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Chua Soi Lek fighting for his political life

Below is a page (scanned) from the nasty comic titled ‘Lao Tzu vs CSL’ being circulated by the Asal Bukan Umno people.

The Lao Tzu Chinese sage persona is all the more devastating as MCA has been trying to play catch up to the DAP by celebrating Christmas a whole month long in its (MCA) website.


But before we have a further look at the Chua Soi Lek ABU cartoons, there an FMT article today that deserves your attention as it is penned by an insider, i.e. the former head of MCA’s research unit.

End days for the Great Survivor? (excerpts in six bullet points below). Stanley Koh writes:

  • “They say he [CSL] can now trust only a small circle of supporters.”
  • “Chua knows well enough that … he made enough internal enemies to last him a lifetime. And since then he has added to the list ….”
  • “Will they sabotage the election just to prove that Chua is an unworthy president?”
  • “He has made blunder upon blunder in his public statements […] When not blundering, he would resort to glittering rhetoric about BN’s claimed culture of consensus or, in classic BN style, skim over the issues.”
  • “Critics among party insiders privately acknowledge that today’s MCA has neither [an] ideology nor any semblance of unity.”
  • “… before the party sinks into political oblivion at the next national polls. It is well known in MCA circles that hordes of members have deserted the party without handing in their resignations.”

All of the above are important points to note.

CSL’s “internal enemy”

In one of my numerous tabulations regarding the trend of news coverage provided by The Star, I had previously found that during the period surveyed (June 2012), Dr Chua was virtually ignored by the newspaper owned by his party — see table.


Even the Malay papers/portals carried more  articles on Chua Soi Lek than did The Star according to Google search top results: Sinar Harian (4) and Berita Harian (2) compared with The Star (1).

Anyone monitoring the local media can tell you that Dr Chua does indeed get featured in the English pro-opposition portals. During the period surveyed last June, there were 5 top stories on him respectively in The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini.

However, their stories tend to be negative. Recently, TMI ran a series on Dr Chua’s tiff with the pro-Umno bloggers that was damaging to his image in Malay eyes (i.e. traditional BN supporters) who are the voters vital to MCA’s survival.

The biggest, i.e. most viewed, online story about Dr Chua – as revealed by the Google June 2012 search results – was published in Berita Harian.

This is despite that Star Online “had an average reach of 5.412 million unique visitors in Q3 2012″ and “an average pageviews of 44.551 million”.

Please let this fact sink in: The Star Online is capable of registering 44.6 million page views in one quarter (Q3Y2012) and yet the Google search results placed the MCA paper last – see table again – that is to say right at the bottom with regard to media coverage on Dr Chua.

Whereas even small fry like Antara Pos (sorry no offence meant to the Malay portal, just making a relative comparison to the Star Online‘s 5.4 million unique visitors per quarter) was ranked higher in terms of Net surfers accessing their story on Dr Chua.

Unless there is continued sabotage against the embattled MCA president, how else does one account for the inexplicable data?

Alright, now back to the ABU comic which insists that MCA is only “bullshitting” on the hudud issue.

Caricatures scanned from the ABU comic available in Haris Ibrahim’s blog


Dr Chua has been arguing vehemently that hudud is no mere threat. He is however placed on the backfoot when he tries to put forward this idea.

The beleaguered MCA president complains, “DAP had convinced the Chinese community that PAS would never have two-thirds majority in Parliament to be able to push hudud through.”

Ask: What is the DAP’s secret weapon?

(a) The Star paper sells 298,288 copies daily. That’s almost 109 million physical copies of the paper sold in a year.

(b) Star Online notches 44.551 million page views per quarter. That’s more than 178 million page views in the year.

Yet Dr Chua complains that DAP has managed to successfully convince the Chinese community that MCA is only scaremongering on hudud.

He must ask himself this question: With the 109 million copy Star sales and 178 million online page views, how is it that MCA still fails to convey at least some basic and crucial info to the general public regarding these critical issues?

Stanley Koh, the ex-MCA head researcher, highlights the fact that Dr Chua has been talking up “the BN’s claimed culture of consensus”. Do millions of Malaysians – who comprise the reach of the Star Media Group – appreciate the value of the BN culture of consensus in ensuring the stability of the country?


The MCA ostensibly has control of a vast media empire encompassing print, online and e-paper, social media, Internet TV and radio. Yet the party is unable to make a dent on the hardened Chinese public opinion.

