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Amok Ibrahim Ali

(I) Politician who won Parliament seat on PAS ticket

Please scrutinize Ibrahim Ali’s statement quoted below:

“Stressing that he was not instigating communal tension, the Pasir Mas MP insisted that it was the only way to stop non-Muslims from stirring the sensitivities and sentiments of the majority of population in the country.”


(II) Prize catch who was awarded senate seat by DAP

Tunku Aziz is the former DAP vice chairman. He has very strongly advised Lim Guan Eng to stop stirring the hornet’s nest.


How has Tunku Aziz’s advice been received? How has he been publicly treated?

(III) The pious who sit in the PAS Majlis Syura

Ibrahim Ali insists that his inflammatory call – which is undoubtedly a dangerous incitement – is the only way to stop the non-Muslims from persisting in their crusade.

It has now become a tussle with a sole either-or outcome: ‘Yes’, can use kalimah Allah in the Malay bible or ‘No’, cannot use kalimah Allah in the Malay bible.

The operative word here is “the only way”. Aren’t there other ways aside from the Ibrahim Ali way?

Can Mursyidul Am TG Nik Aziz decree another path to take?


According to Tunku Aziz, ordinary Muslims have drawn a line in the sand. How does Tuan Guru Hadi Awang, Ustaz Nik Muhamad Zawawi and the rest of the PAS esteemed council members propose that this line be enforced?

When we reject and condemn Ibrahim Ali’s incendiary method, we must be able to put on the table a peaceful alternative since the former PAS MP claims that his violent method is “the only way to stop non-Muslims”.

Can Ustaz Tuan Ibrahim propose something? Because if the non-Muslims fail to be stopped, then Muslim sentiments in the country might erupt just like Ibrahim Ali predicts. The track record of firebombings in 2010 is an indication.


What do the rest of the Pakatan religious luminaries say about this telur di hujung tanduk?

(1) Ustaz Nasha (2) Tuan Guru Harun Taib. (3) Ustaz Ahmad Yaakob. (4) YAB the Menteri Besar of Kedah Ustaz Azizan. (5) Dr Mahfodz. (6) Ustaz Muhammed Daud. (7) Ustaz Nasrudin [this concert-banning ustaz to be differentiated from his namesake Ustaz Nasharudin]. (8) Ustaz Zaharudin. (9) Ustaz Hashim Jasin. (10) Ustaz Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman. And (11) Ustazah Nadzirah (12) Ustazah Wardah.

The names above make up a round dozen. Can this charmed circle, between all the 12 of them, tell us one way to halt the pro-Christian agitation?

Their group consensus, after all, is adamant refusal to permit Christians the use of kalimah Allah. Hence they must state clearly to the ummah their proposed course of action. They cannot allow Ibrahim Ali to seize the initiative.

(IV) ‘1man’ who sits in no official government chair

At the same Perkasa event where Ibrahim Ali made his fiery call, the movement’s patron saint Dr Mahathir Mohamed had taken the floor as well.

He called for an RCI on the granting of one million Malayan citizenships in the late 1950s.


(V) Our Lady of Jerusubang who sits at God’s table

Without naming names, Christian saintress Hannah Yeoh accuses “1man” of being willing to tear our nation apart.

This kalimah Allah issue can rightly be said to have split Malaysia into two halves — the Yes-can and the No-cannot school of thought.


She throws the ball into the court of MCA and MIC, asking them to stop the “1man” from tearing our nation apart.

Aiyah, the Mother of All Evangelistas mustn’t pass the buck lah. Cannot she herself offer a concrete suggestion to prevent our nation being torn apart?

Because if Mama, Papa and the rest of their Pakatan cohorts are unable to indicate any other way, Ibrahim Ali might just succeed in get some hotheads to light the bonfire.


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27 thoughts on “Amok Ibrahim Ali

  1. As irritating as it sounds, the natural progression of #DAPsterCancer is that Ibrahim Ali’s way becomes one of few options available. Instead of a non-starter sideshow.

    Syabas to Malaysians who voted #Pakatoons. I trust you are happy now…

    1. To this date the Malay Muslim still can take it, but seem the insult on Muslim and Malay never have the end. Sometimes I wounder when will be the last straw that will broke the camel back.

      I would support Ibrahim Ali call and I think his call is very much appreciated, seem the non Muslim has going too far overboard.

      1. The Tokong urinator has gone too far. If any of those rubbish kitab surface in my children’s school, I will definitely shred them to pieces.

  2. What’s left to say, PAS people are useless, ditto with PKR, Ibrahim Ali is a firebrand, doesn’t help that some blogs are spreading the issue that Chinese people have been caught distributing bibles and Christian minded questionnaires to Penang students.

    If this is during Dr M time an operasi lalang would probably already in the works.
    Then it was Chinese issue, but now the opposition just had to put religion into the mix too.

    Bravo, Father Joseph Lim!

  3. Saudara Pembaca,

    Siapa yang memulakan isu kalimah Allah dan RCI?

    Saya tidak perlu jawab, semua orang tahu. Orang yang mula membuka isu ini bertanggungjawab untuk menghentikannya supaya negara kita terus aman.

