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Patrick Teoh digalakkan bertanding dalam PRU oleh Hannah Yeoh

Video bertajuk ‘Hannah Yeoh: In Selangor, BN are hopeless as government, they are hopeless as opposition too’

0:40 — Kata Hannah Yeoh kepada Patrick Teoh:

“We are very honoured to be in your presence today and I think you will make a brilliant politician. I’ve said many times to you on Twitter, I think you should consider running for a seat in the coming election.”



Lim Guan Eng lancarkan buku Patrick Teoh



Patrick Teoh memuji pentadbiran Lim Guan Eng sebagai membuat kerja dengan bagus sekali:

“Patrick Teoh promoted his book to Penangites and at the same time congratulated Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for the good job done by his team in Penang state.”



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124 thoughts on “Patrick Teoh digalakkan bertanding dalam PRU oleh Hannah Yeoh

  1. I thought he’s only limpy.. i didn’t know that he is blind as well, for saying that LGE has done a good job in Penang..

    1. Dear sir,
      I apologise for what I am about to say but I would like you to know that Patrick had polio when he was a child that causes his leg to be in the current condition. His shortcomings has nothing to do with the topic.

      1. En. AnakJamil, yes, i’m sorry too for saying that. But, as he was saying, he wasn’t bashing the religion, but that particular person in PAS. Thus, my statement stands. I wasn’t making fun of his disability, but his “blindness”. And, besides, he can say whatever thing he wants to say about people, but why must he relate it to religion? I hope i’ve made my point clear.

  2. The guy write pro christian and anti islam posts in nis blog Niamah. He loves posting letters from his christian pen pals in Australia,UK and US who insult and condescent every aspect of Malay life.

  3. in my past live, i used to handle & dealt with Patrick. One thing i’ve been made aware of, he doesn’t suffer fools. That’s one of his characteristics i find most endearing: either you bring your A game or stay home but I was a newbie publicist and my method was somewhat peculiar but nonetheless, he still entertained me then for that I am grateful.

    Patrick do appear snobbish and cold plus his dark & wicked sense of humour can be misconstrued and be taken off-context but that’s Patrick, he hardly apologise but when he does, i think it’s sincere.

    But, above all, Patrick is a media person. Sometimes, during interviews and who you talking to, in this instance the media, Pat would just say what those reporters wants to hear from him but i know he’s quite critical over things. Even way back then, he was critical of the govt but everyone has a certain things to say and complaint: it’s human nature.

    Sometimes, the pro govt must not do an oppo supporters: perhaps a better knowledge and grasp of the english language and of what he’s trying to convey should be factored in before they scream ‘bitch’ as well.

    From Pat’s postings, he was pissed off with PAS actually but no one seems to read that instead it was translated as Islam & Muslim..That’s Pat for you.

    I am not trying to be a Patrick Teoh’s apologist but the gist and essence of his dismay was lost in translation and that needs to be corrected.

    Suffice to say, the uproar was over and is similar to Tun M’s better the devil you know – proving once again, English in Malaysia is in quite a sad state but given time, can be solved.

    1. anakjamil,
      What the heck, ingat semua Melayu tak faham cakap England ke? Was that a parody or black comedy he tried to deliver ? He has touch the nerve of every Muslim. Luckily we Malays are not like the Talibans, Pakis or Afghans, otherwise he’d be shafting his balls into his arse by now!

      1. JohorMali,

        Patrick is not one who minced his words. The Quran thumping comes from this (only he localised it).
        Bible thumper (U.S.) someone perceived as aggressively imposing their Christian beliefs upon others. The term derives from preachers thumping their hands down on the Bible to emphasize a point during a sermon. The term’s target domain is broad and can often extend to anyone engaged in a public show of religion, fundamentalist or not. The term is most commonly used in English-speaking countries.

        In the first 2 or 3 lines, he mentioned PAS Kedah new regulations on how the chinese should spent/celebrate their New Year. He is voicing out his opinion on the matter in the way he is known for (very Howard Stern-ish/ Bill Maher-esque). This scenario is similar to the fuss over the performing if qurban in some school/public area last year: if we don’t like to be told on how to perform our religious duties and be vocal about it, why non muslims can’t do the same? I think we all can agree that what PAS has done is really imposing their belief on the chinese: in other words, sort of an introduction to Hudud if it ever comes to reality.

        Also we must take into consideration on how liberal non-muslims are looking at PAS now. They’re being perceived as quite Taliban-ish and ultra conservative. Is Patrick’s way harsh and crass? Yes..but it was not with malice. He’s vulgar, I mean..if you have a blog called ‘niamah’ (I think Helen would understand where I am going with this), you don’t expect Patrick to be all flowery.


        The Bangsarites have the New York state of mind, we (they) bash .everything under the sky .. and with all these lost in translations bit getting out of hand, the liberal non-muslims would think ‘whether PAS or not, the muslims are all the same .. they want to pull a syariah law on us so viva le DAP!’.

        1. Oh for fuck’s sake (to follow in Hero Teoh’s example)…

          So he didn’t intend to insult Islam or Muslims, he was just pissed off at PAS. Oh, well. And then he did what amounted to something like this:

          You’re pissed off with Eddie Murphy because his stand-up comedy always bashes whites. So instead of bashing Eddie Murphy, you rant about blacks as a whole, ridiculing their strict traditions and as a bunch of niggers descended from monkeys.

          That, my apologist friend, is the gist of what Teoh was doing. Tiuuu. Nice try, but no niamah. #lame

          1. Isn’t this the same situation with pro umno bloggers & their sycophants? Angry with DAP, hantam the whole chinese race?

          2. Sham,

            It looks like more like Pas and PKR’s case, nakkan kuasa dunia, nama Tuhan sendiri digadai.

        2. Masuk kandang kambing, mengembek..
          Masuk kandang kerbau menguak..
          And what is it your Mat Salleh always say, “when in Rome…..
          So Bangsarite ke, Liberals ke, do your business elsewhere…
          Howard Stern and Bill Maher will fall flat in Maharaja Lawak.. sorry!

    2. #OhMyEnglish

      Terus terang saya sendiri tidak berapa proficient dalam English apatah lagi idiomatic expression. Tetapi tidak rugi sekiranya sekali sekala membuka online dictionary untuk menyemak penggunaannya (macam merujuk maksud dan penggunaan kalimah Allah juga). Kiranya apa yang Pat & Tun M cakap tu macam pukul anak sindir menantu lah maksudnya. Tapi kalau ye pun mengapa anak pulak yang dipukul, bukan ke lebih elok menantu tu saja yang dihentam kaw kaw LOL ~ Unparliamentary language

      1. “I am not trying to be a Patrick Teoh’s apologist but the gist and essence of his dismay was lost in translation and that needs to be corrected.”

        Response: so a man who goes by the A game, who is English speaking cannot express himself “clearly” oh dear..he might be better off delivering his monk speech in Cantonese then….

        You expect us to take your absurd rationalisation seriously while indulging us with your shameless fawning over a petty, racist, vindictive, and totally uncouth radiohead! You wanna us buy into your bullshit when the swineboy is clearly oinking his angst, his prejudices, his raging hatred against everything Islam.

        As if we are so stupid to believe that “sheep” “covered women” ” pray 5 times a day” doesnt refer to the obvious. I guess your so blinkered by lovey dovey admiration that given the chance you would coo sweet nothings into his ear and tear to pieces those who dare to call out the bastard for what he is: a racist, prejudiced, bigoted, selfrighteous loser coward who is so into himself that even his narcissism mustbe puking at itself whenever he nears a mirror. Maybe thats why he is blessed with a limp!

        You think so highly of yourself anakjamil, that you are willing to play patsy boy just to ingratiate yourself to your Chinese masters at our expense. Take you condescending filth elsewhere where they will shower you with sarcastic praise about being open minded, liberal blahblah while shafting your reputation behind your back. Why not look yourself in the mirror and say hi to the cloying apologist numero uno staring cluelessly back at you.

