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Lagi gambar Chua Soi Lek yang memalukan!

Kesian Dr Chua.

Dah lah diri dan parti Cinanya sering diperli, ini sekali lagi Chua Soi Lek ditikam belakang oleh orang rumah sendiri.

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga … sekarang dibayangkan dengan sindiran “low class” pula.

Majlis jamuan makan Hannah Yeoh beberapa hari lepas
Duduk motosikal @ majlis jamuan makan MCA di Butterworth (4 Dis)

Majlis untuk meraikan Adun DAP Subang Jaya diadakan di sebuah dewan berhawa dingin yang ‘high class’ (gambar atas).

Majlis MCA diadakan di bawah khemah.

Tweet oleh timbalan pengerusi PKR bahagian Kelana Jaya, Yee Siew Meng, membandingkan siri Mega Dinner MCA yang ciput dengan “electrifying fundraiser nite” yang mendapat sambutan hebat di Subang Jaya.

Yee Siew Meng mentweet (screenshot bawah) kepada Wee Ka Siong Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran MCA sepatah usikan — [see] “how the tables have turned“.


MCA tidak diendahkan

Menteri Pelancongan Ng Yen Yen kelihatan sedang giat beraksi di atas pentas semasa Mega Dinner MCA.

Akan tetapi orangramai selamba sahaja makan serta berbual-bual tanpa mengendahkan ucapan yang disampaikannya (gambar-gambar dari blog Anil Netto).

Ada juga di kalangan para hadirin yang nampak begitu jemu sekali.

Baca juga ‘MCA dicengkam sindrom makan percuma

Makanan didahulukan, BN ditertawakan
Asyik berbual sesama sendiri tatkala Ng Yen Yen berucap
Mengelamun sebab speaker terlalu membosankan?

Betul-betul kesian kat Dr Chua ni …

Tweet di bawah memuatkan gambar Chua Soi Lek sedang berucap di Mega Dinner di Petaling Jaya.

Tweet dikeluarkan oleh DAP Subang Jaya. Kita tahu pun DAP Subang Jaya itu siapa.

TwitterDAPsubangjayaThat's right, just continue 2012-12-12 11-58-05

Ish, malu

Melihat pada gambar, kita boleh perhatikan bahawa Dr Chua sedang berada di atas pentas memberi ucapan.

Tapi meskipun ianya presiden parti yang menyampaikan peringatan dan pesanan, namun orang MCAnya sendiri – berkemeja-T warna biru semua – masih terus sibuk makan.

Malu dibuatnya Dr Chua. Mana lah nak sorok muka.

Lebih-lebih lagi apabila sindiran Hannah Yeoh ditweetkan kepada pengikut-pengikutnya yang ramai itu.

MCA memikul biawak hidup

Pada hemat orangramai, MCA adalah tauke media yang memiliki beberapa buah majalah dan stesen radio selain The Star.

MCA tuanpunya sebuah empayar media yang begitu besar. Suratkhabarnya mempunyai sebanyak 1.3 juta orang pembaca yang mana 1,299,999 pembaca-pembaca menolak parti tersebut.

Apa yang tak kena dengan halatuju The Star yang menjadikan audiennya merasa begitu hambar dengan MCA dan BN?

Sebaliknya melalui daya usaha kempen promosi The Star, Hannah Yeoh berjaya mengumpul lebih 54,000 orang pengikut Twitter, termasuk peminat-peminatnya di kalangan para pengarang dan wartawan Star.

Lihat siapa yang dikuti Star Online menerusi akaun Twitter akhbar tersebut (screenshot bawah).

Akaun Twitter suratkhabar MCA itu sendiri telah meletakkan Hannah Yeoh sebaris di Twitter dengan Najib Razak, The Straits Times dan BBC. Pelik bin ajaib?

Ataupun ia mencerminkan tahap “intellectual flabbiness” MCA yang ditipu hidup-hidup ibarat padi dimakan pagar?


Hannah Yeoh to be in live tweet session 2012-04-25 15-31-08



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

31 thoughts on “Lagi gambar Chua Soi Lek yang memalukan!

  1. apa yg nak dimalukan. natural sahaja. ada makan , makan sambil dgr ceramah…

    BN will win most of Chinese vote who embraced Buddhism. That will do to get 2/3 majority for BN.

