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PAS punya gostan / politik gereja makin ke depan

Habislah MCA. Dianggarkan 50-60% – dan mungkin peratusan lebih tinggi lagi – orang Cina yang menyokong PAS, mengikut kata seorang ‘fellow’ di Penang Institute.


“PAS’s contradictory stand on whether non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’ shows that it is in an identity crisis. Some party leaders are apparently anxious over the attacks of Datuk Dr Hasan Ali and Nasharudin Mat Isa that the party is betraying its Islamist ideals in moving to the middle.

“PAS’s anxiety is due to its own success in transforming its image. It is now more successful in its secondary market – the non-Muslims – than its primary market – the Muslims. Support for PAS among Chinese Malaysians has risen from between 10% and 20% to possibly beyond 50-60%. This should not come as a surprise, thanks to its mainstreaming efforts and also Umno’s extremism, especially after 2008.” — sumber: The Nut Graph (14 Jan 2013)

Telahan di atas dibuat Wong Chin Huat, seorang ahli badan pemikir (think tank) negeri Pulau Pinang yang dipengerusi Lim Guan Eng.

Nota: Ketua pegawai eksekutif (CEO) Penang Institute ialah Zairil Khir Johari.


The Star sebenarnya dah lama tahu tapi baru sekarang nak cakap

[Guan Eng] “could not keep politics out even during a religious festival,” tulis pengarang kumpulan The Star dua hari lepas (13 Jan 2013).

Setiausaha agung DAP Lim Guan Eng telah mencetuskan kontroversi kalimah Allah pada 24 Dis 2012.

Namun orang kuat akhbar MCA itu, Wong Chun Wai, hanya rela membincangkan isu selepas genap tiga minggu kejadian berlaku.

Sebelum itu, The Star tidak menyiarkan apa-apa ruangan pojok ataupun lidah pengarang berkenaan isu tersebut.


GerejaSediakan MakananKL112
Gereja yang menyediakan makanan bagi orangramai ketika KL112

Sumber gamber: sini — dikemaskini 9.20 pagi

Seterusnya, rencana Chun Wai yang bertajuk ‘An unholy mix‘ berkata:

“But today, many churches have become politically charged, and they are standing up for the interests of the Christians whom they believe have not been properly given due respect, especially in their dealings with government officials at federal, state and local government level.

“Some pastors and priests have openly used their pulpits to criticise the government on Sundays and on weekdays, many turn to their Facebook to voice their grievances as well. Like the Umno members who once faced the wrath of PAS leaders for working with the MCA and MIC, many Christians who do not support Pakatan Rakyat have been openly humiliated in the various social media.

“Many DAP elected representatives are active Christian leaders too, with a few playing the role of lay pastors. Public forums, in the name of educating Christians about their voting rights, are sometimes just a front for a pro-Pakatan Rakyat forum.”

Secara ringkas, Wong Chun Wai – yang dirinya juga seorang Kristian – akhirnya mengesahkan bahawa:

  • Hari ini banyak gereja yang bersifat politik
  • Pastor dan paderi mengkritik kerajaan semasa memberi khutbah di gereja pada hari Ahad — “Some have treated their sermons like ceramah”
  • Pastor dan paderi mengkritik kerajaan di Facebook
  • Orang Kristian yang tidak menyokong Pakatan pasti dimaki-hamun di media sosial

Twitter hannahyeoh Hubby & I both preaching in 2013-01-03 18-10-28

Chun Wai juga telah mendedahkan:

  • Ramai wakil DAP adalah pemimpin Kristian yang aktif
  • Sesetengah mereka juga memainkan peranan sebagai pastor
  • Gereja menganjurkan program kononnya untuk mendidik pemilih agar lebih celik tentang proses pengundian tetapi program-program tersebut sebaliknya mempunyai fungsi tersirat sebagai forum Pakatan Rakyat

Tambah Chun Wai lagi, “Not many are prepared to admit this, and this writer often bears the brunt of such open expression by many churches, both Catholic and Protestant.”

Tidak ramai penganut Kristian yang akan membuka pekung di dada. Mereka senantiasa menafi, menafi dan menafi.


Malah The Star sudah lama mengetahui bahawa wakil DAP merupakan ‘lay preacher’ yang sering berpolitik di gereja (dan juga di masjid) tetapi akhbar tersebut masih bertekad mahu mempromosi personality cult evangelista serta sama sekali enggan menyiarkan apa-apa berita yang kurang menyenangkan tentang mereka-mereka pemimpin DAP itu.