        1. Warrior 231,

          anakjamil was never at any point attempting to “tear to pieces” Patrick’s critics. To observe “tearing to pieces” in action, go to

          secondly, re: “ingratiate yourself to your Chinese masters”, anakjamil does not have Chinese masters in cyberspace just as I do not have any “BN / Umno / MCA masters” (favourite allegation made by the Guan Eng hatchetmen)

          thirdly, re: “Take you condescending filth elsewhere where they will shower you with sarcastic praise about being open minded, liberal blahblah”

          It takes a firm sense of purpose to go against the flow and anakjamil is not fishing for praise (for being open-minded, liberal blahblah Malay) in doing so as this blog is not a Firster venue that caters to such a Bangsar Malaysia crowd as you describe which would shower praise on those they presume to be an open-minded, liberal blahblah Malay

          lastly, anakjamil is staying put here ‘cos he has the welcome mat from me.

          1. So finally there you have it, your real colours showing Helen. I expected that only disappointment being it showed up later than sooner. What an erudite defense of pansy patsy boy whose response in defense of Patrick was “apologism” reeking and preening in all its naked glory.

            Come on you surely have half the brains at least to understand and digest what anakjamil was blatantly prattling about in defense of his Pat boy.

            You will buy his take “on gist and essence being lost in translation” anytime anyday, Lady Tramp cos its in you to have your schadenfraude minuet to break the monotony of your dreary chamber music filled life at the expense of others I guess.

            You dont get it dont you or you enjoy the temerity of putting words in other people’s mouth just cos you can stuff your angst someplace where you can see it from afar for a change of perspectives.

            What the hell are you trying to imply that I am forcing to shut the door on pansy patsy boy apologist. Did I ever say that? Why dont you show us all where if you dare?And take this from me…I dont bother if you wanna welcome him with a bear hug and a smooch for after all its you do what you want in it , gallivanting virtually naked or tripping mentally nude for all i care. And I dont call for any bans or any censorship…I dont go there for that;s for cowards to indulge in. Never need to and never get of your high buffalo and quit casting unfounded barbs or unsubstantiated arrows just to vent yer infernally pent-up unorgasmised intellect.Spring cleaning come early, i suppose.

            And your throwing Haris Ibrahim into the equation had me rolling on the floor but then it struck me as my.”hey wait a minute” epiphany kicked in”. Granted, Ellese is being martyred there but you ignored the obvious link I provided in the post below. Now lets put both links side by side for a lil spot a diffrence fun:



            Found anything in meaning, semantics, ontology, epistemology (fuh..need to throw some real kooky esoteric stuff there (ROFL) ..nada, zilch, nothing, sifar, precious nothing blahblah. At least Haris ibrahim was playing true to form, no disguising the fact there and for that he gets my respect, loathsome though of a ogre he be.

            But you, trundling out your indignation and climbing the high ground to lob your angst at me would have been pathetically laughable if it had not been downright lowishly sickening, plumbing the depths are you?.

            Yep, this is no Firster avenue but then again it is neither a thirster boardwalk for slimepoops to peek over the parapet and thump the pulpit with the apologist rants. If anakjamil does not have the gumption for calling out Patrick Teoh for what Pat said, the patsy boy in him might as well save us Muslims his CONDESCENDING blather.

            So stuff your pitiful “apologism” treatise for anakjamil’s “apologism” masterpiece up where the moon never peeks and take a good look outta your mental closet. Who knows, this may be your coming out day after all….(no not the LGBT know what I mean, humbug!)

        2. What about you? you are always oinking your prejudices, angst and raging hatred against the chinese. i’ve seen you with your foul language all over the place – what make you a better person than pt?

          1. Pakatoon, what with their mamak-hating guts, talking about others being prejudiced? Man, you’re trying too hard to be funny through irony.

          2. Spot on Servant of God 3.37pm

            Couldnt have said it better, man Kudos.!! U see, they started the game back in those days at MT, let it out at full flow, relishing in delight and proud of their mindless baiting.

            So they started it unprovoked and we decided to respond, they cant take it. Poor sensitive, thin skinned infidel tongkang bastards. Ever heard of the saying what is good for goosey is good for the gander or the proverb ‘fighting fire with fire’. Well, man up and take it now for yer asked for it and more. This Malay aint gonna let any tolletmouth run roughshod over his race and religion, get it and i aint need be a card carrying UMNO member to defend my race and religion. Now go and carry Anwhore’s balls.

          3. @ Warrior 321 & SOG – huh???? I’m no supporter of PR and I’m also no supporter of BN/UMNO – I’m just making an observation that whatever warrior spews he is just like those that he himself denigrates. if he says it’s in retribution for what was posted earlier so be it. it’s a pity tho’ as his foul language detracts from the point he is trying to make and the issue gets lost. i’m surprised at his viciousness against the chinese – probably had his/her heart broken by one of them. ah yes, i’m anticipating his raging at me and calling me names.

    3. This Yeopies Teoh calls Mahathir The Mamak, this is not sense of humour, just pure vilifying hatred. he should not get away for insulting the PAS because he also expressed disrespect for general Muslims as well.

      its amazing that the Listen Listen issue garnered much hatred towards a single woman because her condesdence on Bawani is unacceptable, but I believe because the lady is a Mamak and Muslim, hence she is associated with UMNO, she will be excused if she was a Chinese or a Hindu Tamil, but a Malay.. nooo..she must be UMNO and represents the Malaiyoos as Shuzheng likes to call us.

      Now Patrick Teoh has called the 17 million Muslims way of life, 5 times prayers and the veil as eligible to describe the Muslim Malays as sheep, in the English lexcion, deceptive as the language is imply metaphorically or literally, I believe after all, he is free to say whatever he wants just as he can publish his rubbish book with his ugly face but many of us will not let him go away just like that….so listen listen listen.. to Buletin Utama

    4. Anakjamil,

      then by all mean whack PAS for being hypocrite. Whack DAP for being rude. But do spare the religion.

      Patrick insulted islam. We judge him by what he said, not by his “limpimg” or his political embrace.

      The truth is that patrick crossed the line. How lucky Patrick is as the religion insulted is Islam. Imagine if say an UMNO MP insulted Christianity. The reaction was translated as being it is the manifestation of how UMNO views Christianity.

      And for UMNO, as long as it tolerates insult to islam, the insult will go stronger and stronger.

      1. Shamshul,

        Patrick’s insult is the kopitiam variety of in-your-face let-fly.

        Actually even more cutting insults can be extended without a single vulgar word spoken and using Queen’s English, e.g. during the tussle over Allah.

        When it comes to the Patrick level of insult, he gets back the same in spades.

        However when it’s the ‘Your-Allah-is-my-Allah-too’ insult to the Muslim intelligence, the ummah in Malaysia is not up to their (the Allah appropriaters) level of sophistry.

        Ultimately, the PAS Majlis Syura cannot make a decision other than the one it did as their party constitution demands that the core being of PAS must be Islamist. For the Pakatan supporters to turn around and attack PAS for its ‘Allah’ decision is an inability to understand and respect the raison d’etre of the PAS itself.

        Which is more disrespectful? Fishmonger colourful language or deliberate spin in the face of the most basic and fundamental understanding (as in who Allah belongs to)?

        Patrick’s diatribe does not really undermine Islam. It is the munafik licik who undermine Islam.

        1. Dear Helen,

          I disagree. Al-Qur’an is the word of God. By so closely associating such insults with something we Muslims hold sacred, he has insulted me personally.

          If people want to be disrespectful, they should be prepared that someone would do the same to them.

          1. SOG,

            When the insult is clear-cut like Patrick’s, it is easy for everyone (here in the country) who’s Muslim to immediately respond like an avalanche.

            Since LGE’s Christmas message, I’ve read so many disrespectful comments. They’re not disrespectful in that they use four-letter words (they don’t) but they’re disrespectful in spinning the arguments presented by Muslim scholars and ordinary Muslims in good faith to try to explain the situation.

            It’s understandable why our reactions are different. You’re responding to Patrick from the position of faith.

            I’m responding to the ‘Allah’ dispute as someone watching from the sidelines who finds their intellectual dishonesty not to my liking because it’s the same kind putar-belit that the Dapsters apply on me when I criticize their idols.

            1. Postscript to SOG:

              I do understand the Muslim anger.

              However as blog moderator, I feel the need to buffer anakjamil from Warrior 231’s onslaught. It’s a personal triangle between the 3 of us.

