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DAP wants the ‘Allah’ word for Christians

In his Christmas message today, Lim Guan Eng urged the government to allow Christians to use the word ‘Allah’.

According to the DAP Caliph, allowing this would be the correct thing to do, “based on the principles of Truth, Freedom, Justice, Democracy and Integrity”.

Should we now start calling them ‘Muslims’ too (i.e. the non-BM speakers-cum-Subang Jayans who demand a right to the word)?

Let Christians use Allah word urges DAP Malaysiakini 2012-12-24 18-51-54
The Subang Rally website

“Take Subang for Jesus!!!”

“Change for Christ”

Annual VIP speaker at the Subang Rally




prayed for her and her assistants, gambar dari
Subang Rally participants praying for their Adun
Subang Rally website

Subang Jaya starry-eyed reporters

From the amount of articles that The Star churns out daily on Subang Jaya, you’re easily led to believe that the paper has stationed at least a dozen reporters there.

So how ’bout one of ’em doing a story on taking Subang for Jesus, eh?

Star reporter on her every two days assignment


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59 thoughts on “DAP wants the ‘Allah’ word for Christians

  1. Tokong brought up this issue out of nowhere suddenly.

    Trying to stir another round of controversy in his attempt to divert all the negative flaks DAP are getting lately….malays washout in CEC, taman manggis fiasco, 10,500 acres for MB post allegation, the datukship contraversy….haiya

    Nice try Tokong, aint this issue at Court of Appeal stage, vely2 wierd to raise it up now la…divert issues ma!

    1. What you say about the diversion tactic could be true.

      DAP succeeded in diverting from the allegations concerning LGE’s son with the red herring of the ‘false’ victim picture of the young chess player. That was a coup for the Komtar nerve centre in enticing some Umno bloggers to take the bait.

      However, this ‘Allah’ issue is also the DAP raising the religious stakes. Even if he does not do it now, the matter will not go away and the party’s evangelistas may will campaign on this demand in Sabah during GE13.

      Since he’s thrown this religious card on the table, his bluff should be called.

      1. Do you have any proof about the son? Or are you shooting from your arse as usual? Umno’s cybertroopers truly reflects their level of intelligence.

        1. YOU are talking through the Tokong’s arsehole.

          Guys (dear readers),

          Bingo! Sudah terang lagi bersuluh.

          Sshsn is Cheong Yin Fan’s other half.

          Ms Cheong is the Penang state government, communications department head.

          She authored that famous article intimately detailing the Chief Minister’s bowel movements published in her Sin Chew column.

          She wrote (excerpt):

          “Finally he finished his speech, he quickly sat down because “By sitting down, I can push it back.” (Boss told this to me personally)

          “As a leader, they not only have to hold their emotions, they must also “kek sai” (literally translated as hold back his shit).”

          You can read the full article at,

  2. Lepas ni bila sebut “Jesus the Saviour “, ken pekik ” AllahuAkbar” juga. Mampuslah PAS dan bungkuslah PKR lepas ini. Kalau meletup isu ALLAH ini, mana melayu dalam PR nak sorok muka mereka.
    Setuju dengan DAP, Melayu ludah, Tak setuju Orang Kristian seranah

  3. Helen,

    Guan eng being Guan Eng is a useless politician. May i take this opportunity to remind PAS that should PAS support DAP on this matter, then prepared to be wiped literally speaking on the next election

  4. marry chritsmas nik aziz and hadi awang. may lord jesus christ bless you in this holy month and jesus christ save you from the hell fire. ameen.

    1. Jesus will save any person from the fire of hell and that includes muslims. You can ask him if and when you get to heaven or alternatively if you are around when he comes again as your holy book says he will come.

      So till then, pipe down and no point getting into a hissy fit.

          1. God is God, Jesus is Jesus. Two separate entities. God is not Jesus, and Jesus is not God. That is the difference between Muslims and Evangelicals.

