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Look at this picture, heh-heh-heh

Christmas … “Peace on Earth and goodwill to Man”.

Did Lim Guan Eng’s Christmas eve message three days ago promote harmony among Malaysians?

Does the Penang Chief Minister even enjoy the goodwill of his own deputy?


In Syed Akbar Ali’s blog yesterday — ‘Ostat Guan Eng’s Satanic Greetings

“When Guan Eng became Chief Minister he started quoting about khalifah Umar bin Abdul Azeez. Everything was ‘Umar Abdul Azeez said this’, Umar Abdul Azeez said that’ bla bla bla. Just to get the Malay vote (bold red emphasis originally by SAA).”

Is it goodwill that Guan Eng’s evangelistas feel the most for their fellow Malaysians?


They are always accusing BN of playing the Race and Religion card. At the same time they fail to see the same in Guan Eng’s Christmas message.

The Born Again experience relates to the gospel story of St Paul the Apostle. Saul – soon to be reborn as Paul – was journeying on the road to Damascus when he was temporarily struck blind. Then “He Saw the Light”.

DAPsters are clearly afflicted by a selective blindness. Are they blinded by love? Or by hate?

Let’s examine Guan Eng’s 2012 Christmas greeting and see what kind of feelings are promoted in the content.

374 words / seven paragraphs

It is Christmas but Guan Eng’s greeting centred on Lynas, AES and the outflow of dirty money. Are these topics which promote brotherhood or will they incline his listeners to hate the government?

If you’re still musing over an answer, note also that Guan Eng associated the words “lies”, “injustice”, “irresponsible”, ” fear tactics” and “cronies” with his opponents.

At the same time, he linked “truth, freedom, justice, democracy and integrity” with himself and “principles and idealism” with his party.

(Analysis of Guan Eng’s identical Malaysian First stock phrases, read here.)

In short, his festive wishes were all about running down others and heaping praises on himself and what he describes as “Penang’s achievements”, such as  never “putting profits over people”.

Ask the Kg Buah Pala villagers if Guan Eng put them above profit
Ask the Kg Buah Pala villagers if Guan Eng put them above profit

Guan Eng’s past Christmas and Wesak greetings

In Guan Eng’s 2011 Wesak Day message, he said:

“…DAP calls on all Malaysians to stand up for peace and harmony by uniting against extremists and [sic] that wants to see Malaysia burn with hatred and violence.”

He further asked:

“Are non-Malays and non-Muslims an easy target to be blamed and kicked based on lies just to distract attention from the real problems affecting 27 million Malaysians?”

In Guan Eng’s 2010 Christmas Day message he said:

“Malaysians must reject those who preach hate and violence to the extent of calling for the bloody May 13 tragedy to be declared as a sacred day that should be celebrated.

“Let us reject these pseudo-Malaysians who are extremists, racists and greedy cronies of corruption.”

Supported by The Star

In my posting yesterday, I pointed out that The Star failed to run any commentary about how Guan Eng tried to lay claim to kalimah Allah.

There is still no coverage in The Star today of the Guan Eng attempt to hijack ‘Allah’ nor of his subsequent backpedalling the following day.

Why is the MCA paper covering up for him?

A blast from the past clues us in.

Calling for non-Muslim unity

Guan Eng had previously invited MCA to join hands with his party in opposing Perkasa dan Utusan, saying:

“DAP is willing to work with all Malaysians including non-UMNO component members in BN to oppose this crusade and demand action against Utusan Malaysia and Ibrahim Ali’s reckless opportunism and irresponsible adventurism.”

From the consistent trend and tone of The Star reporting, you’d think that the paper’s owner MCA has indeed taken up the offer for cooperation by Guan Eng.

To recap, Guan Eng in his Christmas messages accuses other people of:

  • preaching hate
  • inciting violence / fearmongering
  • being extremists / racists
  • being “greedy cronies of corruption”
  • being irresponsible / lying

And in his Wesak message, he specifically accused Ibrahim Ali of “reckless opportunism and irresponsible adventurism”.