              There’s plenty of space for everyone else to present their views and counter views otherwise.

          2. Helen,

            I understand your position. I must say you’re quite the moderator. Well done.

            I also understand what anakjamil had said, and it’s possible that I also understand his intentions for speaking up for PT.

            But I also understand where Warrior 231 is coming from. Like I’ve mentioned below, you could insult no one yet everyone in one shot. Having realized this, I could brush it off as a mistake on PT’s part, but I’ve decided not to. PT is no kid taking English lessons. He knew damn well what he’s saying, so why should I give him any quarter?

            Ah, but pardon me. You were just saying that you were being the buffer, and here I am typing away.

            1. The danger lies in their two-faceness i.e. DAP 2.0 evangelist posturing when they are really Patrick-minded.

              Reality of their true selves: They could so easily turn on PAS following the kalimah Allah Majlis Syura decision, after the initial back-slapping “we’re all brothers of the Book” hug fest.

              At the heart of it, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism are not direct rivals to Islam. Christianity, esp. of the evangelical stripe, is.

              Previously before the Christian political ascendency, we’ve all been able to live and let live as well as tiptoe around each other enough to avoid out-and-out confrontation.

              But now …

        2. “Patrick’s diatribe does not really undermine Islam. It is the munafik licik who undermine Islam.”

          Agree with you 100% on this. Those munafiks have caused more damages than Patrick. But I can’t help giving a “ptui” to Patrick for insulting Islam.

          I do hope someone start a petition to charge him in court. In Singapore, if you insult Islam or any other religion, you will be charged in court. No compromise on this serious matter.

          Remember Amy Cheong’s posting about Malay weddings in Singapore. She fled Singapore after public outcry of her facebook posting. I hope Patrick also do likewise, pack your bags and leave, you &%*(.&^

          At least Patrick reveal the real inside of a Dapster. He can talk Malay, joke in Malay language, wear songkok and Malay attire… but deep inside is a racist and religious bigot, anti Malay and anti Muslim….

          Yup, beware the songkok and tudung tipu wearers! — Helen

    5. anakjamil,

      The problem is PT’s blunt attitude & dropping F-bombs like a B52 bomber. That made people upset. Had he refrained from using harsh language there would not be a heavy response.

      People like Syed AA always blast the Taliban wannabes without excessive F-bombs.

  4. Anakjamil,

    “Suffice to say, the uproar was over and is similar to Tun M’s better the devil you know – proving once again, English in Malaysia is in quite a sad state but given time, can be solved.”

    Sorry, it’s not the same at all! Translate this: %^}*#- thumping mother fuckers! So, what do you think he means? Since you know him so well!

  5. please la anak jamil. you are not the only person who knew this arrogant b******. i too knew him “in my past life’ (so to speak) when i was a journo. he sure was one hell of a condescending fellow back then and things haven’t changed much by the look of it. whether he was ranting at PAS or whatever is immaterial; the fact remains that he has insulted my religion.. tiu la you patrick.. by the way, who the hell are you to pass judgement about the proficiency of our english. macamlah kau sorang jer yg understand the nuances of english.. .. sheesh…

    1. kama, saya dulu semasa rajin membaca blog selalu juga lawat blog “niamah” tu. [saya rasa nama blog itu pasti mengambil sempena milik mak dia sendiri.] jadi saya langsung tak terkesima bila pekung busuk dia pecah. dah lama dah saya buat kesimpulan bahawa patrick teoh = patrick tiu.

  6. Now we will see how evenhanded the pigs are or can be. Will they call out Patrick Teoh for his mad rants or is he to be forgiven because he is Chinese (in deferment to the blog owner who takes exception to my deliciously insouciant :chingkie) and he is bible thumping Christian choirboy.

    Do they have at least some moral fibre let alone spiritual threads to call him out like they wont to call out a Warrior 231 in this and other blogs? Or is there by dint of race superiority and religious self-righteousness such a move would be taboo for after all he is a Chinese and a Christian to boot while I am a Malay and a pagan in their eyes.

    It is because of this reason, i write the way I do (now dont get me wrong, i am not out here on some unctuous justification mission). I am just out here to say I write the way I do because of the shit slung against my race and religion, because of the unwarranted slurs we attract on account of us being Malays and Muslims.

    We, Malay/Muslims have it to up to our neck and someone has to do what has to be done and I opted for that role on the simple principle : Can you take as good as you can give” . i was and am not surprised by the reaction i drew for I expected it from inferiority laden racists who cannot see the splinter in their eye but can espy the plank across the ocean. Stereotypical reaction from scum who cant help being what they are..

    When I first ventured into commenting in 2008, I was banned even when there was no profanity involved. In fact, I have the dubious honour of being the subject of a prohibition call, one on National Day in fact:


    Check out whether there is any profanity in there against a baying self-righteous lynch mob who wouldnt even deign to engage on a rational basis. Check out too,whether my proposal is that of a racist bigot or a religious extremist and why must it draw such strange umbrage from people who profess to be champions of good governance. Check it if you have the cock/cunt muscles that is!.

    Come the Jonny Malayas, the SSHN whisperers, the Dapster lackeys, the PR goons and the PAS acolytes, come on give me your take on Patrick Teoh and show us how you can square that up against me. It would be interesting to see your spiritual gymnastics and moral contortions on this one, hypocritical humbugs!.

    As for Patrick Teoh, lets see how the PAS munafik kaffirs reconcile that one. I bet they are too najised through all their mingling with hogs that they will probably forgive him and say, it is an UMNO spirit croaking outta the throat of a epilepsy possessed Chinese medium.

    1. Dear anakjamil,
      Terlajak perahu boleh diundur terlajak kata inilah padahnya..
      P.T put up an apology note already..some muslim may forgive and forget but some may not..different people have different tolerance plus sensitive threshold so its a normal reaction..

      Dear Helen,
      im just baffled why nobody seems to care bout his cursing and swearing on public domain..the kini pill should start reducing the dose the administer to their readers la.

      1. Hi m.s.s,

        re: “The cursing and swearing in the public domain”. Patrick Teoh swears at ‘every’body and ‘every’thing.

        Behaviour on the Net is becoming too much, esp. DAP supporters who think they can simply say anything they like against anyone they dislike, to the extent of mocking the Sultan of Selangor.

        Therefore it is the double standard reaction of the Pakatan supporters that bears scrutiny. Like Calvin Sankaran and other readers have pointed out, Sharifah Zohra (the UUM speaker) was made mincemeat by them with instant parodies, “links to Umno” pointed out and a lot of high horse indignation which you aptly describe as a side effect from “the copious dose of Kini pill administered to their readers”.

        I agree with you about the public indifference. Mainstream media like The Star has been implicitly supporting this culture through its unstinting support of of the factions in cyberspace commanding the loyalty of the cursing crowd.

      2. Anakjamil,

        the is what Malays say “a line” that should not be crossed. Malays by nature a tolerant lots. But there is a line. Many are mistaken that Malays tolerate everything.

        Not true. There is a limit. By all mean Patrick can test the limit. Or Guan Eng too. Try streching the limit. But once the limit is crossed, please accept reality that he has to pay.

        1. macam ni la, any non-malay can insult muslims and islam anytime. They ask for forgiveness and case closed. Thats a fact!

          Tengok la kes Namewee. Apa jadi? Now PT.

          Najib is a fool for claiming Namewee is unique. I didnt know that being a racist is unique. Now, will Najib say PT is unique too? I am against Pakatoons but allowing these racists, bigots to say anything they want about Islam (or any religion) is just BODOH.

          Yes we can forgive pasal nabi pun maafkan umat tapi sori la nak lupa.

  7. come on! Patrick Teoh sincerely says sorry. I was taken aback for a moment when heard the news but it just that I’m glad he did what he just did. :)

    1. I kicked you in the shins for no good reason, and then I say sorry. And you’d just accept. Wow.

      Can I kick you in the shins for real?

      1. no, I won’t forgive u. obviously, u weren’t dare to lift a finger on me, even if there is a good reason to do so. but yes, Patrick did had a good reason to get angry and muslims did felt insulted by his words and also yes, we muslims are love to show forgiveness.

