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Thanks a million

Your 2012 year in blogging 2013-01-01 10-28-27 map
Click on map to see country count stats Helper Monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.


This blog is 17 months old. I launched it on 28 July 2011.

I had earlier booked the ‘helenang’ domain name in December 2008 but left the site dormant for 2½ years.

Among my favourite images to have appeared in this blog is the one below in ‘Deklarasi Alim-Alim Kuching‘ (a cartoon feature – the dwarf is wearing an Omega on his wrist, btw).


My web traffic has almost trebled from the same period the year before, with a marked spike coming on the heels of my most popular posting to date, i.e. the one on the Pakatan Merdeka Day dove logo.

You can view my blog data by clicking on the 2012 report prepared by the WordPress service provider.

Site Stats ‹ Helen Ang — WordPress 2013-01-01 02-25-45

Some visitors land here via the search engines on key words (screenshot above — about 30,000 searches are on ‘helen ang’, ‘helenang’, ‘helen ang blog’ and similar permutations)

Other visitors in 2011 and 2012 were redirected from:

Your 2012 year in blogging 2013-01-01 10-25-42

Your 2011 year in blogging 2013-01-01 00-55-15

Blogs are so yesterday …

Nowadays everyone is tweeting. (No, I do not have any Twitter account. I’m yesterday, remember? But I’d appreciate your tweeting my shortlinks / tinyurl)

As I’ve mentioned before, two established bloggers helped send traffic my way when I first started. I owe great thanks to Rocky and A Voice.

Also to the FMT editor and the M2Day admin for aggregating my blog.

The top referring sites to mine in 2012 can be viewed @ the annual report with again topping the list.

TOP5 (2)

Much appreciated

My 2012 top commenters were MiNY (Malaysian in New York), I.D.A., Shamshul Anuar, Joe and Ahmad Ibrahim.

Xie xie to these guys and everyone who participated for making our Comment section highly interactive.

Particular thanks to regular readers melonhead, Ahmad Ibrahim, Calvin Sankaran and anakjamil for coining/introducing our favourite words — DAPster, perpetual hysteria, Dear Leader and Jerusubang.

Also to Calvin, mekyam and goondoo whose input I’ve put up as postings proper.

Christmas millionaire but no shopping

Racist5Irony of ironies but my blog crossed the million hits mark on Dec 25.

Yup, of all the 365 days of the year it, had to be on Christmas. Can we say to the evangelistas that their god works in mysterious ways?

The hot-air baboon screaming ‘Racist!’ – another one of my fav images – posting can be read here (8 Oct 2012).


My most debated posting was ‘Politik perang salib DAP‘ on 8 April 2012 with 249 comments.

Among my own personal favourites are:

I have 5 postings linking YouTube performances by the Finnish symphonic metal rock band Nightwish: music video (1), video (2), video (3), video (4) and video (5).

If you like my work, please do tell your friends to visit. Thanks again and Happy New year.

Click below to view (it’s quite interesting) 2012 stats


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

29 thoughts on “Thanks a million

  1. happy 13, helen!

    thank you for hosting a most lovely and lively virtual serambi to stop by everyday. i’ve enjoyed all the repasts, whether i partook or not.

    needless to say, i’ve enjoyed the random company and the [thoughtful, thoughtless and/or thought-inspiring] “foods” everyone brought with them. :)

    *to new heights!*

  2. Hi Helen,

    congratz and happy new year! And happy belated birthday too!!!
    Just talk n dont afraid. Cakap apa saja. Yg penting, kalau boleh bawa positifnya, then its good already.

  3. happy birthday helen.. you deserve every accolade for your thorough, thought-provoking inputs …. keep them coming.

  4. happy new year Helen. thanks a million for this blog. without it, there would one less avenue for people like me to express our views since people like me and like minded people are “not welcomed” in certain so called sites that are devoted to “freedom of expression” and all those other blah blah blah. thanks a million. you have our support.

  5. and the hunger strikers at Dataran Merdeka were caught eating at a nearby restaurant. what a way to start the new year. ha ha ha !

    1. Those were probably BN people trying to discredit the protesters. HAhaha… Only Dumno supporters will believe. Hahaha…

  6. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch und Vielen Dank Kak Helen! Blog ini menjadi tempat yang wajib disinggah bila saya online. Selamat Tahun Baru, semoga Kak Helen sentiasa diberi kesihatan yang baik untuk terus menulis.

  7. hahaha aku bukan commenter, tapi stalker semasa cuti semester. La ni dah sambung semester baru ada kureng sikit, tapi apapun aku masih tweetkan kpd bapak menteri dan YB YB content blog helen neh. tahniah helen, aku nak bg hadiah buku. tolong email alamatnya ya. org lain kena belilah… hehe

  8. Congrats Helen.

    I started blogging two months after you started this blog. I was actually sort of benchmarking my blog after yours all these while. Not unlike you, I also have no tweeter or Facebook accounts to promote my blog.

    However, I think your blog is of a higher league than mine, achieving the one million page views while mine is still half way there. Your research capabilities and acumen in spotting issues are simply amazing.

    Salute to you and all the best. Happy New Year.