Evaluating words against the actual outcome

Below are Guan Eng’s words:

“Only if we cleanse hatred from our hearts and fill our soul with love can we find peace, balance and harmony with our lives and with each other.”

Well. that’s how Guan Eng and his evangelistas talk. And that’s how The Star likes to portray them to its 1.3 million readership.

That’s why The Star quoted the following line – “Christmas celebrates the blessings of peace, prosperity, forgiveness and salvation” – from Guan Eng’s 2012 Christmas eve message but chose not to inform its readers about the furore that arose.

If someone Malay-illiterate read only The Star and nothing else for his news, he might actually believe that Guan Eng’s Christmas message truly promoted peace, harmony and goodwill (just like what the paper told them).


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17 thoughts on “Look at this picture, heh-heh-heh

  1. his comments on his opponents, they only go to show that the man has an inferiority complex. he needs people to constantly praise him. I can understand why, I m sure many people can too. after all, the man himself admitted that he’s a failed accountant.

    the villagers of Kg Buah Pala, they deserve our help and sympathy. but after almost 5 years in power in Penang, we have to ask ourselves. other than the folks of Kg Buah Pala, who else are the victims of the man’s dictatorial rule ?

    clearly the man does not believe in karma, cause and effect. the GE is coming soon. maybe, just maybe, the man will know what the word karma means after the results of the GE are announced. Peace and have a nice day.

    1. Besides KBP, hundreds of families in Kampung Pokok Assam, Kampung Binjai, Kampung Genting in Penang – and I’m sure there are a few more recent cases – have met a similar fate.

  2. If you want to consider The Star as a covert Pakatan Rakyat ally, using their little coverage over the Allah issue as evidence, you can also include the NST and The Sun also.

    Today’s edition of the New Straits Times did not have any articles about it. In fact, they did not take the initiative to make hay/pour the petrol over this issue.

    More correctly, the English papers did not “menuangkan minyak” on this issue.

    1. Assuming that NST has a Malay readership base, it makes more sense that Star shouldn’t have buried the story as it’s been catering to the Christians throughout the Christmas month.

      I mentioned earlier that NST quoted Ali Rustam as saying LGE did it to divert attention.

      Me no read Sun due to its erratic standards over the years.

      1. SUN newspaper = toilet paper.

        p.s. My sincerest apologies to all toilet paper for such condeming comparison.

        1. The paper’s gone through so many editorial management changes. I didn’t even pick up a copy when it was distributed for free at the guardhouse of the condo where (I used to) live.

          What’s it like now?

          1. Can’t say, I too haven’t pick up a copy in ages, eventhough its free, ever since I read CitizenNades “impartial” editorials and it’s dissenting reporting. To have an alternative view is fine, but to dissent for the sake of it, is just not on.

        2. For a piece of toilet paper, I heard they really pack a punch when they did that expose on that PKFZ thingy.

          Can’t say the same about Utusan. They just said in court they don’t have time to check facts. As no facts are printed in their rags, its safe to say their journo staff are redundant.

  3. Helen,

    Antara Yahudi dan Palestine meskipun ada isu yang berlarutan berzaman-zaman lamanya, namun semuanya tenang dan terkawal ke satu masa hinggalah Barat masuk campur.

    Adakalanya pertikaian antara dua pihak perlukan orang ketiga untuk jadi moderator, pendamai atau penimbangtara. Pihak tengah harus bertindak secara bijak, amanah, neutral dan bebas dari memiliki agenda peribadi.

    Malangnya dalam pertikaian Palestin-Yahudi, Barat hanya memiliki satu ciri iaitu kebijakan (dan kelicikan) tetapi Barat tidak menunjukkan ciri-ciri amanah, neutral dan ikhlas.

