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Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks

1. Perkasa was big news in The Malaysian Insider yesterday under the main story banner headline: ‘Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali

2. A TMI reader commented: “Ok I’m going to the nearest police station to lodge a police report against Ibrahim Ali for inciting racial tension. Who’s with me?”

Zachkelate was given 1,200-plus Thumbs Up by TMI readers (see screenshot).

Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali

(A quick detour) Interestingly online commenters collect Intense Debate ‘points’ if their comments are endorsed by other readers. Rather like a Malaysian Idol popularity contest, only it’s not based on singing talent but on one’s skill in writing a comment.

Since zachkelate’s comment was hugely liked by the TMI crowd, he managed to collect a whopping 1,200-plus points scoring off Ibrahim Ali.

IntenseDebate - zachkelate 2012-12-15 12-35-06

3. If zachkelate does actually make a complaint to the police about Ibrahim Ali, it will apparently be a first (‘break your duck‘).

The Pasir Mas MP claims that nobody has ever lodged a police report against him before.

“… sepanjang saya memimpin Perkasa, orang tuduh rasis dan macam-macam lagi, saya tidak pernah menerima laporan polis terhadap saya, orang lain yang tidak kata rasis, mereka menerima banyak laporan polis, saya tak ada.”

Ibrahim Ali said the above during his interview with Sinar Harian, from which TMI quoted the May 13 statements.

Perkasa protesters accuse Guan Eng of deceiving the Malays, Chinese and Indians
Perkasa protesters accuse Guan Eng of deceiving the Malays, Chinese and Indians

4. It does seem that zachkelate and his 1,200-plus chorus are a tad antsy over something that Pakatan swears cannot happen.

For example, if I were to remark that Japanese soldiers will land next week and overrun the peninsula, I doubt that anyone will credit the scenario.

Yet historically, it has happened before. The Japanese army invaded Malaya on 8 December 1941. But still, nobody is convinced that it can happen again.

5. Similarly the May 13 race riots did occur in 1969 but today the Pakatan people have staunchly declared that history will not repeat itself.

For example, Dr Wong Chin Huat – a fellow at Lim Guan Eng’s think tank, the Penang Institute – recently wrote:

“In 2012 or 2013, May 13 will not replay because the Malaysian society has changed. If Chinese Malaysians are targeted in post-election riot, very likely they will be protected by their Malay friends, acquaintances and even strangers.”

6. It is not only Chin Huat who is giving strong reassurances that it is impossible for May 13 to recur. Let’s flashback a year to 8 July 2011, i.e. the eve of the Bersih 2.0 rally.

‘Kuburkan Umno’ proponent Haris Ibrahim published on that day in his blog a “God is on our side” rallying cry.

Wrote Haris:

“Ethnic groups are coming together like never before. People are closing their eyes to status, race and religion and opening their hearts to one another.”

In the aftermath of the rally, Haris’ blog published another write-up by a participant who recounted, “All I saw in this Bersih 2.0 rally [were] many Malaysian regardless of their race, religion and age come out to join in this walk”.

7. The Malaysian Insider itself lent a first person account that tallies with what Haris et al are saying.

TMI reader Steven Foong had attended the rally wearing a Bersih yellow T-shirt, together with his friend David who wore a Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) T-shirt bearing the slogan “Racism is so yesterday”.

In his article titled ‘Something unspeakably holy about Bersih 2.0‘, Steven wrote about how he gave a “Malay dude” a bottle of water while a “random girl” had given him some salt during the street march.

Steven describes the feeling as:

“I’ve never felt more Malaysian than last Saturday (9 July 2011). The sense of camaraderie among Malaysians regardless of race and religion, united as a single nation, was certainly the highlight of my experience throughout the rally. There is something unspeakably holy about how Malaysians selflessly helped each other in the face of brutal oppression.

(Steven appears to be a Christian, btw).

8. So many Pakatan supporters have valiantly risen above race and religion. They are Malaysian First, not  Malay ultras or Chinese chauvinists. In fact, they’ve crossed the racial boundaries to become spiritual brothers and sisters, soulmate dudes and dudettes.

9. Ooi Kee Beng, a Singapore-based academic, believes that currently under the New Order, it is a battle of one Malay leader pitted against another Malay leader and that such a situation “does not encourage racial or religious politics”.

