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Aktivis Taman Kaya bergiat di Jerusubang

Calvin Sankaran telah mengarang sepucuk surat yang disiarkan di FMT semalam.

DAP Talibans without turbans 2013-01-06 08-57-51

Disalin-tampal (bawah) reaksi di Facebook kepada surat Calvin:

Mohan Geetha · Top Commenter · Works at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What is your point? Why so much garbage to read.
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  Santhira Velu · Federal Institute of Technology (F.I.T)

Interesting Calvin Sankaran you thought process qualifies you to work for Utsans and the likes. Good luck I’m sure Ridtuan would find you his new competition, LGE as far as most are concerned earned his stripes. and LKS is a Malaysian hero for the endurance and sacrifice. I’m sure he was offered a exit many times over to enjoy a good life with his family. Malaysians are grateful.
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  Maya Aditya · Top Commenter · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

All I know is Hannah is married to an Indian but the child was categorized as a Chinese.
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  •   Joe Mamak · Top Commenter · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    They wanted to register the child as Anak Malaysia but were disallowed.
     6 Like · 18 hours ago
  •   Yogin Rb · Top Commenter

    Those criticize Tun M for claiming to be Malay even his father from kerala…. should look at Hannah yeo daugther…. Genetik pun boleh tukar….
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  Steven Tan · Top Commenter · Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Too much nonsense, too much rhetoric, too less substance, too less point. 2/10.
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  Joe Mamak · Top Commenter · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Wow. So much vitriol. :D
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  Sow Yithing · Top Commenter

calvin, DAP must be doing the right thing for the malaysian until you hate them so much, c u at the other end after GE13.
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  Christopher Wong Ping · Head of Business / Sale at Reapfield properties ( Taman Sea )

I think this guy has issues , must be a BN supporter , God please help this guy
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  Man Lee

Calvin Sankaran has written from a confused mind. Lim Guan Eng and company, including LKS, Karpal Singh and all the brave DAP veterans, past and present (such as P Patto, Fan Yew Teng) have all greatly contributed to a better Malaysia. Without the DAP today’s Malaysia, bad as it is, would have been like Zimbabwe, where gangsterism is a way of way. Calvin should try a bit of Yoga meditation to see the truth!
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  Malayan Boey · Top Commenter

Could I join in to laugh at a cybertrooper trying, badly, to earn his monies?
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  Remie Law · Top Commenter · Kota Kinabalu

Ha! Ha! Ha! This writer is not even trying to be savvy.
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  Desmond Thia · Top Commenter

Calvin is talking utter rubbish.
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  Tai Joseph · Monash University

Mr Sankaran has lost his bearings, screws, axle, etc and is falling apart while careening over a cliff. From N. Korea (calling them pariah) to DAP? Christian Taliban? Malaysian racists? Joker.
While trying to impress with his reads and citations, he has forgotten to use his brain (I mean to think).
Malaysians have been living together longer than Malaysia itself. No racism here, except issues to better. Challenge these instead.
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  Sheila Santharamohana · Top Commenter

How much are they paying you Mr Sankaran for this drivel?the least you could have done was to be objective and / or factual.
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  Yogin Rb · Top Commenter

interesting…. nice to read opposite view once in the while…
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People looking

Beberapa persoalan

(1) Gelaran ‘Top Commenter’ bermaksud mereka amat giat mengomen serta popular di Facebook.

Pelayar Internet pro-pembangkang yang sewaktu dengan mereka-mereka ini menguasai media sosial secara menyeluruh. Bukan kebetulan politikus Jerusubang menunjukkan kepimpinan melalui teladan dengan mentweet tak habis-habisan.

(2) Dicedok di atas kesemua komen-komen Facebook yang muncul setakat ini (pukul 9.45 pagi) supaya dapat dinilai keseimbangan kandungan buah pendapat – sama ada komen memaparkan kedua-dua  hujah pro dan kontra. Tapi yang dilihat ialah para pengomen amat berat sebelah, yakni condong kepada DAP.

Twitter  hannahyeoh TQ all for the anniversary ... 2013-01-06 10-04-45
Tweet Hannah Yeoh hari ini

(3) Jelas sekali pengomen-pengomen tidak berminat untuk mengemukakan fakta ataupun untuk membahaskan isu. Komen-komen mereka berciri memaki hamun, memfitnah dan menghina barang sesiapa yang tidak sealiran pendapat.

Mereka berlagak demikian kerana – seperti juga sesetengah pengikut taksub PAS yang memanjatkan Doa Pecah Perut – para evangelista begitu yakin sekali bahawa mereka sahajalah yang dikurniakan hidayah oleh Tuhan.