    Bukan kerana Barat sememangnya tidak amanah, jujur dan ikhlas tetapi khusus dalam isu Palestin-Yahudi, Barat adalah pihak yang tidak bebas dari memiliki kepentingan dan agenda tersendiri.

    Atas sebab itu jangan hairan kalau Barat terus jadi orang tengah antara Palestin dan Yahudi, sampai kucing bertanduk sekalipun pertikaian tidak akan berakhir.

    Makanya dalam isu KM dan penggunaan ‘Allah’, pihak yang terlibat secara langsung dan tidak langsung harus faham apakah peranan KM Dapster dalam isu ini.

    Apakah Guan Eng hendak dianggap sebagai Barat dan isu Yahudi-Palestinnya? Apakah umpama AS dan Arab Springnya? Atau beramanah, bebas dan ikhlas umpama “Lord Bao Zheng”?

  4. Recently, a former classmate who is DAPster recently quoted Muhyiddin calling DAP a racist party in a Star article on his facebook and he went on an UMNO bashing rampage the whole morning on it with comments by his anti UMNO buddies.

    Even if there are articles that is anti DAP once a while, it is always to quote some UMNO leader hence making the articles as hate bait against UMNO. The Star also have no qualms with anti PAS articles like when that chameleon Wong Chun Wai in one of his mundane editorials whacked PAS over the salon fines.

    Which shows the ethos of The Star, if it says bad things about DAP, it is from the mouth of UMNO leaders and its normal to portray PAS as barbarians so since once UMNO is done, its PAS’ turn to become the force of drakness while Hannah Yeoh and Tokong are circus superstars.

    1. Thanks for your observation FC that if The Star “says bad things about DAP, it is [reported] from the mouth of UMNO leaders”.

      Meaning the paper does not have any political analysts (aside from a lady whom I shall not name) willing to do a critical dissection of the evangelista putar-belit but rather The Star only carries articles on Umno badmouthing DAP and thus making its readers ABU even more.

      1. they are always in a state of perpetual hysteria. but in order to get into a state of perpetual hysteria, they need to, in your words, use what UMNO leaders say as bait, to get there. to these Dapsters, the words of UMNO leaders are the equivalent of Viagra. this goes to show that these Dapsters are worthless. they need other people to help them to get in perpetual hysteria mode. what la these Dapsters.

        LOL. Perpetual hysteria is orgasmic (to DAPsters). — Helen



    [Tunku Aziz’s column (22 Dec 2012) titled ‘DAP’s triumph of chauvinistic will’ @]


    Dear A. Aziz,

    I’ve replaced your copypaste of the entire Tunku Aziz NST article with the url (which should suffice).

    Similarly – am not admonishing you but it’s just me saying in general – not encouraged also: Entire comment in capital letters or whole paragraphs in bold.

    I’ve not put up any user terms and conditions for commenting but I reserve the right to make up any ‘rules’ as we go along :)



  6. Seems the Pakatoons higher echelons are in panic mode with the tokong Allah issue on Christmas. I bet the way PAS responded negatively in Harakah and the grassroot PASster reaction has prompted this meeting.

    Its said Tokong resurrected the zombie al Kitab to divert attention from the Ngeh Nga gangster scandal with the Kelantan land. Interesting what will happen next?

    Zairil hok kata Bos dia tu disalah-tafsir oleh semua media, ka-ka-kah. — Helen

  7. Meanwhile, PAS suggest making Islamic studies compulsory for all students in Malaysia in light of the Allah issue, when they mean all students include non Muslims? lol. And look at that big ALLAH in arabic in the article, its like warning’Cubalah guna kalau Berani’…but to who?

    Seems PAS is avoiding asking senile Nik Aziz to comment as he might say more rubbish like non Muslims using Allah will make them technically Muslims.

    “Christians using Allah will make them technically Muslims” sounds sensible to me. PAS should tell DAP that. — Helen

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