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Politics of Love: The men behind Joceline and Helen

Fahmi Fadzil is Nurul Izzah’s political secretary. He has a notorious reputation in Twitterjaya.

Previously in June 2011, Fahmi was sentenced by the court to apologize 100 times on Twitter in settlement with a magazine publisher whom Fahmi defamed. This case was even reported in the British and world media.


Hannah’s cyber gang

Fahmi Fadzil is Hannah Yeoh’s BFF on Twitter.

Screenshot of their Twitter exchange below:


Before I comment on Hannah Yeoh’s tweet on Joceline Tan and me, and the rejoinder by a Yeopie that “The man behind [Joceline and Helen] is the most absurd and obscure”, first a preamble to provide context.

Evangelistas insist that the establishment just wanna keep spreading hate.

DAP Christian leaders, on the other hand, practise only the politics of love (or so they say).


Love in space

These new-politics-of-love leaders are 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter and other online media.

Even in the middle of state assembly proceedings because they must needs spread that lurrrving feelin’ to their online fanboys and gals.


hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

May God have mercy on the low classists

The Selangor DUN is Pakatan majority and the Speaker is a DAP man and yet Hannah was Facebooking during meetings of the state legislature.

When queried, instead of answering she deflected to Najib! (see screenshot tweet below)

And just as her party had put the blame on Microsoft Excel, Hannah similarly blamed Facebook: “You have a problem with fb , ask @NajibRazak what he thinks of it”, she tweeted in reply.




Christian agenda

The DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians have strong backing from English media.

For example, Selangor Times features the evangelistas every single week without fail.

Today, the Pakatan state paper put the photo of DAP’s Teratai Adun Jenice Lee on its front page whereas Teresa Kok is on Page 6, 10 & 22 and Hannah Yeoh on Page 7.

Last week Hannah Yeoh was on the Selangor Times front page (screenshot below) while Elizabeth Wong’s photo was on Page 2, Teo Nie Ching and Gan Pei Nei two separate photos on Page 8, Jenice Lee and Teresa Kok two separate photos on Page 10.

And in Selangor Times two weeks earlier (6 Jan 2012), Hannah Yeoh’s photo was on Page 8.


Hannah Yeoh's photo in Selangor Times today
Hannah Yeoh’s photo in Selangor Times today

Hundreds of thousands of ringgit

Gelagat Anwar, the blog that exposed the Penang Deputy Chief Minister saying “cocky, arrogant tokong”, reveals the following expose:

Ratusan ribu yang dibelanjakan untuk menaikkan imej Hannah Yeoh, dan beberapa calon Pemuda DAP …”

The above allegation is one that The Star should follow-up to ascertain its veracity or otherwise, but the paper’s protective bias to bury negative DAP stories is by now well known.

Selangor Times is distributed statewide free of charge but its operations do not run on fresh air alone and nor are its reporters paid in sunshine beams. This state publication is amply funded clearly to run a state agenda.


Jerusubang the City of Love

Aside from the MCA paper and the Selangor state paper, Jerusubang has its own paper even, the SJ Echo

In line with the DAP 2.0 Politics of Love, SJ Echo editor T.H. Teoh (see tweet below) — another Hannah Yeoh BFF in Twitterverse — blathers on about “Xpress ur love”. It’s something in the Jerusubang water.


The personal inclinations of the Selangor Times editor – K.L.Chan – may be another factor as to why his paper promotes the evangelistas every week.

In his tweet (screenshot below), he enthuses about the Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

We’re looking at a well-oiled machinery here where the pro-Christian media is very savvy in pushing propaganda and entertainment.


Selangor Times and Star spiritual cousins

Seen in The Star (refer below) is the very same agenda being carried out by Selangor Times.

The MCA-owned newspaper did not carry any write-up on Patrick Teoh yesterday nor today even though it was news elsewhere.

The Star however did provide a write-up on the Sharifah Zohra and Bawani “Listen, listen, listen, listen” spat. The said article is written by Sira Habibu, which in a previous posting I had mentioned as one of the four writers – can count on the fingers of one hand – in the paper who is willing to write critically about DAP.