            Also, Muslims are held accountable for every actions that they have taken in this life. There is no such thing as a man saving us from the sins that we commit on our own. islam is all about accountability.

            why do you need to pray to a man, when you have God? and why should God have a son? If God does have a son, why pray to the son and not God himself?

            And if Mary is the mother of God, then by that logic, God too has grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunties etc. why not pray to them too?

  5. Desperate move by the tokong by stoking hate. He pretends the 17 million Muslims are in animated suspension.

    Muslims will send strong message regardless the outcome, via UMNO and PAS.

    I haan interesting conversation with some loud PAS fanatics regarding Karpal opposition to PAS aspiration. Interestingly they reply they will wait for Karpal to die. HAHAHA. Shows how PAS think of the DAP, a partner with an expiration date or disposable under hudud?

  6. funny thing is, the bible belt would find it degrading and low class to use other language than Allah for Christians, would be like taking a step back no? Perhaps, and this is my suggestion, instead of getting a politician dictate how God should be called, how about getting genuine Christians decide on how the want to call their God.

    Though some may say they have no objection, reality is, Allah is use in Indonesia due to the sermon/mass is in Bahasa Indonesia. If the low class bahasa melayu is used here, how many bible belters of Jerusubang will attend? Yes, your guess is as good as mine: none.

    Jerusubang (!) Classic!! :D — Helen

    1. Anakjamil,

      DAP would not have been so rude if not for PAS tacit approval on this Allah issue. And since PAS has no qualm in selling islam, it does not feel guilty in supporting DAP on “allah” issue.

      DAP clearly uses the issue to drive wedge between UMNO and the Christians. It is not a language issue. It affects the very foundation of Islam.

      And I pray PAS would be wiped out in next election.

      1. Did Islam teach you to pray this way?

        I guess that’s the difference between Dumno supporters and the normal people.

        You also pray for the thieves to keep stealing frm the people? Rm250 million not enough?

        1. Dear Ravin….

          Clearly that you just write through hatred not with your own eyes….

          Even we as Muslims did not pray for destroy other people lives but some fanatics did that…. Even in your own good book prays for other people good will……

          For those you said to steal or thieves do you have the proof or take people statement and make it your own… come on lah…don’t be so typical…heh

        2. RaRa, taking a cue from your brader upnorth and in the spirit of Christmas, can you please shut the f**k up?

    2. Using Allah in Bahasa Malaysia bible. It won’t be for the use of the people you’re thinking about.

      Presumably to dupe Malay speaking people into converting into Christianity.

      Probably done by missionaries wearing baju melayu and baju kurung as well.

      Jangan lupa pada mereka yang suka pakai tudung naik turun masjid. — Helen

      1. Whoami,

        Precisely. It is not a semantic issue. Central to the issue is the foundation of Islam itself. sharing name will eventually leads to situation where it is easy for pastors to say ‘samalah ugama kita. Nama Tuhan pun sama”. Saying that alone is tantamount to Syirik.

        And Muslims will be enticed to leave islam. No guilt in it. why? Because we still worship allah . But allah to them is Jesus.

  7. I think as a politician he ought to know that the executive power cant interfere in judiciary. Since this matter is in the court no one should ever bring this issue up until the court hearing.

    Then being PR, the only way to keep relevant is to stir discord among Malaysians. And this is a dangerous game they are playing as it involves religions. If left unchecked it can become bloody. So as a responsible politician he should refrain from bringing this issue up. But then again it just shows how irresponsible he is. Period

  8. There are 3 Bubbles (speech bubbles). Bubble Ngah, Bubble Ngeh dan Bubble Ngoh (Sound Trouble). The story goes like this:

    Bubbles Ngah: “Macam mana tanah balak untuk kami tuan? Dah lulus ke belum?”

    Bubble Ngeh: “Ish, apa ke situ pulak otak kamu bertanya…tujuan kita datang nak mintak nasihat bukannya nak mintak projek, bawak bersabar boleh tak?”