Ooi stresses that “… the new issues are about wealth distribution and governance, not those of race against race, or religion against religion” (emphasis mine).

10. PKR vice-president  Jimmy Chua Jui Meng similarly states: “There is no racial discontent or friction” and that “The next general election is not about race or religion. It is about good governance and justice”.


To echo the Bangsar Malaysians (SABM), “Racism is soooo yesterday!”

Whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, we’re all Malaysians, declares Pakatan. And race is no longer an issue.

So why lah does zachkalate want to make a police report against Ibrahim Ali for “inciting racial tension”? Didn’t he hear his SABM-er friends all say that Malays and Chinese are today bonded in solidarity? Racial tension can only be incited if Malaysians are racists (this is following the Pakatan logic).

Among the post-Bersih and anti-Lynas generation, there is now such a great camaraderie. So many articles have been published about how Malaysians of all races marched together “united as a single nation”, under God, during the Bersih rallies and the Green Walk.

Quite impossible that a May 13 street violence can be ignited if Malaysians today are so united as Pakatan say.

Hence there is no cause for zachkelate and his 1,200-plus chorus to either believe or fear Ibrahim Ali’s prognosis that a Chinese vs Malay or Malay vs Chinese conflict could arise.

A repeat of 13 May 1969 today is as remote as a repeat of 8 December 1941 (the start of the Japanese Occupation) — you have Pakatan’s guarantee on this.

Aiyah, chill lah, bro. Take Pakatan’s word for it.


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13 thoughts on “Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks

  1. Since when is a guarantee from #Pakatoons any good? If you will believe that, allow me to introduce you to a most interesting get-rich-quick scheme…

    I doubt zachkelate got anywhere near a police station. A lot of TMI commenters only specialize in twiddling thumbs; thus very good “smart aleck comment” skills but not much else.

    1. TMI readers should be alerted to claims by Syed Mokhtar Bukhari and SM Nasimuddin that they benefited from the NEP that was formulated after the Malays rioted in 1969.

      Police report against Ibrahim Ali is about things that may or may not happen.

      Their wealth they said was due to the May 13 riots where Chinese shops were burned down. Chinese busineses was forced to close. Many Chinese and Indians were killed.

      TMI readers should make a police report to ascertain how Syed Mokhtar wealth was built on the Chinese blood spilled? In his biography Syed Mokhtar admitted his parents were illiterate Indians from Pakistan. He claimed that he build his business on NEP and Mahathir help. So how could he benefited from NEP which were meant for Malays and Bumiputeras?

      Also TMI readers should make a police report on SM Nasimuddin also Indians from India who claimed his car import APs were given to him on the blood spilled during May 13.

      What roles did these two Indian played to deserved billions of licenses, concessions and APs?

      Read all these in his biography and SM Nasimuddin admission that his business was build on the May 13 NEP.

  2. berpijak di bumi nyata. pegi tanya ahpek-ahpek, pakcik-pakcik dan aya-aya yg dah lama hidup di malaysia. kalau tak ada PERKASA pun 135 boleh berulang lagi pasai itu chauvinist ultra kiasu tak perlu ada NGO asing untuk membatu-apikan racial tension di malaysia. depa pakai parti politik selupa itu DAP untuk buat dalam diam. takut mati maa…

  3. The Mullah will go to somebody’s defence? Really? For me I don’t believe that Mullah Jews will ever go cross the Arab/Israel version of Berlin Wall and form barricade that serve to defend the Palestinians in the event the other Jews run amok. No Jews would want to do that simply because all of them have reached a stage where unity should be placed above politic. If it is lower than that, even the Mullah would have to face the consequences. Just a Pious Hope.

  4. Wealth distribution?

    Well that became a problem for Indonesian Chinese in May 1998 because the pribumi Indonesians consider they hold too much of the country wealth.

    Malaysian Malays could start feeling the same, maybe they already feel so. The DEB is for the Malays to at least have 30% of wealth and the non Malays think that’s unfair. Did DEB even achieve that objective?

    Plus the whole anti Lynas matter could be interpreted as the Chinese stepping down on Malays even further probably even wanting their motherland China to monopolize world’s rare earth.

    DAP recently had elections, none of the Malay candidate fared well even though DAP proclaims itself as a multiracial Malaysian Malaysia party. That just shows more of the attitude of the Chinese under DAP.

