle is squeezed not able to run away). You are evangelists now. Smile….


    LOL. Yeah, Nik Nazmi’s deer-in-headlights expression is something to behold. — Helen

  8. Once Hudud is established, where will he be? Yes, he will go back to the sea to become fisherman again.

    Meaning, he will leave everything in the hands of GangNam Gangsters. OMG, what is next?

  9. DAP sleeping with PAS…
    but dont forget UMNO is also courting PAS
    to form a unity government…..
    what hv you got to say to that ?

    1. Pas only concerned about the religious part and according to its own media, there is no intention of going beyond the accomplishment of the religious thingy. If that is the case, majority Muslims believe Unity Gov is the most suitable platform for Mullah to achieve what they want. At least through Unity Gov, a self-proclaimed piety organisation won’t be perceived as it is right now… “melukut di tepi gantang”

  10. Thinker,

    At least UMNO is not a hypocrite. At least we all can “maki hamun” UMNO leaders and not go to jail for that. We can have the most critical editors of newspaper still attending to UMNO press conference.

    Imagine if DAP takes over. All newspapers critical of “Lim Dynasty” will not be allowed to attend his press conference. Leadership of the country becomes a family affair with self appointed “adviser” or “murshidul” overlording the head of govt. Criticize the govt is seen as insult against Islam.

    Whatever said about UMNO, I believe it is a lenient govt.

  11. Helen, just read the message from the Dear Leader in response to Kelantan’s action of imposing Muslim laws on non Muslims, taken from his own blog.


    Even though the summonses were for “indecent behaviour”, political opponents of PR and the media has twisted it into a summons for khalwat and trying to impose Islamic laws on non-Muslims. If the Kelantan PAS government fails to act against errant municipal council saboteurs who issue summonses against non-Muslim couples for indecent behaviour, this will adversely undermine PR’s message of respect for freedom of religion and damage existing co-operation within PR


    What is interesting is that DAP, which is so loud and quick to cry “Discrimination” and “unfairness” agianst BN policies, seems to be totally unconcerned about the real issue but far more interested in maintaining the cooperation among the PR parties.

    Note that his concern is not on the issue of non Muslims being subjected to Taiban-like laws which unconstituitional. In this respect contrast his comments vis-a-vis Karpal’s where he speaks like a leader and a statement. While Dear Leader speaks like a typical, devious politician only concerned about himself and his party.

  12. Actually DAP is not pro-Christianity or pro-Islam but pro-themselves. If they have to support Wahabism or sell their granny to gain power, they will do it happily.

    The days DAP was based on principles are long gone (DAP 1,0). Now we have Mullah Lim at Penang and Our Lady of Subang in the center of the universe. We have Mano the Hindu supremacist while Prof Rama is a Tamil extremist and Tamil Tiger icon.

    DAP 2.0 will be pro-Wahabi if politically expedient, agree? — Helen

    1. Dap wants the first grip of the nation. Only the first grip. And after that no one will be able to fight back. Exactly the Singaporean style. ISA will be reinstated and strengthen. Parliamentary boundaries will be changed. Big town will have bigger representations. Rural area will be reduced. There will be no returning back. Who dare to fight, friends, affiliates (Wahabi etc) or UMNO??

    1. Eeergh!!!! it is like something that concludes the beginning and begins at the conclusion. Even for those who knew the past, present and future, humanity can always be refreshing when the fruit is not so fruitful anymore. The fruit that you talk of is the fruit Mahathir was able to convince you.

      Whose fault is it? Why lay the fault at someone else’s foot when humanity was never a consideration to begin with. Mahathir is a politician and he did what he thought he had to do, so why blame him alone when we, the community were obedient for everything else and of course $$$$ but humanity.

      Well now you have choices so what is your choice going to be be? Bitching or remedying the situation? This has nothing to do with supporting Mahathir or his agenda, but the ability for the society to grasp and move ahead with a sole objective of humanity amongst each other without a partisan view. This does not need the participation of politicians or their whims but rather we as the community for humanity.

  13. Kak, Kata Hadi selepas berkasih sayang dengan DAP

    Untuk Hudud pula, akak boleh rujuk pada pakar

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