    Bubble Ngoh: “Kat sini tak ada badak, semua hutan telah dibersihkan, nak bolos apanya, tang projek lebuhraya rakyat tu memanglah menguji kesabaran, kalau tak sabar tak jadi, dan kami tak ambil nasihat dari mana-mana pihak”

    Bubble Ngeh: “Pulak dah”

    Bubble Ngoh: ”Perak ada badak…kamu sungguh ke? “

    Bubble Ngah: “ Perak tak ada badak tuan tapi orang utan ada kat tasek merah, tuan”

    Bubble Ngoh: “Oh balak rupanya, saya ingatkan badak…semua tu dalam proses tapi anggapkan ianya beress, bro”

    Bubble Ngeh: “Kalau macam tu, t.k ajelah tuan”

    Bubble Ngoh: “ Memang kita kena berterima kasih pada dia kerana balak tu hak dia”

    Bubble Ngah: “ Dia tu sapa tuan..”

    Bubble Ngoh: “Tu…yang kita nak kongsi-kongsikan tu..”

    Bubble Ngeh: “Psst…yang Guan Eng sebut dalam mesej pra krismas tu hah”

    Bubble Ngah: “Oooo…Yehoo!”

    Bubble Ngoh: “Hak aah…dialah tu”

  9. In the perutusan, he said, in the spirit of holiday, let the Christians use the word Allah. What is so great about holiday that just because of the spirit of holiday, we let people abuse the name of God. So why don’t in the spirit of holiday, we ask him to resign as CM.

    Hello, LGE, we Muslim don’t worship the spirit of holiday. We worship Allah, the one and only God and our life is determine by the laws of Allah in the Quran and Sunnah and not by what you call spirit of holiday holiday. What more do you want from the Muslim? Are you going to say in the spirit of holiday, you Muslim become murtad? This is plain spirit of stupidity

    1. I think you more stupid. Did your Allah say the word Allah belongs to Islam and no other religion can use the term?

      You met Allah before?

      1. Yes, definitely U Ravin are more clever than Guan Eng. Guan Eng doesn’t even know how to use the word stupid but not for U. U use it freely and regularly.

        So, in the context of inter religious discussion, LGE should use your type of argument – “i am clever the rests are stupid”. Not only that Ravin, U seems to be far more clever than Nik Aziz when talking about god and religion.

        My above flattering is not to deceive anyone but a sincere opinion based on your constant use of ingenuity to appear more clever than Guan Eng and Nik Aziz.

      2. Ravin,

        Does the Bible tell Christians to call their God Allah? Or even name God as Allah? OR even the word Allah is being mention?

        In the Quran, the word Allah is mention 2600++ times all refer to the one God. In surah Al-Ikhlas, Allah says:

        Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
        Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
        He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
        And there is none like unto Him

        Here, Allah (God) name himself Allah. And the very principle in this surah is the antithesis to the Christian believe, that Allah has son. If Jesus is the son of God, then God is begetteth and begotten.

        So Ravin, you must be very very ignorant to make this statement. Ignorant people making comment without knowing the fact.

      3. Ravin, give me your ic no , I promise you I can arrange one way tiket to meet Allah , free some more la , but fix departure date just for you Ahbeng.
        You free on 13-05-13 book early!

      4. Yo Ravin, This is the beutifull of Islam compared to Cristianity. The word Allah is so beutifull and powerfull that you Cristians is dying to use for your own gain. While in bible, even Jesus has never pretend to be God. Pity you.

  10. The die is now cast, DAP is committed to sodomize itself. And all done without effort from BN .

    Hahaha……… i spoke too early, i forgot LGE & LKS will ALWAYS still blame BN ………………………….

  11. Dear Helen Ang….

    Thank You for bringing up for the issue by this pastor….I’m keep wondering by this idiot like to bring up this issue?

