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#KL112: Irony of Kit Siang’s speeches on dangerous rallies

Ops Lalang was carried out on 27 Oct 1987 and Lim Kit Siang, the then DAP sec-gen, was one of those detained in the ISA swoop.

A day earlier (Oct 26), Opposition Leader Kit Siang delivered a speech in Parliament titled ‘DAP proposes a one-year moratorium for all political parties where no racial, language, cultural or religious issues will be created or raised for every Malaysian to concentrate on the national priority of achieving economic recovery and growth’.

Four days (Oct 23) before his arrest, Kit Siang made a speech titled ‘DAP Central Executive Committee calls for formation of National Consultative Council to prevent another May 13 riots from taking place’ (pdf here).

He blamed the Umno Youth Rally on 17 Oct 1987 and the Umno meeting at the PWTC the following day (Oct 18) for their “unrestrained politicking of race”.

Kit Siang stressed that all Malaysians, and in particular all political leaders, must learn the lesson of drawing back from the abyss of a racial conflict. He further added:

“It is very disturbing that despite calls by the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Haniff Omar, for the cancellation of rallies, demonstrations and public meetings which might be interpreted as being racial in character […] such rallies, demonstrations and irresponsible statement continue unabated.”

“For instance, a 20,000-people rally and demonstration was yesterday organised by Umno Perlis in Kangar where the Mentri Besar of Perlis made fierce, highly provocative and irresponsible statement.

“Umno has also decided to proceed with its mammoth rally of Nov 1, despite calls that Umno should set the example to heed the IGP’s appeal for cancellation of rallies and demonstration.

“Although Umno Secretary-General, Sanusi Junid, said that Nov 1 Umno rally is not a demonstration but a celebration in memory of the birth of Umno, it is very clear from Sanusi Junid’s speech at the meeting of Umno Divisional leaders at Putra World Trade Centre on Sunday that Nov 1 was meant to be show of strength and force, “kerana kita mahu menunjukkan pada semua pihak bahawa orang-orang Melayu adalah sentiasa bersatu dan sanggup menghadapi apa jua risiko demi mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan agama serta kedaulatan Diraja.”

“It would appear that Nov 1 Umno rally would be the third rally held by Umno or Umno Youth in two weeks where Chinese Malaysian journalists would have to be told by organisers and police to leave the venue as their personal safety or security could not be guaranteed. This will make the Nov 1 Umno Rally more than fit the Inspector-General Police’s description of rallies which ‘might be interpreted as being racial in character’.”

Kit Siang and the DAP CEC blamed Umno politicians leading the rallies for the “escalation of racial tensions and the worsening of racial relations”.

The DAP supremo’s speech on Oct 19 – a week before his Ops Lalang ISA arrest – was titled ‘Malaysia is teetering on the edge of a racial volcano and all political leaders must stop incitement of racial hatred and illwill to prevent an explosion which must occur if the present trend is not stopped’ (pdf here).

Let’s recap Kit Siang’s accusations against Umno in bullet points:

  • Umno was holding rallies and demonstrations which were racial in nature
  • Umno Perlis’s 20,000-strong rally was accompanied by “fierce, highly provocative and irresponsible statement(s)”
  • Umno’s mammoth rally planned for 1 Nov 1987 – which ultimately did not take place since Ops Lalang was carried out preemptively on Oct 27 – was “meant to be [a] show of strength and force” and should not be allowed
DAP leaders with Himpunan Hijau
DAP leaders with Himpunan Hijau

Back in 1987, the mass of Chinese opposition supporters were not inclined to take to the streets. It was the Umno Malays who turned up at public rallies.

Back in 1987, Kit Siang objected to what Umno had been doing.

Well, aren’t the Pakatan supporters doing the same thing today?

When the shoe is on the other foot, see for yourself how DAP behaves.

After all, DAP has itself today become the government (at state level). We’ve seen its track record on the freedom of speech and how many newspapers and TV stations the Guan Eng administration has banned from its official functions.

The latest casualty, yet another media Antarapos was banned from covering the DAP national congress in Penang a couple of weeks ago.



It was recently reported that Himpunan Hijau, the anti-Lynas group, had announced it wanted to bring down the regime.

I guessed as much that Himpunan Hijau had a political flavour when the green shirts converged in the KL Chinatown after completing their Long March from Kuantan. However there were deceitful Chinese bloggers who insistently declared that the green wave which washed over the capital city was purely an environmental protest.

And if you dared say Himpunan Hijau had DAP links, the in-denial Chinese blogger would label you a racist who is bent on scaremongering May 13.

The guy in the foreground (photo below) somehow doesn’t conjure a mental picture of a tree hugger.


Gambar The Star

If you were someone in the government security services, what would you make of tomorrow’s ‘Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat’?

Kebangkitan can be translated as ‘uprising’ or rebellion, insurrection.

