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Kit Siang: It is Umno’s fault no Malays elected to DAP CEC

(1) Blame Umno

Admitting that the failure to elect Malay candidates is “a setback to the DAP cause to represent all Malaysians”, Lim Kit Siang gave the following excuse.

“It has always been an uphill task for the DAP to reach out to the Malays, with the Umno and its mainstream media carrying out a sustained campaign to poison the minds of the Malays and demonise the DAP as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.”

Source: LKS press statement (17 Dec 2012)

So you see, the Malays failed to do well in the DAP election because the party has been unable to reach out to the Malays to persuade them to become DAP members who can vote their own Malay delegates who get to vote for the 20-member CEC.

It is all Umno’s fault for successfully poisoning Malay minds into believing that DAP is anti-Malay and anti-Islam and thus dissuading Malays from joining DAP.

(2) It is the Malay’s own fault

Kit Siang says that the Malays place a higher priority on “the politics of race as represented by Umno and the politics of religion as represented by PAS”.

According to him, “the politics of Malaysian solidarity, democracy and justice as represented by DAP has taken a lower priority” among Malays.

So you see, it is the Malays’ own shortcoming that they’re unable to appreciate the politics of National Solidarity, Democracy and Justice offered by DAP.

If Malays can truly appreciate the philosophy of colour blindness and Firstness, then they would join the DAP. As DAP party members, these Malays can then vote their Malay delegates who get to vote for the 20-member CEC and Malays would thus get elected to the party supreme council.

The problem with the Malay race is that they lack forward planning. They should have flooded the DAP branches with Malay members so that these members can choose Malay delegates to attend the DAP congress to vote for the Malay contenders for CEC seats.

(3) But never mind, the future is still bright

Kit Siang explains why:

“Over the decades, more and more Malays have realised that what the Umno propaganda mills have churned out against the DAP, that it is an anti-Malay and anti-Islam party, are pure lies and falsehoods.

As a result, DAP is getting increasing Malay support not only from ordinary Malays, but also Malay voters. This is what is frightening Umno and BN.”

The good news is that Malay voters are increasingly supporting the DAP.

(4) Better still, Umno is now scared shit

“… reaffirmation of the Middle Malaysia concept by the just-concluded 16th DAP National Congress in Penang [has] struck fear in Umno/BN and reverberated throughout the country, ringing alarm bells …”

That’s why Umno leaders have resorted to the politics of fear warning about another May 13 like Shahrizat Jalil or about “chaos” like Muhyiddin Yassin, adds Kit Siang.

Kit Siang swears:

“The 16th DAP National Congress is testimony of DAP’s unbowed commitment to grow, develop and expand as an inclusive Malaysian party representing all Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli, Kadazans or Ibans; whether Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs or Taoists; and whether in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak for a Middle Malaysia.”

(5) Plus DAP is not scared of Umno at all

Kit Siang explains why:

• Firstly, 1Malaysia has never been endorsed by the Umno general assembly which is stuck in the Ketuanan Melayu mindset and rejects Ketuanan Rakyat

• Secondly, Umno refuses to guarantee that it will transfer power peacefully to Pakatan Rakyat should BN lose the election and this refusal indicates that Umno is scared that this time they might really lose

• Thirdly, failure to touch even on the problem of corruption, which has become worse under Najib. A “clean and incorrupt government” is, on the other hand, “one of the pillars of a Middle Malaysia” promised by the DAP”

Kit Siang concludes with the promise that if Pakatan Rakyat succeed in their ‘100 Days to Putrajaya’ campaign and form the next federal government say with 125 parliamentary seats (PKR 45, DAP 40 and PAS 40), “the stage will be set for the fruition of a Middle Malaysia”.

DAP obtaining 40 Parliamentary seats is possible and probable.

But PKR getting 45 (!?) and PAS getting 40?

Oh well, if it makes the ignoramai happy to swallow the Pakatan’s Putrajaya winning formula, why should we be the ones to spoil their happy dream?


