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Patrick Teoh, Hannah Yeoh and why MCA is a problem

No coverage in The Star.


Please also check out my new page ‘Starwatch‘ on the stories that the MCA-owned paper blacks out or is not interested in following up.


Patrick Teoh’s outburst is not an isolated sentiment but it lies squarely within the climate and environment of Pakatan politics. Pakatan politics minus PAS, that is.

The nature of his comments is one of a piece with that swathe of Pakatan supporters who have turned against PAS after the Islamist party’s reversal on the use of the ‘Allah’ word.

Dapsters make up this opposition base now that the Chinese-Christian brief flirtation with “PAS For All (hudud for all)” seems to be wearing thin.


DAP controls social media

Let’s examine Patrick Teoh’s politics against the backdrop of overwhelming Chinese support for DAP.

Below is his tweet that was retweeted by Hannah Yeoh, R. Sivarasa (PKR vice president) and John Lee (who co-blogs with Tony Pua and Ong Kian Ming the DAP election strategist).

Of interest is their shared thinking.

Patrick tweeted:

“If BN behaves the way they do without a 2/3’s majority imagine what they will do with a 2/3 majority. Scary isn’t it?”

I do not have any Twitter account but my contrarian view is:

“If Pakatan behaves the way they do with just touching 1/3 in Parliament imagine what they will do with a simple majority. Scary isn’t it?”

The tinyurl in Patrick’s tweet (screenshot below) takes readers to an article in Lim Kit Siang’s blog.



Mutual Admiration Club

The above is a sample of Patrick Teoh’s comment retweeted by Hannah Yeoh.

Meanwhile below is a sample of Hannah Yeoh’s comment retweeted by Patrick Teoh.

The evangelists are always reassuring potential Malay voters that DAP politicians have the highest respect for the Constitution.

Yet (screenshot below) here is Hannah Yeoh so thrilled that young Malaysians are “learning to re-write the Constitution”.

Which part of the document do the evangelistas want to Ubah? Article 3 on the position of Islam?


Beware wolf in sheep’s clothing

When MCA objected to the PAS desire to implement hudud, DAP politicians and their evangelistas were the first to shout that the Chinese party is anti-Islam.

In the 60 years since 1952 of MCA’s relationship with Umno, never has any Wanita MCA leader donned the tudung and traipsed into mosques to glad-handle. Neither has any Wanita Gerakan leader done this.

The MCA politicians do not quote the Quran, Hadith or Sunnah and claim that they model themselves on the caliphs.


Did Patrick say “like sheep”?

The historical Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz, from whom Lim Guan Eng derives his Muslim moniker, only ruled a total of 28 months.

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali points out that during the Caliph’s time, a one-way camel journey between Baghdad and Basrah would take months and longer to get to Khorasan in Persia.

“For the Caliph to issue a new order (say his version of Dasar Ekonomi Baru) would take months just to reach all the provinces. Then any dasar ekonomi baru would take time to be implemented. Before he received the first feedback (Mid Term Review), he would have been dead,” opines SAA.

So much for Lim Guan Eng’s rhetoric which is about as credible as his Mama colleague’s muslimah dressing.

For those who still don’t get it, bottomline: THEY.ARE.POLITICIANS.

Even if they constantly preach in church.

double face

Patrick Teoh’s comments have caused a firestorm.

My point is this:

Before March 2008 and in the MCA and Gerakan scheme of things, evangelist politicking and masquerading in the mosques was not a tactical strategy among the Chinese and Indian BN politicians.

But now you have the DAP 2.0 posturing politicians.

There is a risk to playing religion politics. These people are unable to realise when they have strayed across boundaries they should not overstep.

Below: DAP organizing secretary Anthony Loke, also MP for Rasah


MCA part of the problem

The DAP 2.0 politicians wear an Islam-friendly mask, and songkok too (I’ve seen).