    Is it for the causse or for politics…. For me both because we already know that this pasotr is some kind of human that couldn’t listen or study thoroughly through their good book( so call) … because it plain simple that he like to provoke and keep make the country chaos……

    By the way why he said that? I think you know better…tq

    Because he cocky and arrogant. — Helen

  12. kalau nak guna ayat Allah S W T boleh, tapi kena masuk Islam dahulu. boleh orang Nasrani masuk Islam dahulu kemudian guna ayat Allah S W T ?

  13. The word Allah derives from the Arabic word for God.

    The word Tuhan derives from the BM word for God.

    The word Deus derives from the Latin word for God.

    So the Bible that used the word Allah referring God/Tuhan/Deus was directly translated from an Arabic version of the Bible? How? Why? When? Where?

    1. ah you’re here to confuse the people again. Allah S W T is different from the word God. whereas Christianity is based on the doctrine of The Trinity, Islam is not. Muslims believe in the doctrine of The Unity which is not only different from the Christian point of view, but is also the complete opposite of the doctrine of Trinity. so to equate the word Allah with the word God is indeed blasphemy.

    2. Subangite,

      Let me make it easy for you to understand. Central to islam is acknowledgement that there is only ONE GOD who muslims worldwide refers as “Allah”

      The generic word in Malay is ‘tuhan’. Allowing Christians to share the name “Allah” threatens the very foundation of Islam. Should Christians share the name, now Allah can also mean Jesus.

      The Muslims concern is legitimate . It affects the very core of Islam. Why would Christians want to use “Allah” when none of pages in Bible has the word “Allah”.

      There is something sinister here. Sharing the name will eventually leads christian preachers to say that “ugama kita sama . Nama Tuhan pun sama”. For muslims to accept the view is Syirik, the biggest sin in Islam for equating allah SWT with something else.

      What Guan Eng does (by insisting to share the name) will literally bring Muslims (by majority Malays) to collide with Christians (majority Chinese). Literally speaking. No if, no but.

      Contrary to what Chinese think, it is not a “drama” by UMNO. UMNO responds due to Malays wanting them to speak about it.

      My advice to UMNO, if they want to lose the Malay votes, support Christians to share the name.

      Do understand in Arabic, there is no generic word for God. Only allah. As such, it is wrong to compare with situation in Arab countries.

      1. Daripada berbuih di tepi mulut, elok tunggu dan bila sampai di syurga (jika sampai disana) tanyalah kepada empunya nama siapalah lebih berhak untuk menggunakan namanya dan sehingga itu sabarlah kita menanti mati dan tak perlu tikam ledah dan bermusuhan dan nak tunjuk gah betapa hebat diri mempertahankan agama pada hal belum tahu doapun telah diterima.

        1. Betul tu norman hanya tuhan yang tahu sama ada manusia itu ikhlas mahu gunakan namanya atau ada agenda lain. Sebagai manusia kita hanya boleh bersangka baik sesama manusia.

        2. Therefore no reason for Cocky Arrogant Tokong to spin it into an issue.
          Anyway, I would like a DAP person to ask Cocky Arrogant Tokong face to face if we can use that as his name.

    3. Dear Subangite…..

      The true meaning of the word Allah means The GOD meaning only one God…. Now tell me the concept that your Christian want to use in term of Trinity…. Not to disrespect but your are trying to confuse us…..

      Friendly speaking and I would like to share that only in Malaysia and Indonesia want to use it but in other country they hate to use it….

      So….mr/mrs/ms/ Subangite….what is the purpose of using this word? Come on lah don’t say for the purpose of similarity coz they also cannot justify……

      So do you think before you write? Merry Christmas…

    4. Subangite (from Jerusubang?)

      Are you the Arabic linguistic expert for you to give the conclusion that the word God in arabic is Allah? Well if that is the case, I would translate the word God in Chinese as Tua Pek Kong. Then the word God for bible in Chinese would be Tua Pek Kong. So what do you think of the response of Christian then?

    5. Subangnite,

      I think you have made mistake,
      According to Lane’s Arabic lexicon*,

      “The word Allah, according to several Arabic lexicons, means “the Being Who comprises all the attributes of perfection”, i.e. the Being Who is perfect in every way (in His knowledge, power etc.), and possesses the best and the noblest qualities imaginable in the highest degree.

