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Baby boomers and Humpty Dumpty DAP

Buy two get one free. That’s the DAP way of doing business.

A total of 2,576 delegates were eligible to vote 20 representatives to the DAP central executive committee.

These 20 elected members then appoint another 10 unelected members to the CEC.

So the delegates vote 20 representatives and get 10 additional representatives whom they did not vote for. Like the “Buy 2 get 1 free” sales pitch lah.


(1) What kind of a party is DAP?

Besides Dynastic and Dictatorial, that is.

Out of the 20 elected CEC members, 17 are Chinese or 85 percent.

Out of the 10 appointed CEC members, six are non-Chinese or 60 percent. The race ratio between elected and unelected CEC members is inverse.

It’s like this: When the party delegates speak, they say clearly that they want 85% of their leadership to be Chinese.

However DAP has been promoting a false advertising slogan, ‘Malaysian First’.

Thus it is forced to appoint the rejects – those non-Chinese contestants bypassed by the 2,500-odd delegates who actually cast votes – in order to keep up the pretense that DAP is multiracial.


(2) What kind of leaders control DAP?

Most of the 20 elected CEC members are on Lim Guan Eng’s “menu”, and the majority of the appointed CEC definitely so.

Several appointees were given seats because no Malay nor Sabah/Sarawak native was elected.

DAP despises as “racist” the communal parties like Umno, MCA, MIC and the BN components across the South China Sea.

But what does the self-proclaimed colour-blind DAP do? It appoints window-dressing CEC members based on race quota. There is even a party vice-presidential seat reserved for Malays and previously occupied by Tunku Aziz Ibrahim.

What does that tell you about the party?


(3) What kind of followers does DAP have?

Humpty Dumpty is the cracked egghead (illustration above) in the Alice in Wonderland sequel.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather a scornful tone,”it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice,”whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

Well, DAP can make words mean whatever they can manage to convince DAPsters that these words should mean.

Through Orwellian Doublespeak, the Ministry of Truth indoctrinates brainwashed citizens into thinking that Hate is really Love, and vice versa.

It’s similar to how DAPsters can be made to believe that a party which has Red Guards rampaging through the countryside is really the most ‘democratic’ action party on our national landscape.

When DAP is screaming and shouting “Meritocracy” all the time, the word means only what the DAP ideologues want it to mean.

Malays appointed into CEC based on merit

(4) What kind of people does DAP 2.0 attract?

Membership in DAP has trebled since its recent electoral success, leaping from 48,000 party members in 2008 to 150,000 today. The baby boomers are now all in DAP.

Firster ideology declares that the post-May 13 Chinese generation are no longer as communally minded as their parents and grandparents. Yet they didn’t vote any Malays to the CEC, not even the old-timers like Zulkifli and Ahmad who have been in the party more years than Teo Nie Ching has been alive.

The old guard unappreciated

Bernama reported contender Zulkifli Mohd Noor as saying he fought for 25 years for the Malays to be elected as CEC members but failed. This guy should have been elected to the CEC on merit. But he wasn’t.

Ahmad Ton has been a party faithful since the 1970s and is the Johor DAP vice chairman. This guy too should have been elected to the CEC on merit. But he wasn’t either.

The party that screams and shouts “Meritocracy, Meritocracy, Meritocracy” appointed Zairil Khir Johari to the CEC … on merit, so says Lim Guan Eng.

Read about Hannah taking shelter in a hotel during Bersih 2.0
 Hannah shelters in hotel room during Bersih 3.0

The young Turks elevated

Zairil when asked in an interview what prompted him to join DAP replied, “And being a Member of Parliament and you could see this guy [Liew Chin Tong, Bukit Bendera MP] is going places at such a young age.

He also said, “Pre-308 you’d never imagine that [English-speaking Chinese would join DAP] but post-308, the fact is that we have managed Penang and we have managed Penang well. My boss has done a very good job in Penang. I think that’s the consensus you get internationally or in The Economist, in Bloomberg or in whatever you want.”

Is another reason that Zairil was appointed to the CEC because he is Guan Eng’s No.1 apple polisher?

Calvin Sankaran, a regular commenter in this blog, believes that the real reason Zairil joined DAP is “to ride the rocket to the very top in record time” — read ‘Zairil bercakap tentang bapanya Khir Johari and bosnya Guan Eng‘.


