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Christianophobia and alleged Christian persecution

DAPsters are constantly denigrating the mamaks – rude tweet by DAP senator (see here) and insulting editorial by Buletin Mutiara (see here) – but they still want to scold Umno as the biggest racists in the world.

Lately on top of ethnic one upmanship, there’s the religious superiority complex coming to the fore.

The Umno Menteri Besar of Perak
The Umno Menteri Besar of Perak

Christians cry victimization

Lim Kit Siang’s blog yesterday carried an article via The Malaysian Insider (the country’s most avid Christian issues publication) complaining that

“Till today, the Utusan Malaysia, Umno politicians and Perkasa have not been held accountable by the country’s leadership by the demonisation of Christians here’.

The DAP complains incessantly that Christians are being demonized. Yet their politics of religion itself is not short on aggression.

From the blog The Flying Kick today:

“Cuma berbanding Zairil, Anthony Loke menyatakan bahawa KRISTIANOFOBIA yang diperkatakan oleh Fathul Bari, sebagai sangkaan buruk Umno. Menurutnya, saranan Setiausaha Agung DAP di dalam perutusan Hari Natal yang disiarkan oleh Roketkini, sebagai sesuatu yang wajar dituruti oleh Kerajaan Pusat.” […]

“DAP sebenarnya sudah lama cuba mencetuskan ISLAMAFOBIA di kalangan kaum Kristian terutama ketika Pilihanraya Negeri Sarawak yang melabelkan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional sebagai ANTI-CHRIST yang wajar ditentang dan dihapuskan.”

(Below: Malaysia is on the world map of countries that persecute Christians)

Release International - Persecution Map 2012-12-27 17-17-15

Northern knives out for Norman

Many in Pakatan Rakyat threw “a hissy fit” after Norman Fernandez’s article ‘PAS a danger to non-Muslims‘ was made into a leaflet and inserted in all the Chinese newspapers in Penang. Colleagues were particularly hissy because Norman is the deputy chairman of DAP Johor and his article sounding a caution against PAS was circulated in the northern DAP stronghold just prior to their recent congress.

Norman had wanted to “spread the message of impending danger from religious lunatics with their own interpretation of religion”.

As a faithful party man, it’s only natural that Norman has got PAS – and not his own DAP – on mind when he warns, “God forbid if these religious zealots and closet religious tyrants come to rule Malaysia.”

He sees PAS as a “fanatical, non-compromising, intolerant religious zealot” party.

Unlike PAS, the DAP may not have been founded as a religious party but it’s very quickly getting there. The new party membership – a threefold increase since 2008 – of evangelical Christians are beginning to grab the reins of power from the DAP old timers.

Secular septuagenarians Karpal, 72, Kit Siang, 71, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, 70 and Fong Kui Lun, 66 are the last of the Mohicans in the central executive committee where the evangelical young Turks are making their presence felt.

Hannah Yeoh and Zairil
Hannah Yeoh and Zairil

Jerusubang Ah Beng pun pandai mentakfir

According to Norman, PAS holds non-Muslims to be “nothing more than godless infidels”.

Nonetheless Norman should also be made aware that the fanatical supporters of his Jerusubang colleagues have similarly regarded me an unbeliever / godless infidel as well and scrawling their holier-than-thou rants at my blog.

So you see, the religious fanatics who run around with a branding iron in their kafir-mengkafir witch hunt are nowadays as likely to be from DAP as they are from PAS.

Plus DAPster inquisitors are more vile than PASters in conducting cyber smear campaigns.

DAPster stone throwers
Yeopies throwing stones and brandishing pitchforks

Religious education in Johor

Johor at tertiary level has the Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor (Marsah) which conducts twinning programmes with Egypt’s celebrated Al-Azhar University,and Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Johor (Maahad) that caters for the lower and upper sixth forms.

Religious schools in Johor are integrated under the Sekolah Rendah Agama Bersepadu (SRAB) system, a network which extends to Sekolah Menengah Agama Kerajaan Johor (SMAKJ).

What all these go to show is that Islam in Johor is state-supervised, systematic and well-organised compared with the PAS-ruled states of the north where sekolah-sekolah pondok still operate. This sekolah pondok mentality is why it was in Penang that the infamous episode took place where a PAS khatib memanjatkan doa kita sembahyang jemaah agar Guan Eng dikurniakan hidayah.

Hence it’s unsurprising that Norman, living in Johor, has got a more level head on his shoulder than his DAP counterparts in the north.


Evangelistas behind the wheel

The DAP publicity bureau is headed by Tony Pua whose assistants are Zairil Khir Johari and Ms Tudung Teo Nie Ching. All three belong to the Guan Eng coterie and the evangelist faction has control of the levers of party propaganda.

Of the 30 DAP members in the CEC, there is only one Johor representative — state DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau (CEC name chart here). It is Guan Eng’s men who are strong in numbers in the committee.

The pity of the DAP power play is that sensible politicians like the party’s Johoreans come under attack from their own rival factions within.


DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez has rung the alarm bells on religious zealot politicians – the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

His party and PAS are unable to see eye-to-eye on kalimah Allah and their mullahs and evangelist Talibans will soon be at loggerheads. There is only one possible outcome from the trajectory of their politicking, which is the escalation of religious extremism coming from both ends – the Muslim far right and the Christian far right.

I’ve written before that the country closest to Malaysia in terms of religious demography is Lebanon. You know what happened there.


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  1. Read ‘Malaysia’s Regime Change – True or False’ by Nile Bowie. The barbarians are at the gate. Why developed countries are permitted to do their own thing ? Why not Malaysia who is a friend to all ? Why must our innocent men, women and children get killed, maim or injured ? Why ?

  2. The persecution and demonisation of Christians exist only in the deranged minds of those who claim persecution and demonisation.

  3. I have few questions to ask: who makes the christian persecution map? Is it a christian group or a group which doesn’t not practice any religion? Is there any persecution map for other religions as well? Methinks, if we can compare persecution maps of all religions, that would make our understanding on this issue much better. TQ

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