Star stories that daily mention Hannah Yeoh and sometimes 2-3 stories in a single day (Google search results Nov 2012)

DAP SuperCyber Bully

Why is it that DAP is reckoned to have won 80-plus percent Chinese support?

One reason is the thoroughness with which they target critics and dissenters for the most vile smear campaigns. Their vicious harassment does not respect age (Tunku Aziz), rank (Sultan of Selangor) or religious standing (Ustaz Nasha).

Star group editor Wong Chun Wai in his Jan 13 column titled ‘An unholy mix‘ was finally willing to be upfront on the bullying.

Writing about the pastors and priests in the many “politically charged” churches, he said:

  • “many turn to their Facebook to voice their grievances as well.”
  • “many Christians who do not support Pakatan Rakyat have been openly humiliated in the various social media.”
  • “Many DAP elected representatives are active Christian leaders too, with a few playing the role of lay pastors.”

There’s just one little thing that Chun Wai forgot to add, that is, his paper has been promoting their personality cult.


Star’s big promotion for Mama Dapster

Red Guards were Mao Zedong’s communist stormtroopers. Yes, even Tunku Aziz calls the Dapsters “stormtroopers“.

As early as 2010 and before Hannah Yeoh ever bleeped on my radar – my blog started in late July 2011 – the Beliawanis MCA treasurer had already tweeted that the DAP evangelista is a “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

The Star displayed a blatantly one-sided behaviour when it came to the above mini Twitter war between a young MCA Beliawanis and the DAP evangelist. I don’t have to tell you which one the paper favoured.

I’ve challenged before MCA to conduct an internal audit of its leaders to survey their opinion on the fairness of Star coverage. In the tiff between Beliawanis and Gan Pei Nei, the paper evidently did not take the side of the MCA young ladies. This is a confirmed and repetitive pattern with The Star.

"super" a superlative adjective
“Super”, an adjective to describe the superlative

Young Malays to be fished

As we have been tracking, these English media are doing some serious campaigning for the DAP 2.0 politicians. This sets the ground for easy brainwashing of young, impressionable urban Muslims in the near future.

Their march is flanked by cyberbullies that have been encouraged to grow from strength to strength because of the support given them by the pro-Christian media.

Hannah Yeoh to be in live tweet session 2012-04-25 15-31-08

My appeal to Netizens

Below is my response to Hannah Yeoh’s tweet where she asked her fawning 56,000-strong fan club: “Between joceline and helen – who is more absurd?”

Politicians have all the plentiful resources available to them.

According to the Gelagat Anwar expose, hundreds of millions of ringgit are spent to raise their public profile and image. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of that, there are the Dapster cybertroopers and hatchetmen crawling all over the place to character assassinate anyone who dares to criticize their Tokongs.

Another Hannah BFF had called me a “fruit loop” in their Twitter exchange (screenshot below).

Members of her cyber crowd are promoted as cyber personalities and Twitter sensations by The Star.

Hannah Yeoh ghoul

They’ve taken cyberspace as their territory

I do not tweet and neither do I write in Facebook.

This blog is my only platform of public communication as the Dapster attack dogs would NOT permit my writings to appear in any online news portal or even in any pro-establishment English blogs without launching into their litany of perpetual fitnah.

TwitMeterDec2012Here I can only reach a few thousand readers – it’s a quality readership doubtless but nowhere near the mass mobilization carried out by the well-funded and well-organized political campaigners.

Therefore I can only hope that Netizens who object to the way the Bintang Tiga are behaving will tweet this article to the BN leaders or Facebook it.

This blog is absolutely my own personal work. Dapsters who to to imply otherwise are just too insulting.

I would also appreciate my rakan-rakan seperjuangan to put me on your blogroll. (My heartfelt thanks to those who already have).

As for the question in the Hannah tweet exchange on who are the man/men behind (Joceline and) Helen, I hope that you readers (including women readers) will be the ones standing behind the very, very small handful of us Chinese who are willing to stand up against the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

32 thoughts on “Politics of Love: The men behind Joceline and Helen

  1. I am aghast at the venomous remarks and comments of Hannah Yeoh. Her self-righteousness is all the more deplorable as she considers herself to be an upstanding Christian.