(5) What kind of behaviour do DAP members display?

New Politics. Beyond Race Politics.

The just concluded DAP congress elected one-third of CEC members comprising young blood.

The Star eagerly promotes these Firsters – the Bangsar-Subang Jaya types with a fondness for occupying mosques and PAS functions – such as Anthony Loke who is literally PAS’s biggest apologist.


(6) What kind of nitwit does DAP think the public are?

In justifying the appointment of the current DAP senator as well as Guan Eng’s political secretary, the secretary-general said that the two Malays were appointed on merit so that “they will play a role of attracting more from their community to join the party”.

In other words, Guan Eng claimed that Zairil can play a role of attracting more Malays to join DAP. (I can hear you laughing.)

But let’s hear what former DAP vice president Tunku Aziz has to say about Pinocchio.


[Tunku Aziz’s 30 Sept 2012 interview with Utusan can be read here.]

And lastly, it is Tunku Aziz – the appointed CEC member and once appointed vice president of the DAP – who asked the question:

(7) “What kind of a man is he (Lim Guan Eng?)”



Exco DAP 2013-2015


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16 thoughts on “Baby boomers and Humpty Dumpty DAP

  1. For more than the reasons on the DAP which you have presented, that is the reason why I entreated to all the Malaysian Chinese to vote for the BN as led by the UMNO and for DAP to join the BN. It is now 2012 and not 1968 when DAP was formed for a different purpose. Times have changed over the last 44 years.

    It is pointless to have a DAP swollen with Malaysian Chinese. What do they want ? Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore ? Both of these entities, fortunately or unfortunately have shown to have feet of clay at the end of the day. A few years ago, Lee Kuan Yew admitted making some mistakes in the New York Times. These were titanic mistakes made by a titan in the fantasy tropical isle of Singapore. As could be discerned from the media :-

    1. Money was used as investment as a tool of foreign policy to kill, maim or injure innocent men, women and children of friendly countries. Malaysia has no blood on her hands. Vide ASEAN Regional News. The Flying Thaiman.

    2. The 2-child family policy of 1970s-1980s which sent the Singaporean Tribe into extinction and the 1% elite had to be replaced by rich Indiamen and Chinamen. Hence, the annual increase of millionaires as announced.

    Manual workers are not counted. What is going to happen to the other 99% ? Vide. Channelnewasia.2012

    3. US$108 Billions (RM300 Billions) were lost in a jiffy in October 2008 on Wall Street by the much touted meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top. Vide. Channelnewasia.Lee Kuan Yew. November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009-2012. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. ‘Singapore’s Harvard Investment Model’. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee Columns. Saturday. A sovereign state aped a university and also abdicated its investments to the riff-raff in Wall Street.

    4. Humanity and multiculturalism never practised in Singapore. Vide. Channelnewasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 2011. The Toilet Fights. 2012.

    The 188 Chinese bus-drivers strike. 2012. The injured 89 shipyard workers. 2012. The United States independent Gallup Poll claims ‘ Singapore is the most emotionless country in the World.’ This is a truly first for Singapore.

    5. A perfunctory Judiciary which is well-known world wide. Vide. Admiral Canaris was stripped naked by Hitler to demean him and hung him naked with piano wires. The unfortunate and fortunate Dr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Australian and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw. etc.etc.

    6. The daily importation of 5,000 pigs. The flower nurseries contracts. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc.etc.

    7. And many more.

    We Malaysian Chinese have nothing to learn from Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore but only misery. The Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the whole wide world, better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Only in Malaysia, the Malaysian Chinese were instigated to run around the streets of Kuala Lumpur and do the Long March for the causes of others which have nothing to do with us. The world Chinese do not participate in such silly acts. For 5,000 years China did not practise Western democracy or human rights even right up to 2012 !

    Vote for the BN as led by the UMNO all Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. We support a rock solid BN which gave us a long period of peace, harmony and prosperity as always.

    1. Perhaps you could also drop a note – I’m presuming you might have some relevant MCA contacts – so that the people manning the MCA website would get some feedback regarding that juvenile, pink-heart-and-teddy-bear X’mas greeting that they’re displaying.