With an entire influential media empire at its disposal, the MCA has been unable to communicate to the Chinese public the danger of DAP’s collusion with PAS’s backward agenda. Once more, why is it so?

Now there’s this ABU illustrated booklet delivering another hard body blow to Dr Chua, on the topic of hudud for which the warnings by MCA go unheeded.

Over the last five years, The Star has done diddly squat to air the MCA views with some little conviction on the matter. If it had, Dr Chua would not be suffering his present predicament.

Instead the paper owned by his party has been looking in the opposite direction of the compass, steadfastly orientated to Jerusubang.

Google search results in The Star for Nov 2012

This is the reason why all of the MCA publicity campaign has failed to make any impression on the millions of eyeballs that should have been the Chinese party’s potential audience.

Imagine, with The Star having such a huge readership but the MCA boss receiving almost zilch publicity — well, that’s what the June 2012 Google search indicated. In his persoanl capacity, Dr Chua has 15,687 Twitter followers, a mere quarter of the total following The Star‘s favourite evangelista.

It’s thus sadly true what Stanley Koh writes that Chua Soi Lek has too many internal enemies (musuh dalam selimut). And Warta Jerusubang has been providing them the rope to hang him.



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21 thoughts on “Chua Soi Lek fighting for his political life

  1. CSL memang dari dulu suka kerja belakang tabir. Dia kuat kerja. Yang tak tahu dia kerja kuat cuma org2 yg suka tulis dalam media tanpa tanya CSL sendiri.
    Tanyalah CSL atircara harian beliau.

    1. Saya memang percaya CSL sedang bekerja kuat dan berusaha keras.

      Bagi saya, beliau ialah seorang politikus yang cekap, cakap lurus dan bersifat waras.

      Yang kesian beliau nampaknya ibarat seorang jeneral tanpa mempunyai laksamana atau askar-askar.

      Seperti yang disebut Stanley Koh, “It is well known in MCA circles that hordes of members have deserted the party without handing in their resignations.”

      Ditambah pula, Dr Chua ditikam belakang oleh (kononnya) pihak sendiri.

  2. CSL’s son run the businesses part of MCA. CSL did said that businesses and politics should not mix. If you go to government own hotel in Alor Star or Kota Bharu you will get the Star not NST.

    The Star together with Teresa did organise a Christian seminar sometime back.

    The Star with a Pakistan America lecturer did publish books on Malaysia constitution which is bias against the present government.

    What is CSL’s stand?

  3. Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat perlu menjalankan pemeriksaan premis ke atas bangunan MCA kerana disyaki tidak memasang papan tanda “exit”.

    LOL — Helen

  4. Part 1:
    Appetiser: “Mat Sabu, a leader of the main Muslim opposition party PAS, said he expected the crowd to swell at the Merdeka Football Stadium in central Kuala Lumpur.

    “We will reach our target of 1 million by the time our rally start at 2pm (0600 GMT),” he told a crowd estimated at 10,000.

    Main Course: and so on to the numbers game do we turn and venture a guess even as Numbers like an elusive wraith flit between the shallows of 45K to the promethean inky depths of 100k a hundred leagues beneath the sea. Ok, lets get serious before the Kraken flails his wrath and drags my fragile skip of fancy beneath the waves ruffling momentarily the cloak of blue in my wretched sea of love….hahahahahaha

    Sabu, speaking to a Hindu sadhu, reportedly bragged 1 million as no problemo. His asinine boast being a mere amplification of a collective desire driven sky high by vaulting ambition and plenty of hot air :

    “Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is confident of getting one million people in its “Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” today, with its leaders saying last night the “historic” mega-rally will show the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition that its 54-year rule is nearing the end.”

    But did the one million sheep much anticipated with licking chops and hungry dreams turn up? Sadly, roughly 7% of the anticipated figure of mostly malaise sheep braved the sweltering heat and the chaotic traffic to have a lark in an abandoned park,

    As most crowds go, winnow out 10,000 from that number who are merely there for some eyewitness take on a bit of pre-planned stage-managed violence, which gives you this estimate:

    Sadly too for the eager beaver bystanders, the police did not desire to be supporting actors and thus an evening was spoileth by the anticlimax of it all; the whole event amounting to nothing more a squirt of ejaculate from a puny flaccid cock after all that grandstanding foreplay. Talk about the ultimate unorgasmised expectation indeed!
    So there you have the numbers which approximate these:

  5. Part 2

    Such was the disappointment with the turnout that informants from the PR HQ relayed news that a sombre atmosphere descended like a pall of smoke over the post-rally post-mortem session so much so instructions were despatched to the discredited web media to ramp up the numbers, come what may. Hence, you have tall tales like the one below littering the web before the end of Saturday the Twelfth:

    Such was the panic, there soon emerged a welter of figures, so hilarious in their exaggeration and abject insanity that saner rags determined to hang onto whatever shreds of credibility they could muster, opted to play safe by quoting “reliable” sources albeit with a touch of sarcastic realism:

    The truth is, folks, Merdeka can accommodate “ 20K at full capacity; (,) throw in another 20-25k on the field and another 20k in the car park area and the surrounds…you get at most the 65-70k figure I was harping about.

    But you have to ask the simple question: Why this obsession with bandying about numbers if you claim the turnout was humungous unless of course there was never a turnout within a whisker, a touch distance let alone ten miles within the targeted 1 million. As they say, saving face is a common trait of liars and losers.

    “God willing, we hope this massive crowd will sway the fence sitters,” Khalid Samad, a leader of the PAS party said.

    Dessert: Yep, Karl s/o Sam…the super duper “massive” crowd did sway the fence alright so much so it toppled over and landed literally in BN territory with its human booty in tow for what the event merely proved was that the Laws of Diminishing returns have long since kicked in ever since a saggy breasted , ugly looking piece of lard of a fatty frumpy Indian sheman stuffed into yellow T boastfully declared 250k thronged the streets 12 moons or so ago for some public defecating fest aptly called “Bershit”. Yeah, remember Ambiga the Street ***** anyone? She was again there alright, displaying all her “non-partisan” Bangsarian glory to a distinctly Gombakian and Selayangian underclass, fulminating about rights, justice and all that cockshit for a rabble more interested in loping her head off for supporting murtadism, chopping her hands off for stealing the public trust or have her bloated self suffocated in their fishing equivalent of a bubu ala Taliban’s famous burqa

    Yep, Karl s/o Sam, it did sway the fence sitters alright to sit up and wonder where on earth was the rainbow for there were no colors of slit yellow Mongoloids or brown skinned /charcoal black Injuns:

    “If anybody had bothered looking around them in Kuala Lumpur during the anti-Umno/BN, pro-Pakatan mass rally today, they would have witnessed that the majority of the protesters were yet again Malays. It didn’t matter which meeting centre dotted around metro Kuala Lumpur, Malays overwhelmed the crowd, hands down.This, incidentally, is not “internal colonialism” (a few Malaysiakini readers have been throwing the term around like confetti, without a single thought given to its theoretical complexities, multiple meanings or its epistemology).”

    A question so troubling to the Pakatan zombies that they had to resort some scatology to hide the truth. attempt at big words like “theoretical complexities, epistemology” etc etc..gonna hide the fact that the Malai lembus of PAS are so well tethered at the nose (dicucuk hidung), that:

    a. they can hardly stand back and think why so few Chingkie pigs ever turn out for these “street fests”

    b. it is obvious to all that Chingkie pigs like nothing better than pitting one malai lembu against another and enjoying the ensuing kerfuffle as spectators.

    Food for thought for Melayu Bermaruah here who dare to think. But nothing more than cud for Malai lembus who dare not think much less blink away the delusionary spell cast over them. Which Melayu are you, dear reader I wonder?

    1. Bla bla bla blabbity bla… Hey, is this the same warrior in other blogs that was asking the cops to shoot the Bersih marchers with live ammo?

      Is this the same chump who said he’s ready to join Panglima Perang Ibrahim Ali’s silat masters & Perkasa groupies to do street battle with Bersih marchers & start a race riot? But instead, disappearing on that day, even failing to show up in Lake Gardens.

      Yes, during the anti-Lynas rallies, they were saying its “only the Chinese turning up for protests now… Malays now support the government”.

      Now, completely ignoring the Chinese & Indian protesters who made up 20-25%, its “Malays being used by Chinese & Indians”.

      Sorry dude, your hard handed verbal B.S. have crashed. Ibrahim Ali should form another political party in a last-ditch attempt to save his arse…

      1. Non Malaise represents 65% of the WP population therefore by right the gathering should be composed of only 45% Malaise and not 75%. So as far as that gathering is concerned, shall i say the non Malaise response is just a lukewarm?