Politik gereja memang membiak dan menular. Gejala tersebut semakin berkembang sejak kebelakangan ini, dan ia kian berleluasa terutamanya selepas tsunami 2008.

Persoalannya apakah akan berlaku apabila politik Islam PAS dan politik Kristian DAP bertembung?


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18 thoughts on “PAS punya gostan / politik gereja makin ke depan

  1. Paul Tan’s behavior is a disgrace to the Catholic faith that he claims to represent & defend. The Gospel according to him wills a Malaysian Catholic to vote PR into power to replace an oppresive regime. I said it before & I say it again – if he truly believes in the sanctity & purity of PR’s crusade & ideals, he should resign his office & contest in the next GE. Where was his voice over the years anyway? Or was he just recently enlightened after a bout of temporary blindness like his namesake in the bible?

    1. we should write to the Pope about this disgraceful bishop so that they investigate and disrobe the devil in disguise as soon as possible.

  2. It’s the Jesuit trait in him. Probably wants to be the first saint in Malaysia. Note to Pope – please do not appoint Jesuits as bishops n Malaysia.

  3. Allow me to read you a verse in the al Qur’an :
    ‘And if you asked them who created them, they would surely say, ” Allah .” So how are they deluded?
    And [ Allah acknowledges] his saying, “O my Lord, indeed these are a people who do not believe.”
    So turn aside from them and say, “Peace.” But they are going to know’ . (43) Az Zukhruf ayat 87 to 89.

    So the real question is why do they got astrayed in the first place ? As believer in that context we are commanded to leave, omit or exclude them as they will eventually face the wrath of the almighty (Allah) and not be alliance with them and what more to quarel and fight among us the believer (Muslim)


  4. “Persoalannya apakah akan berlaku apabila politik Islam PAS dan politik Kristian DAP bertembung?”

    isn’t the answer obvious ?

    numbers count. now do you want me to say the answer loud and clear ?

    one more thing. the Anglophiles and Christians of the DAP will be very surprised by the unity of the Malay Muslims. all this while these DAP Anglophiles and Christians think they can play this divide and rule game with the Malay Muslims. you wait.

    oh wait. some people are already accusing me of racial and religious extremism. a few will say I m talking crap. I understand where they come from. I understand. after a bout of perpetual hysteria on 112, they need to keep the momentum going by coming here to spit the usual venom at people who don’t agree with them. yes. I understand.

  5. Helen, I know I know…it is too early to submit for the Quote of Year so early, but I can’t resist this. …A Classic….!!!

    “Teng Hai, Teng Hai! You pray in almost all the temples in Penang but you forget to pray to The One’


    Tuesday January 15, 2013
    Wife: Koay forgot to pray to the ‘tokong’

    PENANG: A Facebook posting by the wife of Pulau Tikus DAP assemblyman Koay Teng Hai has become a talking point as she implied that Koay was in his current situation as he did not pray to the “tokong” (deity).

  6. this may be off topic. we should give Tunku Aziz a round of applause for saying

    “Zairil Abdullah is not a Malay. Both his (biological) parents are Chinese,”

    yes finally someone has said it. better late than never.

    and this is what that phony Malay Zairil has to say in response to Tunku Aziz

    “I know who my father is, and that is enough for me. I am also proud to say that not only have I inherited his blood, I hope more importantly that I have inherited his integrity, tenacity and principles. Just as these traits guided his unblemished political career, so too, God willing, will they guide mine.”

    oh Zairil, if you know who your father is, then you should be man enough to show your birth certificate to back up your claims. well, Obama showed his birth certificate to proved that he is indeed a born in The USA president.

    Zairil, show your birth certificate lah. then we can compare your date of birth and the date of marriage of your parents. this will settle the issue once and for all.

    takut ke ? you have something to hide ?

    who agrees with me that Zairil should show his birth certificate so prove his claims ?

    1. I concur with your views.

      It is interesting to see how Zairil defends himself – the style almost like the Dear Leader’s. So I wonder if the Cheap Minister is drafting Zairil’s reply instead of the other way around.

      Zairil claims –
      1. He knows his father
      2. He won’t betray his father’s legacy
      3. TA insulted him
      4. TA is attacking him personally

      But he conveniently sidesteps TA’s accusations on his biological father. TA did not say Zairil does not know his father or that he’s betraying his legacy. This is typical, classic Tokong style of evading of questions and attacking the accuser.

