$omething seriousl¥ wrong with arrogant M€A

January 1, 2013 at 6:08 pm 6 comments

Forrrestcat, a regular commenter in this blog, pointed out a most interesting phenomenon.

He had observed:

“Even if there are articles [in The Star] that is anti DAP once a while, it is always to quote some UMNO leader hence making the articles as hate bait against UMNO. […] Which shows the ethos of The Star, if it says bad things about DAP, it is from the mouth of UMNO leaders …”

Meaning that whenever the paper is forced to print something negative about DAP, it will frame the scene as Umno leaders saying nasty things about the Chinese opposition rather than publishing opinion-editorials by its own writers in their own names, e.g.

The Star‘s “race bait”

As we know, DAP has adamantly painted the deputy prime minister as a Malay ultra. If The Star screams in its headline – cited above – that Muhyiddin says DAP is racist, there’s more than a chance that readers will simply dismiss the allegation as mere name-calling.

On the other hand, DAP has been relentlessly brainwashing opposition supporters that Muhyiddin is “Malay First” (code word for Race Bigot).

“Justice”, “freedom”, “human dignity”, “integrity”, “righteousness”, “above race”, blah blah blah are all fine words difficult to fault particularly when any DAP detractor is further accused as being a godless infidel (perangai kafir-mengkafir DAPster sebiji macam orang PAS).

A headline like ‘Muhyiddin: DAP a racist party’ will not convince the paper’s Jerusubang diehards and will only have the opposite effect, backfiring.

Forrrestcat is correct to say that the approach taken by The Star is setting “hate bait”.

It don’t gel

There is nothing else, no other content, in The Star which shores up Muhyiddin’s statement reported as a one-off. An analogy would be if tomorrow Utusan were to publish an article quoting Dr Chen Man Hin (DAP veteran) as saying Bintang Tiga are freedom fighters.

Can Utusan readers be readily convinced that communist equals hero? Such a thought is as out of sync in Utusan as DAP-equals-racist is in The Star milieu.

The Star has thousands of journalists but you can count those who have ever written critically about DAP 2.0 on the fingers of one hand.

One, Joceline Tan who has been personally attacked by Lim Guan Eng (reported in the Chinese media) for her gallant effort

Two, K. Baradan who, as far as I’m aware, is a guest columnist and not regular Star staff

Three, Wong Chun Wai once in a blue moon but he is reputed to enjoy a multi-million annual paycheque as Group Editor and other job titles/directorship. It figures, obviously, that he will want to look after his rice bowl as well as having his underlings keep my blog under 24/7 surveillance

Four, Sira Habibu

There. Like I said, tak perlu bilang 5 jari pun. Unless you can suggest more names to add to the list.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Star high class, we all low class

So let’s Google ‘Sira Habibu’ because I’ve noticed that her byline often goes with news items that the paper’s Chinese reporters don’t wish to dirty their hands with.

By the way, the racial composition of The Star editorial mirrors DAP delegates at their recent national congress.

Sira Habibu and Regina Lee are both reporters on the Star newsdesk.


A sampling of Sira’s Star articles:

A sampling of Regina Lee’s Star articles:

Regina Lee, incidentally, is the wife of Teh Eng Hock whose “Oi Big Mama” tweet did not deter the paper from giving him a promotion shortly after.

You can see that there is a difference in tone to the Sira and Regina articles on DAP.


Pride comes before a fall

Bloggers like bandits, no standard

How does the nature of The Star relate to Dr Chua’s tirade against pro-Umno bloggers?

Dr Chua’s arrogant attitude is not only with regard to bloggers but across the board about other writings in cyberspace.

MCA feels high and mighty (tak pandang pada blogger) because they own a national newspaper with 1.3 million readers a day. After all, who reads our blogs?

MCA is also secure in the knowledge when that the need arises, their paper can be instructed to print articles like ‘DAP is a racist party’, says Muhyiddin.

The Star is making heaps of profits because its English readers are well-to-do and as an example, its Subang story today (screenshot below) is what they desire to read.

Not the cheap trash that Umno ‘snipe‘ bloggers (in the eyes of Jerusubang) write in the Malay language — this is the real reason behind Dr Chua’s rant.

Hannah Yeoh site thestar.com.my - Google Search 2013-01-01 17-14-35


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Thanks a million Hanya Muslim yang rapuh iman boleh begitu mudah konpius, kata juru strategi DAP

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  • 1. atas pagar  |  January 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Based on your explanation about inaccuracy surrounding the use of the word “snipe” in the Star, it seems only a linguistic specialist who could uncover the misreporting and thence to prove that they also practicing gutter journali$m?

    Contrary to Ong Kia Meng’s tweeter message, he seems to believe Utusan as the only media capable of misreporting and printing outrageous lies? So who actually is right and who is wrong here?

    Being an avid supporter of that newspaper, it’s not unusual for OKM to turn a blind eye on the outrageous lies printed by that newspaper.

    What about the owner?