    Sikap mereka yang memulakan isu ini seolah olah mereka amat merindui Peristiwa 13 May.

    Siapa yang provokasi TDM sehingga beliau mencadangkan Suruhajaya RCI lebih 1 juta pendatang asing era tahun 50an?

    Komen beliau adil kerana kalau kita begitu mahukan Suruhajaya RCI untuk penduduk Islam Filipina di Sabah, mengapa tidak terhadap pendatang lebih satu juta di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu?

    Terutama dalam hal agama Islam setiap umat Islam sanggup berjihad kerananya!

    1. Bagi isu kalimah Allah digunakan oleh orang Kristian, ianya bermula pada 1980an bila segolongan pegawai kerajaan mendapati bahawa kalimah tersebut terdapat dalam kitab suci orang Kristian, khususnya di Sabah & Sarawak. Oleh kerana tidak faham dengan sejarah serta kepelbagaian budaya agama di negara kita, maka mereka telah mengharamnya.

  4. Wow wow.. kalau kenyataan Ibrahim Ali segera puak ultra kiasu mengamuk. Mcm mana dgn Patrick Teoh?

    1. Dapster kata mereka mahukan kebebasan bersuara macam kebebasan membuat filem “inocence of muslim” sebaliknya muslim tak boleh mendapat kebebasan yang sama waima memberikan cadangan pun tak boleh?

  5. She and her cohorts said this man was irrelevant and had faded into oblivion but now they are telling us this same man is capable of tearing them apart? Why they always make contradictory statement, hah?

    1. because they see shadows everywhere they go. today its this man. tomorrow its another person. the day after tomorrow another person. there’s always a person they have to invoke to justify their politics of fear.

      most of us here are used to this type of politics. there’s another term to describe the politics of fear they keep espousing every single day. its the politics of perpetual hysterics. to get into this politics of perpetual hysterics they need aphrodisiacs.

      it so happens that most of the aphrodisiacs are people of the establishment, people that are not aligned to the opposition and people that are against the opposition. the master of this blog is a perpetual aphrodisiacs of PR goons. she’s has had her fair share of the opposition’s perpetual hysteria.

      A badge of honour then :) — Helen

  6. Do you notice that after the Tokong made his Christmas speech pasal the Allah in the Bible issue, everyone sudah lupa pasal Nga dan Ngeh? So, his plan worked…

    1. Agree with you that the general crowd is distracted.

      However those in the loop, i.e. the Umno bloggers and their network who made the expose, should know to remain focused and keep their eye on the ball.

      The rest of us bloggers who don’t live in Perak or Kelantan are unable to contribute any value-add to the Ngeh-Nga case.

      But some things to come out of it so far:

      (1) We see that LGE doesn’t care if his diversionary tactic might make the country burn. PAS is the one bearing the consequences whereas DAP has consolidated the Christian vote bloc for themselves.

      (2) Ngeh and Nga carry the same sledgehammer as Guan Eng in the way they responded, to the extent that Hamidah Osman the Perak senior exco made a police report that the younger warlord threatened her to “watch out”.

      (3) How the DAP politicians have carry themselves is reflective of the behaviour of their underlings on the ground. And it is the ordinary Chinese, whom also supported DAP (until they found out through personal experience) that suffer the Dapsterism.

      The most recent comment from Cikgu Simon:

      “Chinese New Year has been a time of renewing friendship. Not this Chinese New Year. WE DON’T LIVE IN OUR HOME ANY LONGER. Our rented house is too small, too unsuitable, just so inappropriate…



  7. Helen,

    May I add that challenges faced by Malay Muslims are partly contributed by Malay themselves. While everyone knows how DAP continue to portray that Chinese are under threats (by Malay led govt), part of the problem lies with useless Malay politicians who continue to mock UMNO, Malays just to please DAP.

    Ibrahim Ali’s remark is of course off tangent. But he simply said the truth. That Muslims are so riled with this ‘allah” issue as christians simply refuses to appreciate the very foundation of islam as repeatedly explained by many Malay or muslims.

    It is not political stand. It is about the very foundation of islam. It is tantamount to saying that Jesus is not the god to christians.

    For Azmin Ali who sells religion, wait for general election. For Chinese, for your own’s interest, send strong message to DAP that there is no need to pawn chinese interest just to perpetuate a dynasty.

    Should Chinese still support DAP, then do not blame Malays if they view Chinese with “untrusting’ view.

    Remember, DAP is bringing Malay and chinese literally on collision course. This is not a scare tactic. This is getting real every day.

  8. The fire starter is Lim Guan Eng. As I have said here on many occasions, the cina-DAP do not care to look into the reality of the malay’s. The malays willing to die for something like this, is the instigator of the Allah issue shares the same sentiment.

    1. I agree. Guan Eng should have just kept his mouth shut on the issue. On an aside, have the Christian Authorities conducted a referendum of their own people on whether they really want to use the word Allah. I have many Christian friends who do not agree with this. The matter is just being raised by a few hard heads. Some of my friends have tried talking to their own leaders who refuse to listen to them. I am not too comfortable just blaming the Christians wholesale; probably best to just go after the noise makers e.g Guan Eng. Frankly I don’t think he evens own a BM Bible himself.