By the way, did you know that the plural of ‘formula’ (singular word) is formulae. There is a decided pattern to forming plural words, for example alga-singular, algae-plural.

The plural of mouse is mice and louse is lice

The plural of tooth is teeth and goose is geese

The plural of memorandum is memoranda, datum (data), medium (media), criterion (criteria)

The plural of analysis is analyses and hypothesis is hypotheses

The plural of alumnus is alumni – pronounced ‘alumnai’ . The plural of  fungus is fungi (pronounced ‘fungai’), cactus (cacti), focus (foci), nucleus (nuclei), radius (radii), stimulus (stimuli) and syllabus (syllabi)

So the plural of ignoramus is logically ignoramai.

Meaning, RAMAI juga yang cukup ignorant, terutama sekali di kalangan pengikut kultus taksub pro-Pakatan.


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68 thoughts on “Kit Siang: It is Umno’s fault no Malays elected to DAP CEC

  1. As a hybrid (yes i call myself that) i know how the malays and chinese think.

    I believe in this country, and i believe that all race can live together in harmony. But to poke the hornet’s nest is to invite suffering.

    The chinese are devious and cunning. The malays are more laid back with the ‘tak apa’ attitude.
    So we know who will take advantage…

    Mr Lim Senior can talk hell and high water about the people’s right about this and that. He can make even the smelliest thoughts fragrant. He’s sowing dissent, and people are lapping it up….

    I don’t think he and his ilk will come to power. At least not in his lifetime. As there are many people, of various races who can still think properly, watching him being a silly old fool.

    Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful ;)

      1. President of Tanjung Rambutan Hospital inmate?? He must be out of his mind. Where did he learnt maths.

        He is now not talking about reducing majority. When they talk about reducing BN majority in 2008, in voters mind ” may be could be possible. We will help you with this one vote” But when these jokers over confidently say that they will capture Putrajaya, what do the voter think??. You all are crazy!!!!

        In 2008, they said “help us deny BN a 2/3 majority”. Since 16 Sept 2008, Pakatan has been saying “you MUST vote us to kick BN out of Putrajaya”. The opposition is? Answer: Power crazy — Helen

          1. You kurang ajar, biaDAP DAPster. Can you address the host of this blog properly by name, which is Helen.

    1. I love orang Melaka because you are beautiful. We eat durian and rendang. Then we cleanse out the heat and cholestrol with Chinese green tea. We had our nasi lemak at our favorite Uncle Kopitiam shop. You all need to learn how to hybrid but yet be yourself by learning from orang Melaka.

      Orang Melaka Too.

  2. I don’t understand his reasoning.

    If his party is a multiracial party that does not look at the colour of one’s skin, then why should it matter whether there are many Malays in the party to vote for a Malay representative in the CEC? shouldn’t the DAP chinese vote for the Malays irrespective, since they look beyond race? There were 8 Malay candidates, and yet none were voted in by the majority Chinese party. How is that the Malay’s fault? Isn’t that the Chinese fault for being unable to see past one’s skin colour and vote for people of other races?

    Ultimately what he is indirectly saying is, DAP is like BN…each race must have their own ‘grouping’ or ‘geng’ which are race based so their their own race can vote for a representative within their own racial group to represent their own racial agenda…

    In the end, it is still race based politics!

    It stops being race based when a group of people of a certain race have no problem voting in someone of a different race. Malays and Indians have proven this to be true, and yet DAP Chinese until now…indah khabar dari rupa? Cakap tak serupa bikin? Easy said than done?

    1. Ah Madam, if only LKS could have your sensibilities. He’d shut the fuck up, I’d bet.

      Then again, most likely he already knows this. Tapi buat2 bodoh.

      Oh well. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Helen,

    One thing about the malays is that they are tolerant, in fact too tolerant.

    DAP is “too dynastic”, immortalised by Father-son partnership. Father is the adviser who refuses to accept reality that world will not collapsed if he retires. The son is the heir apparent.

