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Umno’s fault, again

Pro-MCA blog Stop the Lies posted today on how DAP Superman (a nickname) Hew Kuan Yaw reportedly said he wants to “sever the reproductive organ of an MCA leader” – no prizes for guessing which MCA leader.

The Star is undoubtedly a DAP tool used against MCA albeit not necessarily to snip off a reproductive organ. (More like stab in the back.)

A latest casualty of The Scissors is MCA publicity bureau deputy head Loh Seng Kok.

(Screenshot below, Star article link here)

‘Wake up to the ways of PAS’ - Nation The Star Online 2012-12-30 23-01-35

The Star had described Loh, an MCA presidential council member, as taking a “snipe” at Lim Guan Eng. The paper’s choice of word is a sly cut — one of the many, many that it has inflicted on its Jurassic-age and walnut-brained owner.

Meaning of snipe, noun: “a contemptible person”

Definition of snipe, verb: “To make malicious, underhand remarks or attacks” ( or “to shoot at someone from a hidden place” (Macmillan dictionary) and from which we get the word sniper (professional shooter using telescopic-sight rifle in the movies).

Loh Seng Kok is not a contemptible person for sniping at Guan Eng as The Star portrays but rather what he said was perfectly true. There was indeed no reason at all for Guan Eng to exploit the Allah controversy in a Christmas message.

And neither was Loh’s statement any kind of malicious, underhanded, covert attack as the paper’s choice of word “snipe” implies. Loh’s criticism of the Allah stunt pulled by Guan Eng was valid and most deserved.

Instead it is The Star that is continually snipping and snipping away at the MCA and BN.

What irony that while Guan Eng is said by Tunku Aziz to cakap “berpusing-pusing”, the MCA paper yet contrives to cast such a bad light on the party’s own spokesman who criticized the DAP sec-gen.

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporters interview Hannah Yeoh every other day

Think on this seriously

The uproar from Guan Eng’s incitement on the Allah word was on a seismic scale meriting a stack of high-level editorials and commentaries. But the public furore failed to register a ripple in The Star.

And when the paper finally reported on the matter viz. Loh Seng Kok’s press release, it makes him and not Guan Eng out to be the bad guy.

Today’s big story in blogosphere is how an intrepid Malay blogger managed to capture on film the anti-Lynas hunger strikers surreptitiously taking a bite. Now if The Star was one jot pro-BN, this type of expose would have been just the investigative reporting the paper might undertake. But no.

The Star reports this sort of stuff:

The paper provided saturation coverage to the appearance of ‘Mother Mary’ in Subang Jaya but failed to mention – not even once – that the Subang Jaya City Harvest Church was implicated by Singapore authorities in a money laundering charge to the tune of millions of ringgit.

Why the conspiratorial silence?

And guess what

The Star is a resource-rich company controlling a variety of media assets (magazines, radio stations as well as having its own 17-storey Damansara tower block and recording studio) plus not to mention employing thousands of editorial staff.

Get this.

The paper sent its reporter to cover a Guan Eng press conference and this journo – ex-Malaysiakini and wife of the NUJ-Star president who tweeted “Oi Big Mama” – is on such chummy terms with Hannah Yeoh that the thrilled DAP Subang Jaya Adun tweeted the said reporter’s photo at the said event.

It’s truly mind-boggling how the general public can keep insisting that The Star is an MCA paper.

Something seriously wrong with MCA

A couple of days ago, Chua Soi Lek mengamok and labeled pro-Umno bloggers as having “no reporting ethics”.

Chua Soi Lek also blamed pro-Umno bloggers for not helping to burnish the reputation of his party.

He’s missing something, obviously.

Pro-Umno bloggers do not need to answer to Dr Chua or to the MCA. You’d think that if the MCA president had wanted to vent his spleen, the more appropriate target would be located in his own backyard.

(A) His party is suffering bad press.

(B) His party owns a huge media empire.

(C) How can the owner of a highly profitable media conglomerate be at the same time suffering such bad press? Hullo, hullo, your business IS the press industry.

(D) How then can this media magnate turn around and blame bloggers – bloggers! are not paid reporters, okay – for the bad press suffered by his party?

Or does Chua Soi Lek additionally wish to fingerpoint Umno-owned media such as Utusan too?


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9 thoughts on “Umno’s fault, again

    1. I used to read the Star but not anymore.. When i buy newspaper, i buy Harian Metro, at least i know for sure it is a tabloid.

  1. Halen,

    You are implicating something that is very serious and deep. The deeper you go the more unthinkable scenario exposed. And you have done this, like almost every single day. But why is MCA did not response. Not listening, never heard of this blog. No response at all. Not even a words denying you suggestion that Star editorial in controlled by DAP.

    If that is so, then MCA and DAP is one. Both are going against BN. Then we should say thank Hassan Ali. He saw this thing much earlier.

    When will you stop Helen? It is pretty obvious that conspiracy is here to stay.

    1. Dah berbuih mulut saya sebut pasal ni, both DAP & MCA promoting the rocket agenda. Tak boleh percaya depa ni. Lagi banyak fikir, rasanya makin certain that Soi Lek ni sepupu KimGE kot…. its an evil dynasty!

  2. Apa apa pun, selamat tinggal tahun 2012, selamat datang 2013. Semoga rakyat Malaysia membuat keputusan terbaik bagi PRU13.Selamat Tahun Baru Masihi ke 2013 kepada semua orang di blog ini dan Cik Helen.Salam Sejahtera.

  3. Chua S L is actually trying to look for excuse to tell the Chinese voters that now UMNO had sideline the Chinese ,so MCA will not make it anyway look yourself for other alternative party to choose in the coming GE.
    Ai…….ya……manyak kuat main loo ini olang.

    Why called UMNO bloggers in the first place ?.

  4. The fact is that all the 3 past presidents of MCA CSL , OTK and OKT are all bloody failures. These 3 are just a bunch of cocky assholes who will blame anyone else apart from themselves or MCA.

    Now CSL will have many excuses if they fail in the elections. Whats the point that he bring up the sabotage in Gopeng now or why point out now about not receiving funds for their Ampang campaign Why couldnt this be brought up 4 years ago.

    These assholes becoming just like the dumb ass chief minister.

    Like always chinese will be chinese they only care about themselves nothing else matters ethics no loyalty no nothing.

    These MCA assholes already sudah angkat tangan / surrendered for their own benefits and agendas

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