    1. This is cute. I’m a regular reader of your blog too and I was planning this year to write in a more personalized way like you do, i.e. you have your own distinctive style and I think readers place a greater emotional investment in your writing/thoughts/experiences than they do mine.

      My reasoning is that after the GE is over and done with, the present intense interest that political junkies are showing will eventually peter off.

      So the product, i.e. our blog content, will have to evolve and be repackaged.

      Have a good stay in Taiwan and please keep updating your blog ‘cos I like reading.

  9. I remember ,when i first visited and it was only 25,000 + hits . Good luck sis, and million more hits before Election!!.

  10. Congratzzzz Helen! Great job girlfren! I love the wit (and sarcasm) in your articles. Keep them coming ya!

    I think even after PRU13 when BN dah menang, the Pakatoons & evangelistas & Kims & the Yeopites will not rest … part of their hatred mongering nature. So, banyak kerja lagi Helen to ensure only the truth be told.

    I wish you courage & strength for 2013. Take Care Helen!

  11. Congratulations & Happy New Year Helen..

    A million hit, huh? Even though I am not the most brightest commentator (compared to the rest), since my political knowledge is almost none, I enjoyed reading your posts as well as reading the comment section… hence, I am not bit surprised with the 1M hit as your blog is a daily must read to me.

    I also would like to say Thank You to everyone, pro-BN or pro-Oppo for stating their case, though some incoherently but I appreciate it nonetheless as it’s a valuable knowledge to me.

    Once again, Thank You for allowing me to participate and to everyone else: have a Happy & Blessed New Year,may your days be filled with love & laughters.

  12. Happy New Year everyone. Some pointers for 2013.

    HEALTH – Drink plenty of water, live with 3E’s – Energy, Enthusiasm & Empathy, make time to pray, sit in silence for 10 minutes each day to reflect your day, take a 30 minute walk and while you walk carry a smile with it.

    PERSONALITY – Don’t over do it, keep your limits, don’t waste your precious energy on gossips, dream more while you are awake, envy is a waste of time, you already have all you need, Life is too short to waste time in hating anyone, don’t hate others, make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present, No one is in charge of your happiness except yourself, You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree.

    SOCIETY – Call you family and friends more often, each day give something good to others, forgive & forgot everyone for everything, spend quality time with people over 70 years & under the age of 6, what other people think of you is none of your business.

    LIFE – live like there is no tomorrow, GOD heals everything, However good or bad a situation is, it will change, when awake in the morning thank GOD for the life he/she has given you, Life is a voyage with ups and downs, both can be useful to make us a better human for humanity. Ciao!!!!

  13. I can’t remember where did I found this blog few weeks ago. Frankly, I just discover your blog by accident. When I read through all your post, I just noticed that this perempuan cina really “something” and your approach to attract Malaysian reader comes from your own x-factor.

    It’s very interesting. I admit that I’m also didn’t have any formal knowledge in political studies and sometimes too exhausted with all this. But I just drop by here just to analyze between fact and fiction to find the truth where sometimes difficult to prove.

    No matter what your/our ideology and understanding, love your families and neighbours.

    Happy New Year. May your new year be blessed, peaceful and prosperous!

    Congrats Helen and keep up your writing.

  14. Happy New Year Helen!

    Keep it up and will always read and twit your post. Reading your blog everyday is like a must. Tak baca rasa mcm tak lengkap. Hehe.

    :D — Helen

  15. Happy New Year and congratulations. Was on a long break, and missed reading your posts. Catching up now. By the way, from my visits, I can safely surmise that my Catholic relatives are voting for the opposition (but they are mostly from Kepong/Segambut, so you know).

  16. Congrats sis !

    You fill a much needed gap in Malaysian blogosphere and your posts are like a glass of teh tarek kau in a cool morning ! A blast of fresh air and a pleasure to read.

    I can imagine the kind of abuse you have to put up with from the Pakatoons and Dapsters and so I salute your guts and bravery.

    Keep it up and you will get your revenge after the GE.

  17. I’ve reduced my visits to this site because of the ads. Seems like it’s going down the road of papagomo and others– bloggers for money.

    Also the stats of visitors from other countries may be misleading. I know of ways to access this site without physically being in the country this site is supposedly accessed from.

    1. Please give me the details. Do they pop up or are they in the sidebars?

      I believe they could be Google ads which are nothing to do with me and beyond my control.

      I’m NOT getting any revenue from this blog and it fact it’s costing me in a lot of backlogged housework, bad diet of instant food (since no time & energy to cook) and neglected social relations.

      If possible can you screenshot? If yes, I will e-mail you at the address you use and you can send them to me to have a look.

      I’m not using Google and hence I don’t see any ads on my screen. Try using another browser. is free to the user (i.e. bloggers like me). Unless I switch to a site which belongs to me, then perhaps the ads that you mention can be averted – which is an option worth looking into but I’m in a comfort zone of familiarity with the present template (inertia).

      And you are among the worst commenters, really, for your consistency in making baseless accusations.

      Couldn’t you bring up the matter that you wanted to raise professionally without plunging headlong into unfounded and most insulting allegations?

    2. Postscript:

      In case my reply above is still not clear enough to you, I have NOT signed up my blog for any ads.

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