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Zairil harus bertanding di kawasan majoriti Melayu dalam PRU nanti

Alasan Zairil Khir Johari diangkat sebagai ahli jawatankuasa eksekutif DAP ialah dia memainkan peranan menarik orang Melayu menyertai parti.

zairil unique

Lim Guan Eng mencanangkan muka Melayu DAP itu sebagai anak seorang pejuang kebebasan tanahair.

Maka mengikut ukuran yang sama, Najib, Hishamuddin dan Mukhriz pun boleh dikata sama-sama “unik”.

Jadi kenapa pula DAPster selalu mengutuk kononnya wujud nepostime yang menebal dalam Umno walhal Guan Eng turut mahu makan nama Khir Johari juga?

Seperti kes Pak Khir, Tun Razak pun meninggal dunia sebelum anaknya berkecimpung dalam politik. Sewaktu Tun Razak meninggal, Najib baru berumur 22 tahun.

Manakala selang 5 tahun selepas pemergian Hussein Onn barulah Hishamuddin bertanding pilihanraya. Tun Hussein Onn bersara sebagai perdana menteri pada 1981 sementara Hisham mula-mula menjadi Wakil Rakyat pada 1995 – ada jurang 14 tahun di antara persaraan Tun Hussein dengan tarikh Hisham memasuki Parlimen.

Mukhriz menceburi politik secara aktif pada 2004 apabila terpilih menjadi exco Pemuda Umno — iaitu genap setahun selepas persaraan Dr Mahathir dalam 2003. Beliau bertanding jawatan Ketua Pemuda hanya  5 tahun kemudian (2009).

Dr M selaku perdana menteri selama 22 tahun tidak pernah menaikkan Mukhriz dalam bidang politik tatkala beliau sendiri masih berada di persada nasional (butir-butir sini)

Cuba bandingkan dengan keluarga-keluarga politik Pakatan.



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48 thoughts on “Zairil harus bertanding di kawasan majoriti Melayu dalam PRU nanti

      1. I don’t like your tajuk Helen, ‘kenapa Zahril harus bertanding dikawasan majority Melayu’, maka Melayu bolih diperpodohkan lagi!.

        First of all Zaharil is not a Malay, berdasarkan pentakrifan dalam pelembagaan,’Melayu’ belum tentu Zaharil bolih diketogerikan sebagai Melayu, walaupon bapa tirinya Melayu, sempatke bapa tirinya mendideknya mengamalkan cara hidup Melayu yang berugama Islam.

        Saya merasakan darahnya dah memang lah Cina, dan jiwanya sudah tentu Cina, Ugamanya wallah Waallam.

      2. Brutus a.k.a Muhyidin will be glad if Jibby will contest @ kl. That means all the hantu voters will descend down to kl.

        Who ya’ gonna call?

      3. Why don’t you ask Tokong Lim to contest in pekan? berani?

        You ask silly question, you get stupid question dumby!

        1. Kiasu, hell asked the stupid question. If you’re incapable of realizing that, please seek help.

  1. Kak Helen,

    Memang mereka unik kerana meskipun bersekedudukan tetapi masih mampu melahirkan anak-anak nepotisme.

    Dan kalau diperhatikan anak-anak nepotisme ini walaupun lahir dalam keluarga sosialis tetapi sudu perak berada didalam mulut.

    Makanya jangan hairan kalau anak-anak nepotisme ini hanya boleh mendengar tetapi tidak merasai sendiri keluhan rakyat.

  2. 1. Comparing the son of Khir Johari to sons of Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn or Tun M is like comparing featherweight to heavyweight boxers.

    2. Zairil is amateur league when stood next to the premier league of Najib, Mukhriz or even the “crybaby” HH.

    3. Nepotism runs thick at the top of #Pakatoons hierarchy. Even the blind can see it, metaphorically speaking. The crony privileges extended to Ngeh, Nga, Ronnie Liu and PKR inner circle stinks of corruption.

    4. PAS seem to miss out and/or mess up when it comes to “crony privileges”. One would not be harsh to say mullahs should stick to matters of the afterlife rather than material worldly affairs.

    5. Ingat DAPster, ingat kanser. #RejectPakatoons!

  3. If the doomsday prophecy turns out to be real, what will happen to “take PJ for Yehoo” mission?

    1. Our Lady of Subang will declare,

      “The DAP rocket is capable of carrying 100 Malaysian Firsters safely to another planet. We have divided the seats according to merit – 98 seats for high class Subang Jayans who must be Chinese-Christians, 1 seat for a Malay (Zairil) and 1 for an Indian (my Special Assistant Rajiv). We might be able to squeeze one or two low class fellas in the cargo hold.

      “We will take Subang Jaya with us to the new planet and meet Yehoo there. Mother Mary, we trust, will be able to find us in the window again, no worries.”

      (Nod to Monyet King for sparking discussion)

      1. What? No seat for Ravin? Poor, hardworking, confused Ravin?

        Or did he exceed the weight limit `cuz he’s got Mohd Aziz stuffed on him somewhere also?

        1. Okay then, Mohd Aziz can slug it out with Zairil. Whichever one can prove himself more Melayu gets the Malay quota seat onboard the departing rocket.

          1. Helen,

            I heard that the flight by Doomsday Rocket Services (DRS) from earth en route to Planet Uranus had already been fully booked up. Wonder if you got your ticket already?