    1. Good. I hope your wish come true. I was at the dinner. We paid rm150 each to attend the event. And it was full house!

      Ceramah BN also full house I suppose. But the people went there for food. And enjoy listening to the bullsh*t from the shameless porn star president.

      1. Aisey! Pls dont talk about porn. Nobody can beat the escapades of Anwar on caseS of sodomy & china-doll. Proven in court some more….aiyah! That’s why majority muslims cannot accept him as PM. Logic meh.

      2. Of course. Since those who attend MCA event are mostly of ‘low class’ people who look for free food compared to DAP ‘high class’ event where people paid to have the food.

        That sums up the psyche between the 2 parties.

        DAP for the rich and Christians.

        MCA for the poor, oppressed and buddhist.

        And we all know that the poor and the oppressed always win.

        Keep working hard MCA. Naturally the Chinese will come to realize that the way forward is to work together with the rest of Malaysians ( read the Malays) and not by way of confrontations and chaos.

        1. I hope MCA lives to fight another day.

          Therefore it must ride out the anticipated poor showing in GE13 and set its eyes on redeeming itself (clawing back support) in GE14.

          Rather than feeding PJ (the Chua Soi Lek photo), methinks the MCA resources would be better utilised to warm the cockles of Indian hearts, esp. the poorer ones in mixed constituencies in those semi-rural areas where the party still holds some seats.

          1. But I do think MCA still has the chance to go and fight the DAP nail and tooth. What they should do is to promote the celebrity cult in Najib.

            Najib should be used as the key point for the Chinese to vote for MCA.

            With every transformation programmed announced by Najib, the MCA should promote it even more in their ceramahs and events.

            MCA just have to be more proactive. More leaders like Teng Chang Yeow is needed in every MCA states. That way even that tokong wont feel safe in his territory.

            1. Some areas – like Damansara Utama and its type of demography – are lost causes. Not worth the effort where DAP won with double digit majorities.

              But still true what you say about the need for MCA to be more proactive and combative to give the DAP figureheads some sleepless nights.

              The first little step is to take down the girly pink heart & ‘teddy bear’ X’mas greeting from the MCA website. So unprofessional and juvenile. Does not inspire confidence at all. It makes one think that Wisma MCA is a xxx where 16 year olds – too young to be seriously political staff – are stashed away.

        2. Hell, do you even have a plan beyond racial strife? I mean surely for someone beyond srp, you ought to have plan b? Parasite.

          1. Please do continue with the name-calling so that we can gauge your IQ, which – not incidentally – keeps dropping a few percentage points with each of your passing comment.

      3. paid rm150 for dinner? wahh…so rich u Dapsters…can see that you are beginning to sound so cocky and proud, just like your masters! Good..! now we can see the true colors!

          1. Hi nalza@700,

            No point arguing with Sshsn because he will drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience (to paraphrase a famous quote on idiots).


    2. The problem with MCA, UMNO and MIC is that they are all dinasours hehaheha.

      Their modus of operandi is to put themselves as guardian of the people just like the priests used to do. But that was when there was the enemy the British and the communists Chinese. But after there was no more common enemies they appoint themselves the clevere ones and deserving one of the wealth of Tanah Melayu.

      Read Mahathir keluhan Melayu mudah lupa. Melayu tak bersyukur. Sepatutnya mereka bagi aku dan anaku aku berbilion tanda kesyukuran. Now I take it myself.

      So it is with Ling Liong Sik, Mahathir is his character witness which doesnt say much…muahaha.

      Samy Value too thinks they can just spout out about rakyat and get make money through contracts and budget they control.

      We are supposedly lucky to start from zero at independence. But this untrustworthy characters have by now accumulated billions for themselves while millions are living with 600 ringgit per month.

      Our natural wealth Petronas money has benefited only a few and this can be seen by the 5 millions people scrambling for 500 ringgit per month. So how poor these people are. 500 divide by 12 is only 60 ringgit per month!

      MCA Ministers make policy to benefit the LED manufacturers at TNB costs, free vagina injection that will take 20 years to see an impact for the pharmaceutical companies, AES for PLUS highways for travelling at 110 kmph at 90 kmph! And so on and so on.

      PERMATA with 1.5 billion allocation. F1 circuits because advertisements were purportedly expensive. But only in Japan. advertisements are actually cheap. And Japan is not going to buy proton which is tehnically centuries behind. But that is what UMNO and Mahathir have been pushing to the unsuspecting Malays.