    2. Unforgiveble, to imply that the PAS as m****f*****r for being koran thumpers, pray 5 times and wearing a veil is the worse insult i have seen written openly in public, and against the general malays, his cocky anglophile arrogance maintained itself right to the apology which is said deceptively in English (i believe he should do it in BM) and he maintain that he still thinks someone is a m********r, this is an indication that Patrick is not properly raised by his parents or this is the result of his hatred, I am inclined on the latter.

      In Singapore, a former Malaysian Chinese Amy Cheong insulted the Malays for their noisy weddings and she was forced to run away as public anger directed towards her even though her language was not as colorful as Patrick and the fact that even though the Malays are only 13 percent, their dignity were uphold by other Singaporeans.

      Here we have this moron who openly called us m*********r because most of us pray five times a day and our women protect their modesty by veil, even if its PAS he means, his statement never referred to PAS directly, hence I am sure he was emotionally directing his anger towards the general Malays consistent with his anti Malay blog, and you expect us to forgive him?

      By Singapore standard, he should have fled to an Australian city like Amy Cheong to cry to The Age how the UMNO mobs try to lynch him…but he sleeps soundly because he knows he can get away with it.

      1. Forrrestcat

        Kudos. You have my respect, man. At least you see what Teoh’s MF said for what it is.. putrid indefensible asinine garbage. And you are certainly no patsy boy apologist or an apologist for patsy boy himself.. if you get my drift.

      2. forrrestcat,

        Agreed. Who did he insult? Nobody, yet everybody.

        And it’s supposed to be OK now that he’s apologized, huh?

  8. I am just waiting for Nik Aziz to come out and quote the Quranic verse to justify what Patrick did.

    I am just amazed at the huge difference between the response to Patrick and Sharifah. The whole social media crowd went berserk over her “Listen” video clip with even Namawee joining in.

    Note how quickly the Pakatoons created FB pages to support that PKM-loving Bawani and produce videos to ridicule Sharifah.

    Note how quickly MI and MK moved to link her to UMNO/BN.

    But when this foul-mouthed moron makes unforgivable sin, it is conveniently swept under carpet and dismissed as fomer DJ and celebrity with his DAP-links hidden away.

    I still think one of the main reasons why Sharifah was treated so badly because she was a Muslim and an Indian Muslim. Had she been of a different race & religion, no one even would have heard of her.

    This clearly shows the kind of power that Dapsters and Pakatoons enjoy over the cyberspace. This is something that the BN strategists should take note.

    I can imagine with the coming GE, our cyberspace and social media will be flooded with pro-Pakatan propaganda.

    1. Well I love Sharifah… I think there is nothing wrong in the video, although it was edited so you don’t see Bavani in wholesome.. They very angry mostly because Sharifah trashed Ambiga or stated her opinion on Ambiga… She should be given a talk show listen listen listen with Sharifah and get people like LGE all to be grilled!!

      1. I think they got angry at Sharifah because when she dressed down Bavani, she dressed down similarly moronic jackasses which form PR’s support base.

        Pedas tu, that’s why they’re epileptic about her.

      2. Sharifah pwned herself & her public speaking career by launching into unrelated 2 1/2 minute hysterics about cats, kambing, lembu, ikan jaws, among other things. If she had stuck to countering Bawani’s questions civilly then she would not have such online infamy as she’s facing now.

        But I do agree that Sharifah be given a talk show on primetime TV with blessings & support from BN. >:)

        1. The animal tangent caught me too, but then again, it was a tough spot to be in. I imagine that she did a lot better than many people would’ve in her shoes.

          1. >> I imagine that she did a lot better than many people would’ve in her shoes.

            You must have low standards then.

            Actually, its not difficult to debate Bawani’s points. You can use reasons of higher tax burden on the rakyat & businesses as a consequence of a free university system.

            Instead, SZ went on and on about animals, made contradictory statements & how she should leave Malaysia if she supported free higher education.

          2. Low standards? Maybe. I’m sure you can list my numerous poor arguments on this blog. Maybe Helen can help you find them.

            But speaking from experience, facing an unexpected verbal onslaught is jarring, to say the least. Even if you make a living just talking, sometimes you realize too late that the points you had wanted to mention don’t really line up as well as you had thought. When this happens, you tend to “err.. arr err arr”.

            Of course you don’t want to do that, so you scrape everything you got just to keep on talking and presenting a strong front.

            Sometimes you get good days, and what you say makes sense. On not so good days, you prattle about animals and what not.

            So it’s easy for us to criticize because it didn’t happen to us.

            But then, what do I know about debating, presenting my points, or talking in general. I bow to your wisdom.

          3. >> Of course you don’t want to do that, so you scrape everything you got just to keep on talking and presenting a strong front.
            Sometimes you get good days, and what you say makes sense. On not so good days, you prattle about animals and what not.

            That’s ‘low standards’ sir, or more accurately, poor public speaking & debating skills. A seminar panelist or public speaker needs to be able to respond to questions properly. Going on a off-tangent rant shows bad form, as what SZ found out…

          4. jonnymalaya | Januari 19, 2013 at 1:26 am,

            Well, I’m sure you’re the ultra-skilled orator who always manages a clear-cut victory against whoever you debate, who has never made a mistake and whose line of arguments always comes forth fully-formed and razor sharp. You never stutter or fumble your words or ever faced an argument that you could not cut down with laser precision and come out smelling like roses.

            Let us save a lot of time and I will agree that I have low standards because I eat humble dirt pie every day. That I’ve seen some of the best speakers get torn to pieces because the arguments they thought were adamantium turned out to be tissue paper, is irrelevant.

            What counts is that you have damn high standards, that you never ever lose your cool, that you run at 1001% at all times, and that you are the very embodiment of rapier wit who could cut down any and all who dared cross your path.

            I take my leave, and rest assured I will warn the world that it should tremble in fear at the fearsome standards of jonnymalaya.

    2. Calvin, totally agree with your opinion on how PR has manipulated it for their political position on this but I just need to add that it is a rather a Anglophile agenda that is making its headway within the PR faction. On the speech by Ms Yeoh, I think it is a waste of time even to comment as it would ridicule the intelligence of fellow Malaysians.

    3. The Pakatoon media skillfully skewed the hatred towards UMNO by manipulating the social media to make Sharifah an UMNO bogeyman.

      It is surprising that PAS supporters embrace the same idea, painting Sharifah as product of UMNO blind to the fact that the orgy of hatred towards UMNO=Malays=Sharifah by DAPster culminated in Patrick Teoh ejaculation labelling PAS as people who copulate with their mother.

      ,it is ironic that Pakatoon media abhor when BN media target their leaders, but Pakatoon went ahead of BN by victimizing an unknown civillian as hate bait towards their political enemies.

      Hypocrites..or like Patrick the anglo like to say Niamah!!

    4. >> I still think one of the main reasons why Sharifah was treated so badly because she was a Muslim and an Indian Muslim. Had she been of a different race & religion, no one even would have heard of her.

      Calvin, you’ve forgotten Miss Tow-Truck Girl.

      Rumour has it SZ has gone to see her for advice on how to handle becoming an internet meme…

  9. Tetapi dia lupa itu mahu letak pasal ekonomi Penang yang tertunggang di 2009 Dan terlanggang tahun lepas

    1. Really Hilmi? What has this man done to you on a personal basis besides your foolhardy vengeance for political affiance. What is your personal preference, is it the guillotine for the ultimate expression of what the politics of the day dictates for you in the name of vengeance or it is not neutral, nor does it allow you to remain neutral when humanity, truth and reality is only through your politically lensed glasses as oppose to what the community seeks?

      1. Personal basis? Hmm insulting our religion..our faith..our race..our culture. I guess that is closer to heart than a personal attack, well at least to me.

        I don’t know about those Melayu yang malu nak mengaku Melayu tu, and I’m not even UMNO member or supporter mind you.

      2. MiNY,

        In case you haven’t noticed, you can insult a Malay as being stupid, spoon-fed, corrupt, etc etc, and we’d maybe get a bit angry, but most of us would just brush it aside.

        But you insult our religion? Get ready.