      At least lah the festive banner on the MCA website should look more professional. After all CSL has declared that his party is ready to go to war. Does the Hello Kittyish pink heart-and-teddy bear-Rudolph banner on their website signal a political party prepared for a do-or-die battle?

      You know what? I’m quite certain MCA is headed for Dinosaurville if it still wants to be so stubborn in ignoring helpful and constructive criticism.

      I absolutely REFUSE to heed your call for readers to “Vote for the BN” unless the MCA can show itself to be proactive and not persist in its suicidal behaviour (of allowing itself to be stabbed in the back by Scissors) and being really stooooopide (giving the impression that its website is operated by a 16-year-old girl).

  2. Real funny la man, these same kind of people who call Dr Mahathir mamak and keling can call Zairil Johari a Malay.

    In DAP the Malays are reduced to begging for scraps from the Lims, being put in posts only to attract other Malays, this is what meritocracy means for them.

    Totally not racist at all.

    Might as well put in Guan Eng actions that he took trying to attract Tunku Aziz back, that position in some group and RM50 000 thing, totally accountable la Guan Eng. Nope, just stupid and arrogant. Oh, also a bribe.

  3. Humpty Lim Dumpty sat on a racist wall

    Humpty Lim Dumpty had a very bad fall

    Said KIt Dumpty why did you fall

    Humpty Lim Dumpty said Dumb DAP propoganda wall

    Buy two get one for free all

    Said Kit Dumpty what will become of the wall

    if all the Dumb DAP men and all the Dumb DAP women would sit on the wall

    Said Humpty Lim Dumpty all the Dumb DAP men and all the Dumb DAP women couldnt fix Dumb DAP ever again.

  4. The DAP should change their Malaysian First slogan to Family First. that would do justice to the outcome of their party election results.

    I mean, there’s the Lim Family. then there’s the Karpal Family. now there’s even the Perak Cousins tagging along. I m figuring that their next party elections in 2015 will give us folks other political families.

  5. I wished the MCA leaders were wise and had tons of wisdom to consult their fellow compatriots from 1949 to 2012. But all left office mighty well- endowed, some even had 2 monopolies before or after or during office or [*** edited] or more with the exception of the last 2 leaders who should know better.

    The last 2 leaders were exclusive and do not want to see anyone but themselves. How to do politics in an aquarium ? But their nemesis the DAP does not take the best from the East and the best from the West but only from Lee Kuan Yew. What a waste of time and effort at the expense of our beloved Malaysia. DAP join the BN and make history in the interest of our beloved Malaysia forever !

    The only word ‘sacrifice’ I have heard comes from UMNO !

  6. It tickles that LGE based in Madinah… while Kit is classified as itinerant… both which are very true.

  7. ooppss! komen aku yg lepas tu tak lepas LPB (lembaga penapisan blog). kejam tul komen tu ya. well, I am only human…:) peace & salam 1Malaysia.

    Sajak 1Malaysia

    Salam 1Malaysia
    salam sejahtera
    vanakkam, ni how ma?
    BBR1M sapu semua
    pangkah siapa?

    Kita anak Malaysia
    langsat, ciku, manggis
    dalam bakul senyum manis
    entah apa pula rasa,
    isi di bawah kulitnya…

    Bagan Lalang, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.

  8. Helen,

    Comparatively speaking, Malay and Black are the same in that they make up the minority of Dap and Democrate. However, in the context of running for party posts, Black fared better than Malay.

    Black is no longer judged as Black by Democrate. When Black got a post, it is neither surrendered to them because they are Black nor that they got elected to it because they are Black.

    On the other hand, Malays are viewed as Malay in Dap. Malays didn’t not get elected to any post because they are not Chinese and they will be allocated special seats because they are simply Malay.

  9. Helen,

    Only morons will believe that DAP speaks for malaysians. DAP speaks for Lim dynasty and Lim dynasty only

    1. Mana standard Dinasti pakai gelaran datuk itu dan ini…mungkin satu hari nanti para penyokong akan membahasakan diri mereka patek pacal yang hina apabila sembah taksub di depan Maharaja Dap. Melihat perkembangan yang ada, kemungkinan berkenaan adalah setinggi Bukit Bendera! Tunggu pengumumannya…

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