      But all these are only self promotion and now its payback time. The rakyat are tired reading about billion this , billion that when they are counting the sens for the maggi.

      So lets all vote out the old dinasours. Be they DAp, UMNO, MCA or MIC or PAS. all these haprak politicians. Lim Guan Eng too is being influenced by capitalists.

  2. Kak Helen,

    Terpulanglah pada apek-apek yang hadir dalam majlis makan HannahYeoh atau CSL nak pilih teokratisme (Dap) atau kemakmuran (MCA).

    Dalam konteks semasa, teokratisme bercampuraduk pluralisme nampaknya gagal menjanjikan keamanan.

    Sebaliknya kemakmuran di sesebuah negara pula yang dapat menjamin agama-agama dihayati dalam suasana selesa dan tenteram.

  3. It is a well known fact that while most people “eat to live”… Chinese in Malaysia however “live to eat”… hahaha sorry ye. Bukan saya yang cakap.. my Chinese friends yang beritahu..

    But malu juga lah tengok perangai dia orang. Kesian MCA..

  4. Helen Ang, tak kisah la high class, low class ker janji vote PR…yang penting siapa mereka yang bersama rakyat terbanyak…dan pentingkan rakyat kelas bawahan..kesian mereka dengan kenaikan harga barangan dan serba serbi bayaran utiliti, yang mahal mahal belaka..bila rakyat senang tak de lah rakyat menghukum pemimpin yang ntah apa apa yang mementingkan kroni…Nepotisme..! Yang penting RAKYAT TERBELA…!!

  5. Ok, kita bandingkan Penang, Selangor, Kelantan dan Kedah dan negeri negeri yang lain nya… Ada beza bukan..?

    1. Dianggarkan 5% Muslim telah angkat kaki untuk keluar dari Pulau Pinang…apakah Muslim tidak tidak berasakan ada kelainan di Pulau Berkenaan? Saya tidak memperkecilkan apa yang direncanakan dan diberikan oleh pemerintah Dap.

      Apa yang dipertikaikan ialah untuk siapa? Jika Dap tidak berfikir luar dari kotak kepartian, umum akan beranggapan perbezaan yang dibawa Dap hanyalah sesuai untuk Dapster dan golongan sewaktu dengannya.

      Justeru, kalau Dap hendak menggantikan tempat MCA, mereka harus berfikir di luar kotak pembangkang. Kalau tidak, Dap akan terus dianggap ‘jaguh kampung’ yang hanya boleh bermain dalam gelanggang sebangsa.

      1. Laaaa, kenapa Muslim berpindah keluar apabila Khalifah Umar begitu prihatin terhadap umat Islam serta telah meningkatkan peruntukan bagi jabatan hal-ehwal Islam sebanyak tiga kali ganda (2008 berbanding 2012)?

        Orang Muslim P. Pinang ni tak tahu bersyukur ke? Lebih-lebih lagi, kerana ehsan Khalifah Umar, tanah kubur Islam di Jelutong pun baru-baru ini diperluaskan dengan sumbangan RM22.8 juta oleh kerajaan pimpinan Khakifah tersebut.

  6. Helen,

    Satu persoalan ialah kenapa semua tetamu dalam majlis makan malam anjuran Hannah Yeoh harus ‘berkiblat’ ke arah pentas seolah-olah di atas pentas itu adalah Siti Nurhaliza yang sedang menyanyikan lagu terbaru The Gang Nam Style?

    Kalau ianya berkaitan dengan aspek kusyuk, benarkah dengan pemfokusan mata ke arah Hannah semasa dia sedang berceramah adalah satu cara untuk mempastikan ceramah yang disampaikan dapat difahami dan kekal lama diingati?

    Kalau itulah persepsi hadirin, bagaimana kalau semua hadirin adalah OKU penglihatan? Apakah mereka tidak akan dapat memahami Hannah Yeoh kerana tidak dapat memfokuskan penglihatan terhadap bahasa bada HY? Nah, ternyata bahawa sepasang mata bukanlah pancaindera wajib untuk memahami sebuah kempen politik.

    Ini bermakna, apa yang diperkatakan oleh pihak tuan rumah (Hannah Yeoh) masih boleh difahami menerusi pendengaran (telinga) yakni tidak semestinya menerusi pancaindera mata? Yakni, kalau para tetamu menghadap ke belakang pentas ceramah, ceramah HY masih boleh di fahami sepenuhnya.