            If you still haven’t got it, I suggest you go and register your name on the waiting list. Being Chinese, for sure you would be given high priority more than what would be offered to Zairil and Mohd Aziz.

            But I also read that your name was mentioned inside Utusan Malaysia this morning? I’m not sure whether Mohd Aziz was aware of this.

            My worry is that this fellar might be telling DRS that you were stabbing the Rocket owner on its back. I hope not.

            However, I really hope that your name have not yet been removed from the list and to be replaced by the informer’s name.

            Don’t trust that fellar lah Helen…bye!

      2. MK’s a funny guy. Actually he liked HY and LGE when they were first elected but over the years I think he saw through the hypocrisy and double-speak.

        Despite a lack of acceptance for our Lady of Subang, I think she’s destined for a greater role in the next GE. At least an exco seat for her (if Pakatan retains Selangor that is).

        After her rejection in the DAP election, she has been rather low key.

        1. She’s the DAP Wanita Selangor chief now plus she did very well in the Wanita DAP national confab where she tied for second place with Mary Josephine Prittam Singh in terms of popularity (with Chong Eng remaining No.1).

            1. If I’m not mistaken, they adopt the same system as the national party election.

              She could have been selected or appointed to the post of Wanita chief but she would have also won the preliminary voting, like how LKS, LGE and KS came out tops in the delegate votes, and then the elected 20+10 CEC members sort out the job titles later among themselves.

          1. Wow….DAP’s democracy works exactly like their communist counterparts. Chong Eng selects the state wanita leaders and then at the national wanita elections they select her as the wanita chief. This is a classic case of communist politburo in action. Guess this is something that DAP learnt from North Korea or PRC. That OLS got elected hardly a surprise.

    2. well, helen will say its the star’s fault, because the ‘metro’ section wrote about hannah yeoh visiting a pasar tani in subang 2 weeks ago, n also because they put a full page ad for harvey norman xmas sale. therefore proving the star has a seecret xtian agenda

  4. Bukankah Dap berpegang pada konsep Malaysian Malaysia, iaitu konsep rentas ras, budaya, sosial dan agama? Makanya eloklah kalau Melayu Dap bertanding dalam kawasan majoriti Cina tetapi Cina Dap akan bertanding dalam kawasan majoriti Melayu.

    Hanya dengan itu Melayu Dap dapat membuktikan bahawa 450,000 ahli Dap mampu memberikan kemenangan kepada calon Melayu dan seterusnya membuktikan penolakan calon Melayu dalam perhimpunan agung Dap baru-baru ini tiada kaitan semangat kekitaan Cina Dap.

    Dalam masa sama dapatlah Cina Dap membuktikan sama ada konsep Malaysian Malaysia/Middle Malaysia bukan hanya untuk golonggan elit PJ, Bangsar dan Damansara tetapi mampu juga menggamit sokongan dari warga petani dan nelayan.

    1. You hit the nail right on the Pakatoon crotch. Knowing them, they`ll counter-challenge UMNO to put candidates in Chinese dominated constituencies, ignoring the fact that UMNO, unlike DAP, never pretended they ever were multiracial,

      1. Melayu yang dituduh “rasis” itulah yang telah memberi banyak kerusi Dun dan parlimen pada parti Cina sejak dari era Pak Kaduk.

        Sebaliknya, masyarakat yang bergayut di dahan Malaysian Malaysia Dap masih perlu membuktikan mereka adalah ‘buta warna’ sebagaimana didakwa.

        Buta warna tidak ada makna kalau hanya manis di bibir, sebaliknya buta warna perlu dibuktikan dalam PRU. Makanya, PRU13 pengukur sama ada buta warna mereka ini adalah asli atau disebabkan oleh pemakaian kontak lens buatan Korea Utara.

  5. Helen,

    Sorry to be off topic. Another big issue is developing. I don’t always read Tamil paper but I did in the last few days. The big news is that in Sepang the Talebans belonging to PAS are protesting against the Hindu altar being re-built by MIC. They are demonstrating and are collecting signatures.

    This likely to create another Tsunami among Indians as they are already angry with Pakatan. This time Pakatan gonna pay for destroying Hindu temples – exactly what happened to BN in the last GE.

  6. Seni Melayu tenunan songket,
    seni berzaman semakin lesap;
    kalau Melayu naik roket,
    duduk di bawah makan asap.

    1. Pakai rantai tiada berloket,
      ada pencuri suka meragut;
      kalau India naik roket,
      tinggal di bawah duduk melangut.

      1. Bersih-Hijau sibuk berpiket,
        peniaga semua naik meluat;
        kalau Punjabis naik roket,
        dua beranak boleh muat.

        1. Pergi kaunter membeli tiket,
          ulat tiket harus diperhati;
          kalau cina naik roket,
          lain-lain semua pergi mati.

          1. Salam Tuan,

            Minta ampun, cucu yang hina tumpang lalu. Cucu sangat kagum dengan kehebatan Tuan melunaskan bait-bait seperti ini.

  7. the likelihood of Zairil contesting in a Malay seat is just as good as Anwar The Butt Man admitting that he was the person in the sex videos.
    Tolak PR, Elak Malapetaka. Bersama BN, Selamatkan Malaysia.

  8. I dont think Zairil has the balls lah! Sometimes when you hear him saying something, thats because he borrowed Kim Guan Eng’s balls lah. Helen, you must find out his real name …you know the name he was born with. …

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