        We are seething right now. Trust me on this. And spare us the words about humanity, please. I know that the issue of humanity is important to you, but we Malay Muslims have been very accommodating to this point. And we are well aware that there are those who use human rights as a cover to insult our religion.

        We are being pushed around, and our patience is running damn thin.

  10. anak jamil hang ingat kami bodo sangat ka pasal quran-thumping tu.. kita bukan marah pasal tu ,kita marah pasal dia pertikaikan solat 5 waktu, kena tutup aurat dan bandingkan org dgn kambing..

    bodoh aku pun kenal dah lama dgn Patria babi tu la..

    itu penjilat juboq DAP nomuro uno tu.. anti undang-undang islam..

  11. I cannot understand why Anak Jamil is scorned upon for his opinion on his own experience. For GOD sake this is Malaysia not a homogeneous nation as we interact with others and their cultures too.

    Do you want me to tell you the stories of the Malays during the puasa month who would ask their non Malay friends to buy food for them to avoid Jakim or Jais? Like what Anak Jamil says from his own personal experience “Patrick do appear snobbish and cold plus his dark & wicked sense of humour can be misconstrued and be taken off-context but that’s Patrick, he hardly apologise but when he does, i think it’s sincere”. The key word is sincere.

    How he is used or being used to fit political agenda is not a consideration when our fellow commentors cannot differentiate what Anak Jamil is saying. Why the F**K does everything has to resolve around religion or race when even we share the better moments and experience with our fellow Malaysians.

    I have always believed in quality rather than quantity, but I find it that the discerning comments (solely based on religion & race) in this blog like some of the comments against Anak Jamil for his knowledge and personal experience in his/her comment revolting.

    1. MalaysianInNew York,

      They say ” a swallow does not make a summer”.

      Simply because you have seen useless Malay Muslim asking Chinese friend to buy food from them does not make what patrick said as right and should be tolerated.

      Call a spade a spade. Why insult Islam simply because PAS made U turn with regards to Chinese dress code in Kedah? Do whack PAS but no need to insult Islam.

    2. MiNY,

      Why does everything have to *revolve* around religion?

      If he spoke about the religion, then what else would it revolve around?

    3. It would be revolting to you for it attacks the core of your condescending hypocritical self. Surely, it would induce nausea in one who thinks himself to be above the fray and who hides in the crevices of sophistry to rationalise away putrid vile uncalled attacks against another religion. The same way, you lot insulted Islam with Kalimah Allah, the same way do your lot insult Muslims with your cloying defense of abjectly odious remarks uttered by a senile bastard.

      Of course, you and others of your ilk would feel nauseous as any public dial up of your elevated and hypocritical sense of proprietary would be a rebuke to your narcissistic egos. You, Pat Teoh’s apologists and unappointed defense attorneys galore can deem what you read with your humbuggy eyes as being tame as being “lost in translation” even as the gist blowing in the wind poisons the meat.

      You can dismiss it that easily because it doesnt militate an iota with what you feel inside; because its an exact replica of what you harbour but cannot enunciate cos your cock/clit muscles flinch at the moment of truth aware of the reality that awaits; because what he said is a public echo of your private jokes; because what he said tickled your fancy knowing how much you delight partaking in a shared meme; because what the fuckhead wrote gives you that satisfying sense of schadenfreude .

      That you lot try so very hard to rationalise away Teoh MF’s outright insult is indicative of your true selves. You lot think we are sooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid that we will brush it aside as nothing more than monkey chatter; that we will miss both the wood and the trees. Nope, we aint those country hicks you concoct in your smug lil worlds; we aint any country bumpkin who are willing fodder for your jokes or insults; we aint any village idiot who will roll over like some spineless liberal pseudo-Malay lapdog out for a cocksuckle; we aint any forest gump for you lot to ride roughshod over and we sure aint any yellow liveried cowards who will play possum at your every beck and call.

      We are Muslims with maruah. We jot down whats been said to justify our next course action and when that swings into focus, you lot better be prepared and this aint any empty threat cos when reason and decency gets twisted beyond shape one should never expect sanity to maintain its equlibrium.

      Shamsul, kudos man but I reckon we quit engaging the scum here including the resident blogger on this issue. Its a no win game when swine of the same hide decide to gather on the same side…you get my drift, brother?

      1. Warrior 231 aka ahlulbait,

        Brother, you give many good points, and I know it is beyond my ability to counter your points, even if I see the need to.

        However, I would like to invite you to continue to speak here.

        While Helen is not a Muslimah, and some of the causes that she champions might run against some people, the thought she puts into her article makes this a thinking person’s forum. I feel it is our duty as Muslims to make sure that the Muslim perspective is upheld in such a venue.

        Make no mistake, I’m not saying we must always agree with Helen. I’m just saying we should continue to be vocal and take all comers, even if they’re scum. And not everyone is scum.

        1. cannot agree more with you, SoG!

          the warrior’s ability to wield words to demolish contrary points is nothing short of formidable.

          if only he is less intemperate in his choice of not only of those words but also of those whom he chooses to aim them at.

          warrior, imagine how more efficient your sharp wit would be if it cuts more discriminately, man.

          take me for instance, even as i find myself nodding in agreement with many of your points [not only in this particular comment], i cannot help but bridle on behalf of the chinese part of me and of other chinese malaysians who certainly do not deserve to be lumped in your expletives simply because you are too reckless to care about the collateral damage of your indiscriminate insults.

          since i think you are smarter and waaay more skillful at word-craft than the likes of patrick tiu, what excuse have you to sikit2 resort to trampling like a bull in red mist? don’t you care that you are also hurting friends and potential friends and other like-minded people in your zeal to cause as much damage as possible to those you see as adversaries?

          and above all, don’t you want the thrust of your points to reach their targets unencumbered — clean and lethal? all that shit you dipped them into before hurling them, in my opinion, just serve to detract lah.

          jangan nanti jadi macam message in this video pulak [untuk ambik iktibar sahaja! ;) ]:

        2. mekyam,

          Wishful thinking. People like warrior are cavemen who go around bashing everything with a broad club on the internet. Anything that is even perceived to be against him will get the club treatment. See how he blasts Helen when she allows anakjamil’s feedback.

          Such is a mind of those with a serious inferiority complex.

      2. Warrior, you are indeed the warrior for convoluted and baseless comments when everything you had stated has nothing to do with what I commented except how you dictated your assumption. Nowhere has anything been said in my comment to reflect my position against the religion in support or against PT but purely a stance on the basis that AnakJamil should not be shot down just because he has an view on his own personal dwelling with Patrick Teoh.

        The only thing that I said which may have caused or created causation is when I said “Do you want me to tell you the stories of the Malays during the puasa month who would ask their non Malay friends to buy food for them to avoid Jakim or Jais” The only reason I said this was because it was again a personal experience amongst my Malay friends and not because it makes them less religious or their faith is diminished in their own religion for what is shafted into them in the name of religion. Human need is peculiar and it overrides any religion any day.

        Your typical diatribe is not the problem, but your ability in condescending for yourself with all your half baked assumption is. Level headed Malaysians whether Malays or non Malays have no problem with each other on the ground level but everything is twisted to fit for what is politically expedient in the name of religion.

        It is not fruitless to answer truthfully even to such miscued statement such as yours with such vigor as the purpose of my comment was not to impose the importance of superiority of one’s status in the eye of the others but purely felt that that Anak Jamil (I really don’t know what religion or race he is but only that he is a Malaysian) has an entitlement to voice his opinion which of course is up to us to digest and comprehend without the typical superficial innuendo that I am the master of the world. This is the truth, only truth and how you gauge it is your problem.

        1. One would be forgiven for questioning whether you are for real given the absurdity of your half-cooked contentions! Are you by any chance mongoloid or something? Difficult to understand simple, straight down yer throat repartees, hei toilethead? Perchance, yer some thought zombie escaped from some mental lockup and groping in the broad daylight after all those years having your pooped brain straightjacketed in some infernal darkness in some goddamn purgatory of a dungeon, eh silly fellatist?.