    I wonder what the congregation in her chapel talk about every Sunday. Making crass comments that others are racists merely exposes her very own bigotry.

    She use to look very attractive (2008 buntings), but now she’s not only gained quite a few pounds, she’s also acquired a nasty side to her.

    Helen: not all Christians support the war – mongering, teeth – gnashing bigots in DAP. I don’t think Satan has a place for them in hell either.

    An embarrassed Christian

  2. Most important, what’s in your heart. Nothing can hurt, when you are right, As for those pitiful cyber bullies, they will whimper when you ignore them. .

  3. My hubby can’t stand her. He calls her the new generation of bananas, where they think they are whiter than the whites. To quote him “can’t be bothered with her! Silly and immature”.

    Birds of a feather flock together…

    And apa punya politician yg bertweet perkara perkara bodoh dan tak berfaedah macam ni? Is this how she spends her gaji that is paid for by the people? To be a twitter queen?

    And is this how someone who advocates love reacts when people do not agree with them, nor like them…by bullying those of differing views? By making a pungutan suara via twitter against those who do not agree with them? By starting a hate campaign?

    Wow! Her brand of love is amazing…what an amazing example she is setting for her daughter. Imagine her daughter all grown up, she can look up the history of what a smart, wonderful and full of love her mother was when she was a PR politician. Wow…high class indeed. Nak preach about anti racism and yet, propagate class differences within society based on differences of opinions.

    Like i said before, her daughter would be so proud of what a shining example her mother is…

  4. Sesi berbalas twit antara man dan Hannah:

    Azizi to Hannah: “ Bn demanded all brothels in PJ should be closed…what is your response YB?”

    Hannah to Azizi:”if they have problem with that, ask @Anwar what he thinks of it.”

    Azizi:” TQ mem…U memang layak jadi MB”

    Hannah: “see the leg lar…anyway thanks for the compliment, Bro”

  5. For the Pakatan, you will find that ‘the man behind’ is always Anwar the Buttman…HAHAHAHAHAHHA, agree or not Helen?

  6. “The man behind them is the most absurd and obscure”

    – this comment is naive an insulting to men. Is the guy who said this a gay?

    – probably he forgot that Hanabanana’s man was absurd and obscure for registering his anak malaysia a chinese.

    these people are so arrogant, rude and hypocrite!

  7. To shut these ARROGANT Christians of the Hannah Yeohs types ask them wo died on the cross on that fateful day some 2000 years ago.

    Was it god the father? or the SON.

    If God did indeed died, even if temporay, who took charge of the affairs of the earth during those critical moments that god died?

    What sort of religion is so egoistic about the churchs sound system rather than its message?

    I attended Santanas concert in KL some 40 ears ago, and I am sure even Hannah Yeihs churchs sound system would appear like a cheap Made in PRC radio..

  8. Helen,

    Behind you are milllions of peace loving and level headed Malaysian. I do not have fb or twitter as well and I enjoy reading your articles. I hope you will continue to write without fear or favour.

    Viva Liberty!!!

  9. Helen,

    Hannah is a typical example of useless politician who over estimate her importance.

    What is her contribution besides being known as addicted to twitter? And she is rude too, judging from her remarks , most of them in twitter.

    I read STAR newspaper. and I cant find anything written on Patrick teoh’s insulting remarks on Islam.

  10. Helen,

    Of course you and Joceline won’t have that many man and woman standing behind both of you but as for HY even if she has about 50,000 fawning parrots and donkeys to help to jacks her trans fats up, so what?

    My view is this, If you plan to take the super cyber bully to task over their wildly vilely smear campaigns, what you need most are more men and women but not the 50,000 fawning jackass, fucking parrots or absurd dunces.

    All the best!

  11. Reading Hanna’s twits, she does not sound like a Christian.
    More like a Bible Thumping!……….!

  12. Hannah Yeoh, she can’t debate properly. all she does is put out one liners, just like her cybertroopers. the same goes for Ong Kian Ming and their cookie puss “peers”.