      This meaning is supported by the Holy Quran when it says:”His are the best (or most beautiful) names.” (17:110; 20:8; and 7:180) Contrary to popular belief, the word Allah is NOT a contraction of al-ilah (al meaning ‘the’, and ilah meaning ‘god’).

      Had it been so, then the expression ya Allah (‘O Allah!’) would have been grammatical incorrect, because according to the Arabic language when you address someone by the vocative form ya followed by a title, the al (‘the’) must be dropped from the title. For example, you cannot say ya ar-rabb but must say ya rabb (for ‘O Lord’). So if the word Allah was al-ilah (‘the God’), we would not be able to say: ya Allah, which we do.”

      And if you see the quranic verse on what muslim may eat;

      “forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah, Quran Surah 5 , verse 3”

      It is precisely because of this the arabic scholars was divided into two camps regarding the word Allah. 1 group of scholars argues that the word Allah is a specific name of God. And this specific name of God has an attribute which neither beget nor begotten. Hence, if you think in this way, it is in no way to describe the Christian idea of god. And since it is a specific name, does not function translanguage. For example, you put your name as Subangnite, if i were to call you in another language it is improper to call you by translating your name since in this case it is a proper name. Regardless it makes sense or not.

      The other group of scholars argued that the word Allah actually came from the word walah, which means the One that is long for. Hence, the other group argues that it is not a name but a characteristic or in malay his sifat. Which human comes to long for is i.e The supreme creator of human being. So in no way the disagreement among arabic scholars, especially muslim scholars on what is the root of Allah suppose to mean, is equal to what the Christian in malaysia think.

      Precisely because of this I know why muslim as whole find it appalling. And even in the 1960’s the non-malay when refer to god, they differentiate the terminology. That is why, when they say tuhan it means the general term god, but when it is refering to muslim conception of God, they used specific term Tuhan Allah. Not grammatically correct but correct in the spirit of it.

      Hope that will enlighten you

      *refered parts of it from satD article.

  14. Sometimes its just perplexing how the Chinese Dumb Ass Party can accept the mentality of this nitwit of a chief minister. The way he acts and speaks just like no standards at all. This asshole is so insecure that he acts like f**ked small brat in a kindergartern, when you try talking to him he is always in defensive mode …ha ha ….and this you call a politician….or maybe its just the standard mentality of the Chinese Dumb Ass Party.

    On another note when the Chinese Dumb Ass Party has their balls on fire they change their mentality……to DAMAGE CONTROL MODE. Quite coincedently that when the two cousins in Perak were caught wanking each other off fantasizing about the 10,000 odd acres of land that the Chinese Dumb Ass Party came out with the porn tape in Perak, and now the latest by the nitwit of a chief minister about the use of Allah.

    Its all a farce to avoid the attention of the issues that are burning their balls …..burn baby burn.

    1. Who can be worst than Dumno? Swallowed rm250 million and yet blame the opposition for korek and stripped her.

      A party of thieves and dumb supporters.

      1. i bet you picked that 250 from up your ass didnt u. You have all these numbers, lots of them and we have no idea where you got them and how you get them.

        Show us the proof. Stop talking like an idiot.

      2. Yet clearly that your are extremist rather than logical….

        It means that you just provoke and just like to make country chaos….

        Please I dare you that you can speak it publicaly…..other wise please go to country that can express yourself….. You are most welcome to f**k off….

  15. We are told that BN/UMNO is racist and DAP embraces multi-culturalism and inclusive of all religion. We are constantly lectured upon by the likes of the Caliph of Penang aka Tokong and Our of Lady of Subang that UMNO plays the race card to split the rakyat.