    I believe the Chinese supports Guan Eng not because of his performance but as a bargain against UMNO. For DAP, Malays are only good as “kuli”. Not worth to be included in Central commitee.

    Yet they wonder why malays do not trust DAP. Dr ridhuan tee is right. DAP is racist.

    1. Umno not racist? If umno not racist, why your 1Malaysia is a vague concept? Why umno only cater for muslim bumiputera mamaks? Can the non muslim bumiputeras from east Malaysia join umno ?

      Oh I forgot, ridhuan tee is a melayu celup. From his articles, he normally is more holier and Malay than the Malays. Just like Helen Ang, who keeps harping on creating religious issues to feed the eyes of her followers. But sadly, there are only few supporters here. Similar to ridhuan tee.

      You are quite incapable of arguing on facts, Ravin aka ‘Mohd Aziz’. To your question: Can the non muslim bumiputeras from east Malaysia join umno? Google the MP for Beluran, Sabah Ronald Kiandee as well as ex-MP Asmat Nongkar and James Ratip. — Helen

      1. yennada? mangkuk tingkat betoi ravin neh. non muslim bumiputra belambak dalam UMNO. mmg sah menjilat bontot je kerja dia. sampai tak sempat check fakta sebelum tulis.

        1. Ravin ni jilat bontot siapa ? I.D.A kena cakap dengan jelas. kalau tidak nanti Khalifah Lim saman kamu. Ravin tu jilat bontot siapa ? kena jelas. he he he !

          1. dia sendiri tak jelas bontot siapa sebab mukanya di bontot, jadi terbatas pemandangan. jadi tak leh lah nak saman, sbb secara teknikalnya tak jelas dan tak ada saksi 4 orang. hehehe!

          2. Note to self @ ravin : If you are down , please go down on you knees and start kissing anything remotely look like an ass.

            If UMNO talks about Malay and the way forward, UMNO is racist. If DAP talks about chinese needs, DAP is multi racial.

            Wow, i bet they learn this logic from vernacular schools.

            Note to Ravin : Have you gone mad?

      2. Hi si ravin yang bodoh…

        berlambak2 Orang Asli, Siam, Portugis, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut & lain2 yang bukan Islam join UMNO…

        Siap jadi calon pilihanraya lagi & dilantik jawatan.

        Bukan setakat pergunakan ahli minoriti untuk tunjukkan konon2 parti chauvinist macam DAP adalah parti multiracial…

        Ingatkan pandai, bodoh rupa2nya si Ravin ni….

      3. hei lazy ass Ravin, why don’t you google this: Datuk John Ambrose

        Is this how Hasnah Yeop train you? Buat malu saja..kau telah memberi kemaluan yg amat besar to her (err..pardon my tatabahasa kak Helen..)

      4. 1Malaysia concept is by the BN Malaysian Government, not by UMNO. UMNO alone is not and cannot form the gomen.

        Just like DAP alone is not and kenot form the Pakatan Rasuah.

        See, you DAP hypocrite suka tembak bikin bolo sendili.

        Helo Lavin, Riduan Tee is a chinese and will remain a chinese, and a muslim convert. Lavin ooi, itu Khairil khir Johari is a chinese and will remain a chinese, and a melayu celup, not even half malay. Now can you see the difference Lavin? Or from your celuped mind, you still insist Khairil is a melayu, racist Ravin?

        Racist Ravin? Yeah, otherwise you wouldnt write at all about this melayu, chinese, mamak, indian thing, mr hypocrite! Sendili lacis sendili mau cakap olang lain lacis

      5. John Ambrose (Penampang) . Already answered your question.Even outsiders like me knows that not all UMNO members are Muslim. Peribahasa Bagaikan Katak dalam tempurung suits you brother. And you carry a Mycard. Ravin. Why don’t you return your passport and Mycard for an Indonesian KTP or an Indian Passport. If you still want to hold the Mycard I suggest you shut up or talk with points to support what you said at least if they take your Mycard away from you they will say you are too smart and is a threat to them.