They are split personalities from their supporter base. It’s the same problem of bipolarity that afflicts The Star.

Straightshooters like Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa, for example, do not face the inevitable strains arising from self-contradictions and lack of internal cohesion.

“It does not compute” when the DAP 2.0 leadership claims one thing and delegates to the party CEC election vote the opposite way.

Pakatan supporters hoping that Malays vote DAP will, once again, have a difficult task in trying to square the circle over this Patrick Teoh fallout.

And that’s why there’s no story in The Star today. Its owner MCA must be asked some probing questions.


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26 thoughts on “Patrick Teoh, Hannah Yeoh and why MCA is a problem

  1. Twitter Gone Banana

    Buttering each other
    eyes sore; uvula tickled
    ptui! spit disgusted…

    (cut the story short)

    Crying until vomiting
    am not exaggerating
    they really excruciating…


  2. Read this:

    SHAH ALAM – “Tidak boleh salahkan Patrick Teoh.” Demikian reaksi pelawak dan pelakon, Bob Lokman berhubung kenyataan kontroversi Teoh semalam yang menyinggung umat Islam.

    Bob Lokman atau nama sebenarnya Mohd Hakim Lokman berkata “mereka (orang bukan Islam) tak faham kehendak agama kita. Jadi, mereka tak akan nampak keadilan.”

    “Kalau saya kutuk Teoh secara peribadi, ia tak akan selesaikan perkara ini sampai bila-bila,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian Online.

      1. He is like a born again Muslim, but not very smart like many born again Christians, these type tend to become too conservative. He used to be a rock singer or something, a fad in the 80s.

        1. ya saya ingat Bob Lokman yang terkenal dengan lawak double meaning mencarutnya sepanjang ada kelibatnya di TV dulu. Ustazah Abby dengan drama rumahtangganya yang hangat dan begitu juga dengan Ustazah Aishah and the Fan Club.Trend selebriti di Malaysia ni bila dah tak de job, kurang perhatian untuk muka keluar TV mulalah menyimpang. Tidak dinafikan memang ada segelintir selebriti yang menyokong PR (itu adalah hak dan pendirian mereka), tetapi tidaklah bermulut cabul selantang nama-nama yang saya nyatakan di atas. Masa mencari rezeki untuk menyara keluarga di TV kerajaan dulu tak ingat pula halal haram.

  3. You know the problem is whenever DAP insults Islam, PAS will be the first to defend them with Mullah Niz Aziz coming up with some obscure Quranic verse to justify them.

    And when PAS implements policies that threatens human rights or infringes upon non Muslims’ rights, DAP will play the apologist by defending their actions.

    By their actions, almost any crime or insults. As some famous figure said, “Crime is something that only his enemy committed”, these political thugs justify any crime or insults as long as it is done by their party members – sodomy, bribery, assaults, sedition, etc.

  4. MCA is DEAD.. just change The Star to The Rocket opssss i forget at last The Rocket already reach The Star.. Congratulation MCA..

  5. Kalau umat Islam yg kata BIBLE is Mother ******* agaknya berapa tahun isu tersebut akan dimainkan DAPster dan The Star, helen?

  6. The only person insulting anyone here is you helen. Youve constantly sought to spin things dangerously. Constantly associate politics with religion. Dont you have any substance? I know you probably have bad hair, but surely you cant be that useless?

    1. The usual DAPster with their useless empty posts, cant even use the brain more to make a more creative pseudoname.

  7. Helen, you remind me of ‘unmitigated” Chandra. I used to follow him in the 80’s ….the Aliran days and he made a lot of sense. Now, he unloads poison to anyone who cates to listen. Me? I just let the venom & toxin roll off .

    1. So you were stupid enough to allow venom and toxin to enter your body, even rat knows not to eat poisoned bread, so what are you trying to proof besides your own incompetence and the ingenuity of Chandra of poisoning an able person yet mentally weak person like you.