          Why not you quit dawdling around in your shitstained nappy, drawing inconsequential thought doodles, and besmirching cyberwalls with your inane thought graffiti and get real for a change and grow some cock or clit muscles by admitting to the simple fact that your are a closet brained racist faggot of a moron who happens to be hiding behind your podsnappish sense of indignation and your midlife crisised humbug self and are in too deep that even your brain cannot figure out what your bitching about in your mental heat in your male menopausal moment of angst.

          Let me expose for what you are, a racist, antiMuslim liberal hog who is having his personal version of groundhog day (a bit to early in them States, I reckon). My take was pretty simple:

          1. PT was offline there and we Muslims are entitled to call him out for it.

          2. We don’t need any selfserving liberal bastard to stand up and craft some damn apologia when the one legged senile fuckhead can mighty well pen one in his own defense. Why his(PT) own apology and mea culpa is dripping with mock condenscending condensation!!

          3. For you to opine that AJ was merely sharing a personal experience is downright laughable and pathetic and to top it off to bring unrelated puasa mumbo-jumbo (the type we muslims have heard umpteen mouths over from different mouths so much so that even its originality as a creative meme is zilch!!) into equation speaks much from where you are coming from.

          4. And till now, that AJ fuckhead knows it IS an apologia for he dare not address the question I have posed him.

          5. More importantly, don’t be a condescending arse yourself… for intimating the sincerity of the pig. How do you know he is sincere fuckhead of an arsehole? Even you are unsure, filching for some loose change of certainty from your threadbare pockets of credibility when you say : I ‘THINK’ he is sincere (that’s your opinion speaking.. not some ironclad certainty yodeling and that subjectivity tinged rubbish aint doing you any favours!!)

          Your assumption riddled garbage in defense of the indefensible is so pukish that even the most effective anti-emetic would have a hard time keeping your semi-cooked infantile chowder down where it belongs, in your stinking mental gut that is!.
          Suffering from thought dysprenuia eh that you have to hide in emotional nooks and ring up Mr Assumption to dig you out from a some imaginary spot of bother and help you hurl some gibberish at me for having exposed your living lie to salve some singed ego?

          Its people like you and AJu that allow piggish senile bustards like PT and his Christo Chingkie extremist ilk to thrive unmolested. Its middle/upper middle class uppity snobbish podsnappers like you two who put moderate Muslims in a spot of unwelcome bother. You know them Yank/Euro types who always query why moderate Muslims remain in stonewall silence given the puerile antics of their extremist brethren. Yep, the very same type who indulge in slinging asinine, shitty garbage like the one PT peddles in at Islam unprovoked and get all hot under the collar when dialed up for their prejudiced, loose tongued, potty mouthed childish rants by the selfsame moderate Muslims.

          Yep, its ‘cos of hypocrites like you, slimbebag that we moderates are put in a spot. Call out your bastard lot and we get blasted for being spoilsport gun toting, bomb-wired closet extremists. Indulge you and we are ridiculed as cockless, feckless, pseudo-Muslim fawning lapdogs of you kaffirs, by equally midgetbrained turbaned lollipops.

          Your rationalizing the scumbag anakjamil is pretty revealing of where yer are coming from. Its alright for your fucking infantile ego to defend his right to be an apologist but not alright for your goddamn freaking morality to take time out to question the contents of his noxious groveling apologia.

          Grow up and call a spade for what it is or else quit the blather and mental/psychological dithering and come straight to the mirror to revel in the closet, anti-Islam vermin reflection staring unblinking into your very goddamn soul. That realization will set you free and probably help you to understand your vile self better, moron!

          1. Yeah,,,yeah,,listen as some bitch milks her fifteen minutes of Warholian fame for all its worth and throws in some magnanimous,( and I suppose “heartfelt” and “sincere” in the eyes of some ‘snipish’, waspish commentator), heart-rending gesture to earn some extra brownie points to boot.

            Fact of the matter is Sharifah has nothing to apologise for simply because she was merely doing her job of stopping a free political ceramah by some madcap wooly headed lawyer wannabe who thinks the little world of herself and all the planets rotate and perturbate exuberantly in supplication as they orbit a super nova!

            If Miss Bawani is so worked up, why didnt she get up and leave the “crime” scene immediately, yodeling her angst in full view while at it and drawing in her wake a coterie of fellow antsy juveniles leery of being brainwashed, out of the hall into the raging night?. That would have been the appropriate camera ‘extrovert’ moment, wouldnt it and a smack in the face of authority plus the middle finger of comeuppance to anyone imposing whatever alleged agenda that catches their fancy… know the V moment of a Z life.

            Nooooooo….she had to stay….and cry victim later when no one forced her to and no asked her to stay or attend at all! Strange isnt it no one thought about that! Oh i see, thought constipation and intellectual dysprenuia must a common malady in a civil society more renowned for its uncivil obeisance to Truth and fair play and which petty caprice, juvenile fancy and inchoate flights of fancy are regaled by all and sundry as epitome of intellectual civility…what absurdity!!

            Go Shari,,,,go ..thats my gal!You have been abandoned by the mob the moment you became too hot a flame of the forest (potato would be very odious and unwelcome indeed)to handle but despair not, for in the heart of the Warrior and many more you are a heroine wronged, a delectable distraction to what PT is all about. Dont cha agree that Aesthete doeth indeed choose her benefactors well?

          2. I think you reflected yourself very well with this comment. A leopard can’t change its spot, can he?

  12. Did I remember correctly that Patrick Teoh used to eat out of the hands of the BN ? Right or wrong ?

    1. he used to work for TV3, for 2 years beginning in 1984. his schedule was then reduced and subsequently his editor told him that his contract would not be renewed. now with this latest episode, we know why.

      by the way, the guy’s from Ipoh. I would not be surprised that he’s foul mouthed. Chinese people from Perak, Penang, these are the descendants of coolies and tin miners. low stock people, people without proper upbringing.

      1. I beg to differ, many of the mainstream Chinese minus the anglophiles are indifferent to thess issues and by-lookers as much as the normal every day Malays, the mainstream Chinese are as much victims of DAP anglophile ambition as much as the Malays are the mules of PAS Mullah ambition.

        While Patrick is a by product of putrid bipartisan politics, lest we forget we have Malays like Haris Ibrahim who accommodate hate discussion againts his own people on a daily basis , I dare not point out what kind of Malay traits made him like that.

        Malaysian of all races have stereotypeof each other and so far each one has been tactful not to be open about it, bringing the stereotypes into open discussion will break the status quo and wil make things even worse and make ineteraction between us and them as pointless. hence while we are also angry with the antics of Patrick and his legions, we should also take note as not bring down our level further down,I also see some UMNO bloggers and sometimes ourselves write things that may make them angry too, if cannot tahan marah, just be quiet, sometimes I also want to write nasty things but stay quiet and dont comment.

        1. Forrestcat, you are candid and profound. The assumptions that we ride on is our individual window on the world, scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in for humanity to prevail. It is okay to write nasty things if it is the truth like our fellow commentor Anak Jamil states based on his/her own experience that the assumption that we get used to.

          1. “It is okay to write nasty things if it is the truth”

            Sure. But remember, everyone’s got something about themselves they don’t like people talking about.

            You think there are “truths” about Muslims that you can talk about? Fine. But there are unflattering points about Christians, Hindus, Buddhists that Muslims can bring up too. In fact this goes for everybody.

            So you want to write the truth, damn what people think? Free speech, or death, that kinda thing? Go ahead.

            But please don’t act surprised when people get angry about it, or at people they feel are trying to excuse someone’s inexcusable behaviour.

        2. what PPP said is true. that opposition people are low stock people, they had improper upbringing. you prick them here and there and they get mad. just proves PPP’s point that their forefathers were of the uncouth stock. whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian or whatever race is besides the point.

          if they are Malay, then they are the descendants of pirates. if they are Chinese, they are the descendants of coolies and tin miners. if they are Indians then they are the descendants of estate workers.

          I would laugh every time they spit venom at establishment people. only goes to show that they are of the uncouth type, even after giving them education, taught them how to read and write, they are still uncouth. after all, their forefathers were of the uncouth type, so their descendants also inherited this uncouthness. no hope for these people.

          the Taiwanese writer 李敖 called Singaporeans stupid and what he said of Singaporeans could also be applied to most Malaysian Chinese since these 2 peoples share similarities. now do you know why he called Singaporeans stupid? the same reason why I said most Malaysian Chinese are of the culture-less type.