      2. Ah yes,yes….YES!! jonnymalaya who ran way to wash his arse with holy water at some goddamn godforsaken church service sometime back on a Sunday when he couldnt bear being confronted by his lies when we were all talking about the Chingkie inferiority complex.

        Funny, the coward dare not take the cudgels to debate the issue maturely by examining the links (which by the way, all belong to HIS OWN people)

        Well he proved himself inferiority complexed back then once so as he is doing so now, playing true to form. Any surprises here?

      3. >> Ah yes,yes….YES!!

        Whoops. Looks like warriors butt plug he bought from has arrived by FedEx.

        >> when he couldnt bear being confronted by his lies when we were all talking about the Chingkie inferiority complex.

        You mean when I shot down your proposed race-based tax system & sent it down in flames? Sorry dude, no economist will take your proposal seriously, like how nobody takes seriously your hero Ibrahim Ali nowadays.

        Oh, and also about how inferiority complexed people are the ones who are scared of various minority groups that they threaten violence & genocide? The ones always going around blaming this race for doing this, that race for doing that….? Like you know… you? Gotcha there dude… Ha ha ha!

        1. You shot down the tax thingy in your butt ripping semen addled dreams I suppose. What a pondan who cant even debunk constructively, let alone argue maturely and who had to pathetically cite ” i have something to do” and run away mid-reply…(probably to get his unwashed arse washed and baptized bu some motherfucking pastor or freaking friar at his local hippie communion in some goddamn satanic cross filled garbage dump)….and never return to boot, Talk about inferiority complexes, inferior brains and infantile egos pathetically indulging in childish gotcha games to salve and massage a monstrous racist anti Malay/Islam ego residing within a smallcocked,tiny brained,pipsqueak skeletal frame d Mr Atlas wannabe piece of shit.. .

          As they say as “once a descendant of pimpwhore, always the behaviour of a pimpwhore”. Enough said

        2. A stream of incoherent vulgar language not making sense. Certainly another symptom of ‘inferiority complex’. LOL

          Maybe warrior’s brain is using the same OS as Sharifah “Listen x 100” Zora.

    2. Populasi bukan Melaise di KL, Bangsar, PJ, Pucong, Cheras dan Seputeh adalah golongan yang menikmati kemakmuran dan keamanan. Merekalah golongan paling bertuah di negara ini. Kalau A Egypti dijadikan ikutan, negara berkenaan akhirnya berdepan realiti betapa “ArabSping” hanyalah ‘indah khabar dari rupa’. Ironisnya, negara berkenaan dalam proses menagih simpati IMF…petanda ekonomi tempatan tidaklah rancak dulu.

      Kalau “change” yang dijanjikan mampu memberikan bukan Melaise lebih banyak kemakmuran dan kedamaian pastinya mereka akan menyokongnya, tetapi kalau ianya bakal mengurangkan kemakmuran dan kedamaian, mereka perlu berhati-hati untuk mengambil risiko. Justeru, tidak ramai bukan Melaise berhimpun di Stadium Merdeka dan hanya Melaise saja yang tampil ke depan kerana walau apapun impak akhirnya, setidak-tidaknya Melaise akan dapat bahagian kek ekonomi bandar lebih besar dari sekarang.

  6. Soalan saya ialah:

    Kalau orang kanan dan kiri CSL berbondong-bondong meninggalkan bahtera MCA, ke manakah mereka tuju?

    Apakah masuk Pas? PKR? Dap? Gerakan? Parti baru? Atau balik kampung tanam longan?

    1. Ke tokong menjadi sami atau paderi di mana-mana gereja. Bukankah mencuci dosa dan meditasi itu adalah perkara mulia.

  7. CSL kurang licik untuk jadi pemimpin politik. kalau setakat nak berkhidmat kpd masyarakat baik jd mcm Lee Lam Thye… harap dia baca post ni. (aku tweet kat dia)

  8. Helen,

    No doubt STAR seems to have “soft spot” for DAP.

    But the problem faced by DAP is much more seriuos. To overcome the problem, you need to know the problem itself. The problem is that DAP has given Chinese a misleading hope that they can control the politics. And MCa until recently has not challenged that perception.