    Yet, on his Xmas message, there are 7 paragraphs and of these none even talks about Xmas at all but about AES, Lynas, Allah dispute and even the money outflow. Isn’t this can be considered as a blatant attempt to hijack Xmas for pure political purposes? Isn’t this is called as playing a race/religious card? Just look at his statement below:

    “Further, BN should stop using the fear tactics of a Christian state to frighten Malay voters to support BN when Christians have never sought a Christian state but instead pledged loyalty to the Federal Constitution that Islam is the religion of Malaysia.”

    Obviously this is an election speak meant to remind Christians of the Allah and Christian State issues.

    However,I think LGE miscalculated this time. This statement will be used by UMNO/BN as a racist statement and one that insensitive to the Muslims’ feelings over the Allah issue. This clearly shows what UMNO had been telling Muslims all along – that DAP is anti-Islam.

  16. Ingin diperjelaskan beberapa fakta, memandangkan ada banyak kekeliruan yang dituangkan di topik ini…

    1) Ada yang berkata kebanyakan orang Kristian Malaysia ialah Cina. Sebenarnya, majoriti ialah orang Bumiputera Sabah/Sarawak dan orang asli Semenanjung. Bahasa mereka ialah Bahasa Melayu dan Iban.

    2) Ada yang mengangap kononnya kalimah Allah ini baru digunakan oleh orang Kristian di Malaysia. Sebenarnya, kalimah ini telah lama digunakan di Nusantera dalam Al Kitab sejak kurun 1600-1700 Masihi, jauh sebelum pembentukan Malaysia.

    3) Pengharaman kalimah Allah serta restriksi terhadap AlKitab di Malaysia sebenarnya bermula pada 1980an. Mengapakah ini hanya dijadikan isu, dan tidak beberapa ratus tahun sebelum ini, malah zaman 1960an ke 1980an.

    Orang Kristian Malaysia Timur tidak seharusnya dikekang dari menyembah dalam bahasa ibunda mereka, seperti yang mereka telah lakukan beratus-ratus tahun dulu. Sepatutnya kerajaan berhenti mengoyangkan kaki dan membiarkan isu yang dicipta ini berlarutan.

    1. I used to have roomates of Iban, Bidayuh and other friends of some other pribumis from Sabah and Sarawak who did A Level together with me at ITM. None of them used BM Bible. As for my FB christian friends who quotes biblical verses once in a while, I have also yet to see any of them uses BM, including Allah. Are they going to be comfortable using Allah now instead of Jesus and the gang?

      Or Allah is the fourth entity in the “new” christian as practiced by LGE?

  17. Jonnymalaya,

    Change bermakna Ubah

    Kalau dulu Parti Islam mensasarkan “negara Islam” tetapi kini ianya diubah kepada “negara berkebajikan”. Semua itu berlaku bukan secara spontan tetapi secara reaktif iaitu setelah mengambilkira kekeliruan yang ditimbulkan terhadap orang bukan Islam dan kekeliruan itu menjarakkan orang bukan Islam dan Parti Islam.

    Begitu juga dengan ‘fatwa’ lampau Parti Islam yang berbunyi: “haram itu dan ini” yang menimbulkan persepsi negatif dan merenggangkan hubungan Parti Islam dengan kafir tetapi kini turut diubah. Parti Islam sanggup membuangnya ke longkang semata-mata kerana politik semasa tidak sesuai untuk ketetapan seumpama terus digunapakai.

    Makanya kalau Parti Islam boleh berubah-ubah atas alasan untuk mengatasi kekusutan dan membina hubungan lebih harmoni dengan orang bukan Islam makanya apalah salahnya pihak kristian juga bersedia untuk berubah dari menggunakan ajaran yang di bawa ratusan tahun dulu kepada pendekatan baru yang lebih segar agar lebih sesuai dengan persekitaran dan tuntutan semasa.

    Hendak seribu daya tak hendak seribu dalih.

  18. Let them use whatever name they like for their Lord. To all Muslims that are so defensive with this exaggerated issue, I just want to quote Dr.MAZA word in his blog.