  4. Kalau Atuk dah tahu pihak lawan Atuk (Dumno) adalah rasis (bukan cauvinis), yang Atuk gatal tangan bawak masuk bebudak Dumno masuk Dap apa hal? Sesudah mereka tewas, Atuk pulak merengus salahkan Dumno? Bior bonar Atuk oii! Kini, atuk sedar tak siapa sebenarnya yang Dumno…nah lakyat nampak Latuk yang Dumbno, eh, eh, no?

  5. Kepada Atuk yang dihormati,

    Atuk nakkan kami masuk parti Atuk dalam bilangan yang ramai supaya kami dapat ambil alih kerusi Atuk dan kerusi anak Atuk ke? Sungguh baik niat Atuk…TK Atuk.

    Kalau itulah niat Atuk, niatnya betul tetapi caranya mungkin tidak betul. Maksud kami, bukankah sudah ada ramai pakcik-pakcik dan abang-abang kami yang telah lama duduk dalam parti Atuk. Takkanlah kami nak potong Q kot.

    Seperkara lagi, kami nak tanya nih, kenapa kami harus pilih parti Atuk dan bukan lain-lain parti? Ya, apa yang ada dalam parti Atuk tetapi tak ada dalam lain-lain parti?

    Ho, ho…Atuk ada AK 77 dan seorang lagi…hmmm…entah apa ke namanya….saya dah pun dah lupa. Jadinya, kalau kami masuk parti Atuk, kami akan diminta untuk beri undi supaya mereka dapat ambik tempat Atuk dan anak Atuk ke?

    Kalau itu boleh jadi kenyataan, kami mungkin berminat. Justeru, Atuk atau wakil Atuk mai lah kampung kami…tetapi jangan lupa bawak borang keahlian bersama-sama Atuk.

    Dan sebelum saya tutup warkah ini, kami ingin menyampaikan kebangan kami terhadap Atuk kerana lebihkan parti dari legasi. Sekian dari kami.

    Yang Ikhlas,


    *harap Kak Helen tolong sampaikan warkah ini…terima kashehhh!

    1. Cadangan:

      Hasnah Yeop boleh tolong edarkan ke masjid ataupun borang keahlian DAP harus dicetak dalam Selangor Times yang naskah-naskahnya diedarkan percuma ke masjid dan surau.

  6. Doesn’t he realize that he’s basically admitting that DAP’s chinese would only vote chinese?

    Where does he get this Middle Malaysia thing from?

    Malaysia is not the Middle Kingdom lar, way to insult malays here.

    Is that supposed to be subtle or what?

    1. Yup i agree with u…if malay don’t get elected in DAP because there are not enough malay in DAP.. doesn’t that means chinese only vote for Chinese? So where the heck your Malaysian Malaysia logic come from? seem illogical to me…

      Huh.. DAP and their stupidity.

      1. See… it’s clear as day. So many people can understand this.

        Yet PR bootlicks remain so steadfast in singing their party line, despite even their leaders having been caught lying multiple times.

        I think Ravin and other PR bootlicks choose to berate Helen and us here not so much because they disagree with us, but because they’ve realized that their side has chosen to set up camp in a gigantic pile of shit, on which they have to sleep and live on every day. They dare not go back, so they get angry laaa…

        Maybe I’m wrong, but.. damnit that sounds about right hahahaha

  7. by saying that the Malays stay away from the DAP because the Malays are under the influence of the UMNO controlled media, Lim Kit Siang has once again insulted the Malays.

    how are you going to attract the Malays by continuing to insult them through your doublespeak Mr Lim ?

    UMNO should thank Lim Kit Siang. let him continue with his disparaging remarks of the Malays being under the influence of UMNO controlled media.

    then again, his remarks also reveal the inherent racism of the DAP. by saying that Malays are easily duped by UMNO controlled media, he’s also saying that the Malays are naive and dupes.