    DAP for decades accuses MCA as “submitting’ TO UMNO. The reality on the ground is different. UMNO does have more influence than MCA or any other parties. Even at its weakest time, UMNO still holds a sizeable share of Malay votes. Plus with the fact that Malay is the largest etnic group enable UMNO to maintain its supreme position within or even outside BN.

    MCA simply ignores the need to go down to chinese and tells them point blank that no way Malay would want to surrender their political power to a coalition not led by Malays. For malays, Anwar had he won Putrajaya would be reduced to being a puppet only. The concern is real.

    MCA needs to tell chinese outright that hostility towards Malays is not the way to go. MCA needs to tell chinese that wrong move will result in them voted out of Putrajaya instead the other way around.

    MCA needs to be brave and tell the Chinese that they cant expect to “cocoon” themselves from Malays. Or tmore importantly, MCA needs to tell the Chinese that no other countries are more “benign” than Malay rule.

    Try saying you want a Chinese school in Australia or Canada or Indonesia or UK. Aussie PM would have responded, “there is only An australian way here. If you cant accept that, please leave Australia”.

    1. re: “MCA needs to tell Chinese outright that hostility towards Malays is not the way to go.”

      Can pls share with us in what ways you think this hostility is showing itself?

      1. Shamsul,

        Berbanding sekolah vernakular, saya rasa sekolah misionari sepatutnya lebih merunsingkan anda bukan?

        Beranding sekolah bernakular, bukankah sekolah misionari lebih produktif dalam melahirkan ‘banana’?

      2. Helen,

        Many thanks for your reply. What kind of hostility? One classic example by supporting useless politicians who continue to upset Muslims. Recent example “Allah’.

        I have yet to hear any influential Chinese to remind their folks that the malays (or to be precise) view the religion as central to their life.

        However, I am not blaming entire Chinese population. Major portion of blame should go to PAS for its implied approval just to fish Chinese votes.

        However, from the bottom of my heart, I feel that in general the Malays find Chinese as ‘reluctant to accept reality that this is not China’.

        But being Malays, it is not said outright. This is due to Malays mentality of not wanting to create a scene. Malays in general find Chinese as uncompromising in its insistence for separate school. Yet they seem happy to demonise the very govt that agrees to their requests however mind boggling or ridiculous they are.

        I mean no disrespect. No offense intended. But the feeling is real.

        Thanks for sharing your views above. Noted. — Helen

  9. Can pls share with us in what ways you think this hostility is showing itself?

    1, By acting as if it is a master race free from imperfections and thereby entitled to lecture other ethnics on the finer points of governance, corruption, transparency, accountability etc etc when it (the Chingkie) does not have the goddamn cockmuscles to confront its own shitty realities in undercounter deals, counterfeiting, commercial gerrymandering, double bookkkeeping etctetc.

    2. by pretending to talk hocus-pocus garbage about supposed inequalities while at the same time practicing the very same discriminations at the private sector sweatshops it controls.

    3, by biting the very hand that offered it a refuge in the first place, when even the British had abandoned the pigs to their own fate..

    I can go on ad on…but i can save you the blather by just highlighting the obvious: Quit being hypocrites for a change..that would be good start but then again that would be a difficult thing wouldnt it for scumbags who love to lecture others on the virtues of hygiene while leaving their own shitholes unwashed. The Malays have a proverb that succinctly captures this hypocrisy and I bet it was coined with the sliteyed pig in mind:

    Berkokok Berderai-derai, Ekor Bergelumang Tahi

    the meaning of which can be gleaned here: Ayam jantan, sifatnya berlagak, ego dan sentiasa menunjuk gagah, lebih-lebih lagi jika hendak memikat si ayam betina! Dengan bulunya yang berwarna warni, dengan megah dan gagah ia akan berkokok ke serata alam. Namun, demikian gagah, megah dan cantiknya si ayam jantan, ekornya meleret dan ada kalanya “menyapu” tahi yang diberaknya sendiri.

    Peribahasa ini dianalogikan kepada mereka yang megah dan berlagak tetapi dalam masa yang sama sahsiah dan peribadi atau kelakuannya tidaklah semegah dan selagak dengan kecantikan luarannya itu.

    Most of all, get off the high horse that ONLY you lot have a right to existence, riches, good education etc etc and ONLY you lot understand the “world does not owe you a living” and ONLY you lot knows the rags to riches route…. Fact of the matter is your race is no better than the slimepoop at the bottom of the cesspool when it comes to ingratiating others for a leg up or cheating your way to wealth.

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