      Chandra and Helen made their choices as free individuals, something that you so called Democratic Action Poofster fail to understand.

    2. Let me guess, you used to adore Chandra when he was with God-Sent but lost all respect after he left the party right ? With Pakatoons, anyone with them are angels and everyone who oppose them automatically become infidels and demons.

      1. Antihipokrit | Januari 17, 2013 at 4:42 pm

        He’s the writer of the Malay rock ballad “Isabella” by Search.

        This means he’s been making a living as an artist all the while, then he joined Pas.

        He said that he joined Pas because his son (anyone, correct me if I’m wrong) turned out with a poor character. He somehow blames UMNO on this.

        So understand this: for some people, even if their children turned out bad because you didn’t give them enough attention, it is damn well UMNO’s fault.

        No, I don’t understand it either. Maybe someone can explain this to us.

        So, in addition to being an artiste (he still acts in kids’ programmes, which I have banned in my house), he is also a penceramah Pas. We hear that he makes quite a nice living hurling insults; reports say that he drives an Alphard, but of course that comes nowhere close to Ustaz Ferrari.

  8. Helen…I think you are getting to the root of the matter. It is not the Chinese who are badmouthing and belittling the Malays and Indians as uncivilised, uncouth, stupid, etc. But it is the Chinese Christians, the Talibanized version of the Chinese who is doing all the provocation.

    The Pakatoons went berserk accusing Sharifah of bullying but the entire PR cyber army seems to be on a sleep mode over Patrick’s unforgivable sin. I wonder where does all the righteous anger displayed in the social media by the Pakatoons in the case of Bawani has disappeared to. It is sickening that people are actually threatening and calling her names. Had this been a Pakatoon, MK would have labelled the accusers as UMNO’s Nazis.

  9. Bagi anthony Loke Islam perlu dibela kalau dihina oleh Mca tetapi kalau Islam dihina oleh pembodek dan pengampu LGGE makanya Islam tidak perlu pembelaan?

    Sememangnya adalah sukar untuk mengenalpasti sama ada kenyataan AL itu sebagai lahir dari hati nurani atau sekadar ungkapan retorik yang nampak manis di bibir saja.

    Tetapi, apabila Pas (parti yang berjenamakan Islam) dihina sehari dua ini tetapi kelibat AL masih tidak nampak, makanya timbullah kesangsian sama ada AL adalah benar-benar pembela Islam atau apa?

    Namun, satu apa yang pasti ialah AL sebagaimana yang Helen cuba peringatkan kita semua ialah dia adalah seorang politikus…iaitu didengari boleh tetapi percaya jangan…..!

  10. “If BN behaves the way they do without a 2/3′s majority imagine what they will do with a 2/3 majority. Scary isn’t it?”

    I say weren’t all these years prior to PRU12 BN had 2/3 majority? So to answer his question.. BN did very well actually for the country. Not scary at all..

    “If Pakatan behaves the way they do with just touching 1/3 in Parliament imagine what they will do with a simple majority. Scary isn’t it?”

    With idiot politicians running Pakatan.. very scary indeed! I will migrate if this happens!

  11. teoh…yeoh…sama je…suka buat kecoh!

    It still is mind boggling when you think pakatan ribut will have people from a racist party, people from a fanatical party and people from a secular come together and try to share a seat together.

    But anyhow….its the choice of every malaysians….its their future they’re gambling on. Kasihan their children and grandchildren….

  12. ada tak Hishamuddin Tun Hussein bagi amaran kat Patrick Teoh ni? i rarely read newspaper anymore…but i think there’s no any warning from ministers like Nazri Aziz, Rais Yatim or any MUSLIM MALAY Ministers….at least Zed Zaidi , the new Seniman President condemned him…and some other artists too like AC Mizal etc…maybe politician should change their career…become artist, tycoon, comedian….and artist, comedian, musicians take over the government….so haru biru!!!

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