Hanya mereka yang mengikut jalan lurus, contohnya tweet Hannah Yeoh yang menyebut as for me and my house, we’re gonna serve the Lord“.

Intipatinya, ruang bicara sudah tertutup. Bagaimana boleh kita manusia yang berdosa berbincang dengan jenis malaikat?

Namun perkara (tersirat yang mungkin belum disedari ramai) yang perlu difikir masak-masak ialah bagaimana si Jerusubangites ini boleh dipupuk pengaruh mereka sehingga ditanggap sebagai suara arus perdana?

Adakah ia kerana media arus perdana sendiri yang menaikkan personality cult maksum untuk dijadikan ikutan khalayak umum?


‘Taman Kaya’ merujuk kepada sebuah kawasan perumahan Ipoh di mana samseng DAP telah membuli seorang warga emas yang akhirnya terpaksa berpindah keluar (sementara) buat keselamatan dirinya.





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27 thoughts on “Aktivis Taman Kaya bergiat di Jerusubang

  1. I really am sick of these DAPSter, just because one is pro establishment automatically one is paid. Seriously big losers.

      1. may I suggest that we call them duffster ? they all sound like they are doing their talking through the duff. Calvin is doing a nice job here with that article. those commenters can only comment through the duff judging by their reaction to Calvin’s article.

    1. What makes you think we are not equally sick of your short sightedness, supporting a bunch of thieves to continue robbing the rakyat? May be you are one of them kot. One of the BEneficiaries of the loot kot.

        1. Not to forget, even Hannah Yeoh doesn’t acknowledge Indian in her offspring’s bloodline. So tell me @RAVIN are you being paid by the PAKATAN that not only robs the Indian from their land but also your ethnicity?

          1. not just their land and their ethnicity. everything, including their souls.

          2. The Indian /tamils if you must remember were poor people. They were like slaves to the British empire. They were grateful to be given work in the British rubber estates. That is why they desperately want to be accepted as Malays like Mahahtir a/l Iskandar Kutty or Subahan Kamal or Nor Yakop, Azeez rahim , Syed Mokhtar, SM Naza etc even now Hannah Yeoh Kling husband not demanding his Indian image in his child. Bangsa Malaysia? What is that?

            He is grateful enough that a Chinese woman is willing to accept him.

            They should be helped to go back to Mumbai or wherever they come from, because Hindraf have proven themselves to be trouble just like the Tamil Sri Langka. They began to get too big for their boots and claim Sri Langka as their land and the rest is history.

            So watch out. Things will only get interesting, I sincerely think.

      1. Maybe the best way to describe about the plight of the Indian Community in Malaysia is as per the Malay proverb “Menang Sorak Kampung Tergadai” (Campur kes Hannah Yeoh, bangsa pun tergadai). They are just like the UNOFFICIAL CHEERLEADERS in DAP and PKR nothing more nothing less. None of them has been appointed to the CEC or the so called supreme council in PKR. Even there is one in the list , the justification is “I am sorry I am Christian, I am not Indian” and Karpal is Singh.

        They try to blame everything on the government and in particular UMNO, but back where they come from they are less than human if compared to the Northern Indian. In Sri Lanka, they have been hunted down by the ruling government.

        To quote my professor from college who is from India and still and Indian national ” The Indian in Malaysia no matter how high they have climbed up the social ladder in Malaysia, they are still “LOW CLASS””.

        1. Menang Sorak Kampung Buah Pala Tergadai or tergadai body like Elizabeth……..ummm Taylor?

    1. ah the 50 cent brigade is here again. lunch time is just around the corner and you need to come here. yes I know you need to start cracking. who knows. maybe other members of the 50 cents brigade are just snooping nearby and you don’t want to miss the action. you don’t want to be left out in making 50 cents one liners.

    2. Ravin,

      Earning your Rm 0.50 per comment I see!! another member of the 50 sen brigade!! hahaha

  2. His opinion is for him to give as an independent person. But you sir, is one sad unthinking machine of the Tokong dynasty who resort to name calling and slander.

    1. May I correct you, with PAS they become “HAMPAS’ aka RUBBISH. Either way they sucks big time

  3. Helen,

    Sebab musabab seorang pemimpin biasa bertukar jadi diktator adalah kerana para pengikut amat fanatik dan sikap ini kalau dimiliki kerana ada perasaan persamaan kaum atau agama akan dengan sendirinya merangsang pembinaan diktatorisme.