So these Pakatan yellow and green shirts will be taking to the streets to promote, err what, again?


DAP, pembangkang ada tangan dalam anti-Lynas

Perarakan Himpunan Hijau di KL berbaur pengaruh politik DAP


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    1. Orang UMNO tak ingin nak join orang bodoh yang merosakkan negara. Blogger ini yang bukan Melayu pun tau erti keamanan dan bercakap tentang negara, bukan bangsa. BODOH!!! Ini adalah ajaran Anwar dan n.ajis, dan guan eng. So, you are proud for nothing? Memang lembu!

      1. kalau kau cerdik, pasti kau tahu yang intipati artilcle ini,adalah , cina DAP masuk jalanan sekarang ini tidak mengapa bagi mereka pencacai DAP, tapi, pada tahun 1987, cina DAP sampai suruh IGP stop UMNO dari buat demo di jalanan, sebab takut terjadinya peristiwa 13 Mei semula.

        Esok mereka (DAP) mahu teruskan juga. Sebab itu saya kata …Ya….tunggu orang UMNO masuk kejalanan. Ini suatu warning sebenarnya. Tadi tak sempat nak elaborate, saya cuma BBM dari Jakarta sebelum masuk kapalterbang.

        1. Sepanjang zaman akan ada Melayu bodoh yang mengikut telunjuk cina dapster membaruakan mereka demi keuntungan politik. pemimpin pakatoons dapat habuan, tapi yang mengekor ke perhimpunan dapat letih dan panas. kesian.

  1. Which part of the gathering is for race, religion or culture? Which part of it is for one race only? Which part of it is to openly threaten another race? Can you not see the multi racial support behind it? Can you not see the points being raised? I have, for the longest time called you a political parasite with very limited intelligence. Someone who is hell bent on creating a divide by race and religion. And you constantly prove me right.

    1. Oh, my “very limited intelligence” is it?

      And you’re practically squatting in my blog. Since you’re unable to part company from me, is it “fools seldom differ” or “birds of a feather flock together” speaking of your own “very limited intelligence” too.

    2. Sshsn, I think you’re the bigger fool here. Unable to see these 3 main parties you think is the answer to your questions, who shares the same room, sleep the same bed but have different dreams. That’s the most dangerous thing. Different dreams! That itself is evidence of your limited intelligence.

    3. I don’t always agree with Helen’s views but I had not insulted her intelligence as you did. After all, I chose to visit her blog & read her views.

      If your comments are anything to go by, it is a reflection of the maturity of your thoughts; where name calling, insults & low blows are the norm.

      So, how very intelligent are you anyway? I mean coming back again & again & again to read the rantings of one with limited intelligence? Or are you secretly harboring a crush on Helen? Tell her lah if that’s the case, no need for indignation using a lame excuse such as intellectual limitation.

    4. helen is making a product but u merely making a label

      re boot ur thinking while u still alive laaa…for the sake of malaysia

  2. soon helen will get datoship aaaa…insyallah

    matahari tidak akan berhenti terbit sehingga sampai waktunya ia tenggelam buat selama lamanya

  3. I doubt Sshsn is even a human. maybe a stalking machine that finally develop human-like affection towards helen. ah, such a romantic endeavour – hate turn love. awwwww….(jaw dropping; saliva dripping)

    Like the cyborg Terminator? — Helen

    1. Sshsn is a paid cybertrooper. he’s paid 50 cents per comment. just like his pal Ravin@Mohd Aziz, or they’re all the same person? whether they are the same person, or otherwise, I still call them the 50 cent brigade.

  4. DSN ni terlalu ‘considerate’ sangat, kalau zaman TDM, habis ‘kepala’ ditundukkan – takkan ada yang berani mendongak lagi. TDM the best, dalam bab-bab ‘controlling’.

  5. With due respect to your post, you quoted Kit Siang out of context. Dont worry, normal to make this kind of error both in pro BN and pro PR camps.

    You see, the rallies that Kit Siang was talking about in 1987 were racist and monoracial in nature… all those who were old enough to know would tell you that racial tensions were being escalated by both MCA and UMNO at that time. Kit Siang warned against rallies that were about Malays versus all the rest. Nothing unifying/Malaysian about it. That’s the context of 1987.

    Fastforward to 2013. Compare Himpunan Rakyat rally… Rakyat of all colours, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban and Sikh… gathering for what? For racist/religious chest thumping?? No way, my friend. It is about fighting Lynas, massive corruption, unjust governance etc. etc. Keyword = justice for all. All races there in harmony. Prove it wrong Helen.

  6. dengan kata lain, Helen sedang `memulangkan paku buah keras’ ke kepala otak Kit Siang (KS).

    dulu kamu (KS) suruh henti demo, sekarang dengan alasan yang sama, bolehkah kami hentikan demo kamu…

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