          1. The International Jew, are you trying to run a PPP agenda here? Let me give you an insight, did you know that the that a certain personality in your org was given a $10.0 Million scrap metal business deal by UMNO? You wonder don’t you? coming from a Malaysian in New York. Now what ever happened to this $10.0 Million deal check with pseudo heroes within PPP who continues to make a fool of you. What PPP was with the Seenivasagam brothers is a shadow for what is represented these days. PPP is dead and gone but only a flagship for individual benefits.

  13. Anak Jamil,

    you have my greatest sympathy today. people here talk nonsense.

    Sharizat’s cows have more analytical power these people.

    Forgive them! You have done your part. Forgive them! they have no wisdom and cant comprehend. Forgive them.

  14. PPP. I see so many ungrateful people around who want to jump onto the PR bandwagon. Good luck to them

  15. It is reported that 1 woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. And only now there is an outcry. Is this fetish or customary ?

    1. What’s that got to do with PT?

      But I doubt its customary. Obviously it’s wrong. “Only now”… I guess that’s just their social structure. You should find an expert on that.

  16. PPP, seems that you are the pembohong here. Poor bloke, trying so hard kelentong your way thru. Servant of god also you right?

    1. “Seems…”

      Well, you are a PR stooge, and if nothing else PR is just a platform for perceptions, nothing solid or credible to its name or actions.

      Well, I can also do that. It seems to me you’re just trying to find a way to justify why someone should not be angry despite having someone insult his/her faith.

      How did you conclude that PPP is the liar? I don’t see your arguments, what with you being a one-line clown. So, how?

  17. Apabila KM Dap arahkan masjid di PP supaya tidak menggunakan pembesar suara semasa membaca ayat-ayat al-Quran, pihak yang memberi arahan menafikan arahan berkenaan sebagai mencampuri urusan agama Islam. Pas akur arahan berkenaan.

    Apabila Koh Ham menyarankan orang Islam supaya jangan bantah filem inocence of Muslim, Muslim diminta menerima saranan berkenaan sebagai tidak mencampuri urusan Islam. Pas akur saranan berkenaan.

    Ini jelas menunjukkan apabila Dap dan Mca buat kenyataan atau arahan membabitkan orang Islam, orang Islam (terutama Pas) tidak boleh beranggapan yang ianya adalah mencampuri urusan agama mereka.

    Apabila Pas menetapkan sedikit larangan berhubung etika berpakaian untuk menyambut perayaan Tahun Baru Cina dan meskipun saranan Pas itu selari dengan Rukun Negara…Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan…sepantas kilat Mca dan Dap menuduh Pas mencampuri urusan keagamaan orang bukan Islam.

    Ironinya, Dap dan Mca tidak pula menganggap larangan membakar mercun di musim perayaan sebagai mencampuri urusan keagamaan. Oh ya, mereka boleh bakar juga?

    Makanya apabila semua yang Pas buat adalah serba tidak kena dan apabila Dap/Mca buat boleh dispin jadi semuanya kena belaka, apa yang boleh saya katakan pada Pas ialah: ‘Nasi sudah jadi moi’.

  18. panas isu ni…bagi aku senang saja. PT tak kira dari mana asalnya kuli lombong ka, lanun atau kuli estet, tiada hak menghina agama Islam. bodohnya PT ni…dia ingat boleh lepas dengan minta maaf… semoga Allah balas di atas dunia, aku nak tengok.

  19. First & foremost, I would like extend my thanks for Helen & MiNY for defending my POVs on the subject matter. This is indeed a tough crowd but I am not changing my personal opinion nor what I’ve written so far.

    I am different or the way Warrior231 puts it: ‘pansy’. Sir, I respect your choice of word and I am not the least bit offended by that remark nor would I apologise for what I am. It was never my intention nor am I trying to be popular: If that was my main agenda in life, I would have joined politics.

    I would like to address my fascination on Patrick. For someone who had polio since childhood, the man works hard to be what he is today. If my take on Patrick’s rambling comes off sounding like an apologist – so be it: that’s your perception/take on my view and I respect that as well.

    For the record, I have no chinese paymaster for writing comments in blogland but I work for a small company in PJ and yes, my bosses are chinese so I guess that part is semi-true..but I doubt, my bosses would be thrilled if he finds out I write comment sporadically instead of focussing on my actual work.

    My though process and how I rationalize things are different. The Islam I know is most forgiving:
    I also didn’t expect that my personal commentary on Patrick can create so much interest..and I didn’t expect so much of racial slurs coming out and for that, I apologise to the blog owner. (No, I am not under Helen’s payroll now but it’s a ‘gentle’man thing to do when inconveniences have been imposed to the ‘tuan rumah’).

    I can safely deduce that Malaysians are getting even more sensitive: that everything written/said will be examined word for word and that opinion (especially against the flow) are no longer accepted..but no one seems to realise that fighting fire with fire will only lead to a bigger uncontrollable flame and but that’s not my style: in a world full of people screaming to talk, there must also be someone who listens.

    For those who’ve said nasty things and create a fiction of me, I forgive you for your ‘kekhilafan’ and at the same time, respect your POVs: it doesn’t have to be true but you’ve gained my admiration for speaking out.

    1. Why not you quit blowing in the wind like some infernal weather vane and admit the fact; were being apologetic for Patrick Teoh

      2. you were taking stance (no 1) simply because your misapprehended willfully or otherwise that by rationalising for an asinine bigot of a senile bastard the whole kerfuffle will blow over and the Chingkie pig would get away scot-free with tongue in cheek for successfully slurring Islam and having a good laugh at how impotent the Muslims are to even react

      Your condescending take : “but the gist and essence of his dismay was lost in translation and that needs to be corrected”.
      is revelatory of your apologist inclinations.

      a.Pray, what was lost in translation in the first place? Even a kid can see what Teoh was clearly stating as broad as daylight.

      b.Why must it needs to be corrected? and why must you take it on yourself to decipher teoh’s shitty garbage when it is no way any fucking esoteric pronouncement from some mystic fuckhead.

      It is clear you wanted to ingratiate yourself all along, Play the fawning poodle to them bastard anti Muslim bigots. If teoh had solely maligned PAs i would let it pass…but nah..he went the whole hog to diss Islam, wilfully; on purpose; with calculated intent.

      If he had said..”them MFing PAS, trying to impose their Talibanisque hypocrisy on us “…we wouldnt give two hoots. That he didnt when he could says a lot and for you to come whining apologetically on his behalf and for the blog owner to spring to your defense is telling.

      If the non-Muslims, as you say, can bleat we Muslims are all the same we too can roar back “you kaffirs are no better!

    2. salam anakjamil!

      sorry for the flak coming your way but you took a chance coming out in defence of Teoh when he just did something quite indefensible. surely you must have anticipated some adverse reactions, no? :)

      1. Salam Mek Yam,

        If you ask me honestly, I anticipate few passing comments but the harsh, condescending and hilarious allegations, that i did not expect at all; not one bit but I sort of understand that behind internet anonymity, it’s an open game and being gay also helps as I’ve heard much worst being said about me: so, i am like teflon to insults.

        You see Mek Yam, I was once upon a time, in the Bangsar League and we used a lot of expletives not with ill-intent but to express it’s superlative-ness. Mofo, f-this & f-that, b***h, sl*ts, wh*res are words we used excessively. What i am trying to say is we don’t actually meant it in entirety, it’s used to add spices, say to stupidity or stupid people. Moreover, nothing is blasphemous and sacreligious there as well be it religion or race.

        I think that’s the common thread that bind us all: that we’re not ultra sensitive & paranoid over remarks made or making remarks: we acknowledge the remarks, laughed it off and continue with life: if we ever felt really insulted, we would do the ‘i resent that (add what’s troubling you)’ approach, talk on the subject, make peace. That’s how we roll in Bangsar and that’s why I also understand why the oppo demands the all equality bit and why it’s being received well by the supporters.

        On another note, I also noticed that the perpetual hysterics no longer exclusively belonged to pro-oppo troopers, warrior231 for example is a good sample on how vicious pro-govt supporters can get to: wanting to have the last words like some scorned wife which baffles me even more.