    Makanya, kalau para hadirin beranggapan iaitu kalau mata mereka tidak difokuskan kepada Hannah Yeoh makanya apa yang di tarbiyahkan oleh Hannah Yeoh akan sekadar ‘masuk telinga kiri dan keluar telinga kanan’, makanya sedarlah bahawa anggapan berkenaan adalah tidak benar sama sekali.

    Dalam konteks kemajmukan beragama, bayangkan kalau semua yang hadir itu adalah Mursyidul Am, Presiden, Bendahari, Naib Presiden dan Ahli Majlis Syura yang mewakili parti tertentu, dan kalau semua mata hadirin terfokus ke arah pentas sebagaimana paparan foto 1, apakah persepsi muslimin?

    Justeru dapatlah disimpulkan iaitu Sebuah foto (foto 1) mungkin mempunyai nilai komersil kepolitikan yang mampu menaikkan imej satu pihak (contohnya Dap) tetapi kalau foto yang sama melibatkan parti lain (contohnya Pas), gambar sedemikian tidak akan mampu menaikkan imej Pas sebaliknya mungkin menjejaskan peluang Pas untuk jadi jadi Mursyidul AM Putrajaya.

    1. Pandangan para hadirin melekat pada layar yang memaparkan gambar (politikus yang bersolek tebal umpama pelakon opera Cina) seperti di bawah:

      Berkenaan usaha-usaha menaikkan imej HY, blog Gelagat Anwar mendakwa “gerakan Khalid Ibrahim dalam melakukan CONSOLIDATION of POWER dalam DAP, GAGAL sama sekali. Ratusan ribu yang dibelanjakan untuk menaikkan imej Hannah Yeoh, dan beberapa calon Pemuda DAP…” — baca GA, sini.

  7. she has no class. look at her clothing. never seen her in traditional Chinese attire. her dressing, they are either Malay or Western. and yet the Chinese in her area voted for her. but wait, hold on. the Chinese in her area are phony Chinese. they are mostly bananas. so to call the Chinese in her area as Chinese is a mistake.

    I would like her to contest in a real Chinese seat, not a banana seat. then we’ll see what happens. is there a chance of this happening ? or maybe she herself is scared of contesting in a real Chinese seat where during one of those ceramah she has to speak in Mandarin and oops ! she can only say her name and that’s it. ha ha ha !

    1. I was going to say that to be fair, she has been preaching that she’s Bangsa “Malaysian First” (so oughtn’t challenge her to contest in the old-type DAP seats like Kepong).

      Then I remembered, oops, sijil lahir anak dia pula pilih untuk letak bangsa ‘Cina’ dan bukannya ‘India’.

      So perhaps your Chinese-seat challenge is valid after all.

    2. I was going to reply that she’s preaching her bangsa is Malaysian First so you have to excuse her lah for contesting in SJ and not Kepong.

      But then I remembered kan sijil lahir anak dia letak bangsa ‘Cina’ dan bukan ikut bapa India.

      Ooooops ….

    3. I was going to reply that she’s preaching her bangsa is Malaysian First so you have to excuse her lah for contesting in SJ and not Kepong.

      But then I remembered kan sijil lahir anak dia letak bangsa ‘Cina’ dan bukan ikut bapa India.

      Ooooops ….

      1. Untuk seseorang itu berlaku adil kepada rakyat, individu itu perlulah berlaku adil pada keluarga terdekat terlebih dahulu.

        Kalau dengan anak sendiri (orang dalam keluarga sendiri) individu ini tidak berlaku adil, macam manalah individu berkenaan mampu berlaku adil kepada orang luar?

      2. Helen,

        I believe Chinese would want to associate with winners. In war, it is very painful to side with the losers. That was what Hapsburg and Ottoman Empire found that. the cost of siding with the losers is monumental: dissolution of the empires themselves.

        Meaning the Chinese I hope will realize how stupid it is to vote for DAP when vast majority odf Malays leans towards UMNO.

        What Chinese may not want to hear is that DAP is not about the Chinese legitimate interest. It is just about Lim Dynasty the way PKR for the political life of useless Anwar Ibrahim.

  8. Politician will be politicians. Both sides are the same. The promises they make is what the audience want to hear. Doesn’t matter if it can be fulfilled or not. As citizens, we must not just focus on localised issues. Think of the country as a whole. You know, just by watching what politicians say, you can judge the mentality of the audience be it local or national. It seems like we still have a long way to go…

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