  8. Lim Kit Siang dead wood……… dry out of ideas…incompetence, leadership style outdated it’s better for him to retire rather than making fool of himself. He and the bunch of idiots in DAP always blame others (scapegoats) concealing theirs weaknesses.

    1. how can he retires. if he retires who is going to look after his son ? retire ? not until he installs his grandchildren firmly inside the party’s power base. so we can expect him to stick around for a long, long time.

  9. Why is it that UMNO’s the one to blame for poisoning Malay’s mind when those who voted in the DAP election are non-Malays?

    How can poisoned Malay minds influence the vote inside DAP?

  10. If LKS still thinks Dap members are genuinely color blind, may I suggest all of them to make appointment with a nearest eye specialist. The color blind test would tell once and for all whether the claims is true or false. As for me, ha, ha, I dare bet my bottom dollar that they were just pretending!

  11. Haha, the hypocrites here never blame MCA for being anti Islam though MCA condemns hudud everybody. In fact some hypocrites are more stupid than others. The pro Helen ang supporters are good example. Voting umno is like saying thank you the rapist who raped you for the last 55 years and inviting them to continue raping you.

    1. Being anti-hudud is not being anti-Islam just like criticizing PAS leaders is not equivalent to criticizing Islam.

      That is why the commenters here do not condemn MCA.

      Since you’re so fond of name-calling and have labelled this blog’s commenters as hypocrites, would you like to hear what they really think about the politicians that you so strongly support (whether “hypocrite” or not)?

    2. Haha Ravin yang bodoh…

      Hudud is not belong to PAS stupid…

      The real anti-Islam is your DAP Ngeh Koo Ham, yang terang2 menghina Muslim seluruh dunia sebab ‘buang masa’ tunjuk perasaan bantah tayangan filem Sam Bacile.

      Yup, I like when UMNO continuing raping you… Not me… =)

      Sadly you’re not virgin anymore… hahahahaha….

      1. Haha.. we shall see what will happen to your future generations with the hundreds of billions of national debt, creation of your beloved rapists.

        Don’t cry or complain and complain about price of goods if your rapists decides to impose gst immediately if they win.

        for business people, we’ll just top up the price to our desired margin. Can you top up your salary to meet the inflated price, if you are an employee?

        Hmmm, just wonder who is the real idiot.

    3. Ravin@ Mohd Aziz

      Earlier you tembak about non muslim bumiputeras from east Malaysia on joining umno, now you tembak about hudud without even understanding what it is all about.

      What la you, tembak sana miss target, tembak sini miss target. Why not you tembak your own foot first before coming back to tembak on yet another subject?

      Btw, about the non- muslim bumis east Malaysia, will you ever admit that you blundered? Surely no lah, coz you DAP species are the hardcore arrogant kiasu hypocrite type.

      Why Helen aka-ed you Mohd Aziz har? You same species like Zairil Khir Johari or wat?

      But one thing we agree here and which you did not question or defend is Lim Kit Siang and his chinese DAPsters are outright hypocrite racists for ” blaming the malays for not joining DAP en mass to vote the malays ”

      Haiya, the chinese DAP not voting the malays are not racist, the malays not joining the DAP to vote the malays are racist!!!!!wtf la mohd aziz

    4. I didn’t know UMNO has raped Ravin for 55 years.

      He should go and make a police report.

      I don’t like UMNO, but the unholy trinity of PAS, PKR and DAP is so so so much worse. PAS is just whoring their religion, you really expect them to enact hudud laws in this country?

      The chief of PKR is an ex UMNO guy who’s been involved with some scandals, maybe he was the one who raped Ravin?

      I wonder what happened to Sukma Darmawan and that other Pakistani old man.

  12. Helen,

    LKS shouldn’t blame UMNO . DAP is truly Malaysian party so why need to have ‘ wakil Melayu” .