    ” bukan soal nama Allah itu yang terlalu perlu untuk direbut atau dijadikan agenda besar. Tetapi, gerakan membina semula akidah yang sejahtera dan memahamkan generasi kita wajah Islam yang sebenar agar mampu bersaing dan menghadapi cabaran zaman.”

    Jikalau ini adalah modal dan strategi murahan DAP bagi menakluk Malaysia secara halus, anda tidak perlu melatah dengan propaganda mereka melainkan anda juga ingin bersekongkol dengan mereka. Jika PAS sendiri boleh menjual agama Islam atas tiket perjuangan mereka, apa perlu kita hairankan kerana mereka juga merelakan agama mereka diperalatakan untuk kepentingan merebut kuasa.

    *psst… konsep Madu 3 depa ni aneh la.

  19. Majority of the Muslim cannot accept the Malaysian Church demand into naming their nameless biblical god into Allah is because the Christian have always adopt an idea of the Supreme God have an offspring (another God?). This is the obvious contradiction to the Muslim belief of the Oneness of the Creator. Didn’t the Christian love to belief that a true God should really be One God only?

    The Allah name is an Arabic word originated during Prophet Muhammad time BUT the Jahilliah (non Muslim) Arabs had many many god such as Latta, uzza etc. and not a single Arabic paganistic idol was named as Allah. In the hadith tradition even the Arab Christian missionary that came to see the Prophet for a debate do not accept Allah as their God. For that since when does these people claimed the Arabic Christian had eventually use Allah name in their Bible? What joke does these people are trying to pull? Pls google and see ..the only “Arab” priest that you will see is the Sabahan & Sarawakian.

    A true belief is supposed to be in their original form regardless of time and place. There are no other faiths in the world that really championed these very unique ethical faith of Islam. In fact what we saw today is other faiths or “religious” belief which is still lacking the most needed component to compliment their religion truth? Isn’t it funny ? Religion is not supposed to be an R& D product that need to improvised from time to time. I can tell you that even the infamous “In the name of the Father , the son and the Holy Ghost” was not even part of the New or Old Testament. Was not even part of the Holy Bible words and not a God words. Who created it and wrote its then? And now they want to use Allah name and you got the guts to tell the Muslim and Christian followers that this is the true religion?

    To be a globally acceptable faiths, a true religion is supposed to be in complete original form that must not tend to evolutionize and copycat from other faith. Seems like the Sabahan Christian belief had a “dash” of Darwinism in their belief !! Charles Darwin a renown scientist who proclaimed that human evolved from monkeys. A typical Asian will always seek an “ori” BUT why choose to belief Christian faith whose “God” is strategically being modified into Allah as your God? Do they know that Allah name is Arabic in nature? And do they realized that Christian faith is not Arabic in nature? Doesn’t you people feel funny accepting this modified version faith, any belief that in need of modification from time to time is remarkably full of errors. If this is an experiment then you people are the guinea pig. Do you love to be used as other people tools ?

    Just imagine in the past Allah name is a NO NO NO to them but now they have gone into the extremity to use the constitutional court order. But since the MALAYSIAN CHRISTIAN love Allah name so much would you care to see the words of Allah too? We call the words Al Quran, would you believe in the Al Quran too? When the Christian claimed that their Holy Bible as God’s word did you really meant it? What do you called the book now when the words God or Father or Lord had been strategically changed by a mortal hand call the scribes by the Holy Bible.

    You may want to refer to Jeremiah 8:8 How can you say that we are wise and the law of the Lords (Allah ???) is with us, BUT behold the SCRIBES had made it false to turn it into a lie.

    It is a BIG LIE alright, first of all if you change the word Lord here to become Allah any Muslim child can tell you that is not true. Sober up your mind and see the whole truth!!! Didn’t the text in JEREMIAH 8:8 REALLY TRANSLATE OF WHAT THE MALAYSIAN CHRISTIAN PRIEST ARE DOING TODAY?

    Wake up people !!! The true facts is LIARS cannot teach you the truth as simple as that.

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