      Ms Helen, I am non-partisan and I am not a supporter of PR nor the BN; but i do worry about the state of things in our country.

      1. The evangelista behaviour provoking anti-Chinese sentiments. Like this Allah issue was ignited this round by Guan Eng, and not by the pribumi Sabah & Sarawak Christians.

        The ones vocal about it such as Bishop Paul Tan also not pribumi nor Sabahan or Sarawakian.

      2. Adakah majlis gereja2 di Malaysia sekata dengan Tokong Lim? Mungkin perlu ada referendum ke atas semua paderi2 sebelum mereka membuka mulut.

        Tidak pula kedengaran respon atau komen para paderi terhadap kenyataan Paderi Jahja Iskandar dari Indonesia. Atau mereka hanya memilih kenyataan yang memihak kepada mereka semata2. Sungguh hipokrit.

        Jika diajukan soalan tentang Paderi Jahja kepada Banana Yeoh, Tokong Lim dan Paderi Malaysia yang terbabit, apa agaknya jawapan mereka selain mengatakan itu pendapat peribadi Paderi Jahja. Mereka akan twist spin divert dan sekarang gangnam.

  9. Hannah masih lagi budak hingusan. She still lacks wisdom and ability to analyse rationally. And the worst part, she doesn’t understand Mahathir at all. For those who had covered Mahathir for years will never read literally Mahathir’s statements or comments. Understand the message that he is trying to convey. and not the words he said. That is why Hannah’s comments are always low class and fit for the rubbish bin. Hannah, please grow up..

    1. Lol…Hannah, i think your theory on Dapster kinda correct. Those DumAssParty goon always like to use ‘low class’ word.
      DumAssParty slogan -“If you are not with me, you are low class”.

  10. AMOK cannot be translated same like ALLAH. IA is a robust kinda leader, but when its comes to war, we need that kind in front line. There’s nothing to be proud of war, but sadly out political dungus are not stopping to ignite it….

    1. Could it be that IA usik Kristian sepertimana LGE usik Islam, kedua-dua mereka bermotif politik demi mengalih perhatian umum?

      Maka LGE dan IA sama standard lah.

    2. Sorry IDA, time again will prove Ibrahim Ali to be just another tin kosong.

      During the Bersih rallies, he declared himself Panglima Perang & threatened Chinese in KL. None of his gang even came to Lake Gardens that day.

      He then declared jihad on Christians & non Malays. Yawn.

      Then next, boycott Petronas owned KLCC. Yesterday, I saw many Malays shopping there…

      Now this latest threat. Boringlah. Even if he goes ahead & do a Bible Bonfire in downtown Kuching, there will be no reaction from Christians from Perlis to Sabah… except not vote for BN & their gang.

      You’d be right on “no [physical] reaction from Christians … except not vote for BN”. However there is a lot of verbal responses and sitting on high-class horses. — Helen

      1. “Then next, boycott Petronas owned KLCC. Yesterday, I saw many Malays shopping there…”

        He didnt ask to boycott KLCC lar. He threatened to call for boicott of KLCC if the issues affecting Bumiputra traders are not settled by the management.

        See, this is the problem when you twist and spin statement. And the point of the threat to boicott was the mgmt wanted to terminate some malay traders even though they performed, and there are hardly more then 10% malays compare with 20% foreigners and 70% mostly chinese traders in KLCC. Can you rationalize his call for boicott rather than spin his statement typical pakatan syndrome?

        Maybe in this respect, you also think Ibrahim also used Microsoft Excel DAP version to bluff the fact? Do you.

  11. All I can say my in my laundry list , LGE clan head the list. You must clean the snake pit one by one , even Patrick Teoh just got an invitation

  12. Helen,

    thanks to PERKASA. really. For it sends message to UMNO that despite UMNO occupies “soft spot” In Malay mind, it is nonetheless not indispensable.

    Never mind if UMNO cant openly support PERKASA just to “jaga hati” Chinese. But UMNO cant ignore PERKASA. PERKASA is too significant to be dismissed. A shrewd Malay leader would know that it would benefit UMNO by keeping PERKASA on its side.

    The problem with Chinese is that they do not understand the malays . their knowledge of Malays is limited to reading STAR or malaysiakini . Not many realise that the “allah” issue is a “big thing” among Malay Muslim community.

    PAS realises this although it was too late. PAS underestimates Malay Muslim communities unhappiness over the issue. which explains the U turn.

    No sane Malay politician should go against the Sultan especially when His highness view is in line with what the majority expectation. Azmin ali made a blunder for simply going against the Sultan of Selangor by insisting to let christian use “allah’.

    Who advised him? Obviously Azmin has yet to realise that he has commited a political harakiri.

    AS for DAP, again and again it plays the racial issue . And many Chinese has yet to realise DAP is bringing them to literally clash with the Malays. literally speaking.

    If Guan eng is in Saudi Arabia, he would have been beheaded by now. And that will include his father too.

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