  13. Read this in NST…I think he aptly described one Ms. Hannah Banana, though I do not think he meant to describe her in particular..

    “Selfish, arrogant, patronising leaders, those who are merchants of hate, those who do not read the signs, those not able to negotiate with others, those who demand that others conform to their will and views of the world and their fancies, and those who lack finesse, really shortchange the people.”

  14. I am one of the man behind helen. so what! she never asked any of us to back her up, but I still do it for the sake of smashing those pakatoons munafik. I don’t even get 50 sen a comment. I choose to support what I think is correct. That’s why I frequent this blog. If otherwise, I would leave and never return. it’s a matter of choice.

  15. ” According to the Gelagat Anwar expose, hundreds of millions of ringgit are spent to raise their public profile and image. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

    If that is true, why not report to Macc?
    Stop telling lies, like your Dumno comrades.
    Don’t be a disgrace to the Chinese community.

    1. Ravin,

      I had asked that The Star, which features the evangelistas every other day, check on whether the allegations are true or not. The paper has 27 reporters on the Metro desk, dozens of others on the Crime and Court beats as well as hundreds-thousands of editorial staff on newsdesk, etc.

      Gelagat Anwar’s is the kind of accusation which the MCA-owned newspaper should carry out some investigative journalism on, since they devote so much editorial space daily to Jerusubang.

      As for the police report(s), you go make them first lah. Below are the ones where you have claimed BN are guilty of:

      On 2013/01/08 at 9:08 am, you commented “cincin berjuta juta, cowgate, ropiah gate, Bukan main wanita umno sekarang, kuat hisap, wang ringgit juga”,

      on 2013/01/06 at 11:42 am, you commented to forrrestcat “a bunch of thieves to continue robbing the rakyat? May be you are one of them kot. One of the BEneficiaries of the loot kot”

      on 2012/12/25 at 6:39 pm, you commented to Shamshul Anuar “You also pray for the thieves to keep stealing frm the people? Rm250 million not enough?”

      on 2012/12/23 at 1:14 pm, you replied to alberto, “Needless to compare to any Dumno people also, who may be dumb, but are expert in stealing and robbing. :)”

      on 2012/11/08 at 10:02 am, you said to antihipokrit, “Real bunch of thieves and robbers”,

      on 2012/09/21 at 5:16 pm, you responded to Servant of God, “the Rakyat’s money being siphoned by politicians to dress up their cows with Hermes accessories after moving them in to 1 menerung”,

      on 2012/09/09 at 10:41 pm, you commented, “these people specialises in rent seeking and stealing.”

      on 2012/11/30 at 9:21 am, you commented, “There are countless others who thrive on rigging the people’s money. need I mention taib mahmud?”

      I was too lazy to check on your Mohd Aziz comments but I think the list above is enough to keep you busy at the police station making reports against those BN politicians whom you claim to be crooks, robbers and thieves.

  16. Well done Helen, you have done much to show the absurdity of these people.

    Funny you should call the usual DAP response as a litany, it’s a totally apt word to use.

  17. Helen,

    Isn’t it fun, you get to be placed on the same pedestal as Joceline by a MP. Man, are you registering on their radar or what!

  18. Helen, what this means that they (the PR bigwigs) have been reading your blog and comments and they deem you as a big threat to them. This also means they will be sending out their cyber thugs to this blog soon, probably before the GE. Instead of sending their lowlife thugs like “Ravin”, you will see a lot more Dapsters.

    My advice is that do take personal safety precautions (physical). Also please put in some safeguards to the site from cyber attacks. Since it is known that PR has the support of foreign powers and unlimited funds, the attacks can be sophisticated (denial or service) or even using virus attacks.

  19. Helen, I know you and Joceline as colleagues but I never met Hanna. But I can tell people’s characters just by looking at their faces. So even if I have never met Hanna, from her pictures I can tell that she’s someone I would never have tea with. As a politician, I definitely can categorise her and her ilk as the weird ones. Instead of love, they are bringing destruction to the country.

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