        What i am getting at is, for someone on the fence like me who never voted before, him trying to make me his whipping bitch just because i put my own thought & take on the subject matter left quite an undesirable taste. I was not insulted by his words on me but i felt humiliated when he dragged Helen in, as a guest, we should give due respect to the host. His paranoia gets the better of him, methinks and i seriously think he needs to sort out his personal war with himself first.
        I hope i’ve answered your question.

        1. Anak Jamil, those affiliated and staged events to inflame religion intolerance or for the matter what one comment is only possible if it serves one’s own needs. As much as they are the agent provocateur, we the general public are no better when we observe and practice everything in a race and religious outline as opposed to a truthful cause in fairness and equality although sometimes in our mind it is skewed as a racist agenda.

          We all know that those in power, whether it is Malay or non-Malay, will always cohort to create an atmosphere to maintain their own status quo,but we as the public should slowly drift away intelligently from a race- or religion-based biasness in strengthening our unity.To create the change in unity, we first need to be independent and unshackled in our own thoughts for what is truthful, just and fair. You don’t need religion as a factor but only a humane factor.

          Knowledge alone will not suffice but the individual experience and wisdom to see it once you are truly awaken for the society. Once we overcome this, then it does not matter who says what, as long it is what is truthful, just and fair for the community that we intend to create and to live together.

          Courtesy needs to be extended when there is courtesy as a multicultural community but not an over indulging attitude to super impose self dereliction for personal frustration like some of the comments we observe here for your own personal unbiased opinion purely as an interacting Malaysian.

          1. Needs to be corrected ” Courtesy needs to be extended when there is courtesy as a multicultural community but not an over indulging attitude to super impose self dereliction for personal frustration like some of the comments we observe here for your own personal unbiased opinion purely as an interacting Malaysian” with courtesy needs to be extended when there is courtesy as a multicultural community but not an over indulging attitude to super impose self dereliction for personal frustration like some of the comments we observe here for their own personal biased opinion pas oppose to being an interacting Malaysian

        2. “Ohhhhh…the pathos of woemanhood, the pain of victimhood the neurosis of being misunderstood. How blind art thou immutable Fate not to fathom the depths of my wronged soul for verily I was merely groveling at the feet of Ogre so why must me a cockless fawn be a feckless pawn to such ruthless herculean scorn.” hahahahaha (ROFL)…..

          1. That’s how we roll in Bangsar and that’s why I also understand why the oppo demands the all equality bit and why it’s being received well by the supporters.On another note, I also noticed that the perpetual hysterics no longer exclusively belonged to pro-oppo troopers

          Response; Oh I see, a Bangsar Mali faggot who is so gender twisted that he/she cant even notice the contradictions in the two sentences above. “You know folks: sane rational, decorous interlocutors can also descend into perpetual “hystericists”, amazing mental calisthenics, that one.

          2. wanting to have the last words like some scorned wife which baffles me even more.

          response: Nope, I am not some scorned wife like some unorgasmised gayboy is…you know the type that hankers for a buttfuck but gets a throatram instead.

          Get a lifelah scumbag. Dont ever think your privileged background auto entitles you to a damn freaking license to pour scorn on others. Unlike you, I dont wave around my privileged background like some credit card to get some leeway on the highway of life.And I aint no poseur or a braggart to wangle my Bangsarian, Damansarian, Btunkuian, Mont Kiarian or whateverian legacies to beg for empathy. And I sure dont prattle like a spurned trannie to milk sympathy from a yam plant!.

          Your whole puerile piece is soaked in angst-ridden sarcasm and dripping with barely veiled put me downs. You sound so pathetically silly and emotionally oft-kilter when you try your darnedest to make it to be like some sidewalk cafe tete a tete,, like some pukish personal sharing session with a Yam, you know where you go wink wink and all giggly over something soooooooooo very proooooooofound, fuckhead. Try being a red hot iron rod instead of trying to be some arty farty itsy bitsy hoitty toitty laughable bugaboo.

          Why not you get a grip of yourself and answer the questions i posed regarding your apologia. Oh I see it is much easier to tear someone apart through innuendos and sly pecksniffian garbage rather than trying to justify the patently indefensible plus sinking into victimhood is a sure fire way to a woman’s heart, aint it, socialite?. But then given your churlishly girlsy rant, i dont expect any manly admission form your part. After all what can a poofieboy do but trundle out the Teflon to protect his puny lil apologetic existence!

          What a wasted cockhungry cuntstuffing moment all those years ago. Such a waste of sperm! .

  20. PT niamah is lucky to say that and living peacefully in Malaysia. If he is in India, he will be running away and ‘go hiding’ to save his life. If he is in Pakistan, depends on which part of Pakisstan, he is either go hiding or mobbed and killed by the masses. If he is in Afghanistan, he is slaugthered like an orphaned pig. If he is in Bangladesh, he had left the country by now.

    That’s how serious the offence that was committed by PT Niamah.

    PT Niamah is not funny to me anymore.

    1. That’s the point, isn’t it? We do not want Malaysia to go down the path of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

      If the Christians here keep pushing and pushing, the Muslims will push back. Or do the Christians want Malays to emulate the Pakistanis, Afghans and Bangladeshis there?

      This pushback is the social dimension to the consequences of the present Christian action which the non-Malay opposition supporters seem to fail to understand.

      1. That should be easy to do, the religious extremists decide to flock together on one side of the fence. Something that Patrick Teoh failed to recognize. While he’s busy ranting about quran thumpers and antagonizing the entire muslim population he seems to forget that PAS is DAP’s partner and also DAP has been doing serious bible thumping for Jesus.

        Plus the other party is not worth anything anyway.

        They want change, yes we can change.

        Maybe after they lose all the states they will be more modest and learn not to play with fire so much.

  21. OMG. PPP. I love Ipoh and thought of retiring there. Now I have second thoughts from your learned advice.

  22. By the mere act of looking at his picture, I can smell the bad breath and hear the profanities spout forth.

  23. being holy is a good thing. but being holy and having good productivity in work is even better. if praying 5 times a day can improve productivity, many employers will encourage their employess to pray 10 times a day instead, for higher productivity.

    1. My word, you really are stupid, aren’t you? Talking out of your ass like a numbskull, aren’t you?

      Out of the 5 prayer times, only 1 falls during office hour, and that is Zuhur. The second one, Asar, can be done after office hours.

      1/5 affecting productivity? Aku kata lu bodoh, lu marah, tapi lu memang bodoh!

      1. SoG,

        Living in Jerusubang and worshipping High Priestess Hannah has that effect. You must excuse Ravin.

        1. Tak kuasa aku nak excuse dia. Sapa suruh dia tonggak air liur paderinita celup tuh? Orang lain mabuk todi aku boleh marah, dia mabuk air liur pun patut kena marah jugak laa.

    2. Ravin, I don’t know what is your past time besides being a troll. Don’t understand the context of your troll on what being holy has to do with productivity.The mocking process is delible if your are stupid and dumb but it becomes indelible and scornful when it is an agenda you run on false pretense.

      1. YOu and ” servant ” of god are the same. Are you guys having difficulty in understanding simple English?

        How can you be having the same level of mentality with ” servant ” of god is beyond me.

        By the way, did I condemn anything on last last reply? Or it is more of a siapa makan cili tahu pedasnya?

        Some people, or rather some ” servant ” are more sensitive than others!

        1. Once upon a time, I would be upset at words such as yours, Ravin.

          But I now take comfort in knowing that people are not stupid, and are able to know when jerks like are provoking others while pretending to be innocent. In other words, people know when they’re seeing someone “buang batu sembunyi tangan”.

          I must thank you, Ravin, for the role that you’re playing. Hundreds or thousands of visitors read Helen’s blog, and PR’s game of spreading hatred that you’re playing is clear for all to see.

          Hopefully, this reply of mine is open-ended enough so that you can reply and earn yourself another 50 sen.

  24. Common man! if both of you are fighting each other who need the Muslim to be the punching bag isn’t it? Shake hand OK,

  25. MINY Jan 19; 10.21am

    As much as a scented pig cannot hide its nauseous odour. Get my drift, Mr Hog?.

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