      To understand DAP, we need to read between the lines. Now where in his statement, Zairil denied that he’s biologically a Chinese. So that’s shows that he’s indeed admitting to the accusation. If he’s indeed a biological son of Khir then he would have sued TA for defamation!

      1. Zairil did not lie when he said he knows his father. The only thing, he didnt tell was he has 3 father(s):-

        1. His 1st father, the chinese father who was the first husband to his chinese mother;

        2. His 2nd father, the malay step father who married his chinese mother;

        3. Father Tokong Lim, the multi-racial father who is feeding him now.

        Now, who said Zairil didnt know his father(s)? This is defamation.

  7. Helen,

    Many Chinese I believe are ignorant about the meaning of “akidah” as viewed by Muslims. who can blame them. They were given false impression by PAS.

    Central to “Allah” issue is the foundation of Islam itself. Sharing the name from Muslim viewpoint threatens the very idea of Islam.

    One common mistake is to quote Indonesia where Christians use “Allah” freely. But if one care to ask, no muslim in Malaysia wants the idea repeated in Malaysia as they view it will inevitably leads to confusion about “allah”.

    there are 2 Malay/Muslim based parties here :UMNO and PAS. My advice to them if they want to “experience being rejected outright, then support Christian using “allah”.

    Malay community have enough useless politicians among them selling religion or making their problems as “masalah negara’. No big deal for Malays to dump these politicians outright.

    I would like to remind these politicians that while Malays have “tidak apa” attitude, there is what we call as ‘limit”. Do not cross the line by openly objecting to your own Ruler’s advice on this matter. Unless you want to commit political harakiri.

    1. Yes, I can see the point you make about how “Central to ‘Allah’ issue is the foundation of Islam itself”.

      Your clear and direct argument – “Sharing the name from Muslim viewpoint threatens the very idea of Islam” – places the whole issue in a nutshell and is most well put.

      1. Helen,

        Precisely. May i offer a solution to all of us (Muslims and christians alike).

        Christians worship Jesus. There is no “allah” in Bible. So, for christians to use “god’ would not affect their religions in any way that we can think of.

        For muslims, sharing the name will eventually leads to sharing of faith: a grave matter in Islam. It will shaken the belief and it is THE ONLY SINclearly not pardonned by Allah.

        So, christians do use “God” while Muslims use “allah”. Do not let useless politicians be they are Christians or Muslims to use religion for their own benefits.

        For thousand of years, religions had been used foer malicious purpose. Let us put a stop to it.

        1. kenapa di padam The earliest documented Chinese Roman Catholic church was founded in China in about 1289. The Roman Catholic Church historically favored Tīanzhǔ (天主, literally, “Heavenly Lord”, or “Lord of Heaven”), and so “Catholicism” is most commonly rendered Tīanzhǔ jìao (天主教), although among Chinese Catholics the literal translation of “catholic”, Gōng jiào (公教), is also used.[3] Korean and Vietnamese Catholics also use cognates of the term Tīanzhǔ for God.

          This appears to have been used by the Catholic Church to separate Confucian traditions, which were reported to worship spirits and therefore incompatible with the exclusive biblical worship of God. Ironically, although versions of popular Confucianism became strongly associated with idol worship, traditionalists, notably the Qing emperor Kang Xi, did not believe that such idolization accurately reflected Confucius’s intent.

  8. It seems like the pro-Pakatan propaganda machinery like MI, MK, the Edge,etc seemed to put on a black out on the Senile Mullah’s u-turn on Kalimah Allah issue. When he issued the original statement support it, these organizations went crazy and gave the statement a wide coverage. But when he makes a u-turn, there is a deafening silence.

  9. There is no doubt that “consensus” could be use routinely to resolve internal political disputes such as who is more eligible to be nominated as the PM-in-waiting and etc. but it is a big mistake if the same approach is used repeatedly to tackle disputes involving different religious factions.

  10. I had it with Islamic fanatics from PAS and now you tell me we also have Christian fanatics who think they have the right to tell people who to vote too?

    Am I the only one pissed off at religious fanatics in political parties here? Personally I think those people are just selling out their religion.

  11. Just appeared on Malaysian Insider that Mat Sabu made an about turn over usage of Allah. So does the “honorable” Paul Tan consider him a friend now or is it the end of a convenient & fake bromance?

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