    DAP’s just cocky because they think they could have PKR and PAS under their thumbs. Maybe they think the fight between UMNO vs PKR and PAS will finally topple Malay’s political base.

    I don’t know how the Pakatan supporters view their so called Pakatan, personally I think the elections get delayed longer so that people get to see what a shoddy alliance it is with its members having their own goals and just using each other.

    1. SHoddy alliance? Without Pakatan, there will be no cowgate exposed.

      Only idiots will vote for BN for now. How many more financial scandals like cowgate, PKFZ can the country afford? Now Lynas refuses to ship the waste products out of this country. Can we ship the waste to your backyard? Helen Ang hasn’t answer me on this issue btw.

      No wonder people label BN supporters as having cow brain. Aptly named.

      1. what about Tailor Gate ? what about Toilet Gate ? what about Religious Freedom for Malays Gate ? you don’t know what these 3 Gates are ?
        let me refresh your memories

        Tailor Gate = Taiping MP instructing the Ipoh City Council to award a contract for lounge suits to a tailoring firm partly owned by his wife, when Nga was state exco in charge of local government in 2008.

        Toilet Gate = Azmin Ali’s blowjob act

        Religious Freedom for Malays Gate = Nurul Izzah saying that Malays have rights to religious freedom then denying that she said those things even after she was caught in a video.

        now Ravin, do you have anything else to say ?

        1. How come you leave out Talam Gate and Ronie Gate (lori angkut sampah yang mana modelnya sudah pupus)?

  5. Helen,

    “In 2012 or 2013, May 13 will not replay because the Malaysian society has changed. If Chinese Malaysians are targeted in post-election riot, very likely they will be protected by their Malay friends, acquaintances and even strangers.”

    Sepatutnya rakyat Malaysia yang celik dan prihatin terhadap keamanan dan keharmonian yang sedang dikecapi, akan terpanggil untuk memberikan perhatian serius terhadap kenyataan di atas.

    Kenyataan Dap di atas meskipun nampak sebagai reaksi terhadap pelbagai kenyataan politik dari pihak lawan, namun matlamat tak boleh menghalalkan cara.

    Sebenarnya, kenyataan Dap ini mengandungi lebih banyak unsur hasutan dan adalah lebih provokatif jika dibandingkan dengan percakapan Ibrahim Ali.

    Ini kerana kerana kenyataan Dap boleh ditafsirkan sebagai rancangan halus evangelis Dap untuk melaga-lagakan penganut majoriti (Muslim). Justeru, rakyat Malaysia dan terutama KDN harus tidak terlepas pandang agenda si batu “batu api” dalam Dap.

    1. Oleh itu, mana-mana pihak yang prihatin akan masa depan Msia harus mengecam tindakan politikus yang bermain api — melaga-lagakan Melayu dan Muslim — dan keprihatinan itu harus dilanjutkan dengan secara beramai-ramai membuat laporan polis.

  6. 13 Mei tidak menjadikan negara ini padang jarak padang terkukur kerana provokasi asal adalah datangnya dari golongan minoriti terhadap golongan majoriti dan kebetulan pula golongan majoriti menguasai pentadbiran, menguasai keadaan dan paling penting mahukan keamanan!

    Apa yang berlaku si Syria elok dijadikan perbandingan. Ia bukanlah pertembungan ala 13 Mei yang mana dalam keghairahan menyambut itu dan ini, golongan minoriti sama ada sedar/tanpa sedar tertayangkan unsur-unsur provokasi hingga menyentuh kepekaan golongan majoriti.

    Dan oleh kerana 13 Mei tidak ada kaitan dengan hal-hal keagamaan; pergeseran yang kronik; bukan dimulakan oleh golongan majoriti; dan bukan pertembungan antara majoriti dan majoriti, makanya api 13 Mei mudah dipadamkan dan catatan sejarahnya tidaklah sepanjang catatan sejarah antara Arab-Israel.

    Apa yang berlaku di sana (Syria) adalah pertembungan antara golongan majoriti dan majoriti setelah dibatuapikan oleh puak evangelis Barat. Atas sebab itu pertembungan amat sengit dan impak keruntuhan juga adalah lebih tinggi. Pastinya padang terkukur yang ditinggalkan akan lebih bidang jaraknya, dan rentetan peristiwa yang berpanjangan pastinya menjadi info yang bakal melariskan media-media Barat itu sendiri.

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