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      1. The website of the City Harvest Church @ chc.org.my. And don’t forget to attend service tomorrow, ya, 5pm @ No.3, Jalan SS 13/4, Subang Jaya.

        1. Unlike you, i dont need to helen. Now, are that stupid? You have to be. Not everything and everyone is associates with politics or religion. But most of us use shampoo. Try it once…

          1. Ish, ish, ish, nak ponteng servis pulak. Diorang kat City Harvest tu tangkap lu nanti dan sumbat ke dalam pusat pemulihan akhlak kerna tinggalkan sembahyang lalu sudah terpesong akidah.

            You and your shampoo-filled house must be taught to serve the Lord. Go attend her sermons lah.


          2. Example of a DAP twat. Hasnt the lord saved you yet? Why you concerned about peoples hair, i mean the lord does love everyone regardless of shampoo brand. Or even if youre a banana or coconut.

    1. Your Royal Highness might need to split the banana with The Hannah, then. But is the kingdom of Jerusubang, presently Queen-controlled, big enough for a banana-liking Raja Monyet to muscle in?

        1. How about moving to Ampang? Operation costs cheaper as the Pakatan gomen dah janji harga api, air semua turun.


  1. Monyet King might rule the jungle, but Empress Hannah rules the God’s Own Kingdown of Jerusubang. Anyone trying to take Her banana will be caught and subject to swift Biblical punishments – beheading.

    So MK, steer clear of Jerusalem East


    Did you make a typo? You meant to spell ‘kingdumb’ of Jerusubang, right?


  2. Aiyoh… Permaisuri Subang kena sindir dipanggil pisang (kuning di luar putih di dalam) dia tak sedar ke?

    Helen, apa maksudnya bilangan kuntum bunga kurang daripada… hiasan hijau tuh? Adakah ia mengkiaskan bahawa Permaisuri dan keldai-keldainya sebenarnya adalah minoriti sekarang?

    1. No, I think it’s just a low class design. If you walk into any decent florist, you can see that they have classy designs on display.


          1. Saya tau helen sengaja, saya pun sengaja ‘bold’kan title mereka kpd yg tak menyokong. kihkihkih…berbuih mulut depa dengan low class dari kepala sampai ekor.

    2. Hiasan hijau seumpama daun itu adalah kiasan untuk “real dildo” – mullah taliban.

      Bunga-bunga merah yang mengelilingi sekuntum bunga merah di tengah jambangan adalah melambangkan evanglista mengerumuni the Queen of Jerusubang.

  3. I just want to ask one question. I hope people will provide some answers. it does not matter how absurd, mind blowing or whatever the answers may be. just provide the answers.

    Hannah Banana ni, dia ni pisang baka apa ? pisang kan ada banyak jenis baka.

    hello ! can anybody help me on this question ?

    The one in the Donkey Kong video game? — Helen

    1. pisang baka kulit tebal. isi nipis. rasa kelat-masam-pahit. banyak biji. nak makan mentah tak sedap, nak masak kena buang bijik, taruk gula banyak…bagi monyet makan nanti monyetpun kena ulcer perut atau apendiks. ish-ish-ish

  4. Confirm lepas ni middle name ‘Banana’ akan jadi famous di kalangan bloggers. sedap gak H…Banana Y… cun melecun!

  5. Hannah Y banana brand. made in Subang Jaya since 1979. ingredients :
    Education: Tadika Ladybird Subang Jaya; SRK Sri Subang Jaya, SS14; SRK SS19 Subang Jaya; SMK Subang Utama, SS18 (Head Prefect); and Taylor’s College, SS15
    Bachelor of Laws from University of Tasmania, Australia in 2001
    Admitted to practice in Australia and Malaysia.
    warning : you must wash your hands clean, oops everything about you must be clean by the way. if you are not “clean” you are forbidden from touching it.
    have a nice day folks.

  6. Baik tgk Banananana kat tv.

    Tak pun dengar lagu Bananarama, Love at first degree!

    Layan Ratu Pisang x dapat benda pun.

      1. Haha, at least banana also get to receive flower. What did you get by the way? When was the last time you receive flower or rather, have you ever received flower bouquet before?
        Be honest k. Hahaha..

    1. banana – yellow outside , white inside. slang. eg. chinese people who believe that they are actually born white christians and when see in mirror see a white female. no mata sepet. blue eyed.

      synonym – langsat – melayu yg fikir dia mat arab 100% dan rela di panggil sheikh dari di panggil pakcik.

  7. Helen, since you seem quite taken by this banana mama, i thought maybe you would like to give her her own theme song. And I’m suggesting les minion’s banana song :

    Check it out

  8. These DAP leaders give you ideas to make them subjects of catchy song titles: Hanna Banana, Guang Eng The Mereng, Singh Yang Bising, Khalid The Misled, Nizar The Bizarre, etc etc

  9. The end is near for MCA and you.
    Don’t you know that your political master has to plead for clapping from his members when he gives a speech?

  10. If you are so brave, UMNO/BN has lots and lots of corruption, scams and scandals for you to write about!!!

    You can do so 24/7 and you still will not be satiated!!!

    That’s the mountain of their malfeasance!!!

    So, why waste everybody’s time making Mount Everests out of molehills?
    Is that your speciality?

    Since the end is close, you should atone for your sins, perhaps by becoming a nun?
    Hopefully, with all your sins, the nunnery will still accept you!!!!

  11. So, you think that you’re Helen of Troy?
    That, with a face like yours, you can launch a thousand ships?
    Time for you to realise that the complete opposite is the truth!
    You have a face that’ll sink a million ships!
    Get real; don’t be jealous of others who are doing much, much better than you in spite of your balls carrying!
    Great Balls Of Fire!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ain’t it heavy to be always carrying the balls of your political masters?

  12. Helen ah, how much are you getting from your political masters to bare you face and tell lies about the opposition?
    Every second, every minute, every hour of your waking time?
    And expose yourself to ridicule all the time?
    Don’t you find it very humiliating?
    Just like what Ms Tow Truck found out to her great distress?
    Remember it took place during the Great Debate between LGE and someone from your favourite party!
    Smart girl like you should remember!
    And the ridicule and curses heaped upon her was really immense!
    So immense that she pleaded for the righteous citizens screwing her to give her a chance!!!!
    So, you are in the same boat!
    Just look at the posts here, all of them are screwing you very nicely!!!!
    You still enjoy doing what you are doing?
    For your information, in case you are still half-past-six, Malaysians have woken up long, long ago to the lies and deceits of the ruling party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You definitely drinking holy water bottled in Jerusubang. And you guys are distributing the air jampi in the market daily.

  13. If you support my writing, please introduce this blog to a friend – End of quote

    What if I hated this blog?

    1. Oh puhleez lah. The haters are running a smear campaign against me everywhere.

      My regulars know this. Likely the pseudonym you’ve chosen for yourself is the correct self-identification.

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