    Is it not ironic when the owner behaves like this: “kuman seberang laut (bloggers) boleh nampak tetapi SNIPER belakang Star mereka tidak Nampak”?

    • 2. Helen Ang  |  January 1, 2013 at 8:21 pm

      Since OKM is a DAP member and the party’s election strategist, his view of Utusan is hardly surprising and thus the tweet a matter of his personal opinion (unless the paper wants to take some kind of legal action).

      At issue is The Star Editor’s Choice retweeting it. Plus the fact of the paper’s close relationship with OKM and Pakatan people in OKM’s shoes for the programme to be lopsidedly dominated by the anti-establishment voices as invited guests.

      e.g. see the Star Twitter list that has got only the names of Pakatan politicians


      • 3. STAR itu Cina tetap Cina juga  |  January 2, 2013 at 12:39 am

        Nak buat macam mana? Dah STAR tu Cina dia tetap racist dan bias kepada Cina. Cuma Melayu mcm Nazri dan Najib je yang sanggup cium tangan anak-anak Cina yang pijak gambar mereka. Mereka ni ingat Cina baik sebab mereka dapat tempias dari kontraktor Cina.

        Mcm Muhyuddin, Melayu patut contohi Cina. Bebas dan tak bergantung kepada Kerajaan UMNO (kononnya tapi berpuluh bilion subsidi disel UMNO bagi). Melayu patut contoh Cina tak sembayang, tak percaya tuhan, gila duit, kerja tak ada etika asal untung, bagi rasuah pada pegawai jabatan kerajaan Melayu.

        Cina STAR naik tocang sebab kepimpinan Melayu bahlol. Otak macam Muhyidin mcm mana nak majukan Melayu atau Cina boleh respek.

        Melayu patut bangga sekarang ekonomi 20% kepunyaan Melayu tapi bukan Melayu dah hampir 70% Pak Bebal ooi. Kira-kira pun tak tahu. Begitu rendah tahap otak kepimpinan Melayu kini.

        Projek bilion yang dibuat oleh UMNO ada ke sampai kepada orang Melayu? Tak ada. Bila Cina kaya mereka tak pandang lagi Najib atau Muhyiddin.

        Tapi mereka akan pencen kaya.. itu saja yang dia orang tahu.

  • 4. oviruses65@kiyaijr.com  |  January 1, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Reblogged this on Oviruses 65.

  • 5. beastofburden  |  January 1, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Stopped reading the star ages ago ….only on saturday though Joceline Tan and Katz tales ….apart from that star is just a waste of RM 1.20. Further more 3/4 of the papers are full of advertisments so whats the point. Like most dailies they print what they want you to read and not what we need to read.
    Do we really need to read about a so called lorry that was stolen, we would never know it may have been towed away or repossessed and yet they print this crap…..cheap publicity for DAP

    Quote Sun Tzu below would conform to Stars managements policies, editorial and journalistic attributes at the present time.

    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.

    The key phrase in the quote ” be the director of the opponents fate:

    Yes we all know who are the directors of STAR are!!!

  • 6. marhaeman  |  January 1, 2013 at 9:34 pm


    Saya ingin merujuk kepada laporan The Star berhubung Jenayah ragut yang memetik kata-kata dari Hannah Yeoh. Apa yang saya perhatikan ialah penjenayah ragut perlukan wang bukan sangat untuk mengisi perut tetapi untuk memenuhi tuntutan gaya hidup/hobi/aktiviti di bandar.

    Contohnya judi tidak berlesen yang menggamit para pengunjung untuk mencuba nasib dan apabila nasib tidak menyebelahi mereka maka para pengunjung perlukan lebih banyak wang kalau mahu terus memenuhi nafsu perjudian.

    Pertanyaanya ialah bagaimana hendak mendapatkan wang yang lebih itu? Curi? Rompak? Ragut? Rasuah? Berniaga? Minta derma? Atau cara lain?

    Nampaknya, sudah banyak lontaran idea dan tindakan yang telah diambil oleh YB SJ dalam hal ini sejak 2009 tetapi apabila The Star masih melaporkan isu ini, adalah jelas yang ianya belum mencapai sasaran yang ditetapkan.

    Makanya, timbul kesangsian sama ada pendekatan sama perlu diteruskan atau satu pendekatan lain perlu dicari bagi memastikan jenayah ragut tidak menimbulkan masalah berterusan di kawasan YB PJ?

    Secara peribadi, saya berpandangan iaitu sama ada YB PJ berusaha menutup semua premis yang menyediakan perkhidmatan untuk para pelanggan menjalani gaya hidup/hobi/aktiviti terkini, tetapi ianya dikunjungi oleh para pelanggan yang mana pengetahuan tentang pengurusan kewangan mereka masih rendah.

    Atau YB boleh jadikan PJ sebuah bandar yang mana para warganya patuh kepada ajaran agama – takut kepada hukuman Tuhan, yakni takut melakukan jenayah – iaitu dengan mengedarkan lebih banyak maklumat tentang “take PJ for Yesu” hinggalah ke satu masa tidak seorang pun berani melanggar perintah Yesu.


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