    Apabila pemimpin biasa dianggap seumpama tokong atau di pertahankan dari kritikan seumpama insan yang ‘maksum’, lama kelamaan sikap para penyokong sedemikian itu akan merangsang seorang pemimpin yang lembut menjadi pemimpin yang keras dan tidak bertimbang rasa.

    Negeri-negeri di Msia tidak pernah melahirkan diktator sebelum ini. Tetapi Pulau Mutiara dan Kelantan sedang bergerak ke arah itu dan semua ini terjadi sekarang ini kerana golongan-golongan yang memberikan reaksi sumpah seranah (bukan pendapat) seumpama reaksi mereka terhadap artikel Calvin Sankaran dalam FMT menganggap KM Pulau Mutiara dan Kelantan seumpama tokong yang maksum.

  4. Bila PR dikritik, penyokong-penyokong tegar mereka yang taksub akan menuduh pengkritik itu penyokong kuat BN. Seolah-olah pemimpin meraka maksum .Kita hidup bukan untuk menjadi “sponge” yang menyerap semua benda termasuk segala kotoran.dan kita juga hidup bukan untuk lalang yang boleh ditolak angin kesana kemari.

    Apabila kita mengkritik BN sama seimbang seperti mengkritik PR juga dilabel sebagai atas pagar atau tiada pendirian. Jika diteliti komen-komen penyokong fanatik mereka, semuanya lebih mudah melemparkan kata-kata biaDAP yang sangat ringkas berbanding berkongsi idea membincangkan sesuatu isu. Seolah-oleh memberi pandangan dan kritikan itu menjadi satu dosa besar.

    Bukan semua perkara dan idea yang pemimpin anda ketengahkan adalah betul. Contohnya pengenalan Skim Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam yang diperkenalkan oleh kerajaan. PM tidak buta dan pekak untuk mendengar pro & kontra kesan perlaksanaan sistem tersebut. Pemansuhan sistem tersebut bukan bermaksud kegagalan atau kesilapan teknikal yang disengajakan seperti pengiraan undi pimilihan DAP, tetapi satu kajian jangka panjang tentang relevannya sistem tersebut kepada kakitangan awam. Kita juga perlu ingat, bahawa bukan semua kakitangan kerajaan benar-benar menyokong BN. Kalau tidak, masakan akhbar Harakah sendiri boleh dijual di Alamanda, Putrajaya.

    Saya pernah menghantar borang kaji selidik secara rawak kepada warga luar bandar (orang awam yang tidak terlibat didalam politik) yang menetap di Selangor berhubung pandangan tentang tahap kepuasan hati terhadap pemerintahan Kerajaan Negeri & Pusat. Hasil daripada Q&A tersebut, hampir separuh menyatakan berpuas hati dengan pemerintahan Kerajaan Persekutuan bagi Pusat dan menjawab juga berpuas hati dengan pemerintahan Kerajaan Negeri dalam borang yang sama.

    Antara alasan positif yang diterima ialah,mereka berpuas hati terhadap pemberian BR1M oleh Kerajaan Pusat dan juga pemberian air percuma dari Kerajaan Negeri. Disini, apakah rumusan yang boleh saya buat? Adakah bakal pengundi-pengundi ini golongan atas pagar? Atau kebetulan borang-borang soal selidik yang dikembalikan kepada saya kebanyakannya bukan dari penyokong fanatik parti politik? Atau juga undi mereka berasaskan faktor calon?

    Saya cuma mengandaikan bahawa hasil dapatan tersebut hanyalah 1% atau kurang dari responden dan bukanlah mewakili majoriti. Dan mungkin juga secara kebetulan responden tersebut jenis yang tidak kisah atau peduli kepada sesiapa yang memerintah asalkan menerima manfaat subsidi setiap tahun.

  5. Those who want to see how Pakatan works should watch these documentaries. The storyline, element and characters are quite similar with the current Pakatan.

    YouTube: San Fransisco Gangland Documentary – The Deadly Triangle (1 of 3)

    YouTube: San Fransisco Gangland Documentary – The Deadly Triangle (2 of 3)

    YouTube: San Fransisco Gangland Documentary – The Deadly Triangle (3 of 3)

  6. Thanks Helen for featuring my letter here and also sharing the nasty comments of these Dapsters /cyber thugs.

    Of course, I expected nothing else for these Talibans. The character of a party can be very much gathered from their behaviour of their leaders and supporters. It used to be that PAS had the most thuggish supporters but I must say DAP has now made the crown their own.

    The most worrying aspect of their trance is that they are under impression that PR will win the next GE, no doubt a convinction formed by reading of Mkini/TMI and listening to their leaders. I shudder to think what will happen when PR loses.

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