    1. Tension kan, tengok kebodohan orang yang bertindan-tindan nih?

      Mereka puak ‘ignoramai’. — Helen

  13. It is interesting to read LGE’s comments on this issue. He says DAP is truly democratic by allowing the delegates to vote whomever they wanted to based on meritocracy. So it means that he admits DAP is a racist party for only appointing one race (albeit the token 2 Indian dudes) to the CEC.

    And then LGE claims that under DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia, even a Chinese can represent other races. And then my questions are:

    (1) If that is DAP’s policy, then why appoint Malays and East Malaysians to the CEC without using their much hyped-about meritocracy. Should they respect their so-called “democratic and meritocratic” principles and stick with it? So why resort to “tokenism”?

    (2) If that is the DAP’s policy, will it means they will support a Chinese PM or a Chinese Agung if Pakatan wins and DAP has the most seats among the PR parties ?

  14. Some more, where got “democracy buy 20 free 10” where a Tokong can choose the 10 free, other than DAP?

    Where got multi-racial other than DAP where 17 are chinese, 2 punjabi, 1 indian, 0 malay, 0 sabahan, 0 sarawakian in a country where malays/bumiputras are majority?

    Where got road when out of 30, only 1 malay is considered capable? (Btw Zairil is not a malay).

    Ravin, think first before you tembak again and make yourself look silly like Mohd Aziz.

    1. Tentu lah syiok betul baca this woman’s blog when she hantam DAP and PR kau kau laa. Even if she talks rot ( but pretending to be rational and full of ‘facts’), as long as she fcuk sh*t DAP and the rest in the Opposition, tentu laa you kena Syiokkkkkk.

  15. Helen,

    The simple truth is that DAP represents Lim dynasty. Chinese interests are mere pawns just like PAS uses islam as a commodity.

    As for the election on DAP central commitee, well that is DAP. Other races have no places in DAP. DAP sees Malays as “sampah”. Call a spade a spade they say.

    Ahmad Ton or Ariffin are dreaming that they can change DAP. DAP will not change. Instead DAP changes these 2 people into becoming allies of the party that literally waging war against the Malays.

    Karpal is needed to give a mutiracial flavour to DAP. But “Pengerusi” is a titular position with no executive power. meaning karpal is the spokeperson only.

    DAP hates UMNO so much. Yup. They hate anything to do with UMNO or anything that UMNO represents. But why? Because UMNO is the only thng that stands between DAP and its ambition to turn Malaysia into “lim dynasty” in its trues sense.

    With limited power, DAP bars newspapers that refuses to “kowtow” DAP: Meaning malay dailies. Woe betide this nation should Kit siang or his arrogant son assumes power.

    Habisle negara ni.

    1. Shamsul anuar……, hey, who are trying to kid here ? Bwahahaha…….In the 2008 elections, the DAP won 13% (28 out of 222) of the seats in Parliament, with PAS and Keadilan making substantial gains as well with 23 seats and 31 seats respectively. Come again ?…..Lim Dynasty ? Why not look at that grand old man with his billionaire son who’s cosying up to be the next next PM if the father in his miachiavellian manipulation behind the scene gets his way. Najib has to fight within and without laa.

      Alamak….DAP hanya dapat 13% and these DAP haters are talking just like Perkasa and some the the bigoted UMNO and MCA ministers….more saliva than substance ! This is in the same strain as those accusing Christians as taking over the country…..when West Malaysia has only less than 3% (!) christian practitioners here, ROFL

      If not for the internet, DAP and the its alliance Opposition partners will not have this day, the media 100% under the thumb of Umno and its kakis during those ‘good olde days’, hehe.

      Aiyoyo….Helen Ang and her ‘holy ghost’, taking that low swipe at this tiny, tiny population of christians here who somehow survived in this huge sea of islamists….what power does these christians have when even their houses of prayers have be consigned to shoplots and even residential dwellings. Look at how UMNO uses public funds to build huge palaces of mosques, some even to the extent of planning for a monumental crystal mosque, all using public funds.

      Podah lah you lots….. even if you want to run down all at one swipe…. ‘sweeping everyone down with one single bamboo pole’, at least come up with the right facts and put in the right perspective. How far are guys like you from the likes of that Ibrahim Pendek and his ilks, including that Perkasa patron ?

    2. quote shamsul: “With limited power, DAP bars newspapers that refuses to “kowtow” DAP: Meaning malay dailies”

      b harian n sinar harian are not banned. those are malay papers.

      1. Guys, better take Shamsul’s words with a pinch of salt…err, better yet, with a big box of salt.

        He simply put out his words with no regards to context or in perspective… just like those power-crazed politicians, they will just thunder on no matter how ridiculous they might appear, thinking this is the way to bring back the voters.

        When Shamsul said ‘bars’, did he put it in context? That Putusan Meloya is forever putting words in LGE’s mouths ( to be more blunt, Meloya’s trademark is lying ) and bigoted as well as racist to boot. It is amazing that LGE even tolerated these malay media bullies for so long, should have barred them even earlier.

        The courts for once have found their spine and have found these Umno-newspapers liable and fined them. Najib really really must want to win big in this election, hehe.

        Beware the Tak Selamat guy with his seditious bisik bisik, hehe

  16. cuba cuba baca dan faham apa apa yang telah dikatakan oleh mantan YB ahmad nor (ex pres MTUC or CUEPACS) atau mantan senator tunku aziz! itu lah komen komen sabenar tentang rupa dan keadaan DAP.

  17. ApplePie,

    Yup. DAP is about “Lim dynasty” only. The father simply refuses to see that his “jurassic” mentality is best suited in ice age. As such, the need for ‘advisor” post.

    And I wonder why Penang DAP chairman not appointed as the chief minister. I understand why Azizan becomes Kedah MB. He is the state commissioner of PAS in Kedah. And Mohd Hassan is UMNO state liaison chief. So, he is entitled to the post as the head of govt when UMNO won in Negri Sembilan.

    But why the penang DAP Chairman was sidelined? why? To make way for the Crown prince?

    Are you still blind?

    1. That is Umno’s way. Not PR’s way. Are you blind? Why must PR follow Dumno? Just admit that you are a blind follower.

    2. Aiyo….why must blindly follow Umno’s formula ? That 55 years old formula sudah tak boleh pakai laa….this cuntry going down. You don’t have to wonder anymore…..PR is not Umno ( i won’t mention BN, coz actually UMNO = BN……those kaput MCA, MIC, GERAKAN are just concubines…..they will just whimper when Umno raised their crooked little knife ).

      So when PR rules Penang, Kedah, Selangor, etc, they will do what they think fit…….why follow Umno’s protocol ? Nobody follows the loser laa.

      1. Don’t have to give lengthy explanation lah, just use this phrase: “walharamu walhalku”. Short and strait to the point. Peace :D

      2. So basically you are saying a leader don’t have to be democratically elected by members or people. So in PR, the appointment to a position is the sole prerogative of their Supreme Leader? And that nepotism is freely practised?

        The way of a party leader being appointed to a governmental position is not the UMNO/BN way but a democratic tradition. But alas DAP practices dynastic politics and communism so such practices might sound alien to you.

      3. Macam bodoh la pulak kalau macam ni. Whatever good BN=UMNO does, it must mean bad to the PR people. Contoh, kalau BN=UMNO tolong orang miskin bagi rumah, you mean PR tak bagi rumah pada orang miskin, or bagi rumah hanya pada orang kaya? Cepat, GE will be coming soon. I need to know PR’s ethical and moral stand.

  18. Don’t blame the customers (the voters) if they don’t vote for DAP Malay candidates. Try changing your packaging. Not having more Malays to the DAP CEC is already a tell tale sign that DAP is a Racists party.

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